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I got my IUD in Feb and have been spotting ever since. I think I also got a period where I was bleeding heavier for a few days then went back to spotting. I haven't had any soreness and just had some minor cramps the first day I was bleeding heavier. I called my doctor on monday and spoke with a nurse who said that the spotting is normal but made a follow up appointment with my doctor for today. I otherwise feel fine.

after reading your post I went to work out on a stationary bike and had a twinge but was fine. I have been doing all the other excersize I normally do with out any discomfort.

naked- have you scheduled a follow up appointment? see if you can.

Hubby is worried about me which is funny cuz if he WOULD JUST GET SNIPPED ALREADY it wouldn't be aproblem. I told him that if he doesn't get snipped that the IUD is what I will do because I do not want to get pregnant and am not a good pill taker.
I'm got the mirena.I got it in January at my 6 weeks postpartum checkup.They said my periods would stop and like not having to worry about getting pregnant for 5 years.They thing I hate though is the bleeding.I bled for like 2 months straight and that was after all my bedding from having my baby stopped.I'm still spotting but I'm not good at the pill or anything so I'm not complaining.
moxie -

tampons are no problem. However, my doc recommended that I only use them on actual full on "flow" days. She said that most of the few IUDs they've seen that have been pulled downward or started to be pulled out are from strings that got kinda 'caught' on tampons that were kinda "dry" like someone using a tampon on a day they were just kinda spotting. it still takes a lot of force to pull it out, but she said just to be careful in terms of that. That it's not that common, but they've seen it.
Moxie, have you tried a Diva Cup yet? I don't think I could stand putting a tampon in there ever again...and my cramps really decreased when I switched to the cup many years ago, which was nice. But mostly, I love that I can wear it 24/7, and until now, only had to empty/wash it in the morning. This period was definitely much heavier, but I expected that - no real cramping issues, though, so that's cool. I've got my 1-month IUD check-up tomorrow - WOOT!

So far, so good, and the thought that I don't have to worry about BC is still a thrill!!
So-I had to switch back to my cup last night from the sponges. They were great when I was bleeding light the first day, but on the second day, those elevator doors opened and the sponge could not handle it. Plus it expanded so much from all the fluid that it hurt like HELL to drag that giant, soaked sponge out. It was also quite difficult-it really got lodged up there. The fibers are softer when wet, but when it's so large, they just chafe against the vaginal wall very painfully. So I would definitely not recommend sponges for heavier days. I do still plan on using the smaller sponges (I got two sizes) for lighter days, however. I didn't leak a drop with those, and they were comfortable.

ETA:'s like days later and I realized now that I meant to post this in the DC vs K thread tongue.gif
Yet, its still applicable to the conversation. i love BUST!

By this time next week, I'll be taken care of! WHOOOOOHOOOO!
ah, perhaps, moxie :)
maybe it was so painful *because* I have an IUD~
Woot! Woot! I hope your IUD insertion goes smoothly - I'm sure you'll do fine, being that you've handled 2 CS recoveries - this'll be nothing. Still, an evening of serving the queen is in order post insertion. wink.gif

I just had my 1-month post insertion check up yesterday, and all is well with my shiny new vag bling! Got to see it on ultrasound again, it's so pretty...and I heart my doc - he's funny, and I always have good conversation while he's poking around down there. It's still just such a relief to not have to think about BC at all, now!
I had to go out of town unexpectedly (actually out of the country) a week before my 6 week check up -I won't be able to go back for another month. so it's going to be about 3 months until I can get checked. I know, not ideal, but there isn't anything I can do about it.

luckily everything is going well. the cramps were much less this month before my period, and though my period was longer and heavier than it used to be (about 5 1/2 days compared to the previous 3) it was a lot better. I too, love the fact that I don't have to even think about BC for 10 YEARS!!!
Zoya, my doc said that about 90% of his patients never come back for their post-check up - women are too happy with their experience, and don't feel the need. I got 3 reminder calls from his receptionist, to make sure I was coming in. I'm sure you'll be fine to wait until you can fit it into your schedule.

