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QUOTE(turbojenn @ Jan 13 2009, 11:01 PM) *
but then we were chatting about our favorite historical fiction books while he was wrist deep in my box

dood, that's funny. laugh.gif congrats on the iud! lemme know if you need a ride if turbomann or anyone else is not available for you that day.
just got back from having the IUD inserted. Since reading everyone else's stories has been really helpful to me, I figured I'd share mine. I went to a sexual health clinic, they do everything from std testing to annual exams, to birth control, to counseling, etc. Its where I go to get my gyno exams done, rather than at my GP, because they're super nice, will provide you with tons of info (there's even a library there for patients) and they're totally non-judgemental. Plus, because sexual stuff is all they deal with, I felt much more confident and comfortable going there.

Before I went, I took 800 mg ibuprofin, based on what I've read here, I figured it would help a bit. The doctor took me into a consultation room, and went through everything about the IUD - pretty much everything I already knew, from researching it online and reading through the archives here. I got to ask a bunch of questions, including concerns about tipped uterus, cramping, bleeding, etc. The doctor told me exactly what freckle said - that the biggest concern with a tipped uterus is the angle, and that can put you at risk for tearing of the cervix, or perforating the uterus, during insertion. She also said in regards to having never been pregnant, that they put an instrument in to open up the neck of the cervix, but if the cervix is too tight, they won't even try to do the procedure. Again, I think that what freckle said is right on the money - make sure you go to someone who has done a lot of insertions, I could tell by her answers that she (or any of the doctors there) would know exactly what she was doing in any situation. I'm not on my period, but they weren't concerned about that, they've done enough insertions to be fine with whatever.

Then she took me into the exam room where everything was set up. Another doctor actually did the insertion, she was visiting from a smaller practice out of town, and while she's inserted IUDs, she was there at the clinic to get more insertions "under her belt." That kinda freaked me out at first, but the doctor who'd initially spoken to me was there with her the whole time talking her through. I could tell that the doc who did it knew what she was doing completely, and I actually appreciated the fact that she was there to get even more aquainted with the procedure. Showed me that it was important to them to make sure it's done right.

first they put a speculum into check my cervix, then they took it out and did an internal exam to assess the location of my uterus. They then put another larger speculum in, and put the instrument into the opening in my cervix to open it, and check the depth of my uterus (there were two sizes of IUD, and the depth / width of the neck of the uterus determines which one they'd use) they talked me through the whole thing, telling me what they were doing next - when they put the cervix-opening instrument in, it kinda hurt - more a crampy kind of pain - and I totally tensed up. The doctors reminded me to breathe and relax, that it would be more painful if I was tensing up, and let me relax into it a bit. Then they inserted the IUD. It was a simliar pain, only sharper. I totally tensed up and was like "OWW!" the first thing that came into my mind when they were doing it was "OMG I don't think I could go through childbirth, if that sucked that much to open my cervix just a bit" ha. Honestly, I think that it had way more to do with me being tense than it actually being really painful. If I had been able to be a lot more relaxed, I think it would have been better. But as it was, it was not so bad. Then they cut the strings, which I couldn't even feel, and took the speculum out. The whole actual insertion process took about 5 minutes. Then they took my legs out of the stirrups and let me lay there for awhile, then gave me a glass of water to drink. They just kind of talked to me about the strings, and asked if I had any more questions. Basically just let me chill out.

I walked out, feeling hardly any cramps at all, and walked down the street to get a bite to eat before going home. It was when I was walking that I started feeling crampy, about 10 min after it had been inserted. The cramps are weird - not my normal period cramps, which are more a constant uterine pain kinda thing. These are more like a kind of "contraction" kind of cramp (or at least what I would think a contraction might be like) really sharp, and they kinda "arc" - building up a bit, then going away. I had them during lunch, which was really weird when I was sitting down, and I've also had them all afternoon, mostly when I get up or sit down. They say it's because your uterus is actually kind of trying to expel the foreign body (that and the cervix having been pushed open doesn't help) but that it should calm down in a few days. I'm hoping it does, because it's fine when they come on, but when they kinda reach the top, sharp pain, it's not nice. (luckily it's not for that long)

So that's about it. I'll keep you all updated on the progress of it. Oh, the other thing, having the national heath RULES. As someone who has grown up with American health care, it was fucking wonderful to walk in, get this all done, and it didn't cost a dime.
woohoo - turbo! that's great news. I am sure the insertion will go smoothly, what with your textbook uterus and all smile.gif, and you will be so happy to be done with hormonal bc.

My insertion experience was very similar to zoya's; I remember thinking that the pain was "new and different" - having your cervix messed with is just strange and oww! but it was over before I could even register it - I think I was in and out of the doc's office in 20 min. I was fine to drive home by myself and even stopped for some lunch. I took the whole day off of work and just hung out on the couch with the heating pad and was fine the next day.

I think the worst part was actually the hellish periods I had for the first 4-6 months after - intense cramps for 2 days, super heavy flow, and lasting 1 week. It's been two years now and they are totally normal - moderate cramps, all over in four days. I really started to notice the hormone-free difference after my first full cycle - you will be amazed!
zoya, thanks for sharing your experience so thoroughly - that helps me a lot! I think I may see if I can move my appt later on in the afternoon, as I doubt I'll be able to take the day off, given that I'm taking the week before off for the music cruise. smile.gif But I am SO excited to be free of the hormones - WOOT!

