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Full Version: Our Favourite Bizarro Websites
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themasochistmuse -

try this one:

sorry for no link.. I can't get the formatting to work.
sorry, double post
Oh, I forgot another... Where's George?
You type in your bills (US) and see if anyone else has typed them in as well, so in other words- you see where your bill travels. Mine came to me from Arkansas O_o

I know it's bad, but now I've caught myself writing on some of my bills "" to see if someone ever inputs it later. tongue.gif
Mallrats + Justice League = Justice Rats
pollystyrene is one of my favorite needless hatemail sites. The site for comic strip, The Boondocks (before it was a cartoon and the site got taken over by Sony) got some pretty amusing hatemail.
Sleepy kittens

Ah bless.
Precious sleeping kitties! But oh, the song is firmly stuck in my head now...
This was kind of amusing....providing a half an afternoon's distraction!

ETA: Hee hee! I just sent the sleepy kitties link to some friends!
That site is hilarious, Doodle! I've added it to my bookmarks. biggrin.gif
paper cuts very impressive.
Possibly not safe for work (if your work is really uptight about human-on-car sex):

I Humped Your Hummer

I found the link via

To the extent that cars are symbols of personal and sexual power, civilian Hummer drivers take themselves way too seriously. So often, too, do environmental and peace activists. Which is why the folks at I Humped Your Hummer decided to subject their target to a more comedic form of lust: the public, pelvic hump-and-run.

The IHYH editors object to the basic invasion Hummers have made on our landscape. "It is a gross display of power and unrighteous dominion to park a Hummer somewhere that would otherwise be occupied by something considerably more pleasant: a baby carriage, a flower box brimming with geraniums, a bench for the elderly to rest their weary joints," they write in their manifesto. "Our contention is with the way in which ordinary, unthreatening public areas are rendered hostile and aggressive by the imposition of a vehicle as large and militaristic as a Hummer."

They decided that the best way to make a political protest is with "the radical destabilization that a good humping produces."
Reporter on Homophobe Protester Love
first humpedhummers now this, thanks, very funny. I love it when activisits get a sense of humour and really fuck with people.
What has happened to my favourite thread?

Here's one for ya:

Margaret Cho Blog: Pussy Poetry
Why didn't it work????
Gotta save my favorite thread before it dies!

Porn titles based on real movies:

Ok I haven't check the 11 pages of this thread to see if someone posted a link to this webpage already, but here it goes:

Please make sure to check the "ISO Tinkerbell" laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Run this guy's life! He's hilarious. Read on, there is a video, too:
Apologies to any of you who have seen this on Huffington Post...

What right-wingers see when they or if they read the NY Times
Octobersky, that is GREAT!
have a look at the 3d drawings. wow!

Just a quick something that made me giggle.
Alright, call me childish, but this makes me laugh.

Something about the name "Lars Balzer" I guess.
oh my god, indiechick-those paintings are amazing! Some of them I just couldn't wrap my brain around. I wish we had art like that in the States!
i loved how weird those 3d paintings looked when they showed them from the "wrong" viewpoint. how does one ever figure out how and where to put down the paint???
I go to this site when I need a smile: Moo!
I was just so tickled by this strange little game. All the directions are in Japanese, so I have no idea what the object of the game is, but after you kick the guy into the air, click on him and this girl on a bike will scream something in Japanese and crash into you (I think this gives you a boost). Either way, I'm tickled:
hipster bingo

[is it sad that you could easily get bingo by raiding my kitchen and closet?]
That reminds me of this, Brett.

(Thanks to Humanist in the Childfree by Choice thread!)
It's okay, brett, I think if you did the same thing to my apartment you'd be able to yell "bingo" too...
yes, i am still awake. shut up.

these are AWESOME!!!!!
Maybe it has been covered already, but right this moment i'm enjoying
Bad Music Radio

and ofcourse the accompanying Bad album covers
with apologies if this has been previously shared ....

treadmill dance.

make sure your pop-up-stopper is armed ... lotsa pop ups!

quite possibly, the cutest, most creative thing eva.
then again, i'm easily impressed.
Mandi, you can see that video without any menacing pop-ups by going straigh to OK Go's website.

Or you can just watch the clip at You Tube

Yes, I admit it. I'm an OK Go fan. And I'm not ashamed!
I'm not an OK Go fan, either, but I do love that video- I heard they did the treadmill dance live on the MTV Video awards? It's pretty amazing. Especially for guys who aren't professional dancers or anything.

ETA: Their website says that they published a "How to Unseat President Bush" guide- anyone know where that can be found? I may become an OK Go fan....
Polly, you can read the document at this link (it's a PDF file).

It was written by the lead singer for OK Go.
Make your own McDonald's sign here
how did the make that video with out killing themselves? I would have fallen on my ass a million times.
for those of us who just love books: library thing
crap. i thought this would be really, really interesting but it's not.
I don't know exactly what this is, but it just cracked me up. It's Bitch Spy's search for microfilm!
Really bad tattoos (Some are NSFW)
What's on the radio?
This isn't a website actually, but a site that is under construction. But look at it anyway and get a good laugh.
club pix

"We’ve had a photobooth at Shine (a dance club/lounge) in San Francisco for some time now. Although the individual pictures are great, videos are so much cooler. Brian (the creative genius behind the photobooth in the first place) just compiled a timelapse video from all of the images ever taken, over 4,400 of them. Very cool."

(it is neat, but 26 min is a bit long)

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