Yep, my period was definitely longer - 8 days to my normal 5, but that's okay....I just need to make sure that I keep a Diva Cup in whatever bag I take to work, just in case MRG arrives unexpectedly. smile.gif
... so. took the iud on it's first test drive, so to speak... used a condom, but in terms of any crampiness post orgasm, I was pleasantly suprised. Nothing out of the ordinary. woo!!!!
Woo zoya!

I've been lurking in this thread for a few weeks in the run-up to getting my IUD fitted, and am very grateful to you all for chronicling your experiences so honestly. Thank you!

I have one question - I know they usually prefer to fit the IUD during your period, but the doctor I went to see said that that was just so they can check you're not pregnant and it's not strictly necessary. Does anyone know if you can have it fitted at a different time of the month? I had my period last week and am on BC so I'm certain I'm not pregnant, but couldn't get time off last week and don't want to wait another month.

My doc said that the cervix is also softer during your period, so it goes in a bit easier. But, if your doc says its fine, it's probably okay. I can't blame you on not wanting to wait!
persiflager - yeah it was sidewalk-makeout-guy. oops. smile.gif

I had mine fitted a about 10 days before my period. The doctor said the same thing they said to you, that it wasn't a big deal. They do a LOT more fittings of IUDs on a regular basis in the UK than they do in the states, so most docs have a lot of insertions under their belt and are good at doing it any time of the month.
my doctor suggested trying to schedule it around the time of my period but I was unable to do that and got it inserted afterwards. It was not a problem for me.
I got it!!! very quick, and not nearly as painful as i expected. of course, the suggestion to take motrin before helped!!
yay moxie!!

I have to say it again - I LOVE MY IUD!!!! I don't even notice it anymore, other than some cramps around my period, and a heavier period, but even over the course of these first three months, it's gotten better each month, so hopefully it will get even more normal over time. Every so often I stop and think "I'm on birth control, and I don't have to do a damn thing or think about it at all, for 10 YEARS!!!"

woo! why did I not do this sooner??!!!
Christine Nectarine
I hate to burst the bubble on all the positive reviews here but lately I've had some concerns. I’ve had my Mirena now for 13 months and have not had a period for about 10 months. When I didn’t get it at first, I did a couple pregnancy tests which were negative, so I stopped worrying about it. I have a history of irregular/infrequent periods so this wasn’t totally abnormal for me. The IUD was otherwise great!

Lately however, I’ve been feeling really paranoid that I might be pregnant. My breasts were extremely tender for a couple weeks, and still are a little. I have been constantly tired, and my mood and appetite are all over the place. I’ve been nauseous at times, and had really bad cramps.

Work has been extremely stressful the past couple months, so this likely partly to blame for my “symptoms”. Also, I’ve been thinking of talking to A about getting the IUD out and trying to have another baby. He’s told me before that he doesn’t want any more, and I am starting to feel strongly that I do, so I also wonder if this might be wishful thinking. The fact that I seem to be surrounded with pregnant women does not help.

What should I do? I’ve done another pregnancy test which was negative, so I’m hesitant to go to my doctor, as I feel that I’m probably just blowing this all out of proportion and it will be nothing. On the other hand, not having any idea where my menstrual cycle is, it may have been too early to test, and if I am pregnant, I know there can be risk of ectopic pregnancy, which would be terrible.

Anyone else had random appearance of symptoms? i figured after a year, things were status quo, but apparently not!
YAY moxie!! I'm so happy for you! I figured it would be a snap for you - I mean, you've recovered from 2 CS's - this is nothing compared to that!

Yup, zoya, I'm still thrilled that I really, completely do not have to think about BC! Is this what it's like to be a guy, and believe that it's not your problem? Now, if only I could have the thrill of peeing standing up, I'd be all set. tongue.gif

Christine, I'd say that since your periods are SO infrequent, it would be completely normal that when you do have a period coming on, your breasts get really tender. Mine certainly are a lot more tender on the IUD in the week preceeding my period, so I'm guessing that might be it...and perhaps you're having some hormonal change that's swaying your emotions a bit too. I'd really stop and wait a month or two to see if you really do want the IUD removed - they're not cheap, so carefully consider what you and your partner want to do before removal.
Christine - could it be the hormones in the IUD???? I know that you've had it in for over a year, but sometimes over time the body responds differently to the same hormone....

whoops, sorry double post.
Hi Ladies,

I posted a very brief first post over in the diva cup thread, but I wanted to stop in here too because this is actually the real reason I signed up for an account here! You see, after being on the pill from the time I was 18 (I am now 23), I've finally decided to get an IUD. What is about to follow is my long and probably boring birth control saga.

