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Art is obviously completely subjective:
Singing poop maggots (disturbingly cute, but I wish I knew what they were saying..):
Mouse, I passed that wierd asian ladies video around to friends and family and they all loved it. It's hilarious! The only thing is, it gets stuck in your head.
i knowwwwwww! sitting at work, trying to concentrate, being all "don't make fun of me! don't make fun of me! it's your fault that this happened! it's your fault that this happened!"
oh, this was elsewhere on this site and all i could think was why wasn't it here?
you have to watch the video clip

safe for work since the mildly obscene stuff is bleeped out.
Oh fuck Pepper, that was great!
Okay, I don't know where to bitch about this but.
Fuckin' ebaumsworld. He's got a clip on the site right now from the BBC series, The Life of Birds. I think that shit's copyrighted, right? Can someone from the BBC sue their asses?
Zora, they have something I made on their site, too. I was kinda flattered at first because I just did it for art and laughs, but I doubt there was an attempt at contacting me for permission. Ebaumsworld is notorious for taking people's works and stamping them with their logo to get credit for showing it to you. Thing is that I would never have seen all that stuff if it weren't posted on ebaum's, so their popularity has at least some kind of value. I'm not sure what to think of them.
not bizarro, but DAMN awesome (especially for mindless work at work): the archives of this american life!

This crazy Dutch guy measures his hamster's wheel usage, water consumption, etc. He also cooks special meals for the hamster and provides recipes.
I don't know Sakti, but it made me laugh really hard. It's so disgusting, but the whole showing you what the poop used to be, I just lost it. The Japanese pop culture is just plain wierd.
Watch this. I laughed:
Holy Crap! Have you ever seen a zentai?
I can't decide if I am disturbed or intrigued. I kinda like the mermaid zentai. There are all different colors and styles-check out the rest of the store!
This will not make you laugh. It should make you mad:

Loose Change

Terror Storm

busty, i watched it happen on tv as it occurred and while it shocked me senseless at the time i never, not for one minute thought that it hadn't all been staged.
he had to solidify the nation in support of his agenda after he faked his own election. i never for a minute thought that wasn't staged either.
i am SO glad that i live in canada. (i think we might get better news here than you guys.)
I know you get better news than we do. You and everybody else. I've always thought it was staged, I just didn't have any proof, just a sick feeling in my gut that it benefitted this administration too much to be an accident.

Anyone who still doesn't at least question what they've been told is just...sad.
The REAL truth behind 9/11
You know you wanna visit the Kiss Coffeehouse.
Busty and Pepper--
Wholeheartedy in agreement. It's difficult to put one's faith in a man whose grandfather made all of his money from the Nazi Party, and became president due to a rigged election.
Uber Alles, America, America Uber Alles
Are you a Soldier who loves to sing? Do you dream of singing on stage in front of a live audience? It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. Log on to for details on the first Military Idol competition to see if you have what it takes to be No. 1.

Has anyone heard of this before?

I need to stop watching the Pentagon Channel.
d'oh, scary!!!!!!!

go to this site,

enter this address into the 'Translate a website' bar:
choose the "russian to english" option and read away. yikes.

here's the dummy (but readable) version.
Hey - has anyone posted this website? My friend told me about it, and I have wasted hours on it.
pepper, that is FUCKED UP! wow. is that for reals?
uh huh. i know, super eepsville eh? i refuse to use those things anyhow 'cause they always give me an instant headache but my whole family has them and so many friends. can't tell nobuddy nothin' 'bout nuthin' though. no one wants to hear that noise. makes me so scared and sad and freaked out. i like my little sister with her head still attached but for the last few years what it's been attached to is that Thing!

i love that translator site though, that shit's da bomb!
Hah, Pepper--I thought that you were making a play on the Russian word for eggs "yaitso" which also is slang for testicles.

Me and my dirty mind.
Heard about this on the radio and now i can't stop going through it
edit... sorry, wrong thread :-/
That's some interesting stuff, Pepper. I don't know about that experiment, but I know cell phones can be dangerous in traffic. I've had plenty of close calls will morons making small talk on their cell phones, not paying the least bit of attention to the road!

Also, here's a website with a weird but addictive Parking Video Game. Enjoy!
Super Mario Brothers. Live. literally.
ebaumsworld has a bunch of new photos posted and all of them are off of cuteoverload. That seems kind of ballsy, not to mention that they've watermarked all of the photos, of course. These guys really get under my skin with the shit they pull.
Kevin Bacon vs. Linkin Park

give a whole new twist to "footloose"
This guy has been to more places than me.

Watch the video.
I want that for my phone.
I want the real "badger, badger, badger/mushroom, mushroom/it's a snake..." for my phone- drive people crazy!!
i Don't know if these have been posted before but I am in love with married to the sea and natalie dee

This new jeans natalie dee one is my absolute fave!
Effing Sunday night insomnia. *grumble*

The 100 Worst Album Covers Ever

Strange Statues Around the World

Create an anagram out of any word(s)

Though I was saddened to read that doodlebug = bulge dodo. *le sigh*
i just threw my nick name into the anagram machine. the result was "hi! nice dick!" awesome. smile.gif
I don't know if any of you have seen this yet...

He Man Sings
Reservoir Dogs, as performed by my little ponies
Science dorks like me will appreciate the beauty this one: "Biomedical Image Awards"
Thanks Jem! Good to know someone is thinking about my "spam purse"
jem - that video was so funny, I nearly spat beer on my keyboard! And then....this morning, I woke up with "whoa, baby I'm thinking about your axe-wound" stuck in my head! blink.gif
this cheered me up:

ACK! I saw the Beedogs website... it's ADORABLE. I love the dog that looks like he's going to either crap or sting somebody! haha.

Oooh, and I saw the Biomedical Image Awards one... Let's just say I added that to my favorites smile.gif

There's a website I like to go on... I think science freaks and non-science freaks alike may find it entertaining... Sam Barros' PowerLabs
I'm fascinated by all these projects/experiments he does in the college basement, but also I think I'm also waiting to see him get hurt too... is that bad? blink.gif
sick sick... i love it.

(perhaps i should x-post in the here kitty thread?)

Cats That Look Like Hitler
hahaha, I love that Kitler website... what adds to it is the hatemail, I dont know why, but I truly love reading hatemail for those sites... like, that has lots of hatemail from people with lack of humor. tongue.gif Any other hatemail-having websites you all know of?
Doodlebug my anagram for Jezabelle was Laze jebel. I'm not even sure I know what that means, but I hope it's nice...LOL!
I think "laze jebel" and "hi nice dick" are all improvements over "bulge dodo," thank you very much.


I wonder what exactly a "jebel" is?
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