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Full Version: Dreams - why did I dream of so and so...naked?
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Wow, I was struck by something creepy about your second dream...."nemo" is OMEN spelled backwards. blink.gif

And, oh, gosh, the first one sounds so heart-wrenching. I hate dreams like that!
that is interesting treehugger, i was stuck on the name nemo also as it felt really strang to me but i didn't see that it was omen backwards.
Eeee, I didn't notice it either, and it was my dream! *Dashes off to look up omen in dream dictionary*
I had a long string of dreams last night, and I remember so many rich symbols and objects but not many actual events or feelings- there was a big hill, lots of ex-boyfriends, the house I grew up in, Bob Dylan teaching me something, my Dad buying me lots of stuff, piles of sparkly shoes, a national park, looking at maps of little lakes with big ships on them, cameras, kissing my ex in a hallway, and a hidden art gallery.

It seems like a lot of stuff that is good but overwhelming, or maybe even indulgent.
Another sad one last night, part of what seems an ongoing, relentless series. If anyone can make anything of it, I'd love to hear from you. Cause it really bothers me.
For some background, I had this beautiful, sweet black cat for two years. I adored him, he was my baby. I got him at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school (in 2003), and he disappeared in late November or early December of 2005. I can't pinpoint exactly when, because he would often go out prowling at night, but wouldn't come home until 2 or 3 days later. So for 3-4 days, I assumed he would come back. But he didn't.
Ever since then, once or twice a month, I'll dream that he comes home. I've had so many of these dreams that I know immediately that it isn't reality, that I'm just having a dream.
Okay, so on to last nights' dream: I walked into the kitchen, and say my long-missed kitty sitting on the table (His name is Apollo, btw). I was so delighted to see him, and I questioned if it was real. No, I determined that I was dreaming. But I was happy nonetheless. A few moments later I forgot that it was a dream. I picked him up and my father appeared. I said "Look, it's my Apollo!" My dad said "But.. it's been a long time.." I was like "Yeah, I know, I don't get it either." Suddenly I knew that I wasn't actually holding Apollo, but something my mind identified as a 'delay'. I've had other dreams where there's a 'delay'. Delays are always representatives (or, sort of like stand-ins) of animals who died before they were *supposed* to. I looked at Apollo's delay and asked it how he had died. It looked at my father and.. uh... told him ~telepathically~ about what had happened. I asked my father what the delay told him, and he looked at me very warily. He asked me "Do you really want to know?" I thought about it... "Yes. No. Wait.. no. Yes. Tell me..!" So, he told me "He was run over, but that didn't kill him. The people who ran him over got out of their car and gutted him with a spoon. And a shovel." I stood there stunned for a moment, then started bawling uncontrollably. I held the delay close and cried on it. I couldn't imagine what kind of prick would do something to an innocent little animal. The dream ended there, and picked back up later on in the night.
I was driving around, thinking to myself that I was just going to go and find a black male cat. Not to replace Apollo, but somehow I felt getting another one would make me feel better. I ended up on the opposite side of town, in the neighborhood I lived in 6 years ago. At a corner house a man was standing in the front lawn. I stopped in front of the house, walked up to the man, and saw that there was a black cat sitting in front of him. It was relatively young, between kitten and adult. The man told me he would give the cat to me, and had cat food, litter, and one of those little cat condos (all of which he would give me). I snatched that cat up before the guy could finish his sentence! I was amazed that the cat didn't flip out at being scooped up by a total stranger. I walked back to my car and shifted my new kitty onto my left arm so I could unlock and opened the door. I felt something warm on my left side and looked down - there was this great lump under my jacket (my somewhat roomy leather one). He had burrowed into the available space between my jacket and torso, squirming a little, trying to get comfortable. He didn't leave that spot on the ride home, and when I finally got back to my house I took him to my room, where the cat food, litter, and condo were already set up. I put him down and he seemed totally at home. He jumped onto the condo and took a nap. The dream went on for a little while, and throughout I noticed that he had all the same mannerisms that Apollo had. So, my dreaming mind came to the conclusion that he was Apollo.
I don't know what happened to him. I don't think he was run over, because I went walking all over my neighborhood looking for him. No living or dead cat turned up. I went to the local pound to see if maybe some a**hole had picked him up, but he wasn't there (I doubted he would be there anyway. No one could have any reason to suspect mistreatment, he was obviously well cared for. You've never seen such a beautiful, burly boycat!). The only other thing that I could imagine happened to him was some jerk-off took him. It's my understanding that sometimes people will snatch male cats if they see that they've been neutered. At least, I hope that's all that happened. It would be far better than him being dead.
And am I the only one who misses my pet who has been gone for so long? Do other people get over it, or does it stick with them?
((jsmith)) i had a childhood dog that was truely a great dog and who has been dead for 15 years and i will occasionally dream about her. (less about her, but she is sometimes in the dream) i think when some animal or being gets into our hearts they alway are there. even if not in the forefront their love made a home with us and will continue to have an effect on us even if we do not "remember" everything about them because of time passing. i think this is true with anything that leaves it's mark on our lives. as for your dream . . . i think maybe it is just that the question of what happened to apollo is unanswered and subconsious is trying to answer it with what you can come up with as possibilities.
jtsmith, i still have dreams about my old golden retriever, peaches, and she died 15 years ago from old age. in fact, i had another dream about her over the weekend - i dreamed that i was taking care of my parents' home (a home which irl they've been moved from for over 10 years) and taking care of the dog was part of the task. and she died while she was in my care and i was so distraught and couldn't believe that i had to be the one to tell my mother that peaches had passed.

