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tomorrow is frecklette's last day of middle school and the mr & I are both somewhat sentimental about it.

she's really growing up a lot lately.. dc trip that she handled fantastically (troubles and all).. house key.. keeping her own id card.. excited as anything about a babysitting gig a friend w/ a pre-k'er & I are working out for her (to start out sitting during the day here & there & get used to the house/kid/pets) and it's all so good but so, I dunno..
much. ?

mando- if you still read here, I know you understand.

so crazi proud of her. sad.gif
snarky, just a quick fly-by here, but i wanted to say that physical therapy might help with bowel control issues b/c the therapists are teaching the child how to control large muscle groups. that may translate into better awareness of bowel and bladder control.

i've got 2 kids who have had speech, occupational and physical therapies for years, if you have any more questions, ask!
thx damona! So, i guess my question would be - how does the PT go about doing their thing? i worry this may cause snarkyboy more stress than he currently has. I don't know of anyone around here to even go and ask about that. snarkyboy's pediatrician did suggest it however...
snarky, ask your ped if they have any recommendations for who to see. or call the nearest childrens hospital. if you are dealing with insurance, maybe start by calling the company and asking for their "approved" list of therapists in your area. fair warning, it may be quite a distance. for awhile there, i was driving 60 mile round trips every day for my kids' therapies.

a good therapist will really connect with your kid. she (most therapists are female, so i'm just saying she) will do stuff like use a therapy swing or a trampoline, climbing walls, scooter boards, or maybe just take him on a playground and get him to do some extra running around. having not seen a therapist for my kids specifically for the reasons you are looking for, i'm really not sure, but these are some of the basic things that they will probably start with. before my kids turned 3 we had therapists who would come to the house and work with them there and they did things like kicking a ball in the yard and walking on the sidewalk (we were on a hill) and practicing going up and down stairs. she would play games with the kids that involved a lot of bending and lifting and squatting and jumping. she even brought a low balance beam so they could practice walking and balancing on it. my kids always had a lot of fun with their therapists, it was something they looked forward to doing, rather than dreaded going to.
thanks again damona. i need to make some calls. biggrin.gif
i love my children *breathe* i love my children *breathe* i love my children *breathe*

sorry, had to remind myself of that. it's been a really long couple days. (see my post from yesterday in kvetch up for details). today they are just being general monsters. my 5 yr old, little d, was dipping toys in his rice milk, then sucking the milk off the toy. he's also eating his rice little w enlarged the hole in the wall, which i am out of things to patch it with, since this makes for patch job #5 in the same place. little z is just arguing with everyone, and when he's not doing that, he's mimicing what the others say to the point where they are screaming at him to stop. dai is being the least obnoxious of the bunch, so far. and i am having a horrible period plus a migraine hangover. oh my goddess... when does school start again?????
I know it's only been a few days, but have you had a moment free (ha I know) to look into any of the church camps or y-type programs for the kids yet?

I just read your confessions post & I totally understand you looking forward to your mr being home to help w/ them- I hope you get the opportunity to do some kid-free stuff for yourself at that time too- you deserve it!!

damona, have you looked into a support group for parents of kids with autism/add, etc.? I would think that the obsessive/destructive behaviors are pretty common- maybe someone out there has some good ideas on how to repair the walls and/or prevent it from happening?
they're eating, and little d is in the bath, i have a second or two...

freck, there is a church that has a few 3 or 4 day "camps" but they are for the older ones, not little d and w. at least it's something tho, right? and if the mr is home.... i can go with the older kids and do something fun while he can try to figure out how to keep the others from destroying the house!

little d got hold of another sharpie. i don't know how, i can't ever find one when i need one... anyway. he scribbled all over my favourite chair and the ottoman, while i was up to the elbows in bread dough. i about lost it.

polly, i asked our apartment manager if it would be possible to cover the walls with sheets of plexiglass. after i assured her i was dead serious, she said that i have to talk to her manager (who's a rhymes-with-itch) and if i get a dr's note i might be able to do that. i sure as hell hope so. i'm exhausted from doing endless repairs!

also, there are 2 groups for parents of autistic kids, but they are very... cliquey? i know that sounds kind of silly, but i was very much on the outside. the only other one i know of is in milwaukee and i don't drive in the city alone.

oh thank the gods, he's home!!!
QUOTE(damona @ Jun 19 2008, 07:54 PM) *

also, there are 2 groups for parents of autistic kids, but they are very... cliquey? i know that sounds kind of silly, but i was very much on the outside. the only other one i know of is in milwaukee and i don't drive in the city alone.

