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Full Version: The Grody Gross-Out Sink Clogged with Phlegm and Toothpaste and Hair and Thread thread
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I love reading this thread. skinwithoutscars that sounds both horrible and very, very cool.
So- softcups.

Does anyone else like them because of the little pool of murky blood that comes out and than you can *see* how much you've bled recently? EEEWWW
I like 'em, but then I get grossed out throwing them into the trash can. Ewwww!! But nifty!
i am not familiar with softcups, but they sound like a disposable version of the keeper/divacup?

i like being able to see how much i've bled. i've always thought menstrual blood is the prettiest color. (when describing things that are red, i often have to remind myself not to say, you know the color of menstrual blood!)
Ha, one time in high school (about 1995 or so, before everyone was dying their hair) I was talking to a male friend of mine about this other guy, who we didn't know, that his color was the color of menstrual blood....not quite, but it was just a bad shade of dyed red, not the pretty intense red that you're referring to, and my friend just about keeled over. *Sigh* boys. I don't know how they'd manage having a period.
*delurks* How is it possible there's been no grossness in almost three weeks? *relurks*
I found a zit on my back, (I never get zits on my back; this was my first one EVER.) that had two heads. Two. They both oozed at the same time when I squeezed it. Blerg.
fuego, if i make it into uni today... I will bring back lung dissection stories. mm, slimy horse trachea...

although last week I got formalin in the face when one of my group disarticulated one of the ribs a bit too enthusiastically.*

*please note, I'm a vet student and this is in the name of my education. Also, they were very dead and very preserved.
zora, i had a zit like that on my chin this weekend. it was huge and shiny and painful. first one head popped and then the other kinda oozed out. it filled back up with pus and i popped it again a few hours later. now i have a scab. yuck.
I had an ingorwn hair that I had to take care of, it was actually two or three, and I had to squeeze it, and it was pus filled and just didn't stop. I was thinking, fuck, that's a lot of crud in there.
I got a piercing on the nape of my neck last summer which never healed, it's been rejecting since I got it. Perpetually oozing and scabbing, occasionally bleeding. But I really liked having it there to pick at... and know it was deliberate. I feel so helpless for the other unsightly things I get like zits this was kindof a novely. lol.

I finally took it out after my poetcrush noticed it and i was like, "ugh, that is actually gross." haha.... he didn't really say anything.

I'm sortof sad it's not there...... but man, it's nice to have it gone. There's still a gross little bumpy thing that's sortof scabbed over that hole. Ewww...........
Alright I just had the scare of my LIFE and I don't think I can tell anyone except you girls!
So I went to the bathroom this morning, peed, and then when I cleaned myself I noticed a little blood. I'm on the pill so I KNEW it wasn't my period, so I was like wtf where is this coming from. Actually, I knew it was because I always wear thongs and some of them are rough on the borders and that frictioning against my delicate skin down there makes it bleed a little. Anyways, I wanted to "see it" to see how badly has my hoohah been treated by the thongs, so I went to my room , got a mirror , opened my legs and positioned down there so I could look. Mind you, this happened around 6:30 am (i don't know why the f--- im awake this early on a saturday...Damn you,work!) so I wasn't wearing my contact lenses, so everything was a little blurry. So I'm looking and I saw IT. There was like a white bump, I couldn't define it well, but it was WHITE and circular. So I'm like SHIT! THAT FUCKER! (pardon my french). (Fucker= guy who I slept with last week. We used a condom but there was an instance in which his penis touched my hoohah and he wasn't wearing one). So I'm thinking 'IS THIS HERPES????" so I went into dear good ol' WebMD and start looking at the symptoms, while FREAKING OUT. In a matter of seconds I have already planned my future around herpes, knew how I was going to have children and what I was going to tell the guys I wanted to have sex with about this thing, all while damning to hell and back that guy(who told me he JUST got checked and he didn't had he's a good guy, kind of nerdy actually, and deeefinitely not experiences. he's the jared leto looking kinda guy that I talked about in the sex thread). ANYWAYS, I was reading the symptoms and they kind of didn't match, cause they said herpes was like a couple of red bumps(nope), that itched (nope), burned(nope). Maybe an ingrown hair? I think not! I was still freaking out, I was like what in all heavens can make a white thing down there to appear. so I thought that I needed to SEE it more carefully. I tried taking pics but I couldn't see anything, so I put my laziness on the side and decided to put my contact lenses on to take a better look at it. Girls, you can't EVEN IMAGINE how much my hands were trembling! So I put them on, went back to my room, positioned almost in front of the window for extra light(like I did before), opened my legs and looked in the little mirror I was holding. Nothing. NOTHING. Turned out that that "little white bump" was the LIGHT reflected in my overly shiny hoohah, and that because of me not wearing glasses, I just saw it as a foggy white thing! I'LL.BE.DAMNED. I think I just aged 15 years in the past half an hour.
omg, dani, that's hilarious. i'm so glad you're okay but i think that this means that your new nickname in the lounge is going to have to be "shiny vagina"

