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Full Version: Dreams - why did I dream of so and so...naked?
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Christine Nectarine
jsmith, i want to move in to your dream house!
I know right? Maybe one day when I'm rich I'll construct a room like that.
Heh, okay, so last night I had this dream that was a bit distressing at the time, but somewhat comical when I think about it now. It started out with me watching the goings-on in a love triangle. A guy was running around on his sweetie, and the girl he was running around with was psychotic. When he tried to break up with her, she flipped and starting stalking him and his girlfriend. Very soon she set out with the intention to kill either him or the girlfriend.
I didn't get to see how it all ended, because suddenly I was Julia Roberts and I was being stalked by Seth Green. At one point I was sauntering around this little accessories shop with a couple of friends, and he came in with a gun and asked in a very personable tone if anyone had seen me. I was ducking behind aisles trying to avoid being spotted, to no avail.
I don't get that. I really don't think much at all of either actor.
Okay, so this was weird. A few nights ago I had a dream that I cheated on my boyfriend with my best guy friend. But it was almost like he kind of forced me. I don't know who here has seen that awful movie Unfaithful but it was like the first time that the wife cheats, it's like she's really being forced but some small part of her wants it. Such a weird dream.
A few nights ago I had a dream about the book House of Leaves. Basically the house was in my hometown, they'd tore it down and built a park over it, but everyone was too scared to go there. The odd part about this is I've never read the book before the dream. I just started it and it was because of this, so maybe my subconscious is getting me to work on my reading list. laugh.gif
Last night I had 2 of the most vivid dreams I have had in awhile...and parts were pretty disturbing.

In the first dream, Angeles and Spike(evil Spike) from Buffy had talked me into helping them kill some people. I think they threatened my life or something. Anyway, I would make this magnet-like mechanism and put it on the bodies of the living people as they cut them with a scalpel, eventually killing them. It happened 3 times, I would feverishly prepare the magnet mechanism, afraid of what would happen if I failed in preparing it...and they would come to get me, take me to the person's home, and kill them in the same way. The 4th time I was to go, I didn't want to...I didn't want to be responsible for anymore deaths. I got the making of the magnet incorrect and was terrified that Angeles would come and kill me for it. They came into the room and I was rescued at the last minute (don't remember who it was who rescued me). But I ended up in a house with a bunch of college-age guys in it. A blond guy with curly longish hair passed by and said hi. Then I touched my belly and realized I was pregnant. The child gestated very quickly. I also intuitively knew that my husband had sex with the blond guy so he could be a surrogate for my husband's sperm (made perfect sense in the dream) then I started freaking out because that means my hubby had un-protected sex. The guy was coughing and not feeling well...clearly he had AIDS and so my husband had it too! I quickly stopped panicking, however, because I began to feel my child kicking (I felt it with my hand) then my husband woke me up.

After driving my husband to work, I went back to sleep and this time I dreamed I had the babies but could not find them. In the earlier part of the dream, I was dodging this car that was driving all over the place (on one side of the woods, then clear over to where I was, then back. I was convinced that I was going to get hit and killed. Luckily, he disappeared. I went to a neighbor's house in a bad neighborhood to do my laundry. I did my laundry and then went back into my own basement to do the rest of the laundry. It was then that I realized I had 2 babies that were missing. They were not twins, but born at the same time. I was searching frantically for them and I was also searching frantically for my laundry. I was looking all over for them and was afraid that one of them had ended up in a laundry basket after I had visited the neighbor's house next door in a bad neighborhood in order to do my laundry. I finally found them and was so happy and decided to breast feed them since I hadn't breastfed them yet. My breasts were not producing milk, but I figured it was because I hadn't started to feed them yet. I picked both of them up to feed them and realized they might be too old to breast feed. I realized mornfully that I had missed seeing them as newborns because I had lost them for so long. Then I picked them both up to breast feed them and realized they were actually cats. I tried to breast feed them anyway, but they squirmed away (I was pretty relieved though, because I was thinking about how you really aren't supposed to breast feed anything with teeth) then I woke up to my husband calling me on my cell phone.
Christine Nectarine
weird dreams musicfit - are you actually pregnant? i had all kinds of strage baby-themed dreams when i was. i've also heard that dreams about giving birth can represent elements of you past lives. i've had several of those too.

i had this really disturbing dream once that i was giving birth to my daughter out of my side, while i was standing in a bedroom. someone came in the door, and she started going back inside me, and i knew i had lost her, and couldn't tell anyone about it. i woke up really sad from that one. why are baby dreams so disturbing?
Nope, not pregnant. Just got my period this morning. But I have a strong desire to become pregnant, since at age 33 I am getting close to a time when it will be difficult to get pregnant...i.e., my clock is ticking. Also, lots of possible changes in the husband applied for a full-time teaching position in Minnesota (13 hours away from good friends and in the middle of nowhere) or if he doesn't get the job, staying here with little job security and riding out the scary economy for another year. So the birth dreams could have also meant change. The vampires (along with the fact that I have been watching way too much Angel lately) probably symbolize my own insecurities and crappy job that are like vampires...sucking my life away. The pregnancy dream where I could feel the baby kicking was SO vivid.
I don't like kids, but I've dreamt a couple of times that I was pregnant, and was happy. I wanted the kid to be born already, couldn't wait for her/his arrival. Though, in the dreams I came to be pregnant spontaneously.

The other night I dreamt that my cousins had conned me into going to church with them. This guy I hate and his new gf showed up, too, and I deliberately sat across the room from them. During a break, I wandered over to a gift shop of sorts with this girl who regularly attended the church. I loitered there for a bit too long. The service had started back up, so I traipsed on out of there.
I've had dreams where I was pregnant, but they weren't nice at all. They were full on nightmares. It was a huge relief to wake up and know that I wasn't pregnant.