I have never liked being on the pill. I'm one of the lucky ones - I've never noticed any really horrible side effects of it. I just am not comfortable with it. However, I pressed on because 1. I have been living in a non traditional family situation and having reliable birth control is very important to us. My Partner and I enjoy not having to use condoms with each other, and his (and my) wife at the time was very afraid of how things would change if I had a baby unexpectedly. So, I got on the pill and stayed on the pill and although it makes me a bit uneasy, overall things have been ok.

Until recently when my health insurance situation changed. My pills were no longer covered, and the retail price for them went up every month. I didn't want to change pills, since I considered myself one of the lucky ones who was ok on the pill. Why mess with a good thing? But, it's gone up and up, and finally I asked my doctor about a less expensive and covered pill.

I took it for one month. It was also "ok" but I did notice some changes like sore boobs and acne which I attributed to the different hormones. However, at the same time that I started that new pill, I got a job! A good job! With benefits! So, I happily reverted back to my old pill which I'd been happy with for years. Well, apparently my prescription coverage isn't as good as I thought, or the cost of BC pills has gone way up in the mean time because it turns out my insurance wants to charge me $60.00 for one month of generics, and $90.00 for one of the name brand.

Um, no. I just can't afford it. So, I went into my doctors office and talked to them about the IUD options. I did the math and decided that even if I had to pay full price for it the IUD will still be way less expensive than the cost of my pills. And, I can pay for it with my flex account in advance, which is a bonus as well. However, I needn't have worried about this. Apparently the same insurance company that wants to charge me $90.00/ month for my BC pills will pay for all but $15.00 of the IUD cost. I find this ironic in the extreme.

So, next Wednesday I have an appointment for insertion. I didn't want to pay for pills even another month, and I start my period on Sunday. I am a bit nervous. I let myself be talked into Mirena, although part of me is still leaning toward the copper IUD. I guess if I have any negative side effects from Mirena I may switch.

I am very nervous about the insertion, but they assured me that the woman who does them is very experienced. In fact, she is the only one in the office who does them and she does 3 -4 a day. They also said she is very fast. I really want this to work for me.

This forum is really the only place where I've seen any balanced discussion of IUDs, although it definitely leans toward discussion of the copper. I'm hoping as I go through the initial adjustment period it will be a place where I can come for feedback and support. Anyone who specifically has experiences with the Mirena that they think might be helpful I'd love to hear, leading up to Weds.

Wow. With that novel of an intro, I guess I'm done. Thanks for reading.
Quaker - Welcome to BUST! We're glad to have you! There are a few folks here who have the Mirena - Moxie just got hers inserted this week. I think most of us who've gone for the copper vag bling have done so because of reactions we had to hormonal BC, or because we wanted the 10-year child-free plan.

When you have your insertion, be sure to take a few ibuprofen an hour before you go in, with a little food. If you can, have someone pick you up. I took the El home after, an hour ride, and the vibration was really irritating. You'll likely need a heating pad the first night, but after that, you'll probably be fine - take ibuprofen when you need it. Insertion for me took maybe 5 minutes, from speculum to numbing, and then insertion - it's pretty quick. The first couple days, yeah, your body is a little tender, and trying to figure out what's up, but after that, all has been normal for me. My periods have been heavier, but no more cramping than normal. And the real benefit is that I did not have the 2-day migraine that hormonal BC always gave me!

Relax, when you go in there, breathe deep, ask your doc to tell you exactly what she's going to do as she's doing it, so you aren't surprised, and when she's about to insert, take a couple deep breaths...the insertion itself causes a few twinges of pain, but it's bearable, and knowing what's coming is helpful. Take a few minutes to just rest on the table after insertion, don't rush to get up. Don't be too nervous - it wasn't nearly at painful as I expected, and it was much faster than I thought possible.

