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glassk, kidney infections suck! i know. drink your H2O and take your antibiots and i hope you feel better soon!
I just stood up to take out my tampon and a big glob of blood flew onto the sink tap. The other end of the glob stretched out and attached itself to the wall behind the sink. My period is 4 days late and so it's really heavy and I was constipated the whole 4 days while I was waiting. Normally I have to take a huge shit the day of my period and when my period didn't come on time I just didn't have the urge to go, which was really disconcerting. So last night and this morning I filled the toilet bowl with tons of gassy, noisy, poo. I knew there was a reason I waited anxiously till my boyfriend left before heading to the bathroom! And thank god the roommate is still sleeping. I feel deliciously empty now.
More dog-related grossness for you.

My dog found a dead skunk outside that had apparently been there awhile. I'm not sure how long, but enough time had passed for the carcass to become...nice and squishy.

So he rolled in it.

Oh my God...the smell...the smell...the horror...and the smell.

DID I MENTION THE SMELL???? I literally cannot even begin to describe it to you.

So I had to wash the dog. I'd heard tomato juice would get rid of skunk smell (which I actually don't mind too much, in fact, I kinda like skunk smell), but this was skunk smell + the stench of decaying flesh + the actual decaying flesh in liquified form, so I had to go to the store and ironically grab a couple big cans of V8. It took several hours of scrub, rinse, repeat, gag, scrub, rinse, repeat, gag before my nose finally committed suicide and I could no longer detect any odors whatsoever.

This happened a couple of weeks ago, and we are still traumatized. sad.gif
hercgirl, yucky! for future reference in the event that your dog finds yet another skunk, peroxide mixed in to the wash solution works wonders but be careful to rinse it all off and not get it to close to the face.
I have some unfortunate experiences with my dogs finding skunk, but fresher skunk than your dog found. my vet told me to put baking soda, peroxide, and baby shampoo together to make a wash. it actually worked pretty well. At first. But dog developed a skunk habit and I just ended up shaving her. she looked pretty funny, considering she was a husky.
hellotampon and herculesgirl....................

I'm blown away.
that's all.
Blargh, when I'm on my period I get the hugest clots. Usually the second morning when I wake up and go into the bathroom to change my tampon, I've got to like, waddle when I'm walking in there because I'm afraid I'm going to leak. Anyways *laughs* Every month on the second morning I go in and pull the tampon out and I can literally FEEL the clots coming out of my vagina at lightening speed. *shakes head* It's pretty gross. And AWESOME.
Oh yeah I don't think I ever posted this in here-

My mom takes care of an old lady with diverticulitis, which is a condition where your intestines have little pockets in them, and if you eat certain foods like things with seeds or small skins like corn or peas, they get stuck in the little pockets, rot, and cause immflamation and infection. Well this lady hadn't been following the rules and so one day she started hemorrhaging blood and shit out of her ass. My mother had to make her sit down on a chair because when she stoof up the blood poured out even faster.

Diarrhea is weird enough sometimes because it makes you feel like your ass is peeing. Imagine having that with blood. Uggh!
Okay, I'm so proud. I've never had anything that I considered sufficiently gross for this thread, but now I do.

Tonight I made a quiche for dinner, but I had no cheddar cheese so I substituted what colby jack I had and a package of Velveeta cheese (the kind in the macaroni package). Well, the quiche was absolutely delicious, but...
When I went to poop the Velveeta cheese just...came out with the poop. So the toilet was filled with poop and floating processed cheese product-very orange, actually, it looked exactly the same as it did in the package. I thought that was pretty gross, but then when I flushed, the poop went down fine, but the Velveeta clung to the bowl to form a processed cheese ring above the water. I actually went and got Crinoboy to see my awesome unholy creation. Unfortunately, Velveeta is very very sticky, and I had to scrub and pry it off of the porcelian.

I'm actually hoping the same thing will happen to Crinoboy, and that he'll let me see his poopy cheese-ring.
that totally made me laugh. when shinyboy was little (maybe 2) we had gone to 31 flavors for icecream and he had chosen one called allegator eyes. i got it for him but was laughing at the horrible color of green it was and how much he was enjoying the little gummy neon yellow candies (hence the name). then the next day he had a poopy accident and oh my god, there was the allegator eyes icecream all over again. the only difference was it was no longer frozen. it looked exactly the same though. so gross, but so funny. looked very radio active and toxic.
*snort* ewww, you and your poo stories. laugh.gif

I don't eat sweetcorn, and I don't feed it to my dog, but I swear I see sweetcorn in his shit.

