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Full Version: Dreams - why did I dream of so and so...naked?
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Whoa, Treehugger, I can well imagine that you're haunted. I wouldn't know what to make of that, not knowing you in real life, but I hope you can sort it out.
Sometimes when I have a disturbing dream like that, I can think of nothing that might cause it. I chalk it up to more-than-what's-typical brain activity that happens to manifest in a (really) shocking fashion.
Or, maybe there's something you've been ignoring or putting on the back burner that's now demanding your attention, and that needs to be recognized and dealt with?
Last night was strange for me. I woke up 2 1/2 hours before my alarm clock was supposed to go off (and had a hard time getting back to sleep), I was hot as hell, and I had some very strange dreams. The only one I can remember was kind of creepy, not really dawning on me that it was weird until I woke up. I dreamt that I was waking up. All seemed real, there was no crazy, illogical dream happenings. I had to get ready for class, so I sat up and reached around for my hair. I found it was in a braid, and there was one of those stress clips pinning my bangs to the base of the braid on the left side. I thought, wait a minute, I didn't braid my hair or clip my bangs before going to bed... who the hell did this? I got up and went to the door, and got that I-stood-up-too-fast haze. I blacked out and woke up for real. My brother had come in and was looking for my car keys. He came up to me and said he needed them, then said my name, thinking I didn't hear him. I bellowed "WHAT! They're on the door." I've never really become ugly with someone for waking me, lol. It's funny, I was half-way thinking about yelling at him, but I didn't actually make the decision to do it, it just happened. It wasn't a good night or morning, lol.
Tree, that dream sounds fascinating. Terrifying, but fascinating. So much symbolism.

I dreamed last night that I had to assinate all of the characters in The Big Lebowski. I have never even seen that movie.
treehugger still creeps me out. One thing I'm able to articulate now that I couldn't the day I posted this...because upon reflection I must say there was the definite feeling that these women, not so much wanted to be HURT, as in feeling pain, although they knew it was a byproduct, but they wanted to LOOK hurt. They had wanted their partners to mutilate them OUTWARDLY. Sort of like being branded, or being taken ownership of, or something. and they were willing to pay the price.

I'm really interested in people's interpretations. Cause I still remember it which means it really made an impression on me. Yuck.
WARNING: I may be projecting my own issues here but this is what that would all mean to me...

Treehugger, it may be that you view those women as your way to say, "Look at me! Really see me. I am NOT as okay as you all think that I am. I have scars, I hurt and I feel fucked up and I want someone to respect that for a change."

The reason I write this is because I have often envied people with noticable scars b/c at least they didn't have to pretend that nothing was wrong. It was obvious that something at some point had been wrong for them.
This left me with a very unsettled feeling.

I dreamt that I got so drunk that I lost HOURS of my life. It started with me falling out of a hotel room door in just a white t shirt. I looked down the hall & saw a hotel guest come out of his room. I tried to get back in my room, but it was locked. So I started tugging the t shirt, trying to keep my ass & my Britney under control. I managed to make my way to the hotel lobby & I found all my stuff (iPod, car keys, Chapstick, etc. Oddly, no pants.) on a table. I asked the concierge where I was & what the hell was going on. He tells me that I came in this way, I didn't have a room, they just let me wander around until I sobered up a bit. Which took three hours. I wandered into the hotel bar still trying to not appear nearly nude when I ran into my friend N & his crazy gf. They are surprised to see me & I tell them my story. They offered to take me home. I walked five or so blocks with them, still trying not to flash anybody. That's when I woke up.

I was horrifed to say the least. I do get my odd drink on, but I don't get so drunk that I wind up someplace I don't recall. How/where did I get so drunk? Why did they not call the cops? Whose room was I in? Why was I forced out? And where were my goddamned pants?!
This morning I had a weird dream that tops all of the other weird dreams I've ever had. If anyone can give me some insight as to what it may mean (or maybe it was meaningless nonsense) I'd appreciate it.

I was at home, there were some people there, one of them being my uncle who lives 5 hours away IRL. Somebody whipped out a knife and stabbed me. The wound was very deep, toward my right side, and was just medial to the ribcage (close to the midline). I looked at the placement and figured that the knife probably pierced my liver, though the wound wasn't bleeding all that much. My brother called 911, but instead of waiting for the paramedics to get there, I decided that I'd meet them in the street. When I got outside there were ambulances going all over the place. I was amazed that so many people were in need of immediate medical attention. However, an ambulance never arrived for me. My uncle was there with me, and I decided that the only way I could get to a hospital was to walk. When I got to one, I walked inside, but was on the 3rd floor instead of the ground. Strange. Suddenly more family appeared, and I got on an elevator and went to the first floor.

When I got to the emergency room, a very friendly looking black nurse told me to come to the back. I followed her, and saw some very grim sights: There were no rooms, only partitions, and in one of them was a blonde headed crime investigator. She was sitting at a small table examining the head (no body in sight) of a young-old blonde-headed woman. It looked, somehow, deflated. In the next partitioned area was a black man who looked like a zombie out of the Night of the Living Dead movies. He looked terrible, and I was very unsettled to find myself in a close area with someone who looked like he should already be dead. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a doctor (she looked a lot like the nurse who had called me in: same hair do, same build, similar facial features). She approached the man and asked how he was feeling, what she could do for him today. I spotted the nurse, and darted over to her (there was very little pain coming from my wound, so I could move pretty easily).

I sat down at a long table with her and told about what had happened. I lifted up my shirt so she could see the wound. It looked really bad: there was a lot of discoloration and coagulated blood surrounding the entrance. She sent for someone to take me to a surgeon. While I waited, I looked over at the Night of the Living Dead guy, and heard someone using a copier. The noise it made sounded almost musical (in a mechanical way). I tried to block out the sound, because I knew that any time I heard another copier I'd remember these horrifying sights. Despite all that, I was feeling better since something was finally going to be done, and a couple of other nurses (a tall white guy and a young black woman) arrived and had me get on a gurney. Only one of them got on the elevator with me (and what an elevator! It was huge, had buttons with strange symbols all over the damn place, and the nurse was new so she had to stop and think about how to work it). When she got me on the appropriate floor she summoned the doctor. He arrived shortly, a young-to-middle-aged hispanic fellow, and asked to see the wound. I showed him, and took a look at it myself. It had become even worse! It was bleeding again, bulging, and something solid was pushing out of it... something that looked terribly like a liver.

