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Full Version: House Keeping..or I'm suppose to clean ALL of this?
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Can anyone recommend a good natural bathroom cleaner? I'm pretty germ-phobic, so I definitely want something that will disinfect surfaces, but i want something that I don't worry about the cat walking on. (He's obsessed with water and likes to watch you shower, brush your teeth, wash your hands, etc.)

I tried Dr. Bronner's, Seventh Generation, etc., but none of them seem to specify that they're antibacterial and/or antiviral. Thanks!
a vinegar and water solution should do you just fine. as for 'antibacterial' and 'antiviral' i'm not entirely sure, but vinegar is a natural disinfectant and has been used as an all around cleanser for millenia. honey and basil are also both naturally antiseptic, however i'm not sure how they could be incorporated into household use.

unfortunately, most of the household cleansers that advertise as being total microbe killing machines are pretty chemical laden, as far as i can tell.

also, a paste of baking soda and water makes a good scouring solution. not entirely sure how antibacterial it is, but it sure does take the ring off my bathtub.
I like the LifeTree bathroom cleaner, which has lavender and tea tree oil in it. Kills germs, but isn't that easy to find. I think I found mine at Whole Foods but I can't remember for sure.

Vinegar also disinfects, as bklynhermit pointed out.
more info about vinegar as a household cleanser:
awesome, thanks so much!

Any ideas on how to clean rust spots off of chrome? I have a bike that's been sitting out in the elements and it's all rust-spotted now. Is there a chemical for that kind of thing? I've really tried using baking soda, vinegar and other non-chemical cleaners and I can NOT make them work.
Natural disinfectant/antiviral/antibacterial... grapefruit seed extract. Put a few drops in your cleaning solution.
I use vinegar to clean everything too. I have asthma and the chemical cleaners nearly kill me. I also wash all of my laundry with vinegar because mold spores in my clothes used to trigger asthma attacks. (My room growing up was always in a basement, so things tended to be damp.)

To clean the bathtub/ soap and one of those plastic brillo pads. It takes all that soap scum right up with absolutely no effort at all and leaves it sparkling. Then you can just give it a quick wipe with the vinegar and it's nice and clean!
zora, when I was a kid, I got ahold of a bike that had been sitting out for a long time in the Vancouver rain, and was terribly rusty all over, chrome and all. My mom gave me a bunch of SOS pads to scrub it off, and it worked. I have no idea if this is bad for the chrome in the long term (I can't imagine that it would be, since you are just removing the rust), but it worked for me (albeit with a lot of elbow grease as well!). You could use ordinary steel wool if you can't deal with the soap that comes imbedded in the SOS pads.

I loves my SOS pads. I couldn't manage my home if there wasn't a big box of them always under the sink!
SOS Pads! I didn't even think of that! Duh, my dad uses them all the time to scrape rust off of shit. See, he has hard water and there's all kinds of minerals that come through, (he has a well and a water softner) so he has to scrub rust stains and rust off of all kinds of stuff. Thanks Doodle!
hey everyone... has anyone got any ideas for what's good for unblocking things? My shower has stopped draining properly - it takes forever to clear the water - and I've already had a poke around & cleaned up the plughole.

And getting blu-tack (white tack? sticky stuff you stick posters to the wall with) marks off the paint? I've just got the list of charges for "damages" done to my hall room, and I can't afford £60/wall to have them repainted.
Hey mornington -- have you used a plunger? I'm sorry if that sounds obvious, but it never occurred to me to use anything but draino or some other liquid concoction for years. And they work better than any liquid (in my experience).

For the blu-tack -- maybe getting a new piece of blu-tack and rubbing it on the surface so that it adheres to the marks? Or can get a small piece of paint to touch up the marks?

eta: the blu-tack website recommends removing old blu-tack stains with a "citrus-based stain remover." I don't know if this is something you have to buy or if you could just use a lemon.
thanks lot!

I haven't got a plunger (and tbh, I'm not about to rush out I buy one as I have nowhere to put it when I'm done) - I'll probably end up flinging mr muscle down it and hoping.
how hairy are you?

i mean more in the length and thickness of head hair sense.

once upon a time i had much longer hair than i do now, about midway down my back. about 6 months into having totally sweet long hair, my bath drain started getting slower. and slower. and slower. dra-no did nothing. the plunger did nothing. so i called my building's super to snake out the drain.

and he pulled out a meter long rope of my hair. all the hair i shed during showers and such got mixed in with sloughed skin, body oils, product build-up, soap, etc. and completely gunked up the pipes. the dra-no got rid of the dirt/skin/product gunk, but i mean when you have like a year's worth of 2-foot long strands of hair all compacted in there...

um, so i guess my answer is that if the chemicals don't work and you don't come by a plunger (or that doesn't work), you might have to get someone to snake out your pipes. if you rent and your apartment building has a maintenance person, super, or handy landlord, you should call that person. or if not, i guess you might have to pay a plumber...
i also have bad plumbing combined with longish hair, and was using a bottle of drano every few months. it was making be feel really guilty for pouring so many chemicals down the drain, so after the last time i bought this rubber drain cover that has little holes in it, and it catches the majority of my hair. i haven't had to use the drano since.
I have it from a friend (who is a plumber's daughter) that putting Drano or Liquid Plum'r down the pipes is the WORST thing you can do for them. Apparently it corrodes them; the corrosion makes the pipes worse for catching stray bits of stuff and causing more frequent blockages (and over time, causing leaks). Ideally, if cleaning the drain out by hand doesn't work (try pouring a bunch of baking soda down the drain, followed by vinegar - you can do this every week to KEEP drains clean, without harming the pipes), plunging should be the next step, followed by snaking the drain. Plungers are pretty cheap to come by...and most landlords own a snake (so that they can avoid the cost of a plumber, if possible!).
thanks everyone!

unfortunately my landlord is a large nationwide company intent on screwing as much money as possible out of students as the possibly can... so the cost of a plumber won't bother them as they'll charge me for it (because thier shitty plumbing is my fault, obviously), and they wouldn't own such a thing as a plunger or snake (what's a snake?).

