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Full Version: iud reviews?
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moodymart- that's a side effect that I've never heard of.
moodymart- my guess would be that the bleeding has more to do with perimenopause, but you should definitely get it checked out. Have you had the same IUD for 20 years?? My understanding was that the copper IUD was good for 10 years and the Mirena I believe for 5. For my copper one, I was told that after 10 years, I could have it removed and a new one placed in the same office visit.
Hi ladies,

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your posts on here. I've been debating whether or not to get ParaGard for a while now, and all of your positive posts reassured me that it's right for me. I tried 2 kinds of birth control, and after almost instantly feeling like a raving anxious maniac, I realized hormones probably weren't agreeing with me. So, hopefully ParaGard will be a solution. Just wanted to ask if there was anything I need to know before I get it "installed?" Um, "placed?" My appointment is a week from Friday!
Hiya dayglowpink, this IUD I had placed in 2006, this is the first time in all these years I've ever experienced this problem. Usually I change them every 5 years regardless, out with the old in with the new on the same day. Definately having it checked out on Friday, let you know how that pans out. In the meantime I'm considering buying stock in always and tampax lol.
I appreciate the responses.
Hi Anney!
If you've read the posts carefully (i know it's a lot) then you should be pretty well-informed. Is there anything specific you were wondering/worried about?
i've been thinking about getting the paragard for the past couple of months and now i'm planning to get one put in next month. i was curious about the costs of this IUD. Can some of you share what the costs ran for you? If you got it through Planned Parenthood or through a gyne...I'd appreciate any feedback.

I'd say I'm mostly concerned about how reliable it is-- any chances of it falling out, moving, etc. I've had to take Plan B several times thanks to a broken condom, and I'm just looking for some peace of mind. Do you ladies find you have that, by having ParaGard?

Also Stargazer-- if you have health insurance, give them a call. Mine requires only a $25 copay and that's it.
My insurance covered the whole thing. I have a $25 copay as well. I didn't even check the cost, because I didn't care if it wasn't covered, I was just gonna pay for it, and I thought I might end up getting a bill later, but I didn't. stargazer- Check further back in the thread, because something was posted a while back about the costs for out of pocket at Planned Parenthood. I believe they have a sliding scale. I'm not sure what the rate of expulsion is. I know if it stays in properly it is 99% effective against pregnancy. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, it was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made. The peace of mind I've experienced is worth just about anything!
Stargazer - I have absolute shit insurance, so I had to eat about $800. I went through my private gyno, though, and I would assume that PP would be cheaper.

Anney- I'll second Humanist. There is a ton of information in the archives, if you're looking for our experiences. As for reliability, statistics on the maker's website or from your doc would be more accurate than us. I don't remember anybody in here getting pregnant with it, but I could be wrong.

Peace of mind -- I only get that when I'm not having any sex. I still sigh with relief every month when I bleed. Every BC has a failure rate. The difference with an IUD is that if it fails, you pretty much have to have an abortion.
$800?! Wow, I've only heard up to about $600. Maybe it's different depending on where you live.
I got mine through a federally funded Planned Parenthood, where they charge on a very reasonable sliding scale. I got it for free, but I did have a pretty sad paycheck. Otherwise, they quoted me $600 at the regular PP. But yes, good insurance will cover it. I had insurance the first time I wanted to get one, but I had a $500 deductible so it was useless : P

I definitely feel at least more secure with the Paragard than I did on the pill, because the pill is only 99% if used perfectly, and I was forgetful. I know this thing is always in me and doing its job.

Expulsion is always a risk. The most likely are women who have not had children because their uteruses are not used to foreign objects. But I haven't had any kids, and so far so good. It's been 8 months already. I've heard that if you get past the first couple of months, you should be fine. Many gynos will check the size of your uterus before insertion to make sure it's big enough; size will affect the risk of expulsion.
Thanks Ladies! I was thinking about $500-600 for the paragard. i will definitely do research about the costs, but this info helps give me a ballpark figure.
smile.gif!! i got it i goooOOOooot it!!

i had nuva t (canadian paraguard) inserted yesterday. didnt even feel it. i started getting cramps late at night but nothing i couldnt handle and very minor ones today. i'm so excited. in dr. ladies words it make my uterus a hostile environment which i take to mean i have a hostile uterus! she could kick some serious ass, i can feel it. i was so excited i told my dr as much.

and she did measure before time. the inserter (yea, thats the technical term) has measurements on it (i have 6 cm of hostility) and she did that first and then loaded it to size.

me and my hostile uterus will check ya later.
I'm getting my copper t removed.
hopefully this week, but probably next for sure. my dr (not a gyno but am hoping she'll do it anyway bc I feel really comfortable with her) is gone till weds so have to call back, but we'd talked about this before so she knew I was having problems with it.