Christine Nectarine
I had a dream the other night about bestfriends father who died a couple months ago. It was really nice in the dream, because he just faded away peacefully, whereas in real life he had suffered with cancer for many years, and was in pain and looking like a very sickly version of himself when he died. I woke up with a start, feeling that I had to let her know I just saw her dad, and that he was peaceful.

I’m trying to decide now if I should tell her about the dream or not. I don’t know if it will be nice for her to hear, or upsetting. Hmmmm.
I had horrible dreams the night before last. I dreamt that I was being woken up!! I have to clarify something...I'm severely hearing impaired and am for all practical purposes, totally deaf at night without hearing aides.

I also think it wasn't helping because I was having an RLS episode too. It's "restless legs syndrome" and it feels like a compulsion to move your they move without your control. When I get it, about every five minutes or so my legs go like I'm pedaling a bicycle.

So, anyway, I dreamt that Mom was shaking me, hard in bed..I woke up and she had a frantic look on her face and was pointing at the living room...I ran out there to be confronted by a huge black entity that seemed like a demon. I woke up drenched in sweat and screaming. After that I kept feeling something tapping me on the shoulder or shaking my hip and waking up to see the demon standing over me!!!! I soaked the sheets with sweat that night. This happened at least SIX times!

I hate those kind because they seem so real. I eventually convinced myself that there really WAS a demon tormenting me so I got up and went to my shrine and lit candles and incense and meditated, holding my totem stones. Yikes, hope I never have another night like that!!!
remember Kermit and the Muppets and "the rainbow connection"???
~~have you been half asleep, and have you heard voices? I've heard them calling my name~~

so what does this mean??? I've heard voices calling my name since I was little. usually I hear my mom or dad calling me - like to get up or to do chores or whatever.
mostly the voices are strong ones - like - get up NOW. warning

yesterday... THREE TIMES IN ONE NIGHT there were voices.
twice children calling my name, then once it was a male voice. I didn't recognize them at all.
but they were Happy.

don't understand it.

i've been having wedding-related dreams lately. they're never quite right, either.

1. a month ago: i had a dream that i was going to have to enter into an arranged marriage, to which i was vehemently opposed, and i had to struggle with calling it off last minute causing major waves, or doing the "socially acceptable thing" and going through with it.

2. last night: reluctantly got married to a guy friend [who IRL is rabidly in love with me (to which he is unrequited--long story)], me thinking, "well, if he loves me this much, i should go with it b/c he's a good guy." the reception then involved my wedding dress being ripped/having things spilled/staining it by a group of young girl guests.

RIFE with symbolism. anyone have an outside take?

yesterday... THREE TIMES IN ONE NIGHT there were voices.
twice children calling my name, then once it was a male voice. I didn't recognize them at all.
but they were Happy.

i don't know what this means, but it sounds sort of "unsolved mysteries" creepy.
According to


To see a wedding in your dream, symbolizes a new beginning or transition in your current life. They reflect your issues about commitment and independence. Alternatively, your wedding dream refers to feelings of bitterness, sorrow, or death. Such dreams are often negative and highlight some anxiety or fear. If you dream that the wedding goes wrong or ends in disaster, then it suggests that there is more negativity that needs to be dealt with.

To dream that you are getting married to your current spouse again, represents your wedded bliss and happiness. It highlights your strong commitment to each other. It may also signify a new phase (such as parenthood) that you are entering in your life.

To dream that you are planning your own wedding to someone you never met, is a metaphor symbolizing the union of your masculine and feminine side. It represents a transitional phase where you are seeking some sort of balance between your aggressive side and emotional side. Two previously conflicting aspects are merging together as one.

If you are getting married and have dreams of your pending wedding, then it highlights the stress of organizing a wedding. Conflicts over wedding details, tension with family and in-laws, fear of commitment, and loss of independence may all cause wedding anxiety dreams. Research has shown that up to 40% of brides and grooms have dreams about their ceremony and things going perfectly.

I also looked up marriage:


To see a marriage in your dream, signifies commitment, harmony or transitional period. You are undergoing an important developmental phase in your life. The dream may also represent the unification of formerly separate or opposite aspects of yourself. In particular, it is the union of masculine or feminine aspects of yourself. Consider the qualities and characteristics of the person that you are marrying. These are the qualities that you need to look at incorporating within yourself.

To dream of a proposal of marriage, suggests that some situation will take a turn for the worse.

To dream that you are getting married to your ex, suggests that you have accepted aspects of that relationship and learned from those past mistakes. Alternatively, it means that a current relationship shares some commonality with your previous relationship with your ex. However, you will not make those same mistakes.

i actually did look at that site... i can't find anything mostly on "arranged marriage", of which i've had several dreams, including the one below. my best guess is either fear of commitment or coercion into something i don't want to do IRL (which is pretty much everything, 'cos i'm a stubborn ass)
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Jun 17 2009, 04:31 PM) *
1. a month ago: i had a dream that i was going to have to enter into an arranged marriage, to which i was vehemently opposed, and i had to struggle with calling it off last minute causing major waves, or doing the "socially acceptable thing" and going through with it.

Well, you can play around with the meanings of dreams. You might not find the definition in a dream dictionary. I always like to look at both sides of any situation, particularly dreams. I think there is the obvious interpretation and then there is the hidden meanings. It is good to play around with both meanings to see what relevance they have with your current life, any current issues you are dealing with.