He asked me about the pain, I told him it was very minimal, and he informed me that I probably had liver damage (I figured that from the beginning) and that part of it would probably have to come out. He had the staff prep the surgical room, and I removed all my jewelry (grudgingly, as I was sure the holes would close) and put on the gown he gave me. My family suddenly appeared again. I followed the doctor toward the surgical room, and we stopped in this other room that was covered in small round depressions filled with water. As I walked in circles around the depressions, he told me what he would do and what to expect when I woke up. As all of this was happening in the watery pitted room, I simultaneously was waking up from the surgery.

Then I woke up IRL. I was feeling the same brand of stress that I felt in the dream.
Being a very late sleeper, I dozed off again and had a couple of other strange dreams, but I'll stop here, as this is already a pretty long post.
Wow. I have to say that is an impressive dream. I wish there was some way I could give you advice about the meaning, but I really have no idea. It does seem like something right out of Buffy. I could imagine the whole seen unfolding in front of me as I read your post.

I had a very strange dream last night. I was staying in this small room that was almost small enough to be a bathroom. Whenever I tried to get up, there was a rat that would run over to my foot and bite it. It hurt like hell and the second time it bit me, the wound began to squirt puss that looked like the saliva on a rabid animal. It freaked me out and I instantly realized that I would have to go to the hospital to find out if I had rabies. Then I was sure that I had it, and I would have to get a painful shot. I didn't dare get up again, for fear that the rat would bite my foot again.

There was another one, but I will have to stew to remember what it was about.
Thinking about it now, I still can't come up with any meaning. There was so much going on, and now I think when a dream is like that, there's no easy way to interpret.

The other night I was having trouble sleeping. Actually, I've been having problems with that every night. But on this particular night, I was awake until the sun started coming up. I made the mistake of falling asleep while on my back. If I fall asleep on my back, I'm likely to have nightmares and paralysis. No paralysis this time, but I had a really, really, really frightening nightmare. Nothing actually happened to me, I was just sitting on my bedroom floor watching Silence of the Lambs. It wasn't as the movie really is, there were different actors/characters. The scene that scared the carp out of me had William Peterson's Grissom (CSI) character doing an autopsy on a woman who had been submerged in a lake for about a month. She looked BAD, as one could imagine. But, in my dream-state, she looked especially horrifying.
Grissom was talking about how the consistency of her soft tissue was like beeswax. I knew what was coming, somehow, and looked away from the screen. The dead woman started yelling (LOUDLY): "I know, I KNOW! I shouldn't have trusted him!"
Even though I could only see what was going on through the corner of my eye, that was enough. I was really freaked out by this scene. After a moment of silence, she started yelling some more, and I had the impression that she was no longer an image on the screen, but was in my face yelling at me. I thought "why do i do this to myself? Just turn off the tv." (I don't get freaked out by horror movies or gore on tv, I should add)
I woke up, but couldn't really move. It wasn't paralysis, I was just so stunned. It was about 7 am, and I didn't want to go back to sleep, lol.
So, I'm trying that toothpaste Pronamel because I'm concerned about acid wear. First time I used it was last night.
Later, I dreamt that I was looking in the bathroom mirror. I smiled at my reflection to see the effect, and noticed that my left lower canine was blackened (and twinging). I thought "I really need to go see a dentist." As I continued to look, one by one, the rest of my teeth started to blacken. I got panicky and thought "Holy hell, that toothpaste is supposed to protect my teeth, not destroy them!" I grabbed my toothbrush and did a little dry brushing. When I was finished, my teeth were white again. Phew.
I have to post about this one, it was so different:
I was acquainted with an unusual man. His demeanor was strange, and he looked kind of unsettling (a lot like the guy in the Saw movies). He was also very, very intelligent. He had developed this serum that would yank a person back to life.
At one point I was standing in somebody's foyer. There was a woman lying on the ground, and her daughter was on the phone with 911. She said she was afraid her mother is dead. I heard the operator give her a different number to call. She called the number, and a different sort of paramedic came to give the woman the serum.
I questioned the paramedic about the serum, asking her if it was really a good idea to be recalling dead people. She said there were no detrimental effects, and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the practice.
Next moment I was in a small house with the paramedic and a couple of other people. The strange guy who had developed the serum was laid out on a table, obviously dead. But they didn't know it was him (he looked completely different when dead), only I did. I knew he wouldn't be like that for long, though. He had taken the serum at an earlier date.
Turns out, this is what would happen to people who had been given the concoction: an individual would live an unnaturally long life, but would die at intervals. When the person finally died for good, s/he would have become something a little different from human. What sucked was that the person didn't have a say in the matter - if someone called 911 and mentioned to the operator that s/he thought the person was dead, they'd be re-routed to the serum's creator and someone would be sent to dose them.
wow, jsmith, so many of your dreams have to do with death and the dead coming back and such. what do you make of that?

my dreams have been odd and silly lately. the kind of dreams where you wake up and go "oookaaay, that was sorta weird." but nothing has seemed significant enough to post about. just sort of strange and pointless drivel. maybe it is because i sleep so lightly since my baby was born. (he is 11 mo)
I've noticed the recurring theme, too. The best meaning I can get out of it is that I regret that we have to die. The notion completely sucks to me, and it weighs on my mind too often. I'm not inclined to believe in "the afterlife", but I hate to think that when one dies, that's it. It's so depressing.
I don't think the trend will keep up, though. All my life my dreams would run along a common theme for a spell, but they would end abruptly. When I was a little kid, I would dream that monsters were tickling me (I hate-hate-hated being tickled when I was a kid). When that stopped, I would dream about being cornered by hordes of insects (usually poisonous ants). Next came aliens (those could be rather humorous), then animals, malls, tornadoes, and cars. Now it's death. I think I just need to overcome some kind of mental obstacle.
I post in this thread way too much, lol.
But here're two more:
The other night I dreamt that I was standing in the living room talking to my grandmother. Someone tried to open the door, but it was locked, so they rang the doorbell. I knew right off who it was (in real life, there's this annoying-as-hell guy my grandmother is friends with, and he doesn't freakin wait for anyone to let him in! I've taken to locking the door whenever I see that it's unlocked). My grandmother has been having some trouble getting around, so I (very grudgingly) opened the door. Sure enough, that obnoxious ass was at the doorstep. BUT, there was a woman standing in front of the glass door. She must have been standing there for a good while, stuck between the two doors. She was quite short, very thin, and looked very 2-dimensional (she had to be, if she was to fit between the doors). She stood still as a statue, and didn't seem quite real.
But I dismissed her, and went to my room (I hate being around my grandmother's friend, so I either go next door or to my room when he forces his irritating presence on us). When I got there I found a man standing beside the bed. He looked like a male version of the woman between the doors - short, flattened, and insubstantial. I yelled at him "Who the hell are you people? Get out!"