it's really strange that all of my dreams about her somehow relate to her death. i guess like shiny said, she had just become such a part of my family (i'd had her from 1st grade until i was 15).

but the more strange dream that i had over the weekend was that i was visiting my mother (which i'm supposed to do this weekend). she kept complaining about something being wrong with her left hand ring finger, that it was hurting her or something. so i told her that i knew what to do - i would have to CUT OFF her left hand, fix the finger and then re-attach if for her. and so i did. and i remember seeing her hand in the sink while i was washing it out. there was blood all over it and i really wanted to peek inside of it and see the bones and viens and everything but was afraid to at the same time. so then i "fixed" her finger (not even sure what i did to it) and stuck her hand back to her wrist and it magically reattached itself, leaving only the tiniest of scars, as if it had been stitched up by a precise surgeon.

now the really strange part about that dream is that i woke from it and went to the bathroom, only to find that my own hands were swollen and that my wedding ring was stuck on my left ring finger. i'm pregnant, so the swelling is explained, but i thought it was pretty wild that i dreamed about it like that.
Yeah, y'all are prob right. sad.gif
I'm not looking forward to it when my other cats are gone, I've had them for even longer than I had Apollo.
Why do pets have to die? (Nah, I'm kidding. I know why they die)
Falljackets, your description about the dream about your mom kinda rattled me blink.gif
I've had dreams where I remove one of my own body parts for maintenance, and reattach it like it's nothing. I'm not at all disturbed about it in the dream, but immediately upon waking I think "Oh my GAWD!"
I've wondered what the significance is of removing a body part in a dream..
Actually, when I was in therapy and really big into writing down dreams and interpreting therapist told me that very often cats in dreams represent female sexual energy. Like when I was dreaming about having to kill my cat or the world was gonna end....the theory was that I was "killing" my sex drive (I'm a sexual abuse survivor) to avoid dealing with the "apocalypse" of pain I'd get if I faced up to it all.

Dogs supposedly represent male sexual energy.

Meh. Take it with a grain of salt.

So, do you guys ever get that horrible dream, the one where all of a sudden you realize that you've been forgetting to feed your pet who is tied up in the backyard? And you run out to check and it's dead and emaciated? I hate that one! Especially the ones where you look down and realize that it had eaten it's own feet before starving to death.


Jsmith, you are lucky with your dreams about Apollo! Because you know that you are dreaming. Have you ever heard of "lucid dreaming"? It's where you know you are dreaming so you take control of the dream. You have a great opportunity here. You could ask your cat why he keeps coming back and what he wants you to know. You never know, in your dream, he may just open his mouth and tell you something about yourself! How exciting!

I don't have many lucid dreams..but I had one and it was really cool. I dreamt that I was getting pulled over for DWI. I was terrified...then I realized I was dreaming. And here's the dialogue in my dream, after that realization.

Me: So, am I dreaming? Because I think i am.

Cop: Yes, this is a dream.

Me: So, I am fabricating you in my mind?

Cop: Yes, you are.

Me: So, if I'm creating you that means I can make you do whatever I want.

Cop: Yes, you can.

Me: So..prove it. Drop your pants and do the chicken dance.

(Cop drops pants and does the chicken dance)

Me: This is REALLY under my control, isn't it!

Cop: Yes, it is.

Me: Okay...make love to me right here in my car on the side of the road.

Of course, then my alarm went off!

But the moral of the story is, jsmith, you have a great opportunity to ASK your dream why it's coming back. How fascinating!
Oh, I've only had a lucid dream once, I sooo want to have more. I've had a few where I realize I'm dreaming and then wake up, but in this one I decided to fly, only it wasn't easy soaring, it was more like swimming up into the air. But still.

And I find I almost always wake up right before the sex!
Oh yes, I do love being lucid in dreams! But usually the only time that I am lucid is if the subject of the dream is one that recurrs countless times. The only recurring subjects that I can think of off the top of my head are Apollo, and tornados.
I dream a lot about tornados. The dream usually goes like this: the weather is tumultuous, and a tornado descends from the clouds. I'm standing there thinking "All RIGHT! I finally get to see one of these things in real life!" but then I think "Aw hell, this has happened so many damn times, and it's never been real. I'm dreaming."
But I'm definitely going to keep your suggestion in mind treehugger (about asking Apollo why he keeps coming back). It's a great one, and even if it doesn't tell me anything that I can readily interpret, it'll make for an interesting conversation with anyone who's willing to listen.
And speaking of lucid dreams, has anyone here been able to initiate one...?
Oh, I just remembered a really interesting dream I had last night.
Y'all know who Roseanne Barr is, right (or is Barr still her last name?)? Anyway, I dreamt that she was my mom, and we had moved into this big, elegant house. The previous owner had been kicked out for some reason, and left all her stuff. What I remember most was going through all her stuff. She had a ton of clothes (none of which I liked), and almost as much jewelry (all of it was cheap, costume jewelry). She also had a lot of handbags stashed in her huge closet (coulda had a party in that closet). They were all ugly. But this house was impressive: big rooms, decorated beautifully, and... a lot of secret passages...! Secret passages tend to appear in my dreams a lot, too. They're usually in big, beautiful old houses. But back to the dream at hand: there was a lot of staff that was left behind(butlers, doormen, maids, etc.). They were all suspicious of me and my "mom". But I strolled pompously through the house, and was ready to remind any smart-mouths that they were in our employ.
Wow, treehugger,

what an amazing exchange: the case that the cop would agree explicitly that he was your own concoction and totally amenable to your will. (I wish more cops would be like that!)