the periods from hell have returned and I cannot. take it. anymore!! mad.gif
I will bleed for a week or so, then it will literally stop Completely for as long as even 48 hours, and then start up allllll over again, and then go for another 4-5 days. lighter yes, and a lot of it is just lite spotting, but the end result is the same, my life (wardrobe, workouts & otherwise) is on hold till it's over bc I never really know if it's going to get really heavy all of a sudden as it has done several times before. I can't be in yoga and all of a sudden get a gusher, you know? (ewwww.)

and my sex life?
HA! I am so damn hormonal most of the time, the mr calls me cybil. sad.gif
the mr & I want to try this 30-day sex challenge deal (hey- we've been married 15 years now- don't judge rolleyes.gif ) but it would take us 60 days to do it if we have to essentially "stop" for the 2 weeks my . goes on ( & on) for bc I also feel crappy most of time during it too.
I actually started to cry when I started spotting again this week after I Thought it was over for the month; after 2+ years I can't take it anymore. it's not gotten any better. or, it did for a month or so, but then went right back to it and I just can't.
yes it's been reliable, but only if you look at it in the light of never-getting-to-have-sex-at-all.


I'm sorry.

most of you here really love & are having great experiences w/ your iud's. I really wish I was too, bc now I'm looking at a tubal or the like. I just want my body back.

and I'm nervous about the extraction, based on how horrible the insertion was.
makes me want to get the iud Out, and the tubal or essure In/Done at the same time to minimize the pain factor.
- why can't I just be normal?

down & discouraged,

I just had my 6 week check up and although everything is fine, the Dr. told me not to use my Keeper (or tampons, or anything that stays up there during your period) for at least 6 months to reduce risk of infection. So basically I have to use pads. I AM GOING CRAZY.....I HATE pads with a passion.
None of the other Drs/Nurses (it's a community health clinic) said anything when I was going into this about not putting things up there during your period and they knew I used a Keeper. Is this one overprotective doctor? Or is there a serious risk of infection from this during the first 6 months? I ask because I am currently on my period and going insane tongue.gif Thanks for any help/advice ladies!
i really thought i wanted to try a copper IUD (hormones+me=very very bad for my bf) hes also pestering me about making an appt and i have been reading and the 3rd page into it im even MORE freaked out than i was before. when i think about it it feels like im having a panic attack. my first 2 experiences w/docs down there were NOT pap smears... so i was already wary of having yet another procedure done on me down there cuz even paps give me anxiety attacks now gonna continue reading to see what the ratio is. any other advice??? unsure.gif
Hi ladies,

I've had my Paragard in for almost 2 weeks now, and so far so good. The insertion was not the most pleasant experience, but fortunately one of my best friends came with me, and the doctor was so nice-- she even let my friend come in with me while I had it put in! I didn't care what she saw-- it was just good to have her hold my hand and be there for moral support. The insertion felt like just a few sharp pains, or really bad cramps, but it was over quickly. Definitely not the worst pain in my life. Since I'm 25 and have never had a baby, she insisted on numbing me down there, which was kind of freaky, but I guess it made it less painful. The rest of that day I was pretty crampy, but just got a heating pad and layed on my couch and relaxed. I got it in on a Friday, and by Saturday afternoon I was fine. My period definitely stuck around for a few extra days, but I guess that's normal, especially during the first few months, right?

I was wondering if any of you had problems feeling your strings? I've felt mine, and they feel really "up there," and I can only seem to feel one, instead of two. Also, do you find they're easier to feel depending on the time of the month? I got a little nervous on Saturday because I couldn't find them and my boyfriend and I had just taken the IUD for a test drive (quite enjoyable, I must say!) but then when I checked again, they were there! Maybe it's just something I need to get used to hunting around for.
((FreckleFace)). It's been good to have you in this thread, to serve as a reminder that it's not all flowers and puppies with the IUD. I hope your removal goes well. I'd really like to hear about it when you're done. You're right - the pain on insertion was so scary that I'm afraid of removal.

LilMisStrange- What?!? I didn't use tampons for the rest of the first period when I had mine inserted, but I started right up the next month. That just doesn't sound right. Have you done any more research to see if your doctor is just crazy?

Rockerchick- the insertion was absolutely horrible for me. If the idea of a scary procedure yout, the IUD might not be for you. But a few others in here had completely fine insertions.

