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newlove, I've never heard that before, but I am losing hair! Fortunately, I have very thick hair so it hardly makes a difference, but every time I wash it, there's a lot of loose hair all over my hands. I figured that it's maybe because I had it dyed in the last couple months-but then again, I've dyed it many times and never really experienced hair loss. There's nothing else that could be causing it, so this makes sense. eta~this is definitely something that didn't happen for several months after I got the Paragard, so I'd like to know if anyone else has had this effect after having the copper IUD for at least several months.
I've only heard about hair loss as a side effect of hormones, not copper. I'll have to look into that-thanks for bringing it up.
humanist77 -

sorry to hear about the hairloss! I also have a lot of thick hair, but I'm a bit partial to it and don't want it to fall out...please keep us updated as to what you find out. How long did you have the Paraguard in before you realized the hairloss?

I had the IUD for about 2 1/2 months before it started happening..but I'm also realizing that I began blow drying my hair on a regular basis (2-3 times per week) around that time too-something I'd never really done before, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Maybe they are both main contributing factors? But I'm thinking about cutting that some because my hair is getting longer-so then I'll know more.
so...I don't know if I'm just abnormal, but from reading all of these reviews, I expected a lot more pain and bleeding from my IUD than I've had so far. I had mine put in 5 days ago and for the first 2-3 days I had a bunch of cramps and bleeding (but also had my period). The bleeding was a bit heavier than usual. But as of today, the bleeding is almost stopped and really don't have any cramps. Occasionally I have a "contraction" that lasts a few seconds and then goes away.

I am going back in a few weeks for an examination to ensure no infection and get an ultrasound to make sure it's in place. But as of right now, it's not bothering me. I also had sex for the first time with my boyfriend the other night and it didn't bother either of us.

So...maybe my body is one of those that is going to be OK with this??...maybe I won't have as bad of side affects as everyone else has had??...who knows, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

will keep the updates coming if/when anything new happens...(praying for no hairloss)
my sister had a really bad experience with her IUD and ended up in the hospital. they've changed over the years, but i still don't trust them
Hello Busties!

I'm sorry to hear about so many of you having nightmarish experiences with your IUD's, and I'm sorry that it didn't work out for some of you.

That being said....


I got interested in IUD's after years of battling moodswings, weight gain, and feet numbness on every BC pill they could have ever cranked out. Having to remember to take the damn pill everyday, wrestling around with condoms, sponges, spermicides, and any and all other assortment of goopy, bad smelling, and ultimately moment killing items. I was considering something drastic like tubal ligation when I discovered IUDs.

After thorough research, and after visiting this site and hearing what real women have to say, I scheduled an appointment to have Paraguard inserted. I was optimistic, but doubtful that I would be successful in being able to tolorate it, because I am not the prime target for IUDs. I'm a 22 year old college student who has never had a child, nor been pregnant, and I have a smaller frame than the average woman.

My hopes were high though, when I went in for my consultation, and she measured my uterus with a sound, and said I have (despite my small frame) a large enough uterus to have an IUD inserted. 2 weeks later I got my period and went in for insertion. O>U>C>H!!! Ok, so it wasn't all that bad, but I really wish I had taken something stronger than Ibuprofen before I came in. The procedure was only about 3 minutes long, but I had to bite my arm to keep from crying out a little. Really sharp pinching feeling, and the urge to try and back away up the table from her was hard to suppress. It helped to take deep breaths and before I knew it it was over. For the first week I went through alot of ibuprofen, and the "contractions" would hit suddenly sometimes and make me gasp, but the bleeding subsided soon and so did the cramps.

It's been three months and it hasn't given me trouble since, my periods are a little heavier, and the cramps for the first two periods after insertion were pretty uncomfortable but manageable, and the best part is...


I can now be completely spontaneous with my fiancee and not have to deal with grappling around for a condom, or taking a bloody pill everyday! LoL! I swear I'm going to start a list of places outside of bed that we have made love. Now that the fear of pregnancy is gone, we can truly make love and have nothing else on our minds.