Last night I dreamt that I was following my grandmother and grandfather around a park. They were very young, not yet 20. I wasn't visible to them.
My grandfather stopped my grandmother, and she faced him. He said "I have something to tell you." She looked like she knew what he was going to say (that he loved her and would she marry him), and looked thrilled. Out of nowhere, this HUGE bronze statue appeared, right behind my grandmother. The figure was wearing a robe and a Trojan helmet. It had a disproportionately large face. The ethnicity was hard to determine, but I decided that it looked like the daughter of an asian and a caucasian.
She was looking at my grandfather expectantly, with the strangest smile on her large face. It was hard to tell if the smile was benign or malicious. My grandfather stared. He decided that he must be hallucinating, because my grandmother didn't notice the sudden shadow that had come over her. He said, mostly to himself, "It's quite hot today..." My grandmother was a little perturbed by this statement: "That's what you had to say?" He looked away from the statue and back to my grandmother. Right at that moment the huge statue disappeared, but reappeared, human-sized, in my grandmother's place. My poor grandfather was dumb-struck, as was I. But a couple of moments later my grandmother reappeared.
I had two rather unsettling dreams about death as well. The first one is hard to remember. It was basically that my dog, who is not yet 12, was dead. I was so upset because in real life, whenever I tell people his age they say "Oh, that's very old for a dog his size" and I hate hearing that because I can't bear the thought of him leaving us. So in the dream I kept saying "dammit, all those people were right, he was old". I don't remember much just that I was completely distraught and couldn't stop crying.

In the second dream, my best friend had died. I don't know what the cause of death was but seeing as how she's only 24 it was way before her time. There was some sort of memorial service in her family's home (only it wasn't really their home, it was like a very small gray auditorium) and once again I couldn't stop crying. I also felt as though her family was ignoring me even though I've known them my whole life. Also her dog was running around and I kept wanting to call her but I just couldn't remember the dog's name.
The other night I had one of those experiences where half your brain is dreaming and half is awake, I guess, so you're pretty confused at the time but you can talk and move around and stuff, and you remember everything the next morning.

It was a hot night and I was sleeping in just a pair of panties, and I was dreaming that my boyfriend and I were on a train in a sleeper car. I kept looking towards where my dresser is and thinking that it was a bed with other passengers, and I kept wondering when the guy was going to come along and check tickets. I was freaked out because I was almost naked and I couldn't find any clothes. There are clothes all over my bedroom floor but I couldn't get to them because I thought I was really in a train car. I think at one point I even turned on the light and I remember SEEING my bedroom and still thinking it was a train. I kept shaking my boyfriend and saying, "I need a shirt!" and getting frustrated when he kept blowing me off (he was fully asleep). He thought I was just cold, so he pushed a blanket at me. Being covered up made me relaxed enough to sleep normally even though I still thought it was really inappropriate of me not to have any clothes on.
Interesting one this morning:
I was at the university. There was this clique, most of whom shared a physical characteristic: they were short (haha! Now I'm gonna dream about short people!). Only 1 of them wasn't short.
Anyway, there was something about me that was going to bring about their downfall (they had some sort of influence/power, and I would be able to cut the legs out from under their little regime). So, they charged the tall, good-looking guy in their little group to seduce me and lure me to a spot where they intended to "do away" with me. I had no idea what it was about me that they found so threatening. Being somewhat lucid to the dream itself, I knew what they planned to do (and was certain that I had already dispatched them at an earlier date, yet they somehow came back). They were especially pissed at me at that moment, because I had already killed one of theirs (a tall girl - they valued the tall among them. I killed her because she was giving me grief, I didn't know she was so important in the group).
I didn't feel like messing with them anymore, they were a tough lot to beat (but definitely not invincible, since I managed to kill them off once before), so I ignored the cute guy's come-ons and tried to make my way off campus. I was a little ashamed of myself for dodging and not standing up to them. But, I was pretty tired.
I didn't make it off campus very easily. They knew that I was going to try to avoid them, so they spread out and started looking for me. I went into a building and saw my former geology professor. He was holding a flashlight and looking around, because suddenly there was no electricity in any of the buildings on campus, and the interiors had become dungeon-like.
I went up to my professor and asked him how I might get off campus without being seen. He knew what was happening with me, and he told me to stand behind him. Anyone who came up to him would be looking right into his flashlight, and wouldn't be able to see me, he figured. Suddenly there was a commotion: two of the clique had entered the building and were demanding that I show myself. Off to my left I saw someone emerge and demand that they go away and leave me alone. This person who was standing up for me was.... Batman (BAHAHAHAHA!!! Is that funny, or is it funny?). They weren't perturbed by him, though. One of them produced a long, pointed stake and impaled the poor guy on it.
I decided that I'd better go somewhere they wouldn't think to look for me. My old jr high was nearby, and I thought that it might be a good place to conceal myself until I felt like dealing with these people. I took advantage of the building's darkness and hurried out of there. When I got to the door I found an old friend, who told me that she would do everything she could to help me. She left the building with me. Then she suggested that we duck back in, and go through the buildings instead of staying out in the open. She said that my hair was so bright in the sunlight, and the people looking for me would have a very easy time spotting me.
We eventually got to the jr high, but as we were walking up to the doors she started dragging her feet. She looked really bad, like she was going to fall over dead. I shouldn't have thought that to myself, because that's exactly what she did. I ran into the building and saw a row of hospital beds. I asked "Is this the infirmary?" A doctor said yes, and I told him about my friend who had collapsed outside. I went back out and dragged her inside, but she couldn't be revived.
I never had to deal with the clique.
Dreamed last night that my sister and I were on the bus to school together and that she kept freaking out yelling at people for advil cause she had bad cramps. She was out of her mind. It was a strange dream.

That is all... blink.gif
This one struck me as being pretty funny when I woke up:
I was sort of hovering over the highway, as if in a silent, invisible, low-flying helicopter. My brother and grandmother were driving in her car, and there was this brown horse running along at sixty miles an hour, a little bit ahead of traffic. I thought this was a pretty funny sight. My brother caught up with the horse, rolled down his window, and said "What are you doing on the highway?" The horse told him, but I didn't hear what he said. My brother replied "That's silly, you shouldn't be on the highway, you'll get exhausted." The horse came back with "Whatever! I've got more fuel in me than you have in your little white car!" My brother replied "But you'll have to breathe!" The horse said "I will! I'm more efficient than your car, so how about a little race?" My brother agreed to this. The horse sped off, and the car turned into a bicycle built for two. My poor brother pedaled as hard as he could, but he couldn't overtake the horse. I, meanwhile, came back to the ground, and overtook my brother on foot to catch up with the horse.
Last night, crashed out on my sister's couch I had a sex dream about Keanu Reeves. There were some other details, and I remember being angry with him later, but the sex part was pretty hot.
I dreamed last night about a zombie-apocolypse (zombpocalypse?). I am pretty sure my boyfriend died. When I woke up I told him he needs to learn to run faster.
last night, before falling asleep, i didn't want to turn off my light. but this was my dream last night:

I dreamt that I was running away from something. I dreamt that I was hiding from other people who also lived in tree houses, or big wooden towers on stilts. People were watching me. I was with a group of people, at least three other people. Someone I know in real life was also there. We were all exhausted, and wet from the rain. I had a daughter, a little girl who was perhaps three years old, who could walk by then. She was maybe younger, two years old, and both of us were soaking wet, from the rain. We were living in a forest, hiding and running. We lay on our backs because the tower had wide open windows, with no way to block the view. This tower was probably a wooden watch tower, either within a tree, or built within a forest of trees. There were other people around, and I had narrowly escaped with my friends. We found this tower, which was now claimed as ours, and climbed up the tree and inside. Outside, the rain was pouring down, and I realized that it was raining very hard, and my daughter was soaked. The sun was still out, so we were visible by the light, and I lay on my back on the wooden floor, with my daughter on my chest. She was lying with her back on my belly, and I turned her around so that she could be warmer with her belly face down. She lay in a "v" shape, curled up with her legs to my left and her head cradled inside the curve of my right arm. She was soaking wet - her clothes, everything, and she was cold. I tried to warm her body, and felt her feel warmer, too. We created more warmth this way, but I knew that soon she needed to have a change of clothes and a blanket to cover her. My main concern, I remember, was also making sure that she was not loud, because if she made noises or cried, the people who were hunting us would find us. I remember hushing her, trying to soothe and quiet her at the same time. I remember whispering, "Shh..." softly.

My friend finally climbed up to the tree tower, and I said, "We need blankets, my daughter is cold and she's soaking wet." He had a thick, fleece blanket, and I used it to wrap up my daughter, who quickly fell asleep in the larger room. There was the main entrance to the tower, where the floor lifted up into a doorway. And then there was a larger main room, where our supplies were stored, and where large windows were cut into the wood, from which we could see other people patrolling and looking for us.

My friend was also very exhausted. He told me that he'd watched his friend, Eric, die in the entryway where I crouched, away from the view of those who were after us. We had to guard against whatever energy kept wanting to get to us, from down below. This was not a person, but an energy, a heat, some sort of steaming fire. The entryways themselves were very small, perhaps the size of an eight-by-eleven sheet of paper, so I'm not quite sure how we fit through them. But, we needed to cover them up, and my friend was trying to screw the entrances shut from inside. We couldn't do it in time, though, because whatever was coming was arriving soon. Also, my friend dropped one of the screws that would seal the wooden entryway, and we didn't have time to retrieve it and properly close the entryway. So, we quickly covered it with wood, and I remember layering it with another sheet of plastic. My friend was soaking wet from the rain, and exhausted. After I got on my hands and knees covering up the door, my friend who'd been helping me went into the other room, where other people were sleeping. I heard whatever was coming from below making steaming noises and I feared and prayed that it would not come through to the other side, the wood and to me.

When the noises became louder, I called out to my friend in fear, to help me. He was sleeping and did not hear me; none of the people in the room to my right heard me, and I crouched over the wooden opening, covered, and remembered that my friend's friend Eric had died in that room trying to block whatever was coming from entering. I did not want to die, and I also did not want the monster to enter.

That was my dream, and it terrified me.

PS: I don't have any kids in real life; I often have dreams where I have children, though. Usually it is a daughter, but I also dreamt I had a son, too.
Wow. Even though that must've been absolutely terrifying (as you've already said, lol), it was an interesting read. Very imaginative. Doesn't it suck how our own minds can scare the ever loving shite out of us?
Or they make us feel good when we wake up. Four words: Hugh Laurie. SEX dream. He had House's bad attitude, but Hugh's regular English accent.
really odd dream last night. many of the detail are fuzzy but here goes.

i was on a very large elevator with several other people. i knew one other guy and was flirting with him (nobody i know irl). the elevator kept going up and down but never stopped on the floor that we wanted. this did not seem of any concern to us and we started getting frisky in the elevator ignoring the other people there. then for some reason we decided that the elevator not stopping on our floor was a sign that something really bad was happening so we got off on one of the floors it stopped on and so did everyone else. we all went different directions and when i found my way outside i realized that the economy had completely collapsed and there was complete chaos. i somehow made it to my childhood town and found my husband and we went to a house that i think was ours or maybe my families and my older son was there. there were lots of people there and i seemed to know them all and they were all really dirty. i decided that i needed to go get gas in the car so i left (complete chaos outside with people running around crazy like and a mad man chasing people with a huge knife and all of this was concerning to me but not scary) i got to the gas pump and there was no gas. it had all been taken away by the government and there were gaurds that were taking people into custody for trying to buy "the governments" gas. so i went back to the house and everyone was getting ready to go and cleaning up and packing things. appearently we had decided to go off the grid because there was not going to be any more electricity or gas or phones or anything because if you used anything the government would track you down and tack you away and kill you for stealing "the governments power" so there was no more taveling or anything and everyone was hiding from the government so as not to get killed. then a pink car pulled up to the house just as everyone was finishing getting ready to go. i was really suspisous of it so i approached it carefully to find out what they wanted. they said that i was a winner of a million dollar prise and didn't i get the flowers they sent? just then a huge bouquet of roses arrived with maybe 8 dozen roses. i was completely baffled and i asked how they got to my small town if nobody can fly or buy gas. i was told that this was a last chance to help myself and what did i want them to get me with the one million dollars. with out even thinking i ordered supplies like seeds, tools, some horses, medical supplies and books. i arranged for the stuff to be delivered and arranged for it to be taken to where we would be. then my husband road up on his ducati and told us we had to go or we would all be killed by the government for making plans to survive. we all climbed into an army looking troop hauler and off we went through the chaos on the streets to build a new life. then i woke up because my baby woke up and was crying but it didn't feel like the end of the dream. i didn't feel scared at all in the dream which was odd because the it was fairly gruesome and horrific.
Or they make us feel good when we wake up.
That's certainly true. I've woken up many times thankful that reality is so dull.
Does anyone become creative when they dream? I'm not creative. Can't play an instrument, can't come up with pretty verses, and the extent of my artistic ability is stick figures.
But sometimes I can do these things in dreams (except draw). It's been happening a little more frequently lately. Mostly what I can come up with is instrumental music. But I have thought up songs and some poetry. I've asked myself in the dream, "does this even make sense?" because I know I'm dreaming. And most of the time, it does. Too bad I can't hold onto the thread, though. It all leaves me when I'm full awake.
I remember a tiny bit from the dream I had last night. I was zipping down a highway that had a gorgeous river running by it. I heard a man's voice singing something about "going down the silk river/ under a summer sky" (it struck me as odd in the dream, as it was winter).
I had a dream last night that started bad, but ended very nicely.
I don't remember much about the first part, just that someone I hate was giving me a hard time and I was pissed off.
It changed when my brother appeared. He told me that someone had broke into our (mine, my aunt, and her husband's) hotel room while we were gone. I went outside to see if there was anyone who looked suspicious, my brother followed me. Sunset was coming, and I didn't see anybody. Suddenly the sun wasn't there, even though it shouldn't have been below the horizon yet. I looked to where it should have been, and saw that a large portion of the western sky was pink. In the middle of the pink area were three bright points of pink light. I looked to the east and saw the moon rising (it was huge). The pink points of light looked like lasers, and were illuminating the moon a vivid pink. I got into the car for some reason, drove down the street, parked, and started walking back to the hotel. I could hear a dj talking about what was happening with the moon, although there wasn't a radio anywhere in sight.
A sort of walkway appeared around me. It looked like something you'd find in a medieval castle, with holes in the roof so you could look at the sky. At this point the sky was darker, but the pink points were still there. I kept looking up as I went, and noticed that sometimes I could see the beams coming out, traveling all the way to the moon (which was directly overhead at this point, and was still huge). I wanted to get back to my brother and tell him about what was happening, so I started to run. I would still look up at the sky, and at intervals the disc of the moon would dissolve and make formless patterns (like what you'd see in a kaleidoscope), or would make a pattern with repeating shapes (one I remember in particular was crescent moons with faces). The colors would change with each change in shape. It was soooo pretty. The dj was still talking, and just as I got back to the hotel and spotted my brother, he stopped. I looked up at the moon and it was it's regular self. I was glad to find out that my brother got to see it too, but was disappointed that the strange show was over.
I have never posted in here beofre, but I'm having really disturbng dreams. I had a horrible dream that my dad was trying to kill me with a gun, and I remember it being really bloody. UGH sorry i know that's really dark and depressing! I've always a difficult relationship with im, but no, he never tried to shoot me! More specifically, it was a booby trap, and I was tied up, if i moved, then the gun went off, and predicably it did because I tried to escape. it was a terrible dream! I hate waking up that way.
olivarria - it must be the weather or something because I was having horrible dreams as well.

