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Full Version: The Grody Gross-Out Sink Clogged with Phlegm and Toothpaste and Hair and Thread thread
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omg i just found this:
i like that one, and this as well!
i feel the need to notify you all that the current top post on that community is pretty horrible and disturbing (a child getting a gigantic abcess drained).

so keep that in mind before you click, okay? thanks.
I have an armpit infection. Both of my pits are covered in bright red lumps. One of them is huge. They're very painful and they feel like hard balls under the skin.

They said it might turn into abcesses, filled with oozing pus, but I kind of hope it doesn't come to that because the walk-in clinic can't treat me if it gets to that point and I'm too broke to go to the hospital with no insurance.

It would look really gross though.
*too afraid to look at Brett's and Mouse' urls*

Yesterday I went to the doctor and mentioned a cyst that I have had for about 6 years growing on my scalp behind my ear. I asked the doc about it. She said, and I quote, "I would loooooooove to get that for you, draining cysts is sooooo much fun." ohmy.gif Now I'm not so sure about letting her drain it.

blink.gif *Whimper*
deschatsrouge... just be grateful its on your head. i had a cyst just inside my vagina, when it was drained, i cried like a baby, it hurt more than anything i have ever been through in my entire life, and that says a lot.
oooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tankgirl, damn, I could only imagine that that would hurt like a motherfucker.

I remember when I got a cast taken off my arm, there was so much dry dead skin, it was pretty raunch. Then I took a tooth brush and scrubbed it clean.
I just had to stop by and tell y'all that I finally got to go after GameBoy's super-crusty heels with the "foot grater." Ho. Ly. SHIT: it actually looked like there was Parmigiano-Reggiano in a pile on the towel underneath. It just kept coming and coming. And he claims he only started feeling it at the end of the *second* session!

Disclaimer: his feet are really clean and un-nasty otherwise - he's just really bad about using the pumice stone. I think he's going to start now.
icky and bizarre. Never seen anything like it, and that's a good thing.
That link goes to a lot of stories, plynn, but given the context of this thread, are you talking about the one about the guy with the weird skin condition? That was weird- like coral or something.
If anyone is especially curious about the skin condition, a direct link to it is here:

It's definitely upsetting though - it affects his hands and feet and looks pretty debilitating. It's got me paranoid about my stupid warts on my foot, that's for sure!

PS - I tried the duct tape, but no luck.
gah. sorry about that, I thought I was using a static IP for the story but I must have accidentally linked to the blog address. But, yeah, I meant the guy that looked like he had coral covering his hands. The story said it was almost like fingernail texture, but covering his entire hands past the wrists.

(Thanks, Starbeattt, for finding the correct linky)
((shudder)) Le Boy has toenail fungus and it looks like that, but it's just one's like toenail fungus all over that poor guy's hands & feet. Ech.
That is so awful, I don't mean it in a gross sense, but just that something like that is occurring. Ick.

That rabbit with the growths what pretty bizarr-o too.
Warts on yer feet? Try having a nipple down there...
Oh no! LeBoy told me about that, AP, but couldn't find an article and it looks like your link died- I really wanted to read about it!

This is only minorly gross, but does anyone know what causes the irregular yellow-ish stains on pillows, like under the pillow case? Is it head sweat? Scalp oil? I have those hypo-allergenic covers on my pillows, that go between the case and the pillow and I still get them. It's gross. I could just wash the pillows, but then they never feel right after that, so I just wait till the yellow stains are too bad or the pillow loses its supportivness and I go buy a new one.
oh damn, i want to see that link too!!

i dunno about the stains polly! i'm guessing accumulated sweat and oil, and maybe drool.

i had some really fantastic tonsil stones today. i hadn't had any in a while and just happened to swipe my tongue back there and got so excited when i felt two! i popped 'em out pretty quickly and they were great. both pretty substantial sized and the normal mustard color variant, but the larger one was obviously a couple of chunks mashed together so i dissected it and in the middle was a tiny pink sphere. it had the same texture as the rest of it but it was a separate sphere and it was pink. i had a tonsil stone pearl!!!!
New link for the foot nipple in the This Just In thread! With picture!

Nipple on Foot link

Polly, it might also be your moisturiser, or anything else you put on your face at night....
How bizarre, could you imagine if you were with a person who had a foot fetish? Imagine it.
well now i've seen everything.
Are you sure 'bout that, laurenann? (Possibly NSFW)
mmmmmm penis arm...
I am so very glad I dropped in here today...nipple feet...penis arm...what next???