Also, when my brother was about six, he ate loads and loads of pickled beetroot and turned his pee pink. that was fun. And then there was the christmas my mother put too much blue food dye in the icing for the cake; it looked fantastic, but everyone had blue lips and teeth, and green shit for days... blink.gif
I love sweetcorn on pizza and once pooped a whole piece; the yellow was hard not to notice.

So, I've never really had an issue with spots and, if I have, they've been on my face. Recently though, on two separate occasions, I've had a spot (a whitehead) on my ass and ohmigod are they painful to sit on! anyway, instantly squeezed them - so much quicker to burst than normal spots and oh so satisfying when they pop yellow gunk smile.gif.
Pasting this from my journal.

I think I have had so much chocolate this week that I have begun bleeding chocolate.

So usually I think that menstual blood tends to have this smell of death. Like dead rodents or something. That's gross enough on its own, I know. So while bleeding here on vacation, I've been using pads to cut down on the cramps and so I could not have to worry about it too much when I'm out and about. So this morning I went to change it and it should have smelled very icky. And like death. It didn't. It was dark brown, darker than I'm used to, and smelled vaguely of chocolate. And no death. How bizarre is that???
That's not so weird. My vagina always smells like what I ate. I eat a lot of fruit so my dirty underwear always smell like froot loops. So maybe what you were smelling was your actual crotch and not the blood. Actually my blood has only a faint metallic smell.
the metallic smell of blood comes from the iron in it that helps make up the oxygen carring capacity that it has.

i just spent half an hour elbow deep in the toilet. shinyboy has a friend who had several cups of gravel that he decided he didn't want anymore so he dumped it into the tiolet, then of course, peed in the toilet. for all general purposes this is a very nice kid and i am happy that shinyboy has him for a friend. so i tell hubby that i don't want to deal with this and he says "fine, i will" and proceeds to tell me to get him a turkey baster. this seemed an odd request but knowing hubby the way i do i say nothing and find said turkey baster for him. now let me interject here that hubby is a very successful neuro scientist. it seems obvious to me that a turkey baster is not going to suck up gravel (with greater mass then water) out of water, but i am not a scientist, merely a mom. low and behold, the turkey baster sucks up water and no gravel. so hubby comes into the kitched with dripping turkey baster, sets it on the conter and opens the refrigerator.

me: what are you doing?
hubby: getting a small cup?
me: why? and do we have to have the toilet water dripping on the kitchen counter?
hubby: (takes two salsa containers out of fridge and opens them)
me: stop, you have toilet water on your hands what are you doing.
hubby: i want one of these containers to scoop the gravel out of the tiolet.
me: WHY? toilet water belong in the bathroom not the kitchen please. (me , looking bewildered and laughing)
hubby: FINE! i;m going to the office. you fix it.

so now i have fixed the toilet (via reaching in and scooping out all the gravel), cleaned up all the toilet water. tossed the salsa that was opened with icky dirty hubby hands and now i am sitting here wondering why it is i have agreed to not work or go to school at the moment . . . so i can deal with this?
ugh, gravel in the toilet. Not fun.

There's a great poem by Sandra Cisneros called "Down There"...I'm away from home now, and I can't find it anywhere online, but when I get home, I'll type it out for you, Angelle- it has some nice menstrual blood/chocolate imagery.

Oh, and if I eat garlic or onions, it goes straight to my crotch.
mornington if i had quick and easy access to pickled beetroot right now, my pee would be pink faster than I could eat the stuff........... bahahahahahah
Huh. Maybe my crotch does smell like what I eat and I just don't know it. This is my first experience with it. The only other thing I have experienced that comes close would be when I pee after drinking coffee and it smells all coffee-y. I've heard there is also onion pee but I haven't had that. Guess I just don't eat enough onions for it.
same thing with garlic (i eat soo much of it) for my garlic vag...a nice italian kitchen smell has to be top 5 for bad vagina smells.

gravel in the toilet would be bad news...some genius at a party i once had decided to wipe with a giant wad-o-newspaper we had in the bathroom (hello, its for reading not wiping!) and it got stuck in the toilet for days.... i can only imagine how much fun gravel would be sad.gif
Whenever I eat Indian food (and I like mine HEAVILY spiced, as in, so hot it makes me sweat), my vag smells like it the next day. And I LOVE THAT SMELL. I. LOVE. IT.

Ahhhhh, garlic nan with chicken biryani...

