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ms gb, I loooooove sheep stories. They really are so gross. There is nothing quite like sheep... except veterinary surgeries biggrin.gif .

My mother has a blocked sebaceous gland on her shoulder. Other than making her look hunchbacked, it's now infected and has to be drained every single day. She tells me the puss stinks to high heaven. The gland itself is the size of a golfball. I want to go to the hospital with her when they drain it, but I think she'd be suspicious of why.
i love large animal stories....same kinda of funk only on a bigger scale!!!

ooo i would want to go to the doc with your mom too....that would be gnarly!

my sister just called; she has a rash over her entire body and she has an interview for a job today...she's kinda laughing panickedly cuz this has never happened to her before. i just laughed....its from stress i am sure.
the last time i had an allover rash, it seems I'm mildly alergic to penicillin. It was brilliant. N spent half the night trying to find a part of me that wasn't blotchy.

I got a look at it yesterday. It looks just like a spot but... it's mahoosive. I want to poke it, just to see what happens.
animal parents live in a really rural area, so our dog always gets ticks. like, gross, huge, filled with five days of blood before we find them, so bloated they are grayish white instead of black, size of a marble ticks. they also have a woodstove as their main source of heat in the fall and winter. so my father picks the bloated, shiny ticks off the dog...AND PUTS THEM ON THE STOVE.........where they POP after a few seconds of overheating........GROSS AND A HALF.
i've heard of that....

we just clog them with vaseline and then pop them off with pliers and then smash'em with a
we burn them off with matches - light the match, blow it out, apply to tick head.

the best was having to do it to my five-year-old brother when he got them off the dog.
Ah, but if your parents smoked like mine did, you'd just touch a lit ciggie to them. And then pop 'em like those snaps on the fourth of july (almost the same sound, too!) So satisfying....

"Ah, but if your parents smoked like mine did, you'd just touch a lit ciggie to them. And then pop 'em like those snaps on the fourth of july (almost the same sound, too!) So satisfying...."

At first I read the "them" as still your parents, instead of as ticks. smile.gif I was so confused!
FYI, You're not supposed to burn or squeeze ticks while they're still on your body because then they end up spitting everything back into your body which increases your chances of catching a disease. Suffocating them with oil until they fall off is best. smile.gif

I don't have any intensely gross stories at the moment. Although I'm sure if any Busties saw me at a rest stop on the Mass Pike Sunday night they'd be posting about it here. I must have smelled pretty bad- muddy sandals, dirty feet, no showering or shaving the pits for a week and of course my hair was a rat's nest and I forgot my crystal at home so I had to use my boyfriend's deodorant, which does not work on me. Festivals are awesome. This lady in front of me kept turning around to stare. She kept looking at me even though my boyfriend was equally gross.
We used to smother them with nailpolish. I remember going to camp one year & half my cabin having hot pink blotches of my WetnWild everywhere.
Okay Grossies,

Brace yourself. On wednesday night, I had a chardonnay induced accident involving my big toe and bamboo garden trim. The result?? My toenail was ripped straight out of the nailbed but still completely attached along the left side. I tried to hack it on my own, but this morning I went to the ER because it was just too gross and I was worried it would get infected.

They shot me up with novacaine and RIPPED IT OUT WITH PLIERS. I almost lost my breakfast. Now, I have a bloody stump of a toe which is coated with dermabond (like a liquid bandaid). Because of the liquid bond, they said i should leave it uncovered as much as possibe...I pity everyone who has to look at this thing. Seriously.
That's just... *AP blinks furiously*... fucking awesome.
Cellijenni, that sounds absolutely horrid! sad.gif

*runs off, sufficiently skeeved out for now*
I did that to my toe nail a few years ago, it was a slippery moment in the bathroom, and it came back fine later on although it was very painful for a long time, especially when my (ex now) husband kicked the back of my foot pushing it into the stairs I was walking up, (it was totally on accident) but hurt like a bitch, so be careful
I lost my big toe nail at a fancy hotel in the Rockies when I was little. I kicked the bottom of a door at the pool. Blood everywhere since I didn't notice until my mom started screaming and then I noticed and it started to hurt like hell. Had to soak it in salt water as per my granddad's advice. OMG pain! It grew back though. I also lost a pinkie toenail in a race once. That was gross. Shoe full of blood. Triboy has a really gross toenail that is all black from dragging it when he plays golf. I can't look at it very long because it seeves me out... but it's black and multilayered. Like the nail keeps growing under the previous one that hasn't fallen off.
Yeah, I hear you. SOO sensitive. The worst part is, I leave on the 14th for a two week trip around Europe. Talk about bad timing. I'm sure I'll smash the thing several times while trucking around with all of my gear. Also, I have a wedding to go to tomorrow!!!!
eeeee these are making me cringe!! my baby toenail grows in two different pieces which is really annoying.
poor cellijenni, well I just walked around for months showing it to everyone, I have pride in showing people things that I know will gross them out, I think it's because I have an over-reactive family, stuff like this makes them throw up Mwahahahaha!!!!
This is gross, but also a bit alarming:

Today, I ate Chinese food and barely made it home before my ass exploded. The toilet was all full of foam, and when I wiped, I took a look and the toilet paper was covered in light golden jelly. I shat gel! Why? Why?
Pssssst... it was rectal mucous. Not only does mucous catch the germies on their way into your nose & lubricate your ginch, it helps move the mail.
I've always found it interesting when I have ass jelly. I've never been able to figure out what causes more of it sometimes so that I notice it.
Wow, I never knew about the ass gel. Maybe we *are* like dogs and their anal glands- some people just have more than others. I do get a fair amount of ass sweat...maybe it's not sweat?
I've experienced mucus blowouts as a symptom of lactose intolerance and/or irritable bowel. Could be a sort of allergic reaction to something in that Chinese...maybe even the MSG? It *is* always a bit disturbing.
SERIOUSLY GROSS butt story here...

For a long time, I've had a "nodule" very deep under the skin near the peak of my ass-crack. It's the kind of thing you'd only notice while taking a shower, or scratching one of those serious itches.

So, the other day, after working in the yard and cleaning the house, I was reaaally hot and sweaty. I was laying on the floor, getting ready to take a shower, and because of being sweaty and itchy, I reached down to scratch my ass.

I felt the nodule between my thumb and index finger, and decided to give it a marathon squeeze. There was no pain, but it immediately began to empty up into my finger. It popped so hard and fast, it sort of scared me a little bit. I actually had to squeeze like three different times to get it all, and didn't dare let it go while doing it, because it was in there so deep...THE MOST SATISFYING SQUEEZE OF ALL TIME. PERIOD.

No bloody "ooze" afterward, either! And it looked like yellow, shiny flat spaghetti noodles. About 1/4 teaspoon of it.

The nodule is no longer there when I shower.

Wonder what it was?
Sounds like a sebaceous cyst, quiet.

Is this ass goo the same thing as what causes burning down there when you poop, like after you eat spicy food, or something makes you sick? I always assumed that was stomach acid that made it through the system or capcasin oil (the stuff that makes spicy food spicy) that also made it through. Ooo, I hate that stuff!
Quiet, Polly is right, I think: that's a sebaceous cyst, and given the placement, probably the kind they call a "pilonidal" cyst. Some folk are born with a dimple close to the top of their crack, and it may let hairs and/or gunk poke into the skin and, well, do what you said it did. (Though hairs are not necessarily required.) Also, be aware that it may "fill up" again over time...could be fun...

How kick-ass that it didn't hurt! Now, the question that must be on everyone else's mind: did the pus stink?

Polly, the mucus-goo would actually be the *least* likely stuff to make your butt burn on exit. I think it's more likely to be just highly acidic poo, like you said. GOD I hate that stuff.
Wow - I feel better knowing that you all know about the ass jelly. Goood.

Sometimes I wish I could get a plodinal cyst. There have been such great stories about them in here, and my boss even told me a great one about his roommate having to squeeze one out for him. He said his pus stunk to high heaven.

Hey - remember Lurvpaint's story about her father's foot pus that exploded in the doc's office? That was truly a great one. I love to reminisce about the great stories I have heard in here.

I remember being shy to post my first grody post - if I remember correctly, it was about the rusty needle in my big toe. Everyone congratualted me on it, and I was on a roll after that. I heart you guys.

I don't really have anything gross to report right now. I guess it is kind of gross that I found a lizard in my laundry basket the other day. Scared the crap out of me.

Also, I took out the garbage today at work and it smelled like sweaty feet. And I couldn't get the smell out of my hands after that. But maybe it was just my imagination. Foot funk smell is nasty. I wonder what it was.

I gotta call Heikki soon and remember to ask him about his tonsil stones. He gets some good ones. I have to live vicariously through my son, as I have no tonsils. I find it funny that he is just as fascinated with extracting them as I am.

OK, good night, grossies. Keep picking your noses and squeezing strange lumps on your skin. You make me happy.
Txplumwine--you're so funny! She says, "how 'kick-ass' that it didn't hurt!" laugh.gif laugh.gif good

I'm leaning toward the sebaceous one I think. It wasn't at the top of the crack, it was more like where the round part of your ass is, and a little inside the crack there. Does that make sense?