Be sure to come back here and let us know how you're doing!

Quaker- I echo everything turbo said, except that I was totally fine to drive afterwards. I have a 9 week old baby, and she was an excellent heating pad all afternoon! My doc didn't do any numbing, but maybe its different for the minera, which I have, compared to the copper. At any rate, its been since Thursday, and I was feeling totally fine by Friday morning. I even worked out. The bleeding was kind of heavy the day of insertion, but again, it taperd off really quickly.

Have a question for you all...did your doc's reccomend backup plans for the first week? I'm really antsy to take ole Minera on a test drive, but I really don't want to use a condom...I was TOTALLY psyched up to never use them again...I find the texture VERY irritating.

fWIW, I specifcally got the Minera b/c of the hormones- I get WICKED cramps when not on hormonal bc, so although we're like 95% sure we're done, we went with the 5 year plan.

It is a bit painful, but seriously, SOOOO much less painful than childbirth. I guess I'd compare it to the discomfort of a regular pelvic exam AND having blood drawn at the same time.
I have a copper T and the doctor didn't numb my cervix. I think it actually just depends on the doctor and their preference. I had my insertion done nowhere near my period, with no numbing, and I honestly didn't think it was that bad. I mean, it didn't feel good (read through the archives for my insertion story) but I got through it just fine and it was really fast.
Oh my god. I typoed my own username. I couldn't log in all morning and couldn't figure out why. I finally looked back at this thread, and discovered the problem. So, I will be re registering. LOL I am such a dork. It's official.
Mox - I believe the Mirena is a bit different than the copper T, in that it takes a few days for the hormones to take maximum effectiveness, so the rubbers might be a good idea. The copper IUD is immediately effective. My doc also said not to put anything in there for a week anyhow...and since I had a crazy heavy period, the HBI did have to wait awhile.

quaker, that is funny about your username. smile.gif
yeah, we're just waiting till wednesday- 7 days. We were both super excited to not use condoms ever, ever, ever again, and an extra couple of days is well worth it.

Thanks ladies!
Wow, I am very jealous of you all. Maybe it is because so many of you are on mirena, which I refused because of the hormones. I had a copper T put in 3 years ago and could only keep it for about 3 months, it just didn't work out for me. According to my doctor, I had the worst physical reaction to the IUD that she had ever seen. (so don't be scared because of my experience - she had done tons of IUDs and barely ever did anyone have problems other than long periods with the copper) I spotted every single day, from the time it was put in to the time she took it out. My uterus felt heavy and sensitive all the time, and the wire string poked into me when we had sex. I think a lot of these problems would have been lessened with a mirena, so if you are comfortable with the hormones go for it!

But in terms of insertion, I think I took one tylenol and was fine to drive home (3 hour trip at the time!). Right when she inserted it, I kind of got a weird dizzy feeling, it wasn't exactly that it was painful, just really weird and highly unpleasant. But 10 seconds and it was over. That part, and removal, are really, really easy. The appointment takes about 10 minutes because they make you wait 5 minutes to see if you are going to get dizzy or anything.
Christine Nectarine
yeah, so my "symptoms" seem to have subsided somewhat now. i think i just needed to vent in order to stop being paranoid. A has not been feeling too well lately, so i was carrying all these thoughts in my head, not wanting to overwhelm him.

from what i've read in this thread and elsewhere, the insertion process seems to vary mostly depending on whether you have children or not (or presumably, if you have given birth vaginally or not). i had some heavy cramping for about 5 days afterward, but the actual process was only a little uncomfortable. i was fine to drive afterward, in fact, i went back to work for the rest of the day. you'll have to consider your own level of pain tolerance. good luck quakererelf! -soon to be "quakerelf" i presume? wink.gif
Well, tomorrow is the big day! I am so nervous! I am excited too, but really nervous. I'm ready to come here and subject all you lovely ladies who I don't even know to all the gory details of my insertion and aftermath, though. Maybe that will help with the stress.