Arranged marriages can represent not wanting to enter a union or relationship where there is no mutuality or balance. Wanting to be heard and have a voice in your relationship, not losing your identity. Along the lines of identity, your dreams could represent some unconscious, emotional issues you are dealing with intrapersonally. Wanting to create a balance of yourself. Feeling you are being true to yourself, expressing both masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. Your ability to reconcile both of these aspects in yourself. Struggling to be yourself and be socially acceptable.
i don't really remember my dreams so, i like analizing [sic] other people's dreams. more often than not, i'm not completely serious about it, so i am being at least slightly if not entirely tongue in cheek, and i've always thought the way people interpret dreams says more about the interpreter than the dreamer:
2. last night: reluctantly got married to a guy friend [who IRL is rabidly in love with me (to which he is unrequited--long story)], me thinking, "well, if he loves me this much, i should go with it b/c he's a good guy." the reception then involved my wedding dress being ripped/having things spilled/staining it by a group of young girl guests.

i think basically this is an adulthood dream. you're thinking, hey, this adult thing, responsibility, it's not so bad, so why not? but now that you are an adult, you are finding that that "commitment" ain't all it's crack'd up to be. that's why the symbol of that new identity is being torn apart/stained by a bunch of girls. they represent that childhood side of you, wanting you to ignore your responsibilities.

alternate theory:
you are reliving your dinner. you thought it might be nice to eat [insert meal] so you ate it (wedding), but at the reception (your stomach) you are having a bit of trouble with your stomach acid (girls) disagreeing with you (stains).
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 18 2009, 03:20 PM) *
i've always thought the way people interpret dreams says more about the interpreter than the dreamer:

oh yeah? so what does my interpretation say about me, hector projector? wink.gif
Arranged marriages can represent not wanting to enter a union or relationship where there is no mutuality or balance. Wanting to be heard and have a voice in your relationship, not losing your identity... Your ability to reconcile both of these aspects in yourself. Struggling to be yourself and be socially acceptable.

always. but this is probably a universal theme. i don't think i'm the first one to come along that has a life that dictates one behavior when you just really want to run the streets bucknaked with flowers in her hair.

alternate theory:
you are reliving your dinner. you thought it might be nice to eat [insert meal] so you ate it (wedding), but at the reception (your stomach) you are having a bit of trouble with your stomach acid (girls) disagreeing with you (stains).

lol! i omitted the fact that in the dream the groom got trashed and i had to take care of him/take him back to the room. maybe the groom is Tums, and i needed to get some out of the bath(room).

i think a lot of my dreams are locked up into what i was looking at/thinking about right before i go to bed. when i was on vacation, i was reading neil gaiman's american gods each night, and each night i had these really weird, ethereal dreams that were structured not unlike his writing style. in the dream case #2, i had just been looking at pics of my guy friend on facebook, and was thinking about fact that he was pissed that i didn't contact him when i was in town.
oh yeah? so what does my interpretation say about me, hector projector?
that you are smart as a whip? i was more talking about me. i was writing about cat lady's dream and i was thinking...uh, no. that's how you feel, missy. so i was pointing my fingers at me. the only thoughts i ever have about you, star, btw, are of kittens, puppies, (very cute ones, mind you) and moonbeams.

maybe the groom is Tums, and i needed to get some out of the bath(room).

uh. ok. that'll work. what am i doing here if you already know?

uh. ok. that'll work. what am i doing here if you already know?

i've always thought the way people interpret dreams says more about the interpreter than the dreamer

ok, smart ass. dry.gif

that's what i get for asking a bustie a smart ass question...

I had so many crazy wedding dreams before I got married! I'm not surprised that most couples experience the same phenomena. In one of my crazy wedding dreams, I hadn't reviewed our vows before the ceremony & I ended up having to say the WEIRDEST shit! Something about fish or whatever. I couldn't figure out why my wedding vows said anything about fish! And I didn't know if I should stop the minister in front of God and everybody and say, "What the hell are you talking about?" or if I should just politely go along with the ceremony. So strange. I know that I had this dream because a friend of mine did not review the traditional Russian wedding vows her husband-to-be wanted to use for their ceremony. Imagine her surprise when she found herself standing in front of the congregation, vowing to obey him! They divorced a few years later.

The other night I dreamt that I was icing a big pile of cupcakes. And I was really annoyed because I don't particularly like cupcakes (I hate the hassle of putting frosting on each one) and I felt like I was only making all these damn cupcakes because it's the trendy thing to do (Will the cupcake trend end already please? I'm ready for a different food fad) so I just felt angry and resentful, but I just kept icing all those damn cupcakes. I feel like it was my mind battling with the idea of what certain people may think I'm supposed to be doing versus what I actually enjoy doing. Or is that interpretation too obvious?

I feel like it was my mind battling with the idea of what certain people may think I'm supposed to be doing versus what I actually enjoy doing. Or is that interpretation too obvious?

well that's what i would have said it meant, rose. sometimes the reading is pretty upfront. *shrugs*

my alternate theory was that you were reliving your dinner. something about girls tearing up your cupcakes. frosting representing tums, but when i type it out it sounds silly.
I had a really intense sex dream about a good friend last night. It's not the first time, either. I've been attracted to him since forever and we connect really well and have a lot of fun together, and sometimes I sense that he might like me, too, but I just really don't think it's in the cards for us. We're better as friends. So I love having these dreams. I get to have it both ways! This one was really good because it was a little bit lucid, so I had a little control over what was happening, and it was quite realistic. We were just hanging out together like we always do, and I was feeling this really intense sexual tension and assuming it was just me, until we found ourselves standing close together and our eyes met and I knew he was thinking exactly what I was thinking. And there was a really realistic moment of hesitation when I was (actually, probably both of us were) thinking "oh shit, is this really happening? Am I just imagining this? I shouldn't do it. I could just be making a mistake. No, look at his eyes. This is really happening. I should just do it. No, I shouldn't. Oh, fuck it." Wow. It was so awesome I almost wanna post it in the portions thread! Yay for dream sex!