I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of concerned PM's about this dream but rest assured I'm fine and not suicidal in any way.

First, I had a dream that I came home and found my sister and her new boyfriend hacked to death with an axe and I had to call the police and my parents were away on vacation and I had to tell them that their daughter, my sister and her boyfriend were murdered in this horrible way and that they are dead and gone. I had this same dream three days in a row.

Second, I had a dream that Mr. Pugs left me for a girl he went to high school with but the bad part was that we were at my parents’ house and having a big party. Mr. Pugs disappeared and I started to walk around the block to find him. When I finally gave up and returned to the house he pulled up with her. I asked her if she could please go away while I talked to my fiancé. She just gave me a nasty look and walked away. He said that I found my new church and I seem very happy and he's always wanted to be with her and now he knows I’ll be okay without him so he's leaving. we both walked in the house. my dad was standing there and all my friends were sitting around. I said to him, "Daddy, please get rid of everyone." He was impatient and asked why because everyone was having a good time. I just said with trembling lip and tears in my eyes, "Daddy, please. I never ask you for anything. Please make everyone leave." My one friend Sara must have known about him and her because she looked so sad at the ending of our relationship. She cried with me. All my other friends were just smug because we have been together so long and always said we would stay together forever.

The worst part is in this dream I went up to my bedroom. on the way I stopped in my dad's room and got his 9mm pistol. I sat on my bed and started to lay objects out.

I laid out:

a school book
my engagement ring
a picture of my family
my pugs’ collar
my bible
my badge from work

I started to go through my life at that point in time.

school book – my education was over because without Mr. Pug supporting me I wouldn’t be able to finish in a year.

my engagement ring – my failed relationship

family picture – they’ve never supported me and I wouldn’t be able to go back to them

my pugs’ collars – someone will take care of them. They will be okay.

my bible – God abandoned me by letting my relationship fail.

my badge from work – work doesn’t matter now because they only approved me for 20 hours and who can live off of that.

Then I picked up the gun, this is all I have left. nothing else and I shot myself in the head.

I woke up and I felt tears about to come down my face. Mr. pugs was in the other room checking his email. I called to him and said, "Can you please come here for a minute?" he walked in the room and said, "You had a bad dream didn't you?" I just nodded. After he interrogated me for 20 minutes, I finally told him everything that happened in the dream. He wasn't angry because it was just a dream but he felt bad that subconsciously I feel like this. He held me and I felt better.

I really don’t feel this way at all. I mean of course I have some insecurities but nothing like this ever. Especially, since finding Jesus again. I feel like there is nothing I couldn’t get through. I told Mr. pugs this last night and he said that’s great and that he’s happy that I’m happier since finding this new church.

Also, this girl he went to school with is very nice and married and this would never happen.

I only had this dream once. So three days of the sister being murdered dream and one day of Mr. pugs leaving me. No dreams since. Thank God for that small blessing.
LMP every so often i have really insecure dreams about being left as well and it doesn't even really seem to coincide with times in my life when i feel more insecure. they always seem so real to me and i have a hard time letting them go as just dreams. hubby doesn't understand at all and id offended that i would have a hard time with these dreams. he doesn't seem to have many dreams and when he does they seem insignificant to him so he really can't relate.

olivarria, LMP, hope your dreams tonight are sweet.
The dream I had last night was so weeeiird.
I was at the university, sitting in a conference room in the nursing/physical science building. An astronaut was giving a talk about the space mission he was about to embark on. He was going to fly to mars (I think) in a small-ish satellite. I wasn't paying too much attention to what he was saying, though, because I was too busy fretting over some silly injustice that had been done to me.

