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Full Version: Our Favourite Bizarro Websites
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Hahahaha, Thanks for posting that regretsy, jezabelle. That is hilarious!

QUOTE(pepper @ Sep 29 2009, 02:12 PM) *
I looked up the nutritional profile for a serving of that thing and it's UNBELIEVABLE! Takes the phrase "heart attack on a plate" out of the figurative realm. Crazy. Crazy.

turducken ain't got nothin on the Bacon Explosion:

now THAT'S a heart attack on a plate. Although you can't really hate anything that features a "bacon weave."
my heart hurts from even looking at that.
explain this.
OMG CH a friend of mine posted this on her FB this weekend and it's hilarious. Seriously a lot of those photos are very WTF?! I love it!
ETA: HA HA HA! TOTally forgot about the (hopefully) temporary linky thing. anyway, the dude is @theisb on twitter and the tag is #chrisvstwilight

ok, so this is just a dude's twitter, but him livetweeting reading twilght? HYSTERICAL!
my fave so far?
"Bella's paper on Macbeth is about "Whether Shakespeare's treatment of the female characters is misogynistic." "
"I'm willing to suspend my disbelief quite a bit for this book. Vampires and werewolves? Sure. No prob. "
"But lady, if you want me to believe that Bella Swan can spot misogyny without a magnifying glass and a tour guide... "
Well, I'm not really sure where to post this because it's not exactly bizarro (well, most of it isn't, anyway), but I found this awesome gallery of really old vintage pinups and I just had to share it. You have to be a deviantart member and change your filter settings to view them, but it's so worth it. They are so cool. I'm going to print a bunch of them and hang them in my apartment.
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