I am so happy with my choice, and am so glad my body agreed with my Paraguard, and let me be one of the lucky women that benefit from this wonderful piece of copper.
Getting My IUD inserted was also painful but I too love it. Since I have Polycystic Ovaries which causes all sorts of unpleasant symptoms I had a Mirena inserted and now I'm much happier. Down the road I am thinking of having a hysterectomy which would eliminate all my PCOS symptoms permanently.

But for right now My IUD is fantabulous.
while I am envious of everyone that has /is having a good experience with their iud's, I have finally decided to get mine removed. 2 years last month and I am no happier than in the beginning and I really want my body back.

I had a complete physical w/ my primary care dr and discussed how unhappy I was with it, hoping she'd be able to offer up some sort of over-looked option I didn't know about.
she didn't, but did tell me about a new much less invasive type of tubal called Essure.
it is an in-office procedure that places small coils in your fallopian tubes which in the span of 3 months grows tissues around it essentially scaring them closed, 99.8% effective and non reversible.

my big issue is the removal of my iud, sinse insertion took so long and was so incredibly painful;
I am wondering/hoping that maybe I can get both it removed and the new procedure done at the same time?

probably I am going to wait till the mr returns to do any of this, just in case (in the probability) it is not as "easy" as it all seems to be at the website and I need help as I wish I had had when I got the iud put in.

Yep, freckle, I plan on getting Essure, too. My only concern is that you have to go to specific doctors who are trained to insert them, you can't just go to your doctor unless they happen to be one of the trained ones. My personal doctor would trust me enough to believe me when I say, "I am REALLY sure I don't want kids" and she'd do it. But convincing another doctor who I've never seen before of that might be another issue. I know some doctors are reluctant and some outright refuse to give you permanent sterilization if you're young and haven't had kids before.

There are several doctors in my area that do Essure and when I'm ready to do it, I'm going to ask them straight out when I make the appointment, "I know you'll want to do a consultation no matter what, but are you opposed to doing this on a 27-year-old with no kids?" and if they say they are, I'm not going to waste my time or theirs.

Here's the Essure site; it's good to see they finally put up a testimonial from a woman who never had seems like she was older (but still of child-bearing age) when she had it done.

I totally get what you are saying.

there is nearly a decade between you & I, and I still anticipate at least a little resistence from the dr's over this. my pcm (which I have only met once but really liked) was the one who told me about Essure; she isn't trained in it yet tho hopes to in the future. I'm going to assume she will advocate for me to the dr's who are in our hospital.
I'm soonly 37, have a young teenager, and a long-history of incompatible birth control methods.
you'd think that alone would make me an ideal candidate?

the mr & I talked about it, and as he is still opposed to getting himself fixed (selfish bastid, this has been something we've argued over round and round) & even he agree's that the Essure might be the best.
I cannot bear (no pun intended!) the thought of having .'s that last 2 weeks for another 8 more years!
and by the time 8 more yrs have passed, I'd be in my 40's anyway, and no Way would I be wanting to get pregnant. in a way, this has all only been circumventing the inevitable.

you are very smart to be so direct when you start dr shopping.
I think there is a lot of agist bias when it comes to these things, like we cannot possibly know our own minds at any one specific age?

Exactly freckle. And I've heard of doctors coming right out and telling women, "you're too young to make this decision."

In my case, this is something I've thought about for over 7 years or so and been sure about for at least 5 years.

Do you have any information about how Essure affects your period? The website just says your periods should continue as usual. Part of me really likes having my period only 4 times a year as I do with Seasonale, but the longer I'm on the pill (8 or 9 years now) the more worried I am about the effect of all those hormones. It's been so long since I had a period without being on hormones, I'm a little worried about what that will be like. When I was in high school, before I was on the pill, they were awful- unpredictable, occasionally debilitating cramps. Then I was diagnosed with PCOS, which explained those symptoms, and for the most part, once I was on the pill, those symptoms have gone away with a little tweaking.