Propheccy - thanks for sharing your experience too - I am so looking forward to not having to worry about BC for 10 years!!
just thought I'd post updates while I'm in the middle of them.... cause I'm sure I"ll forget (selective memory?!) as time goes on..

I've been spotting non-stop since I had the IUD inserted - more like, when I pee there is some blood and tissue (kinda like when you're on your period stuff) but not a lot. it's not major. It seems like literally every other day I have fairly strong cramps. The other days I'm fine. The cramps aren't constant, though. just now and then and not nearly enough to be debilitating or anything.

I should be getting my period any day now, so I'll keep you updated as to what happens. In the past couple days the cramps have been a bit stronger, but I'm assuming that it's period cramps coming on. Without the IUD, I usually just have some not very heavy cramps the first half of the first day of my period. Then my period is pretty light. So while this is definitely more than I'm used to, it's nothing unbearable. a few advil and it takes care of it. We'll see. Unfortunately I have to work this whole weekend when I should be getting my period, so I'm praying it's not too hellacious....

my only concern at this point, really, is that I just cannot feel the strings. I've tried to find em, or just feel something a little different textured up there, but nada. I guess I'll wait til after my period and see what happens....

just posting an update about my iud. I got the paraguard placed a month ago. Insertion was painful but wasnt too bad. I havent had kids so i thought it would be more painful. I didnt really have cramping the first day or the second day but the third day i cramped a little. For about 2 days after the 3rd day i had some cramping but it wasnt terrible. I had no bleeding or spotting or anything and i was never in any pain past those 3 days of cramping. I went 3 weeks without bleeding and then i got my period. There was 3 days of heavy bleeding and 2 or 3 days of light spotting and then i was done with my period which surprised me because i heard that it would last longer etc. Within that 5-6 days i only had cramping for one day but let me tell you, those cramps hurt like hell. Like laying in bed with a heating bad, couldnt get up waiting for each cramp to hit because when i was standing up i would have to hold on to something to stay upright. Now i am off my period. there is no cramping, no spotting. This has been the best decision of my life.
I'm new to this thread, and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with Implanon? I am thinking of asking for my doctor for a long term birth control option, and I am trying to determine if I should get Implanon or an IUD. I'm just beginning my research, but from what I understand an IUD is not hormonal and Implanon is? I sound ignorant, but as I said I am just starting my research. I have been on the pill for over 10 years, and I get horrible menstrual migraines. So I think it's time for me to start thinking about other options.
I'm married, mid-twenties, no kids and no plans for kids. I spent most of my life on one birth control pill or another but was prone to negative side effects (no sex drive, etc.) so decided to seek alternatives. After doing some research, I opted to have the copper IUD inserted (didn't want to risk the progesterone-based one because of possible side effects) around May 2008. My doctor warned me about the number of women who experience heavier periods and cramps but I'd done my research and knew it was a possibility. I just thought it would never be me. Well, I was wrong! :)

The insertion itself was very, very painful. I even felt a wave of nausea and was faint, and I had to lay there for about 15 minutes before I could even get up. I was given pain killers but felt increasing pain for the rest of that day and some mild pain over the next day or two. And I was also definitely bleeding -- not spotting -- for about 3-5 days afterwards before it tapered off. I'd never had very heavy periods (except for the second/third day of my period) and never had extreme cramps before the IUD... But things changed! My usual period was 6 days - after the IUD -- whereas now, I'll have my period for up to three weeks. In fact, I haven't stopped bleeding (from mild to very strong) since before Christmas -- and it's January 24! My periods have gotten very heavy and unpredictable. (No more 28-day cycle!) One day at work, I unexpectedly started to bleed but didn't realize it until it was too late. It was as if I was hemorrhaging -- it just wouldn't stop long enough for me even to run to the bathroom. I had to call my secretary for help - talk about embarrassing! I had to wait for the office to clear out before I could go home... Especially at first, the cramps would be so bad I'd feel like climbing the walls. All in all, it's not the option I'd ever choose again. At the same time, I'm hesitant to have it removed. Not only did the insertion hurt like hell, I also don't want to go back to birth control (I will admit it's nice never having to think about it). The other side of the coin is that I chose the IUD so that I could have a normal sex life with my husband -- which is hard to do when you bleed for a month!

I know that my experience is likely among the worst -- not everyone has such side effects. But I never expected to have these problems in the first place!
angelicaJd: your experince sounds very much like mine.. extremely painful insertion, terrible cramps, and non-stop bleeding. it's great bc in that you never get or want to have sex whatsoever. dry.gif

after a year and 1/2, I couldn't stand it so made the appt to have it removed, and yes, after the agony of the insertion I was scared -to-death, but it was literally a quick tug by my dr & it was out, a teeny bit of pressure but No Pain.
that said, it's bc it was expelling itself from my body, and my dr found the source of the inital pain - a torn cervix, likely from the insertion done wrongly.