There's a remarkable scene in the movie "waking life" where the main dude is having a conversation with a woman..., then realizes that he's dreaming, then realizes that (therefore) she's only his concoction, it's not a real conversation, or rather just one taking place inside his head.
Then he asks her: "What's it like being a person in a dream?" Fascinating question! As if people in your dreams are themselves engaging in lucid being /dreaming, and know that they are (only) dream persons? Meanwhile, he's knowing that he's still only having a conversation with himself?? But she balks at the question, can't answer it...

There's also a scene where our hero is on the brink of the erotic, another sexy woman is zeroing in on him in the most gratifyingly direct way... and then he wakes up! Merde!!

But then he's only woken up into another dream...
I lucid dream quite frequently, but it usually only lasts for a little bit before I slip back into normal dreaming. In my last lucid dream, I conjured some french fries (not a hot guy, didn't try to fly- french fries. It needs some work) The biggest problem for me is to retain control over the dream. In the previous one, for example, while enjoying my french fries, my subconscious brought in a group of teenagers that starting pilfering my fries and though lucid, I had no control, and then I just went back to regular dreaming.

Most of the time, however, I lucid dream when I'm fighting someone. I have recurring dreams where I'm in a fight and my body is moving achingly slow and I can't defend myself. Since it's so familiar, I realize it's a dream and force my body to move, and win the fight. I think there is a definite link between lucid dreaming and recurring dreams, or at least, recurring dreams seem to encourage lucid dreaming.

Also, does anyone else have recurring dreamworlds and dream people? There are certain people and places that recur in my dreams every now and then. It's almost like I have a whole other life that I'm living in my subconscious that I can tap into every now and then.
I have something like you're describing, zizola. I don't dream of specific places over and over again, but certain types of places. They're always naturescapes, and they're always spectacularly gorgeous. The colors are unlike any place on earth that I've seen, and they always inspire an appreciation that I've never felt in real life. It's another subject where I find myself lucid. Just this morning I dreamt of one of these pretty places.
I have several places that recur a lot in my is a school...and most of my dreams that take place there, involve me trying to break into the swimming pool after-hours just cause I want to go swimming.

One is a town...and I know the layout of the town...there's railroad tracks that I go across, and a little strip mall that I always cut through to go to the other side of town (I'm walking usually, for some reason) and I have to go into the basement of this strip mall and through this deli to get to the other side.

And the other is a big old house that's been converted to a boarding school. I usually end up walking on the roof in that dream...hehe