QUOTE(mouse @ May 26 2007, 02:27 PM) *
omg, dani, that's hilarious. i'm so glad you're okay but i think that this means that your new nickname in the lounge is going to have to be "shiny vagina"


LMAOOOOO! damn me and my young skin LOL
If i didn't shave I wouldn't have that problem haha
Okay, So I thought my and my friend AliBy were the only two people on earth who have disgusting fascinations with picking and popping and squeezing and such things. I'm so glad that I was wrong! I can't think of any uber-gross stories from the past at this very moment, but I've got one from this morning!

Okay so I woke up to this huge raised blackhead bump right in my cupids bow (the little curve on your upper lip). So I was like "This won't do!" and I sat on my sink, got really close into my 5x magnifying mirror (I reccomend everyone with an affinity for popping things gets one) and starting squeezing away! I noticed it was really hard, and it wouldn't pop, so I tried squeezing deeper. Ladies and gentlement, the product of that clogged pore was perhaps the coolest thing I have ever seen. Out came LIPGLOSS! Like, You could tell all the different colors of lipstick and lipgloss I had been wearing over the past few days! There were red layers and glittery layers. It was so cool... The top part was regular blackhead gunk, but the rest was lipstuff. It was so cool... I wish I would have thought to take a picture. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
aunt agonist
holy crap. shiny hoo-ha. i snarfed. it was AWEsome!
lipgloss blackhead? that's fuckin' amazing!
that is amazing...i am revolted AND intregued....
i read this thread out of my own morbid curiosity but i have to say ladies, today you made me laugh so hard my husband was looking at me like i am completely nuts and i had to run in to the bathroom to pee i laughed so hard.
I did a half iron man this weekend and when I took off my shoes my friend jumped a mile and screamed. I had (or rather still have) a blood blister about 2 inches in diameter on the inside of the arch of my foot. So gross. It's like a half filled blister but it's full of dark red blood rather then clear pus. I can push the blood around in it. Makes me gag. I'm going to take a picture and come back with the link for it for y'all. that is if you want to see it. I'm not allowed to pop it until Thursday.
I'm waiting for that picture with baited breath, running!

So I work in a dental office, but at the front desk, so I'm not usually privy to grossness in person. About the closest I come to ickiness is when I help the hygienists take the digital pictures of the insides of people's mouths- they move the camera and I push the button on the computer keyboard, so sometimes there's gross stuff going on in there. Anyway, yesterday I went into the lab area to wash my hands and there was a jar on the counter (an old "Taster's Choice" instant coffee jar, of all things) full of something that looked kind of icky....when I looked closer, I realized it was a jar of teeth. Old, extracted teeth of all shapes and sizes in some kind of liquid. I don't think the liquid was spit, but I'm not sure if it was water or some kind of preservative. I asked one of the assistants about it and she said they keep the teeth they extract, the ones that come out in mostly one piece anyway to practice on.

It was really gross.
OK as promised.

Both Feet
Close up
And one more

Weird thing is that it doesn't hurt. I'll let you know how the draining goes.

but it sure does look as if it would hurt quite a bit.
I would want to pick at that soooooooooooo badly!

Polly, that is really bizarre. Reminds of an episode of The Simpsons where Bart says the sound in a spray paint can is actually a tooth...

anyways, back to grossness! Hee.
running, i had a blister like that in almost the exact same place one time on my foot. it wasn't really a blood blister, though, so much as a regular blister that wasn't really 'full', so the shoe rubbing eventually irritated the skin under the blister to the point of bleeding a bit. it was kinda pinkish red, and when i popped it my mom made me check it ever day and cover the sucker in extra-strength polysporin for a week
oh shit running, that is intense!!!!

