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Full Version: Dreams - why did I dream of so and so...naked?
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Had some more doozies lately.

One was a couple of nights ago. I had flown over to visit a country and had just arrived at the building I was supposed to be staying at (of course, I have no idea why I was there). I found out pretty quick that I was in a war zone. I panicked and asked this old guy if he could buy me a plane ticket back home (I was using my having forgotten my toothbrush as an excuse, no idea why). But I really wanted to fly home so I wouldn't die. The old man told me that he could get me on a plane the very next day. Well, it was the next day, and I couldn't find the old man. By now, I was terrified. A soldier had told me they were going to start bombing soon. I freaked out and as I saw a tank coming for us and some bombs coming down from the sky, I hid out in a closet with a bunch of people. I was so terrified, thinking I was for sure going to die. Then I thought about how frustrating it was that people waged these wars all the time. if they didn't, than we would never have to worry about this crap! Then I woke up.

Yesterday when I took a nap, I had another dream. I was with my husband and we were in my advisor's office (we are in totally different professions, so I had no idea what my husband was doing there). But then we decided to go home, said goodbye to my advisor and left. We got outside and there was a huge outdoor pool right outside of the class building (which there definately is NOT in real life, of course). I got all excited and was ready to swim in it, but then I realized it was too cold. The pool was amazingly huge like the adult pools in this place my grandma used to take me to when I was little. So we decided we would look at indoor pools and see if we could swim there. All the pools we found were either outdoors or they were completely empty and noone was allowed to swim in them. Then we went to Oasis hot tubs and all the pools were different colors (you could find a pink tub, a green tub, and so on). We didn't get to go in there, either. I woke up.
Early this morning I dreamt that I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. My stereo (which is normally directly across from the bed) was beside me on the bedside table. I heard a button being pressed, and realized that someone had hit the rewind button on one of the tape decks. The sound it made was kind of annoying, so I got up and hit the stop button. It didn't occur to me yet to be freaked out by the fact that some invisible entity was in my room messing with stuff. When I laid back down and closed my eyes, something hit the rewind button again. I got up and cut the power to the stereo. I laid back down again, and something hit the rewind button. I got up and yanked the tape out of it's deck, this time a little unsettled that something was there. When I laid back down, a tape was promptly inserted into the deck, and the bastard hit the rewind button again. This time I just got up and got the hell out of the room.
Later in the morning I dreamt that my aunt was taking me to class, and I was going to be late. I told her "Just drop me of in the Academic parking lot" (reality). She did, and I walked up to the building and saw a door that I'd never noticed before. I opened it, and saw a passage that one would expect to see in a castle: stone walls, ornate wooden doors, and brackets containing torches. Classes in this passageway were letting out, and I realized that I had the choice to A) Go on to class and take my test, or B)Forget the test, and explore this newly discovered portion of the Academic Building. I chose B.
I walked down the hallway and came to a long, spiraling stairway. I started climbing, but started to regret it after a while. It was LONG. Just when I thought it was never going to end, I arrived at the top of the staircase. I was suddenly standing in a HUGE lecture hall. It looked like a really, really, really big theater. The walls had shelves which were crammed with what looked like various medical experiments, and an instructor was standing at the front of the lecture hall talking about medical procedure. There was a guy sitting down the row from me (I found myself sitting down at that moment) carving a bloody cross into his hand. Not a religious cross, but one that had limbs (I guess that's what you'd call them) all the same length. That was the end of the dream. When I was thinking about it later, it occured to me: medical stuff... RED CROSS! Bahahahahaha!
Jsmith, that's really creepy. Did you by any chance watch too many Unsolved Mysteries ghost stories (just kidding) wink.gif