But even though they keep recurring, it never occurs to me that it's a dream.
Had a really crazy dream this morning. Very disjointed, and probably full of symbolism.
It started out with me walking very groggily into the kitchen. On the table was a row of brown bags. I looked closely and saw that there was also chinese food sitting on the table. My brother told me that our cousin had bought all of it (there was quite a lot). Out of nowhere these hispanic children appeared. They all had plates and were munching on chinese food. So, I grabbed a plate (I'll eat chinese any time) and loaded it up. But before eating anything I just started wandering around, still very groggy. I decided that my car needed gas, so I went and bought some. I felt like I was drunk, and there were signs at the gas pumps talking about how I was acting wierd and smelled funny (!). I went back home and saw that it was a quarter til ten in the morning, and panicked. I had a precal final to take and had to be at the university at ten o'clock (IRL I took that blasted final almost 3 weeks ago.)! This made no sense, because the final was to actually take place at 3. I started panicking again because I had to be at work at 4, and that final was going to take me more than an hour to finish.
So I ran to my room to get dressed (I was in my pajamas I guess, even when I went to get gas). The first thing I saw upon entering my room was the dresser mirror. I paused to take in the change to my appearance: somewhere on the trek from the kitchen to my room, someone had shaved my head ohmy.gif<_< That didn't really bother me, strangely enough (I tend to be vain about my hair, and any dreams that involve me losing it turn into nightmares). I actually kind of liked how I looked with 1cm hair. I decided that I ought to dress a little differently with my new do. I chose a baby blue tank with Snoopy on it, and some new jeans that randomly appeared in my closet. I threw these items on, ripped of the tags on the jeans, and went for the door. I passed the mirror again, and saw that my hair had grown back to its full length, but was no longer my beloved henna-red. For a moment I was disappointed that my hair had grown back dry.gif
But I still had to get to the university, and only had 5 minutes!
Apparently I FORGOT that I had a car. I found myself hauling ass to the university (going on the longest possible route) on a g*dd*mn BIGWHEEL. Y'all remember those? Those things that little kids ride because they're too small to ride bikes? Needless to say, I couldn't go very fast. And, I noticed the wind on my scalp. My hair was gone again.
There were people working in their yards, sunbathing, or playing with their kids. I was sure they must've been intimidated by me, this bad bald chick on a bigwheel, tearing down the street at 5 miles an hour, looks of determination and fury flitting across her face.
I got to Loop 306 and ran into my brother and his friend, some older woman. They were standing there right in the middle of the road, there was absolutely no traffic. I was bitching that "I have to be at uni fifteen minutes ago! And I don't feel good..." My brothers friend told me to get in her car and she'd take me.
Next thing I knew I was standing in a public school bathroom, and I could hear the doctor (who I had apparently just seen) talking to the woman, both unseen. The doc said to the woman "She has tuberculosis. You'll have to be immunized because you were in close proximity to her." Great! I'm diseased!
The lights dimmed a little in the bathroom. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair had returned, only it was much shorter, thinner, and darker. Then all these girls appeared. They weren't doing bathroom business, they were all kneeling, looking very intently at these round patches of greenish-blue light on the floor. I didn't understand what was so captivating about these points of light, but I knew there was something paranormal about them. The girl standing next to me had an idea about the lights and their origin: "This all started when that little bitch stole my candybar! She is one responsible for this!" The little bitch in question walked in the door a split second later, and I suddenly remembered that I didn't like her because she was a total jerk. So I followed her across the bathroom, and was yelling at her "Hey jerk-off, what the hell are you up to now?" She turned and sneered at me, and headed for a stall. I kept following her, still yelling: "Oh, you're gonna hide in a stall. Very good, coward." She slammed the stall door in my face, yelling something that I can't recall. As I was walking away I knew she had vanished from the stall (she was always doing crap like that), and that she was going to try to scare us somehow. It only took me a couple of moments to go from the stall to the place I'd been standing originally, and surprise surprise, the girl walked in the door again. She had a very smug look on her face, as if to say "I vanished and reappeared through the door moments later, I'm SCARY, you're SCARED!" I strolled up to her and just started in on her again, telling her she wasn't the least bit frightening, and that I ought to stomp her pompous ass for being so obnoxious. She tried to duck into a stall again, but I grabbed her arm and yelled "You're not going to do that stupid vanishing act again, it's annoying!" I wanted to see her as she really was (she was an unnatural being), so I demanded that she 'show herself'. She yelled "Fine!", and by god, she showed herself. She was quite hideous. She had the body of a human, but instead of a human head, there was what looked like a great big block of ivory soap that had been carved to look like the head of Medusa. The lights dimmed further and the head glowed, and I heard unearthly screaming coming from her. Her facial features were permanently fixed in a look of horror. It all startled the hell out of me; so much that I woke up very abruptly, and was still paralyzed from being asleep (anybody here ever have paralysis upon waking?). For a split second I saw a dark, blurry figure standing at the side of my bed. :Shivers: I hate it when I wake up like that.
oh my! that dream started out captivatingly hilarious and then it turned captivatingly terrifying!!!
Oh yea, quite an unpleasant leap!
Intense dream last night.

I dreamt that I was pregnant. Like, 9 months, about to burst pregnant. And I was waiting, along with my entire extended family and friends, to give birth.
The pregnancy itself felt very real to me. I could feel the weight of it and eventually the contractions. My breasts were large and tender. I even felt an indescribable presence in the form of my unborn child. I could feel the life inside me.
Crinoboy was strangely innattentive. He kept going off with our friends to go smoke pot behind the hospital, and ignored me when I called for him. My mother kept telling me that she had "told me so" and that he was unreliable and unsuitable as a father.
I felt mostly impatient, I was ready to get it over with. I felt no fear until I had to hug my grandmother goodbye. They had waited too long and my grandfather was tired, so they had to go. As I hugged her, I felt this huge rush of childlike fear and uncertainty and I clung to her like a desperate person. She told me that everything would be alright and that she would come back later, so I let her go. It was strange that she was there anyway, as I'm pretty sure I was unmarried in my dream, and "ladies" simply don't get knocked up out of wedlock.
At that point I began to have "contractions", small, rhythmic pains in my abdomen and back. Every now and then I would squeeze out a little water and tissue and blood, but my "water" never broke, and I did not go into labor.

The strangest thing is that when I woke, I was having abdominal muscle pains. I don't know if it was a psychosomatic reaction to my dream, or if my body interpreted it's distress into my dream "pregnancy".
I also felt a strange bereavement. I felt the absence of my non-existent child most keenly, and now I feel somehow empty and alone. It's all very strange...
You were probably contracting your abdominal and back muscles while you were asleep. That said, very interesting dream. It's amazing and disturbing when a dream has such a profound affect on your mood the next day.
ok, so i don't remember a lot of detail, but last night, i dreamed that i was a black transgender (female to male). i was still pregnant, but i had a penis and was hiding it, stuffing it between my legs.

i have NO idea where that came from, but even in my dream, i knew that i had changed skin color as well as gender. i kept looking down at my pubic hair and looking at the way my skin looked against it.

one of the oddest dreams i've had yet!

that is all.
That's strange! A while back I dreamt that I grew a penis. This was unacceptable to me, so I grabbed a knife, went into my bathroom, and was going to cut it off. I woke up before I could do it, though.
well, i do believe i might have topped my own crazy odd dreams...

this morning i dreamed that i went into labor and i was all alone and had to go to the hospital alone. when i got there, it was actually my guest room and the nurse was at the foot of the bed telling me that she could see the baby and that it was huge. she told me i needed to decide immediately if i was going to get a csection and i was like, well, i don't know! you're the medical professional! help me decide what to do!

