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I've had the Paraguard for 6 weeks and have no complaints so far. I was having my period when I had it inserted - it was nearly over, but the insertion extended it another 3-4 days (pretty light though). The insertion was not excessively painful for me (similar to what DeauxsGirl described), but my Dr. did warn that, in a small percentage of women, the manipulation of the cervix effects blood sugar - hence the dizziness, passing out, blood pressure issues, etc. Unfortunately, there's no way to know how it's going to effect you until you have it done.

I just had my first post-iud period and it was a hassle, especially after many years on the pill. It was very heavy (soaking through a super-absorbency tampon in 2 hours) and I had a lot more cramping, but that was easily remedied with ibuprofen. The worst part was that it lasted nearly 8 days! I was told this is normal for the first few months after insertion, but it should "normalize."

Also, no reports of feeling it during sex (believe me, I asked). As has already been stated, everyone is different, but maybe it will get better, sib - I hope it works out for you!

I'm so glad to have found this forum because of this topic.

I had considered the IUD for a while, took a year for me to get the nerve up to actually do it and that was even after ending the serious relationship I was in. Depo affected me too much and the pill has never been my friend...and i wanted something more permanent and less hassle. But anyway I got the IUD even though i'm single, but i am monogamous when i'm with guys...and careful with condoms.

Anyway, i had read this and read everyone's posts about their experiences and i'm so glad to have because it helped me make my decision finally...even with knowing the really bad stories that could happen.

I got my IUD yesterday, the paragard one. I went in super nervous but hoping for the best...that finally i'd get a birth control that would work for me. Anway in terms of pain, yeah it definitely sucked...but it was quickly done and went into place with no hassle. I also went prepared with 2 pills of tylenol with that helped me calm down a bit more. Right after i was a bit weak...but i think that's cause it was noon and i didn't eat lunch before going in, haha. After getting the IUD, they gave me a pad and made my appt for 4 weeks from now. Even though I was cramping a little bit, I went back to work and finished the day. When I got home, I just laid down and the evening the cramping was gone. I did notice some smells last night, reminded me of that hippie smell (sorry i can't remember the name of that stuff, no insult to anyone).

Today I felt nothing, I don't even notice it is there. I tried to feel for the strings but no matter how far in i went, i didn't notice any strings...but i've heard that can be fine as long as i'm not in pain...maybe someone knows more about that. I guess the paragard's strings aren't as noticeable as the other one. But yeah today, i had a pad and some spotting most of the day. And no smells today.

I'm definitely prepared for more to come, the heavier bleeding and cramps. I figured since i didn't want hormones in me anymore and since i had light periods already and barely any cramps...that i could deal with this for a while.

So far i think i'm a lucky one that this might work for...but i'm not going to speak too quickly since i just got it. next month during checkup i'll know more and have more of an idea of periods. haha i swear i need instructions to find the string though...i've heard it's easier after your period and i won't have that for a couple weeks.

I haven't had sex yet...i'm kind of hesitant...i figured first i'd try my vibrator and see how that felt but i'm gonna wait a couple days.

it's been 19days today and my bleeding stopped, but have this odorless white discharge.. yucckk!!
I just got a Paragard this morning. Right now I am having very mild cramps (which would probably be worse without the painkillers, though) and a little bleeding. The insertion was fairly painful, like extreme menstrual cramps-but only for a few seconds, which became more tolerable when I took very deep and slow breaths, and tried my best to let everything relax as much as possible inside. This was easier by pressing my feet hard against the stirrups, so that my hips and insides could relax-if that makes sense. It took about 2 or 3 minutes, and afterwards, I was able to get right off the table and drive home.
I know how bad it can be for some women, so I'd have to say I had a pretty good experience. Let's just hope it continues to be a good one! I'll keep ya'll updated~
I've had my Paragard IUD for over a week now and no problems at all. The spotting stopped by the 3rd day, so that was nice. I do notice some discharge but for the most part i'm wearing nicer panties than my crappy period ones, haha.
Mildly crampy today, and very little spotting. I also can't feel the strings anywhere, no matter how far I go in and feel around, like shannon. I wonder if my fingers are too short, or my vagina is too long, perhaps both. It feels like there is still space upward, but I just can't reach that far. I suppose if the cramps get worse or aren't gone within a week or so, I'll call the doctor.

I found a site with a lot of information in detail, mostly about the Paragard. I think it might be a few years old, as it still says the Paragard is good for only 8 years-but other information seems sound. It starts off with some history, also stuff about the scary looking Dalkon Shield-an early model IUD-but scroll down some and you'll find plenty of info about current IUDs.

I've had my paragard IUD for 3 weeks now and I had 19days of straight bleeding, for 3 days I didnt' have anything and today I started bleeding again! mad.gif No SEX yet, and I'll see my doctor in a week for the first month check-up.