Anney - congrats on the IUD! And the successful test drive! There has been a little discussion of the strings in this thread, and it seems like we all worry about it at first, and then get over it. They do change length through your cycle. Do you have a follow-up visit with your doctor planned? And yeah, you'll be gushing for a few months. I've had mine for almost 3 years now, and I'm back to my normal period length.
thanks obelix2~
my doc gets back tomorrow so will call her 1st thing then to hopefully get the ball rolling.
you & I might be the only one's here who've posted about rough insertions- what an unfortunate minority.
I'm not happy to be doing this, and scared as anything, but not as much as hating the idea of things remaining as they've been.

and I wasn't ever told Not to use tampons (even from right after the insertion tho a nurse did offer me pads as I was changing, and I didn't understand Why so declined them) or any of the other things eveyone else has said.
altho, I don't think any of that would have made a difference long-term, bc while yes the insertion was crappy & the practiconer was inexperienced, the other bad stuff never stopped.

advice to rockerchic: try sedation for the insertion.
ok not realllllly. but maybe a good dose of ibprofen or the like. have someone w/ you to drive you home, bc there will be some cramping on some level, altho it may not be right away, according to what some Bustie's have posted.
and think positively! it's a long-term procedure that you don't have to worry about, so maybe that outweighs everything else?
Thanks for the responses freckleface and obelix! The last two days of my period I finally shoved my Keeper up there....I couldn't take it anymore. Everything I had heard before from my research said there was no problem with using tampons or a cervical cup with an IUD, but hearing I couldn't from a doctor freaked me out a little. I think she was being overly cautious, although I understand there's a risk of infection. It was a community health clinic and you get a different doctor every time so maybe she was being on the safe side.
Thanks for all of the info on IUDs - very helpful in making sure this is what I should do. I decided to go with a copper IUD after having loads of problems with hormonal birth control (on the shot, my uterus felt like it was on fire; on the pill, I had cramping, mood swings, general brain fogginess; and on both no or low sex drive). I'm headed into grad school in the fall, and am using the corporate health insurance to cover the IUD (stunningly, only a $30 co-pay) before I take a hiatus from the working world. I like the fact that this is long-term since my schooling is probably going to be the life of the IUD. Despite the problems that I've read of folks having with the Paragard IUD, it sounds similar to what I've put up with while taking hormonal birth control on and off for the past ten years but without the hormonal awfulness AND still being able to get a period (I like getting my period).

I'm wondering if anyone has actually sorted out the tampon issue in the long run - I'm not a Keeper person, I unapologetically love OB, and I hate pads. I'll definitely consult with my doctor, but I didn't even think about this until reading these posts.

Did anyone get tested for copper allergies before the insertion? I know many of you have written that your male partners may have felt irritation with the strings at some point, but is there any irritation from the copper?

Thanks so much in advance. Will update with my experience with insertion/issues following.
removal is set for 9:00Am monday the 17th. sad.gif
I'm too scared to be looking forward to it That much, but still know it's totally the right thing to do.
it'll be the removal, annual exam w/ the smear and all, and then we'll discuss tying my tubes vs the essure, which I have a feeling there's considerably more to than 'just a small incision.' (I think there's some sort of vaguely painful or invasive followup that happens later & "vague" just doesn't cut it for me. lay it on the line so I know what I'm facing so I can make an intelligent and well informed decision.)

the mr is clearing his schedule for at least part of the day so he can be with me.
I ought to totally make him squirm and insist he be In the room while it's being done.
that could score me some guilt-mileage for sure =evil laugh.gif =.

lot of anxiety all around right now, but what choice?

melisma: the copper test is such a good suggestion, and I Had thought about that, but it was never mentioned and hasn't been a problem.
the strings soften/bend over time, and will be varying legnths as your cervix goes thru the cycle changes. some guys can feel them all the time, other's just at certain times.
the mr just finally told me that mine sometimes have poked him, which I had no idea about, but he said it wasn't a big deal, just kind of weird.
and I'm w/ you on the OB's (tho may change to organic tampons bc they are the same concept, no inserter) and I put one in immediately following my iud insertion.
probably not super smart, but as no one told me otherwise, it was still ok, so I'd take what has been said as far as dire gloom and doom w/ a grain of salt.
Lady R
Hi everyone. I'm new, I just introduced myself in the n00b thread. I found this site because I was considering getting the copper IUD and I was searching the net for reviews.

I had a visit with a new gyno yesterday morning to discuss the different forms of birth control. About 4 or 5 years ago, I was on Ortho TriCyclen-Lo and things were okay, but every now and then I would just randomly get dizzy as hell, like drunk off your ass dizzy. I couldn't even drive sometimes, just because glancing back with my head would cause things to just spin! That only happened a few times, but to me, that's a few times too many. Also, my hair was thinning. And despite what I've read, mine never grew back. I used to have very full thick curly hair, and now it's very thin and fine and falls out constantly. From the amount of hair I lose every time I shower or brush my hair, I'm suprised I still have any hair left! There were other weird side effects that I just couldn't deal with, and I just don't like the idea of hormones in my body that aren't already mine.