so i called my father to ask him for advice (no, he's not a doctor!), but while on the phone with him, there was breaking news on the television that we'd received the first transmission from outer space. it was a video. of talking poodles. standing at podiums. dressed in basketball jerseys.

wow, if this isn't pregnancy hormones perhaps i should go get my brain checked out.

omg falljackets, that is crazy! i have been having the most crazy dreams too. the other night i dreamed i was climbing down this really tall ladder with hubby and i was really worried he would fall off. i should have been worried that i would fall off as i was hugly preggers in the dream and my belly was totally in the way ans making it really hard to get down the ladder. anyway, hubby kept telling me not to worry and then said, "it's fine, see" and leaped off the ladder head first into a dive and hit the floor way below me and shattered into pieces. i was horrified because i couldn't get down the ladder fast enough and i knew that if i didn't get there to put the pieces back together that he would never be able to see our baby. i woke up totally upset and hyperventilating.

your dream was much better i think.
Wow, I don't know if I've ever seen anybody shatter in any of my dreams, but if I did, I would be totally unnerved!
it was unnerving. i think i as stressing over newbaby to come and over hubby being a new dad and my house is not even close to ready ect ect.
I had a somewhat sexual dream about a guy I haven't seen in around nine years. In the dream I was walking somewhere crowded and we passed each other, recognized one another, and he began talking to me. He was older and taller, but dressed the way he did in high school. (We were kind of interested in each other for a few years, but nothing really ever came of it. And I think he ended up moving or something.) Anyway, in the dream he was apologizing for disappearing from my life, and I was like no big deal. Then things started getting kind of hot and heavy....

Wonder what made me think/dream about him?
ok, i think i am having baby stress and it is causing me to dream strange things. last night, or ratnher this morning, i dreamed i was in my house and with my new baby (who we were calling bobo) and my husband and son and my sis. my hubby was packing my stuff up for me and was going to send me to mexico. i did not want to go with out him. just bobo and i were going and he and shinyboy were staying home. i was really upset and did not want to go. my sis was standing in the kitchen with her hands on her hips like, well, what are you gonna do about it? and i was really upset at her and wanted her to go but for some reason wouldn't tell her to leave. shinyboy was just sitting there eating cereal and watching. i kept saying "no i don't want to go to mexico with out you, come with me." hubby kept repeating that mexico is a happy place and i would be happy there and that i was being "crazy" and to just shut up and got ready.

i actually woke up and woke up hubby and told him i was not going to go to mexico without him and shinyboy and that if he wanted me to be happy then he should let em stay home and take care of bobo. he looked at melike i had lost it totally, but i think he is getting used to these sort of things. i did have to explain it all to him and he still rolled his eyes at me but as long as he wraps both arms aroung me and kisses my neck he can roll his eyes all he wants and i am still happy.
anna k
I dreamed that I was friends with Jack Black and Teyana from My Super Sweet Sixteen (teen girl who had an 80's-themed Harlem party), that we were chilling out in a room, and my dad got mad that I was friends with Jack because I'm 23 and he's nearly 40, and I would mention how he was married and didn't have any attraction to me but my dad still got mad as if I were underage. It felt very weird.
i had forgotten about this thread. but since it is up top again i will post my last nights dream. a little stressed maybe?

ok, i dreamed i went into labor and i had my sis with me which was all fine and good but it was a sort of like bad comedy in that my hubby couldn't get to me. he was in town and i called him and he said "i'm on my way!" but then he couldn't get to the hospital. he kept calling me and i was getting more and more scared that he was not going to get there. he got stopped by the cops for speeding and delayed and then there was a construcion detour and then when he finely got to the hospital, he could not find the entrence. then couldn't find the ob ward then couldn't find my room. so before he got to me i woke up.

yup, think i am starting to stress about the whole labor thing.
no more preggy crazy dreams! all will be well... biggrin.gif

last night i dreamed i was amy lee in the Call Me When You're Sober video.
Eek, has this thread died?
I have to post about this uber-morbid dream I had this morning.
I was on the side of town opposite of where I live, driving around. I was talking to my grandmother, even though she wasn't physically in the car with me (!), and decided to stop off at my deceased grandfather's old house. In real life, people now live there, but in the dream I knew that there was nobody, and logic told me the house would be empty (of furnishings, that is). But I was bored, and a part of me was convinced that there would be something there to entertain. I arrived at the house and walked up the carport. This guy who (actually in real life) is working on our yard appeared around the side of the house and met me at the door. He told me it was locked, and pulled out a key to unlock it. Very friendly-like. After he did so he disappeared back around the corner of the house, to do yard work out in the back. "That's kind of pointless" I thought, "there's nobody here to care how the yard looks."

