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Full Version: The Grody Gross-Out Sink Clogged with Phlegm and Toothpaste and Hair and Thread thread
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both stories...awesome grossness....

i want to share cat jake got in a cat fight with our other cat, molly. molly bit jake quite a few times but only one of the bites got infected...but he was on antibiotics so i was waiting it out. a lump grew on one of the bites to about the size of a walnut.

so i called the vet, and took him in...and when i showed the lump to the vet,(who i have known for over 10 years) he said "lets see what its filled with!" i swear he was intrigued. so he pulls out a clean syringe, presses the needle in and pulls the plunger. It fills with a yellow curd-like pus which i can only imagine what it smelt like. They took jake in the back, knocked him out, cleaned it out and got me some more meds for him since he's been puking up that sometimes. which is an entirely different grossness...especially when you step in it at 3am in your half sleep awareness. dry.gif

So for the past 4 days, i've been wiping the area with hydrogen peroxide and re-opening the wound(its about a half an inch long) so i can see how its healing. cool.gif but its healing well. too bad.
I've told this story here before, but it was awhile back and it relates to your story, Ms. gb- we had a cat who got outside and got in a fight. He got a cut on his head, like just over his eye, and after a day or so, it got all swelled up, so my parents took him to the vet.

The vet said it was an abscess and had to be drained and then he'd be on anti-biotics for a few days. So, he got his scalpel and punctured it. My parents were in the room for this- this chunky yellow goo came shooting out at a high rate of speed, hit the vet, hit the wall, it was bad. My dad's comment? "I'll never eat hollandaise sauce again."
This one's for you, Grossies...

I've had a series of tiny sties over the past year or two, just tiny ones that never amount to anything. About a month & a half ago, though, I got a big one, right in the corner of my eye. It swelled for a week, and finally came to a head. I sloughed it with a hot washcloth & got it to burst - a satisfying amount of pus, and it immediately felt better.

Well, apparently, I didn't get it all. In fact, by expressing the pus I managed to push the infection deeper into my eyelid, where it's been quietly festering for weeks. It's now the size of a small kidney bean, angry red, with a glistening head on it. But it's inside my lower eyelid, nestled right next to my eye, and there's no way in hell I'm poking it myself. So I have an appointment for a professional lancing tomorrow, and I can't wait. I want to watch when the doc gets in there with the needle, and am dying to know what comes out... Will it be runny & bloody? Thick & waxy? Will he be able to just siphon it out, or will it pop out like a tiny human pearl? Oh, the possibilities... I daydream about it on the train.

I will report back tomorrow. Pictures? Or would that even cross the Grody Gross-Out line?
Mmm, I don't think pics would cross the line- maybe upload them to someplace like Imageshack and post the links, rather than just posting the pictures, so if people don't want to see them they don't have to. **Hint for Imageshack-- make sure you copy the "Show Image to Friends" version of the link, otherwise it includes a bunch of formatting you don't want.

I get sties occasionally, but I've never had one that big. Usually, it's just a little water-y pus that comes out. I can't wait to hear what's in yours. ((squirms with grossoe delight!))
Tart, I'm with Polly: pictures, please, just behind a link so the pus-squeamish can avoid them. I'm terribly intrigued myself!

Poor kittehs...lucky humans!
Hmm, I may have just done something bad- I have a little cyst-y thing in my nether regions. I noticed it a few weeks ago, when it was smaller than pea-sized. I've had them before and figured it was nothing. I forgot about it for awhile and then remembered it late last week. I found it again and it's about the size of a small grape (like the really small ones that you don't really eat because they tend to be underdeveloped and sour). And when I squeezed it, it hurt. A lot. The past couple of days I've noticed that I could kinda push it around under my skin, and it felt sort of liquid-filled.