I love lucid dreams. I wish I had them more. I have trouble striking that balance where you're awake enough to know you're dreaming and manipulate that dream but you're still asleep enough to keep it going. I always come on a little too strong and wake myself up. At least I managed to work it out today! I think I did wake myself up in the end, but I kept it going for a while. I need to start keeping a dream journal again. I used to, when I was 11 or 12, but I really hate journaling and I always get bored and give up. But while I was keeping that journal I found it so much easier to remember dreams, and not just the ones I'd written down. It was like by accessing that part of my brain more frequently to write down the dreams, and then to reread and remember them, I increased my capacity to access it. Normally I don't remember my dreams for longer than 5 minutes after I wake up. But for months after I stopped journaling I was able to remember a lot more dreams with a lot more clarity.

There's a legal herb with a name I've forgotten that, when you drink a strong infusion of it, is supposed to give you incredible dreams. They call it dream-tripping. Anyone here tried it?
epi- i hear over-the-counter sleeping herbs like kava kava and valerian root potentiate dreams...

i had another fucking wedding dream. the color theme was red, white and blue (!) i was the drunk bride, and i was on a carriage, drunk and belligerent. offstage, i fall, have head trauma, die.

in the next scene, i'm still me, but i'm charged with doing an autopsy on a drunk bride who fell and died.

cut back to the wedding, i'm me (the non-bride), and one of my bosses is there, and i'm discussing the case with him. his hospital staff isn't cooperating with something, so i start yelling, "Dr. X gets what Dr. X. wants!! If he wants to write for herb for Lance Armstrong, he's gonna write herb for Lance Armstrong!" (Amstrong, meanwhile, high as fuck and resting on a couch nearby).


as a side note, datagirl mentioned elsewhere that she stopped having bad dreams after she removed a dreamcatcher from over her bed. i'm paradoxically superstitious, so this struck a chord; i noticed i had really intense, mostly unfavorable dreams, when i had one over my bed :::shrugs:::

i used to keep a dream journal when i was a mere 'tween. for what reason, i'm not sure, other than to document the bizarrity (i'm making that a word now) of it all, or to ascribe meaning to it all.

the "purpose of dreams" is right up there with "wtf happened to the dinosaurs" on my List of Things to Ask At The Pearly Gates.
I don't know if this is because of all the wedding talk in Kvetch Up but last night I had a dream that candycane_boy proposed but he gave me the ugliest ring ever! It was like this puprle-y gem and gold ring and it was plastic and reminiscent of a ring pop. And I wanted to say yes but I kept thinking "holy shit, that's the ring?!" And so I said yes but I wouldn't wear the ring unless he was around and I didn't know how to tell him that I hated the ring. It reminded me ever so slightly of that Sex and the City episode when Carrie won't wear her engagement ring on her finger.
Had a couple glasses of wine with dinner last night and I think they interacted strangely with one of my supplements. I've been taking St. John's wort for 2 months and I just started taking tulsi (holy basil) this week after finding it on clearance at work and hearing about its relaxing qualities. I was lying in bed, starting to drift off, and suddenly I felt like I was having a mushroom flashback. My body felt incredibly strange and compressed, and I felt like if I looked down at it it would look short and distorted, like I was standing in deep water. There was even a slight spinny, wavy sensation. When I finally managed to get to sleep, I had obnoxious, noisy, fucked up, unpleasant dreams all night. I don't remember much anymore, but I know they were mostly about my ex. Ugh. Oh, I do remember one detail, though. I was in the desert, and there was this big box just sitting there, like a go-go cage in a bar, and a girl was dancing in it, so I went over to watch her. I found her really unattractive, but somehow I ended up in a threesome with her and another girl. At first I was kind of like, ew, what am I doing, but I started to get into it anyway and when I wasn't paying attention she kind of morphed and became much more attractive. And later in the dream I was having sex with a really hot guy. Oh, and I was living in a big strange house, and I had to go back and work at the cafe I worked at all last summer and despised, only I had to work alone in the kitchen and all the people I used to know were gone and it all felt very sinister. Wow. It all just kind of came flooding back. What a weird night.
I had a really weird dream last night. I was in some kind of class with all women, it may have been a photography class. Anyway, it had kind of an America's Next Top Model feel to it because the teacher came to us and told us that we were going to get a chance to photograph Gwen Stefani. The way it was said reminded me of all those times on ANTM when Mr. Jay says they'll be working with some famous photog and the girls pretend to be excited.