The one about the Red Cross was hilarious. Way to go with the dreaming! smile.gif
I probably do watch/read too many ghost stories, lol laugh.gif
I just remembered a very unsettling dream I had not too long ago:
I was sitting on my bed with a small knife next to me. My laptop was in front of me, and on the screen was a web forum thread talking about a good way to do a scalp/hair treatment (I'm kind of hair obsessed).
I was a little bit hesitant about doing the treatment, although I'd done it twice before without hitch, and with GREAT results. So, there was really no reason to not do it again.
Okay, so I picked up my little knife and dug it into my temple, just below the hairline. I moved along the hairline, moving the knife down to go below my little widow's peak. Once I went all the way around, I peeled my scalp off. I peeled my scalp off! blink.gif I wasn't unnerved in the dream, though. After removing it, I set it on my lap and did the scalp treatment. While it was *steeping* I walked over to the mirror and looked at my white, bloodless skull without flinching. After what seemed like 30 minutes I decided I'd better 'put my hair back on'. It was simple to do that, just plop it back on my head and wait for it to reattach. It didn't want to cooperate this time, though. During the treatment, the skin had somehow stretched... and didn't fit anymore. It kept sliding off my head and landing with a light thud on the ground. Suddenly my brother pops into the room and is like "What the hell??" I replied "It's nothing, chill out." I picked it up off the ground, and the damn thing split in two. *ohshit* I decided never to do this treatment again!
I told my brother to go into my bathroom and look in one of the drawers of the little white doohickey on the counter, and to bring me the blue thread he would find there. If my scalp didn't want to reattach, I'd just sew the bastard back on. He went to the bathroom to look for the thread, and on the tv Chris Cornell was singing live. I thought "Good gawd, he sounds awful singing live!" Isn't it wierd that things that would be horrific in real life don't faze us in dreams?
Okay that one was kinda gross, here's a nicer one:
I was coloring my hair red with box color. For a couple of months I'd been using henna to color my hair (as I do in reality) but wanted to see what I would get with boxed chemical color. After letting it sit on my head for the prescribed time, I washed it out. Well, it didn't take, to say the least. It had also stripped the henna out of my hair. What I was left with was very silvery grey hair. It was PRETTY. But I was shocked that my hair had gone grey so fast (especially being only 19). I couldn't decide if I would henna my hair again, or leave it that lovely silvery color.
Whoa. That was a very strange dream! I don't know what to say about it except do you think you might feel that you are taking too many risks with beauty remedies? Just a thought.
I doubt it, that isn't the first time I've dreamt of amputating something and putting it back on. Maybe I'm too vain..
anna k
I dreamed that I was kissing a teenage Kiefer Sutherland who looked like a street kid and was very pale. Strange occurence.
Last night I had a dream that my husband had an egg that he'd been saving for a long time so he could have children when the right woman came along. Well, he pulled it out for me, and I couldn't believe he'd saved it. I told him he can't keep an egg for that long, that's crazy! Then he accidently broke it and it was all gross and he went to throw it away (this looked exactly like a chicken egg). Then as I began to wake up out of the dream, I thought about where the eggs that we finally have our children with would come from. I knew (in the dream) that people laid eggs, then had the male fertilize them. I was picturing these white chicken-egg looking things coming out of my birth canal. But I was puzzled, I didn't know if the eggs came out of men, or women. Then I woke up and realized, wait a minute. Chickens have those types of eggs, not humans! My sleeping mind was SO sure that humans laid eggs. Bizarre. blink.gif
That's bizarre! It's funny what your sleeping brain thinks. I'll be waking up and think that I'm some other completely different person. If anybody at all...
i used to have really awesome dreams, like five or six years ago. lately i've been having them again. here's one:

i was walking around a large pond or lake, i kept going around and around--the lake was in the middle of the woods and the path between the edge of the woods and the edge of the lake kept getting smaller and eventually i had to walk IN the lake, half swimming and half walking on some submerged boardwalk or docks. the water was clear but brown and there were lots of brown and yellow and dark colored plants in the water; like a forest lake in the middle of fall would be. i started getting scared because i kept seeing shapes in the water; under the dock at one end of the lake were submerged white shapes that i thought was an octopus. as i kept circling the lake i could see that it definitely was an octopus.

in the middle of the lake there was another darker shape moving; it was a whale, but it stayed in the center. i wasn't afraid of the whale but i was afraid of the octopus, until i realized it wasn't real--it was made of white plastic and just floating, half underwater, and it wasn't really an octopus, it had a large babydoll head with tentacles, but the babydoll head was actually a sailor or pirate head, with sideburns and a beard, and i think maybe a pipe and tattoos. and i feel like there was an old man in the water with me who was telling me not to be scared, it wasn't real. i kept walking around the lake--wading/swimming around the edge--and then it turned into a board-lined hallway where a bunch of people, one of them my mother, were taking handfuls of mud from the lake floor and spreading it on the plywood walls lining the hallway. i started doing that too, and as i was spreading the mud on the wall i felt something tiny and solid in the mud, and when i cleaned it off i saw a tiny pair of black shoes, like barbie doll size, and a tiny pair of gold, jointed arms with tiny hands attached.

then i saw that next to us was george w bush, yes the president. and it felt like maybe we were doing some sort of clean-up relief for katrina, with the water and mud and plywood walls. and i started spreading the mud on bush's face and clothes, all the while yelling about everything i thought he was doing wrong with the country (i don't remember a word of what i was saying, but i remember it was very eloquent and apt). i knew i was going to get in trouble for doing this but i didn't care.

suddenly the dream cut to my family's christmas reunion, and i was panicked because i had just realized at the last minute that i had forgotten to get gifts for anyone, and i was rushing around freaking out and trying to find a solution.....and then i woke up.
Cool! I wish I had a dream about sticking it to the man like that. Telling Bush what I think.
Okay, this is majorly strange and disturbing.

