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Full Version: Dreams - why did I dream of so and so...naked?
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i always wake up before the good part of my sex dreams!!!! grrrrrrrr! or i'll be ready for sex with whoever's starring that night, and we keep getting interrupted or can't find a place. i can't remember one dream where i've actually done it.
QUOTE(edie52 @ Jan 25 2007, 06:48 AM) *

I had a dream that I was on a couch in the dark with a cute, boyish girl. We started making out, but when we went to her room I discovered she was a boy and was immediately turned off (I'm straight, FYI). He kept saying "Are you gonna give me a blowjob?" and I didn't want to but I didn't have the nerve to leave so I ordered breakfast in bed to stall. He sat there as I ate sausage and eggs in his bed.

I figure this has a lot to do with the fact that I'm unsure about my current romantic/sexual situation. Eggs and sausage are both loaded with connotations. There's also the fact that I thought the person was "someone else" before, and that I'm stalling but not leaving. Which is pretty much exactly what's going on IRL.

edie, about in 1989 or so I was going through some sexual preference identity issues. Here's the dream that convinced me to explore things "further.."

I was in a room. My mother was there (she's a very traditional sort) and (first big symbolism here) she was fighting with me, physically, trying to shove me into a closet.

Then, I was inside the closet.

A beautiful woman, then opened the door and gave me a beautiful red-wrapped a christmas present, in a box. We went over to a bed where I opened the box and found it full of jewels.

Lots of symbolism there, eh?
I've had a few more lesbian dreams in the past few weeks- in one, I'm walking through a supermarket with my friend, and I ask her to put her arms around me. She hugs me from behind and we continue walking, and then she presses herself up against me and starts caressing my breasts. I get extremely turned on, then wake up.

The other one was a lucid dream! I've never really had one before- I've realized I was dreaming, but in the past I've always been to scared to do anything, and would usually wake up. In this one I decided to try flying (I've never flown in a dream either). It wasn't easy (it started on the ground, because I was in a field, and I had to pull myself up in the air, it felt like swimming), but it was fun. Then I felt like having sex with girls. I found myself making out with one of my friends, and then another. Then I woke up from the dream into another dream, and told my Mom that I had a lucid dream, and then discovered that my clothes were half off.

The thing is, I've had (limited) experiences with girls, and while they were enjoyable I never felt the intensity that I've felt so often with men. Still, it's been years since I've even kissed a girl, that would be nice.
Heh! I've had some great sex dreams, and even come in them, but not often, it's more the anticipation and atmosphere kind of thing.

And most of my dreams are not sexual.

Last night I dreamed that I tied an American flag to a stick and led a bunch of people down the street.

IRL, my grandfather carried the American flag in every Fourth of July parade -- he was a World War I vet.
Edie, I have heard that when you dream of sex, sometimes it doesn't really mean sex, it just means you wish to be closer to a person or persons. Because you said you haven't felt intensity in sexual experiences with women in real life, I wonder. Are you having difficulty finding close female friends, or feel like a friendship or friendships with women are in jeopardy?
So what's up with the dreams where you're trying to get somewhere or do something, (in my case, it is usually that i'm in school, like college,and i realize that i've forgotten that i was enrolled in a class) like, halfway through the semester?

anybody else have dreams like this? what do they mean?

I have had several of those dreams. They are very common dreams to have after graduating from college. I hate those dreams! But it's good to wake up and realize that it was only a dream.
Last night I dreamt that I was with a bunch of friends and there was this crazed flying reptile soaring around, picking up people at random, hauling them off high into the sky, and then DROPPING them, just to be a jerk. Skipping ahead to the middle of the dream, my friends and I were standing outside an abandoned warehouse. Someone opened the big doors and the bastard came flying out. Someone else yelled "Why the hell did you do that? Now that thing's going to go off and kill MORE people!!"
I thought for a moment, then asked nobody in particular: "Why didn't it kill one of us? I mean it went right by us!" One of my friends answered "because we're soused." "Oh," I thought. "That makes sense."
Crazed flying reptile, yikes! That sounds like a creepy dream. Your description of it made me laugh, though. "He was being a jerk." Lol.
Yeah, it was pretty creepy while I was having the dream, but just thinking about it now, it's pretty funny!
I had one last night that I don't know what to make of.
Okay, there's this guy I work with. He confuses the hell out of me: He'll flirt mercilessly when we're working together, but I won't hear anything from him for the rest of the week. He says things that makes me think he's drawn to me. BUT, he is so obscure sometimes, that I can't come to any conclusions.
On to the dream:
I came in to work, and he walked out of the bar (I work in a restaurant). He asked me to follow him back in, that he had something to show me. I followed him, and he lead me to a table. On the table was..... a baby carrier....
"We have a kid" he said. I was thinking "He's nuts". Apparently he could tell what I was thinking, and he said "I'm serious." The baby carrier had been facing away from me, so he turned it around. There indeed was a baby. She looked like both of us. No doubt about it, she was my daughter. I was confused though, I always figured that the mother was the first to know when there was going to be a kid. But she just came out of nowhere...
Next thing I knew I was across town, in some apartment. I have no idea who's it was. But I kept thinking about HIM, and my (our) baby. He had her with him and I felt that I should probably go to them. Then I woke up.
Omg, I hate guys like that. I remember meeting a guy at work who was just flirting with me like crazy. MAN he was hot. But he had a girlfriend that he didn't really like much. So I thought I had a chance, but no. Not that I'm saying that's the same story with your guy. It just reminded me of that.