So we talked about all the different options, but there really weren't any that were non-hormonal except the copper IUD. I had done some research online about IUD's a few weeks before my doctor visit, but I read somewhere that they were only for women who have had at least 1 child. I'm 24, and nulliparous (learned that word yesterday!! smile.gif I have no children and have never given birth). I plan to stay that way. I know things change, so maybe one day I will change my mind, but I honestly have absolute ZERO desire to ever have children. My boyfriend shares the same opinion. Right now we are not using any protection, other that the "pull out" method. We've been together 3 years and never really had a scare, I've never been late, but I constantly worry about my period coming almost every month. Plus, I have been having some weird dreams lately about babies and being pregnant and I am just sick and tired of worrying about it. The dr assured me they are no longer just for women with, after discussing it, we made the appointment to come in a few days after my period to get the copper IUD inserted. The dr. prescribed me some pills to take the night before and to stick up in there the morning of, that will soften the cervix and make insertion easier.

I have to be honest, after what I've read, I'm really nervous about going through with it. And I'm NOT a wimp, I do not get nervous or scared easily. From most reviews, women have had killer cramps and bleeding for the first few months... that will suck. Seriously. I'm really worried about the random and unpredictable bleeding...But I also understand that a lot of the people that make the reviews are the people that have had bad experiences; the people that are content, don't think to go search online about it. I know millions and millions of women use it - it's weird though, because before doing my research, I had never heard of it. I understand it is more commonly used outside of the US. Knowing it is very popular does ease some of my fears, but not too much. I talked about it with the boyfriend last night, and he wants me to do whatever I feel is best for my body. He likes the idea that it's healthy and I'm not getting the hormones, so he told me he will stand beside me in whatever decision I make. I'm really nervous. I finally convinced myself to do it. I will stick it out for at least 6 months; if thing are bad and don't improve, I will get it taken it out. The good thing is, my insurance covers it, so all I pay is my $35 co-pay.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

Wish me luck!!! My appointment is March 25 so I will definitely keep you guys updated!!!
Hmmm. I'm a little surprised by the costs that some of you are quoting! I'm from Canada, so obviously most of the cost is covered; with exception of the actual Copper T IUD. It's only approx. $90.00 (+ pst and gst). Should total around $120-130. I'm sorry you ladies have to sell your soul in order to enjoy fertility freedom!

My appointment is booked for April 9th. I'm pretty excited, but a little weary. I was referred to my doctor by a walk-in clinic. The walk-in clinic contacting the Dr.'s office ahead of time and they booked me in. Oh-kay....then I receive a phone call from the Dr. telling me my appointment time etc. I was confused. They didn't ask me any questions...didn't want to evaluate my potential as a candidate...just booked me in for insertion.

It happened so fast, I was a little shell-shocked. So, I start asking questions and providing them a little background info. Things like...I haven't had a pap or physical in 5 years...should I have that done first...(yes, they'll do it on site)...Is it going to hurt (yes, there will be 'discomfort')...Will I need someone there (some women become weak etc...)

Does anyone find it a little weird that they didn't ask me any questions; just booked me in for insertion right away?

I have done my research on this. This forum has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and I'm very appreciative. I feel like I have armed myself with all of the information I need and am firm in my decision to try the Copper IUD. I just find it strange that the Dr. didn't want any background on me. And the lack of a pre-IUD consultation makes me a tad nervous. I looked online and she's recommended, so I guess I shouldn't worry...

I just don't want to get all excited and ramped up, only to go evaluated...and turned down as a candidate. Ahh well, only time'll tell.

Thanks again ladies! You're experiences have really aided in my decision making!
6 mos. & still in love (with my copper T).

(thought i'd add since there seem to be alot more insertion stories than follow up reports).
super nervous about the removal tomorrow.
and frustrated beyond words that this is my best option (sterilization.the tubal, in the appt following tom's after I decide which one to do). in This Day & Damn Age.

granted, I absolutely do Not- NOT NOT NOT want any more kids but it still seems so extreme.
for that why can't I just get it all taken out?
a friend (who has 4 kids but do not consider a "breeder" as she is almost too cool to be friends w/ me) said she feels the same way; once you are done reproducing, or know for sure it's not for you, why is any of it neccessary?
I love being a woman but not in that regard. but maybe it's all just my emotion stemming from the difficulties w/ BC all these years?

