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and a bear.
I'm going to be a parrot. As are 36% of other people. It says that I'm not perfect but I have the ability to beocme a better person!
me too! i got parrot and the boy got tiger.
I'm going to be a penguin! YAY! I love penguins. But not cold. O dear.
i am a tiger.

funny though, i went throught the "life of a pig" link and kept waiting for the part about reincarnation... hehe.

I am a rhino.
Heee...I'm a bear. I love the first page of that "It is a widely-accepted fact that" reincarnation exists. Widely-accepted fact? I love the hyperbole on the internets.
i'm an owl...surprise
I got rhino too...
i'm a rhino. and fj, i did the same thing with the life of a pig. i was like, where's my reincarnation quiz?
I know lucizoe! I read that too and snorted.
I'm a wolf... freaky.
I'm a dog.

I hate dogs.
peacock here. (???)
wow, I would have thought a cat :-)
tyger me too! I was thinking, what the hell does this have to do with reincarnation?
Afri-Cola commercial from the '60's

It's creepy and I love it.
Sorry about the reincarnation/Pig confusion. I just found two websites at the same time. I thought the pig webortage was weird. Especially because it is in Finnish. Poor Finnish piggy.

I'm a fox. I wanna be a cool fox, like cartoon Robin Hood.
The band Lordi just won Eurovison with "Hard Rock Hallujah."
pls, Pls, PLS someone has to have that link to the g-awful r.kelly video of him singing the four-part piece about the two cheating couples. oh pls, i told someone about it and they just did not believe me. i have to share that shit again, it's just too rich to die a quiet death.. anyone?..

zora, ooh, creepy. was i seeing that clearly? were their faces actually Scabby? yikes.
Zillahgirl, I LOVE the cartoon Robin Hood fox! I used to dreaw him a ton in highschool, and even in college
I just rewatched that movie the other day--it'd been years and I STILL knew all the songs! I always loved Sir Hiss and his little hat/cape ensembles.
pepper - in the closet

youtube contains all.
no freaking way, lunasol.
way, clover.

BTW, i'm an elephant!
oh thank you thank you thank you so MUCH!!

oh, i'm gonna disturb some co-werkers, mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

ok, this one is just, just, wrong.
i feel dirty just for having watched that, pepper.

::takes shower::
Oh my god. That R. Kelly thing was PAINFUL!!
SEE!!!! ha ha ha, halcyon, i can't wait to burn people's eyes right outta their heads at work with that. isn't it just the best kinda awful ever?

i can't shake that last link of mine either, i mean, GAH!! who thinks that stuff up? bafflingly disgusting.
Zora, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart :-)

Question: how many parts are there to Trapped In The Closet? The link takes you to the first 5. Aren't there a total of 12 chapters? Or maybe 13?

As for the Oozinator ... I have no words. So wrong!!!
RV - if you look at the side menu, there should be links to the other chapters. i think maybe youtube only lets you stream things that are up to a certain size.
Hmmm I think that oozinator is the wrong word. For some reason I feel like bending over now.
Of course, YTMND has something for the oozinator.

Bush Games
oh. the frog purse almost made me puke. canyou imaging rummaging around in your purse to fish that thing out?
but the chicken hat and mr peanut butter were awesome!
and then there were the naked soldiers. erm...
That ram's head was TRULY bizzarre. I, for some reason, kept thinking of Vikings everytime I looked at it.
The Olympia hat? My grandma used to make that crap. And my dad would (willingly, happily) wear it.

I really am white trash.
Zora, I can't believe you're a YTMND nerd! You've outed yourself!

oh, and while I'm here, I'm gonna suggest the Oozinator Baloozinator as well.
(the archives rock)

Now I realize why my mother had us watch Mr. Rogers every day.
WWWWAAAHHHH!!!! *bawling*
oh, tears all over the place. thanks.

and that patently silly site? i Have one of those magic message beans. my 5 year old thinks it is SO great.
"neighborhood expression of care". he is so genuine. I heard something about him that I would like to dis/confirm. was he an ex-coke addict or not??

She also does "Pump Up the Jam" and "From a Distance," among many others.

ETA: Some men doing air thrusts in lycra, but other than that, probably safe for work.
Mr Rogers was an amazing human being. I have never wanted to meet someone more. I almost cried when he died.

Here's the wiki article on him:
I heard his son was an addict

zora, I DID cry when he died. I was walking into the student union cafe and heard the tail-end of a story on the radio. And when I asked if I heard right, that Mr. Rogers had died, the dude at the counter made fun of me for it, like it was stupid of me to be sad.

When Jonathan Kozol spoke at my college, he said he lost two of his best friends in a short span, Paul Wellstone and Fred Rogers. That made me sad, too.

The worst part is, who can replace him? He was able to do a lot of good through his show; is there someone similar now? I don't watch TV anymore, so I'm unaware...

Gah. I am so nostalgic right now. Sorry about the Captain Bring-Down tone.

*goes off whistling "Won't You Be My Neighbor"*
Oo! Can I chime in with my little story of how cool Mr. Rogers is? When I was like, six, my friend M. was still wetting his bed. So his mom wrote to Mr. Rogers and asked if he would talk to him about it. So one day (I was lucky enough to be visiting their house that day), MR. FREAKING ROGERS CALLED THEIR HOUSE.

He talked to M. a long time, and then, just because I was there, he talked to me, too. He asked me did I like school, and what kind of games did I like to play, and stuff, and he sounded just like he did on television.

(and go ahead, say "suuuuuure, it was your FRIEND who was wetting his bed, suuuure..." It was, OK?)
(also, M stopped wetting his bed almost completely after that)
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