I've been trying to keep it clear of hair since I noticed it getting slower; my plughole looks like it's meant to catch hair (my hair is short and thin, too) and I've been pouring mr muscle drain cleaner down it too. i have rapidly come to the conclusion that I live in a poorly-constructed shithole.

thanks for the baking soda/vinegar tip, doodle. I'll keep it in mind for when I move out of this tip in a few months.
A snake is a long metal snakey thing that they put through pipes to unclog them. Um, I'm sorry if that isn't any more information than you had already figured out but that's about all there is to it. Hee.
i think they might be motorized or something?

i may be making this up -- i think i've seen that sort of snake maybe all of like one time, ever.

aha. wikipedia does it again:'s_snake

the picture isn't very helpful, though, as the one and only time i might have maybe seen one there was definitely a long skinny pipe looking thing involved.

god i'm such a girl.
A snake is a long, coiled, spring-ish thing. It's wrapped on a spool. Some of them are operated by a drill type motor, and others are hand cranked. When it's cranked, it's cranked in the same direction as the spring goes, so it feeds. They have a thicker coil on the end. As it's cranked it grabs the gook on its way. I *believe* some even have blades on them, for cutting through tree roots and the like.

I own a snake, can you believe it? But it's pretty primitive, it doesn't have a spool. So it's hard to crank it into the pipes, I have to sort of twist it.

(I used to have a real shack house.)
hehe, bklyn, you think you're such a girl. I had to get someone (male) to change the fuse on my blender.

I've given in & told the people who run this hole. I now have to wait until friday for someone to come do something about it, and pray my shower doesn't actually start flooding. The pipe cleaner was a miserable failure.

Thanks for everyone's help!
Thanks Doodlebug for the baking soda & vinegar tip. I tried it on Friday. The bathtub still drained slowly on Saturday, and I thought it didn't work and I'd have to call a plumber after all, but Sunday it drained faster and today, yay! No puddle at all collected while I showered! I'm so pleased.

I guess the blockage took a while to disintegrate completely.
ok, triple post, because i'm a URL moron.

for the third and last time, the URL to my flickr page is

You're welcome, anarch! Glad to know it worked for you!
bump for raisingirl, or adding a little bit of clutter to ab-fad smile.gif.
WHOA! Thanks for that, Bunny; I swear I didn't see it. Were you hiding it behind the Nutella?
magic, chica, just like nutella.

(if you search for "lost" threads then sometimes you find that they're not actually lost but just on a bermuda triangle island.)
Hey, I'm glad this thread is back!

Does anyone know how to get sticky gooey stuff out of carpet? I moved some furniture and have what appears to be a little patch of dirty, gooey, old gum ground into the carpet. As this is a rental, it's probably in my best interests to try and get rid of it! Any thoughts?
I have been in a housecleaning rut for months now. I truly hate it. One of the reasons I think I hate it so much is because I don't have places to put certain stuff. So many things I have are just homeless. So I clean and I toil and where am I supposed to put this crap? I just pile it up, put it on a shelf, and call it a day. I know I could buy those square baskets with lids, but I just want to buy a big sideboard-type of piece of furniture that's nice to look at for all the homeless junk I have.
Doodle goo-gone. We once had a candle go over on our carpet and the wax was all gummy into the bottom of the plush carpeting just soak it with goo-gone and it come out with a little scraping and picking.
Bumping because I need a domestic intervention. Help.
Tons of cleaning to do.......but it can wait until Sunday.........
I cannot believe this thread is still here!
QUOTE(Persiflager @ Apr 2 2009, 05:40 AM) *
Umm, sounds like laundry should be one of his chores biggrin.gif

I do laundry on a Monday evening (as that's the night I'm usually in) - machine goes on while I'm cooking dinner then I hang the clothes after I've eaten. Sheets and towels get done on a weekend morning - I get up, throw them in the machine, head back to bed with breakfast then chuck them up/out to dry before I head out for the day.

Sorry, this is from a UK perpective - do you have to go downstairs to a laundry room?This website has a good list of tips.

I second the tips on having separate bags for colours, whites, delicates and dry-cleaning (so you sort as you go), establishing a routine and having all your products etc ready in a caddy.

Yes, as he is better at laundry it would make sense that it is his task but it is mine. Like I said, I actually enjoy doing it more, I can just never stay on top of it. My hope is that this move will be a chance to get a fresh start on my lazy housekeeping tendancies. In my current place, the laundry room is 3 floors down and down a long hallway. Too much work. It should be different in the new place.

I like the idea of different small hampers for colors. And starting the habit of washing the sheets the same day that I change them would make a big difference in what is lying on my closet floor.

Thanks for the link and thanks for the help.
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