Nothing on the gross front for me these days. But I also wonder what those yellow stains on the pillow case are. My husband gets them on his, but I never do wtf?? Perhaps it's a sweat thing, cause I sweat significantly less than him huh.gif
Yeah, LeBoy's pillows are significantly more yellow than mine. The weird thing is that they're large stains, like bigger than your head- that's what makes me think it's head sweat and not drool. And they're more yellow around the outer edges, like when something dries. It's not like our room is really hot, though- we like it as cool as possible.

It's gross. I need new pillows.

On a grosser note, the other day I did a little minor self-surgery on what I thought was a zit on my chin. For the past few weeks, when I'd press my tongue against it from the inside, there was a distinct, slightly raised white lump. I thought (and hoped!) for sure it would be one of those hard white chunks and I'd be able to squeeze it out at some point. Nothing was happening, so I poked a needle into it slightly. Still nothing, just a little blood and clear stuff. That was before I went to bed on Tuesday night. Yesterday, I woke up and the thing had grown about 4 times bigger, filled with pus. I poked it again, yellow goo came pouring out. It bled some. I was left with a pit in my face and it scabbed over during the day, but still hurt and bled a little. Last night, I washed it, put some first aid ointment on it and put a band-aid over it. Today it's much better. I'm still not sure if whatever I was initially going after came out, but I'm just going to leave it alone.
Hmm penis arm.

Yellow stains, sweat possibly drool stains?
I have those yellow stains on my pillow, and they are from going to bed with wet hair all the time, after showering in my rusty, sulfur-y water. I know what they are, but it's embarrassing when other people see it.
Is that what it is? Hmm, I used to take showers at night and got to bed with my hair wet, but I've been taking showers in the morning lately and blowdrying. And LeBoy never showers before he goes to bed (except when he was in a band and would pay at bars- I wouldn't let him in bed smelling all smoky.

Maybe it's something different with my pillows. Damn dirty pillows! (sorry, I had to make the joke.)
I have those pillow stains too, but I don't worry about them because they're covered up by pillowcases. What bugs me is that my pillowcases get them too! Big faded patches. On every single pillowcase. It drives me nuts!

Is it from wearing clearasil to bed, do you think?
Hi, I never post here but it's really late and I can't think about all the theory stuff I am working on. My hypothesis is yellow stains=nicotine? There's a huge piss-colored aura on the mattresspad of the side of the bed where my smoking bf sleeps. It might be alcohol, too. But my theory is excreted toxins, specifically nicotine. Anyone?

But maybe it's wrong cause it assumes everyone smokes--toxins, then, coming from the body.
Hmm, no smokers over here. Like I said, I wouldn't even let LeBoy get in bed after a gig because he'd smell like a smoky bar. *cough*
Wet hair could definately be the culprit.
unsure.gif My old man has those yellow stains, too! unsure.gif I always make him use a different pillow case than those that go with the nice sheets, etc., because of this very thing! It's oily, too. Almost impossible to remove from the fabric--it's almost like "ring around the collar" stuff. Gah! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one with those stains on the bed!

I've never noticed it on the pillow case, just the pillow when I take the case off to change it.

Love the avvie, quiet!
It's mostly oil, possibly some sweat, occasionally exacerbated by putting a shower-wet head on it (I did when I was a kid but now don't; I have to shower and wash in the morning, or else I look too greasy). I have an extreeeemely oily scalp and replace my (cheap) pillows about every 4-6 months because of it. And I never realized until I started using solid-colored pillowcases just how quickly it shows up - like within 2 days of replacing the case, even on a brand-new pillow.

In other gross news, I'm getting an ass-whoopin' from a really nasty case of bronchitis/sinus infection. Tons of yellow-green shit out of my nose and when I cough - though, for some reason, the right side is so plugged, I can't even irrigate it open. Plus, the coughing is so bad and so painful I'm doing all I can to avoid it. If the monster glue boog that must be stuck up so high I can't dislodge it, and has blocked the hearing in my right ear for two days solid, ever comes out...I'll take pictures and post them.
I had a pretty mucus-y cold three weeks ago and I'm still coughing stuff up. Yuck. Some days I have the feeling of a big glob of snot lodged in the top of my throat for hours and I can't get it up. It's been better the past couple of days, though.