I can believe that- we have several autistic kids who are patients and some of the mom's are really into it....almost to a point that they're doing more harm than good to their kids, I would think. Not sure how else to explain it, but it seems like some of them are in complete denial about it (which drives us crazy because you get no support from the parents on controlling their kid) and some, it's like a hobby, which is also annoying to us, because then you get the parent who's obsessed with everything we do. We seriously think that we get all these kids coming to us because one mom of an autistic kid told another mom of an autistic kid how we handle kids better than a pediatric dentist does, so now they flock to us. Most of them we can handle, but there are some that we just send right back to a pediatric dentist. They can put kids under for their appointments, a line my boss refuses to cross.

What about an online support group? I'm sure you've looked into it before, but this site has a message board. Here's one with links to other online places. Looking at that MSN one, looks like there's lots of topics covered.

Good luck.
(((((damona))))) you are always wonderful with your advice, damona! you know what you are doing methinks at least! smile.gif keep your chin up, and keep repeating your mantra smile.gif
awww, thanks snarky. how's it going with you?

polly, thanks for those links. i haven't really got a chance to get online much lately, but i bookmarked them!
how are all the busty moms? hoping all's well!

so, quick update - bowel issues with snarkyboy are improving ever-so-slightly. the worry i have is the comment he made the other day - not wanting to go back to his dad's house. i hate that. there's been some project my ex is working on in a town about 85 miles away, and it seems every time he has snarkyboy, they are off to work on this project. i don't know enough, but snarkyboy says they are building and painting and what-not. my god, snarkyboy is SIX - don't use him as your slave labor. i digress....unsure if that's the real issue or if it is something else - just makes me worry. i guess i am mom for a reason, right?

hey mama's!

I know I've been mia, and I'm sorry but I'm not much up on the little one set that might be of current value or use today.

but-- frecklette both began babysitting on her own last weekend AND got her first High School schedule in the mail today.

High School!

the mr is having an incredibly hard time with this time right now..having given her the same 'friends will be here for now but your EDUCATION will last a Lifetime..' speach at least 3 seperate times on the phone and in emails.. frecklette is like ' yah Dad- blah blah blah' and it's really kinda funny.

not going all crazi school shopping yet, bc we don't know exactly what she'll need for her classes, but will be gearing up to tackle her arm disability & her new PE teacher, bc every darn year we have a fight on our hands about it.

my baby girl, going to the Big School, getting much too close to flying the nest. sad.gif

going to hug my girl supertight ~
Christine Nectarine
anybody in here?
i just finished reading some back pages of this thread, but it looks like it's been a quiet summer...everyone getting ready for the new school year?
hello toronto mama! i am a former of the same, currently in little wee itty bitty southern ont.
yes, getting ready for school. ish. this consists of wrapping up little's first play and going camping in the grand's giant motor home with weekend. i don't know what else i'm supposed to do, he has tons of clothes and shoes already. do we review math and spelling or something? i'm kinda lost...
Christine Nectarine
hello back! lost is kiddo is starting kindergarten, and the school hasn't let us know if she needs anything. but we've started talking about school a little more, trying to get her excited about it. weee, i'll get away with that while she's young and i can!
i've got 3 kids starting school this year... the school supply lists are ridiculous! there is no way i can get all the "extra" stuff that the teachers want for the class right at the start, i am just gonna have to send them with the basics and pick up things throughout the first few weeks.

it just trips me out that i have a child starting 4th grade. he's almost 10!!!!!!! i swear, i haven't had him that long.... it's weird, i tell ya...

i'm so proud of my 5yo son tho, he is starting kindergarten (or, as he says, he is "king of the garden now") right on time. we thought sure he would be held back an extra year due to his autism, especially since his older brother was, but they are just moving him right along, albeit on a slightly adjusted schedule. he's going to go for mornings only for the first quarter so he can adjust to the whole thing better... we hope! if he does well right off, then he will go full day sooner, but that's where we are right now.

it's gonna be so strange (but nice!) to only have 1 kid at home for the majority of the day.

best of luck to all the bustiekids out there starting school!
"king of the garden" bwah ha ha! ooh, that's so terrific!