I had a dream about Joss Whedan. I think I was at a Buffy con or something. I remember shaming myself in the dream for being obsessed with Joss and his works of art. I think I met some of the actors on the show, but then I don't remember the rest of the dream very clearly.
Yeah, this guy is pretty damn hot. And you know, it takes quite a lot to turn my head. He doesn't have a gf, and I've heard him say that he's.. abstaining. Don't know whether or not to believe that, but there ya go. Maybe he's virtuous.
Last night's most prominent dream was actually kind of funny, if in a sadistic kind of way. I was at a park and there was this group of people playing with a frisbee. One person randomly threw it to me, but it soared past me and landed in a huge shrub. I went into the shrub to retrieve the frisbee. I very quickly learned that there was a nest of yellow jackets in the bush...
Needless to say I got the hell out of it, but not before I was stung MULTIPLE times. I was yelling at the person closest to me to spray me with wasp repellent, lol, because they just wouldn't let up.
The dream skipped forward probably a span of half an hour, and I was indoors with the people who had been playing with the frisbee. My innumerable wasp stings had lessened to just a few on my arms and back. There was a girl next to me COVERED in stings: all the stings I had sustained in the wasp attack had appeared on her. Poor thing... She was pretty upset and kept saying "it hurts..." I tried to stifle my laughter, and thought "I'll bet it does."
Wow. It sounds like you might be feeling like you are hurting someone else by something you are doing?

About the guy, maybe he was hurt badly in his last relationship and wants to take things slow with meeting women. Just an idea since I don't know this person.
I had a dream that my nephews were moving far away. In the dream I was really upset about them not being just an hour away, and they seemed kind of indifferent about the distance. They were also about seven years younger than they really are, in the dream. I kept hugging them and trying to make plans to visit, but they kept shrugging me sure whatever. It all seemed very real, and I woke up very upset.

I am wondering if I feel guilty about not hanging out with them very much over since I got married? The time frame is right. I helped raised them, since my sister was a single mother going to college, until they were about 7 and 8. I graduated and headed off to college myself.
gah. I had a really wierd one last night. I dreamt that alton brown was flirting with me, in sort of an innocent way...

*before i go further i should explain that i'm in a committed relationship, of course NOT with alton brown.

anyway, he's flirting with me, and my guy is there too, and i sort of get telepathically that my guy's like, "cool, ms. tree is gonna be famous>"

so then seque to the next scene where i'm in a room with alton brown and i discover he's really big into domination/submission so i'm tied up and naked from the waist up and he's asking me trivia questions and writing down the answers.

then my guy and a bunch of my friends walk into the room, and i'm thinking, holy shit, i'm in trouble now! and i think my guy's going to be really mad, but he says, "oh, lookie what we have here"...and my friend (who happens to be male) is leering at my breasts. But Alton Brown has forbidden me to move, so I don't. he then tells my guy, "I have a gift for you"...and hands him the paper with my answers to the trivia questions.


And I don't even WATCH good eats.....
Speaking of sex dreams, I had a great one about a week ago.

It was about James Marsters (he plays Spike on Buffy the vampire slayer).

I was in a room and it was wallpapered with James Marsters pictures. I was so embarrassed, because I'm 31 and I was acting like I was 13 (back when I was obsessed with The New Kids. Interesting that 13 is the reverse of 31). I then saw a cut out photo of James's head that had a lip print on it and I remember it was because I kissed it. I was so embarrassed, then James himself walked into my bedroom. I was feeling humiliated. I thought, Omg, what am I doing with all this paraphernalia, I'm too old.

Then suddenly there were other women on the bed making out with James. He invited me to join in and kissed me. But I was the only one he gave oral sex to. I was just getting wetter and wetter and then we had intercourse. I was so turned on it was unbelievable.

Then I got up and was looking for my husband, worried that he was going to leave me. There was a lot of guilt for what I had done. Then I had an orgasm in my sleep and woke up.

I should mention that the day before the dream I was looking at photos of James Marsters in a Buffy group I'm in and he was sticking his tongue out in several of them. I was feeling turned on. Then I asked someone in the group why he always sticks his tongue out. The person that replied has met him twice and said he is a natural flirt. So I'm pretty sure that's why I had the dream. Lol.
Today I had a dream of a dream.