Anyway, Gwen arrives and it's her wedding day and she's wearing a blue lengha. I wanted to show off and greet her in Punjabi but then she responded in some completely different way and I realized it was because her Indian mother-in-law was from the south whereas Punjab is in the north. I guess in the dream she was actually marrying Tony Kanal (the bassist of No Doubt) and that's why the whole wedding was Indian. Anyway, I don't remember much after that. It was just weird seeing Gwen sit there in a lengha and be so smiley and gracious while young women took her picture.
I dreamed last night that someone started several Men Only threads in Media Whores. Every man I've ever known to post here was involved (even Lije[sp] who, to this remains one of the most spectacular meltodowns I've ever seen here.) I was so upset I was telling everyone, "I'm cool with men being here but they need to realize this is OUR SPACE!"
I had such a strange dream last night. In the dream I was alone in a house with my friend's boyfriend. But the guy in the dream was actually her real life brother but in the dream he was her boyfriend. Anyway, in the dream we were talking and we knew that something was going to happen and then we started to have sex. I pushed him off me after a minute or so and kept saying "No, no, I can't do this to M." I was so afraid that he was going to tell her what happened and there were times when I thought she knew but wasn't saying anything.
Last night I dreamt that I was back in high school. It was lunchtime, and I was with my ex (who I was with when I was 19). It didn't occur to me to be weirded out or indignant. We were sitting there, trying to decide what we wanted for lunch, when a blizzard came along (which just never happens in west TX). I told him we should go somewhere else, because the cafeteria was going to be too crowded because of the weather. I looked away from him, then looked back. He had taken off his baseball cap, revealing the strangest looking skullet I'd ever seen. I was thinking "Oh shit, don't go superficial, now. I'd have to be a real jerk to break up with him because he has a crazy ugly looking skullet." But then I thought "Wait... this guy broke up with me... via text message.... because I had the audacity to ask him if he'd been tested for STDs after he told me a previous GF had run around on him... hm..." So at that point I decided that sometime that day, I was going to dump him in the most jerk way possible. Unfortunately, the dream didn't go that far. It ended with me wondering where in hell I'd parked my car.
ICK, I had the most gruesome dream last night. I was in this kind of old-timey shop. The owner of the shop was this ornery witch who liked to scare people. And by witch, I mean it in the literal sense, not bitch with a w in place of the b. Anyway, I was hanging out in her shop for whatever reason, and she had grown accustomed to me - so she stopped trying to purposely scare me. But when someone else would come in, she'd try to scare them. What she would do was plant an image in the mind. Unfortunately, she couldn't isolate just one person. Whatever image she wanted to make one person see, everyone in the room was subjected to. Her favorite thing to do was to make someone see her without any soft tissue left on her head. So you'd see her with a normal looking body, but her head was only a skull with a wig stuck on it. There would be this long vertical crack extending from the bottom to the eye socket all the way down to the bottom of the maxilla (where your teeth attach), and she'd grab hold of the pieces on either side of the crack and knock them together while she was talking to you. It was CREEPY as hell.
Somewhere in that dream, I learned that my mom was preggers with twins. I asked my dad if at least one of the babies was a girl, because I really wanted a sister.
I know what they say about one who dreams that she is pregnant, but what if you frequently dream that other people are pregnant? Last night I dreamed that my grandmother gave birth to sextuplets. She was telling me about how she was in labor for a week. I asked her why she just didn't have a c-section. She said that she wanted to do it "naturally." I said something like "You've already gone beyond what's 'natural' by conceiving sextuplets. Humans don't do that naturally."
So I have these dreams pretty frequently that someone else is pregnant. Do you all think there's some 'meaning?' And I'm applying the word 'meaning' very loosely here. I think 'dream themes' crop up when there's something in somebody's life that isn't manifesting itself consciously, so the only way it can be reviewed is in semi-abstract dreams.
A few nights ago I had this dream that I just can't shake.
I somehow came to be standing in the house of one of my classmates (real life, though I'm actually not well acquainted with this gal, so I don't know why it was her and not someone else). She was sitting at her kitchen table with her brother. She had just come home from class, and was lamenting the fact that she had no homework, no studying to do, nothing. She wanted something to keep her occupied so she wouldn't think about her father, who had died sometime in the recent past. Since I was standing right there listening to what she was saying, it seemed perfectly alright to butt into the conversation (lol). I said "Oh, yes, so-and-so was telling me that she tries to stay busy too, so she won't get too gloomy about her fathers' not being here anymore."
She looked at me kind of inquisitively. I thought to myself "I can't imagine what it's like for them. I have no idea how I'll handle it when my dad dies. I can't even really think about it, how hard it will be to get past it." She knew what I was thinking, because she said "It isn't hard. It's just dark." It made perfect sense in the dream. I took her meaning as 'I can still function just fine, but I'm not happy, I'm under a cloud.' Thinking about it now, it seems kind of cryptic.
It was an odd dream. I've never had one quite like it. I have dreamt that one or both of my parents are dead, and I'm bawling so hard in the dream that I can't see straight, and I'll be bothered by it for days afterward.
Another high school dream. Well, college/high school/elementary.. It was actually rather mundane. There were no crazy dream-happenings to make it memorable, but still, it stands out in my mind.