When the talk was over, I started walking up Johnson street toward Knickerbocker (streets in my city). That's not something I'd do IRL, but, I wasn't opposed to it in the dream.
I got about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the road, and heard a loud rumbling behind me. I stopped, looked back, and saw the satellite thundering up the road. I thought to myself "You SHOWOFF!" The satellite soon passed me up, and I continued walking. After a few moments I got back to my own thoughts, trying to think of some way to get out of my own predicament.
Almost immediately I heard the rumbling again. Again, it was the guy in his satellite, coming back down Johnson, only now it was going much faster. It looked like it was out of control, and the solar panels appeared to have been ripped off. Something was obviously wrong, and I wanted to help, but I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do. The satellite was too big and was going too fast. I felt awful because I knew the guy couldn't possibly live through this.
I was about 3/4 of the way up the street at this point. The satellite crashed behind me - I was close enough to see everything clearly, but far enough away to avoid being hit by debris. There actually wasn't a lot of debris, the body of the satellite managed to stay together pretty well.
Then the weirdness came. The solar panels, which had separated from the rest of the satellite, had formed themselves into what I can only describe as a robotic lower-body, kind of reminiscent of a human's. Metallic legs. They were running fast toward the crash site, making a weird mechanical sound when they bent at the joints. When they got near, there was a loud noise, and they stopped. A faint red light came from the panels, and moved over the wreckage. I figured it was looking for signs of life, but knew it wouldn't find anything. Nobody could possibly survive moving that fast and then stopping so abruptly. I marveled at the machine, and thought of it as very human, even though it was entirely composed of metal. I had the impression that it cared about what had happened.
Then it occurred to me: there's bound to be fuel in the wreckage, and it could blow up... probably should have blown up by now. So I turned and sprinted the rest of the way up Johnson, and got to Knickerbocker, where there were a few people. Some were trying to run to the crash site, others were holding them back. I looked behind me and saw someone running from the direction I came from. She had the most terrible look on her face, like she knew something else really bad was about to happen (like, maybe that explosion I was anticipating). I got away from the area as quickly as I could, because I didn't want to see any more, or have this event haunt me, or make an even stronger impression on my mind.
Throughout the rest of the dream, I kept coming up on that intersection. If I looked down Johnson street, I'd hear this mechanical whirring inside my head.
I keep having these really weird sex dreams about men (and sometimes women) that I know personally. Some of the dreams are just Odd and I wake up feeling awkward and aroused at the same time. The last couple of weeks, I've had at least one sex dream per night that I can remember - sometimes more than one. I haven't told anybody about them (especially not the husband) because I feel crazy that its always with different people.

Does this happen to anyone else??

I also have recurrent dreams of my husband cheating with different women. Most of which are either my family members or some of his friends. I usually wake up from those pissed off at him for real. LOL And lash out at him until I tell him what happened in the dream. Then I feel really ridiculous afterward.
i totally have the cheating husband dreams. then i too am mad and cranky at hi till i tell him then i feel like a childish silly.
Last night I had one of those "Holy Hell, everybody has turned on me!" dreams.
I don't remember how it started, but at some point I was sitting in the back seat of my own car. My 16 yo cousin was driving. This guy I hate caught up with us at a light (he was riding a bike), looked in my open window, and said "Hey ladies, what's up?" "OMFGFFFF why the hell is he talking to us that loser!" I thought. He went on his way, and my cousin turned onto another road and stopped at a park. We got out of the car, she was talking away, and I was annoyed, so I wasn't paying attention. After a while I decided we should leave. I got into my car, and my cousin's dad appeared out of nowhere. He was standing beside her, and he said "I don't think I want my daughter to be around you anymore." He started crying, like this was really hard for him to say. I got really pissed and told him he was being ridiculous, "You're just doing this because I don't agree with your religious views." He said something, I don't remember. Suddenly the knowledge came to me, that the guy I hate had been murdered. Cousin's dad said "And what about him? Everyone knows how you hate him." This was said with an accusatory tone, like he was saying I had killed him and everybody knew it. I said "I've been here at the park with A the whole time, OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT??!"
So I drove off. It seemed logical to drive to a hospital. I had the impression that my family would be there. When I got there, a nurse walked up to me and asked if she could help me. I said "Well, I have a story to tell, if you care to hear." I was about to tell her all that had happened, but my family walked in. A doctor appeared at the same time. My family started talking about me as if I wasn't there, though I knew they could see me standing right in front of them. They were talking about how I'm so unstable, have a horrible temper, am violent, etc. The doctor was talking about putting me on medication. I turned to my family and started berating them for telling lies about me, saying these things simply because they didn't like my disposition. "You don't like that I'm forceful" I said to my dad. He just stared at me. Then I turned on the doctor, telling him that if he thinks he's going to put me on meds without consulting with me, he was utterly mad.
I can't really make anything of this dream. I don't feel like everyone is against me. The only thing reflective of reality was the harshness with my dad. I get pissed at him easily because he oftentimes tries to treat me like a little kid, and at times tries to manipulate me. I do get into bad verbal spats with him. But other than that, the only tension in my life is from school... I'm stressed in my courses... but that's it.
Ronia D'Arc
Thank jesus christ o'yahoo that we are once again connected to the mighty World Wide Web.

I'm not in a terrific mood because I've had ridiculously hideous allergies all day, from the minute I woke up to now, and it's been a real pain in the nose/ass. Things started out grandly on the drive to Santa Barbara, when my nose starting leaking snot and I was doing 80 mph trying not to be late and fishing around with one hand for a shred of kleenex, but having actually cleaned the car the night before in a mood of freakish Protestantism, there was of course nothing to use but the nice green scarf around my neck, which sucked because it matched my shirt and eyeliner wonderfully and frankly was too silky to be truly absorbent in the way my nose demanded.

Yuck. Still completely allergic. And rather pissed at Johnny for coming home at 9:20 instead of 7 like he said he would and for not having called home at all during that time. Of course he's a little tipsy and I have a hard time dealing with him when he's like that, mainly because he looks and acts foolish, but I'm trying really hard not to get angry at him for drinking nowadays, since Leanne stressed the importance of my not trying to change him/fix his problem for him. It makes sense--I mean, he'll never really deal with it if someone else is doing it for him, so I'm trying to step back and not judge him, not think negatively about his drinking per se, although I do allow myself, and think it's normal, to get angry if he does things while drinking that are stupid and lame, like the episode I talked about in the last post and which I don't need to rehash here.

I do want to talk about something else, something I've mentioned briefly in one of my posts, I think, but haven't talked about since. It has to do with a person I knew when I was growing up, a guy I haven't seen since I was 22--since 12 years ago. His name is Seamus McGrave, and he is important to me for some reason that I don't really understand. Over the past years, pretty much for the past decade, he has been a recurrent character in my dreams. Every now and then I'll dream about him, and it's always pretty much the same premise: I'm in Rhode Island, in Wakefield, the small town where I grew up, and I'm desperately trying to find him. When I say desperately I don't mean it lightly--my feeling in the dream is of a deep need, a desperate, begging, sad, searching need, and I wake up with this feeling and it comes back to me all day.