I'm not saying that your situation is identical to mine, but I would advise you to go back to your dr and have them check the placement of your iud bc it could be something very simple to correct.

had I known at the time what damage was done to me, hells bells but I would have Insisted they remove it Right Then, but I stupidly waited & suffered, thinking my body woudl adjust in time.

and just out of curiousity- do you know if your uterus is tipped by chance?
that's something we've been discussing here, that it makes it trickier to place & causes more problems.
mine is, and I had all the crap happen.

zoya- Hurrah!!
am so glad it's working out for you !!!!! (still?)
you & prophecy_grrl give me hope that the iud is still a good form of bc.

designer: I have not heard of Implanon?
bc it's chemi, it rules it out for me, but I'm still curious.
You know, even though I litigate medical malpractice all the time, I never even thought about it when it came to my own situation... The doctor had warned me about the cramping and the bleeding and so I attributed all the side effects to that. Plus, I did call them a few times early on in a panic (because my period had changed so drastically and so quickly, I thought that something must be wrong) and they said it was all normal. I'll give them a call on Monday and schedule an appointment. I don't know if I'll have it removed then but I'll definitely have them check the placement. (How did he know you had a torn cervix? Was that something he could see only after he'd removed it?)

Oh, and I've never been told whether my uterus is tipped or not. I presume no because they've never mentioned it... but then again, I never asked, either.
QUOTE(AngelicaJD @ Jan 25 2009, 03:15 PM) *
You know, even though I litigate medical malpractice all the time, I never even thought about it when it came to my own situation... The doctor had warned me about the cramping and the bleeding and so I attributed all the side effects to that. Plus, I did call them a few times early on in a panic (because my period had changed so drastically and so quickly, I thought that something must be wrong) and they said it was all normal. I'll give them a call on Monday and schedule an appointment. I don't know if I'll have it removed then but I'll definitely have them check the placement. (How did he know you had a torn cervix? Was that something he could see only after he'd removed it?)

Oh, and I've never been told whether my uterus is tipped or not. I presume no because they've never mentioned it... but then again, I never asked, either.

AngelicaJD and freckleface7:

both of your experiences sound like mine. I posted my experience here a long while ago, that my insertion was unbearable painful, which I ended up fainting during the procedure. After the insertion, I had non-stop bleeding for 3 weeks, not like spotting or on and off, it was constantly. To my chance, in 3 months, I had expulsion. and the place I had it inserted was a university health clinic, it is still billing me for it, together with all the follow-up and all.
I dont really want to add the horror stories about IUD here, but 4 months after my expulsion, I had an endometriosis removal surgery. Nobody knows what exactly caused my uteral scar tissues, but my current OBy-gyn said that the insertion doctor shouldnt have continued with the insertion after I passed out. By the way, I'm also in my mid twenties and have had no kids... however this happened in 2007, so it's been a long time. Now, I'm free of BC and just trusting condoms... who knows if i'll ever have kids, because now i also have PCOS, which sucks that i have to go through the anxiety of a possible pregnancy every period time since I never know when my period is coming.
I hope your appointment goes well and you find a solution, Angelica...
another thing that the doctor that inserted mine mentioned is that you have to watch closely in the first 3 weeks for infection. that is the time that it's most likely to happen, and she said to watch for anything like super heavy bleeding for an extended period of time, weird odor, REALLY bad cramps that don't go away, fever, discharge that seems wrong.. I just realized that no one here has mentioned their doctors making a point to warn them to keep an eye on things for the first 3-4 weeks as far as infectons and if something seems really wrong to get in and get it checked asap.

after my (what I feel to be) good experience, it's just so insane to think that there are doctors out there who would keep inserting the thing if you fainted, or were gushing blood, or in severe pain upon insertion. you'd think that it would be an obvious sign that something is not right at all. It's one thing to have it inserted properly and have your body reject it, it's another thing to have major issues upon insertion that the doctor practically ignores. And we KNOW our bodies - we've lived in them all our lives. I think that we know when something is wrong!

I've been bleeding consistently since I had it inserted 10 days ago. It's not super heavy, but it's not just spotting either. it's weird, though, because I shoudl be on my period right now, so I don't know if I'm having my normal period or if this is just iud-related bleeding. If I'm having my normal period, then it certainly wasn't accompanied by the uber cramps. (that would be amazing if I didn't have them!!) I hope the bleeding doesn't go on and on. Even though it's not as crazy as yours was, freckle, I don't really think I want to deal with this for months on end. I'm completely willing to put up with it for the payoff, but yuk.
QUOTE(AngelicaJD @ Jan 25 2009, 03:15 PM) *
You know, even though I litigate medical malpractice all the time, I never even thought about it when it came to my own situation... The doctor had warned me about the cramping and the bleeding and so I attributed all the side effects to that. Plus, I did call them a few times early on in a panic (because my period had changed so drastically and so quickly, I thought that something must be wrong) and they said it was all normal. I'll give them a call on Monday and schedule an appointment. I don't know if I'll have it removed then but I'll definitely have them check the placement. (How did he know you had a torn cervix? Was that something he could see only after he'd removed it?)

Oh, and I've never been told whether my uterus is tipped or not. I presume no because they've never mentioned it... but then again, I never asked, either.