At the beginning, it was college. I came out of one of my classes, don't know what it was, and sat in a lawn chair. It was lunch period (which we don't have at uni, so at that moment I was a high school student) and I was thinking about a history course I wished I had taken that semester (college again!). It was being taught by Abraham Lincoln, and I was thinking about how interesting it must be, to learn history from someone who was actually there, and who was absolutely old. One of my friends was sitting on a swing (elementary school!), and I asked her about the course, since I knew she was taking it. She acted as if it wasn't terribly interesting, and told me a bit about what "Mr. Lincoln" had lectured on that day. I asked her what he looked like, and speculated that he must look frighteningly ancient. She was surprised - "Haven't you seen him?" I told her that I had only seen pictures of him, and those were taken back in his heyday when he was president. She told me that he still looked pretty much the same as he did in those old pictures.
I started looking around, and noticed that people were lining up to go to their next class (something we did in elementary, actually). I saw someone I never expected to see, and was thrilled. I forgot my inhibitions, and hollered his name. I called him "Mark," though that isn't actually his name. He called back "Hey, what're you doing?" I motioned for him to come over, but as he was coming, someone got in between us and started monopolizing his attention. I was mildly irked, but soon got over it. I turned my face up toward the sky and let my thoughts drift.
A couple of minutes later, "Mark" had made his way over to where I was sitting. The other students were starting to file off to class, but I stayed in my lawn chair. "Mark" asked me why I wasn't getting up to go to class, so I said "I'm liking this weather too much. It's warm (even though it was a bit overcast), and I've been cold for such a long time." It isn't like me to expose myself to so much UV radiation, so after a few minutes I decided to get up and go to class. Mark was still standing there, along with the clown who had intercepted him earlier. I had to cross the street to get to my next class, but Mark didn't. He took my hand and seemed intent on walking me to my class. I was concerned that he would be late for his, but he didn't seem to care (which wasn't like him). The other guy walked with us until Mark motioned for him to get lost, which he did.
The building I had to go to was one that's actually at my old high school, the same building that I frequently dream about. IRL, it's two floors, and not at all difficult to navigate. But in my dreams, it's always three floors, something of a maze, and the way to get to the third floor is this pain in the ass "attic door" sort of entrance, that somehow manages to shrink while I'm in class so that I can never get back through it.
So we got to my building. I was a bit flustered that Mark was going so far out of his way to escort me to class, and couldn't remember exactly where my class was as a result. I actually told him "I think my class is on the third floor," so that's where we went. Alas, my class wasn't there biggrin.gif So I told him "You know what, I'm pretty sure it's on the second floor." I steered him toward the spot where that pain in the ass attic door should've been, and found an actual, honest-to-goodness, normal staircase. That was a shock. But he suddenly stopped walking, and I couldn't pull him forward. He looked at the stairs apprehensively, then looked at me with a frightened look on his face, and shook his head. I knew there was no way in hell that I was going to convince him to take these stairs, so I dragged him off to another staircase. When we got to the second floor, class was already over. I felt kind of bad about it, since I had already missed several of Mr. Lincoln's dull history lectures tongue.gif (Odd, right? at the beginning of the dream, I'm thinking about how fascinating his class must be, but at the end, I am in his class, and find it boring).
Congratulations if you got through this tome tongue.gif
Y'know, JSmith, you make me feel so much better about my own bizarre dreamscapes. I've had some real doozies as of late, but haven't taken the time to write them down. You remind me that I should.
I do like to record the dreams that stand out to me, if for no other reason than to read back through them and think, "That was pretty damn interesting, maybe I'm not so lacking in the creativity department as I think I am" LOL. Sometimes I'll read through one, and it actually feels like a real memory, they can be so vivid. Anyway, it is a good way to pass empty time.
Okay, the first half of this dream I was in some kind of lavish Asian hotel/casino. I couldn't decide where exactly, but there were a LOT of Indian people around. It was all crimson & gold & ivory Apparently I'd been there for some time & I was living off of my two hosts because I'd lost my wallet in a drunken escapade. A man & a woman joined our partying trio, but I didn't like them. We kept making day trips to see the local sights, but I kept waking up back in my room with no memories of said trips. Eventually I determined that these were the people that stole my wallet & that they had been serving me drugged wine. International incident ensued, I was shipped back to America in disgrace. I moved back into my parent's house, but I had no parents (Thank god, those dreams put me in a snit all day long). Instead, the house next door had been taken over by a fraternity. They were having some kind of big bash. I was out back & this huge column of blue fire lit up the alley & they were hooting & hollering. I went over & had a few drinks, made out with a college kid, lost my glasses & passed out with the college kid. I woke up the next day, still couldn't find my glasses. I wandered all over the house before I found somebody else's glasses with the same 'scrip & took them with me. I rifled the main kid's wallet & left. So lost stuff & wallets was the theme of that one.
Let me start this by saying that I have a sleep anomaly. This anomaly leads me to suffer from pretty severe hypnagogia. I am prone to sensory phenomena such as sound, sleep paralysis, & tactile sensations. I also have frequent hypnic jerks when falling asleep.