I had one of the dreams last night. I was near our old house, and I was walking down Kenyon Ave., our old street, towards downtown with a friend. When we passed Silver Lake Ave. my friend and I noticed some guys skateboarding a little ways away, and I knew one of them was Seamus (he really did use to skate on that street with his friends). I wanted to go to him so badly, to be with him, but for some reason I couldn't--he had left, or he hadn't really been there in the first place. Then I was trying to get my friend to go downtown with me, to a bar where I thought Seamus might be, but it was dead when we got there and the clothes I had put on to look nice for him didn't matter anymore and, as usual, I was left with that intense feeling of sadness and regret and desperation and love, deep deep devoted love for this guy I don't know and never really knew.

When I say I was left with this feeling of love, I don't mean just in the dream. Like I said, the feeling is so strong that after I wake up it stays with me for a day, or a couple days, and it's happened so many times now that Seamus has almost been like a continuous presence in my life, albeit a presence that only exists in my dreams.

I talked about this dream to a therapist I had, a few years ago, and I thought I had it figured out: I thought Seamus represented a part of me that I can never really get in touch with--maybe a side of me that has to do with my childhood, since the dreams always take place near or in my childhood home--but that I want desperately to know and be with. I still think this is the most logical answer. I've thought about what Seamus represents to me, since my mind picked him to project this "other me" on, and I guess it makes some sense: Seamus was probably the most anti-conformist guy I knew in high school, extremely smart and talented and rebellious in a non-attention-seeking way. He had black hair and green eyes and he was cute, but not the type of guy all the girls had a crush on, he was too much of a loner, or something, I don't know. He had lots of friends, but he was definitely considered different by the popular/"normal" crowd.

I had a huge crush on Seamus in the 7th grade, which faded and reignited throughout high school, during which we were sort of friends but not the kind who'd call one another. Although we flirted brazenly in Biology class, flicking spitballs at each other in a way that now I think was kind of outrageous but which, looking back, was so fun--so purely, wonderfully fun--we never got together, which I'm frankly glad about, because it probably would have ruined this memory of him or just made him someone different in my mind.

When I was 22 I went back home over Christmas break and somehow got in touch with Seamus and his friends. I ended up spending a couple nights at Seamus's house with all those guys, sitting in the living room drinking beer and snorting Ritalin. One day, I spent some time alone with Seamus, and we went to his house and were in his room, but for some reason (this was unusual for me) we didn't hook up. He gave me a book, Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky, and when he dropped me off at my house I think we might have hugged, and I might have given him a kiss on the cheek, but that was it, and I haven't seen him since.

I know he probably figures so much in my dreams because he represents some kind of untainted, beautiful, youthful part of me. Although I rationally know that--I know the dreams aren't really about him--I can't help thinking about him with a feeling of tenderness, and when I'm really infected, post-dream, with the remnants of that desperate desire to see him, to be with him, I feel a little crazy and I can't help wondering if something more is going on.

When Johnny and I aren't doing well, when he leaves me alone and angry and sad because he's drinking, I think about Seamus and it makes me feel better. I imagine us together, and my bitterness and loneliness fades. I keep Seamus in my head to return to when I need him, and I think perhaps this is the way I'll know him for the rest of my life.

-Ronia D'Arc

P.S. Yes, I'm totally motherfucking pimping myself here. Want more? Please come to
Uh, no, we don't want more. I tried, I failed. YOUR BLOG SUCKS. YOU ARE ABOUT AS INTERESTING AS LINT! GO THE FUCK AWAY!
Last night I dreamed I had to teach people to crochet using rowing oars. While they were rowing the boat - I have no idea how, but at the time, it was a perfectly logical thing to do.

Christine Nectarine
that's a nice image mornington...

last night the mr had a dream that i had a baby with someone else. he woke up really upset and had to snuggle himself better. worked out for me!
i only ever have bad/frightening/disturbing dreams. i could not tell you if i have ever had one that was plesant. i wonder why that is?
That's pretty funny, mornington.
I wonder why logic is suspended during a lot of dreams.
Christine Nectarine
i had a dream last night that my daughter had to get to a dentist appointment, which was quite far away for some reason. i took her there, and it was quite near my grandparents house (a good couple hours drive) so went there with my mum for tea.
i then realized that i had a new job i had totally forgotten about, and now i was very late. i couldn't call them for some reason, but i had to get there. i hopped on this motorized bicycle thing and started pedalling madly. the rest of the dream was just trying and trying to get there, and feeling guilty that i was late.
this is a recurring thing in my dreams, feeling like i can't get where i'm going.

also, i had a little dream that Don Draper had a blackberry, and didn't know how to use it. his daughter threw it in the garbage and he fished it out. pretty random.
If anybody can generate a meaning from this one, I'd love to hear from you.
I was sitting watching TV. A preview for a movie came on. The plot was this: There was a pandemic. Men could not withstand the disease, and they all died at once, save for a few (and I do mean a few, they could be counted on one hand). They didn't die in the normal way: instead of leaving a body behind to bury, they simply vanished. You know, like Yoda did in Star Wars when he died.
The economy goes under quickly after. And that's to be expected, of course, if half of the world's human population are to be wiped out at once, there are going to be a lot of things that won't get done. From this point, the women had to let the economy collapse (there simply wouldn't be enough people to hold it up as is), then restructure it. Besides that, there was slack in other areas that they had to pick up. Basically, the world had to be rebuilt (figuratively speaking; all the physical structures were still there).
It's funny that I should have this dream now, when our economy is taking a nosedive.
jsmith, your dream sounds a lot like the "Y" comic series that my boyfriend has me reading.

I started reading Wally Lamb's new book The Hour I First Believed. It is messing with my head and I have had two dreams about the Columbine shootings. And with last night's dream came this enourmous black spider. It dropped out of a tree and attacked this equally big crab that had also dropped out of a tree. I ran away screaming (the thing was so scary I am flinching as I write this. And its legs made clicking sounds as it walked.) My boyfriend jumped on the spider with a butcher knife but somehow managed to flip the damn thing at me where I had fallen on the street.