I had a dream that I was staying in a big house with a bunch of other people. I don't know if it was for a conference, or what. But when we got to the house we found the dead bodies of 2 young women. We were all scared that the murderer would come back. I was just walking around the whole time getting ready for dinner and listening to music. I was also scared that the murderer would come back. Then, as if this helped, Dr. Calloway (a professor in the counseling program) found the foot of one of the dead women. She just picked it up and said, "Well, this is just wrong. We can't have this lying around!" Then she put it somewhere and I didn't know where. But soon I discovered a strange woman with a cauldron stirring something and eating it. It was the foot! And I could hear her crunching on it and saying that it tasted good! Well, of course I was disturbed by that display. Then I waited around with everyone else, wondering when our time there would be over since I was anxious to get away from the place the murderers had rampaged just a couple of days earlier to kill those 2 women. I would wake up periodically to check on everything and be relieved that there were several people up, talking and watching tv. Then the day finally came when we could leave, about 2 days later. After we returned home, I was looking at a computer print-out with mug shots of the murderers. One of them had short brown hair and the other, impeccably groomed long blond hair with a boyish face. On the next page, there was a comic comparing the 2 murderers to Beavis and Butthead. I looked at the picture of the murderers again, and sure enough, they looked like human versions of Beavis and Butthead except much better looking. I chuckled to myself, then woke up. blink.gif
Yikes that first part's kind of unnerving... but the last is just funny! That reminds me of this guy I went to HS with. I couldn't decide who he reminded me more of - Beavis or Butthead. LOL
Last night I dreamt that I was sitting in a big office building. It was a building where telemarketers worked, and I used to work there (in the dream). I walked into this guy's office and he handed me this form asking me if I wanted to renew my work contract or just let it go and end my employment with the company. Completely forgetting that I had only worked at the place for about a week (and didn't do a good job at that) a year ago, I was like, "Oh, I'll renew my work contract. This is a great place to work." Then I remembered that I hadn't done a damn thing there for such a long time, and decided to just let it go. The guy who handed me the form had been my boss, and he didn't seem to realize that I hadn't been on the job for quite a long time.
That dream was wierd to me because it isn't the only dream I've had where I'd been employed at some place and only did a half-ass job for a very short time, but eons later was still considered a valuable employee. I think I've had 2 or 3 others. I wonder if it means I'm leaving a lot of things undone, but what these things might be I don't really know.
I had a strange one this morning.

I think this one is recurrant. I was at the university and there was this huge ocean surrounding it. The waves were crashing against rocks (ok, strange, since the university I go to is in the middle of a city with no body of water in sight). My husband and I were given this kitchen towel that was hanging on this plastic rod that was green (like the towel) and said "Green Bay Packers" on it. I tried to throw it away, but when I got back to the university I spoke to the president and he said, "How could you even THINK about throwing that away! It's the Green Bay Packers!" Then I didn't throw it away. Every class I went to, the professors were praising this new president because he came from (forgot the state) and his home team was the Green Bay Packers. Because of this, we were supposed to worship them. I was in a tower (kind of like the one in the big hotel at the conference I went to last week) and the waves were crashing underneath us. I was telling my husband about what happened, and as I did, I jumped down into the water, but it was just like jumping onto the floor. dry.gif
I dreamed I was walking up to a wire fence surrounding an expansive remote hilltop pasture. Suddenly there was a throng of frenzied people all along the fenceline shaking their fists and yelling at a figure on a cross at the top of the hill. I jumped the fence and trotted up to the foot of the cross where Jesus was freshly crucified and the mob mad and shouting on all sides. I scrambled up the cross and pulled the spikes out of Jesus's wrists and feet, pulled him down off the cross, threw his limp body over my shoulder and turned for the fence where I supposed he would be safe. The mob then started shooting little quasar-like laser discs at me as I ran that seared me wherever they hit but I kept running and when I got to the fence I heaved Jesus over to the other side at which point the crowd vanished and I was standing all alone again, no cross, no Jesus, no mad crowd.
aww, someone's caught the christmas spirit! tongue.gif
bwahahah! nice one, mouse! tongue.gif
Laugh all you want. I saved the world from Christianity. That's worth free macaroni for life.
Har, I'm surprised the troll hasn't barged in and said something stupid yet.
I've had a lot of dreams about elementary, jr high, and high school. I don't remember too much about them, only that when I dream about high school, I'm always going to or coming from English, and I'm always mounting or descending a very tall, steep staircase. When I'm ascending and reach the top, I have to squeeze through a small trap-door-like thingy. When I'm descending, I have to squeeze through the trap-door and I'm always hauling ass to my next class (usually math) and having to fight the crowd.
When I'm dreaming about jr high, it's always the end of the day and I'm thinking "When the hell did I come back to jr high??". There's always masses of students. I mean they are EVERYWHERE. A lot of them are sitting on the curb chatting and waiting for their parents to pick them up. There are many more (I'm talking hoardes) walking down the street going home. I'm always walking really fast to get to my car/get home.
When I dream about elementary school, it's almost always with a feeling of nostalgia. But the thing is I'm not a student there, I'm just walking around and looking at what has stayed the same and what has changed. Usually when I'm discovered by a teacher they insist that I leave. Sometimes they are very nice and just start chatting. The other night I dreamt that my 21 year old brother was taking classes at our old elementary school (BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!) and I had to go and pick him up.
I remember another elementary dream in particular. I was at the school and looking around really closely. I discovered a BIG store in one of the buildings that was apparently for teachers to buy supplies. BUT, this store had some really COOL stuff in it. I don't remember what, but I remember thinking "DANG, this is neat!!"
Speaking of dreams involving academic stuff, last night I dreamt about one of my professors........... mmmmmm...
Fascinating, jsmith!
This dream has had me skeeved out all day.