I can feel my strings, I think you need to wait until after you stop bleeding, then I was told that it's easier to feel it.
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Jun 9 2007, 05:13 PM) *
Mildly crampy today, and very little spotting. I also can't feel the strings anywhere, no matter how far I go in and feel around, like shannon. I wonder if my fingers are too short, or my vagina is too long, perhaps both. It feels like there is still space upward, but I just can't reach that far. I suppose if the cramps get worse or aren't gone within a week or so, I'll call the doctor.

Yeah i cannot feel it at all, maybe only after periods which i won't have mine for another 2 weeks. I feel fine so i am sure it is still there. But yeah no matter how far up I go...there's still more room that i can't feel.

I haven't had sex yet, but I have used my rabbit and that was fine...well more than fine, haha.
So, I've had the Paragard for almost a week now. I'm barely spotting anymore, but I've had mild cramps continuously-they feel like average menstrual cramps-has anyone else had that for at least a week after insertion? On Tuesday, I was able to feel the strings. I think for a few days everything was kind of swollen and inflamed in there, so I wasn't able to really distinguish where my cervix was-it was all just sorta fleshy. But now it's gone down and I can feel the tip of it, and the string as well-but it's so thin that it can be difficult to find. It doesn't just hang down-it tends to curl up against my cervix, so it can be hard to catch, and I can't tell how long it is really, because I can't get my thumb and forefinger up there at the same time in order to grasp it. I guess as long as I can feel where it's coming out, it'll be okay. Haven't had sex yet, I'm a little concerned about putting excessive pressure against my cervix, but we'll just go little by little.

How's everything going with ya'll?
Hi IUD busties!

I've had my paragard for just a month today, and I finally had sex a couple of days ago. Here is my questions to all :

Before I had sex, I used to be able feel my strings and thought that it was kind of strange because they were so in the front, like i could feel it right away in my vagina. I was told that my doc left my strings 3cm. long. and my uterus was 7cm. She said the IUD would go a little higher by time, so she left it longer. Is 3cm too long?
But listen, my uterus was 7cm total, and after I had sex, my strings got lost!! I can't feel it now.. I think it went all the way up? Is that possible?
Also, the first time I had sex, my b.f thought his penis would be sliced off! He did feel it, but he said it didn't hurt, it was just a strange feeling. Now even though I can't feel it, he think he can feel it since he knows it's there?!?!? strange.....

Also, I'm having a little bleeding after sex. Has anyone experienced that too? OR is it something wrong with me?
sib, I never thought about that. But I would think the longer the strings, the better-so they don't get pulled up into the uterus during sex. Mine seem to be only an inch long or so : \

Maybe call your doctor just to ask-because all I've heard is that if you can't feel the strings anymore, the IUD might have been moved.
Oh my god, the pain! The pain! Sorry, just experiencing my first period with the IUD. It's merciless. I haven't felt them this bad since my first one ever. Hopefully it will get better with each one though.

Oh yeah, and the sex. was. good biggrin.gif
sib- I would probably make an appointment with your doc to get checked. They will be able to tell if it has slipped inside your uterus, which can happen but is not good, I think. I'm not sure about all the measurements and stuff. Re. the bleeding after sex, I do get some very minor blood-tinged fluid at times after having deep/rough sex. It seems to be fine.
sib - a few things about the strings. First, what position were you in when you felt them "in front?" If you were sitting, that might explain it, because you're sort of bearing down on your cervix, so it's closer to the opening of your vagina. Also, since the paraguard is hormone-free, it does not inhibit ovulation or all of the hormonal fluctuations that accompany it, so your cervical mucus/size/position will vary throughout your cycle. Of course, having sex can also effect the location of the strings. The advice my doc gave me was - unless you are experiencing unusual pain/discomfort during sex, or just in general - check your stings just once per month, at the same time in your cycle every month, and in the same position. You should find more consistency in how they feel that way.

As for sex, my doc left my strings a little long - she said the shorter strings are what partners tend to feel more; the tips of the strings tend to poke. I have not experienced any pain/discomfort/spotting during or after sex, regardless of the position or *ahem* level of enthusiasm involved and my guy has said that it doesn't feel any different than pre-IUD. If your partner does feel it, try extra lube (a little more "slip" should help).

humanist - my doc gave me the clear to take up to 800mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hours during my period and it made a HUGE difference. I know it seems like a lot, but just don't drink too heavily and you should be fine smile.gif
ah yes, I've been taking some when I remember to (as if the debilitating pain isn't enough of a reminder) but then it'll just sneak up on me. It's often a matter of having an empty stomach, and not being able to eat at the moment, so I don't want to take ibuprofen. Is it really okay to take it on an empty stomach?

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with cramps so bad I was awake for god knows how long, in a fetal position. They finally started to ease up a little today though-but after 4 days since my period started! Also, my DivaCup has been full no less than twice a day-and that's 2 ounces each time. This goes to show just how reliable and wonderful the DivaCup is-not a drop has leaked, even when it was full to the brim, even at night!