So, tonight, I got out my little mirror and positioned myself so I could see it. It had sort of a dark point to it, but I couldn't tell if it was bruised from being squeezed and poked at. I decided, what the hell, I'll do a little self-surgery and got a needle, cleaned it off. I went to squeeze towards the surface, and before I could put the needle in, I heard that distinct *pop* and expected to see a bunch of gunk come out, but nothing. I think I popped it inside myself. It feels like it's still there, but it's sort of an elongated blob now, not a centralized little sphere, so it's hard to tell what's still there. Did I just release nasty infectious fluid into my body? I tried to poke the needle in after that, but I couldn't make it go far enough in. I'm going to leave it alone for tonight and see what it's like in the morning. Eek! unsure.gif
pollystyrene-- I have that same thing.. for months now..
Did you use a normal needle? I was being way risky and tried a 14 gauge hollow needle and it popped and puss came all the way up the needle.. it was pretty disgusting and entertaining.
You kids crack my shit up. I think we may miss the photo op, unfortunately - the antibiotics are suddenly kicking this things' ass, and I suspect I'll get to the eye doc, only to be turned away since it's healing well enough now. No sense making an unneccessary incision that could get infected itself, blahblahblah. Ah well, at least it feels better & isn't making my vision all wonky anymore.

Polly, I suspect you're right in that the cyst popped internally. I had a similar one on top of my foot - it got a big as a grape tomato, and then one day it got really really sore & popped when I was out walking. They're apparently very common, and not in any way lifethreatening, as a rule...
My sister used to get these things all the time, in various places in the area- she had to have one of them lanced one time. With another one, it was really big and painful and one night she was sitting at the computer and she felt this release of pressure, and some warm fluid. Yum!

The gross thing is that the reason people get recurring ones is that even when the fluid gets drained, naturally or by human intervention, the sac the fluid is in stays there (you can have them surgically removed, but it's a big deal) and so if it gets aggravated, it just refills with fluid. Ick. I picture it like those floppy bags of the syrup for fountain drinks, the ones that go in the machine and mix with the club soda or whatever.

I used a regular sewing needle. I think it did pop inside. It's still a little tender, but there's definitely nothing there anymore. I'm just sorry I'll never know what was really in there, as I'm sure you are, too, with yours, tart! Well, at least you no longer have to deal with it. I hate having sties. They f-ing hurt. Sometimes, I have these crazy eyelashes that grow downward instead of outward, so when I blink, they stab my lower eyelid. I have to tweeze them out. I could just leave them, but eyelashes grow really slooooow so it would take forever before it was long enough to grow outward. Everytime I pluck, though, I'm worried that I'm going to cause a sty.

(Sorry about the double post- my computer went nuts this morning and I couldn't get back in to see what damage it had done until now!)
Y'know, I wish I hadn't been so messed up on the Dilaudid that I forgot to take a pic of my ankle. It was AWESOME. My foot just flopped to the right like a dead fish. It was like ankle bones, hey, where's my foot? Oh, yeah. It's over there now! My xrays are cool. They gave them to me on CdRom so I can look at them at my leisure.
Can I call it or what? "Well, come back in a month, and we'll take another look at it..." All I got was a tube of ointment to squeeze in there 3x a day which, thank the gods, is covered by my insurance - otherwise it would have cost me fucking $91. But that's a rant for another thread...
AP, I would not object at all if you decided to post your x-rays. *ahem*

Oh, ladies, you know I feel you on the nether regions spots. Painful but fascinating when they drain properly...unnerving when they implode - I've had that happen too! Polly, your sister might have the same condition I do, if she gets them frequently and all over the area. Right now it's pretty quiet, but I had a couple of repeat offenders about two weeks ago.

My best report at the moment: a blackhead behind my armpit about the size of two seed beads, removed by one scrape of the fingernail!
So I randomly got this rabid disgusting flu Friday night and spent the entire night grinding out vomit and spewing the most vile, biley diarhea out my ass (pukes off bed into bucket, simultaneously shits self, shits self while running to toilet, shits self while sitting on couch, etc...Liquid just kept bursting out every orafice and it was wrong, it was so wrong....My ass hurt so much that I has an ice pack IN my buttcrack and I forced my poor shat-apon husband to get me diaper ointment to soooth it. I am so traumatized.
Hey guys, I don't know if any of you remember me talking about the documentary I saw about the four girls who are living with harlequin icthyosis - it was a UK show - but it is on at 5:00 today (17 December) on Discovery Health Channel and is called "My Skin Could Kill Me". I know those pictures of the children born with this disease are awful, but it was really good for me to see the children who survive with it, particularly as they are all such strong individuals.