I dreamed that I dreamed that I was having my brother's baby. I was horrified in the dream. I was thinking, why doesn't the baby have all sorts of grotesque deformities? It's perfect! I was so scared. Then in my dream I realized that the thing about my brother was a dream (thank the gods).
Had a very wierd one last night!
It was Christmas, and all the houses were decorated, as one might expect. I was at the house across the street with my parents. My dad started acting strange.. then my mom started acting strange, like something was summoning her back to our house. Both my mom and dad made their way back our house, and suddenly the house we'd been in started destroying itself. At least that was the impression I had at first. I got out of the house as quick as I could, and the destruction kind of followed me. Then I started feeling as if it was some conscious force doing it. Not one that was or ever had been human, but conscious nonetheless. I followed my parents (who, incidentally, looked nothing like they do in real life: dad was very thin, and mom was tall, and she had a short blond bob) back to our house, where the destruction went on for a few moments, but suddenly stopped. I still felt that something was there, and my parents still weren't acting right. They seemed to be in a trance. So I walked out to the garage where a friend of mine (dream friend, not real life) had parked her car. I got in the car, and told her we'd better get the hell away from here, maybe go to other towns and see if anything bizarre was happening elsewhere. I should add that this friend didn't seem substantial: she seemed featureless, and at times literally transparent. She pulled out of the garage, into the alley, and turned onto the 'main' boulevard that my street intersects with.
As we drove, I saw that several houses had been destroyed. But they'd been destroyed in a really wierd way. The roofs had been torn off and the walls knocked down, but the furniture and christmas trees were all untouched, and arranged just as the houses' occupants had put them.
As I sat in the passenger seat wondering if other cities had any of this going on, I saw the faint outline (it was night) of an suv heading toward us. It switched right into our lane, and I was afraid of a head-on collision so I told my friend to turn right into one of the neighborhoods. The suv followed us through many turns, and finally left us alone. It passed us, and I saw that it was a cop. I told my friend to follow him, and he stopped. We got out of the car and headed towards the suv, but stopped when we saw a group of people, some of them children, running at us. They were clearly crazy, and we ran back to my friend's car. Then I woke up.
Mine are always weird & don't usually know why. I had one the other night, though that reminded me that I'm stressing about my mom & her BF that I hate. He buys her BS & butted his big, ugly nose in where it didn't belong cos he doesn't really know why I no longer speak to her. He's too stupid to know what was what.

I was still living at home with my 'rents. My dad was still alive even though he's been dead for six years. My mom's BF brought some people over & I was sulking. For some reason one of them was Peyton Manning(!?!) Manning is telling football stories & generally being cool. They're all hanging out when my dad shows up with the crazy lady that kinda stalked him when he was still alive & for some reason she had a skanky, skanky son. In life, she had two skanky, skanky daughters. Anyway, they're all hanging out smoking pot & decided to go to the pub for last call. My dad & Peyton Manning tried to get me to come with cos Peyton thought I was cool & wanted to talk to me. I still begged off. I went into what was "my room," but it was nothing like my real room (I think this is because my mom turned my childhood room into a bedroom for her BF's twenty-something son & trashed all my stuff.) because it had a trap door in the closet. I put on my headphones & listened to sulky music until the trapdoor started to jiggle & skanky son stuck his head in. I went nuts on him. Apparently after they dropped Peyton off, they were too drunk to figure out how to get the doors open & came in through the basement instead. I talked to skanky for a bit, decided he wasn't so bad, & told him I'd unlock & let them in the regular way. That's when I woke up.
The other night, I dreamed that Ani Difranco was trying to have a baby and needed her fans to keep the fertilized eggs safe. I was one of the fans who was chosen to do it. I was honored. I told my family about it and they balked, saying, "Gross!" Then I thought yeah, I guess that would be gross, but I refused to think about it and instead placed the fertilized eggs (future Ani babies) in their flower pots filled with dirt. Than I woke up. Now just what do you make of that? blink.gif
Oy, musicfit, that reminds me of an unsettling dream I had a while back:
I was in Florida at my aunt and uncle's house. They had to go out and do something, and left their daughter with me. They have two daughters in real life, but in the dream they only had the one. But here's the creepy part: she was a fetus . About the size of the end of my little finger. Unfortunately, after a little while I dropped her and she died. I felt terrible.
And music, funny enough, it seems like there was a potted plant somewhere in the dream. I think I knocked it over...
Sorry for the long post but I really must share this because I can't stop thinking about it.