I was told years ago about my tipped uterus, but not cautioned that it might make insertion of the iud any different, only (at the time) that it may make getting pregnant a little more dificult. as I already had frecklette, it was no big deal.

also, I was never told I'd need a Follow Up appt either, which goes hand in hand with not being told in advance or given any pain medicine or even that I shouldn't wear tampons immediately following the procedure either.
some nurses offered me pads before they left me to get dressed but I was honestly confused as to why.
and I did notice a fair amount of blood on the exam table/floor, but assumed it was normal also.
when I look back now I cannot Believe how naieve I was !
as to my torn cervix, had I gone for a follow up, I'm Assuming they'd have caught it then?
but in actuality, it wasn't seen until the removal, when my Dr got a funny look on her face & started asking me questions about pain during sex & the like, related to its gradual expulsion.
I think I had just been in so much general discomfort sinse insertion, I was used to feeling semi-bad by then. unsure.gif

and zoya you are right : of course I wasn't warned of infection or to watch the first 3-4 weeks, but I'm suprised no one else here had been either. for your bleeding, sinse it's right w/ your regular cycle, I'd give it that time to continue, maybe even a day or 2 or 3 longer and then start quesioning what's going on and if it's related.

sib: at my removal appt, once it was out, my dr referred me to an ob/gyn specialist to run some tests.. an endimetriol scrape was one of them & I can't remember the other, but I was like No Freakin' Way. ( I didn't tell that to her face tho, just quietly cancled the appt on the phone days later, lol) I haven't had any obvious symptoms of endi and I was/am literally sick of having my poor girl parts poked & prodded & hurt.
I'm also not on bc now either, and am hoping/praying that I'll go into early meno as I am 38 now and my odds of concieving at "this advanced age" + w/ my tipped uterus are something like less than 20% maybe I think.

keep us posted angelica, I hope it goes well for you ~

sorry for the super long post everyone.
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Jan 25 2009, 08:59 PM) *
also, I was never told I'd need a Follow Up appt either, which goes hand in hand with not being told in advance or given any pain medicine or even that I shouldn't wear tampons immediately following the procedure either.
some nurses offered me pads before they left me to get dressed but I was honestly confused as to why.
and I did notice a fair amount of blood on the exam table/floor, but assumed it was normal also.
when I look back now I cannot Believe how naieve I was !

wow. that's crazy. They actually made a follow up appointment for 6 weeks from insertion for me AT the insertion. that is so fucked that they didn't tell you any of that stuff.

I had zero bleeding upon insertion - it wasn't til later that I started to bleed as I described below.

I still just can't get over your story, freckle, or the other ones where it just seems so clear that something was wrong and yet the doctor kept going. that's just fucked.

I'm glad this thread is here - honestly I would not have known what to expect or possibly not even have gotten it, if I'd not read all the stuff here. I'd been thinking about getting an IUD for years, but could never find any discussions like this from real people about it.
well, the bleeding stopped- there's a teeny bit of spotting, but it's more like post period spotting, so I suppose that was my period. the cramps are totally gone. I feel totally normal, and I even could feel the strings today. So yay!!! I'm kinda dreading next months period, in case I have a day or two of cramps like anoel, but nothing I can really do about that.. if things stay good with this, I have to say as well that it will be the best decision of my life. I wish I'd done it ages ago.
QUOTE(vera @ Apr 26 2006, 09:27 AM) *
It's been 29 days and still bleeding. At first it was spotting and then a period. I thought the string had gone inside but feel it now. The cramps came and went for the first couple of weeks. I'll just be so happy to quit seeing red.


You should visit a doctor.
I got my IUD yesterday and took the day off of work.
The worst part of the whole ordeal was that I had to take a pregnancy test before the insertion and I didn't have to pee plus I was really nervous. So I had a couple of glasses of water and had to wait for the all clear.

My doctor told me I have a cooperative cervix. It took about five minutes of cramping weirdness not like normal cramps, everytime he did something he explained what he was doing and at one point apologized for causing me discomfort. He also kept asking me if I was okay. I was really tender yesterday but nothing a little tylenol couldn't help. I usually teach a water aerobics class on monday night and had NO DESIRE to teach so I called in. And of course the cat wanted to lie right on my stomach which was not happening

I went to work today, a little spotting but no major discomfort. I went with Mirena and will be curious how my first period goes. It is gonna be nice to not have to worry every month!!
yay missladyj!!!!

I have the euro version of the paraguard - just a simple copper T. I feel totally normal now, if this is how it stays, then it will be amazing. I still can't wrap my head completely around the concept of 10 YEARS of BC, and I don't have to do anything!
WOooT Missladyj!!

I'm going in to have my paraguard inserted on Thursday...any pointers beyond pre-medicating with some ibuprofen? I've definitely got to work on friday, so I hope I'm feeling okay for that. I did just snag a later appointment, so I'll be able to go home right after, which is a relief.