Anyway, sorry for the off-topic, but I thought some people might interested to see it since it is now available over here in the States.
i was just watching that. the baby did not look nearly as awful as those pictures someone posted a link to a while ago.
I have eczema, and frequently get little zits on my legs. I got one yesterday right above my inner right ankle, and squeezed it. Pus! (which never happens)

Plus, the hair that it was around came entirely out. Awesome. But now the area around it is red and still feels like there should be some stuff in it, but nothing's coming out. Guess I'll just wait for it to go away...

Plus, I'm getting a zit on my chin, and one next to my nose, and I can never successfully pop ones I get on my face. They just get red and scabby.
So I was checking a bump on my inner thigh this afternoon and finally got a good handle on it to squeeze. It took a moment, but there was this POP - all I saw on my hand was a little oil. Squeezed again, and POP - and a little watery pus came out, but I didn't see anything else. A third POP, and this time there was a bit of firm, solid white stuff, blackhead-shaped but mostly white. I felt around on my leg - and came up with two more good-sized bits, one with a little brownish spot on it. QUITE fascinating, and not at all painful! It reminded me a bit of a story someone told months ago about squeezing some little "pearls" of a similar size out of their...arm?

Just now, I was itching at a blackhead on my side and found a big knot under the skin! GameBoy says he doesn't see anything, but he felt it. It was a little tender. Maybe I have a cyst brewing...could be fun, could just suck...but wouldn't that be the best Christmas present for a zit popper like me? smile.gif
Ugh, Jem, I've had that kind of bug twice in my life. The first time I got it (about 6 years ago), I was sicker than I've ever been in my entire life. Sitting on the toilet simultaneously puking and having the screaming shits. Horrible.

You have my sympathies!
i've gotten recently inordinately fascinated by these little blackheadless blackheads that i get on the side of my face and on my back and shoulders....they're invisible, but sometimes i'll run my hand over one and feel it raised; scrape with a fingernail (no squeezing required even!) and produce a tiny shiny little yellowish translucent plug--a little harder and more pearly than what comes out of blackheads but the same size. amazing.
I think I've found my threshold of grossness- cleaning a clogged drain really is the epitome of grossness. Whoever started this thread knew this.

Le Boy has long hair (probably longer than mine) and he has a bad habit of brushing it over his bathroom sink, then washing the hair down. It's been getting worse and worse the last few months; in the last couple weeks, there was hair literally coming out of the drain, like it couldn't be packed in any more. A few days ago, I borrowed this thing from my mom- it's a thin and flexible, but sturdy strip of plastic with these barbs on it that point upwards. You snake it down the drain, then pull up and the barbs catch all the hair and pull it up.

Today, the drain just. stopped. moving. so I said, "It's time!" and we got the plastic thing.

Oh my god. It took 6 or 7 times of shoving it down there and pulling it up before it was basically coming up clean. There was a lot of hair, which I expected. But there was also this gunk. Like muddy, slimy chunks of god-knows-what. I actually started to really feel sick after watching him do this (oh yeah, like I was going to do it for him!) I'm feeling a little sick now after remembering it and typing it.

I forced myself to go and do it to my own bathroom sink, too. I don't usually brush my hair over mine, but there was still some hair that came up- it took about 3 times to get it all up. The worst part was that most of what came up in my sink wasn't my hair. At least in his sink, you could tall it was mostly his- didn't make it any less gross, but when it's not your hair....eww. It must have been the former owner's hair. It was like a strawberry blond color. I'm half-tempted to just replace the plumbing in the bathrooms, just so I'd know that from this point on, it's only our stuff.