I like Indian food smell in my armpits.

Last night I grated some ginger for a stirfry and had strawberries for desert and now my pits smell divine!
Yesterday I got may hair done at my grandma's salon (she paid for it, so who can argue?) I've been dying my hair for years, done by myself and professionals, using many, many brands and I've never had a bad reaction. Apparently, I'm highly allergic to whatever brand this place uses.

It was supposed to stay on my head for 40 minutes, but after 15 minutes my scalp was on fire- if it had to be on there 2 more minutes, I would have been in tears. So they rinsed it off, it was much better, they cut and styled my hair.

Now my head is covered in weepy, oozy little patches. They dry and feel like scabs, all over the crown of my head. Yesterday, my hair was all clumped and matted with this stuff.

Oddly fascinating, but I want it to go away now!
Polly, that just sounds *really* unpleasant. And icky. But mostly unpleasant.
Sooo, the thumb I smashed a coupla weeks ago is finally unswollen mostly. And, fascinatingly, the thumb nail is beginning to lift off from where the cuticle used to be. I have to be careful that stuff doesn't get stuck in there and become infected. It hurts but it's sort of fun because it's gross.
My vag gets the garlic smell too. I used to stick my hands in there and make my ex smell, but he couldn't smell it, so I thought I was going crazy...

pictures of the thumb? sounds gross! let us see!

We have a lot of roly-polys (pill bugs) in our back yard for some reason. I've always been mildly curious as to where they all come from and what they eat. The other morning I was in the yard and spotted a dog turd that was literally ENCRUSTED with roly-polys. They must go elsewhere during the heat of the day, as they were gone that afternoon and back again the next morning.
update on the thumb: It hurt when the nail lifted up from the cuticle. So I glued it down with super glue. I thought it was a great idea. We'll see if it works.

i discovered it this morning and have been dislodging bits of it with my tongue all day (gross, i know, but hey, look where we are!) and there is one lone sliver left and i CAN'T GET IT OUT. my tongue and jaw are super sore from prodding at it all day long but i can't make myself stop until i get it all out, and there's only this tiny piece left. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY
More of a duh moment here, I had my period last week, and I was int he washroom, I took out the tampon, and thought I threw it out, but a few days later I went into the pocket of the hoodie I was wearing and there was some tissue, and it had blood on it. Yup, I think I was high and forgot to throw it out. Oh, and I was at the park when I discovered the used tampon!

I've got mild exzema on my feet and I like the consistency of it when it starts to heal. and it feels sooooooooo good to scratch!

I have become a repository of gross stories lately, because I've got a staph infected abcess on my leg.

It started out as a fist-sized, red, raised patch, then started opening and bleeding and weeping. I've been on antibiotics for it for almost a week, which has kept it from spreading, but hasn't stopped the "necrosis" (dead tissue) from developing, so now it's an open sore with black skin around it.

Today, at my appointment, my doctor told me that she was going to have to open it so that it could drain. Holy god, that hurt.

The worst part was that I couldn't watch, because I was so close to passing out, I had to be lying perfectly flat. Apparently there was a big pocket of pus in there that she got out by stabbing me with a needle a whole bunch.

Now it's all packed with gauze, with a "tail" of gauze coming out and taped down. Apparently they do this to help the pus know where to come out, and it'll need to be pulled out and trimmed off a little bit at a time every day until it's empty.

Also, I'm going to have a wicked scar.

Word to the wise, poppers, if you pop ANYTHING, put neosporin on and a bandage on it immediately! Many people have staph bacteria on their hands all the time, but it doesn't hurt us unless it gets into a wound. They aren't sure what happened in my case, but it might have been from an insect bite that I scratched.

Be careful, and be clean, because this shit is disgusting!
oh, staph infections are so gross! and stinky too. hope you are better soon!
Oh, ew, staph infections are so yucky. I hope it responds well to treatment. My m-i-l got one and it nearly killed her. I hope yours clears up soon. Thanks for the picking and popping advice.