I swear though, these horrible periods are WORTH IT.
QUOTE(prophecy_grrl @ Jun 19 2007, 11:19 AM) *
sib - a few things about the strings. First, what position were you in when you felt them "in front?" If you were sitting, that might explain it, because you're sort of bearing down on your cervix, so it's closer to the opening of your vagina. Also, since the paraguard is hormone-free, it does not inhibit ovulation or all of the hormonal fluctuations that accompany it, so your cervical mucus/size/position will vary throughout your cycle. Of course, having sex can also effect the location of the strings. The advice my doc gave me was - unless you are experiencing unusual pain/discomfort during sex, or just in general - check your stings just once per month, at the same time in your cycle every month, and in the same position. You should find more consistency in how they feel that way.

As for sex, my doc left my strings a little long - she said the shorter strings are what partners tend to feel more; the tips of the strings tend to poke. I have not experienced any pain/discomfort/spotting during or after sex, regardless of the position or *ahem* level of enthusiasm involved and my guy has said that it doesn't feel any different than pre-IUD. If your partner does feel it, try extra lube (a little more "slip" should help).

humanist - my doc gave me the clear to take up to 800mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hours during my period and it made a HUGE difference. I know it seems like a lot, but just don't drink too heavily and you should be fine smile.gif

Well, I was laying down when I used to feel it in the front. then they got lost-i thought- but actually it went all the way up after sex. i had my frist month check up on monday actually the strings are still reachable and they are in a fine situation. they just curled up from the tips, now i can feel it, but it's been more than a month since i got it, i haven't had my first afer iud period yet sad.gif i'm worried... i already took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but i don't know why it's not coming!
yeah, sometimes it hurts during or aftwer sex like a milg period cramping but doesn't last long. seems to be working fine so far if i don't get pregno!! dry.gif
I saw my doctor last week and everything was great with my IUD. She had a hard time getting up there too and said i would probably never be able to feel the strings...but to come in if i felt pains or something out of the normal.

My first period went great, started a couple days early and ended by day 4 for me. Mild cramping but I could handle it just fine.
Hi everyone. I have an IUD question: I've had my non-hormonal IUD for almost 7 years (it's good for 10) and haven't had any problems with it. Recently, however, my periods have changed a lot in frerquency and cycle. For instance- I will start off with a very light but super long-lasting period (long like 4-5 weeks!) then it will stop for a day or two and come back heavy and painful. This usually only lasts 7 days like normal. After that the long light period starts up again though. It's been like that for about 6 months now and quite frankly it really sucks! This is very abnormal for me, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this or if it might be caused by the IUD?
hey ladies,
i'm thinkin of gettin an iud (just after i pop this baby out... so i dont have to do that again). all of the period and cramp complaints sound scary but what i'm really scared about is the hormones. i reacted badly to depo and not so great to the pill, or pregnancy. did anyone have any hormonal disasters?
Arch, I was similiar to you the hormones from depo really messed me up and I didn't want to deal with hormones again on birth control. I have the paraguard IUD which has no hormones and that's the best choice i've made...nothing wreaking havoc on my body and i still get my birth control the way i like it. With this IUD i have very little cramps (more than i had before which was minimal anyway) and my period after the first month has gone to normal...i get spotting a couple days before and cramping to warn me my period is about to come...but during the period, it's normal.
same here, Arch~I have the Paragard IUD as well. It is non-hormonal and works with copper instead. It is not actually known how it works-there are leading theories, but it is safe, and is 99.4% effective, so that's all I need to know. Hormones just about destroyed me as well, every time I tried them, so this is like a godsend.

I'm finishing up my second period now after getting the IUD, and it is a lot better than the first one was. The cramps were pretty bad, but only lasted a couple days, rather than about 5. The flow is a bit lighter too, and I expect it to get a bit better for several cycles to come-I hope so-but even the one this month is manageable.

I've never given birth or been pregnant, but I can imagine the pain and discomforts associated with that far outdo anything you'll experience with an IUD. It seems like women who have had at least one child have a much better experience with IUDs than women who have not, because the uterus is more accustomed to having an object in it.

Talk to your doctor about it, the paragard might be a better option for you than the hormonal IUD : )
I've been thinking about the Paraguard for a while, because I can't handle hormones either. But if a diaphragm gave me BV, then isn't it likely that the strings hanging down from an IUD can do the same thing? Also, I've been pretty lucky and always have short, light, periods, without cramps (I do sometimes get mild nausea, backaches, headaches, moodiness, fatigue, and painful pressure in my crotch, so don't get jealous!) and I don't know how I would feel about having shitty periods for the next 7 years.