You know that stupid supposed Britney Spears sex tape?

I dreamed last night that it was on my phone. She had him on his back and she was impaling him with this grotesque gigantic white strap-on. It was very blobby, and she was trying to get the testicles into him. Gah.
Two especially awful things: the image resolution was phenomenal (I think dreams have built-in algorithms).

And I was so sure it was real that this morning I immediately went online expecting to find the video on YouTube or something.

I will say this for Kevin: he wasn't doing too much complaining.

Sorry for this moment of squick. Please return to your regularly scheduled dreams.
I dream of high school and elementary school pretty regularly, jsmith. What's interesting is that most people say they have those anxiety dreams where they're back in college and have a final for a class they never went to, but I get those about high school and I never dream of college. My theory is that because I never finished college, I don't have that pressure and so my anxiety dreams are about high school.

I cross-posted this in the General Sex thread, but I thought I'd ask here, too. Every once in awhile, I have sexual dreams about something I have no interest in doing IRL, and in fact, I consider it to be pretty immoral (there's not much sexual stuff I consider to be flat-out immoral for anyone, so you know it's bad.) I wake up feeling turned on, though, and then gross and icky. Any suggestions on how to not have dreams about it anymore? I used to think I only dreamt about it when it had been awhile since I got any, so my brain was getting desperate, but last night I dreamt about it after just getting some. WTF? I also occasionally have dreams about the woman who used to be my best friend and was Le Boy's girlfriend, and I'd really like to stop having those cause I always feel pissed off for the rest of the day.
I've had icky dreams too, pollystyrene.
Think about them. Is there anything that happens in every one of them? In mine, I'm not actually doing the act, I'm remembering it. And I'm thinking to myself "What the hell was I thinking? That was really stupid and disgusting! I can't believe I did that!" Then I realize that that is something I would never do given a choice, and that when I did it (in the dream) I recognize that I was literally outside my own control. Dreams that shock us, in my opinion, are indicators of what bothers us. I'm often bothered by what I've said/done to people in the past. While I realize that I did have control when I said/did these things, the fact is I can't change anything: the deed is done, and all I can do is make sure it never happens again.
This tends to manifest not only in sexual dreams, but in violent ones. I once dreamt that I'd kidnapped somebody and demanded ransom. I came to myself in the middle of the situation and thought "Wait.... how did this happen? Did I really do this?" I realize that I did indeed do it, and I'm overcome with remorse. But I can't change it, I have to face up to it.
I read some article somewhere saying that when we dream about nasty sexual things that we wouldn't even want to do in real life, we're actually struggling with some aspect of ourselves that we don't like.
Okay, I had a strange dream last night. I mentioned eons ago that I have many, many dreams about tornados. Last night I dreamt I was at the hospital where my grandmother works, and there was a violent storm outside. I was standing in the hall chatting with some girl and watching the clouds. Suddenly everything calmed down, and the girl and I stepped outside to look. I looked to the east and saw the moon, but due to some bizarre optical illusion having to do with the eaves, I saw two moons. The girl and I started walking along the sidewalk which followed the turns of the building. I looked to my right and saw a tornado forming. I yelled "Hey, look!" to the girl, and she kind of panicked. I looked straight ahead and saw another one forming. The sidewalk had led us to a door, and the girl bolted inside as I noticed yet another tornado forming very close by. The wind was pulling me away from the building, so I had to fight to get to the door. The door was glass, and I saw that the girl had slammed it shut and locked it, so I was kind of stuck outside. However another door appeared beside the other one, and I went toward it (as best as I could). I glanced over at the girl through the glass door, and something wierd happened with the air pressure. The glass blew out of the door, and the girl was almost sucked through the frame. She was just slightly too big, though. So, she was kind of stuck there, and little pieces of glass left in the frame were cutting into her so the scene was kind of bloody. The dream went on from there, but I don't remember exactly what happened.
Hmm, interesting, jsmith- I think that what bothers me is that there's a part of me that is aroused by what happens in the dreams (since I wake up that way, but the feeling doesn't last), and I'm the teensiest-eensiest bit afraid that I may act on it IRL. It's an irrational fear, since I don't really think I would, but there's that "what if?" part, too. There isn't anything that happens in each dream, other than what is involved. I feel like there's something I need to purge from my subconscious to get this to stop; like you said sometimes we have these dreams that shock us for a reason. I don't know if I need to take the mystery out of this or what. I don't really want to investigate it, though.