I walked through the door, and was met in the foyer by my mother and a couple of other people I did not recognize. They were talking about my grandfather, and my mom had three pictures in her hand. Two were of him laid out in his casket (IRL no pictures were taken), and the other was a close-up of his head. There had been something drawn onto the photo with bright colors. It looked horribly like a gaping mouth, laughing maniacally, it's jaws surrounding my grandfather's head. I was very unsettled by the image; I gave it back to my mother, and walked into the living room. I was very surprised to find that the inside looked exactly like my great-grandmother's house, all the same furnishings and lighting, and the view from the windows was as it is IRL, yet I was still actually in my grandfather's house. I looked around and noticed that my mother and her unfamiliar companions had vanished, but there were other people: my grandmother, a woman dressed in scientist's garb, a man who looked like he lived to assist the woman, AND..... a corpse of a man I didn't recognize. He was laid out on a hospital bed which suddenly took the place of the couch when I wasn't looking. He looked like he had died of starvation, because he was completely emaciated, and was in an intermediate state of decomposition: there was a hole where the skin of his abdomen should have been, there were other dark patches where the skin had deteriorated, and all of his hair had fallen out. On his face was that shocking, gaping-mouthed look that you would expect to see on someone who died in extreme terror.

The Scientist was standing at the foot of the bed, looking at the dead man very intently. Then, much to my horror and dismay, the corpse sat up. The movement was very ghastly, it looked more like a sit-up (you know how you only use your stomach muscles to do a sit-up?), he didn't use his arms to push himself up. Well, I was just rooted to the spot. Somehow I managed to speak. "OHMYGOD!" The Scientist looked over her shoulder at me, and I said to her "Oh, wait, is that just one of those things that corpses do? You know, random contractions of muscles, or something?" But even before she answered me, I knew that this wasn't some random muscle contraction. The guy had been dead for too long for that to be happening. She shook her head, and told her assistant to push the body back down on the bed ('Strap it down! I don't want it getting up while I'm in the room!' I thought to myself). The man did as he was instructed, and the Scientist turned back to me with a look that attempted to convey reassurance, that said the dead guy was harmless. Harmless he may have been; but that didn't stop him from being utterly harrowing.
I looked over at the tv, and watched the video that was playing for a few moments. It showed a scene very much like the one I was in: A dead, decomposed guy sprawled on a hospital bed. He was weakly moving his limbs and head, and the expression on his face was one of terror and confusion. The host of the video was talking about how the man had been a murderer, and a picture flashed on the screen: it was of a young woman, the person he had killed.

Our own dead man tried to sit up again, but the assistant had walked out of the room. The Scientist looked exasperated, and walked over to push him back down. I turned away from the sight, and was arguing with myself about whether or not I should stick around. The practical side of me insisted on staying, saying that I would need to be used to cadavers (mobile or not) if I wanted to reach my goal of being a doctor. The 'sensible' part of myself said "This is too much GET OUT!! GET OUT!!!"
I listened to my practical side... that is, until the dead guy stood up and started lumbering about, unchecked. He stood in front of the piano, wavered, and my eye was drawn to another figure that I had only been dimly aware of when I first walked in. It was the murdered woman the video had talked about. She had been re-animated, and sat slumped in a chair. Like the man, she was bald, and had the same degree of decomp as he did... but someone had dressed her very nicely.
So that was it for me, I decided to get the hell out of there. I noticed a cup sitting on a coffee table, and felt compelled to take it to the kitchen (...!). And just why did I follow that compulsion, and delay my exit?? I have no idea.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the dead guy make a sudden movement, and I started so hard that I knocked over someone's can of Coke ("Great, now I have to clean this up!!"). I made for the kitchen to deposit the cup and grab some paper-towels to clean up the spill, but stopped at the doorway. I was taken over by morbid, depressing thoughts: If these two corpses are capable of understanding and thought, how is all of this making them feel? What are they thinking? Are they upset about being re-animated in such a pitiful state? Are they envious of those of us who are living, wishing for our beauty and intact intelligence? Or are they just barely seeing us through a fog that will never lift?

The Scientist and her assistant then walked up to me. They had turned into my great-aunt and her husband, respectively. I felt a little better at the sight of their faces. Finally I went into the kitchen to do what I meant to, and my great-aunt and uncle followed me. I turned to her and asked her "WHY are you doing this?" She could give no answer, so I asked her "HOW can you do it, this is utterly horrifying,! How can you handle it? Doesn't it give you the willies??" She answered "Yeah, it does give me the willies... but it's amazing that a person can be recalled to life after being dead for a substantial period." I responded "Well how does this work, how did you manage it?" She said "I don't really know just how it works, but it does. I just chalk it up to molecular biology." I thought to myself 'Chalk it up to what you like, but I'm getting the hell out of here.. this is atmosphere is so dark and depressing.'

I did my best soak up the spill. I was ready to leave when I noticed my great-grandmother standing at the foot of the hospital bed. She was struggling to stay upright, and I tried to help her onto her crutches (couldn't imagine why she had crutches with her, until I noticed that she had no feet). The ghastly dead guy was still by the piano, and he leaned forward and held out a piece of wood to my great-grandmother, evidently offering it to her as a walking stick (even though it was too short for this purpose). I noticed somebody had dressed him in khakis and a yellow dress-shirt. But still, in my mind, being dressed nicely didn't change the fact that he was a DEAD GUY. I kept struggling with my great-grandmother, trying to get her on her crutches. Everyone else just kind of sat there and watched. I got pissed and yelled "Hey! Somebody give me a hand!" So my grandmother and her sister (my great-aunt Scientist) helped me with her. Before I could walk away from the scene I woke up.
i had totally forgotten about this thread. thanks for reviving it. but ok, that is a creepy dream. i have been soo tired lately with the new baby that my dreams are very random and muddled so i really do not have anything interesting to write.

wishing all the dreamers sweet dreams tonight
Friday night I was sleeping at a guy's apartment (that's enough details, tongue.gif ) and I had this odd dream about him where we had just had sex (well, ok that part wasn't so odd)... Well in the dream he had a pregnant roommate and she was yelling at us because she didn't want sex around her unborn child and she was mad that we were cursing during the sex apparently because she kept saying how she doesn't want the baby hearing profanity and in the process of yelling at us for saying "fuck" she said fuck like 10 times. Lol, what do you think THAT means?
Is someone in your life being a hypocrite?
Okay. Here's a dream of mine.