I'd like to go off the pill by the time I'm 30 and get Essure, I'm wondering what I would then do about my menstrual issues, the irregularity, the pain. I'm sure diet, exercise, etc. would help.

Oo, I found a forum about Essure! Some good, some not so good experiences out there. I think my questions, once I get past the "Will you do this?" question will be *What kind of anesthesia would you be willing to give me? (I'm kind of a wimp) *How many have you done and what kinds of problems have you encountered and what solutions have you used for those problems? *Can I watch the procedure on a video monitor if I'm not under anesthetic? (because that would be cool and women on that forum got to do that!)
I didn't see anything other that what you did, where it says your .'s will go back to "normal."
well for me, unpredictable and sinse the iud, LONG is "normal" so what does that mean then?
do I need to let my body "rest" for awhile in between getting the iud out and the essure coils put in?
I also saw that the website glossed over what exactly the coils were made of, saying vaguely " the same materials as heart stents and things" and that to me is clear as MUd.
my problem with that is that w/ the copper T iud (which I have) no one is sure exactly how it works, and sinse getting it in, my .'s have doubled in legnth, so then why would I put something in my body of unknown origins? or not unknown, just un- forthcoming. if copper is what my body was reacting to w/ the iud, then you know I'd be looking to Avoid it in the permenent sense.
I'm sure I can find out, but it doesn't give me the warm fuzzies the way it is printed.
my pcm dr also didn't have any printed material to give me, nor did the wedsite have a link to click to send away for some and call me old fashioned, but I like paper-reading sometimes so I can read it freely and in my own time away from the computer occassionally.

I will have to check out the forum link you posted here, thank you.

did you go to the word linked page they had about the tiny tiny percentages of complications yet?
I did and it didn't look too bad if you were rational and put it in perspective of how many women were tested on, otherwise it was a bit scary, ectopic pregnancies and uterus's falling out and all. oh my! ohmy.gif
Hi, i am in need of some advice. I have been on Mirena for 4 months now. Recently i have felt like i may be pregnant. My appetite has picked up, and i have gained weight. My husband gets poked by the strings bt i'm not sure if that means its in place or out of place. I have an appt next Wed. I just want to hear from somebody who may felt the same way. I have a 6 month old little girl. mellow.gif
QUOTE(JAZZ101 @ Nov 28 2007, 04:33 PM) *
Hi, i am in need of some advice. I have been on Mirena for 4 months now. Recently i have felt like i may be pregnant. My appetite has picked up, and i have gained weight. My husband gets poked by the strings bt i'm not sure if that means its in place or out of place. I have an appt next Wed. I just want to hear from somebody who may felt the same way. I have a 6 month old little girl. mellow.gif

I've had my Mirena for 6 months now and honestly it's been great! You might possibly have the increased appetite and weight gain due to the hormones in Mirena. They say it can take quite some time for the body to adjust. As for the strings, my doc left mine pretty long, so I was able to tuck them behind my cervix. My hubby says he has never felt them. If your strings are kinda short, the ends may irritate your hubby. Maybe try tucking them behind your cervix to see if this helps? If that doesn't help, definitely mention it to your doctor at your appt on Wednesday. He/she could possibly trim the strings so that they are closer to the opening of the cervix. Keep in mind though that getting them trimmed super short will make it harder for you to check that it's in place and harder to remove it once the time comes. Good luck with everything!
I hope you got good news, Jazz.