We're going to have to have a big 'ol CBC Chitown party sometime soon here!
turbojenn -

my only pointer would be to have something ready to eat at home, or pick something up so you don't have to cook. it was nice to eat something and just allow myself to kick back the whole night. a heating pad on my abdomen felt nice, too.
sooo, i have not posted in this thread before and i have lots of reading to do but here is my situation. i have 2 kiddos, 12 yo and 18mo. i am done having babies. my husband was going to get a vasectomy but now doesn't want to and i support him. i just had my mirana removed as i was having issues with it causing migraines. i am looking for another form of bc that is non hormonal (migraines caused by hormones) and am considering the coppper iud. i had no issues with insertion or removal of the mirana. although it took me forever to stop spotting on it. infact i am not sure i ever really did totally. i have been trying to read up online about the paragard. what i am nervous about is reading some of the negative stories people have. i am only 33 so using condoms with my husband is not what i want to go for bc. (i am usually irritated by them and have a hard time finding a lube that i like at all) it is difficult to find info on the percentages of women who have issue with paragard. when looking for actual studies i didn't come up with much. any suggestions?
Shiny, when I'm looking for reviews (of anything) online, always consider that people who are unhappy with a product are far more likely to post a review, than those satisfied or happy with their purchase...I needed to keep that in mind as I was considering the paraguard too. Some of those reviews are scary. Like you, I've had migraines from BCPs for 17 years, and after I just lost a bunch of weight again, the migraines got much worse. I didn't want any more hormones in my body that aren't mine, so paraguard was my choice. I can't really give you a review on it just yet, as I just got it inserted yesterday, but I'll post here for the next few months as things settle in.

That said, I think I had a pretty great insertion experience. I love my gyno - we read a lot of the same books, so we were just chatting about books the whole time, and he'd warn me when to expect sharp pain or cramping. I think it took all of a minute to insert the IUD, prepping the area and measuring my uterus were more painful than actual insertion. I do wish I'd had someone pick me up to drive me home after, though. I was fine to walk, but was feeling some general lower back/ab cramping - no worse than a moderate menstrual cramp, though. It was sitting on the train for an hour that wasn't so fun - the vibration of the train was just kind of irritating to my back.

After I got home, I just hung out on the couch with a heating pad under my back and a warm rice bag on my belly and let turbomann take care of me. Popped a couple more ibuprofen before bed, and again this morning, and now I'm feeling just fine, totally normal.

And now, I've got 10 years ahead to enjoy being CBC before I declare that the next round is on turbomann! tongue.gif
hey thanks turbo.

yeah, there are some pretty scary stories out there. i am frustrated that it is always the woman who has do something to herself for bc. i am trying to be supportive to my husband not wanting to get a vas but it makes me a little grrrrrr. i have had his baby and been on bc that makes me unhappy and sick for far too long.

i just got my mirena taken out last tues and am still having cramps and mild discomfort from that. the insertion was not difficult at all but it took me forever to have any kind of a normal cycle on it. i will keep looking at reviews and reading up on everything though. i do not like condoms so i have to find something.
I love my Paraguard. I've had it for almost 3 years. I really haven't had any problems at all. My periods are somewhat heavier, but it's nothing unmanageable. I had more cramping during my period for the first year, but that's gone now. I may have had a better than average experience, but I have no complaints. I always say getting it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
shiny, I hear you on the "Grrrrr, why won't the Mr. get a vas," when I've been on BCPs for more than half my life, and always had trouble with the pill. But, since he has this theory that one day he might want kids, I don't think its too fair for me to push him to it, even though so long as he's married to me, kids are unlikely. But at least it's not a source of tension between us, so I'm taking care of my end, since I'm the one who's more motivated about not having kids.

Day 3 with paraguard - all cramping and discomfort gone. Woot!
glad to hear it all went well and you are doing just ducky!! and double Grrr on the mr. won't get a vas.
Hey girls! How are you all? So I got my IUD in yesterday. Finally. It took 3 months for them to get it to me!! Some whacked out problems with our insurance, I guess. I was so scared I was going to end up pregnant again before they received it. In fact, I have a (not-so) funny story about that:

I am breastfeeding full-time and so my periods are really wacky. I've only had 2 in the last four months, and I hadn't had one in a while and started worrying maybe I was pregnant again. I had all kinds of phantom symptoms, and we are NOT ready for another baby any time soon. I took a pregnancy test without reading the box like a dumb ass (I've taken so many, I thought I had taken this one before), and a line appeared in each window, which I automatically assumed was postive (I guess one line in the response box is negative, a plus sign is positive), and I FREAKED. I ran out of the bathroom yelling, "I can't do this I can't do this not again oh my god listen to me i can't do this again what the hell are we going to do" etc. Before I said, "wait a second, let me read that box again... oh. nevermind. it's negative." *sheepish smile*, boyfriend nearly dies of a heart attack- he was staring blankly at me the whole time like he was having a freaking absent seizure. That taught us a lesson. apparently the first unplanned baby wasn't enough of a lesson to begin with, what were we thinking? we were relying on breastfeeding, which is too much of a risk imo).

Anyway. So finally I got my IUD yesterday. I got the Mirena. The insertion was FUCKING PAINFUL LIKE A BITCH MOFO!!!! I didn't want to scare my baby who was in the room with us, but I couldn't help but yell. I had scar tissue on my cervix from a LEEP, and had a c-section because my cervix wouldn't dilate, so you can imagine how he had to practically force the damn thing in there. I almost backed out, but I hung in there because the pregnancy scare was still fresh in my mind and I thought I would rather go through 10 minutes of hell and not have to worry about pregnancy for the next several years. I felt like shit all day yesterday. The cramps were like labor pains. But I woke up feeling 90% better today. Except for all of the scary reviews I keep reading. They are seriously freaking me out- weight gain, facial hair, hair loss, dizziness- I mean, what the fuck did I get into?