Has anyone ever dreamt in black and white? It's so strange. I had a b&w dream a few years ago where I was with this teenager-version of a friend at work (I only knew her as an adult) and it was something like we had to go tell her parents that she was pregnant. Nothing was in color, it was like a film and it was so eerie.
Hm... maybe you're worried about your potential for doing something (not necessarily sexual) you'd end up regretting? Just an idea I'm throwing out there.
I had a strange dream this morning. I was sitting at my kitchen table and there was this little 7 or 8 year old girl running around in my living room. She ran by the doorway and I realized it was me when I was 7 or 8. I wasn't shocked by this. I called her/me over and took a good look. Yep, it was definitely me. I felt her/my hair and thought "My hair was certainly thicker back then..."
It's been a while since I had a cute dream, but last night I finally had one.
I was walking into a car dealership, and when I got to the doorway I saw a bird just inside. It had an injured wing and was flapping and running around. I tried to pick it up but it ran from me. Somehow it managed to get airborne, but not very high and not for very long. It fell and I caught it. I was expecting it to struggle, but it just sat there in my hands. I walked out of the dealership and ended up in my bedroom. I looked down at my hands and found that the bird had turned into a somewhat large butterfly. It was about as wide as my palm, and as long. I did a double take when I saw this butterfly: it didn't have the insect head and body I was expecting. Instead it was a miniscule black kitten. It was so adorable! A tiny black kitten with big butterfly wings! It was rolling around on it's back and flexing it's little paws and looking at me in that searching way that kittens do. How cute is that!
I must have been really tired today. I took a nap around noon and sank right in to one of those bizarre REM dreams. I had discovered a new room in my house. I peeked in the doorway and was confronted by a strange sight. This really heavy old guy in a black suit was dancing around flamboyantly to some techno song. I walked into the room and just watched him for a moment. I noticed some switches on the wall and started fiddling with them. The heavy guy turned into a heavy younger woman with short black hair, wearing a black suit. She was also dancing around. I looked around the room and noticed a skinny cat slinking about. I was delighted to find I had another kitty!
I had a really sweet one a couple nights ago: I had just woken up (in the dream) and saw my cat laying at the end of the bed (she does this in real life). I put my face against hers and she turned into a baby! It was so adorable, I always call her my baby girl IRL and this dream reflected that.
Heheee...that's a silly/cute dream!
There are always animals in my dreams every night, different kinds but often bunnies. The only animal I have (besides my boyfriend, HA!) is my hedgehog. I don't know where all these sleep bunnies are coming from, but I like it. smile.gif
Today I took a nap and had a dream about rejection. I was with all these wannabe goths who were hanging out. I was taking a nap at my mother-in-law's house (so that was where I was in the dream). Anyway, there was this group of people who were rejecting me every time I said I wanted to hang out with them. They were annoyed by me. Thankfully, that's all I remember.

I do know that before I fell asleep I was feeling guilty about not having gone with my husband to visit his grandmother on her death bed (later on in the night, I went). This is not a dream, this is reality, but I was there with his grandmother the day before and listened to her stories. People were so emotional waking up this morning that I felt I didn't want to get into the intensity of it all just yet. That dream could have been some residual guilt for not going right away.
I dreamed I was giving birth to twins.

One just popped out and i was walking around a party waiting for the other to pop out.
anna k
I dreamed I was friends with Rachel Weisz and I went to see a premiere of The Fountain.