i just popped in here to ask if anyone else finds the little absorbent packet in packaged meat reminiscent of a heavily overused maxipad?
I hd a blister on the bottom of my heel for a year once. It just looked like a dead white spot (probably because of the thick heel skin) but if I stabbed it with a needle and squeezed, water would come out. I picked at it compulsively so I had a hole in the bottom of my foot for a long time. The skin would curl up at the edges of the hole so I'll pull at that and it would hurt and get raw where the live skin was attached.
running, i had a huge blister like that on my ankle from tele ski boots. it looked horrible but didn't hurt very badly.
hehe, speaking of teeth, this reminded me of a story about one of our old guys at work. He was pretty wild in his youth and worked a physical job his entire life and always had a couple fingers in his right hand that didn't move correctly and were all bent up. So, he was having hand issues shortly before he retired, at around age 58...went to the doctor...they took ex-rays and found a TOOTH embedded in his knuckle! And it would have been from at least thirty years before!

Another tooth story...when we were cleaning out Mom's house, we found in a safe, our grandmother's gold brother took it and is going to drill a hole in it and make it into a necklace. It's the whole tooth, roots and all. Ew.

Ooooo, while I was typing this post in, yer blister picture loaded up, running...I would have a very hard time resisting picking at THAT!

Mouse, that is so true!!

Tree a tooth in a knuckle! That is so cool!

I had a zit that I squeezed, and instead of traditional pus that came out, it was like wax, it was really fun to pick at. The healing time was much faster too. The next day, nothing!
shinyboy has this crazy blackhead that is huge that is in his ear. i always want to pick at it. i have gotten it a few times but it leaves a hole and it comes back. and inside it is this dark layer and then this hard waxy stuff like you were talking about culture. very satisfying to pick.
I have one of those eternally filled pores in my eyebrow. I squeeze it every week or so and a LOT of white pussy stuff come out of it. If I neglect it too long a really huge black head forms and rivers of white puss follows.l It takes upwards of five minutes to get everything out. That would be fine except it's located on a pressure point so if I squeeze it too long I get a killer headache.
i have this disgusting fascination with popping zits...mine...other peoples...i dont discriminate. so the other day i was hangin out with my dad and i see this nasty huge blackhead on the back of his i had to pop it. it took me like five minutes and a pair of tweezers to get that shit out but when it finally came out....biggest waxy puss ball ive ever seen in my live. it was awesomely sick.
yeah see.........i can't handle any body else's grossness. i like hearing about it in a removed state like here, but i can't deal with other people's gross parts up close. i love my own blackheads and ingrown hairs and tonsil stones, but i cannot fathom touching somebody else's without wanting to hurl.

Has anyone ever had such a pus filled zit that when you are popping it and looking in the mirror that the pus shoots out and lands on the mirror? I haven't had one like that in ages.

I can't touch other people's zits either. Not my thing. That video from earlier one just about made me vomit.
I had one today, culture. it's right on the bridge of my nose, where my glasses sit. it's annoying.

i have a patch of dry skin, and i enjoy picking at it far too much. it's on my bikini line where I waxed the other day... such joy.
I saw such horrifying grossness this week, and even if I get the photos, I don't know if I can bare to look at them in order to post them. But I will at least do my best to describe.

My friend got a coffee mug from Crate and Barrel a few weeks ago, and they told her it was microwave safe. But when she heated up water for tea in the microwave with it, the thing exploded when she took it out, splashing boiling hot water all over the side of her calf. She got *bad* second degree burns covering her leg. I did not get to see it until a couple weeks after it happened, but she made sure to take photos right when it did, which I saw. I had to hold back my stomach, and after the worst photo I just hollered "No more! No more! Put it away! Oh god, my eyes!" It looked like she had strawberry jam sloppily spread out over her leg-that's how bright red it was, and the texture of the surface was thick and bubbly. The worst photo was a close up of the whole area, and you can see hundreds of pea-sized pus-filled blisters, covering the burn. It was all shiny and oozy-it didn't look real. When I saw it, it still looked pretty bad, but no where near as horrifying as it was. She got a bad fever during the first week, because her immune system rushed to take care of the burn, ignoring any viruses. Needless to say, she is dealing with Crate and Barrel with this, and so far, they seem to be handling it well.

If anyone really wants to see the photos, I will try to get them-otherwise, I would rather not have to see them again : P
omg humanist, is she ok?
Oh yeah, she's fine now-she was on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and all the blisters cleared up after a couple weeks. Now it just looks like a REALLY bad sunburn would look when it's in the cracked and peeling stage. She said it doesn't hurt anymore. She did say after it happened that it was the most miserable week of her life though sad.gif
Alls I can say is, Crate and Barrel better handle that shit. Glad your friend is OK, humanist.

