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Full Version: Our Favourite Bizarro Websites
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Lifetime Movie Title Generator

A few that I got:

Almost Murdered: The Kitten Beaumont Story
Confessions of a Hooker: Kitten's Story
It's My Scurvy, Dammit! The True Story of Kitten

Oh yeah, this is what I am doing instead of my homework. unsure.gif
Most evil game EVER. But fun!
OMG, I'm stuck on #8, where you push the button and the door goes down and pops up from the other line. Crap. Thanks, culture, thanks! tongue.gif
Polly, there are hints as to how to finish the levels if oyu look in comments.
!%@$#%#$@#$#%#$!!! I accidentally closed my browser and i was stuck on #13. Now I gotta start all over! Crap.
It is such an addicting game! You don't want to stop until you finish!
and here we have a wonderful game of find the red button. Version 3!
Green Porno with Isabella Rossalini. This is spectactularly bizarro.
Don't know if this is bizzare or just plain scary:

click on things, sometimes twice for different stuff.
ok, this is weird. you can xray your fingers with the energy of unwinding tape. freaky.
Not so much bizarro, but neato! Carve your own pumpkin.
freakin' COOL! can't wait to show it to little, he'll totally love that. thanks!
This is my most recent favorite bizarro website. It is sometimes sad but the most interesting journal I have ever found online before
this is a very, very strange website. i have no idea what language it's in (german?) so i've got no idea what it's about but it is bizarrely random and crazy.

go to her porfolio and choose the link that looks like a strange little dolly. weird.
never be confused about men's facial hair again
I think it's Dutch, pepper. Cool website!

and I like the last "insecto" beard style
man, the dutch are weird.

that beard site is so freaking cool man, i passed that one along.
crap, the facial hair site is gone. *pouting*
Hmm, it's working for me, shiny.

Very amusing.

Also, was posted several days ago- there's been some updates to it, for anyone who has forgotten about it!
now it's working!

my friend just posted this on my facebook. i'm not exactly sure what i'm supposed to be accomplishing, but i don't care- i have a hedgehog with stars shooting out of its butt:

i somehow managed over $75 on my first launch, and then nothing over two bucks huh.gif
I cannot remember which thread it was in, but I remember GT mentioning she told somebody to eat a bag of dicks.

That's exactly what THESE look like. Totally weird and just wrong on so many levels LOL

GT gave me a long slow clap for eating a bag of dicks.
this game is pure evil! But so much fun.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Nov 4 2008, 12:07 PM) *
this game is pure evil! But so much fun.

Beware! It is evil. I just wasted an hour.
CH, this game has me strangled in its evil clutches. Thx a lot.
hee hee. I guess I shouldn't tell you there is a v. 1 of the game.

If you need spoilers, let me know.
All of this reminded me that I never finished that game you posted a couple weeks ago, CH, the key and door one. And guess what- I went back into it and it did save the rounds I had finished, so I don't need to start over!! However, I haven't gotten past where I left off, #13, the one with the tank and the door on the cliff. Any hints?

ETA: Now I'm stuck on 14. LeBoy figured out 13 in about 3 seconds. I don't think I'm cut out for video games. sad.gif
Polly, here are the spoilers for kogi Nochi Tobira.
thanks, the hints in the comments on i am suck and some of the spoiler links don't work. I think I'm getting 14, I just have to figure out how to do it.
oh, i've already now passed v2 AND v1. once you figure out all the tricks, it's not too hard. and it's only 30 levels.
it was fun though!
This game is rediculous amounts of fun.
Not sure if this has been posted, but I thought it was strange...(sorry, I don't know how to make the pretty links!...LOL!)
Wow, those Crazy Old Ads are awful...posting them in the !@#$%&* Annoying Ads Thread!
Slavery Is Not Wrong

No, it's not satire.

Wow, that one is just wrong.
I like her assertion that the only thing really wrong with slavery is a situation in which the master abuses the slave. As if slavery in itself is not a form of abuse.

What is it about born again Christians that they leave their brains behind in the second birth?

and thanks for getting me addicted to Bloons, culture...geez...
I really like because it is effing hillarious.
Now, I don't know if I've psoted this before, but here you go.

So, you've decided to become evil.
things bears love
I was wondering, how would everyone here feel about a thread devoted entirely to online games? This thread has tons of links to great games, but it's also about a million pages long and it would really simplify things if we separated them. I think games deserve a thread to themselves. Thoughts?

Anyway, I've been spending a ton of time on this site, which has a truly endless supply of games and is an evil, evil place that eats your whole life. Whenever you get sick of one game or convince yourself it's time to stop, there's another that catches your eye and suddenly another hour's gone. My faves are Bounce Out, Text Twist, Pop 'n' Drop, Drop Heads, and Blox.

I'm looking for a couple of ancient DOS games I grew up on to play online - I don't want to download anything because I have a PC and I hate getting viruses. I'm looking for Commander Keen, Treasure Mountain, Math Rescue and Word Rescue. Anyone seen 'em?
epinephrine, I was actually thinking the same thing recently. Think you should check it out in the Community Forum still : )
Werd humaist.

So I came across this today, not bizarro, but teh cuteness!!!

Not really bizarre... but funny as hell:

***Hit Bush With A shoe here***
Konphusion, that was oddly satisfying.
related to my previous beard post:
actual dude attempts facial hair variations.

is he single? laugh.gif
Very sweet and silly Flash level game, takes less than an hour to complete.

Tasha's Game

ETA: Thank you cocl for the bears website! They slaughter in a cute way.
COCL, I meant to say that I had seent eh guy try and grow the facial hair bit aftet you posted the original link. It was hysterical! I sent it on to a friend of mine, too.

I can't see the pictures, I'll have to check the link from work, damn, I wanted to see Edward Gorey!
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