I've had some weird dreams lately:

I dreamed I could travel to another dimension by saying Heidi Klum's name five times, stroking a wall, and I could go through the wall like water, landing in a new place in a couple of seconds. Heidi was like the Oracle from the Matrix movies, guiding me in this New Age world. It was definetly strange.

I dreamed that I was a child model, and that I was poised and beautiful, wearing makeup and having my hair done, and I looked like a child Natalie Portman.
~*~*~Heidi Klum is magic!~*~*~

It is kinda cool to think that someone would pay your for your looks, anna_k. I mean, it's effort and risk still, but they do seem kinda transcendent, don't they? I woulda never made it as a model because I had bad posture and used to pick my fingernails. Eww. But true. Didn't want to give up those things!

Seriously, Blanche. Victoria's Secret used to have things in good materials and now it's all polyester nylon and they don't like women with "too big" boobies. Which is -- odd!!


I dreamed I was riding a bicycle very fast. It was night time and the road was slick shiny wet, there was a full moon in the night sky and everything around me was kind of deep blue and fresh and shiny. Even though I'm kind of a bike wuss in real life -- I don't like to go too fast so I won't pitch over the handlebars if I hit something or have to stop quickly -- in the dream I was going fealessly and happily fast. I was getting somewhere and I was FREEE!!

I stopped to tuck my long hippie skirt into the waistband of my jeans, and a voice told me this was the right thing to do.

LOL at my "crime of fashion"
A couple of nights ago, I had a dream that I was on Double Dare (don't ask).

The dream went like this. I was following these kids, but I was the age I am now, 30. So I was thinking, I'm so immature for being a contestant on Double Dare. As I was thinking, this is for little kids, a middle-aged woman (that I'm guessing was the host), shoved me down a slide that was going to have us falling into a huge pile of goop. Then I fell down the slide and noticed that the giant bowl of banana pudding was submerged in a huge pool of water. Then when it was my turn, this thing I was sitting on at the foot of the slide was clicking each person into the banana pudding. Before the lever was able to push me into the banana pudding, I jumped into the water and tried to find my way out. Then I woke up.
NO! Not the banana pudding! smile.gif
anna k
I dreamed that me, a friend, and Zooey Deschanel were hanging out. We went on a bus to Columbia University to check out flea markets, but Zooey was tired, being 57 years old and gray despite looking 25. She was also gay and I had a crush on her, but was straight and didn't want to lead her on.
I had 2 dreams today, the last one made me feel very upset.

The first dream, a co-worker who I have suspected has had a crush on me for awhile was declaring his love for me across the room. Then I yelled to him, "I'm with (name of my husband)! I love (husband)! I will be with him forever!"

Then the second dream was quite upsetting.

It began with me going to a hotel in L.A. for my husband's grandmother's death (which just happened a week or so ago in real life). But all my relatives were there (including some from my mom's side of the family that I never talk to). I sat down right beside my aunt Anne, and they were joking with my husband's grandfather, saying, "Die, why don't you?!" They were all laughing, including my husband's grandfather.

I felt strange at this gathering, and I wanted to go out and get some coffee or food or something. So I went to a cafe' that was really close and got a snack. Then I returned and everyone was still there, partying. I decided I would go to sleep, because I didn't want to be there, I just wanted to be at home with my husband. After my husband got up and went home because he had to work, I went wandering around the hotel. Then beside the hotel front desk, was James Marsters. He looked like he was so happy to see me. I was thrilled. He gave me a hug and looked at me like I was the most important person in the world. Alarmed that I felt this way and knowing that Spike is not real, I went, "Oh, my," and ran to another part of the building, intending fully on returning to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I felt at home.

Then it was dark and in was morning, and people were getting some breakfast. I looked in the refrigerator and saw some doughnuts, which made me excited. I reached into the bag and there were 3 glazed doughnuts in the shape of faces and they were huge. I decided I would eat one anyway, and grabbed it out. Then the person in the kitchen with me said, "Sally always wants us to try her heads (the name of the doughnut I assumed), but they are really not that good." I bit into it and it just tasted like regular bread with a bit of sugar over top of it. Disappointed, I had to eat, so I kept munching on it while I went to my room to pack my stuff. My mother was very disappointed in me, because I was there to be visiting with my relatives, not to just leave.

So then I began to leave, afraid to walk through L.A., because of crime. As I was thinking about this and getting ready to take a bus home or something, I got into a conversation with these girls who looked like snotty high school beauty queens. We were having an okay conversation and they were very nice, until I said, "L.A. isn't as phony as I thought it would be." One of the most beautiful beauty queens got all pissed and snapped, "L.A. is a WONDERFUL city! It is SO much fun!!! How could you say that about L.A.?! It's great! Don't you think it's great?!" Then the girl next to her nodded and the prettiest beauty queen continued, directed at me, "And what's more, you're loud and obnoxious!!!" Hurt, I stormed off, then returned and yelled some nasty stuff to her. Then I woke up.