I am so with you gals on how unfair it is that we have to foot the bill for BC all the time. My boyfriend doesn't want a vas either because he might want another (over my dead body!), and hates condoms. So I'm stuck shoving foreign objects up my ying-yang flower because I don't want to have another baby. I am having serious PPD, which makes the thought of another baby enough to make me want to jump naked out of a moving car. Meanwhile, bc makes me a crazy bitch, and I am so resentful of men. I hate men right now. I'm sorry to say, but I had a hellish pregnancy, hellish labor and delivery, hellish postpartum depression and his life goes on. Okay this is unrelated to IUD, and it's not his fault and I'm rambling, but damnit, when are they going to make an invention of bc he can stick up his urethra and see if he comes home smiling and ready to fuck. gah.
nakedmolerat - that's great you got an iud!! but one question - if hormonal BC makes you crazy, why did you opt for the mirena? That's why I opted against it, and went for the copper T with no hormones. the pill made me batshit crazy and depressed - it wasn't until I went off it a few years ago that I felt normal again. I know that the hormones in the mirena are a little bit different, but I didn't want to even take the chance..

anyway, just curious...

ETA: I don't mind taking bc into my own hands - short of a guy getting a vasectomy, I wouldn't trust one to take bc, or keep some sort of implement like a iud inside him (well, if that was a reality, anyway) It's not that I wouldn't trust a partner that I was in a committed relationship with, it's just that the physical stakes are so much higher for us -at the end of the day, even though it's their baby too if pregnancy occurs, and we both have to deal with the financial and lifestyle repercussions, I'M the one who has to deal with the physical part of it. Hell, on a smaller scale, we have a physical reminder each month from our reproductive systems - men have no point of reference to drive the point home like we do.
Hey zoya, I thought about that, too, but I chose Mirena for a few reasons. The first is that I have horrible periods. Really bad, heavy periods and I didn't want to risk making them even worse with the copper IUD. The second is that I'm super anemic from having my baby, and the doctor didn't recommend the copper IUD in case it aggravates the condition, and I didn't want to risk waiting several months while I build up my iron for the IUD because we aren't consistent enough with condoms. Also, my body is really sensitive to metals, and I was afraid it would reject it/be allergic to it (my body has rejected nipple piercings, and my ears get infected when I wear jewelry no matter how much I clean the posts). Also, I know this sounds stupid, but I think I'm hormonally imbalanced right now postpartum, and I was kind of hoping this might help regulate me. It's probably going to do the opposite, though, just wishful thinking smile.gif
oh god, first period with IUD. I don't think I probably have cramps as bad as some people, but for me, they are awful. I haven't had any days with super bad cramps, just like 4 days with an hour or so of extreme cramping. (usually mid afternoon / early evening) I started bleeding 2 days ago and I've seriously gone through like 6 - 7 super tampons a day. On a normal period pre-IUD I'd maybe use 6 regular tampons the whole time - that's how light my periods have always been. It's not so bad I can't deal, but it's pretty sucky. I hope it does calm down over the next few months....
(((((zoya)))) Have you tried a Diva Cup or Mooncup? Seriously, the though of putting a tampon up there really makes me shudder these days. I swear the Diva Cup has decreased my cramps dramatically - AND, nothing to throw in the trash, which is really what I love about it. I've been wearing my cup most of the last week or so, as I've been having some spotting since the IUD insertion, and this way I really don't have to worry about it. Hang in there...I'm sure I'll be back in here to whine myself, when I get my first post BCP period. smile.gif
turbojenn - I usually use Instead, but the doctor recommended that for my first period with the IUD in, that I don't use it, until I know what my flow will be like - since the Instead sits against the cervix. I do plan on trying a moon cup, because I love the menstrual cup thing, but I'm thinking that the Instead might be a little risky with the IUD - don't want to accidentally pull it out when taking the Instead out. I just didn't want to try the moon cup for the first time with a period that i'm not used to - I figured at least if I use tampons this time around, I'm not going to accidentally leak or something, just from not being used to using it... but I do plan on trying it! Yeah, I don't want to scare anyone from getting an IUD with my posting in here, but I also figure it might be handy for people who are thinking about getting one, to look at - and I know that if I don't post it while it's happening, I'll probably forget what it was like, down the road... smile.gif
a couple of months ago i posted about the gynefix, a frameless iud which works the same way as regular iuds but (hopefully) with a lot less side effects. eventually, i had it fitted last wednesday (with local anesthesia on my cervix because i am such a wimp unsure.gif ). thanks to the anesthesia, i was fine during the procedure, i just felt as if i had my insides sucked out when my gyno had to move my cervix "a little more to the front". yikes. but it was okay... indiecock held my hand throughout the fitting, desperately trying not to look at all the tools and metally things that disappeared between my legs. actually, he was a lot more nervous than me, if his cold sweaty palms spoke the truth. tongue.gif

anyway, i am posting in here because i have one question: i cannot feel the strings simply because i cannot feel my cervix. i think it's way up there at the moment. during which point of your cycle are you able to feel your cervix? are there any "positions" which might make it easier to touch the cervix?

maybe TMI: i have tried... several times. lying on my back. squatting. with one leg up on the rim of the bathtub. i even had indiecock stick his longest finger in there and he couldn't feel my cervix either. i think i might just have a very long vagina - at least that's what an ob-gyn once told me because she couldn't touch my cervix either.