A night or so ago, I dreampt that my younger brother (3 years younger) was only a little boy (and I must have been young in the dream because we were riding in a school bus). They wanted us to do something and I don't remember what that something was. Hmmmm...
The last two nights I've had dreams of cheating on Mr. Pug. It's awful. I hate them. I wake up feeling just icky. We have been arguing a lot the last two weeks. It just happens to us sometimes. It's really no big deal. It's just a tiny rough patch. Why does my mind have to make it worse by making me have these dreams. I love him more then anything else in the world and I don't want to be with anyone else but I dream about it. When I wake up I feel stupid and childish. I can talk to him about it but seeing as we are in the middle of a bad patch he might take it the wrong way and that will make things worse. So I'll just post it here and hopefully he won't stop in this thread. If he does then he'll know I'm not "enjoying" these dreams an that they really bother me. Sweet Dreams All!!!
take heart pugs, our dreams really do not signify that we want what we dream about. when i was first preggers i had supper crazy sex dreams all the time. and none of them about my the mr. now, alas, i do not sleep in long enough stretches to have very involved dreams.
shinyx3 -

Yeah, you're right. It's just that Mr. Pug and I have been having a few bad weeks. It's been tough. He's been having a hard time at work and other things and I've been PMSing and having a stressful time at school. We haven't been very nice to one another. He comes home from work miserable and I come home from school miserable and we are just short, rude and inconsiderate of each other's feelings. Today he told me how upset he's been the last few weeks and for me it was a 3 on a scale of one to ten, ten being angry enough to leave, and for him it was more of a 7. I didn't realize he was so unhappy lately. This really upset me because this is the first time in 11 years that he's been really upset and I didn't really catch it. I knew something was bothering him but he didn't crack till today. I mean how am I supposed to know that work is really shitty unless he tells me right? All I see is he comes home grumpy. He actually cried a bit today when he started talking about work. I just had no idea. I keep trying to do little things and it just seems like then I say something and all goes to hell again. His miserable attitude makes me pissy and then we fight. It's just been rough lately. It's not like us to fight like this. Then to have these stupid dreams. I know we'll get through it. We had a great afternoon. We went bowling together and didn't fight. Then we came home and had dinner and watched a movie and didn't fight. We cuddled in bed and I was just laying there thinking that he's been very unhappy lately and that just makes me sad. He feel asleep so I got out of bed and came to check out bust for a bit. I guess I just needed to type this all out. It's not even the right thread to be sharing this in. Sorry for that. Well I guess that's all of it. I know things will get better I just hate when we aren't in tune with each other. It will get better but it sucks right now. Thanks for listening.


it sound like even ith the rough patch you two have a great relationship. from other posts you have made, i know you know that a relationship is not always cake. it takes hard work. it sounds like you are talking about it and that is great. i have no doubt that, like you said, you will get through it. but all f this will not make it easier and i have not said anything you do not already know. so i will just saw good luck and i am sending you sweet dream vibes.
*bumped for people who don't bother looking for existing threads or ask in the community forum about them and go ahead and start a new thread anyway*
bunny, that was kind of rude and uncalled for.

Yes most people know the rules of searching for a thread first and then asking in the community forum if no such thread seems to exist. But it's just a thread! It's not the end of the world.
yes, perhaps it was rude and uncalled for but it pisses me off when people blatantly disregard the way BUST operates. It's not the first time musicfirst has randomly started a thread, so you think she would have learned.
Bunny, I looked all over last night and did not see this thread. I thought it had gone defunct. Think before you judge. I don't appreaciate the snide flippant attitude you just displayed toward me. Yes, I have created threads randomly before, A LONG ASS TIME AGO, but your attitude is silly. Pick your battles wisely.

I feel silly enough that I didn't see this thread was still here. And I swear, I LOOKED.
I had to resurrect my dream thread. I had a really cool really wierd one last night.

It all started with me walking into a long defunct coffee shop I used to frequent my undergraduate years at Western Michigan U called the Comet Cafe. All the hipsters sitting and talking were looking at me like I had no business there. Then I went to order my coffee and they were out of cups. The last ones (paper ones) were dirty and stacked in a small stack. I was disappointed, so the barrista said, "But we do have another thing, do you want to try to put coffee in it?" I said, "sure," He immediately put this chicken in front of me, pulled its head off and started pouring the coffee into it (oddly, there was no blood). Then he had a little crack of a smile at the humor of me accepting a drink of coffee from the neck of a chicken. I looked around me, and all these gaunt hipster guys were looking at me like I was the most uncool person they'd ever laid eyes on. I grabbed my chicken, feeling the warmth around its stomach, where the coffee was. I walked over to sit on a comfy couch and was trying to get a thought out of my head about this artsy guy I had an obsessive crush on my undergrad years (the one who had introduced me to said coffee shop). I was wondering, 'Is that him over there?' I fought an embarrassing thought, 'I will always be looking for him.') Then I sat down next to a little girl and said hi to her. She looked at me, said, hi, then looked away. I realized she was watching television. I decided to take my last shred of dignity home with my chicken full of coffee. It was alive...squirming in my arms and I thought about how crazy I was thinking I could drink coffee out of a chicken and how strange it was that the coffee was down there? How would I drink it? I took my disturbed self home and once I was home, I realized it was now just a container, since I pulled the head off and it was actually a stopper top with a plastic base. So I poured the coffee out of the chicken into a coffee cup and drank it.