I have bottled water ( for whatever pain narcotics I can persuade them to give me) and several pads in my purse and am as "ready" as I think I can be--

please think good thoughts ~
I've been contemplating getting an IUD - and I've been lurking in this thread. Here's my dilemma, I don't want to do hormonal bc anymore and I suffer from chronic bv (absolutely frustrating!). Would you gals recommend me getting this as I'm prone to infections quite frequently. Im sure I should ask my doctor, but I havent made an appointment yet. I wanted to weigh my options before going. Any ideas?
~~~~sending morphine vibes to freckleface~~~~

Please come back and tell us how it went. I hope for your sake that it's just a quick *yank* and done.

konphusion - I thought I remembered something about BV and IUDs, so I just googled "BV IUD" and lots of not-so-encouraging stuff came up. The highlight of an abstract for a white paper that I found: "It is concluded that IUD usage is associated with risk of having BV in women." I think this would be a very important thing to discuss with a doctor before you got serious about it. I understand hating the hormonal birth control. I was on it for a month, and I immediately fell into a depression that had me calling into work so I could lay in bed and cry.
I didnt really have many side effects from the hormonal stuff (I already have a hormone imbalance too). So, I googled the info you mentioned, and it doesn't look good across the board. I certainly dont want to increase my risk. Hell, I already have a hard enuff time managing the bv as is (see the BV thread). As much as i dispise taking pills and dont wanna put unnecessary hormones in my body - it seems like i'm damned if I do, damned if i dont anyway, it always comes back.

Thank you Obelix for the info darling.
Good News: the insertion was incredibly quick & relatively not painful !

Bad News: mine likely caused a tear in my cervix and was expelling itself.

am pretty peeved that the dr inserting it didn't notice the tear and try to repair it, bc it might have accounted for a lot of the pain and some of the problems I've gone thru sinse then, but over time the Iud will shift or move my dr said. that it was actually Outside My Cervix was somewhat alarming to me, but it did (ha) make the removal a little easier. suprised the hell out of my dr today too. she was going to do the pap smear 1st before we 'saw what was going on there' and voila!

I feel pretty crampy & shitty & am bleeding pretty heavily right now and am going to curl up on the sofa w/ my heating pad and chocolate milk (comfort foods) & pop some jumbo tylenol and try to forget things for now.

I am seeing a Gyno Specialist next month to get the Essure done, and my dr said there was NO recovery from it (altho it does take 90 days for the scaring to close the tubes completely) or follow up for it.
my dr also has concerns now that endemetriosis may be a factor in things and wants to do a scrape test(?) at the same time. yah. more poking and prodding.

but anyway, this is the end of the road for me here in this thread, but I found a great site on iud's when I was looking at common side affects (to see how I stack up) and I hope it might help anyone consdering getting one.
all things in all I'm probly still not sorry bc I do think it's a great method for a lot of women.
= darnit- it won't let me link to the site, but PM me here and I'll email it to you & try to post it again later. sorry.

off to my heating pad now~
just lurking here vaguely thinking about post-pg contraception as i've had enough (10yrs) of hormonal bc and sounds like breastfeeding alone isn't a certain enough option to keep the babies at bay. I'll take a look through the archives to see what your experiences have all been.

freckle, maybe you've posted on this in the previous pages, but what about the mr.'s role here? sounds as though you have taken the burden of bc for some time now - perhaps it's his turn now? Sounds like you've suffered enough!

after i'm done with kids, i'm booking the bf in for a vasectomy - much less invasive process for a guy than for a girl. it seems only fair, given that my body will by then have experienced the the ravages of pregnancy and childbirth in addition to the fun of long-term hormones, diaphragm, m/c...while he gets off scot free.
beck, the mr & I have "discussed" him getting a vasectomy a number of times, and it always ends up in an ugly fight. I lecture, then attempt guilt, then get frustrated and yell that ends in my tears, and he remains resolutely against it.
I could not agree more that it is more than absolutely is His Turn (g**damnit) to carry this burden, but he is also the one who has Always wanted more kids.
it's just something we are never going to see eye to eye on so if it's important to me to Not have more, it's mine to deal with. shitty, but reality.
he did drive me today & got me settled at home & w/ the pupp's played out so I could relax the rest of the day, which I have now.
oh right, i get it. yeah, i can see that there's more riding on this for you than him, if he wouldn't mind more kids. At least he is supportive of your decision on that. In my case, I don't really mind condoms, so to be honest as long as he takes the responsibility I don't care so much how that is

sorry if my post sounded judgemental it wasn't meant to be at all, i was just sneaking a peek in a hurry at work!

glad it went alright for you today too. hope you feel fully recovered soon and enjoy that chocolate milk!
Lady R