Right now I just pay attention to my fertility signals and we pull out (all the time regardless of my signals), making sure that he's peed a few times since his last ejaculation so there's no sperm left in the urethra. I worry less about getting pregnant than I did with the diaphragm, but more than I did when i was on the pill. It would be nice to not have to pull out all the time and also nice not to feel guilty about what other people would think (and yell at me) if they knew i wasn't using something more concrete even though i feel pretty confident about it.
thanks a lot girls!

the one my dr. uses is mirena, which has 'mild' hormones, i'll have to ask her if she can order in paraguard. to be honest shes kind of useless for shit like that. she likes the easy route. but now i know what i'm on a mission for, i'm sure the well womens clinic can help me out if dr. lady cant. thank you so much.


ps, hellotampon, its worth askin about. i was usin your method (i'm super in touch with my cycle too but ...) and i'm 8 months pregnant. i'm just starting to be ok with it. there are no words to tell you how much gettin pregnant fucked me up. if an iud isnt for you at least you'll know and if it is then you dont have to worry about squeezin into these shoes. (theyre so tight and they dont even have sparkles... yet) smile.gif
Hi I'm brand new, I just wanted to throw my experience into the mix so I registered. I'm 30 and have three kids. When my 3rd was 7 weeks old I had the mirena inserted. I spotted for 6 straight months but I didn't care cuz I was so happy to not have to think about birth control for the first time, outside of being pregnant of course. The first real bummer was those pokey strings, they would hurt my husband sometimes, and that made me overly worried about them and I would always ask him if he could feel them and he would be like shh. Then my period disappeared for 6 months. At some point during this time I started feeling really sad and out of control of my life. I started therapy,and went on Wellbutrin and started feeling 'better'. But I don't think I really was OK . I was just functioning better. I lost 20 lbs from the pills and that made things seem a little better, I guess. I hope that doesn't sound shallow, but thats the truh. Anyway, I started getting these HORRIBLE contraction like pains after sex every now and then. That really sucked. I did not have health coverage and with three kids I never made it back to PP to get that checked out. From looking online, it seems like it might have been ovarian cyst stuff, but I don't know. Then I started getting weird acne. Mainly on my neck, but on my face and chest and back too. I haven't had zits in 5 years at least. So that sucked. Then I started getting my period for 1 or 2 days every couple of weeks. Lame. It would just gush all of a sudden when I was at work and shit. Ugh. Totally random so I had to always keep something with me. Then I started looking online, and there are all these forums with women talking about similar problems. I think there is something funky about the mirena. I LOVEd it for the first year and recomended it to everyone, but now I take that back. I think if you are prone to depression, you should be careful with this thing. Then final straw was the return of the painful sex like everytime we managed to actually have it. I mean, my poor husband . It's so rare for us to actually connect and have fun together lately and then when we do I just end up biting my lip and trying to act like it doesn't hurt that bad. So to make a long story less long I just took it out myself the other day. My midwife mentioned I could do it a long time ago so I just did it. It didn't hurt at all. So my husband came home from work and I just handed it to him and said "your turn". I made an appointment for him to have a vasectomy cosultation on th 1st. Oh, I have a qestion too. I heard the paraguard can actully allow fertilization and then your body just rejects it and flushes it out wih the period. Is that true? I'm not trying to sound weird, I just heard that and it always made me not want to do the paraguard. Thanks for letting me vent! Ps sorry bout the typos. I have one of those 'idestructible' keyboards that are impossible to type on!
thanks ebeth. the side effects list for mirena was long and intimidating but you always think it might not happen to you. honestly screwing around with our bodies is so unnatural. it makes me so uncomfortable. i dread to think about sex after i have this baby. so mirena is out. on to the next...
Apparently depression is actually the number one side effect of hormonal bc, but it is not reported on because pharmaceutical companies don't want women to know that. The depression that I experienced on the pill was not worth being infertile. As soon as I realized what was causing it, I said 'no more.' So Mirena wasn't even something I considered. It is supposed to be a very low dose of hormones, but I tried the *lowest* dose of hormonal bc out there (nuvaring), with the same terrible results. This does not happen to every woman, but if you find it happening to yourself on the pill or patch or ring or whatever, you probably should not go for the Mirena. These days if I meet a gal who is complaining about how she has been feeling so depressed lately and she has no idea why, I always want to ask her if shes on hormonal bc-but unless I really know her, I don't want to get too invasive.

Anyway, still love my Paragard..I am still getting mild cramps even in the middle of my cycle, but no spotting, and no anything else. That's definitely worth it : )
Yeah i definitely had depression as a side effect from BC. Glad that's done with now.

My guy hasn't even noticed my Paraguard yet during sex and that was in a couple different positions so i feel really good about it.

I've also never been pregnant or given birth and so far it's been working great.
Are the paraguard strings sharp? I want to know why they make the mirena strings so stiff. When my husband saw my iud after it was out, he was like 'hah that's fishing line' like, for BIG fish. Someone pointed out somewhere that the mirena is supposed to be a low amount of hormones, but jeez, there's enough for 7 years? That seems like the ability to malfunction and 'leak' or something is there. As far as the depression goes, I wonder how many women who are on hormonal b/c are on meds for depression too. I know that part of it is the B6 defiency (sp.?) that birth control causes. Doctors should prescribe B vitamins right along with the pill. I started feeling better after taking my B's.
ebeth, they're not sharp at all. They're another kind of plastic, but it's a VERY thin string, and I can't feel it inside, and the boy has never felt it.