I've heard that it's better to take showers at night, if you take them everyday. Otherwise, you go to sleep with all the pollutants and crap that gets into your hair during the day and it gets on your pillow and irritates your face. I'm sure it's really only a significant amount if you work outside, in a big city or, like, in a bar or some place smokey.
i always shower at night. when i shower in the morning i just want to stay in the shower forever and end up being late to work. but my boyfriend is out of town and i've been feeling so tired and a little blue, so i haven't showered much this week.

i also had a cold a few weeks ago, and i have this spot right on the inside of my nose that got all red and irritated from blowing it so much that will not heal. it hurts a ton. not gross, just painful.

i'm working today (i work part-time at a group home for adults with developmental disabilities) and that always involves poop, boogers, and the occassional bloody hemmerhoid.
I'm a heavy drooler, and I know it's the reason my pillows look gross after only a week of owning them. That, and I don't wash them as often as I should.
Ewww. I peed, and before I could flush, I ran out to answer the phone-and when I came back, one of my cats was drinking from the toilet. Ewwww. Then again, they lick their own butts. But still gross.
This morning, I had an itch very near my belly button and when I went to scratch it, I noticed that there was some...debris in my belly button. I stuck my finger in, thinking it was lint (even though I'm not prone to lint there), but it was some sort of self-produced goo. It smelled exactly like cheese. Like good Romano cheese. I dug more out and then went in the bathroom and wiped it out with a damp paper towel. I don't think I've been conscientiously washing my belly button when I shower, so that's why it didn't get washed away.

Why does the build-up in some crevices of the body smell like cheese? I get it behind my ears, too- there's not much solid material, but if I scratch behind my ears, it smells like cheese. Even if I took a shower that doy, it does (I shower every couple of days.)
I always wash my bellybutton now. A long time ago I read the same thing in this thread and have been washing it ever since!

I have a bad cold, and this morning when I blew my nose a huge brown chunk flew out. I picked it out of the tissue and felt it- it has hard, but flexible at the same time, and also very slimy. I literally felt its absence from my face for a few minutes after that- it was almost the size of a letter on a keyboard so that was the only time all day I haven't felt like my sinuses were saturated.

Unfortunately this happened at work, so I was on camera the whole time I was playing with my booger. I know they're all going to talk behind my back about it forever!
i noticed an uber-short hair growing along the crease between my leg and groinal region this evening, and it had that shadowy look of a blocked pore, soo....
i give it a squeeze, and out pops...well, it's solid, and lumpy, and flattish and a few millimeters wide and half-ish across. the top part was like a hard yellow blackhead plug, and the bottom part that was attached was white and sort of...protein-ey? and maybe half a centimetre long all together. and embedded neatly inside was the insidious pube. no pus, no explosions, but a red spot on my leg where it came out, and it was rather satisfying indeed
You know it's bad, when you're even hesitant to post it in Grossies....

I have a diva cup and I wash it really, really well with hot water and soap every time I empty it...well, it was smelling funky ANYWAY...and somebody suggested soaking it in vinegar. Well, I filled a glass with vinegar, dropped it in and....this wispy whitish coating drifted up and off the diva cup. It didn't dissolve into the vinegar, and being grossily fascinated, I took a disposable plastic knife, scooped it up...and it hung from the knife and looked kinda like an egg white. Um, I couldn't bring myself to touch it.

And I swear, I scrub the damned thing. Hard. Thoroughly. I thought, anyway.