The tactile really bothers me. It's very intense, I can actually feel when somebody does something to me physically in a dream. Like tonight (the reason I'm up right now instead of still asleep), in my dream I was a superspy & somebody had an arm around my neck & was choking me out. When I came to wakefulness, my vision was dark & I saw stars like I'd actually been choked. Which is also a feature of my hypnagogia.

I've done a few sleep studies over the years trying to get a handle on it. While it is frequently trod research ground, little headway has been made in understanding it. Ah, the mysteries of the human brain!
Oh man, I haven't had that happen to me in a while. THANK COD. It's so creepy when it happens, even though I know what it is when it's happening. I, too, have the auditory and tactile hallucinations. I've only ever had real visual hallucinations during one episode, and that was enough biggrin.gif
I've found that the episodes occur more frequently when I go to sleep on my back. I don't know why it's that way for me, but there it is.
Me, too! If I'm on my side or my belly, I'm fine, but on my back things go starkers upstairs.
Okay, this one was pretty funny:

I live about.. 3 minutes from the nearest walmart. I needed some chain to repair some kind of "hanging shelf" (2 chains suspended it from the ceiling) that I had inherited from my brother (and I don't mind saying, this thing was pretty awesome. I've never seen anything like it IRL, maybe I should get a patent? LOL). So I jump on an adult-sized tricycle and go to walmart. It wasn't quite raining outside.. it was misting, and I was pretty damp when I got there. I was irked when I couldn't find a parking spot right by the door, but I settled with what was there. I walked inside, and heard a man's voice over the PA: "We have a suspect, a young female attorney between the ages of (blah blah blah, whatever the ages were). She's red-haired and wearing blue ("aw hell, I'm a red.. and I'm wearing blue..") and gets around on an old tricycle. She is wanted in connection to the murder of so and so."
So I thought to myself "Damn profilers! But I'm not an attorney, so I couldn't have killed that guy. Christ, I hope they don't notice me.." I had been picked up by some other authorities in connection to another homicide, and didn't want to be bothered with these things anymore. I figured I had better have a confident demeanor, and not hide my face as I walked through the store, as that would look suspicious. As I was making my way to the tool section to find some chain, that blasted profiler came back on over the PA: "This suspect will probably keep her head down and avoid eye contact. Be on the lookout for someone acting this way. There is also a chance that she will do just the opposite, and be forward and outgoing." Crap.
One of the employees was someone I was acquainted with, and he thought this whole thing was funny. He knew that if the profilers spotted me, they'd want to detain me, but he also was sure that I didn't commit the murder. So as I walked by him he cracked a joke that only I would hear and understand. I resisted the urge to smack him.
I got to the tool section, and by carrying myself very carefully I was able to get what I wanted from the employees there without alarming them. On my way to the cash registers, the fellow who thought my delicate situation was humorous snapped a picture of me and giggled. I grabbed the camera from him and stalked off.
I must have woken up soon after that, because the profilers never got me, but I never got out of walmart.
Okay, last night's feature had something reeeaally out of the ordinary, juxtaposed with something that normally happens in my dreams.
I was at my aunt's house. Her house is big, but in my dreams it's always much bigger, and maze-like.
I was being stalked by another woman. That has never happened in a dream, and I was completely weirded out. It was so far out of my (dream) experience that I was actually sort of freaking out. Normally when I'm being pursued by a nutter in a dream, I can handle it. And dispose of the nutter biggrin.gif But the woman in this dream was so insidious. For a moment she would be right in front of me, saying something amorous and menacing, then she'd run off and conceal herself somewhere when I'd bow up at her.
I remembered that we were having a family reunion, of sorts. A lot of my family was somewhere in the house. As I was walking through, peaking around corners, ready to lash out if necessary, someone grabbed me. It was my uncle S (who actually lives in FL). He was hanging upside down from a sort of attic opening. He pulled me up into the attic (which didn't look like an attic, but a normal, spacious room). I was surprised he could manage that, he looked so lethargic. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that the woman had somehow drugged everyone. I looked around at everyone in the room: there was my other uncle M his wife R and their kid B, my grandmother's cousin J and his daugher A and her new baby (who isn't even a week old yet), my grandmother's niece B and nephew E and their families, and I think my brother was in there somewhere. They all looked like they'd been drugged. The women didn't look as bad as the men, it seemed that they were able to recover quicker.
I told my aunt R and my grandmother's nephew's wife L that I was going to go retrieve my pistol. I asked them if they would come with me to "cover me," in case the woman popped up and tried to keep me from going about the house. They were keen on the idea, since they were pretty miffed at being drugged by her, and seemed to be itching for a fight.
I went to where I knew my gun would be, and found my dad putting bullets into the magazine for me. He was also preparing an hors'devours tray, haha. I looked around the room and discovered some other family members who don't actually exist. They were kids, dressed up in Civil War costumes, acting like they were soldiers in the Confederate army. One of them was laying in the pond (there is a pond on the property, but in the dream, it was indoors) and doing a kind of Apocalypse Now Ben Willard knife-in-the-mouth sort of thing.
I asked if my dad had seen the woman. He said no, and my best friend from elementary school chimed in, saying the woman probably left already, since it was getting dark. I was sure she was still around there somewhere, hiding, so I took my pistol and tried to go about my usual activities. Whatever those were, lol.
Okay, so my dream last night had an odd element to it as well. It was erotic/scary. It has been a month or so since my last seeing to, so I am feeling rather randy these days, so I'm going to assume that's where this is coming from. And keep in mind that I was in something of a twilight state here, like I could hear the episode of L&O on the tv at three am.

I dreamt I was laying comfortably prone on my sofa, which I was. It started at the top of my head. Magic fingers giving me a head massage. After a bit, I felt whomever it was move to kneel between my thighs & rub down my neck into my shoulders/arms & on down. Eventually I was trying to stifle my grunts & groans & I kept trying to look over my shoulder to see from whence this lovely, sensual massage came. The person kept blocking my head from turning to look at him & digging deeper into my skin, really going for the pleasure/pain of the deep tissue action with a sexy tweak here & there, like working from the top to the bottom & giving my ass these really hard fantastic squeezes before starting all over again. I was really enjoying myself, I was like "Fuck it if I'm noisy!" Really into it. My masseur was into it, too, & had slid up to sit on my ass while he kissed, licked, & nipped at my shoulders while he rubbed me, slipping his fingers down my sides to touch my breasts. I could feel his weight, his boner poking my butt, his chest against my back as he leaned over my shoulder to kiss me . . . he was invisible. He was like, a ripple in the air. I freaked the fuck out & started to buck, but he held me down & just kept going. I'd relax get into it again, feel his breath, but every time he tried to kiss me or I looked at where he was holding my hands over my head with one of his I'd freak. So yeah, I dreamt that a ghost was trying to sex me.
blink.gif "Ghost" will never be the same, will it? biggrin.gif
I once had a tactile hallucination where someone was running their hands up and down my back. But it wasn't a ghost, it was an alien, and I could hear weird alien spacecraft machinery going on in the background. It wasn't sexy at all.

Here's a weird dream I had the other night. My dad must've been on my mind that night, because it featured dolls, and my dad always laments the dreams he had about dolls when he was a kid. Oh hoho, he was so scared of 'em!
My parents were living in this big, awesome house. It was beautifully decorated, and had these big, kickass bathrooms you could pretty much live in. So naturally I spent a lot of time there.
Anyway, I was wandering about the house. It was night, and I was sauntering around, not really with any agenda. I kept walking by dark corners, thinking "there's something there." Finally, as I was passing a particularly dark spot, I stared intently into the deep, almost impenetrable dark. Suddenly the spot became brighter, and I saw this really tall doll sitting on a chair. She was rather distorted - she had a looong neck, and a really large face. And she was mean - she started insulting me, and made threats of physical violence. But I thought, "Oh you're just a doll, shut up."
Ah, elementary school again. I wasn't a student. I don't think I was faculty either, though. I don't really know what I was doing there, I just know that I was trying to find a parking spot, but couldn't. I was surprised at how few spots there were.
But no matter, I soon found that my car had disappeared from around me.