I had this crazy dream the other night of my grandfather who died over two years ago. We were really close. Mr. Pugs and I were sitting out front of our house. However, it wasn’t our real house as in the house we own in real life. It was a house that is down the street from my grandfather’s old house. We were sitting out front on folding lawn chairs and we were either having a yard sale or getting ready to have friends over for a party. It was autumn because there were dried leaves on the ground and the air was brisk. We were chatting and I told Mr. Pugs that I was cold. I could see my grandfather’s house from where I was sitting. I could also see his entire backyard. My grandfather’s neighbor’s house on the right was gone and my grandfather’s backyard extended the entire length of his yard and his neighbors yard. After I leaned over and told Mr. Pugs I was cold I saw my grandfather walk out his backdoor and start walking around his backyard. He might have had his old dog Samantha with him, who is also deceased. He started to pick up sticks that were on the ground. After he had a bundle he then walked down the street to where we were and placed them in a pile in front of me on the lawn. He then proceeded to pull a lighter out of his pocket and lit the pile on fire.

He said, “This should keep you warm.”

I was instantly sitting in my grandfather’s kitchen. We were sitting together at the table and we were eating macaroni and cheese that he had made for me. There was a disposable silver aluminum container between us and each of us had our own plate that we were eating from. He looked like something was wrong and I remember thinking to myself that he looked sad or worried. I knew I was dreaming and thought that maybe he had something that he wanted to tell me although he wasn’t speaking.

I asked him, “Grandpop are you ok?”

He said, “I’m fine.”

I said, “Are you lonely?”

He said, “Sometimes.”

I asked, “Where’s grandmom?”

He shrugged his shoulders as if he wasn’t concerned and said, “I don’t know.”

He looked up from his plate right into my eyes and then I woke up.

The weird thing is that no one really liked my grandmother when she was alive because she was the meanest woman on the planet. In all honesty I don’t think my grandfather even “liked” her that much. She died nine months before him. I mean of course he loved her but she was a real bitch. This dream makes me think that they aren’t together in heaven. Better for him really. I dream crazy shit all the time but this was the first time I really communicated with a person when I knew I was dreaming and whom I knew to be dead. It’s been on my mind ever since and this was a dream I had Tuesday night. I think I might go visit their graves this weekend. I feel like something is telling me to do that. Is this crazy or what?
Pugs, that's not crazy, that's amazing. I think the spirit world is communicating with you and telling you something. Just go with it.
It has been the week for wacked dreams let me tell you.

Here is the one I had last night.

Mr. Pug and I and all of our friends went to dinner at a restaurant. Everyone was supposed to split the tab evenly. After we ate someone handed me the money to go pay at the front counter. Everyone else left except Mr. Pug, my close friend Laura and me. When we got to the desk the waiter told me I was twenty dollars short and no tip. I remember the numbers on the slip being 10.00 short and .99 tip added. I was upset and voiced it to Mr. Pug and I pulled a twenty out of my wallet and added it to the wad of cash. No one really said anything but I was pissed and in my mind was accusing Jay and Joanna this very irresponsible couple we are friends with.

Next we were at some house. It wasn’t my house in the dream. It might have been Aunt Linda’s house but it wasn’t her house in real life. We were celebrating my mom’s birthday. I was trying to make this weird cake. I had to use a towel to make the textured top on it. I was putting it flat on the table and rolling the sides in clockwise and then pouring batter on top of it to bake it. This could never be done in real life by the way. There was a huge plate of cheese, pepperoni, crackers and some kind of dipping sauce. Everything looked soggy like it got wet and then sat in the fridge for a few days. My cousin Chris (who is an alcoholic IRL) came out from wherever he was and I remember him stumbling real bad because he was so drunk. I remember saying to myself maybe he’s not drunk but just woke up from a nap since it was around 2 a.m. in the morning. He put a pile of this cheese, pepperoni crap on two pieces of white bread and left the room with it falling apart in his hand. Mom and Dad were sitting opposite each other one in each corner of the kitchen while I was standing at the counter trying to put the cake together with Laura. Aunt Linda was rushing around which is why I think the house was hers and that she was throwing the party. Mom and Dad were both drunk and mom’s antidepressant medication was effected. She was laughing so loud and obnoxiously. Mr. Pug was not in the room but was near by. My grandmother was sitting near by talking about “all her cars”??? She only has one IRL so that made no sense. She had this look in her eyes like she was hypnotized. She was just rambling and mumbling. I remember complaining to myself that I still had to drive her home to the beach (she doesn’t live at the beach anymore IRL) even after this party and I was already very tired.