Then a slew of events having to do with my in-laws and my mother-in-law's woes about my father-in-law no longer living with her and having to sell a kitchen table in order to afford something. I remember I was doing something fun with my cousins-in-law, but I don't remember what it was.

The next part was also bizarre. I was in my parents' home and my dad told me he found a turtle in my old closet. I saw it, it was huge (like sea turtle size) and was all covered in black dirt from being in my closet all these years. I remembered that we had found a turtle that big in my closet back in 1988. My dad told me it was the same one, it had been in there the whole time. I saw it lumbering around...all slow and was amazed it was still alive. How could I not have known all those years that it was there?! Wouldn't I have seen it moving around?! Poor turtle! Then my dad said he was going to kill it. I said, no! Don't kill it! I begged him not to kill it, but he was determined. I then saw a pretty little turtle-shaped casket he had made for it. Then I woke up.

Wow. ohmy.gif
"pick your battles wisely"? laugh.gif

I did judge: I don't think one dream meant you "had to resurrect" the dream thread so urgently that you couldn't have run it past the community forum first. If you had, someone would have found the original thread for you (when you search for a thread at the bottom of the page you need to change 30 days to all.) It doesn't matter that you looked, musicfit, you then went and started a new thread without asking and we avoid that at every turn (it's not like we don't mention it continually). You may not have liked my attitude but I don't like when people are above the rules.

oh, and to avoid double-posting (which is also really annoying) click "edit" on your original post.
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Sep 22 2007, 05:17 PM) *
*takes bit out of mouth*
When and where did you apologise for your post(s) being judgemental? I must have missed that.

I don't think that dina's mom came here for validation, from men-hating feminists, at all. I think she came for advice and support from mature, inclusive females and all she received was judgement, bullying and abuse (the last of which she gave back in abundance but she did not throw the first stone). This is not only directed at you, lovemypugs, although you did start the ball rolling but anyone who threw about the crazy, batshit comments (and I've been called out for similar in the past). I also think that throwing in her face your perfect relationship was sanctimonious and bitchy; as were your little shout-outs -complete with quotes- in the MAS thread to everyone who agreed with you, which to me seemed as if you were the one looking for validation.

No, you do not have to agree with adultery, I don't either, but I'm not going to pounce on someone and make them feel like a complete shit.

bunnyb - I love how you don't "pounce on someone and make them feel like a complete shit" when they make a mistake.

musicfit - you should apologize for ruining the thread. i mean god they just have to shut the whole thing down now that you made a double dream thread. OMG *runs out of the room screaming in horror*

aren't there other things in the world to be upset about. one thing that comes to mind is um... adultery!!! just a suggestion!!!
ooh of course you would have to come out of your pathetic little flounce to call me on this, pugs, and start a flamewar in a thread and situation that has nothing to do with you (that is why I never called you out in the committed thread). I thought you had enough of BUST and you were gone? I suppose for a successful flounce, though, you really have to mean it and not lurk every day.

You are an immature bully who can't take some criticism and I'm not even going to engage with you and putting you on ignore. Grow up and get to grips with the fact that you were in the wrong.

musicfit, I am sorry for pouncing on you; you were the straw that broke the camel's back and I really didn't want this to be a huge issue. Me judging you and criticising you for starting a new thread wasn't very friendly but I hope that I didn't make you feel anything remotely like the way that pugs made a stranger feel. As you said, it was silly to allow a new thread to get to me but with all the trollish behaviour of late many aspects of the board have frustrated me, and BUST does mean a lot to me.
as i actually enjoy this thread, i will respond to your dream music. very interesting. the coffee house chicken i am not coming up with anything for but the turtle in your closet that was there all along and now has to be killed . . . there could be some symbolism there. something hidden that you really don't feel should be hidden? a secret that you no longer can keep? or maybe just a crazy dream with no special meaning at all.

dream on busties

i am still sleeping too lightly to dream much other than the semiconsious goofy dreams. (i think 2.5 month old babies will do that to a girl)
Thanks for the apology. I have to say this, Bunny before I ignore the rest of your comments (since I know this will be met with predictable flames since you are a troll in my eyes now). Pugs was never a bully, never said anything that was uncalled for. She was defending the other people in this thread from being attacked for silly reasons. This is a thread I started a long time ago, because I love to discuss dreams.

I read your profile. Looks like you enjoy flame wars. Go to the flame wars thread, since obviously you are not interested in discussing what this thread is about, dreams.

About my turtle dream, I know that you are right, shinyx. There is something in my closet at home that my Dad might want dead but I want still alive. It will be interesting figuring this out with my therapist.
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