Freckleface and Pollystyrene - Have either of you gone in for essure yet? I dearly love my copper IUD (bearable cramping and an extra day of bleeding are my only side effects) but I'm really curious about essure.
I'm looking at the essure the soonest maybe 3 -4 months from now, but I have to get more solid information on it before I am ready to say 'sign me up!'

there is some sort of secondary, or follow up appointment, that was very vague but implied some sort of physical discomfort. after the iud ordeal, and what I anticipate the removal being, I'm not exactly hot to trott for more pain.

however: sinse I have begun losing weight (down 15 lbs right now!!) and getting in shape, I have noticed that my . was a few days Shorter than sinse I got the iud inserted.
this is pretty big stuffs let me tell you as that has been my chief complaint against the Copper t.
maybe just maybe it hasn't been the iud at all but just my over all weight gain that caused the extended legnth?
can weight gain even do that??

jazz, any word?
(((((hugs to you ))))
Hi all smile.gif I am new to this thread, but thankful I have found it.

I got the Paraguard inserted about 3 weeks ago. The insertion was probably the most pain I have ever felt in my life! I actually screamed and started crying...and I have a high tolerance for pain. I do admit though, I had no idea that the process would be painful--I actually thought I could go to the gym afterward! Ha Ha!

I have been reading and a lot of others seem to be struggling with bleeding, however, I have not had any bleeding or spotting. I have had immense cramping. The first week, I expected it--but three weeks later??? Is it ever going to stop? I just feel like shit because everything I do I feel horrible cramping. I finally had an orgasm last night and afterward/during, I felt the worst cramp ever that made me never want to experience an orgasm ever again!! That makes me feel like this IUD thing isn't even worth it!!

I am just looking for some advice...will it ever go away??? Please, please, please!!! smile.gif

Happy Holidays!
I'm so sorry, sugasnuf. sad.gif It sucks that you are going through that kind of pain...
I hope it gets better.
I am scheduled for an IUD insertion in 6 days, and I admit I am nervous. I am having second thoughts...not because I don't want to use it as birth control, but because I am wondering if my boyfriend is *worth* it, if you get my meaning. First of all, he doesn't really seem to understand what I am about to go through with this thing for the sake of our sex life! Furthermore, our sex life...ain't that great. I like the guy, I really do, but compared to my ex-boyfriend he lacks some serious lovemaking skills. So again, I am asking myself if it's worth even bothering with an IUD right now. We barely ever have sex anyway, and it's always me who makes the move. Hmmm. I think I have answered my own question...
I admit I am also a little worried because this past cycle we haven't used any birth control, but we also haven't had any intercourse. Whenever we fooled around, I made sure that his semen stayed away from my parts, but I do admit that it's still too much risk for my paranoid mind. Hence my decision to get the IUD, as I just can't mentally handle the possibility of ANY risk of pregnancy. God, I hope that there wasn't a chance that one stray sperm got somewhere near my vagina...
I ask you, is sex worth all this trouble, pain, and worry???
Don't mind me...I think it's the PMS talking...(it better be PMS)...
That really sucks, sugasnuf. The insertion was also the most pain I've ever gone through in my life. I also have the cramp associated with my orgasm, but it's pretty tiny - not nearly bad enough to make me stop having sex. The first few weeks were pretty bad with cramps, and I took a lot of ibuprofen. Then it died down over the next few months, and got way better after a year. It might be worth it to tell your gyno that you're still in a ton of pain. I guess it's fairly common to get a uterine infection afterwards, and that can be painful

They really need to make it much clearer that it will hurt like hell when you get the IUD inserted. Or why don't they just drug us up better? My gyno told me to take a handful of ibuprofen beforehand, and I slipped a percoset in with them. But why can't they do a topical anesthetic or something?
Yeah, I had no IDEA that it was going to hurt at all! I did my research beforhand and considered myself above the curveball...I felt that I had to, since I go to the VA hospital, but evenso, I still had no idea the amount of pain I would be in.

I have had my ultrasound and the tech told me that they did a really good job placing it, so that put my mind to rest a bit. However, if the cramping is normal, than so be it. I do not take meds...not even advil. That could definitely be the reason I feel so much pain, however, I didn't imagine it to be that bad.

I may have been overreacting a bit when I said that the cramping was so bad that I never wanted to experience an orgasm again...but I will say that the pain associated with my orgasm is HORRIBLE! It does go away within a few seconds, but leading up to, during and after I feel like someone is squeezing my uterus with everything they have and it really doesn't feel desierable.

