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Full Version: Calling Cast & Crew! The Theater/Film Industry Thread
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bump for citrussss
thanks helping me revive this thread lucizoe.

are there any Busties doing stage work, specifically opera or musical type theatre? Im in Toronto studying classical voice. I'd love to hear from any other performers who may be lurking. Anyone have a job in the arts? How did you got your "in", and does anyone else have issues with overt self-promotion? I still feel awkward selling my voice as a product.Any thoughts are well appreciated.
hello ladies, i have a question for ya. has anyone heard of SILVERSCREEN INC? i believe they may also be called "Silverscreen Productions Inc.". they may be more canadian based (used to have headquarters in LA i think). anyways, they want me to model for them, but their website is kind of shotty, and well, i know they are legit, but how well known and what type of reputation do they have around north america? they have acting talent as well.

anyone hear of them? to join the agency, there is a 105$ annual fee to get my pics on the website in a place where supposedly scouts only can access. to get professional pics done for a portfolio, they hire a guy to do it for 175$/15 minutes. that is way too pricey for me, but anyhow, the main concern is the talent agency themselves. i'm not sure who to turn to for guidance. i was thinking of calling another modelling agency (more well-known) and asking their opinon.


what i've always understood is that if any modeling agency is asking you for money, they are not legit. do they allow you to use your own photographer for your portfolio, or to use a pre-established set of head shots? if they require you to use their in house photographer and/or get all new photos taken, i'd guess it's a scam.

also, i wouldn't pay that much money to put photos on an unprofessional looking website.
hmmmmmm yeah, i know the company is "legit", but they don't seem too professional to me. i'm going to shop around a bit first.

how much would you say that runway lessons should cost if i'm not with the agency? so far i've seen 75$/1.5 hours. i know there are courses which encompass posing, etiquette, etc.. along witn runway classes (which cost a pretty penny), but i'm only into the runway for now.

i don't know, as i've never pursued modeling seriously enough for any of that.
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