ah, the first year of school. they don't need Anything! in fact, it wasn't until mid-way through first grade that i realized other kids were bringing their own pencil kits and such and sent my little off with one of his own. the teacher told me not to send anything that year so i didn't silly me! this year he will have it all, pens and pencils and crayons and markers and coloured pencils and rulers and erasers and hole punches and tape and glue and paper of all colours and whatever else i can stuff into his cubby hole in his desk. seriously, it's grade TWO, now we get all fer reals around here!

i am such a terrible planner though, i had to Ask a friend when the first day of school is this year. ha ha, i totally and completely forget what she said already! hee, the school will probably call me to ask where he is, ppfftt! i love having him home.
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(pepper @ Aug 26 2008, 12:54 AM) *
"king of the garden" bwah ha ha! ooh, that's so terrific!

ah, to be 5 again! damona, hope your little guy has a good "first day of school" experience. it's nice that the school will accomodate him with .5 day to adjust.

i kept waiting to get a supplies list from the school, since i've heard so much about it from other parents. but 1 week to go, and nothing list of required items have been requested! i think we benefit from our school being a "learning hub" which essentially means we live in a "high-risk" neighbourhood, due to a lot of low-income, single-parent households there is some extra funding and supports in place.

in any case, we bought the kiddo's first backpack yesterday, she's so excited! i was excited because she picked one with pink and leopard print design, instead of "disney princess" or some other lame liscenced character. oh, the branding of our children!
Hello Ladies. I was looking around for a thread for new parents, but all i could find was this one and the Midwest Mom thread. Am I missing anything? Currently spending most of my time in the Pregnancy forum, but that should all change in October!
Thanks and 'king of the garden' is WAY better than kindergarten. I imagine him wearing a crown and wellies!
kelly, there's a mom's thread in LTAS that's aimed more at mom's with babies and toddlers.

yep, my kiddo is king of the garden. i about died laughing when i heard him say that. he comes out with some of the funniest comments from mis-hearing things...

my former neighbor is going to be tutoring my 7yo in reading/writing this year. for free! hooray! after the whole year of K he still can barely read a dozen words, and i was actually thinking about pulling him out and homeschooling him for 1st grade b/c i don't agree with the way they teach reading here now. lo and behold, my old neighbor dropped by and she has just gotten her special-ed reading tutor certification! so i am sending him to the public school and he will be getting tutoring 2x a week from her.

my crew is finally in bed... oy.
whateve's, this little man was behind his whole class in reading until mid-way through first grade. he had a special tutor and everything (blah blah blah). by the end of the year he got an award for reading the most books of everyone in the Whole school! just goes to show, they take their own time and do things when it's right for them. i so don't pay any attention to the schedule the school tries to impose on kids. they are all individual people so fooey on those schedules anyhow!
ditto about what the school says about the reading.

when frecklette was in 1st grade they told us she had problems and was behind, got us all worked up about it and scared she was going to be in special ed (which was ok too) and so she went to this special in-school one on one program they had for a few weeks and about a month into it it was eval time & we went in, all full of trepidation and worry, only to learn that she had already read ALL the books in the program (w/ several weeks left to go in it yet) and the resource teacher was at a loss as to why she was there at all when she was one of the stronger readers of Any of the kids she'd ever seen.
- go figure.
kids brains connect in the areas that is right for them as it happens. some progress in math first, some language arts, they are all little individuals and cannot rush them just so they fit into certain boxes.
that's probably my biggest beef w/ public education. I so should have home schooled frecklettte.

speaking of.. high school seems to be good so far!
she came home the first day & announced " it's Boring." which had me pretty stunned, but that's a teenager for you. she's liking having the freedom to eat lunch w/ her friends & sit wherever they want, and more choices of food (sinse she's a vegetarian now- crap- did she get lunch money today?) and her classes seem to be ok so far.

they grow up so fast. rolleyes.gif
she's a veggie now? why am i not surprised, she's such an animal lover!
there's a great book that i like to give the teenaged friends of my kids, it's called The Teenage Liberation Handbook. you might like to check it out freckle, it has some interesting ideas. there is a lot of independant thinking promoted in it that i think is awesome for stimulating ideas and giving kids that age a sense of their power even if they never do any of the things in the book. it just shows some great possibilities and changes perspective i think. it may not be something you want her to read but you might love it. i do!

only a few more days to go until school starts, wow! i'm not hardly ready. we're still all sleeping in until 8!

omg, little ms frecklette sounds so grownup now! and danny's a vegetarian too. *wink wink nudge nudge*

and damona, there's NO WAY your firstborn is ten! seems like yesterday he was a toddler!

my baby's starting 11th grade next week.
and he had his first boy-girl sleepover party last weekend. blink.gif
he's like a man now.