I took the drain cap off the bathtub drain and I'm going to work on that tomorrow. Must hold back vomit.....when we moved in and I cleaned the jacuzzi jets in there, there was a bunch of former owner's hair wrapped around the jets. That was disgusting enough.

At least I can take some solace in the fact that I'm not dumping highly toxic chemicals down the drain.
ooh, i looove cleaning out the drains. when our bathtub stopped draining, i took the drain apart and i pulled out a baseball sized glob of hair and gunk. it was awesome.

we had a dinner party last saturday, and one of the guests got sick in the bathroom. i think he must of puked in the sink a little, because later that night when i was brushing my teeth the sink was really clogged. i took the plug off and pulled stuff out with tweezers. there were baby tomato skins and pieces of chewed up basil in the drain.
i have a cold! a really bad one! so i'm the epitome of gross right now. in addition to incredibly annoying and painful whiteheads showing up around my nose/mouth, my nose skin is bright red and flaking, and my congestion has moved from runny nose to chesty cough.....and the stuff i coughed up this morning (after a long sleep with vicks on my chest) was seriously like boogers. like, normally if i cough up mucus it's rather liquidy but this was like goopy, thick, slightly dry, clotted, piecey and green!

unfortunately right now it's gone back to clear/yellow liquid. which means that i'm getting better, but less fascinating.
i had a pretty bad cold last week. we have a neti pot, and even though it says not to do it when you have a stuffy nose unless you talk with your doctor first, i poured two pots full through my nose. it did not come out the other side right away and hurt like how it does when you get water up your nose in the pool, but then when the water broke through the boogers, ooooh boy! it was awesome! yellow-brownish slime, and tons of it. good times.
Husband and I just got a foot/callus shaver. Best $9 I've ever spent. It's even more satisfying than peeling sunburnt skin! Seriously, he probably shaved an inch of dead skin off his feet, and I a little less.

Highly recommended for the grossies!! biggrin.gif
Ahhh yes...good ol' yellow-green snot. Gotta love it, especially when it's been forced out by neti pots, etc.

I love cleaning the hair outta my drain. At this point, I know that it's all mine. I have a special tweezers set aside for cleaning the hair outta my drain. I have long hair, so when I pull it, it comes out in huge dreadlock chunks with soap and conditioner residue goo. I live in a 1920's building, which means that the plumbing has a drum trap that needs to be cleaned more often than modern plumbing. It's mostly my hair in there, so it's lots of fun for me. If I found other people's hair in my drains, then I'd be thoroughly grossed out.

I also have cats, so when I dry my clothes, there's always tons of cat fur in the lint trap. I love that. When the ex-resident-boy moved out, he said that all of his stuff still hair my hair and cat hair on it. We left our mark! Ha!
I'd been noticing for about a week that when I'd rub my nose on the left side it'd been really sore. But there was nothing really there. Then a couple of days ago, I saw that there was a bump raising up on it. I worked it a little bit but basically just let it fester. Well, Sunday morning when I got up to brush my teeth, there on my left nostril opening was a perfectly round yellowish orb, surrounded by a reddish circle. I went in for the kill.

Placed one finger into my nasal opening, so I could use the "back pressure" up underneath the zit. Pushed up at the same time I was mashing in on both sides on the outside of it.

First I get this awesome white-snakey thing, and then "ploop!" Out comes the core. A hard, yellow waxy thing about the size of a pencil lead, with a root-like end on it. Followed by a little pink liquid. The hard core was really hard, too. Almost like cooked rice.

So fun.
I got a little pearly bastard out today, too, from the corner of my mouth. It's been sitting there for months in various stages of pus-i-ness (liquid to soft marzipan) and I've tried popping it twice before but without much satisfaction, and the damn thing came back anyway. But it was feeling hard for the past week so I steamed my face this morning then went at it with a couple of qtips. It poked its head out a couple of times, then hid when I eased up on the pressure, but I got it on the third good sustained squeeze.