Update on the thumb: the glue thing didn't work at all. My nail is peeling off, from the cuticle toward the end of my thumb. It feels strange but doesn't really hurt. It's tender but not really painful. It sure does look gross though.
So the other day I felt like I had something stuck in the upper part of my throat, I went to spit, and spit out a a gob of phlegm speckled with blood. Which sent me into crazy theories involving smoking, and the fact that my tonsils weren't removed but treated with antibiotics instead and how they now hate me and were dissolving out of spite.
This morning, however,I woke up with a sore throat, clogged everything,and was sneezing constantly because something was irritating my nose. Which produced a giant gob or mucus and blood.
Called my doctor and it turns out that I have a particulary bad infection in my sinus and the blood that I spit was probably from drippage and the irritation...
Yay. I have bloody sinuses, and now I must spray things into them. I hate hate hate that nasal spray taste in the back of my throat.
i have lobster legs tonight.... burnt in the funniest of places... ah what the sun does to a person....
Ok this may not be gross enough for you guys-

But yesterday I had a big tight blister on my achilles. I stuck a pin in it on the edge, just to make a little hole so that I could relieve some of the fluid buildup. It easily flattened out. Then this morning it was tight again. I thought that was strange since I had made a hole in the blister itself. So I pressed on it and more fluid came shooting out of the little hole, accross the bathroom, in a tiny but very strong stream. It was way cool. laugh.gif

Has anyone posted that awful (wonderful) spider bite video?
wow, this is quite a forum! i thought i was alone in this world with my gross-out fixations! i actually stumbled upon this when i was looking up info on tonsil stones, another gross fixation.

my story begins a while ago...

i had always gotten clogged pores/ingrown hairs in my arm pits since i started growing hair there. they were hard lumps, and after a few days of prodding, they would eventually burst stinky white hard-ish stuff.

so about 2 years ago, i get an especially large one, and the same as for all, i prodded and eventually it opened up for me, only this time there was something new! with the gob of stinky white stuff there was a large coil of hairs!! after i cleaned to gook off, i uncoiled the hairs and there were probably about 20 hairs all coming from the same root, it was like a super-root. its was like a tiny little pigtail, all coiled up. it was so amazing i saved it for about a week on my nightstand (yeah). i eventually threw it out.

so with all that excitement, since then, NOT A ONE! no clogged pores, nothing. i check every now and then in the shower for a little bump like i used to get, but they're gone. that one super-root must have knocked out the whole species. sad.
wow, iioeo, that sucks that it's gone now! Maybe you had those hairs stuck in there for years!

yesterday I noticed something in the bathroom sink drain-something dark grayish and solid, stuck at the top of the drain. I poked at it with some tweezers and tried to pull it out, but it was the consistency of a large blob of dried rubber cement. I was able to pull off chunks from the mass, but the whole thing wouldn't budge. I have no idea what it is, but it's really disgusting...oh and of course there was plenty of hair mixed in...
iioeo, how wonderfully gross!
i had this weird ear infection (?) along with a bad cold a couple weeks ago and the other day when i stuck a q-tip in there my earwax came out, instead of pleasantly yellow-orange, GREY/GREEN. GROOOSSSS!
I've had a monstrous cold, and been coughing up flem. The first time I actually spit some out, it was like play-dough that had been left out in the air so it was almost hard, and a nice shade of grey. with a hint of green.

I felt quite proud.
so i've had some flakey dry-skin scabs, which i have enjoyed picking off. almost enjoyed, too much, but if you're stuck with shitty skin you might as well enjoy it!

and i have these tortillas that flake in the same way that skin does, and it kindof grosses me out to eat them.......but they're the tastiest and the cheapest once i get past the "dead skin" bit.
This isn't so much gross as interesting...I just plucked an inch-long eyebrow hair that was starting to curl. It looks like a misplaced pubic hair. (My eyebrows are normally shortish and perfectly straight.)
Anyone who has piercings can agree, crusties in the process of healing is gross but fascinating.

I have to say that I enjoy picking dead skin off my nose after I get over a cold.
culture, about the piercing gross out . . . i took out my belly button piercing while preggers because i thought it looked funny. but now that i am no longer huge bellied i was fiddling with it and the actual hole was filled with that white stuff that gets in the piercings if you leave them with out jewelry. so of course i had to squeeze it all out and the gross part . . . it smelled like musty shower gel/body wash. and yes, i know it was gross to smell it but what can i say.
I absolutely would have smelled it as well.
nothing the rest of y'all haven't experienced before, but i popped a big pimply looking thing on my labia today. it'd been there for two or three days and got a white head today, so after the shower i decided to go for it. i squeezed it slowly and firmly and it just EXPLODED after a few seconds of pressure. some thicker yellow pus, then tons of clear liquid, then finally blood. it feels so good to have all that gunk out, except now i kinda have a scab. oh well, i'll just do it with the lights off for a few days.
grossies represent!
Ingrown hairs are the best to pick at! It may hurt, but the satisfaction of seeing what's in there!
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