I've also wondered about how many BC women are also on anti-depressants! It's also the hormones themselves that can cause depression...and chronic yeast infections...and destroy your sex was awful!
I just finished my 3rd period since having the copper IUD inserted and it does seem to have gotten better. I only had about 12 hours of really painful cramps and was able to manage on just one 600 mg dose of ibuprofen. I only had 2 really heavy days, but it still lasted 6 days! That's just too long; I really hope it goes down to 4 or even 5 in the coming months.

Strangely, I think my periods have become more regular since I went off the pill. On the pill I always new I'd get it during the placebo week, but I never knew when and it was always different. Now, my cycle is exactly 28 days - to the hour! The biggest difference I've noticed since being off BC pills, is that I am very aware of my hormonal fluctuations. It's hard to describe, but can tell where I am in my cycle by how I feel. Oh, and I wouldn't have believed the hype on the pill lowering your sex drive until now - "holy crap" is all I have to say about that. wub.gif

I have a question that is maybe better suited for the keeper/diva cup thread (I'll cross-post). I have a box of the "Instead" cups that I use occasionally, mostly because you can have sex while they're in, and I just noticed that they have a warning not to use them if you have an IUD . . . since my periods are heavier now, I've been wanting to get a Diva Cup, but I wondered if they have the same warning (can't find any thing on their site) or if anyone here is a menstrual cup (of any kind) user?
prophecy, I've used my divacup for two cycles now with the IUD, and I've had no problems. I wonder why you can't use Insteads? Maybe contact someone from the Insteads company and ask them why it can't be used, you might know then if a cup is okay. I love my cup-it holds all day!

and TELL me about it-the few weeks after going off the hormones, I was ravenous smile.gif Until it kinda balanced out again, but still much better then it was on bc.
thanks, humanist - good to know!
Hi everyone,

I am in the same situaton as Shannon, with a longer canal and can't normally feel my strings.
I just got my copper IUD yesterday. Cramps yesterday, but not bad and non today. I felt my strings last night and my cervix for the first time ever and I think it's because the cervix was low and inflamed from insertion because I tried to feel this morning and couldn't feel the cervix and only felt the tip of one of the strings, then I repositioned and bore down to try and feel the cervix and then couldn't feel the strings at all anymore.

I'm wondering if the strings tucked themselves up around my cervix and that's why I can't feel them now.

I went online to a female health site and ordered a speculum that you can use to do self-exams in order to see your cervix and better get to know your body etc. I read that if you can't feel your strings, sometimes you can use a speculum, mirror, and flashlight to view the cervix and see the strings.

This forum is very informational. I am checking constantly to make sure I don't see the IUD expelled or something in the toilet or on pads. Since I can't feel the string, I want to at least know that it's not coming out and that I'm still protected against pregnancy. I am supposed to be starting my period this week, but haven't started yet. I bled yesterday from insertion, but that's it so far.

Thanks for any advice and help everyone smile.gif
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I just had Mirena inserted today. I have a question I can't find the answer to. Do I have to wait any time to use a tampon? My doc wants me to wait until next week (she's kinda protective, she said no sex for a week too, but I've read everywhere to have sex whenever you feel comfortable), but nothing I find says I have to do that. I know they say to use care when removing tampons, which i will, but is it okay to use a tampon this weekend if needed? Just wanted to see what everyone else did.


Hi! I would say that you can do whatever feels right. I was told I could have sex right away, and the tampon thing I don't think I ever got a straight answer about. I think I just used them anyway. Anyways, Good luck!

I need some help / suggestions with my IUD. I had my IUD just 3 months ago, it was very painful (I passed out during the insertion) and crampy and not so good. It got better later on and I was having my 3rd after-IUD period and just today I noticed that my IUD came out!! sad.gif((

So now I'm thinking that maybe I was bleeding because of the expulsion -because I don't know when it moved- maybe that wasnt my period because I never know when my period comes. It's always irregular. And also I was using tampons. Could tampons cause the expulsion?

Also for the last 3 days, I have been exercising more than usual. so I don't know if the exercise can trigger it. what else can cause an expulsion , I do not know sad.gif

I haven't had sex for at least 2 weeks -maybe more... so I don't think I'm pregnant -even though I'll have a test tomorrow.

I don't have pain, or any discomfort right now but I don't know what to do.

Has anyone experienced IUD expulsion? How soon should I see a doctor? and even after the expulsion, can I still have a new IUD inserted?

I'm not able to be on the pill, no ring, no patch... anything with the hormones. what else is left for me, I'm about to go crazy sad.gif I'm open to any suggestion and help and would like to hear your story if you've had an expulsion.

sorry to hear that, sib-I'll be really upset if mine pops out.
they told me if it does though, I could definitely get a new one if i wanted to try again. I don't think tampons could cause it, or exercise-the main reason for expulsion is simply that your uterus isn't accustomed to having something foreign inside of it. I'm not sure if that necessarily means it will expel again if you have it replaced, but your doctor can probably give better advice on that.

