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peter, that is the cooles story I have ever heard. glad to know your bedwetting problem is solved, too. ;)
!!! Wow peterbilt! That is amazing! Here, I once met Maria from Sesame Street and thought that was a big deal. But Mr. Rogers was just so amazing. I cried too, when he died. Hell, I cried watching that video clip. I was all "Yeah! I am special! I am!" and crying.
Aww, that was so cool. I too was really sad when he died. It's really aggravating when people say asinine things about Mr. Rogers. I think he's really underappreciated as a revolutionary in children's TV and child care philosphies in general. I think it's sad that if he had come on with that show today, people would think he was a weirdo, bordering on pedophile.

There was a This American Life segment from 2001 where Davy Rothbart, the guy who created Found Magazine, talks about his experience of meeting Mr. Rogers. It's really interesting. Unfortunately the This American Life page doesn't have permalinks to their episodes. But if you go there and search for "Davy Rothbart" it comes up as the first entry. It's episode #184 from 5/11/01, called "Neighbors." You can listen to it on Real Player.

Based on that song about anger in the iFilm clip, I don't think George Bush watched Mr. Rogers as a child.
The clip comes from a documentry that PBS did on Mr Rogers. It's an amazing show and it's hosted be Micheal Keaton. If you guys ever get a chance to see it, check it out.
revenge from a guy who was cheated on ebay
livelyupurself I heart laptopguy!
oh, i loooooove that! sheer brilliance, and total and utter revenge.

sheep singing "land of hope & glory". This is the best thing to come out of the world cup.
Laptop guy is the best. Somebody should set Amir up with Monica Lewinsky in the People Who Will Never Live It Down club.
oh, did someone post this already?
watch the video. what a burn.
Totally and completly not work safe by any standards. Ewwwwww
Ugh, that was gross.

The sheep site was very cute.
That woman was a MESS--and she was just a'gittin' on down, wasn't she?!
(It don't mean a "thing-uh...")


Thanks, Snafooey--that was priceless!
*Goes off singing, "Don't mean a thing-uh..."*
I loved her jherri-curl mullet. But ,like, honestly, was she differently abled?

Following quiet, harmonizing..."Nasty boooooooooy-uhs..."
Oh, snaf. Oh, snaf.

Oh, snaf. You have an eye for culture, do you.
oh zora, eww. so nasty.

I am so viscerally disturbed by that, zora. I should have heeded your warning but it was like a wreck. you just HAVE to look. I may no longer be able to visit this thread do to painful memories and flashbacks from my PTSD brought on by that post. So goodbye for now.
I'm sorry Cloverbee. I felt a little odd the next day after posting it. I think that I should put a better warning with stuff like that, or maybe, not post things like that at all.
I feel bad because people have posted stuff here in the past that has seriously disturbed me and I felt scared to click on links. I think from now on, I won't post things like that.
don't you dare stop posting gross wierd disturbing stuff! fair warning is fair warning.
i just don't go into the grossy thread because i know it would be too much for me but if all i could get here were cute pics of kitties i wouldn't come in here either. we're grown ups, post 'em as you find 'em i say.
going back in the wayback machine to talk about Sondra Prill for a moment.

there's something about her that reminds me of Ethel Merman. don't know what it is, but there you have it.
zora, I agree w/ pepper. you gave me fair warning. do not feel guilty over your post. I just can't stand the heat so I'll ease on out of the kitchen. ;)
Ha, Zora, that reminds me of my friend Kerri, whose crusade in life is to send me absolutely horrible websites. Not sure if I should post some of her finer moments.

Oh and Snaf? That chick is how I imagine a drunken Monica Seles would sound doing karaoke.
zora, I think that is most guy's dream!
For the man who enjoys wearing lacy silk underpants but doesn't want to be mistaken for some perverted crossdresser... Manties. Frilly enough for a woman, but made for a man.
manties! Oh fuck, that is amusing. Who comes up with these things? Its a clever name, too.
manties. *snort*
I want to give a prize to whoever came up with the idea.

zora... ewwwwwww. That is all. Kinda reminds me of meatspin in the gross-factor

although I have to admit, I was almost equally disturbed by the guy in peter's cozy ad down there.
Funny! The new type of fingerspitzengefuehl:
finger skilz

And amazingly cool. Click 'start this movie'.
Smurfin, that was freaking cool!

And I love the manties, especially the fancy hi-cuts. heeheeehee
OMG this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! Some guy is trying to get his stolen Sidekick back. It's kinda long, but SOOOOO worth the read! All this stuff has happened within the past day or so. Check it out!

This may have been posted before, but it kinda rules: Ugly Dresses. And I found this link off of that but I felt it really deserved its own link: Klingon Wedding.
The sad thing to me about the Klingons is that, while I was laughing at them, I read the part where they say that they used the Worf/Dax service and my very first thought was "No they didn't. Dax wore red."
I am such a geek.
herculesgirl - that is just crazy!
i'm curious about zora's post but i don't think i'm curious enough to look and risk being traumatized. could someone tell me what it is?
it's a man sucking his own cock.
amazing, really.
and scary.

hey, did anybody check out the movie link i posted in the community forum? it's just a really amazing thing to watch, so positive.
here it is again if anyone is interested.
it's about an hour long so set aside some time. if you're anything like me you won't be able to stop watching until it's through. and then i wanted to watch it again. and again. it's that good.
Oh man....
I can see we've got a couple of real pet lovers here:,2933,198729,00.html
Can they ban her from owning another animal ever again as well? Jeez.
saktii, I can't believe that story...that woman is so strange. She drove away waving the dog thru her scares me that there are people out there like her.
Imagine the story through the breeder's perspective: You're just hanging out at home with the pups, when the doorbell rings, and... I can just picture her making whooping, growling, cannibal scream-noises.
I think they're both idiots- any competent breeder wouldn't give away a puppy at 4 weeks old.
Agreed, Polly...
Censored Porn.
Aww, I'm sitting at that very desk right now, saktii! Even if the name does make me giggle, it's a good desk!
indiechick! i heard about that on npr! that is so fantastic.
@saktii: ikea once sold a bed/bedframe in germany that was called "ficken" (which is german for "to fuck"). fun stuff. that bed disappeared very quickly...
antiotter, that was fantastic.
Despite a fantastic screen test, they sadly decided to go with Juggernaut instead.

Ohhhh yeahhhh...

*Might have problems loading the audio in Firefox.
i love boing boing and yesterday they posted THIS. oh. my. god. WHAT?
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