Okay appt to get the copper IUD is for tomorrow. My doc scheduled it for tomorrow because I was *supposed* to get my period on the 20th and he wanted to do it at the end of my cycle. So WTF happens? I haven't got my period yet. I am pissed. When I was at the gyno the first time, which was about 2 weeks ago, I got a pap done. Before that, I had not had a pap done for years, about 4 or 5 years. I did have sex once since the pap, and all we did was pull out (stupid, i know), we didn't have condoms and have never used condoms in the 3 years we've been together...I knew I shouldn't have but we just kinda got caught up in the moment, you know? So I'm wondering this: can having a pap after not having one in years, mess up your cycle a little bit? I haven't had a late period for a long time, this is the first. Plus, I have been super stressed about this IUD thing and read probably every and anything on the internet about it in the past 2 weeks. Can this contribute? I really don't think I'm pregnant, but there is really nothing I have to go off of because I am late. I called the doc office and the girl at the front desk said just to come in for my normal appointment, they will do a preg test there and as long as everything's fine they can still put it in. Should I do this? I need your advice ladies!! unsure.gif
Hi there,

Can anyone tell me what effect the Paragard has on acne?
I am 32 years old, never had kids. I have been on the pill for the last 12 years non-stop. I have some occurrences of adult acne, even being on the pill. I am considering having the Paragard inserted in three weeks, but I am worried that my acne will get worse.
Does anyone have any personal info regarding this issue?
Lady R
From my understanding, Vitoria, it won't have any effect on it, positive or negative, because the Paragard is the non-hormonal IUD (the copper IUD). Certain types of birth control (such as Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo) are said to help acne because of the way the hormones change your body. Since the Paragard is the non-hormonal version, it really should have no side effects like mood swings, acne, weight gain, etc. which is why a lot women opt for the Paragard over the Minera IUD (including me!) to avoid those types of side effects. The Minera IUD on the other hand, may have some type of effect because it does have the same types of hormones found in bc pills. I don't know too much about either, and if you've read my previous posts, you'll know my appointment to get the Paragard is tomorrow, so I'm not an expert, but like my other posts say, I've read pretty much any and everything I've been able to find about the IUD's in general. And from the millions of posts and websites I've seen, I have not seen one post about acne being improved/worsened. Hope this helps! smile.gif
Hi Lady R,

Thanks for your response, and good luck tomorrow! I hope it's painless!
Lady R
I did it!!!

2 hours post-insertion, and so far so good!!

I took 2 cytotec pills when i went to bed, and put 2 inside me in the morning before i went to my appointment. again, I was prescribed these by my doctor and says it helps soften the cervix since Ive never had children. They kinda gave me a weird crampy feeling but it wasnt too bad and was able to sleep thru most of it. I did have some dreams about getting the iud which I blame on my own anxiety. But anyway. Had a small breakfast and took some advil and I drove myself to the doc and.... waited forever! My appt was at 9:30 and didnt get seen until a little after 10. I could not stop thinking about it and wanted it over with! Finally get called in. They do another pregnancy test, comes back negative of course, and I go in and undress in the room. Nice - all the instruments for my procedure were laid out neatly on the counter - which, might i add, did not help my anxiety. lol. A bunch of long scissor looking tongs and stuff. So the doc comes in and we get started! He checks to see how my cervix is and says the cytotec pills really helped. He gets started and put in the... I dont know all the names of the instruments but i think its the speculum that keeps you open. He puts on this disinfectant stuff on me - benzodine? geez, I cant remember the name... And says he is going to tug my uterus down - that was a bit crampy-ish and kinda painful but nothing too bad. Im cramping up a bit for about 20 seconds. Then he pulls the speculum out and tells me I can sit up. I was confused, I didnt realize he put it in already! He says you're all done! I was amazed, that didnt hurt one freakin bit other than the mild cramps. I was so excited. I asked him a bunch more questions, and he told me how to feel for the strings, told me that the first 3 days are the most crucial, after that as long as its still in I should be good to go... and that was it! Done! I asked about an ultrasound but he said he really believes mine is in the exact spot it should, it went in easily with no complications, so unless I really really want an ultrasound, its not necesary. I told him i trusted him (hes been a gyno for over 40 years and said hes put iuds many many times and never had a problem with placement) and off I went! I used the restroom before I left and put a pad on just in case. I saw a few blood-like clots while using the restroom but as of now, no blood since then. I experienced mild cramping on the way home but not even as bad as my worst cramps during my period. My boyfriend surprised me when I got home, he called in to work and made a bunch of food and got all this stuff together for a picnic! And he cleaned up the whole house smile.gif He told me he has been thinking a lot about the whole iud thing and it really means a lot to him that Im going thru all this for him/us and wants to take care of me all day. That was so sweet! Although going to the park wasnt really too high on my list of things I want to do after getting an iud, BUT you know men...he really tried to do something nice for me and my cramps are really not too bad so Im going to go. Hes packing everything into the car right now! smile.gif

I will keep you guys updated as the weeks progress. Wish me luck and lets hope the iud doesnt try to escape!
Lady R, everything about how your procedure went sounds ideal and I am glad it worked out so well for you. - that is how I really believe it should go!