Two millimetres long and one mm wide, tapering to a tail at one end. Pearly on one side, yellow waxy on the other. I saved it on the sill of the bathroom counter to show to my husband.

in other news: "I compulsively eat bits of myself when I shed them. How bad is this for me? I will eat any skin, nail, earwax, booger, eye goop, scab, toe cheese, or nose hair that comes free. . . ." [via Ask Metafilter]
twin tiny but very dark and prolific blackheads at the corners of my mouth, respectively. the kind of thing you wouldn't see unless you were really looking for them. excellent. and now entirely gone.
Two nights ago Mrs. Rouge cleaned all the black heads off my back. I can't tell you how good it feels when I'm in the right mood. It's painful but in a really satisfying way.

oooh yes, deschat. i love that feeling.

ingrown armpit hair. fucker was all curled, must have been a good inch and then some long. took me three days to clear all the gunk. just thought i'd share that news.
I have the world's biggest wart on my right "ring" toe. Seriously. Last year I went to get it frozen off, and the doctor said she should be selling tickets. She ended up just blasting away at it with the freezing stuff until I yelled "Son of a BITCH!" because it hurt too badly.

Then I lost my health insurance, and couldn't go back to get it taken care of when it started to grow again, so now it's even bigger than it was last time, and has spread so that I have two tiny warts on each of the neighboring toes.

I've tried those salicylic acid pads, but the thing is so big that I have to use three of them just to cover it, and they don't seem to be working.

Good news, though - I have health insurance again, so those suckers are going DOWN!

I'll have to report what it looks like when it finally comes off. Right now it just looks like a gigantic callus, basically.

i had a wart on the bottom of my foot when i was a little kid. i put stuff on it regularly and then one day when i was swimming in a creek it fell off, leaving a little asteroid-crater-type indent on my foot. i liked to think that it fell into the water and a fish ate it.

this morning i was, ahem, in close proximity to a young man and his blackheads. now, i'm not the kind of grossie who likes to pick other people's zits, but i was having the damndest time figuring out whether these were blackheads or stubble. HA!
mouse, was it a plantar's wart? i had a friend when i was a teenager who lived on a farm, and she would get plantar's warts on the bottom of her feet all the time from going in the barn in flip flops and stuff. she was a tough broad and would burn them with matches and cut them out with a swiss army knife.
I never post in here (although I don't know why - i feel like you are all my soul mates) but I need some advice. My boyfriend has a few hardcore blackheads on his bum and everytime I see them I get a longing to attack. I tried to approach him about this but he didn't seem too keen. How do you all convince you beloved that it is actually quite a fun past time?
Punkerplus, get some of those Biore pore strips. Not painful in the least, and soooooo satisfying.
Hee, slap 'em on before he notices - then he has to take them off!

Speaking of spots, loads of horrible ones have errupted on my face but they are so disappointing. They are oozers rather than exploders.
QUOTE(punkerplus @ Jan 21 2007, 05:36 PM) *

I never post in here (although I don't know why - i feel like you are all my soul mates) but I need some advice. My boyfriend has a few hardcore blackheads on his bum and everytime I see them I get a longing to attack. I tried to approach him about this but he didn't seem too keen. How do you all convince you beloved that it is actually quite a fun past time?

Politely tell him "It'll only hurt for a minute". I get body acne from time to time, but usually it's just on my face and neck. I've tried just about every single otc acne medication available and have found limited help/allergic reactions. The last time I used Clearasil my face swelled up and I was rushed to the hospital. For now I've been using dove and water but I'd love to give proactive a try. Has anyone tried proactive solution?
oreosmom, have you tried the adult acne thread in our bodies? they're good for advice.

i would like to announce that i am spending thursday artificially inseminating pigs. i spent monday in the company of too much formaldehyde gloop. this term rocks.

punker, i would also suggest strong alcohol before slapping the strips on. or just sneaking up...
Aw, mornington I'm so jealous of you. You get to do all the best gross stuff. What year are you in now?