So hey - long time no see, grossies! I have a few good ones for you...

- I have discovered something better than the loop-thing to use as an extraction tool. I do a lot of crafting and picked up a ball-tipped stylus to use with polymer clay. Yeah...that thing hasn't been near clay since day 2. It's the best thing ever for getting blackheads out of the crease of my nostril, hurts less, and almost never leaves a mark!

- Discovered a huge zit on my rear while on the toilet last night. When I squeezed it, it gave one of those ripping pops that made me gasp out loud, with a little solid thing and (I thought) a little oily blood. I was getting ready for bed and already had my contacts it took me a minute to notice the three red blotches on the OPPOSITE wall. I believe I shall call this "juzitsu," because that is some ninja martial-arts shit right there.

- And finally, something I'd love to put in "Overheard," but it's too gross for the general population. We discovered about 8 months ago that GameBoy has Crohn's disease (which in his case only affects the large intestine, and so is considered "mild"), so there's been lots of discussion and study of his poop since then. He's had flare-up issues over the last couple of weeks, and his doc requested another sample this week to make sure he doesn't have an infection.

Well, he had his sample ready to go on Thursday morning, disinfected himself and his bathroom, put like five bags around the outside for handling, set it by the door, and came to kiss me goodbye. I was just stepping out of the shower and he reminded me that he had to leave early to make his, um, delivery. I walked up to kiss him, then I grinned really big and said, mock-angry:

"Take your shit and get OUT!"
*squealing in grossie delight, plummie!*

My recent grossness discovery was related to my tonsil stones. I've found that using my finger works much better than any tool, at least on my right tonsil. About a week ago, I scraped out a bunch of chunks. I had noticed before that there's some whitish/yellowish fluid that comes out with them, but I thought it was just saliva that was in the fold in front of my tonsil and it was sort of milky because it was in there with the tonsil stones. But when I did this last scraping, I noticed that this fluid was also coming out of my tonsil itself, like appearing as I pushed on the area. So now I'm thinking it's actually pus that's coming out, because how could saliva get inside my tonsil? Um, ewwww. But isn't that basically what tonsil stones are, semi-solidified pus? Makes me worry that I'm just in a constant state of infection with them. As soon as my health insurance kicks in, I am so going back to the ear-nose-throat doctor and getting the lil suckers zapped out.
omg polly that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. pus! ewwwwwww!! my theory was always that tonsil stones are hardened mucus.....wikipedia says:

Tonsil stones, it is theorized, are the result of a combination of any of the following:

* food particles
* dead white blood cells (a.k.a. "leukocytes")
* oral bacteria, possibly from mouth breathing
* overactive salivary glands

i had a buncha little fuckers in my right tonsil yesterday. i hardly EVER get them in the left (used to more when i was younger) but i get em pretty regularly in the right. i have kind of a freakishly long tongue so i usually dig em out by probing my tongue around back there, or pushing it back further with my finger and then probing. i'm sure i look CHARMING...anyway, once before a stone i had that i didn't immediately dispose of dried up and hardened really i put these ones on my hot dashboard in the sun while i went to lunch and sure enough when i came back they had gone from pale yellow, moist and squishy to tiny yellow-brown rocks about a quarter of their original size. CRAZY.
And dead white blood cells are what pus is right? ((shudder)) I had to show one of the dental assistants I work with what tonsil stones were. I can't believe she'd never seen them before, but she was fascinated and I think a little jealous that I get them. It's great working in a dentist's office because they all appreciate the grossness. And I get to hear the stories about oral abscesses bursting, "and my safety glasses were just coated in pus! Thank god I had them on!"
ball tipped stylus huh, where do i get one?
i bought one of those little blackhead removal tools the other day. it also has a side for popping whiteheads. why had i never bought one of these before? i was able to reach this blackhead on my shoulder that's been there for months! it was anti-climatic, but i'm glad it is gone.

i really, really want tonsil stones. they sound like a lot of fun.