Suddenly Mom made a nasty comment about the cake I was making. I said something back then she said something smart again and we kept at this for a few minutes. I remember saying to myself, “Sheena, she’s drunk and it’s her birthday so just ignore her.” Then she said, “You should see how everyone laughs at how stupid you look walking around in that huge pink nightgown you wear all the time.” That one really hurt so I turned on my heel to respond and I saw Mr. Pug in the doorway with his hands on his hips. He looked at me and sort of mentally said to me without actually speaking, “Are you ready to let them go now?” I turned to my parents and declared that I hated them and that they hurt me so much over the years. I told them I never wanted to see or speak to them again. My dad just started telling me what a terrible child I was and how spoiled I am. I picked up the towel with the batter and threw it on the floor announcing that I was leaving and that someone else would have to take grand mom home. I started walking from the room and mom started following me. She was still laughing and hurling curses at me. Mr. Pug, Laura and I were dodging her and maneuvering through the house to avoid her and get to the car to leave. I had an apron on and chocolate cake batter all over me. We got to the car and got inside. Everyone from the party was surrounding the car and banging on the windows. I was crying and covering my ears and shutting my eyes. Mr. Pug started the car and slowly pulled away as to not hit anyone who was attacking the car. Then I woke up. When I woke up I was very upset and even a little shaky.
I've had some pretty bad nightmares, but last night was such a strange conglomeration of anxiety, I wanted to write it out and get it out of my head, so here goes...

I started out walking along an extremely crowded beach, bumping shoulders constantly, like a concert crowd, but there was no music. I didn't notice any of the people and I had a distinct sense of purpose, as if I had somewhere to go. I bumped into one unfamiliar girl who turned around and hugged me. She turned out to be the girl I had been best friends with in high school. We had had an extraordinarily close relationship, but she "broke up" with me the summer before college. We started out having a pleasant, catching up conversation. I began to notice that she looked different, taller, very thin, and she was wearing a bikini top with shorts (which she would never have done, we were both bulimic throughout high school). She began to give me a series of back-handed compliments, ending with the comment that I was so brave to be exposing my fat in front of so many people. I suddenly became very conscious of my beach attire, the same as hers, except my body was my own, which I have distorted to appear bulgy and ugly. I made my goodbyes and fled, as she turned to her friends and they laughed at me. I ended up in a huge winding line for the public restroom, where I actually neede to urinate, but every other woman needed a stall to change clothes in. A man my father's age showed up and escorted me to the front of the line, assuring me that he was "the mayor". All of the women in line began whispering behind my back that I was probably sleeping with him. Once I got to the stalls, every single toilet was covered in sickly dark urine, I entered to cleanest stall, but the women began talking so loudly I rushed out, to all of their laughter (yeah it does seem to repeat itself).
Somehow, I got a ride home to my parents house. The next morning I received a package. It was badly wrapped in brown paper with splotchy writing and no return address, so I brought it to my father in my parent's room to ask if I should open it. He took it from me and opened the package, which released a horrible flood of venomous insects, snakes and bizarre lizards, all of which began climbing the walls of their bedroom. My mother screamed and fled, but my father was very calm, he told me to find out who had sent it. I had the sense that I had recieved a similar package before. At first I believed it was from my old friend, but the paper had several symbols on it, and the words "Never on Sunday". I was stumped.
The next morning I got in a car with some friends and an unfamiliar, dark haired girl. (I have very blonde hair-this is relevant later) We drove along into the night and as we approached one particular stoplight the girl began staring at me with such intense burning hatred in her eyes that I told my friends to stop the car, they ignored me, and as we hit the stoplight the car exploded as though there had been a car bomb, and as everything went black, I heard maniacal laughter and saw the girl's burning eyes.

Actually, I have to go to class, I'll probably come back and continue later
Okay, quick continuation:

I awoke from the bombing to find myself in an unfamiliar room in an unfamiliar house. Very nicely decorated, a little lavish, typical of upper middle class homes I've been in. The dark haired girl was pacing the floor in front of the bed. When she saw that I was awake, she became very excited and asked me if I had received her package. I asked her what it meant, and she told me that I knew, and that I was only toying with her. I began to feel very imprisoned and wary of my surroundings. Her eyes got that intense burning look again as she exclaimed that we were twins and that I had purposefully abandoned her. Now, I was aware of the facts, but did not point them out, that we looked nothing alike, and I was not even sure if we were the same age, she seemed young.
Anyway, the dream ended with my meeting her parents in the house, very well-to-do and completely uninterested in either the girl or my presence. I woke to my alarm with an intense feeling of apprehension.

And there you have it. Certainly not the worst nightmare I've had, definitely not the most violent. But it left me feeling uneasy.
Wow. That dream is rich with imagery. So interesting and I think it would have left me feeling uneasy, too!
crinoline, what an interesting dream!

I had a dream that I was a speech writer for Al Gore. In the dream he was very flirtatious, and we ending up having a pretty hot affair. *blushes* I figured we would keep things on the downlow, however after our first encounter, he came right up at the office and passionately kissed me. As it progressed I started noticing he was very charming to all the women we worked with and I felt a tad less excited and special. Then he asked me to write kind of an unethical speech, and I started really questioning his character. Right before I woke up, one of the other writers on the team was just about to dish about him.

I am such a wierdo.
Here is a very strange...but short and sweet dream I had last night.