Also, I signed up for another account with the correct spelling of my name (you got it Christine!), but it seems I am not allowed to post under it. At all. Any idea what's up with that? I keep getting an error that I don't have permission to post. Weird!

Woohoo, I'm temporarily sterile!!!

I went this morning, and got back about half an hour before my sister and nieces came over for lunch - possibly not the best plan as we ended up going to the park to play in the playground! The cramps were quite bad for the first couple of hours but have been gradually subsiding since (I'm taking ibuprofen), A heat pad on the tummy definitely helps. Not too much spotting, but will keep you posted.

My doctor was really good and experienced, and I had the added bonus of a trainee doctor observing blink.gif . She talked me through all the possible problems that I might have, and asked me to come back in 6 weeks for a follow-up.

I did find the actual procedure itself quite uncomfortable. Both the measuring and the insertion produced intense, painful cramps, and I nearly wussed out but kept thinking '5 years! 5 years! 5 years!'. It was quite quick but the IUD didn't go in smoothly the first time so she had to get another one and try again. I don't normally get cramps during my period so it was an unfamiliar feeling for me - I don't know how this compared to regular cramping.

Oh, and mine's a copper T, and I don't have children.

*throws confetti around thread for all the newly-sterile ladies*

I love this thread! Seriously, this discussion was WAY more helpful, and seems more balanced than a lot of the stuff you see out there on the internets. I know the IUD isn't something that works for everyone, but so many other discussions just tell the horror stories, and it's so nice to have the discussion here, since we already share a community here.

And we shall expect your experiential notes tomorrow, quakerelf! And do stop by some of the other threads, too - don't be shy!
I agree with turbojenn - I had been thinking about the IUD for a few years, but never really had any "real life" info on experiences with it, other than horror stories. All the play by play posts about insertions and ongoing info from people who've gotten an IUD here really helped me to decide to go ahead and do it - and to know what to expect and not to be freaked out about it.

I do really love this thread!!!
Well. That. Hurt. Bad.


Getting measured and the insertion was really really ouchie. At one point I apologized (cause I yelled out) and she said, "Don't say sorry, nothing has been through that cervix before." She did rub numbing stuff on my cervix, but there was still extreme cramping when she did it. My ride said the last two people she did this for (apparently several of her friends have IUDs) yelled loud enough to be heard in the waiting area, but that she could not hear me. Does that make me brave? lol

However I feel fine now, except for cramping. This isn't too extreme, but I definitely am in the mood to curl up with a heating pad. I am extremely glad that I had someone drive me. I think I probably would have been ok to get home, but it wouldn't have been fun.

Obviously I have no sense of anything beyond the first few hours. I have a follow up appointment in six weeks where she says they will look at it with the ultrasound, but she is quite sure it is in correctly. She also joked, "The literature will tell you to check it every month after your period, but it's not coming out." She also said I am protected immediately. Not that I feel like sex at the moment...

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Thanks again for the helpful information in this thread.
it does hurt, but sooooo much less than childbirth- just think of it that way. smile.gif I did take my last post-csection pain pill before insertion, and I still needed to hold the nurses hand.

Anyway, we waited the requisite seven days (like a handgun), and took it out for a stoll last night. It hurt at first, but I'm pretty sure that's b/c it had been like 2 weeks since we'd had sex previously, between the kids, my period and the waiting time. So, we'll try again in a day or two or today...and see. I'm pretty thrilled to have no-thought bc, though. I love my kids, but damn, if its not awesome to have freebie sex (like TTC), and not end up with an infant!

Christine Nectarine
we feel your pain quakerelf! just remember to give it time. it can take 3-6 months for these things to really settle in.

yeah moxie, I remember that I could feel my IUD the first few times, and we had waited about 2 weeks after insertion (mostly cause A was freaked out that he would be able to “feel” the thing!) to have sex. Since then, it has been great not to have any BC to think about. As an added bonus, I found that my libido increased significantly, especially in the first 3-4 months. I would have a hard time going back to BC pills or condoms at this point.
Yeah, things are better today, though the cramping is still pretty intense. I'm thinking about popping a vicodin later, toward the end of my work day. I wouldn't want to impair myself at work!