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that has gone through this and while I am sure that it will subside, it certainly does suck right now!! If only men could fathom a smidgen of what we go through!!!
Hi Ladies! I've had a Mirena IUD since May and I have to say I LOVE it. The only thing I've noticed since insertion is that I'll have random moments of a gush of clear, odorless, watery discharge. Like 2 or 3 times a day. anyone else experience anything like this with their IUD?
hi ladies,

after telling my dr. no to merina 4 (!) times because i react so poorly to anything hormonal she finally perscribed me nova t. (which is pretty greasy seeing as merina is 350$ canadian and hormonal and nova t is 50$ canadian and non hormonal... where are their priorities these days?)

so nova t is a copper iud. anyone have any feed back on copper or nova t? thank you so much...

archegonia- if you read back through the thread, you will find lots lots of feedback on the copper IUD. In the US, it's called Paraguard, and I know there are some replies that use that name. I have one, and I absolutely love it. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
its all coming together!! paraguard = copper!! i'm so excited, i've been trying to get paraguard thru friends in the states, and now i have a perscription for it and didnt even know!! thank you so much for clearing that up!! i'm gettin birth control for christmaaaas...
Awesome! Good luck with it, and let us know how things go.
this may have been asked before, but...

are IUDs generally covered by health insurance?

i've been seriously considering going off of The Pill in favor of an IUD, but as an impoverished grad student, i don't know that i can afford one right now.
welcome to the Lounge, banshee! If you're currently in chicago, you can go to a Planned Parenthood! There are three in the city that are federally funded, and they charge on a very reasonable sliding scale. I got mine at the Oak Park/Austin location, and it was free based on my income at the time. And they seem to go by the honor system-if you're a student and don't work, they'll take your word for it. When I first went in there, that was the case with me and they didn't ask me to prove it or anything. The second time I went in, I had a job so I showed them a pay stub, and I still got it for free. I gave them a donation for as much as I could afford though. Go to the PP website to find a federally funded location. As for insurance, it depends on your policy. You can probably find out in your policy information, or call your provider.

You should also say hi in the Midwestern Mamas thread; we're always happy to meet new Chicago Busties : )
Well, ladies, I am scheduled to get my Paragard inserted on January 25. I had originally scheduled the appointment for back in December, but I had second thoughts so I cancelled it. Now I'm going to go ahead and do it. I hope it goes well!
banshee - Not sure what type of insurance you have, but I have a run-of-the-mill HMO and my Paraguard was covered 100%. The only thing I had to pay for was the $20 office visit co-pay. If you're a full time student, do you have access to the university health center? I know that student insurance can be very limited if you're going off-campus, but often the university health centers are free or very discounted for gyno and birth control stuff.

Good luck to you loonlake; I've had my Paraguard for 8 months and I can't say enough great stuff about it. Yes the insertion was painful (though it really was over so fast, I hardly had time to register it) and yes, those first few periods afterward were crappy, but everything is normal now and it is so nice to be off hormones and not have to worry about pregnancy. My periods are pretty heavy now (but no hassle since I got the diva cup) and cramping is moderate, but they they really aren't much longer than they used to be (about 4-6 days as opposed to 3-5). When I was on the pill, as effective as it is, I used to worry all the time about getting pregnant - just too much room for human error. Not any more! Plus, not being on hormones as increased both my sex drive and sexual responsiveness. I'm very a very happy woman. wink.gif
ambersienna maria
i love my paragard.
yes the insertion was hell
and my periods a bit heavier and longer
but overall very very happy.
i hated being on hormonal bc.
OK, on January 25 I got my Paragard. The insertion was honestly a breeze. Quick, relatively painless (except for a cramp during the sounding). I got it put in 4 days after my period ended. It's been 5 days since the insertion, and so far it's been OK. Just some cramping every so often (some of it's kinda painful, but I expected as much) and some heavy spotting. I have been having string paranoia, though. I feel for my strings like three times a day, and now they feel shorter but it's probably because I'm about to ovulate and my cervix is higher up than it was before. As long as I feel strings, I'm probably OK, right?