I understand the frustration of finding reliable, non-hormonal bc. It's virtually non existent besides the paragard! I personally don't ever want kids though, so when I can afford it I'm definitely gettin' fixed.

If you're a very responsible person, you can consider the fertility awareness method-I think there is a thread about it here..
I got my Mirena inserted a little over a year ago, about 6 weeks after the birth of my third son. Id tried pills, but not only did they cause alot of weight gain, I became pregnant with my first child while taking them regularly, never forgot, took them at the same time each day....still managed to get pregnant. I tried the depo shot and bled constantly for almost 6 months before giving up. My periods have always been very irregular, normally having only 3 or 4 periods a year when not on any form of birthcontrol...those periods lasting 7-10 days with mild cramps.

When I went in to get the Mirena, my dr had suggested I take 800mg of motrin before I got there, and I think it did help quite a bit. The sounding of the uterus caused some pretty strong cramping (reminded me of the early labor contractions), and the insertion was also mildly painful but didnt last very long. I had some mild cramping for the rest of the afternoon, but nothing worse than a bad period. Unfortunantly ever since the Mirena was inserted a little over a year ago, my periods have gotten progressivly worse. I suffer from heavy bleeding lasting from 10-12 days every month, with painful cramping and severe emotional mood swings, from being very irritible to very weepy. Lately sex has become painful, increasing from a mild discomfort to extreme pain over the past 3-4 months. Most of the time I just ignore it and dont say anything about the pain to my husband but there are times I cant hide it on my face. I have no insurance or I would return to my doctor to see whats going on, my husband wants me to remove the IUD because of the pain and emotional problems, but I know that I cant physically or emotionally handle another baby or even a pregnancy right now. We have had three babies over the course of 4 years and the Mirena is the only thing allowing me to still enjoy sex. I can not even think about risking sex with no or unreliable BC, and my husband refuses to get a vasectomy or allow me to get my tubes tied. The risk of getting pregnant again scares me so much that I know that if I had the Mirena removed I would have to flat out refuse to have sex, and he's already said he will leave me if I stop having obviously thats not an option for me either.


On a different note.....has anyone found any decent websites discussing the safety of fisting with an IUD? I cant seem to find any info on the topic at all.
wow ghita,

thats really hardcore. all i know about mirena i know from this forum and it looks like the regular pattern is that it starts off good and after about a year its disasterous. i dont know that i could handle the mood swings like you do, but i do understand that you cant handle another pregnancy. i dont know what to suggest to you for birth control, especially considering that medical insurance is an issue.

there are ways to get to know your cycle, like understanding your discharge and moods. a four period a year cycle may be trickier or easier but you'd have to get rid of your iud and have enough time to catch the rythm of your cycle, and your husband would have to agree to no sex at all when your near ovulating. that may be easier being that its only four times a year.

i hope my advice is the begining of a long line of increasingly better advice. good luck. blessed be.
ghita, I'm not sure where you live, but you should find out if there is a Planned Parenthood nearby that offers federal funding, or another women's clinic which uses a sliding scale, so that you will not have to pay full price for services. They are a godsend.

If you can find one, you might want to try getting a Paragard IUD instead. It is non hormonal, so you won't have to deal with mood swings. The cramping will probably be as bad around your period, but you can take pain killers or whatever.

I'm not going to jump into the obvious here (yet), because I don't know you or the dynamics of your marriage, but there are some blaring issues that I can't even wrap my mind around. Are you personally comfortable with this situation with birth control and sex and your husband? I mean, this is a feminist messageboard, you have to expect someone to speak up about it. I'm not attacking you and I don't mean any offense-I am really very, very concerned. This is a safe place where you can choose to (or not) discuss issues like this.

sorry for the derailment, but this thread is hardly active anyway..we can always talk about it somewhere else if someone objects~
I have the Copper T (Paraguard) Iud and don't like it much any better.
have had it for 2 years now and my periods are still long w/ a weird 24 hour break in between before starting all over again, and I also seem to be having mood swings still as well.
(that's not to say it won't work for You though, you know? I have 1 child, who is a teen now.)

like you, I also tried Depo, no dice. made me really, Really sick, and after more failed versions of the Pill realised I cannot tolerate any chemical version of anything period. (no pun intended smile.gif )

so I don't have any advice for you, except to pick up and second some of what Humanist said.
Planned Parenthood might be the best solution for you. or the local Health Department might be able to refer you to a sliding scale Ob/gyn?
have you spoken to the office manager of your gyn to see if there isn't something maybe that can be worked out?

I also think that what archegonia said about tracking your cycle might just work too.
there are ovulation kits you can buy for that express purpose.

as to your husband's view on things.. oy veh.
it's not the dark ages.
if you've had 3 kids in 4 years while using bc you are clearly very fertile.
let me ask you something brash here.. you said you don't have insurance, so can you actually afford to have another child sinse he is so against either of you getting surgically done?
I dont' mean to invade in a private area or to disrespect you, but this is like the catholic churche's views on birth control, it's so midevil patriarchal it makes me sick!

dear ghita you are not a piece of property.
it's so hurtful that someone who has vowed to love you forever would threaten to leave you over something he himself is contributing to making untenable is unbelievable.