after much more internet research at various forums & soul searching, have canceled my appointment to get the Essure done. one thing their website does Not tell you, not even in the wee small fine print of statistics, is that only 86% of patients have complete insertion success in Both tubes at the inital insertion; meaning that the other 14 % have to go back & essentially go through it all again for the other tube. - umm- No Thanks!
after what I went through w/ the iud, and all the pills and hormones and everything else in years before that, w/ little doubt I'd fall into that 14%. and also their website said that the % of women that have one or both of the coils expelled is miniscually small, but yet at one forum I read at, no less than 3 women there had had that happen - cooincidence or inaccurate reporting?
w/ this only having been available in the US for 6 years now, I think I feel as though I'd still be something of a test model and am just not willing to go through that right now.
inasmuch as my body is still re-setteling from having the iud removed I really just want my body free and clear of everything that doesn't belong in it naturally.

which leaves me back at square one and praying for early menopause ( I am only 37) sad.gif
maggalicious had a post on here from way back that was an experience similar to mine.

A little less than a year ago i had a copper IUD put in. I had gone vegan about the same time and wanted to lead a more natural, non-hormonal lifestyle. It hurt getting that ting in there... i'm not going to lie. Like one of the worst periods i've ever had. The extra-extra strength Tylenol helped a lot... but it still hurt. I thought that at one moment that i was going o kick my Ob-Gyn in the face. I layed low for the rest of the day and took the next day off.

Till this day i have never felt the strings... i've been in the doctor twice in 9 months and she says that they're there, i just don't feel them.

ever since it got put in, i have had the worst time "down there." Yeast infections, BV, my doctor even thought i may have had chlamydia at one point ( thank g-d i didn't). Thin smelly discharge in between long crampy periods is definitely not working for me. i started taking Tea Tree suppositories and it seems to be working ok but this can't go on forever...

i think i need to take out the IUD but i do not want to go on the pill again. I thought i was doing myself a good deed by getting this darn IUD.

So I just got mine inserted yesterday morning. I've had it for about 24 hrs now and things are going pretty well. The procedure was pretty uncomfortable/painful, and I experienced a lot of weird sensation, but I breathed through most of it. That stupid clamp was really annoying. I didn't end up taking the cytotec because the woman I talked to on the phone got really confused ("I've never heard of that drug.... I don't think they give anything out for IUDs") and when she found out what it was she kept talking about all the nasty side effects and whatnot, so, I just said forget it....

I had pretty bad cramping all yesterday, and they wouldn't give me any more ibuprofen because "my insurance didn't cover it" (wha?). But it seems to have calmed down today so far. Yay.

I decided to start with the Mirena, even though I really want to go non-hormonal, because I've heard a lot of people have been forced to remove theirs due to cramping/bleeding. Plus I already have killer cramps during my P, so I'd rather not increase that.

I am a little worried about the hormones. I had been off BC for a couple months and I felt like I was getting my life back or something. Before, I'd always kinda felt numb from the neck down and my sex drive was in the toilet and all these things were really affecting my relationship. I also think that BC was affecting my general motivation as well. Testosterone is the great drive behind a lot of motivation. I think this is why men often seem more driven about things (not that women don't, but often we are a lot subtler about our approaches). I think with this big influx of my woman chemicals, I was loosing the benefits of my T. Anyways, just a theory.

Oh, But I really came here to ask a quick question: Can I still use my diva cup with the IUD? I don't see why I couldn't, but I just wanted to be sure. And I forgot to ask the doc.
you sure can use the cup with an IUD, themeiu~

GAWD, i hear you about the hormones. I was a terrifying wreck on the pill/ring. I tried it twice and I will never go back. I understand that because of the increased cramping/bleeding with the copper IUD that you would not want to try it, so I hope the Mirena doesn't affect you so badly with the hormones. It is apparently the absolute lowest dosage of any of the hormonal methods available.

Try using a heating pad if the cramps act up again. I have to sleep on top of one a few days out of every month, but I have the copper IUD, so they never really get any better : P
Thanks humanist!

I've been on the pill for about 7 years, almost as long as I've been sexually active. And I have tried almost every type of BC out there. Hated them all. So I'm learning what it is like to actually feel normal and womanly.

How long have you had the copper for? My doctor said that I can always switch out if the hormones start to bother me but: 1. my insurance might not cover another one. and 2. Man, I do not wanna go through that again...

Since the hormones have to last for 5 years, I can imagine I'm getting that much on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, so, we shall see, but I'm optimistic smile.gif.

And good luck with those retched cramps. I actually find that doing Kegels helps because it stops the muscles from spasming and allows them to relax. But I'm not sure if they would still work with and IUD.
Isn't that the most AMAZING feeling-coming off of hormones? I felt like a whole new person-literally. I felt like your avatar photo!! I suddenly felt like I had a thousand times more energy, I was on a constant endorphin rush, and my sex drive was through the freaking roof....all for about 2 weeks, and then it leveled off to normal. But even normal level was worlds away from where I was on hormones. The depression I experienced on the pill was deeper than anything I'd felt before, and I've had some level of depression through most of my life. This was just a dead, motionless, hopeless pit. Not to mention the chronic yeast infections and zero sex drive, which certainly didn't help the depression. sure was birth control; the thought of sex was impossible!