= they do Boy/Girl SLEEPOVERS now ?!?!?!!! =

no no no no NO! unsure.gif
that was Way too much information!
I'm still reeling from frecklette telling me that the buses are so over crowded that they sometimes aren't able to pick up all the kids on the first pass and so some have to wait & they come back for them.
I guess it's sorta o k if it's after school & the kids wait there at the school, but in the morning, out there alone?
it's only the 3rd day of school though and maybe things will work out better with a little time.
frecklette already informed me that she's not going to let me know bc she can handle it, which I do not doubt, but still, Insist on knowing anyway. crazi that I want to know generally speaking, where she is.

and it just isn't possible that Danny, OUR DANNY, is in 11th Grade?!
is he driving yet? have a moustache? (hee!) holy moly just nope nope nope!
but I'm w/ ya on the nudge wink.. they'll have a lovely future... wink.gif biggrin.gif
(you've been missed here ms mando, so hope you stick around a bit more)

pepper: I think that book sounds great & I will have to check it out for her - thank you.
don't sweat the schedule, it'll come fast enough once they are in school.
frecklette has been SO tired sinse it started, she's put herself to sleep (w/out me fussing or stopping her from reading all night) at 9 each night- virtually unheard of. then again, she also gets up about 5:30 Am BY CHOICE so she can have internet time at a website for young writers too. she needs that quiet early morning time to gather herself for the day I think, so I let her have it & spare myself a lot of agrivation.

anyway- yes, the schedule will come & they have the whole school year to get up earlier, why rush that?

damona: yah for all 3 kidlets in school!
what are you going to do with all-that-time?!!
school supplies, whatever. isn't that what our tax dollars go for? I'm always kinda flummoxed at the ever growing list of 'additional supplies' the teachers ask for each year. and to have that x's 3? that's a lot of $ !
I'd hit the dollar store when you can and don't let it worry you.

congrats on the king of the garden- he's closer to right than he realises. laugh.gif
Hello all... *delurks* Joining in the back to school fun. My mister's daughter lives with us during the school year, and today was her first day back. She seems happy and relaxed this evening and said it went well, although she too said it was 'boring.' Which is better than 'crap' or nothing at all, I figure. She's the equivalent to a freshman age-wise but started there last year.

I think she's set for a good year: she's made new friends there and we drilled some study habits into her last year. I am slightly paranoid on the off-off-off chance she somehow knows I post here (can't see how, I am careful, but she's smart on the internets) so we'll leave it at that for now. wink.gif

Pepper, the book sounds great and just the ticket. Thanks, I'll look it up!

Mando, I too can't believe D is a high school junior... and I'll keep the concept of boy-girl sleepovers well away from my mister, in case he begins to froth at the mouth. I envisage him with a shotgun on the porch, lying in wait for some hapless would-be local romeo until she's about 25 or so...
"... I envision him w/ a shotgun on the porch, lying in wait for some hapless local would-be romeo..."

imagine if your mr were a certified crack-shot, trained by the gov't?
my plan is for frecklette actually to date Privates in the Army believe it or not (when she starts dating, not yet), young, easily intimidated.. the mr is of such a rank now that I seriously think it could work.
they wouldn't DARE lay a finger on her for fear of her father, and no weaponry would even be needed.

glad your girl is off to such a good start syb;
frecklette just got home & is in a mood.. cannot figure out the timing to get to her locker as it's not close to any of her classes, has had to eat Meat bc the lines for the other stuff are too long right now.. she'l work it out, but my heart hurts for her all the same.