so far, i am quite happy with my gynefix. i only had very mild cramping (didn't even have to take any kind of pain medication), no major bleeding, just everytime i pee and wipe, there is just a little blood on the toilet paper. yay for 5 years of no baby worries! smile.gif
hey gals - haven't stopped by in a while, so it's a little late, but WOOHOO TURBO! glad everything went well.

zoya - I used to use Instead occasionally (I liked that you could have sex w/out removing), but the warning label on the box says you should not use with an IUD. I think it has to do with the fact that it sits right on your cervix and can cause expulsion or dislodging. I imagine the risk is minimal, but I wouldn't mess around with it. I had the same reaction during my first post-IUD period - I don't think I ever used so many tampons in my life (and super plus to boot!). I was changing every 2 hours, constant leaking, etc. I got my diva cup then and have never looked back. It sits pretty low in the vadge, so it's safe. Though, on my heaviest days I still have to empty the cup every 4 hours and I do still wear pantyliners because I've had the occasional leak with the cup, but way better than tampons.

indie - the gynefix sounds awesome. I imagine the frameless thing reals cuts down on the severity of cramps. As for the cervix position, best time to check is right after your period, that's the point in your cycle when it's low and firm feeling and very easy to locate your strings. On the other hand, if you're ovulating or about to ovulate, it can be so high up (and also very soft) that it's impossible to find. I find standing in the shower with with one foot propped up is the best string-finding position.
Wow, I hadn't heard of a frameless IUD - that's really cool, indie! Yeah, I think turbomann was more nervous about this than I was...I didn't have him go with me, though I really should have. Riding the train home for an hour post-procedure was no fun - the vibration of the train was really irritating.

Ah, Insteads...I used to use those in college, and I remember spilling it, and making a mess a few times when emptying...but that was really the first tampon alternative on the market, and I loved them at the time. Now, like prophecy, I am a Diva Cup convert, and I'll never look back. I've not had any leaking issues with the Diva Cup, once I got comfortable with putting it in, but we'll see how my cycles are with the IUD.
indiechick - after your last post re: gynefix, I looked to see if there was anyone here who inserted it, but I couldn't find one. I'm pretty sure there is at least one doctor who does, but I just wanted to get it done, so I went with the T. I'm really curious to hear your experience with it. How exactly do they attach it? I read all sorts of stuff online about it, but never really got the exact gist of how it's attached. It sounds great.

Dang, now i want a diva cup! haha where can you buy them? only online? i don't think i've ever seen them in the stores, they sound really cool. i hate tampons, i had one in during the end of my period when i was only spotting, and because they're so absorbant, my vaj was so dry when i pulled it out it was like sandpaper. ugh *shudders*. (tmi)
i finally found the strings! although i think that "string" is the wrong word, they feel a lot more like little plastic sticks. i was told that i shouldn't have sex for the first seven days after insertion so indiecock and i were really looking forward to day eight... since i was unable to find the strings, we thought we should still be using condoms, to be on the safe side. but there they were. the strings also won't have to be shortened since indiecock couldn't feel a poke while poking. wink.gif

zoya, i don't think my english is good enough to explain how the gynefix is attached. there's a video, though, which explains it: videos and pictures of the gynefix

you can actually email contrel, the manufacturer of the gynefix, and ask for a list of specialists who are able to insert it. i actually got the list for germany 20 minutes after i emailed them. great service.

i am not looking forward to my first period on the gynefix, though. i am kinda scared. we'll see. i'll be back in here to report. smile.gif
Molelrat - Yeah, tampons are evil. I shall never go back, and I swear I have less cramps using the Diva Cup, for whatever reason. You can order them online has some links to buy them from or LunaPads. They're $33, but think of all the money you save over time!

Yep, Indie - my iud's strings are pretty much like fishing line in feel, and turbomann couldn't feel them either. And I am *thrilled* by how relieved I feel not to have to worry about BC anymore...missing my normal BCP time by a couple hours or so always made me nervous...I wish I had gotten the IUD sooner. And I share your curiousity/anxiety about the first post-BCP cycle. We shall see.
Someone on another message board was saying something about something she heard that said people with IUD's shouldn't use Diva Cups/Keepers, etc. because of the suction pulling out the IUD- anyone heard about it? I figure if I haven't heard of it happening to someone on Bust, it's probably ok.
polly - I'd heard of that, but my doctor told me that it would take a LOT of suction to pull out an IUD that's inserted correctly, in a healthy uterus, etc... She said that there's more worry with a tampon if you have a kinda light period - that if the tampon is still kinda dry, it can more easily catch on the strings and pull it down or out. She told me that is probably the most common way of pulling an IUD downwards. Which is why the instead says you shouldn't use them if you have an IUD - because they could get caught and pulled. But since the mooncup or the divacup sit low in the vagina, it shouldn't be a problem... anyway that's what I've been told at least.

it's weird, my strings don't really feel rigid-ish, they feel more like fishing line that's been really softened up. Now I'm all paranoid that I'm feeling the wrong thing... heh