And trust me, he is such a deep sleeper I doubt he'd notice if I gave him a chemical peel, with or without alcohol! Now to just roll him over.
first year again! 'tis teh suck otherwise, but now dissection has started... plus, i get to skip some lectures and no-one cares - and all my farm work from last year counts. (i got horrendously ill just before retakes... meningitis, much vomiting and going to a&e)

although next year... we get to dissect eyeballs. mwah-ha-ha-ha.

do it. please. and tell us whether he notices. I used to squeeze my ex-'s ingrowing hair... I like to think it brought us closer in our relationship rolleyes.gif
Maybe if I can use it for a punishment for his snoring dry.gif

Yeuch, that does suck. Glad you're ok now though! I dropped out of uni but I've applied to do midwifery so finger crossed.... But enough of the asides!

Eyeballs are great, I love the fact they are black inside and they ooze. I hate the stink from dissecting hearts though. That is one gross out I can live without.
i have that stomach thing that seems to be going around. it came on suddenly yesterday morning.

straight to the point: i crapped my pants sad.gif wahhh. i am feeling a *bit* better today, though.
wha?? when did you run away?

we do hearts next term, we get this massive horse heart and it's frozen inside... and the lungs. i love dissecting lungs, they feel so... squishy. i'm so wrong

my cold is currently producing really thick, slightly bloody snot that i feel rather proud to have produced. it's like some sort of achievement.

laurenann, i hope you feel better soon!

Starbeattt, I recently read something online about how you can use banana peels to remove warts. All these people were writing in to say that they had tried all sorts of medical remedies that never worked, but using banana peels did - sometimes in a matter of days. I guess you're supposed to use less-than-ripe bananas, and apply the inside of the peel to your wart (you know, tape it on there or something) and leave it on overnight. Apparently, the wart eventually starts to turn black and will come out on its own. I'll try to find the link for you - I'm dying to know if it works!

(BTW, I read this thread all the time and get much enjoyment out of it, I just never seem to have as many gross stories as you ladies!)

ETA: Here it is! (Scroll to the top of the page. For some reason, it links to the middle.)
Also, duct tape is said to work on warts - just stick it down for a few days and supposedly whatever's in the adhesive (and no, I don't mean just ripping it off, heh) shrinks it or makes it fall off or something.

I heart all the cyst and blackhead stories! I've had some good ones lately - nice rows of thick whiteheads under my bra line on my sides, and a couple of humdinger zits on my rear.

I'd also hoped to have a really good story for you, as last week I developed this huge red thing on the bridge of my nose. At first I thought it was a regular zit...then it seemed too big and I worried it was MRSA...went to a dermatologist and he said "well, it's either a really big zit or about to turn into a boil." Thanks, asshole. After I'd spent 10 minutes telling him that this was in no way normal to my acne pattern.

Anyway, it never got very tender - just mostly red, and when you touch it, it feels like a *hard* knot. I had a couple of small heads under the skin on it at one point, but poked them with a pin (without squeezing) and they just disappeared. It has shrunk significantly and still doesn't hurt...

...all that to say, I guess I won't be getting any fun out of it. The good news is, at least that means I won't have some huge fucking scar on my nose. Now if I could just get my normal ski-slope contour back.
Thanks for the information. smile.gif I never knew that about warts.
Cool cyst story.
i work quality control for foster farms-i know, boo for large factory farming, but there are daily gross-out opportunities, especially now that i've started training on the evisceration line. the other day i was checking the hearts, and if they come out of the chiller with the arteries still attached, we're supposed to cut them off. i snipped one off and i must have inadvertently squeezed the heart, cause this little slug of frozen blood squeezed out. it was awesome. biggrin.gif
AHHH that cyst! All that time, she just kept gaining weight, and it was a huge cyst! Gross!
I was all geared up to tell the story of a dog who had a cyst on its side that burst while I was grooming it, but now it just doesn't seem as dramatic.
Aaaaahhhhhh! The cyst! Oh. My. God.

That photo of it, plus the quote that it was like delivering a 12 year old by c-section, are going to HAUNT me!
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