I have always not been able to predict how people see me when I talk, and many times I talk loud without realizing it, or I talk to softly. I'm always terrified of being judged negatively, particularly for how I talk. I felt very depressed when I woke up from that one.
I had another dream this morning having to do with rejection.

I was at my high school reunion (haven't been to one yet, missed all 3 on purpose). All the most popular girls were there and they gave me dirty looks every time I tried to go up and say hi. I forgot most of the dream, but I felt like everyone hated me and I was the worst person alive. I remember thinking, I'm NEVER going to a high school reunion.
Wow, are you still feeling guilty about not seeing your husbands grandmother that time? A lot of your dreams seem to be reflecting that.
I was so tired yesterday at work. So when I got home at four I went in my bedroom and died for 3 hours. I had 3 dreams, but only remember two.
In the first one I was sauntering through my house. My parents were there and my dad was holding a baby girl. I was like "OHMIGOD I finally have a sister!" A few moments later I remembered a conversation that I had with this guy IRL in which he asked me how many siblings I had. I told him I only had a brother. In my dream I thought "Hey, now I can tell him I have the sister I always wanted" then I thought..... wait.... she's always been there, I'd just forgotten...
But she was always a baby. She never grew.
The other one was kind of bizarre and creepy but funny. I was here in my house and all these other people were here too, locked up. Nobody could get in or out. I knew some of the people, others I didn't. And everybody in the house had an evil double who was trying to kill them. Some tried to do it violently, others were more sly. My double was particularly nasty because she could change her form, and she was being very clandestine. So, I had to watch out for EVERYONE in the house, as she could have shifted herself. Finally she openly attacked. At first she looked exactly like me, then she turned into a short heavy dude. I pulled the rug out from under her feet and she fell backward, like you see people do in movies. She jumped back up and her face turned into that of a pig, though her body was still that of a short fat guy. I grabbed a long piece of wood and got ready to swing at her - but she ran past me. So I went into the garage where other battles were ensuing, and she followed me. She still had the fat body and pig face. Here's the great part - I broke my piece of wood over her head. Heeeee!
The dream was kind of comical because everyone was kind of being light hearted about what they were gonna do:
"Hey (smiles), I'm going to kill you!"
"Hey, not if I kill you first! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
LOL! About the people laughing about killing each other in your dream.

You might be right about the guilt thing, though I don't feel guilty on the surface. Hmmm...

Today after getting my meds for strep throat, I returned home and took a 2 or 3 hour nap. I had a very bizarre dream. I was at my friend's house (this particular friend doesn't have a very big house) but it was part her house and part 4-star hotel (ever since the counseling conference I went to in October which was in a 4-star hotel, that hotel keeps appearing in my dreams). Anyway, there was a lady who wore this little tiny green troll costume. She must have been a midget, because she was only 2 feet tall. Suddenly (as she was playing with my friend's children who were hers in the dream) she froze. I was wondering why she froze and then I looked out the window and saw that there was a car (one of those big, rusty Lincolns) pulling violently into the yard next door and then driving off very fast. I realized she must be hiding from someone and that she was using this disguise to do so.

Then in the next part of the dream, I went over to the 4-star hotel to get my stuff so I could go home. Only I couldn't find where my stuff was because the hotel was too damn big (like the one I really stayed at). My husband was already packed and ready to go and I had to get ready too, so I finally found my stuff, and my sister-in-law was packed, too. Then she said she would meet me on the other side of the parking garage. I said okay, but then I realized that I couldn't find the garage. I had no idea what she was talking about. So I panicked and when I finally found her, she chewed me out for being late because she was nice enough to wait for me (she wouldn't be that bitchy in real life, but in the dream she was angry at me). So then for some odd reason I ended up back in my friend's house again, walking up some wheelchair ramp that was way too steep for a wheelchair to go up (there weren't even any grips on it). When I finally slipped my way up there, I found the woman who was normally in the costume (she was much larger now) with long brown hair, tan and middle-aged. She was watching TV. I remember thinking, how sad, this is the only place she can go and not be in that costume. Then as I went downstairs, I was intercepted by a strange looking old man with greenish skin going up the ramp in his wheelchair. I wondered how he could possibly get up that ramp, then my cell phone woke me up.
Okay, I'm the queen of bizzaro dreams, lately.

