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Full Version: Our Favourite Bizarro Websites
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I was so
"This was my best John Taylor pose" laugh.gif

I wouldn't call this a bizarro website, though.

It's just entetaining and fun?! huh.gif
holy funny
cute and funny...I really think Spiderman was gay:
another cool dance video: here it goes again.
This isn't a bizarro website, but it's a bizarro lady man:
Thank you, musicfit. I think I might have hurt something from trying not to laugh too loud and get in trouble at work.

There's a huge collection of pointless sites. For people with too much time on their hands..
My favourites are "alien assembly" and "mushroom life".

(It's probably been posted here before. unsure.gif )
Ever wondered how many people in the USA share your name? Find out!
IPB ImageAnti Hippie Action League

Truly a hipster website. 0 tolerance for anyone who seems "hippie" whatever that is.
I actually think hippies might have written that, to take the piss out of themselves, not sure, though.

The UK Busties will probably appreciate this the most.

"Don't be sad when the clocks go back. Call the Lake District Escape Line!"
Listen to seven sounds of the Lake District, including water lapping on a jetty at Lake Windermere, a pleasant walk through crunchy autumn leaves, and even the sizzling of Cumberland sausage. Bless. smile.gif
I know way too many people who I wouldn't call hipsters that hate hippies. Whenever I try to ask them why, I get some vague answer like "they're stupid" or "they smell," without realizing that the same could be applied to them and whatever subculture they identify with. At least those guys tried to give concrete reasons why they hate hippies (although their reasons could apply to any subculture in the last thirty years).

OTOH, pherber may be right and it was written by hippies who are making fun of people like that and who are taking things way too seriously.

And yes, I know I have given the issue way too much thought. blink.gif Back to lurking and enjoying this thread.
Wacky uses of everyday products:
It seems like it's supposed to be a joke.

That said, there are a group of hippies who descend on my local Starbuck's who definitly fit the stereotype. Not one of them seems to have a job, because the workers tell me they're there EVERY SINGLE DAY. For the whole day. The 'leader' is a 40-something male with a harem of drug-addled, ratty-haired, emotionally disturbed teenage boys. We're pretty sure he's a pederast, top, but can't prove it. Apparentally he still lives with his mom.

Not all hippies are like this, but these are pretty noxious. I would be okay with never having to endure their awful acoustic strummings again.
Little People- a tiny street art project

Surprisingly thought-provoking photographs of miniature people on London streets.
From today's NY Times magazine (thank you NY Times mag for your humor issue!!!) Go to "popular shows"

10-year old girl "hypnotizes" lizards, dresses them up, poses them in scenes with props, and pro-photographer dad documents it. could things get more awesome.
Omg, I just don't know what to say:
bubble wrap anyone?
Musicfit!!! "With my two chefs" indeed!
My mind struggles to comprehend what kind of adults might have allowed that abomination to proceed!!

Manic mode bubble wrap is great. It's like rolling around on it. Thanks pho!!
Its the david Hasselhoff Activity Book
culture, that is to much!! I so tempted to print that and give it awayas gag gifts for X-mas.

pho, I love bubble wrap. It has kind of an unnatural zen effect on me.
omg that's so fantastic! i'm totally printing that and sending it to my little sister. i love sending her crazy ass shit and boy, does that ever qualify!
gotta loves you some hoff eh?

and may i say, everyone i sent that bubblewrap to emailed me back to say thanks. what a great site.
This isn't bizarro, but very...very cute and yummy!
Festivus: The Holiday For The Rest of Us
*bump* smile.gif
Not bizarro, per se, but cool origami!
I'm digging on Feminist Review.
The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency:

Too funny:

If you got time, a complete work waster, this sight is work safe, but some of the content may not be, you'll see when you check it out.

This one is slightly wierd, but strangely addicting. Write in Blood.

I just found that writing in blood site extremely disturbing. I am very squemish about blood, even fake blood. *shiver*
Don't know if this has been posted. Work safe. And kind of clever... some of them you have to think about for a second.

QUOTE(musicfit @ Nov 16 2006, 06:33 PM) *

What's extra kooky is the subtitles someone made p: they don't fit the words at all. Though they are better than the original lyrics.
QUOTE(themasochistmuse @ Jul 24 2006, 11:39 PM) *

Any other hatemail-having websites you all know of?

I love tshirthell: where the bad shirts go. I've loved it ever since "I [plane] NY."
The author puts his fave hatemail at the end of his newsletters:
This is off topic. Please forgive me. I am also a newbie. Sorry. I am just bored and tipsy and shit.


goto youtube and type in a search for David Icke's Illuminati. Watch part 1 and take the time to go through to part 6.

Very weird. Very strange. But to me, worthwhile.

The ThreeBrain "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" video, just because:

Gonads and strife!!!
I always liked Tshirt Hell until their spoof of the (Red) campaign recently. I could barely finish reading their whole tirade against the charity, which quickly turned into blatant racist vomit. They crossed a thin line between politcally incorrect satire (which is what they normally portray), and undeniable vicious hate that went way too far. I was too disturbed and almost felt physically ill by what I read that I couldn't put together my own letter to send them, but I'm sure that lots of other people did already.

I am personally pretty damn politically incorrect myself, at least when it comes to humour-I spend much of my time with gay men, my jewish boyfriend, and people of many different ethnicities, and we constantly rip on each other about our various backgrounds, all in good fun, and within the boundaries of close friends. Anyway, I'm hard to offend-I can watch Drawn Together and Family Guy and hardly bat an eye, and I never found anything on Tshirt Hell really offensive until this. I won't return to that site again.
kittenb Fleshbot's Top Ten Sex Toys of 2006.
the george bush butt plug is hilarious! laugh.gif
This is the coolest marionette!
*bump...again* biggrin.gif
Not exactly bizarre or new, but I recently discovered my favorite street paper online:
I'm sure someone has put this here before, but it's so freaking great that it deserves constant updating here:
Acerbic but funny Irish site: (The pron-sounding title is misleading btw.)

ETA: I can't add the link for some reason...
The fact that the blog owner is anti-abortion distracted me too much. I suppose it would have been funny if not for his abortion stance. I am way too sensitive.
I don't read him as anti-abortion, although he doesn't declare himself in the post either way IMO. I read the piece in question as a criticism of Portugal's approach to referenda.

I apologise musicfit--I would never (knowingly)post a link to anything which was anti-abortion, as I utterly support access to abortion. I am sorry if the site disturbed you; I just read it as political ranting.
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