You ladies rock.
congrats, loonlake! glad it's going so well so far.
I couldn't feel my strings for several days after i got the Paragard because everything was so inflamed and swollen in there. But your cervix will be constantly changing heights throughout the month. It's about impossible for me to reach the strings when i'm ovulating-but if I bear down my stomach muscles hard, it will usually come down enough for me to touch if I'm really worried.

the rotten periods really do get better. For about the first 4 months, it was 7 full days of heavy bleeding, murderous cramps, and moodiness. But now it's practically back to normal. Cramps are still pretty bad, but they only last for a day now, and the heavy bleeding is only a couple.
Sounds pretty good so far, loonlake. Hopefully it'll be this easy the whole time!

I was really attentive to the length of my strings for the first few months. But now, after three years, I never even check then anymore. There's someone in here whose IUD fell out on its own, but I think unless something crazy like that happens, or your strings are waaaaaay too long, it's probably nothing to worry about.
I'm such a slacker I NEVER check my strings. I've felt them by accident before, but that's it. My guy has felt them a couple of times. I never really worry about it. Probably should be a little more concerned, but at this point, I think they're fine.
Looong time, no post for me here! I haven't even lurked for a while, but I just had an IUD put in, and figured that if I have questions, the largest online community of women I know of is right here. I've read through most of the old posts, so if I'm repeating, I'm sorry; I either missed the answer, or don't feel like the answer was clear enough for me.

The painful orgasm thing... does that go away? I masturbated while I was on my period, and it felt like my orgasm turned inside out into a paingasm from hell. Now that I'm not on my period, my orgasms are okay, not painful, but I still feel a twinge of cramping that isn't particularly pleasurable.

My second question I need to preface with this: I used to have the nuva ring, but stopped using it b/c Mr. KMP could feel it, and when I asked him recently about this, he said the nuva ring was uncomfortable almost to the point of hurting him at the time. We were having sex when I was on my period this week, and he stopped because he felt like something was scratching him. I freaked out b/c I thought my IUD was being expelled (I have a teensy uterus, am 24, and have never had children). I asked him to try to feel inside of me, and he said he didn't really feel anything that felt like the bottom of the T, but that he could feel something stiff. I checked myself, and I think it must just be the strings. My doctor wrapped them around my cervix, so that if I used a tampon they wouldn't get tangled during the first month after my insertion. (Her doctor friend had an IUD pulled out b/c she used tampons that got tangled.) I'm wondering if, since they're wrapped around, they must be sort of stretched across my cervix, and maybe they're scraping him instead of just sliding along side of him if they were hanging down? Could he have a really sensitive penis? And does my cervix move at different points in my cycle? Like, if I wasn't on my period, might he not come into contact with it? B/c we'd had sex the week before, and he didn't notice anything.

I'm a little panicky b/c after my insertion, I moved to Flagstaff (1600 miles from my doctor), so it's hard to just pop into the office to have her have a looksee. I'm flying home at the end of the month for my ultrasound to check the IUD placement and whatnot, but I'd love a few anecdotal answers to ease my mind in the meantime! Thanks! unsure.gif
ambersienna maria
Hey kiss, your cervix definitely changes goes lower/
higher during different parts of your cycle.
if your bf couldn't feel the plastic part of the iud,
then you are most likely fine.

and if you just had it put in there will
be some uncomfortableness for a while.
but i think the paingasms will go away
w a little bit of time!

i think your ok,
i was all paranoid about
misc stuff when i got my iud

I wish the term "strings" could be replaced by something else. It's a pretty tough material, and I could see that it would be scratchy on a penis. If they were hanging down, they would definitely be scratching him, so that's probably not a solution. It was a shock to me when I went digging around in there and felt something more akin to metal wire than to dental floss.