(((((mama's & kids)))))))
omg, danny is a junior????!!! wow. it blows my mind that dai is gonna be 10... that just scrambles my brain tho! i've been posting here for 8 years... just, wow.

and freck is a freshman??!! too crazy, y'all...

freck and danny... *giggles* busty kiddos meet and fall in love... how cool could that be?

boy/girl sleepovers... we had those when i was in high school, but i was never allowed to go to them. (yeah, worked so well to keep me away from the boys... laugh.gif )

just to be clear... it's not the school that is complaining about his lack of reading... yet. or, really, me. it's the way they teach reading here. they are doing this stupid whole-word, sight-reading thing, where the kid is just supposed to memorize what the word looks like so they "see" it and "know" it, rather than learning to sound it out so that they can read other words, later on. not to mention, it does nothing for their spelling. so that is why i wanted to pull him out and why i am glad that he will be getting some 1-on-1 tutoring, b/c the lady that will be tutoring him will be using the phonetic approach.

ok, i have to get off my soapbox and get the crew ready for open house. yay! i get to meet teachers! little z's first grade teacher is a teacher who was there 21 years ago, when i went to first grade at that school and my mom taught there. and she and my mom didn't get along. this should be interesting...
no No NO!! it's called phonics and it WORKS dammnit! that stupid whole word reading is so ridiculous. gah!
they were just starting that crap when frecklette was in 3rd or 4th grade, but by then she already knew how to read well above her grade level; still, there were a few instances where we encountered it and the mr & I were like " no no no you do NOT say it like it looks, you use your vowels & the rules and do it right"


I think I am going to teach frecklette how to meditate as a tool to handle high school stress;
in pe, she & the other girls had to run & do a fitness assesment test, in front of the boys, and there was a whole group of upper classmen watching in the bleachers too, making rude comments the whole time.
frecklette was Really upset and cried after school and I didn't know how to comfort her bc what can you do?
I can't call Sexism bc after the girls they did the same thing to the boys while they girl's watched, but it's not the same & everyone knows it.

what bullshit. mad.gif
poor frecklette, that sucks. ((((freck jr))))

yeah, i so do not agree with the whole-word reading program.
hey, check out this hilarious picture of my kids being their face pulling selves. seriously, can they get any funnier?

ok, here's the girl with her usual face. she isn't often grouchy.

Holy bejebus...what cutie pootie pies!!!!
Christine Nectarine
pepper, what beautiful babes! i'm such a sucker for kids making faces.

on the subject of phonetic reading, i was blown away when introduced to that whole concept. i remember like it was yesterday crying because my dad was trying to make me sound out the words (likely age 5 or 6) and i didn't know how. with the kiddo, we taught her the alphabet phonetically, and damned if she didn't start sounding the words out by herself! she recognizes some words by memory, which is fine. i'm all for letting the kid do whatever works for her. it's silly for schools to expect 1 learning mode to work for every kid, and shove it down their throat if they don't get it right away.

frekle, i would have DIED if i had to do that in grade 9. i wonder why they didn't remove the other kids from the bleachers, why would they be allowed to sit and watch? how humiliating.
pepper: ohmygosh I LUV your kids!
beautiful + funny = adorable!!!!!

and christine: yup, humiliating is the word.
poor freck is the only one who chooses to wear longer sweats (it's cold in the gym) & is probably the slowest runner of the group, + she's more developed than most too, so she's really on her own in there & is just miserable.
I ordered online a very pricey (but hopefully worth it) sports bra that is guarnteed not to bounce or our money back so I'm hoping that makes a dramatic difference in her self confidence to ignore and press on.
I think she has 3 more weeks of pe before they switch to health for a month & then back & forth for the semester before she has something else entirely the 2nd half of the year. could be rough going to get there though. sad.gif
Christine Nectarine
first day of kindergarten was almost a disaster.

Last night the kiddo was running a bit of a temperature, and said she felt like she was getting a cold. No prob, gave her some childrens advil, and got her to bed in time. Checked on her before I went to bed, and she seemed cool again.
She woke several times in the night feverish, and woke up early. She still really wanted to go to school, so I said she could go and then we would pick her up instead of going to daycare for the rest of the day. So we got ready to go and then realized she HAD NO SHOES! Indoor shoes we left at daycare, and outdoor shoes got left at Nana's when we carried her to the car. Ran around wondering what to do, and just KNOWING this would prove that we are inept parents who forget their kid needs shoes for school. Luckily, the kiddo reminded us that she could wear her sandals. Duh.

She felt better by the time we left, and went off happily to school. She gave me extra kisses and hugs, I think to make me feel better, before saying "can I go play now?".