= going to shut up now w/ apologies=
Oh wow.....lemme see how much of this I can respond too...

So the paraguard doesnt have hormones? I noticed several have mentioned they still get the mood you know if its caused by the IUD utself, or just a reaction to a stronger period? Even before birthcontrol I had mood swings with periods, the worse or milder the period, the mood swings were comparitive.

My husband just retired from the Military, 24 years...unforunantly he retired from the reserves so there are no beneifits until he turns 60....His civilian job offers insurance, but just for him and the boys we are paying $86 a week...if he wanted to add me to the policy, we'd be paying $153 a week....

I will definantly check into the planned parenthood....I used one at our last town, thats where I recieved the pills but back then they didnt offer the IUD options, that might have changed now.

Back when I was dealing with my really odd cycle, 3 and 4 times a year only...we were actually TRYING to get pregnant, and going to doctors and trying to track my cycle...and most of the doctors we saw were pretty sure I wasnt EVER going to get pregnant....hah....managed to have 3 kids on that wacked out cycle that the docs couldnt figure out.

My husbands issue with the Vasectomy/Tubal ligation has nothing to do with not wanting permemnant birth has to do with his major issue with flat out refusing all surguries, cant stand the idea of a doc cutting on anyone.....especially for a reason that isnt truly medically necessary. Are we living in the dark ages with our relationship dynamics? Probably...but Im ok with that, its the relatinship and the dynamics I choose and I kinda like our dynamics...Im not here to change my relationship, only to find out if there are any other BC solutions we might could try....

I wasn't attacking your relationship w/ your mr.
how you live and w/ whom you live it is no business of mine.
you though, were the one who said that if you stop having sex w/ him (out of fear of another pregnancy) he said he'd leave you.
my opinion of that statement is it's a pretty harsh thing to say to someone.
your business though. it was just my reaction to it.

I don't really know if it's the longer periods that causing more mood swings w/ the Copper T.
even after 2 years my cycle still changes; this last time I had cramps After I started, 2 or 3 days in, but none of the other normal stuff I usually get before it starts.. the feeling of pressure & aching, the backache, swollen boobs, all of that, or I mean None of that. it's weird, bc it leaves me totally unsure and somewhat guessing as to when exactly it might start This Month.
gets old.
but then, I have been saying almost sinse inital insertion I was going to get it removed, but cannot quite feel ready to get any sort of surgical procedure to take it's place either.

I'm a complainer, and probly was no help to you at all.

ps: my mr is active duty Army, 15 yrs in to date.
i just got the copper one about a month ago... i know this is going back a little while in the thread, but good to know about the instead. i tried to use one a couple of days ago, but it felt really wrong... like so wrong i didn't even put it in all the way before deciding to take it out & throw it away.

but, for anyone curious about iuds, my experience (so far)
i had cramps/pain for about a day and a half after getting the thing inserted. felt really full/bloated... kinda felt like there was pressure like it was pushing things around durrning that time. felt like i had to pee even when i didn't need to. most of that was over within a day and a half... which worked out perfect (i took 2 days off work after the insertion)

for a week or two i had sort of random pain... it's like the thing was settling & i'd feel it poke me once & a while. not terible pain, but just a little startling because of its unexpectedness.

cramps for my first period after really freaked me out... not unbearable or anything... defenatly needed to take ibprofen, just freaked me out b/c i started cramping really bad after a really long stressful day. i wasn't expecting my period for another full week. also, the crams felt different than they usually do... probabally b/c there's now an object sitting arond in there. i was totally relieved when i got my period & realized i wasn't haveing weird cramps for no reason.

got dumped just after i got the iud, so don't know how sex works yet. but in anycase, i'm happy i don't have to worry about birthcontrol making me crazy or doing weird things to my body for years to come. smile.gif
Hi everyone...I am new to this blog (this is actually my first time blogging forgive me if I have bad blog-etiquette, I'm learning!) smile.gif my username implies, after many years of searching and having kissed many toads, I have finally found the love of my life! We are so happy together and we both want marriage and kids eventually. However, we aren't ready right, hence the need for us to find some sort of BC. I am not into hormones and try to live my life as naturally as possible. So, I have been looking at the Paraguard. I have an appointment next week to have it inserted (I'll be on my period then and the Dr. said that it's best to do it then).

I've read all of your threads and comments...thanks so much for the effort all of you guys have put into educating us newbies.

My biggest fear at this point is doing something to my body that will prevent me from being able to have kids in the future (since I don't have any now). I can deal with some pain (have a pretty high tolerance) and blood, I hope...I just am more afraid of any tearing of the uterus or infections that I could get from it that would cause infertility.

Does anyone on here have any horror stories about those things happening or know of anyone who has had it happen? I know that they tell you it's possible...just not sure how likely it is and if it should be a real concern of mine...

Any advice/words of wisdom are greatly appreciated...
I have to second archegonia's remark about the after the first year, side effects get hard to ignore. That's what happened to me.