The paingasm thing might go away on its own. My orgasms didn't hurt at all when I first got the IUD, then they started to hurt a little, and now that nonsense has ended. Do you have the copper T or the mirena?

Wow, the ultrasound is SO cool! If your doc will let you, get a look at the screen while it's happening. I went in to check out my ovaries and make sure nothing funny was in there, and my doc did the ultrasound. He showed me where my ovaries were, and how there were no cysts (I almost wished, just a tiny bit, that I had a cyst, so I could see what it looked like). Then he pointed it at my uterus and showed me the placement of my IUD. I love dissection and biology, and this was kind of like dissecting myself. how cool.

i'm breastfeeding so it took a long time for my period to come so i could get my copper t inserted. i think i'm finally getting it next week and i'm nervous about the pain of insertion and the next few days. like should i be makin sure that someone takes me and/or that i have someone to deal with ze baby boy for a few hours afterward? should i take tylenol before time? anything i should know?

thank you,
ps. ultrasounds are super super cool i never even thought of checkin out my iud in one. i hope i get the chance. smile.gif
I got my copper IUD inserted about a month ago and I am so happy with it! Sex is amazing and spontaneous and so far no painful orgasms. I also have to say not being on hormones is libido is back wink.gif

The insertion was uncomfortable and a little painful but was over very quickly, and the doctor was very nice and talked to me the whole time to distract me. I was so surprised when she said 'done!' because it took no time at all. The cramps the day I got it were pretty bad (and the next day too). I don't usually get cramps so I can't really compare the pain level to anything, but I def. needed to take something to dull it. The third day there was a little cramping, but after that it's been a breeze.
I got my first period on it at the beginning of this week. Usually my periods last 4 days at the most, are super light, and I don't get cramps. This period was VERY heavy....good god I had a couple of accidents because I'm used to forgetting about my Keeper for the day because it would never fill up. There were also some cramps but nothing to make you stop going about your normal routine, and it only lasted 3 days!

As for the strings, they feel like wire. I was told they would soften, but how? They seem to be metal. So far the guy I've been with hasn't felt anything and I didn't tell him about the strings being so 'un-string' like so maybe he won't notice. I'm just worried that they could puncture a condom. Is this possible? It's the one question I forgot to ask while in the doctor's office.

obelix2 - You are so lucky! It would be so cool to see what it looks like inside of your body.

if it's not bad for breastfeeding, you should definitely try to take something stronger than tylenol, because the painkiller has to be an inflammation pill which tylenol doesnt help with. I took tylenol before my insertion. not to scare you, but i passed out during the insertion it was that painful, plus i got scolded by the nurse as i hadnt taken something more powerful. they gave me ibuprofen there. so, ibuprofen / advil type of painkiller is better than tylenol. and make sure you eat something before you go in, so your sugar level doesn't go down. not anything heavy but have something in your stomach. and make sure you go with someone. you won't be able to drive back, and depending on your pain may be knocked out for couple hours afterwards. so make sure you have someone to watch your baby. the best thing is to have the insertion on a friday, and try to take a rest on the weekend as much as you can..

you are lucky as you have a baby. i'm one of those unlucky ones because after 3 months i got my copper IUD, it came out by itself- which is pretty common for ladies who never gave a birth. So, I wish you good luck with yours, and hope you have a really experienced doc. to get this done.