My bleeding seems pretty light today, to my surprise. Maybe it will stop quickly. I do have a little bit of pain just outside my genital area, in my inner thighs, up at the top where they meet my body. Has anybody experienced this? Is it related to the more intense cramps?

Congrats quakerelf!! Yeah, I definitely had twinges of pain in seemingly odd places the first week or so - I expect that's pretty normal!

Christine, I've also been reveling in the increased libido since getting the IUD! I've been wearing turbomann out just a bit...not that he's complaining. wink.gif
OK, so, now you all know what I meant by freebie sex... i swear, the best part of trying to get pregnant is honestly not ever worrying about getting pregnant b/c of sex. Totally freeing existance.
Ok, well, my initial elation has turned to... concern I guess, two whole days later. The doc told me when she put it in that the strings would curl up around my cervix etc. the speech everyone here has gotten. Then, she mentioned that my cervix is kind of low, so I might feel the strings kind of low, too, and not to be worried.

Sure enough, when I got home I stuck my finger up my coochie and found the strings inside quickly. I didn't feel for them yesterday. I just got out of the shower and felt again. This time I paid more attention, and the strings are more than a "little low" - they are in fact hanging straight (I know it's too soon for curling action) and right at the edge of my vagina. Like, barely inside. I can't be certain they are lower than the other day, but I suspect it.

So, then I gave my cervix a poke. It feels hard, but I can't tell if there is plastic in there or not. There isn't anything sticking out at the opening itself. So, I dunno.

I'm not sure what to think, really. I still have random cramps and sharp pains, and I'm spotting just a little (today would normally be the last day of my period), but not really bleeding. I don't really want to be alarmist and bug my doctor about it (especially since I can't really afford the time off work) when I have a follow up appointment in six weeks, but I'm nervous about actually having sex or anything, too.

Any thoughts? Any other ways to guage whether or not I am expelling?

My iud was expelled after 3 months of insertion. I don't know when yours was put in, but I would think if it's very pretty recent, and if you're still bleeding, I don't think you would have an expulsion right after the insertion unless your doctor was very inexperienced. I think it might be just because you're in a certain time of your cycle where your cervix is really low, low, and the lowness even might be worsened by the insertion so it may be totally normal, I think I would wait until your bleeding is over, and then try to check the strings...if it's still low, then you can call your doctor with your concern before waiting for 6 week for follow-up.

QUOTE(quakererelf @ Apr 10 2009, 09:37 PM) *
Ok, well, my initial elation has turned to... concern I guess, two whole days later. The doc told me when she put it in that the strings would curl up around my cervix etc. the speech everyone here has gotten. Then, she mentioned that my cervix is kind of low, so I might feel the strings kind of low, too, and not to be worried.

Sure enough, when I got home I stuck my finger up my coochie and found the strings inside quickly. I didn't feel for them yesterday. I just got out of the shower and felt again. This time I paid more attention, and the strings are more than a "little low" - they are in fact hanging straight (I know it's too soon for curling action) and right at the edge of my vagina. Like, barely inside. I can't be certain they are lower than the other day, but I suspect it.

So, then I gave my cervix a poke. It feels hard, but I can't tell if there is plastic in there or not. There isn't anything sticking out at the opening itself. So, I dunno.

I'm not sure what to think, really. I still have random cramps and sharp pains, and I'm spotting just a little (today would normally be the last day of my period), but not really bleeding. I don't really want to be alarmist and bug my doctor about it (especially since I can't really afford the time off work) when I have a follow up appointment in six weeks, but I'm nervous about actually having sex or anything, too.

Any thoughts? Any other ways to guage whether or not I am expelling?

Quaker, try not to be too worried right now. Sib's right - during your period, your cervix moves even lower. I was startled by the sex-induced start of my period today, took me totally unawares as it wasn't due for a few days, but when I went to put my diva cup in, I felt my strings right away, which I normally can't breathe, take it easy, and allow your body to do its thang and adjust to the new bling down there.
A quick question for you guys, since you've all done this. I know minor cramping and pain is normal for a while after, even weeks and months. I'm coming up on one week, and I'm still having a little bit of cramping (as well as spotting), but the bigger thing I am experiencing is sharper pain. This isn't excruciating by any means, but it is quite uncomfortable mostly because it makes me wonder wtf is going on with that.