Thank got I jumped awake at that point.
So last night I had a really loooong dream, but I can only remember the very end of it (the first part had some stuff reminiscent of "Twilight").
I was in Philadelphia (though I've never been there IRL), and it was nighttime. There were these people: they weren't human, they were freakishly strong, and violent, and were ugly as all get out. My perspective was with them, and they were going around knocking houses down. It only took one blow to level a house.
So morning comes, and entire residential areas are in ruin. On top of that, everyone had turned into something. I don't know what they were, just that they weren't human anymore. Like the people who had leveled the houses, they were freakishly strong, many were violent, some were very amorous and hedonistic, and some were dog ugly. I was with a group of people, and none of us were human, but we still acted like ourselves.
We were walking around, but we were very wary of the people around us. I was careful not to talk to the ugly/violent looking folks. I commented "Have you noticed how some of these people are walking funny?" and someone said "Well, you know you're in Philadelphia..." I was able to identify a few people (mainly children) as vampires. I had the impression that I was a vampire, but couldn't be too sure.
We walked into a high school gym, where some amorous hedonists and some ugly violent people had gathered for a dance (can you imagine). I looked around and saw one girl who was still human. Everyone that was in the gym bore down on her, crushed her, and killed her.
I kept my distance from the scene, and a cop soon showed up (another human) He came directly to my little group, even though we were (and actually looked) harmless. He acted as if we had been responsible for the girl's death. I wasn't in the mood to be questioned, so I suggested to my group that we should just kill the guy.
The part where the girl got crushed stands out to me now, since I read about that poor guy in NY that got trampled at Walmart by a crowd of rabid bargain hunters.

kittenb, that's a weird dream!
You'd think I was a drug user, with some of these bizarre images I come up with. Last night I dreamt that I was with this group of people. We started out in a theatre dressing room. Someone found this passage, a lot like one you would find in a fun house. The passage led outside to a long path. At the end of the path was a lake. Out of nowhere this pig appeared: it was sort of cartoon-like, but still realistic, if that makes any sense. It could talk, it's voice sounded just like that Spongebob Squarepants character, and had the same crazy laugh.
So everyone and the Spongebob pig jumped into the lake. I stayed on land. I watched them as they played around in the water. After a moment I noticed that the water looked much more viscous than it should have. I looked beyond the lake and saw some kind of chemical or nuclear power plant. I looked back at the lake and realized that there were radioactive substances in the water.
Then it cuts to where everyone was out of the lake. They were all laying on the ground, and all were horribly mutated (I know the manifestations of genetic mutations don't occur in the first individual, they happen in the individual's offspring. But hey, this was a dream, and logic doesn't always apply). I focused on the Spongebob pig. It was lying on the ground, like everyone else, and surrounding it were all of these clones of itself, each with mutations of varying severity. The worst one was only a head and a spine, covered with thick skin. All of them were laughing that weird laugh. The original wasn't severely mutated, so he got up and ran up the path.
This other massive hog appeared out nowhere and ran after it.
I looked back at everyone else lying on the ground, and decided that I should go back and block the path so they couldn't get back to mainstream society. I was afraid that they were radioactive themselves, and would affect anyone they came in contact with. I sprinted up the path, hoping to catch up with the pig and the huge hog before they could get to the bridge we had passed over before. I intended to close it off or destroy it in order to keep the mutated people away. I caught up with the pig, who somehow knew what I was planning to do, and it ran faster. The massive hog, it turns out, was violent and ill-tempered. It charged at me, so I pulled out a gun and shot it in the head. It took several bullets to take it down. Then I ran after the pig. The path was much longer than I remembered, and as I got to the end of it I caught up with the pig, then woke up.
The stresses of the holidays are weighing on me. I keep dreaming about my parents. But the dreams always involve vicious screaming matches. Like, *vicious*. My parents show up out of nowhere & boy are they pissed. I fight with each of them & then I wake up. It takes me a while to shake them off & I'm always convinced that my mom is gonna turn up to fight for real until I remember that she'd in a psychedelic jar on an end table right next to my dad. I don't have these dreams very often, but when I do I wake up in such a mood I can't get back to sleep. Like right now.

Oh well. At least this time she wasn't trying to smother me & I didn't nearly beat her to death with a hockey stick.
I have to put this one down, it was too funny.
I was standing in the driveway. My cat, Patches, ran by me, to a house a couple of doors down. A moment later, I see her speeding off in a little car with one of her cat-friends. I think to myself "Even my kitty is having more fun than I am."
A moment later, another car goes by. This one has two gazelle-like animals in it. A moment after that, a Hummer goes by with two small elephants crammed in the front seats. All these animals look like they're having the time of their lives. It only struck me as a little bit strange to be seeing animals driving motor vehicles.
I go back inside, and my grandmother asks me to go to some store to pick something up. I say "I don't know, there are an awful lot of exotic animals on the loose. Wouldn't want one of them to try to jack my keys and take off in my car. And I think I saw some monkeys outside." Sure enough, I look out the back door and there are these two monkeys gallivanting around the backyard.
One of the monkeys tried to come into the house, but I hit it with a pole and knocked it out. Turns out this wasn't even a monkey, it was a guy in a costume. When he came to, he said "Well, I'll bet your grandma hides her stuff better than you do!" I said something like "Yeah, I really care about the opinion of a guy in a GD monkey costume."
For the last year and a half, I've had sex dreams about a friend of mine from the UK. I'm going to be seeing him in a month, and it might be weird!
Last night I had 3 very vivid dreams. 2 of them were rather convoluted, and I lost a couple of crucial details about the 3rd. But it seems that I didn't have nearly as many vivid dreams while I was on Loestrin, and now that I've gone back to microgestin, they're coming back. Weird.
Okay, so I didn't dream about him naked but today I had a dream that Don Draper was totally interested in me. There was some kind of advertising or marketing event going on and I was working with his company and we had to work together. Also it wasn't me, but a 1960s version of me. Anyway, in the dream he wasn't married and we were getting really close. But then there was also some kind of tragedy, like, Roger Sterling died or something. Either way, it was still an interesting dream.
I had an awesome dream last night. My family and I had moved to a different house, and I was the first to choose which bedroom I wanted. Naturally, I picked the best one. It was HUGE, it had vending machines in it. Not crappy ones like what you see at university, these had back-lighting, tons of selections, and funk/disco/boogie music would play when I got something out of one.
The closet was massive, and was full of cute-as-hell clothes. There was a bathroom, admittedly VERY small, but as soon as I would walk in, the light would come on and the bathtub would fill up with water.
I was disappointed when I woke up.
I had a pretty violent dream last night. For whatever reason, I was riding around on a hoverround through dark streets (it was night). I can't imagine why I would've been on a hoverround, I was fully capable of walking.
But anyway, I had turned to go back home, and all these men started calling out to me, menacingly. My dumb little hoverround gave out right as the calls started, so I stood up and starting walking (carrying the hoverround, which was pretty light). One man caught up with me. He was brandishing a stick at me, saying something, but I can't remember what. I snatched the stick from him, and told him to back off. He would lunge at me, back off, lunge at me again, and back off. This kept going for a few minutes, until I very quickly reached around and stabbed him in the back with the stick. One of his buddies came running up and looked at me accusingly, as if I had killed someone who was just SO innocent. The guy I stabbed started staggering and slurring his words, so I figured he was dying. I didn't care, the jackass was trying to intimidate me, and he got what was coming. A portal appeared, I walked through it and was back in my own neighborhood.
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