Shiny, check at any craft store that sells polymer clay and tools for working with it. There are a wide variety of sizes; I picked the smallest one, double-ended (two slightly different sizes). Do be careful if your pores are big like mine...I accidentally stuck the small end right into one the first time I tried it! It very much rocks (additionally) for tiny zits with a head, the ones that are in an awkward place and otherwise don't want to pop. Woo!
sweet! gonna go get one tomorrow!
Alright, I got one for ya'll. Today I responded to a fire call. Cool. Routine. I like routine. We got to the scene, started up the pump, pulled the hose, and put a quick wet line around our side of the fire. All good until I'm told to climb up onto the top of the fire truck. Ok, we do this all the time to spray water on the fire while we're driving. It's really an efficient way to fight a grass fire. Anyway . . . as I climbed up, I accidently pinched my thumb in the safety gate on the top of the truck. Son of a whoooooooor! It hurt! It's impressive. There's a cut right where my thumbnail starts. My thumb is so swollen that the skin is tight as a drum and the colors! - purple, black, yellow, and blood. It's quite disgusting. There is so much swelling that it's just oozing out the cut. It's not broken but hurts like a mo-fo. I'm pretty proud of how gross it looks.
QUOTE(toastybean @ Jun 13 2007, 02:53 AM) *
i have this disgusting fascination with popping zits...mine...other peoples...i dont discriminate. so the other day i was hangin out with my dad and i see this nasty huge blackhead on the back of his i had to pop it. it took me like five minutes and a pair of tweezers to get that shit out but when it finally came out....biggest waxy puss ball ive ever seen in my live. it was awesomely sick.

Awesome. That reminds me of the time I spied a huge blackhead in my sister's EAR and I ran for the tweezers and then threw her down on the floor so I could pop away. My husband says I have a "sick little obsession", but I don't think he (and other people) realize just how satisfying it is when the gunk and junk come out of something like a blackhead, whitehead, boil, cyst, etc., etc. Since 2002, I have had dime-sized cyst on my neck. I had it removed in December 2002, but by February 2003, the cyst had returned. I spoke with the doctor and he explained that sometimes, it's very difficult to remove all of the cyst matter/cells, so the cyst would most likely retuen if I chose to have it drained again. In October 2006, I noticed that the cyst had grown a bit bigger. I went to a new doctor and he drained it, the whole time explaining to me that it was filled with "smelly stuff" (he actually said "smelly stuff"). I couldn't smell anything and I was almost tempted to ask him for a hand mirror so I could see what this smelly stuff looked like. For about two months, the area where the cyst had been was flat and smooth, and I thought that this doctor had succeeded in getting everything. Nope. The cyst started to fill again. In March of this year, the cyst began hurting (it never hurt before). I went to the bathroom mirrow one night to investigate and saw that the cyst was mildly red. Great, I thought, it's infected. I lightly pushed on the cyst and to my surprise (and delight!) white stuff started oozing out of it. I was stunned, because this cyst never had any sort of "opening" before. The oozing only lasted a few seconds before I was unable to get any more gunk out. But what came out was horrid-smelling and I knew it must be the "smelly stuffy" to which the doctor had been referring to. The cyst was a lot less painful after that first night of pushing and prodding and also noticably smaller in size. I probably should have made an appointment to see the doctor the next day, but I didn't. Every night since then, I have poked and have prodded the cyst and white stuff has come out. The crap stopped smelling on the second night of self-surgery and as the months went on, the white stuff became a yellowish-gray color (puke, I know). I no longer have a cyst ... well, what's left is this itty bitty bump. I'd like to say that the cyst is gone, but knowing my luck, this thing will come back to bite me on the ass in the end. It's been a fun couple of months, though.
So I have a kidney infection. part of the symptoms are vomiting. I haven't been able to eat anything in two days and was having a hard time keeping fluid down. But today I hadn't thrown up at all so I figured I'd eat a prune. I'm feeling a bit constipated. I'm lying in my bed wearing a thick hoodie, propped up on pillows just enough to be sitting up a little bit.

I put it in my mouth, chew a little. I feel a bit nauseous but figure I'd rather eat the prune. Nope. Immediately liquid- water and orange juice- bubbles out of my mouth and washes the prune onto the front of my shirt. So I'm sitting there covered in not-unpleasant smelling (i'd just drank this stuff) vomit and a prune. How to get the shirt off?

I ended up getting a lot of gunk on my hair and had to take a shower. Ew.
Breadandjam, that's the kind of story that *almost* makes me wish I had one of my own because I know I'd have this awful fascination with doing just as you did and getting gunk out of it on a daily basis. I'd even settle for knpowing someone who had one who would let me do it.
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