I had no desire to walk into the school, since I knew there wouldn't be anyone interesting there. So I started walking... home, I guess. I walked by the church parking lot and saw a couple of people standing there, watching me. When they realized I had spotted them, one of them hollered my name. My full name. It was a woman, she was approaching me, and her husband was trailing along behind her.
When she got to me, I started walking again. As we were ambling along, she tremulously informed me that she was my mom. I knew it was BS, and I gave her a disparaging look. She said "Really, you're my daughter. I know you look so much like your father that it's hard to see, but you're my daughter."

This woman bore no resemblance to me whatsoever. I thought to myself "Maybe I do look a lot like my dad, but anybody who looks at me and then at my (real) mom knows that I could only have come from her."

I made up my mind to find out what she was really after. I knew she was trying to feed me BS, and I knew that she was keenly aware that she was trying to be sly (for a few moments I thought, maybe she had a daughter who was born at the same time I was, but she died, and this poor gal is off her rocker. But then I threw that thought out - she was implying that she had had a romp with my dad, and produced me nine months later. Her husband didn't claim to be my father, after all). So, I acted as if I believed her. We got to her house and she acquainted me with her mom and "other" daughter.

I never found out for sure what she was after.. but there was murder involved. She was out to kill someone, but I don't remember how I factored into that. I do remember that I thwarted her, though biggrin.gif
A rare one where I'm being victimized.
I was driving home from what must have been a job/uni interview (I was wearing my interview clothes, after all). It was really late, past midnight. I was half-aware that someone was following me, making every turn that I made. But I didn't care.
I got home. 'Home' was an odd hybrid between a house I lived in as a kid, and my aunt's house (which seems to be a relatively common setting for my dreams). There were quite a few people living in the house: Me, my brother, my parents, my grandmother, and even a couple of other people who I rarely saw. Of course my aunt must've been there, too.
Anyway, I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Again, I was dimly aware that the person who had been following me was in the house. And again, I didn't care. Why should I care that some creep who was following me home had broken into the house tongue.gif? Suddenly I came to my senses. I gave myself a good mental shake: "Hey, stupidass, some clown followed you home and is in the goddamn house. He's standing on the other side of the bathroom door, DUMMY."
And so he was. I stood there looking at the door. The knob turned, and it slowly started to open.
I stood there chastising myself for not taking care of this before, when he was following me. I was lamenting the fact that my gun was locked away in my safe, and I didn't have any blades on me. The crack between the door and the frame got larger, and there wasn't a damn thing in sight that I could use to bludgeon my soon-to-be attacker. The only thing I could do to make myself a bigger threat would be to leap on him right when the door was open wide enough for me to see him. As I resolved myself to this, the door stopped opening. It's like.. he either knew I knew he was there, or he thought I still wasn't aware of his presence and he decided that he wanted to ambush me some other way. Whatever the case, the door slowly closed. Right when it was completely closed, I locked the door. It was a very audible click, so there was no way he could not have known that I knew he was there, and had locked his ass out. I saw the doorknob jiggle violently - I guess he wanted to test the lock. As for myself, I was getting a little maniacal. I yelled, as loudly and sardonically as I could "Hey, what the FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING TO DO?" I could practically hear my voice echoing off of every wall in the house. I guess he could, too, because he made a beeline for the front door, knocking things over in his haste and making all kinds of racket. Between the two of us, there was enough noise to wake the dead, so I knew everyone in the house should be up at that point.
I stayed in the bathroom for a few moments. I wanted to make sure he was really gone, and I wanted to get back my composure. So when I felt like I had myself under control, I walked out. My brother was picking things up off the floor. The SOB had made quite a mess when he was leaving.
It seemed that my grandmother and I were the only ones who were really taking this seriously. When day had come, the intruder called. My grandmother answered the phone and demanded to know who he was, what he was after, and told him to stay away.
What bothered me most was that I had no idea how he had got into the house. I knew I had locked the door when I got home, and I knew that every other door and window had been locked. I mentioned this to my brother, and the dolt said "Oh, he probably slipped in before you closed the door." I insisted that I would have noticed if someone had slipped in. But then I thought, hell it took me ages to give a damn that someone had followed me home, and was in the house, so maybe he did slip in behind me, and I just didn't think anything of it... BUT, since I had absolutely no idea what this guy even looked like, I decided that he had not come in behind me.
Throughout the rest of the dream I kept getting more and more paranoid. When I'd try to sleep, I'd think "I can't let this fucker catch me unawares." I'd also hear piano music in my head. I guess Mozart was out to get me tongue.gif At the very end of the dream, I was at my elementary school (oh hell, there it is again). Snow was thick on the ground (which never happens here, where I live, 2 feet from hell), there were kids sitting at little round tables with their parents, and I was stalking around, refusing to talk to anyone.

It was just a dream, but I'm pissed off. It is so rare that I'm victimized in dreams. Even though I knew what I was going to do if/when I had to face this guy, I still felt vulnerable because I had No. Idea. what he looked like.
This has to be the most pathetic dream i've ever had.I was at my aunt house and the whole family was there , I was in the living room sitting in the sofa, watching tv and talking and on the phone , there was a fan next to me and my aunt goes "It's too cold turn off the fan." . The rest of my dream was me trying to turn off the fan ,actually trying to reach the fan and not trying to get up of the sofa...I never never turned off the fan... mad.gif
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