Last night I dreamed that my uncle had given me one of his old private jets. It seemed so normal in the dream that I would just have inherited one of his jets (I never talk to this uncle in real life). My husband and I wanted to go to Maine, where my aunt Sue lives. I wanted to introduce him to her. We were going to fly over there in the private jet by ourselves. So I went into this weird basement with all these shelves and looked around for my plane. Then I remembered that I had it folded up somewhere on one of the shelves. I was looking and looking and finally I found a bundle that felt a bit like a wool blanket and was plain white. I thought, this can't be it, but I unrolled it and it was part of the plane. Then I was looking and looking for the other part of the plane. I finally found it, unrolled it and it was this big, ornate plane with several rooms with showers and different things encased in marble in fabulous colors. I was telling my hubby that there were several bunk beds and it was a very nice plane. Then I realized that the plane part of the plane was missing. So I went digging again since I knew my mother had used the plane to visit my aunt (her sister) in Maine before. I finally found that, and it was a canvas bag. I unfolded the canvas bag and out popped the plane part. The only problem was that it had rips in it. There was no way we were flying with rips in the outer part of the plane (which was made of canvas for some strange reason). I remembered my mother telling me that she had flown the plane with the rips in it, so I asked her and she said yes she did, but she didn't want me flying it in that condition. So I saw about getting it fixed. I asked about plane repair and the guy I was asking gave me a number to call. Then I asked if it would be cheaper to just get commercial airline tickets or to fix the plane, and the guy said it would be more cost-effective to just get the plane repaired and fly on our own. Then I set out to get the plane fixed, after rooting through my uncle and his families' stuff they had left in the plane and thought about how I would get it back to them. He had also bought a whol bag full of Maine t-shirts and never gave them to anyone, so I thought I would keep them and give them to people. Then during the car ride to get the plane fixed, I thought, oh, my god! I'm going to make my husband fly the plane because I'm too afraid to do it, but he has never had any training as a pilot! I was starting to get really scared, although I was excited. Then I thought, how did my mom ever fly? She never had any pilot training. Maybe her brother (my uncle) had taught her? Then I woke up, disappointed, wanting to go back to sleep and find out what would happen with the plane.

The funny thing is, yes my uncle does have a private jet and always has as long as I can remember. But they have always just been like big vans in the sky. Boring, brown bucket seats with a small back seat with a curtain with a little tiolet in it. Nothing special. There were never ornate rooms on it...planes don't have ornate rooms, even the commercial ones. Dreams are so interesting.
every time i dream about making out with someone i know in real life, it makes me get a crush on them. and it's usually someone i never thought about that way before. i dreamed about making out with one of my best guy friends the other night, and now i can't stop thinking about how cute he is. and i never thought so before. too bad he lives 3,000 miles away.

I had a dream last night that I went to get my hair done. And I told the guy, do what you want have fun with it. And I ended up having a mullet kind of like the one the mom from the Brady Brunch had, but the sides were shaved and the top was kind of mohawk-ish. When the stylist revealed it, I almost cried. So he fixed it, amazingly but it still wasn't great. Then the guy convinces me that I should let him dye it for me to make up for the mistake. And he ends up only dying my roots a maroon shade and leaving the rest of my hair redish brown with blonde streaks. It was awful....then he tells me I should get a makeover so some chick does my makeup, blue eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. I go to the bathroom to check it out and freak out, and spent the rest of the dream trying to get out of the salon, before anyone I know sees me.....
I had a dream that I was on a couch in the dark with a cute, boyish girl. We started making out, but when we went to her room I discovered she was a boy and was immediately turned off (I'm straight, FYI). He kept saying "Are you gonna give me a blowjob?" and I didn't want to but I didn't have the nerve to leave so I ordered breakfast in bed to stall. He sat there as I ate sausage and eggs in his bed.

I figure this has a lot to do with the fact that I'm unsure about my current romantic/sexual situation. Eggs and sausage are both loaded with connotations. There's also the fact that I thought the person was "someone else" before, and that I'm stalling but not leaving. Which is pretty much exactly what's going on IRL.
A couple of weeks ago I had the strangest dream that I have been meaning to put on here.

I dreamed that I had this yellow cylinder thing that was very tiny (probably about the size of my thumb). For some reason, a radio station was coming from it. It was a shock jock saying, "We have here a man who needs to get laid. Any girls who want to have sex should call this number." Then I looked into the cylinder and saw the guy who was kind of cute. Then I shrugged and thought, he's actually kind of cute. Then I looked into the cylinder again to get a better look and saw my husband, staring into the lens. He is so gorgeous, I thought. Then he took his shirt off and began stripping for me. I looked away and then looked back and he was still smiling into the camera and looking unflinchingly at me. He was taking his pants off and just before he took his underwear off I woke up. Damn. smile.gif
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