The first time I was on the pill, I had NO idea that it was causing the depression-I actually stopped taking them because I suspected that's where the yeast infections were coming from. So imagine my very pleasant surprise when within a week of coming off the pill, everything vanished, like it was never there. I tried the ring a few months later, and that time I knew to be aware of any side effects-so I stopped it before it got any worse. So, after all of that, some nasty cramps for a couple of days every month is a wonderful trade off. Also not having to take or apply or insert anything is fabulous.

So there's my story-have you had a similar experience?
I never considered Kegels to help cramps-I'll have to try that!
Hi ladies,

I've had my ParaGard for 2 1/2 months now and love it! Yes, my periods are heavier and last longer and the cramps are pretty wretched for the first few days of my period, but it's nothing some Advil can't fix. It's just so nice not being worried around that time every month, and also not pumping hormones into my body and feeling like a crazy woman!
Hi ladies,

I've had my ParaGard for 2 1/2 months now and love it! Yes, my periods are heavier and last longer and the cramps are pretty wretched for the first few days of my period, but it's nothing some Advil can't fix. It's just so nice not being worried around that time every month, and also not pumping hormones into my body and feeling like a crazy woman!
6 weeks iud free and my . was only 4 -days- long! (that from the 15 w/ the copper t)
actually maybe only 3.5, but I had a teeeny bit of spotting the last day so am counting it, bc I fully expected to gush and start all over again like before, but Nope!
I've had some odd cramping today though, so won't still be entirely suprised if it doesn't do it again yet but so far so good. biggrin.gif
I so agree with what everyone has said about the sense of relief when you go off hormones. I went off 2 1/2 years ago and my body did a major sigh. And then I tried the pill again before Xmas and I cried everytime I turned on the tv. I just had my 2nd IUD put in on Wednesday and it went surprisingly well. I had had one years ago and my doctor was a major a**hole, and just shoved it in without warning me there would be pain or anything else. So I was a little apprehensive about getting one again. This was the second attempt at putting the IUD in, my new doc tried last month but I was way too anxious after my first experience, so she gave me three options: go on the pill, wait until the surgeon is in town again and go under general anasthetic, or take a lot of drugs before the next attempt. I chose the latter, and also brought my partner with me so that he could hold my hand. So I took 2 Tylenol 3s, an ativan (anti-anxiety) and something to dialate my cervix, and it went so smoothly I barely remember it, this is partly because of the drugs I'm sure, but it wasn't nearly as painful as the last time, and I could breath through it, and it was actually pretty quick. Though I had a crazy drug hangover for the next two days because I never take anything like that, but it was so worth it. And my period ended on time as I was just finishing it, and I didn't have nearly enough discomfort the next day to take any more of the T3s she gave me. And I'm actually looking forward to my next period just to see how it is, and for once looking forward to it not as a reassurance that I'm not pregnant.

Hello everyone, I have to say that I love my IUD! It really sucks that so many of you are experiencing heavy bleeding, thats why I went for the Mirena, I got it placed during my period, which stopped after one day. I have had it for a little over a month, and my scheduled period was virtually nonexistent...I just hope that continues. My only complaints are that I now have slight cramping after I orgasm that lasts for a few minutes, and I sometimes have to tell my man to take it a little easier...
Starshine, your current doctor sounds like a much better one. Maybe doctors should be forced to endure the insertion of an IUD (up whatever hole he/she has) before they just start sticking them in women without warning.

AsparagusBerry- A lot of us with the copper IUD can't handle ANY hormonal bc. That's why I had to get the copper T. I would love to not deal with the extra cramping and bleeding, but I've found that if I have even the minimal hormonal bc in my body, I immediately fall into a depression that barely lets me get out of bed.
QUOTE(dairyfreeyoga @ Apr 11 2008, 07:04 AM) *
ever since it got put in, i have had the worst time "down there." Yeast infections, BV, my doctor even thought i may have had chlamydia at one point ( thank g-d i didn't). Thin smelly discharge in between long crampy periods is definitely not working for me. i started taking Tea Tree suppositories and it seems to be working ok but this can't go on forever...

This is why I've been holding off on getting an IUD. Hormones make me batshit crazy, and eeeeeeeeeeeeverything else (condoms, diaphragm, spermicide, most lubes) irritates my vagina. All you have to do is look at my crotch and I start feeling yeasty or get BV. I just have a feeling that having strings hanging down into my vagina 24-7 isn't a good idea. So I've been relying on the withdrawal method for like 2 years now [hold off on comments about that please] because I was at the end of my rope. I started thinking about IUDs again because I could accept longer, heavier, more painful periods, but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to have something painfully inserted if it's going to give me constant infections.
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