I posted awhile back about removing my mirena by myself after slowly going crazy for a year and a half with the iud. It's been out for about 2 months. I can totally tell the difference. My mood swings are gone and my skin cleared up and sex doesn't hurt anymore.

Anyone who thinks they might be having side effects but aren't sure, please take your feelings seriously. I thought I was overreacting but it was very real. Life felt very scary in that anxious state of mind that thing put me in.

Now, I understand the tremendous fear of getting preggers, (we have 3 kids we can hardly handle). But there are some options out there. My husband is scheduled for a vasectomy on the 12th of Oct. Until then I plan on using the sponge and condoms as a backup to fertility awareness.

My husband didn't want to do it either,because the thought of surgery makes him come close to passing out. Then his wisdom teeth had to come out because they were hurting him. I used that as an example as something he would do for himself, but couldn't do this for me. Extracting wisdom teeth is a comparable if not much more difficult procedure than a vasectomy. The idea that he wouldn't get a little snip snip to allow us to have sexual freedom and be able to plan our future without any surprises took some time to get. He got it through his chicken s*** head finally. smile.gif.
yay for vasectomies, ebeth!

congrats on finding a good one, newlove. I have heard nothing but good results regarding fertility after having an IUD. In fact, that is one of their selling points. I've personally met women who have had children without any problem after using one. Of course there is a very small chance of puncture in the uterus, but it is small enough for me to take it. I mean I don't plan on children at all, but who wants a punctured uterus ohmy.gif ?

mumblestutter, I had a similar experience; it felt like there was a bag of sand in my belly for a few days. It was hell, but when that cleared, I hardly had any discomfort. Yeah, the periods suck, but it's totally worth it.

I had posted here before and shared my IUD story. I used to have paraguard IUD, too. And my insertion was extremely painful that I passed out during the insertion. The doctor who inserts the IUD MUST be an expert in this. Mine, unfortunately, wasnt a very experienced one, which I noticed later. After I had the IUD, my periods were very painful, and longer than usual. As others stated, I had to take Ibubrofen to ease the pain. But 3 months later, during my period, IUD came out by itself!!! Good thing, it came out altogether, so there was no parts left inside me.
If you have never given a birth before or become pregnant, it's harder to insert because your uterus is not big enough. and for those who never had kids before, they are in more risk to have IUD exoulsion in the first couple months. Actually, just before the insertion, the doctor measures your uterus. It has to be 6cm, otherwise you can't have an IUD.

Anyway, this is my part of IUD story, but wait! I have post-IUD nightmarish events. After I had the IUD expulsion, exactly a month later -I was late my period again- I woke up with chest pain, and my temperature went up, and I started throwing up. and I wasn't even able to walk or stand up because of abdominal/pelvic pain. I ended up in emergency -which cost me around $4000 without insurance sad.gif- and it turned out that I had ovarian cyst rupture, and I was having internal bleeding. For those, who has a history of ovarian cyst, or they are in a risk of cyst, can't have an IUD.
Before I got my IUD, I didn't even know I had a cyst (because it turns out that the most common type -funtional cyst- doesn't even have specific symptoms-), and I wasn't checked up for a cyst by my doctor. so my IUD cost me so much physically and financially. The worse part is that, I don't have any other option for BC because I can't take hormones, and my body doesn't accept other items. So, if you are thinking about it, yes, I still believe it's the best choice of BC- but only if your body can accept it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see my doctor to find out how my cyst is developing, and I just hope that it will turn out ok. I still have pain, and it's becoming tougher.

For those busties, please share any of your stories you may have about ovarian cysts. I dont think there is a thread about it, and if this is not the place to talk about it, please excuse me for the long reply! wink.gif
sib - thanks for sharing about your IUD experience. I'm sorry to hear about the cysts and your having to deal with it. I have been proactively getting a pelvic ultrasound for years to check for ovarian far so good and no sign of them.

I just got the Paraguard put in on Friday this uterus measured 7cm, so she said that was good. My Dr. helped the insertion by putting some LIDOCAINE in the area to numb it (anyone thinking of getting an IUD, ask your Dr. to do this, it really helped the number). I didn't have to take any motrim or pain pills at was a slight pinching to me and a bit of discomfort, but not too bad.

The strangest things were the "contractions" as I call them the first few hours after insertion...I could feel my uterus cramping, but it wasn't too bad, just really weird. Then they stopped...and today it's been pretty good. I have a dull cramping feeling down in that area, but nothing major. I actually played 5 hours of volleyball on the beach today...I was a bit more tired than usual, but nothing major went wrong.

So, we will see...I am keeping my fingers crossed for the everyone else who chooses the paraguard, I can't do not many other options...

Will keep everyone posted...I love this forum!
Oh...I almost forgot to ask...has anyone had any HAIRLOSS side affects? I have heard from several people that they read about hairloss from people with the copper IUD

Please let me know if anyone has seen this and if the hairloss stopped when the copper IUD was removed?

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