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Full Version: The Grody Gross-Out Sink Clogged with Phlegm and Toothpaste and Hair and Thread thread
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QUOTE(auralpoison @ Mar 3 2011, 11:22 AM) *

the blackhead Pippi Longstockings.

LOL! Your writing kills me.
i don't think i've ever seen blackheads that big. the description makes me feel rather queasy...well done!

i think we need a "mr. yuck" emoticon!
genghis cunt
Two words: vaginal hyperplasia.
genghis cunt
Remember the Tree Man in Indonesia? With the HPV growths on his body? We had a dog like that today. Just one growth, but probably five inches long and very thick. Weird!
Ok, i just learned about the Tree Man. Awful!

A while ago i was taking a dump. I had eaten common glasswort (i think that's the proper term). When i wiped (and looked...yeah) i freaked out because i thought i had worms or something. Turns out it was a not fully digested piece of glasswort.
First of all, there are few things so charming as a woman that can actually say "taking a dump". biggrin.gif

Second, doesn't everybody peep the paper after they wipe? I mean, one wishes to make sure one has cleaned the entire area, yes? And that requires visual confirmation.
Oh yes, i think it's very important to know when my bum is clean. So i check. My mom once complained about me 'almost taking the wall out' when wiping. The toilet upstairs at my parents' house is adjacent to their bedroom. It was late at night and after pooping, she heard the metallic toilet-roll-holder clatter for quite some time. I just take a while, wiping and checking so everything's in order down there.
genghis cunt
I check simply because I am a hypochondriac, and like most hypochondriacs I obsess over my bodily functions.
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