I know, the bad things are rare, and things like perforation etc normally happen at insertion and I wouldn't necessarily even still be feeling that today. SO I'm not going to freak out LOL But I am wondering what the heck it is. Did you guys experience this? I don't think it's ovulation because it's been several days and moved locations a bit. Maybe it's just settling?

I dunno!

I had quite a bit of cramping for a few weeks, most of the time it was just kinda like a strong regular cramp, but I did have sharper pains on and off. it really wasn't until the second month that I started feeling mostly normal.

If you're feeling weird, I think you should go get checked for your own peace of mind. The way I see it, nobody knows your body as well as you and if something just seems off to you, have a doctor check it out. - even though an iud is s new thing, knowing how your own body works isn't, and it seems that you're really feeling that something is off. I say listen to your instincts, no harm in checking it out.
Christine Nectarine
Quakerelf, I’ve experienced a shooting pain like what you describe a few times (it will happen several times in one day) but it has never persisted, so I haven’t investigated any further.
I spotted for almost two months straight after my insertion. Hubby finally convinced me to call the doctor. I spoke with a nurse who said the spotting was normal. Make sure you go in for your follow up appointment. my was around 8 weeks and by then the spotting had subsided.
Okay, update from me 2 weeks post-insertion:

Cramps only lasted a couple of days, but I felt a bit bruised for most of the first week. Now I get the occasional weird ache or mild cramp but nothing worth taking painkillers for.

I spotted for the first week, now very occasionally and super-light.

First HBI achieved after one week, pretty darn good! A bit achey afterwards but fine during sex. Doggy style a couple of days later was sore but good.

Haven't managed to feel strings yet, so we're using condoms until I'm sure it's there dry.gif

Only weird side-effect is sore nipples, but I think that's probably from coming off the pill.

Hurrah for us!
I haven't been on Bust in forever but I came in here about three weeks ago because the Nuvaring wasn't ideal for me anymore and I needed some solid internet advice. I read most of the first and second page and that combined with advice and pamplets from my doc (who also has never had a baby but has an IUD) I decided to go for Mirena.

I cramped for about 2 days (and wah! my doc accidentally pinched my cervix sad.gif thank god I was on my period already), but with a good dose of ibprofen before the appointment and tylenol for 1.5 days I'm feeling good. What sucks is that the spotting was getting lighter and then it came back strong.

Now for a real overshare, I've been wanting sex since 3 days afterward but while I wasn't told to wait 7 days I wanted to wait only b/c I'm afraid of expulsion. But thanks to a rough week at our respective jobs me and the bf didn't go for it until last night (11 days afterward). And right before it was time I decided I wanted to double check that the IUD was still in place and I COULDN'T FIND THE DAMN STRINGS. I then proceeded to freak out b/c I went through a lot of trouble for it. And I was so confused as to how I wouldn't know if I had expelled it. I did a 5K on Sunday so I was wondering if I had knocked it loose some how and my mind was just spinning with all the possibilities and wondering how I could still be spotting if it's not in there. Then my bf tells me to relax and lie down and after a bit of probing I felt one of the strings, whew!

So for now, all is well. But for those of you who have expelled one, did you feel it come out?

So how are you other new IUD users holding up?
sanshigirl -

I couldn't find the strings at first, either- but they're there. If you get weird sharp cramps around your period, trust me, it's still there. heh You can always go in and get it checked if you aren't sure.

I'm doing great - 4th month of having my copper T in, and my periods are getting less heavy every month (I don't want to say "lighter," cause it's not light, but they are getting noticeably less heavy, so hopefully someday they'll be light again!) and the cramps aren't there as much. about 4-5 days before my period I feel a weird cramp now and then, but nothing like the first couple of months.

I swear to god, I'm more horny with the damn thing in- and I can't even blame it on being hormone-less, because I've been off the pill for nearly 6 years. All I can think of is that it's just knowing that i can't get pregnant. I can't wait until I am actually in a relationship and can have regular unprotected sex without worrying. woo!
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