I dreamed I was in charge of taking care of a leopard and a turtle. I watched them like a hawk, thinking they were really cute (for some reason, the leopard was a sweet as a little kitten) and worried about them constantly. One day, I left the house. When I returned, I found that both animals had died because I had neglected to feed them. Then I thought, that's right! Feeding them! Why didn't I think of that. Then my mom snapped at me and said, "You should have taken better care of them, now you've starved them!" I was very upset in the dream, especially since I found that my taking care of the leopard and the turtle was essential to my completing the counseling program. I was promptly removed from the program when they found that I neglected to feed the 2 animals.

A lot of metaphor there.
I had a strange one today.

The first part with me trying to find some shirts for my cousins that I haven't seen in years to wear. I was rooting through all the clothing, found something I thought the older one would like to wear, he rejected it, I kept on looking. But sooner or later...

I was at some kind of a carnival. My husband told me that I should go on the dragon ride with him. I said, that looks like a little kids' ride. He said, "No, look! Adults are riding it!" I looked up and sure enough, there were 2 adults walking out of the ride. Then I sighed and said, "Okay, we can go on that ride." Then for some reason we ended up in front of this fuzzy yellow ride (it had actual fake feathers on it) like chicks. Then my husband said, "Come on!" Then I went onto the fuzzy baby chick ride with him and he turned a corner. I went down the corner I thought he went down, but ended up in a completely different part of the ride, the control panel. There were carnies that were about college-aged working there and as I tried to get up to find my husband, the ride started and it was shaking too hard, so I had to lie down and grab a big piece of metal. I was disappointed that I couldn't ride in the fuzzy yellow car with my sweetie. When I ride stopped, I got off the ride, then my husband came out and asked where I had been. I looked down and one of my shoes was missing. I said, oh, shit. I just lost one of my shoes, we'll have to go back onto the ride to see if I can find it. I couldn't find it anywhere, even on the ride. Then I woke up feeling very inadequate.
The other night I dreamt that I was standing at my bedroom window looking outside. It was nighttime, so naturally I couldn't see too much. Out of nowhere this sheriff's car drives onto my lawn. It took me a minute to realize, "Hey, this clown is parking on my lawn!" I was about to walk away from the window and go outside to tell this sheriff to get the hell off my lawn, when I saw something heartbreaking by the curb (but still on the lawn) by the glow of the car headlights: it was my brother's dog Stitch, just laying there, covered in blood. I felt my lungs and heart seizing up and I was about to start bawling, and I ran outside to see just how bad he was hurt. When I got outside, the sheriff had gotten out of her car and was giving Stitch a bewildered look. I was about to start in on her because I thought she had hit him in her car, but when I looked down at him he was sitting on his haunches, wagging his tail, panting, and was grinning (yes, he does have this peculiar grin IRL). But he was still covered in blood. Then my great-grandmother's dog, Nicky, came running up. He was also soaked with blood. The sheriff and I examined both of them, and found that neither of them were injured, so the blood couldn't have been their's. Then I started to get really worried about my cat Mojo, and maybe something bad had happened to him and the dogs got covered in his blood. But a moment later he came running up the walkway, meowing.
So, we never figured out why the dogs were bloodied, so I took them back into the house. My brother appeared in the doorway, wondering where Stitch was. I pointed to him, and my brother's face broke into this heartwrenching look of despair. I assured him he was fine, that the blood wasn't his.
It really made an impression on me, even though the dogs ended up being okay. I get really upset in dreams where an animal gets hurt, I won't watch movies/tv shows where animals are hurt. It just breaks my ittle heart sad.gif
And I still wonder where the blood came from.
A night or so ago, I had a strange dream about my little sister.

We were on this beach vacation. I forgot who else was with us, but when I was down on the beach, I lost my llittle sister. She seemed to have wandered off somewhere. I panicked and started searching for her. I was so terrified that she had been kidnapped or something. I walked up and down big hills, past other people, and finally to a restaurant. I went into the restaurant and there was a table with someone's stuff on it. It looked like my sister's stuff. I was terrified, I thought for sure she'd been kidnapped. So I went into the bathroom to see if she was in there and she was.

There was much more to the dream that I wish I could remember, but that's all I can remember now. dry.gif
I had a dream that my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and had a month to live last night. I woke up totally freaked out. I'm assuming it just means it's something I'm worried about (he's in pretty good shape for 76, but the worry's always there.)
Bump wub.gif
The night before last I dreamed that I was the planner for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's wedding.