Blech. blink.gif
Treehugger, yes that is pretty I'm gonna try it with MY diva cup laugh.gif
I've had bad allergies for the past few months, and every morning I cough up this brownish/greenish hard gooey loogey. It's distgustingly wonderful.
princess evangeline
voodoo princess here......
Ok so I am way jealous of this girlie I work with..... 2 girlies actually. One of them was having this terrible swelling and pain just below one side of her rear-end...... come to find out from a quick trip to the ER it was a boil but had not come to a head so they couldn't help her..... She and 2nd girlie are best friends so last night girl1 is in terrible pain and girl2 says they got to do something about it so..... they take hot compresses and place over the spot to try to draw it out, which I suppose worked because it got to the point where girl2 had girl1 bent over the dining table doing her best to sqeeze this HUGE knot of whatever up to the surface of girl1's skin. Girl2 says the "knot" as I'll call it kept poking through girl1's skin, which was broken open a bit at this point but wasn't actually coming all the way out. Girl2 says she decided to get some tweezers and pull at the "knot" when it poked through and when she did it pulled out in one whole piece, yellowish green and solid but not hard. She said it was like a rubbery sac of stuff that looked like it was covered in snot like substance. She said it was about the shape of a super-ball and about 2 inches in diameter!!!!! She then took peroxide and boiled out the hole that was left in girl1's back side....... Another girl at our work actually started wretching when she heard the story as told by the girl who did the "removal"..... And during the whole story all I could think was "damn, she's so lucky!" I never get to see anything so cool..... it always happens to someone with not so much appreciation for the grossness..... oh well.....
Okay. So in a fit of pique I removed my cast last night. OMG! Talk about disgusting. The smell alone made my eyes water. I thought my ankle was bruised. Nope. That was a layer of funk. I took a plastic knife & scraped a TON of dead skin away on a sheet of newspaper. It was thick & yellow & stinky. Sweet Jebus. But, oh did it feel good to scrape it all off. I stuck my leg in the shower for twenty minutes after I scraped the big stuff off & I loofahed the shit out of it. There was a layer of cotton inside the cast that had a layer of funk that was about a quarter inch thick & waxy. And stinky. I wish you could have been there
i get to pop and squeeze anything that doesn't cause pain on my boythings back/chest (and pull out his errant black shoulder/back/neck/chest hairs).. whoooo!
anyhoo, he had this thing that looked like a large blackhead on his back, but when subjected to my normal prod yeilded nothing. i decided to see if i could squeeze 'deeper', i guess, so i put my fingers further apart, press down, push together and.... yellowy-green, a few mm in diameter, half a centimetre long! it was glorious. if only those things appeared every day...
I just discovered the joys of waxing. I saw one of those wax strip kits at the drug store and it occurred to me that with my penchant for picking, it might be a fun idea. I did my legs and stomach and made my boyfriend do my lower back and armpits. I don't recommend the armpits because that HURT. Everything else just stung for a second in a very satisfying "just popped a blackhead" way. Even my boyfriend, who thinks my fascination with poking and prodding is weird, was into it. Afterwards we were playing with the stack of used strips. It was thick but flexible and you could feel the wax squishing around and see all the hair mooshed in there. Oh and you could see all the dead skin that the wax pulled off too- like how scotch tape does that.
this is my first time ever in this thread, and i remember its creation, but i'm scared of it.

but this i had to share.

i am here to tell you, ladies, that you have not lived until you've had bloody tampons pulled OUT OF YOUR NOSE.

i had nasal polyps (tumors that grow in your sinuses, resulting basically in permanent sinus infection); i couldn't smell, i had surgery. after surgery, they put "packing" in your nasal canal. a week later, i went back to see the ENT to have the packing out.

this second procedure, the not-surgery, does not "require" anesthesia (as determined by people who have NEVER been through it, ahem!), but you do get this numbing nasal spray that numbs the back of your throat, which is fucking weird. it involves a surgeon putting a nose-speculum into your nostril (seriously, it widens the nostril so he can see, i think they might even lock into place . . . ) and shining a flashlight up there. then he inserts a SUCTION TOOL which is this evil skinny metal tube, like the thing they use in your mouth at the dentist's, except skinnier. they run the suction tool over the contours of your sinuses and try to suck out your brain while poking you in some very sensitive nasal tissue, and you say OW OW OW and they reassure you that you are doing just fine. the suction tool makes a whining noise. if you've ever had a nightmare about what a dentist could do to you, that's exactly what it is, but happening much closer to the brain.

and then, the doctor puts veeerrrrryyy long, skinny tweezers in your nose and twists and tugs until you feel something in your nose (before it was too far up to feel and just felt like the nasal congestion to which you are so accustomed), and before you know it, he's pulling utterly saturated tampax out of your nose. packing is code for tampax, and don't let them tell you different! and if you're bleeding from surgery and leave tampax in your nose for a week, it will NOT be a pretty sight!

and then they do the other side.
skinwithoutscars, that sounds absolutely horrible.

hellotampon, i tried waxing my armpits once, at it totally sucked. it hurt like a bitch, bled a lot, and since the hair all grows in different directions it only pulled out some and it was all patchy.

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