ETA: indiechick - that looks amazing! I wish I'd known who to email to get a list of specialists in my area... I really like the idea of it, but honestly, I don't know that I'd want to go through with an insertion again, specially if the T works out for me. I've noticed that I get little cramps here and there, but it seems to be evening out, so fingers crossed everything is gonna be easy from here on out..!
I asked my doc about the Diva cup, since I needed to put it back in immediately after insertion, and he said it was okay, though he wished I'd use a pad for the first 24 hours, so I switched to my Glad Rags as soon as I got home. I usually pinch the cup to break the seal before I remove it anyway, so I have a hard time believing it could suck my IUD out.
I've got a questions for y'all...things are still going great with the IUD - YAY! I think my body is trying to adjust to life without BCP hormones, and I have noticed that my nipples have been annoingly sore for the last week and a half. No period yet, but should be coming in the next week or so. Anyone else have really sore nips after getting the IUD? I'm just hoping this is the adjustment period, and not the "new normal," post BCPs...though even so, I'd take sore nipples over a 3-day migraine...I just need to wear my best, supportive bras right now.

Hey ladies, I posted a few months back after getting the Para Guard (non Hormonal) IUD! And had some interesting yet not horrbile experiences, and stuck it out. ANd now I can HAPPILY say I LOVE IT to the fullest! ABSOLUTELY, im so happy I have this, no no hormones I feel natural, my periods are regular, every month the come like clock work, the cramping was major the first ffew months, but now its nothing more than some regular period craming, the little thread has gotten so soft no i can feel it, but im not worried because if it displaces I would feel it. All around Im glad after trying soo many different BC's and having so many crappy experinces. So for all of those who have just recently got it in, give it a few months before you take it out if you are having some problems, I was tempted in the beginning because of the cramping i had it was horrible, and occasionally was getting some pain, but its gone now. Evry so often I still get a pinch like pain, but its quick. So good luck to all, and hopefully your experience will be great too, I know im happy I have some nice BC for the next 10 years....

BTW...Turbojen.....I got sore nipples right after it also... and still do every so often right before im about to get my period....
hey all - it's been about 7.5 weeks since I had my IUD inserted, and after my last period, I've had no problems. much like savmomhc2, I've felt a little pinch a couple of times, but other than that, nothing. no spotting, etc. But, I've just had something kinda weird and I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue: I went running yesterday for the first time in a while (I've not done any strenuous exercise since having it inserted) I've noticed that I've been bleeding a little since then. I wouldn't call it "spotting" exactly, more like just when I pee there's a little blood when I wipe. (sorry if that's TMI, I don't know how else to put it) I can also sort of "feel" it a little more - wondering if anyone has had this happen - I think someone said before that they'd had something similar happen when they had sex or orgasmed when they first had it in, so maybe this is similar (muscles contracting and stuff???)
Yep, zoya - I got to bike commuting last week (well, as much as the shitty weather allows), but the first day, I did get one pinch, and I had the same blood issue that day when wiping. I think it's pretty normal.
Christine Nectarine
i've had the same "blood issue" occasionally, and it's going on 1 year of having an IUD. i have the mirena though, and have not had a "proper" period in about 9 months, so i get that and spotting.

turbojenn, i've heard of a lot of people having that. a friend of mine who got mirena around the same time i did had really tender breasts and nipples for several months, but i think it stopped sooner rather than later.
OK, I am already considering getting this IUD out. It's only been three weeks exactly. I never do well on hormonal bc and thought this might be a good option because even though it's hormonal, they say the dose is really low. Well, in my case, it's not freaking low enough. I should have gotten the copper. I have not been myself at all!! The littlest things send me into a full blown RAGE. Like I'm going to freak out and kill someone kind of rage. I am usually really patient, and I have no patience left in me. I am also bloated 24/ 7, getting lots of headaches, having vaginal dryness during sex (this was NEVER an issue before the IUD!!!), and feeling sooooo exhausted and fuzzy in my head all day (way more than usual), it's like I'm PMSing to the extreme non-stop, and I'm worried it's not going to get better. I'd like to give it more time to see if my body sorts it all out, but things are so bad now that I think it may even cause my relationship to crumble. I DON'T want any more babies, I got pregnant on the pill and hated the hormones, and I don't know if my insurance will cover another iud this soon. It took me three months to get this one alone. I feel like I'm going nuts!
turbojenn- I also have more soreness my breasts before and during my period since I've had my IUD. I have no clue what that's about. I was not on hormonal BC before I got it, and I have the Paraguard, so no hormones now. Also, it tends to be more in my left breast. It kinda depends on the month now; sometimes I'll get it, and sometimes I won't. It has decreased over time. Who knows?

nakedmolerat- sorry you're having those problems. That sux!
naked- do you think the hormones in the iud combimed with the breastfeeding hormonal shift might be the issue? Not that it makes life any easier, though.

Jenn- I wonder if since this is really the first time since childhood (effectivly) that you haven't been on the pill, if your body is readjusting to its "normal" state? The cramps, the sore boobs, etc.?

Ok, so this might seem like a silly question. I'm getting my IUD in 2 weeks or so, and I was curious about one thing- using tampons. does it affect it? I'm getting the Minera, b/c I do better on a low dose of hormones in terms of my PMS issues. Plus, if we haven't decided within 5 years to have another child, when the time is up, I'm just gonna get myself fixed.
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