I'm not sure if it stunk or not--I smelled like pure ass anyway after that day's worth of work!! biggrin.gif

I sure do love me some Busties.
Quiet, heh. I am just always thrilled to hear about mad pus with no associated pain, you know? Oh, and a pilonidal could be where you describe, and is a form of sebaceous...but if all you got was ribbony pus (i.e. no hair or foreign matter), you're probably right.

I've never had a cyst with that kind of pus, though I've had a couple of smaller stinky ones. I've had some of my HS spots literally pour out pus when they opened, though.

To wit: I spent nearly three weeks with a massive, painful knot on my inner labia...again. After several attempts at squeezing it sight unseen, and enlisting GameBoy's help to a chorus of screams (my own), I managed to contort myself around a mirror, poke the spot, and squeeze half a teaspoon of dark yellow liquid pus out of it. Flowed like lava. No noticeable smell. Would have been fascinating were it not, you know, coming out of my genitals.
I've had a few of those, plum. Really unpleasant. I've got one now that was really swollen and painful, but I squeezed and squeezed and nothing will come out. Now it's starting to go away. It's kinda gross to think about where all that crap that I know is in there is going back into my body.
*holds hand up and jumps at desk madly*

Oh! Oh!

Mr. Quiet's friend's wife had a bump like that--and--it KEPT growing and getting more painful. She went to the doctor, and they said she needed an operation to remove it. HUGE golf-ball-sized pustule right at the back of her vag area where the outside meets the inside type thing. It wasn't like a cyst or whatever--it was like a stinky zit that was painful!

But get this--they wouldn't operate on her here at UT--she had to go to Nashville to get it done! And poor thing--she was like wearing PADS for WEEKS after that, and taking sitz baths every day to heal up.

She said she smelled like dead meat afterwards, and she had pus filled sacs that would break like once a week from the place where she was healing up.

AAAAAHHHHHH!!! That poor, poor woman.

Ass gel, pustules, and cysts...OH MY!!! I love you people!

I've got another dog puke story. Big mass of vomit in the back yard this afternoon, a mixture of half-digested dog food, grass, and the boiled egg I gave him as a treat this morning, covered with a swarm of flies. I'm glad he took pity on me and barfed in the yard, but I still had to clean it up and it was sooooo gross.
Nice one, Herc!

Quiet, that sounds like the "severe" version of the condition I have. Poor woman! My gods, I can't even imagine, and I seem to have monthly flare-ups at this point...Polly, I am so sorry you have to deal with them too. Some of them are just kind of annoying, but lately they all hurt like a motherfucker!

OH! Forgot to mention one last week. I went into the bathroom at work, and both of the stalls I normally use (it's a three-holer) were taken, so I went into the handicapped stall, on which the seat is too high and doesn't sit quite right. Well, I sat down badly and the seat slid sideways...pinching a large piece of thigh underneath! It hurt but I didn't think much of it.

Stood up after finishing and discovered...blood on the seat where my thigh had been pinched. Felt around and determined it had popped a zit. I reached back and exploded into my hand...and I came away with major blood spatter. Applied pressure so I could get back to my desk without it running down my leg.

Fast forward to today. Same spot was once again sore and tender. Squeezed it and same explosive feeling, except this time I knew there was solid matter. I was right: it was a big, black, gelatinous blob of blood. Now *that's* gross.
*puts hand up*

I have a pilonideal abcess - they are not cool. No joy in the squeezing, I can tell you that. Just pain and weeping* for me. So I reckon it sounds more like a sebaceous cyst. I had one in my cleavage they had to surgically remove - I could never fully get it. I'd get loads of crap out but it wouldn't go away.

*the wound weeps, not me. Although my Da and best mate reckon the pain after surgery is so bad I will.
i smashed my big toe with a bench so it has swollen, the nail has turned gray and lifted, and i have a clear, reddish fluid oozing out. i should post photos.
Aww, Ananke. Indeed, what fun is a pus-filled thing if it hurts that much to fix it?

Ms. GB, I would totally look at your ucky toe photos.

In personal gross news, apparently the not-as-fun-as-we'd-hoped action (long story) that GameBoy and I had on Saturday led to the development of a bladder infection. It got so bad on Monday that I had him take me to the urgent care clinic. There, they confirmed the infection and gave me Pyridium (for the pain and spasming) and Cipro. So!

What Pyridium did: made it stop screaming hurting every time I peed. And turned the pee neon fucking orange.

What Cipro is doing: giving me very odd gas and semi-diarrhea.