I can't wait to get home and ask her how her day went!
pfft! it's so funny when we're all worried and they are all like "can i go now?" ha ha.

last weekend we went to the local fair and the little man wanted to ride a pretty fast spinny ride. now this is the boy who rode the baby rollercoaster last year, you know the one that looks like a dragon and goes slowly over a few little bumps? anyhow, he cried so hard the dude Stopped the ride to let. him. off! sheesh.
so his friend has been telling him about this other spinny ride all year and he was totally psyched about it and i was like "oh, here we go..." i'm standing outside (it's a closed ride so i couldn't even see him) worried like CRAZY the whole time and he comes running out of the thing and JuMpS up and down shouting "Again! Again! Again!" until i gave him more tickets to ride a second time. what was my problem eh?
though he is still terrified of that dragon coaster i gotta say...
awwwww, what a sweet sugar christine!
isn't it funny how sometimes we freak out & the kids step up to parent Us?
sounds as if you are raising a rockin' smart girl there already c- woot!

I hope she's having a fabulous 1st day- how exciting!!

poor frecklette was feeling bad w/ girl stuff this morning & I tried to get her to take a motrin (bc she's a bear sometimes... cool.gif ) but in her refusal, she offered up this justification: "Mom, I'm supposed to run in gym today. if I tell him I don't feel good, maybe he'll let me sign out of class & go the library. if I take something, I won't be telling the truth."
-- she had me there! you could see in her face how bad she felt, and I hated that she was willing to suffer but at the same time admired her honesty logic.
now when she gets home today & gets all sybil you damn well better bet she'll take a motrin if I have to pin her down & pry her jaws open ( a real possibility) bc Mama don't play that game. dry.gif
Christine Nectarine
thanks freckle, i think she is pretty sweet!
here she is, ready to go...

aww, so cute! i forgot to take pictures. boo!

hey freckle, i used to get really bad cramps and i had a prescription for anaprox that took the pain right away. that is just a brand name, it's also called ponstan, naproxen etc. ask your doc for a 'script if frecklette is really in pain. it worked very well for me and i used to get throwing-up-passing-out level cramps, ouch.
hey, i have to send in the little man's book order to school tomorrow and was thinking about the judy blume fudge books but i can't really remember much about them. do you think they are still good stories? nothing horridly un-pc or anything that is going to warp his young and impressionable mind? i remember liking them but it was just so long ago... what do you think?
I remember them as being okay. Mostly little kid hijinks and stuff.
thanks polly.
oh man, i could spend hundreds of dollars on books! i pared down my order a bit (just over $100, yikes!) and i think we might check those ones out of the library. if he likes the first one we'll read the rest, that way we aren't commited if he doesn't think they're great.
pepper, my 10 yr old son liked the fudge books. he's rather past them now, but he still reads them now and then.

*ahem* said son just informed me "mommy, you are like a dictionary. you know all about all the words in the english language." !!!!!!!!!!!!!
ditto on what pepper said: frecklette still has quite a few of her jb's, tho mostly the older teenage girl ones granted, but I don't think you ever really outgrow her stuff entirely once you get to the right age, and as she has written so much for so many ages, I think you're totally fine.
I saw her in an interview recently & it was the first time I think I'd ever seen her besides a jacket cover maybe.
she seemed every bit as real and likeable as her characters.

pepper: thanks for the advice for cramps, but see, frecklette won't take anything when she feels bad like that; I think it's her having to then admit she's really a girl/woman maybe, so she suffers, and makes Me suffer, except I won't, bc being the MOM I send her to her room, lol.
really, hmm. i don't know, tell her i started my period when i was 11 and was in agony from the get go. after two kids it's better but man, i just wanted to die on the first and sometimes even the second day! i guess if she is still in a condition to refuse she can't be too badly off. oh well, her choice after all.

little is just 7, i think i'll get out a book and read it a bit myself first to see if i think it would interest him.

damona that is awesome! little thinks i rock the world too. i cherish this time with him when he still thinks i'm cool. it'll end soon enough i'm afraid! i'm so not ready for the parental fall from grace with him *sob*.

thanks chicas!
thought I would post this as we've discussed it in here a few times..

frecklette will Not be getting the vaccine (tho she does now have shin splint from too much running every day in pe)
Christine Nectarine
hm, yes, gives me further confirmation that i do not want to get this vaccine. besides, i'd have to pay for it. i'm hoping by the time the kiddo reaches 12, some more conclusive evidence will have been compiled.
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