I woke up thinking, "What the hell was that?!"
ok, so lately, like with in the last 3 months, i have been having extreemly vivid dreams. most of them i do not feel have special meaning but it is pretty much like sleeping i a theater. i am 6 mo preggers and figure this has everything to do with it. most of the dreams are mildly commical an pleasent and most have somthing to do with sex even if it is matter of fact sex and not truely sexy.

two nights ago i dreamed i was flying a plane. i was in the pilot seat and there was a man i do not know as the co-pilot. i do not think i knew him in the dream either. there was not a door between the cocpit and the rest of the passengers. anyway, we decided to land the plane in my childhood town, but not at the airport, on the main street instead. this all went fine lik eit was totally normal, but then when i wanted to take off again, i couldn't because of all the red light i had to keep slowing ans stopping for, so i was not able to get up enough speed to get off the ground. i was getting more and more frusterated about this so the copilot said "ok, i'll do this, you just sit here on my lap facing me ans we will have sex. (very matter of fact like and this seemed perfectly reasonable to me) so, there i am astride this copilot i do not know with no barrior between us and the passengers (who are commenting but not the least bit suprised or upset) getting it on in a very non-sexual sort of sex way. then suddenly i realize that this feels really good and i am getting into it and as i orgasm the i am in complete awe. the copilot says, "there, no more stress, see" and i wake up feeling all post orgasmic.
Shinyx3, that's very metaphorical. Have you been having trouble reaching orgasm lately? It seems to be a metaphor for that. Do you think?

This is a strange, but gross dream I had a few weeks ago.

One of my ex-clients had regurgitated some marinated artichoke hearts. She regurgitated them onto my bed. Then my sister came and ate the regurgitated artichoke hearts. Then she regurgitated them back out and I grew a cucumber with the regurgitation. The cucumber stunk something awful and I kept meaning to get rid of it, but didn't. Then someone tried to eat the cucumber and I stopped her before she even touched it, threw it in the garbage disposal and chopped it up. I was relieved to finally get rid of the nasty cucumber.

Yesterday I had 2 dreams.

The first dream had me in a funeral parlor. The corpse was creating a stench and the other people told me to cover my nose and mouth before I could smell it. So I never did. But as we were walking out, I caught a glimpse of the corpse's hands (folded in the traditional burial way) and it was of an old, old lady who had died of old age.

The second dream had me in my high school auditorium getting ready to perform a lead part in a play. I had to memorize my lines and I only had an hour to do so. Things kept coming up that kept me from remembering my lines. The lines were 7 pages long and I had an absolutely crucial part in the play. I had to go out there, whether I ended up memorizing my lines or not. I was walking around and I saw my orchestra teacher from high school. Then I got back to the back room in front of a mirror and thought, well, I have a half an hour to memorize my lines. But then I looked up at the clock, and I only had 10 minutes left to learn 7 pages of lines. I was terrified. I kept frantically looking through the pages wondering how I ever thought I could be an actor and then I woke up.
i would not say i have had trouble reaching orgasm but it does take me longer than pre pregnancy. i do not have as much intrest in sex right now though. i would often rather give my hubby a bj rather than have intercourse. he is very good and understanding and non-pushy and i am greatful for that. i wondered if it had something to do with my significantly lower sex drive.
I'm in the middle of finals right now.
Last night I dreamt that I had to take a final for an english class that I neglected to attend since the beginning of the semester.
Then I had this other final. I don't know what course it was, maybe history/government/something comparable, and for the final we were paired off, and had to sword fight each other. I was paired with the tall muscular white guy from "Gladiator", and was just fretting about it. I was so worried that I would hurt him (I was quite confident in my sword-fighting skills), and that I would end up destroying my brothers' sword (the one I took without his knowing). In the dream I got as far as walking to the arena where we were supposed to take our "exam", but woke up before I got to do any fighting.
j - i just finished my last final. stress level is sooo much better. i think stress makes for strange dreams.
I finished mine, too. This morning at ten. It was nerve wracking (precalculus)... but I'm so relieved it's all over! Until next semester..
Ok I just have to say this first. I was really tired today at work so I went to go pee and FELL ASLEEP ON THE TOILET!! At work!!

So anyway, if anyone does any dream interpreting let me know.

I was living in England in my dream. Like in a hostel dorm kind of place. I got all crazy and hyper and decided I needed to run away from it. So I grabbed two huge sparkletts water jugs and started running down the street.
I am running down the sidewalk and I stop and look to my left and there are two ravens mating. I watch for a minute and keep running and finmd a male friend of mine who calms me down and we take a stroll together.

I dont remember anything else. But I am really curious about the ravens mating thing. It seems very foreboding and HAS to mean something, right?
The other night I dreamed that my friend's mom was eating a deformed human baby that had six legs. The baby was on a silver platter and she was cutting slices off of its feet. To make it even more disturbing, the baby was still alive making googoo sounds but would start crying whenever it was cut into.