Guess that's not too bad...hmm. I *did* have a random, very large zit on my boob that was pretty much a quarter-inch of yellow head. Lots of oozing.
Wow, I just had a very productive tonsil-crypt excavation! I could feel something poking at the back of my tongue earlier this morning, so I went to see if anything was there. Either I was imagining it or it already came out by itself because there was nothing visible. I decided to use my tonsil crypt tool (an unbent bobby pin) to poke around and see what was underneath the tonsil. There was definitely something there, but it was too deep to get the bobby pin around the back and pry it out, so I went to the next step. I used my index finger, slid it along the inside of my cheek all the way back to the tonsil area (just jabbing it back at the area would surely have made me puke) and gently pressed and scraped the tissue around where they come out...similar to squeezing the larger area around a blemish to get the pus out, rather than just poking the head with a pin. OMG! It took 3 or 4 scrapes before nothing else came out. There were deep-yellow chunks of gunk coming out. They were sooooo stinky- they mush have been in there for ages, and never would have seen the light of day if I hadn't prodded the area around the opening, rather than just picking out what I could see. I swished Listerine for awhile to make sure there weren't any bits in the back of my throat or under my tongue.

It was so satisfyingly thorough, but I think it means I won't have anything else to clean for awhile, but at least I won't notice the slightly stinky breath that they caused!
laugh.gif Omg girls you are all HILARIOUS!
I feel left out cause I don't have anything to pop, but maybe in the future I'll have a good story cool.gif
I get zits on the undersides of my boobs. I loooove popping them, they oooze and the puss smells nasty. the gunk that fills up my pores under there alwase smells a little funky and cheese like. I wonder why. huh.gif
My mom once had a little bump on the back of her head, that was drving her nuts- she asked me to look at it so I got a pair of tweezers and yanked at it. About an inch of solid gunk came out followed with tons of goo and gunk- it was fabulously disgusting!

I'm obsessed with getting my boyfriends blackheads and zits- it makes him so mad but I fixate on it until I get it, does anyone else have that issue?
deschatsrouge, someone here had a zit under their boob and when they popped it, half was pus/waxy goo, and half of it was lint fibers that got compressed into the pore from their bra. Ewww.

GiGi, I do the same thing. Le Boy is a live and let be sort of person, even if it means walking around with a huge painful pus-filled zit. It drives me crazy and only once has he really let me pop one- it was a big one on his arm and there was a disappointingly small amount that came out. But he let me do it, so it was a step in the right direction. There's been a few times where I've offered to massage his back, just so I could "accidentally" pop one on his back. His nose is covered in blackheads and he won't do anything about it. Argh!
Nova lets me pop stuff - we call it 'gouging'. I get him to do my ears and back. He let me put one of those pore strips on his nose the other night - THAT is fascinating.
why is it that the pore strips work better on guys? i use one on me, and very little comes out. I use it on the husband, and it's blackhead city.

Oh, and we call it "back-back." I have no idea why.
A fascinating ass story. So very disturbing.
*raises hand*
The boob zit with lint? Yeah, that was me; it was disconcerting and fabulous. Un/fortunately, since I changed bra brands, I haven't had any more.
I have a dilemma that only the grossies will understand...
I can feel a HUGE blackhead forming right under/to the side of my right nostril...

Now, I have to go to a party on Friday, where I will more than likely be the subject of many snapshot pictures...
Do I dare squeeze with the probability that this will turn into a big red nasty thing under my nose??
Or should I wait until after Friday, when the pictures are over and done with???

Such a dilemma!!!!!! unsure.gif

Help grossies!!
ooo dilemma for sure....hmmm i see two choices as well

1) suck it out with a biore strip with minimal squeezing and then zap it with a queen helene mask

or 2) hide it and deal with it later. although its gonna feel gnarly during the photos....
QUOTE(GiGi21 @ Aug 21 2006, 10:02 PM) *

My mom once had a little bump on the back of her head, that was drving her nuts- she asked me to look at it so I got a pair of tweezers and yanked at it. About an inch of solid gunk came out followed with tons of goo and gunk- it was fabulously disgusting!

I'm obsessed with getting my boyfriends blackheads and zits- it makes him so mad but I fixate on it until I get it, does anyone else have that issue?

I have that issue and Mr GGG won't let me pop anything of his. Sometiems he gets these HUGE WHITE HEADS on his chest from in-grown hairs, he gets them on is thighs too! Not allwoed to touch them..

Okay, this morning my cat started to gag a hairball up on the dining room table, so I knocked him off and he ran into the kitch and splattered puke allover the kitchen. I cleaned half of it up, but it made me puke 5 times, so I had to leave it to dry....*gag*
ew ew ew.....

I should probably cross-post this in Cobs but, in the condo building where I live, we all got a letter saying:

"It has come to our attention that a larger dog had a diarrhea accident in the north elevator yesterday afternoon. We have been unable to determine who owns the dog nor did that owner or visitor assist with the clean up of the mess....I would appreciate a phone call from anyone who might have further information regarding this incident...."

WTF???? Who'd let their dog have DIARRHEA in an elevator and not clean it up??? People like that ruin it for all the pet owners.
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