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i'm breastfeeding so it took a long time for my period to come so i could get my copper t inserted. i think i'm finally getting it next week and i'm nervous about the pain of insertion and the next few days. like should i be makin sure that someone takes me and/or that i have someone to deal with ze baby boy for a few hours afterward? should i take tylenol before time? anything i should know?

thank you,

archegonia- You should call your doc and see what s/he recommends. My doc told me to take three ibuprofen beforehand, and the pain was still amazing. And then be ready for some serious cramps for the rest of the day. (although not all of us in here had those)
(not to devalue your experience, sib) but remember that everyone has different pain tolerance too~
mine was quite painful, but not so much that I wouldn't do it again if needed. Also the worst pain only lasts for like 5 seconds. Just remember to take really deep breaths.
And I would assume that it would be far less painful for women who have (especially) recently given birth.
thanks a lot ladies. thats wickid advice. thank the great goddess for the internet and copper iuds and chicks who like to share their experiences. hopefully i'll have it in by the end of the week (appointments pending...) i do have one more question. do you think i should remove the spikey strings and replace them with dental floss or something? i think i remember someone saying a while back that they cut the strings and i was trying earlier to picture how since i recall it sounding like it was in her at the time. it was quite the imagination fest.

really, thank you so much for sharing the riches of experiences cats,
well, yes they can shorten the strings while it's still in there. usually they check it when you go in for a follow-up after the insertion. during the insertion, my doc left it longer than normal because the cervix is lower / swollen. once it gets healed, the strings / cervix go upper. but during the follow-up if it's still too long, they shorten it. it's a very simple thing. but i don't think the doc would replace the strings with something else, or s/he would let you do it. unsure.gif
i was told and shown that mirena has softer strings than paraguard, but it has hormones.

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thanks a lot ladies. thats wickid advice. thank the great goddess for the internet and copper iuds and chicks who like to share their experiences. hopefully i'll have it in by the end of the week (appointments pending...) i do have one more question. do you think i should remove the spikey strings and replace them with dental floss or something? i think i remember someone saying a while back that they cut the strings and i was trying earlier to picture how since i recall it sounding like it was in her at the time. it was quite the imagination fest.

really, thank you so much for sharing the riches of experiences cats,

wow, I couldn't imagine how you'd replace the strings with floss! It would be about impossible to maneuver you fingers in there and be able to tie something to the IUD. But yes, they'll shorten the strings. I think it might be better if they're a bit longer though, first because they'll be easier to find, and also because they'll be more flexible and generally they just curl up around the side of the cervix. The amount that a man will be able to feel it also differs too-mine hasn't ever noticed. Arch, I would wait until the follow-up visit to have them shortened, if they are causing any problems~
LOL! i meant to replace the strings BEFORE insertion!! i bet you had a fun time picturing how the hell i was gonna manage that. anyway your right, i wont mess with it, i'll leave it up to dr. lady.

dr left my strings long for the same reasons humanist mentioned and my guy has never felt them (I've certainly asked, too). The strings have to be made out of a material that will not allow bacteria to travel from the vagina to the uterus, so I doubt that there would be any way to replace them.

I have noticed that my strings have softened a bit. They felt very wiry at first and now they are more of a fishing line quality (it's been just under a year). I'm not nearly as obsessive as I used to be about checking my strings and I mostly just forget that the IUD is there. lilmissstrange - the enhanced libido is my favorite "side effect" of the IUD; it was totally unexpected and not at all one of my reasons for wanting to go off the pill, but a huge bonus! smile.gif
oh, ha! *smacks forehead* yeah, that would make more sense!
But yes, they are definitely made of an anti-bacterial plastic. Also, the IUD comes in a small tube, with the 'arms' of the IUD bent all the way up, and a plunger is used to push it into the uterus, (like a tampon) so I'm not sure if anything could be attached to it before insertion. So, just wait and see, hopefully they won't be a problem : )
I have had IUD's since my early 20's, (now 49). For the first time I am experiencing the "perpetual period", no cramping, just bleeding, has anyone else had this happen? Did it eventually resolve itself? Was being peri-menopausal a factor? ( I haven't had any other symptoms to suggest that I am, and I've resigned myself to being the oldest living fertile woman on the planet). I'm reluctant to have it removed because options are limited for women of my age. Can't use condoms, just my luck there would be a "swimmer in the pre-seminal fluid", and babies, no thanks lol.
Appointment with the Doc has been made but until then any experiences would be appreciated.
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