A more pleasant dream that I had recently involved my living in a castle and looking outside a turret window to see a giant peanut zooming through the air
yesterday a friend of mine told me about a dream he had that i was in. we were at this funky 70s style roller rink and we were speed skating around the outside of the rink racing each other. he said we were really competative and he won but then i was pointing out that he cheated and the judges agree with me that he cheated with an error code so they gave me the prize and declared me the winner. i was all gloating and telling him he was a loser and cheater and all bad sportsmanshipish. this whole dream struck me as pretty funny because IRL he is extreemly athletic (he is a martial arts instructor) and I am extreemly not but i am competitive in other ways. we have never had anything to compete about between us though.
Wow, to zizola's creepy dream! And here I thought my dream about kittens with missing limbs was disturbing. Well, I mean, it WAS disturbing, but less so than cutting slices off a baby. Ew. At least the limbless kittens looked mostly happy. I think in the dream someone at a shelter or something like that was trying to get people to adopt all these kittens with missing legs. It was one of those dreams where you wake up thinking, "Where the f*** did that one come from?!?"
Wow, zizola, that is creepy! I had a dream once that my cat was in a tree and crying and I knew the world would go into an apocalypse if I didn't kill it and dismember very creepy.

Okay, who's thinking about weird work and troubleshooting, even though she's off work?

I had a dream that I was at work and somebody gave me a theoretical brainteaser question: if you had a string of three or four lights wired in parallel, and one's missing, is it possible to figure out the wattage of each individual lightbulb?

I couldn't figure it out in the real life it's pretty easy. heh.

I really have to cut it out with the technical crap.
I had a really sad one the other night.
I was walking about in front of the first jr high that I went to, only it was completely intact (IRL, some delinquents set it on fire and it's all charred). I had two beings with me: my grandmothers boston terrier, and some other entity, don't know what exactly it was. I was walking much faster than the dog and the unknown being. I stopped so they could catch up, and when I turned around I saw that the dog, Sissy, was just dragging herself along. That she was dying became very obvious, but it was the most disturbing, heart wrenching way I can imagine. And totally impossible and unheard of, luckily. Like I said, she was dragging herself along by her front paws. What was so disturbing was that she was *deflating*. We've all seen cartoons where some character is blown up like a balloon, popped, and then they deflate. But this was sooo far from being funny. As she was deflating, she was also shrinking. And she looked so sad, she knew she was dying. I was rooted to the spot, so she kept pulling herself toward me. She stopped right in front of me, and died. And she was so small... I was thinking "ohmagawd, this is going to kill my poor grandmother.." But I decided I'd better bring her body home. I stooped to pick her up, and the strange entity pounced on her and tried to eat her. I pushed it away and picked up her body, which was hard like plastic, the size of a tube of lipstick, cracked down the middle and oozing some kind of BURNING HOT fluid. The fluid burned my hand, but I held on. The wierd creature was trying like mad to get at the body and eat it. Don't remember anything after that.
Last night I had one that wasn't nearly as sad and disturbing as that last one.
I was standing in the kitchen, face to face with my grandmother. She was looking at me expectantly, like she'd just asked a question and was waiting for me to respond. I said "Huh?" and she said "Come on, let's go next door. So-and-so is about to conduct the exorcism, and we need you there." Then she looked at me very pointedly (For background, my great grandmothers' house is next door. She's an uber-christian, my grandmother is an uber-christian, and I'm an atheist.). I was thinking "Okay..." I asked why *I* was needed ("come now, I'm an atheist. I don't believe that crap."). She told me "you just are." I shrugged and followed her out the front door. When I stepped out onto the front porch, I saw that the front yard was covered (and I do mean covered) with MOUNDS of ALMONDS. I say, it was an assload of almonds. I grabbed a handful and followed my grandmother along the path she had made in these... almonds. We made the short trek to my great grandmothers' front door, I was munching on the almonds, wishing I had grabbed more than just a handful. We walked into the house and some strange looking dude was standing at the back sliding glass door. He looked just like David Bowie in Labyrinth, minus some of the make-up. I was thinking "Ohmagawd what a clown!" He stepped inside and looked around, then looked straight at me. He started rattling on about spirituality and demons, and pulled a small statue off of the fireplace. It looked like a saltshaker to me, but he insisted that it was a demon's 'base'. He told me that the house was infested by a few demons, not just one, and the statue he was holding was the base of the most formidable demon of the group. He told me the demon's name: Nemo.
How intimidating. Then he handed me a big piece of styrofoam and a sharpie, and told me that this was the best way to communicate with Nemo. He added that Nemo would only communicate with me. I stood there with my mouth hanging open for a moment. I could feel myself getting dumber in the presence of such idiocy. He and my grandmother and a bunch of other people that randomly appeared were staring at me, waiting for me to communicate with Nemo. I decided to humor them, and wrote the following message on the styrofoam: "Who named you Nemo? Whoever it was must hate you." I was trying to keep from laughing, and I looked up at all the people who were still staring at me. Only now they were looking at me like I was a colossal jerk. The dream ended there, and I never did get to meet *Nemo*
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