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Full Version: The Grody Gross-Out Sink Clogged with Phlegm and Toothpaste and Hair and Thread thread
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QUOTE(auralpoison @ Apr 5 2009, 06:49 PM) *
I am missing ze grossness. Zit popping vidz for all!

Awesome ear zit.

Two year backne puss pocket.

Cheek zit whitesnake from hell.

Chin zit, for the HARDCORE ONLY! This is more than five minutes of gut-wrenching zit goodness!

Precision knife on shoulder zit. This one makes a HUGE MESS EVERYWHERE. The shoulder, the window behind him, the knife, the knife wielder's sleeve.

JESUS CHRIST! and those links had links to another videos... Did anyone see the one with the horse's abscess? The puss came out like it was an open SINK, NO KIDDING
Ewww I'm grossed out just looking at the titles. No thank you, my life is gross enough as it is!

Going back to the nail-biting talk - I'm really OCD about my nail biting, it's pretty gross. I hate when I realise I'm doing it in public and people have actually noticed! Also I end up leaving bits of nail and cuticle everywhere I sit. No bleeding though, nothing like orangecat. If I paint my nails, then I just end with peeled nail polish and it's even worse. I just got gel nails done for the first time today in the hopes that it will help. I've never had nails this long (I got them to only extend them to the ends of my fingers!) and it feels so weird.
OMG those links!! My sister was couragous enough to watch 'em all, and kinda watched over her shoulder. That chin zit made me gag, seriously.

I don't have anything gross to report, except that i passed some small pools of liquid dog poo lying in the street last week. They've dried up now. In hot weather dog poo bakes and simmers, so there's this bad smell hanging in the street, hot poop.
Stiff towels - my soon to be ex - has used for his own personal pleasure... leaves them in the bathroom, for me to mistakenly dry my face on – stiff and crusty. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY CAN’T HE USE TISSUES mad.gif
That is so wrong. Wrong. Has he never heard of a come towel? The towel that gets used for one thing & one thing only? I thought all guys had one of those or a sock or tissues. I knew a guy that even kept babywipes in his sexy drawer for cleanup. I think that's because he liked coming on himself, but whatevs.
Oh that's just nasty. Me and Mr A started using baby wipes and he uses them when he's by himself now - apart from actually feeling something clean instead of come-sticky, they're tougher than tissues.

But that's still one of the nastiest things I've read on this thread.
So, this is a story of a man who had a tapeworm.

I assure you this is not for the faint of heart or stomach. It was rather gross.

I am avoiding all of the links in this thread! I clicked on the chin zit one and nearly threw up on my computer.

And speaking of throwing up....last week I was really nervous about my stats exam. The whole morning I could feel my stomach doing flip flops but I tried to ignore it. I made myself a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs. I was getting ready to leave and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Before I could even do that I ended up puking not into the toilet but into the sink. I cleaned it up as best I could. After a few days I noticed that whenever I used the sink it smells. I realized that it's the rotting remnants of my puke.
I was having a really hard night at work last week. I couldn't seem to catch up at all. During my last rounds I walked into a room and saw that one of my patients was sleeping peacefully but sometime in the last 45 minutes had vomited all over her bed and everything within a 3' radius of it. There was a huge amount of puke... mostly water with a lot of undigested food. The smell hit me before I even saw it. I'm like fuuuuuck I don't have time for this... I turned right around and walked out of the room to get sheets and towels and washcloths and a gown. Moping along on my way to the linen cart I ran into another patient who said, "Oh honey you look exhausted, here have a piece of candy." So a few minutes later as I'm eating the candy with one hand and wiping up puke with the other I had to pause and think, "Really? This is right now. Oh my god."
I went to the circus last Thursday and saw an elephant poop onto a garbage can. I seemed to be trained. It raised it's tail and a carnie ran and put the trash can under it's butt then it pooped right in the trash can. I sat there wondering what it must be like to catch elephant poo in a trash can. I also wondered how much he got paid for his work. It had to have pooped at least a volume of ten pounds. It was awesome.
Disposal of animal waste is an interesting thing. I remember learning about Noah's Ark as a kid & thinking, "What did they do with the poo?" Toss it overboard? Dry it out & use it as fuel? Either way, that's a lotta poo if you buy the "all the animals two by two" theory.

I know a nearby zoo sells "ZooPoo" fertilizer.

I've been places with horse tours where the horses have "poo slings" to catch the poo. Beginning around this time in the year our local horses begin tour work & they just shit all over the streets. Niiiiice.
There was a story in the news a couple years ago about a truck that was carrying the water, poop and general sludge from the monkey habitat at the Milwaukee Zoo, which they completely drain and clean a couple times a year. The truck crashed on the highway, on the way to the landfill or whatever, and there was monkey...yuckiness all over the highway. It took a couple days to clean it up completely and people who lived nearby said it was the worst thing they ever smelled.
I have repaired a monkey poo dehydrator, in my widely varied work strangeness.

So, I had two lovely jobs this week...the first one was at vet diagnostics. That's where they bring animals that die mysteriously, and they are involved in all kinds of nastiness...mad cow disease, all kinds of things. Swine flu, too...coincidentally. I was working on it, luckily they had hosed it down, but when I was looking at the compressor, the big overhead doors opened and a great big dead bloated cow was hanging on a sling and they were bringing it in. It was upside down in the sling and its tongue was hanging out. Yuck.

The other one was a dead radioactive tissue freezer. Of course when they call me is because it's warmed up and now the room is 80 degrees. Yuck.

So, that was my Thursday. If it didn't pay so well I wouldn't do this.
This? Is really fucking cool.

I actually knew a girl that this happened to. When puberty hit, she never got her period. After a few years her mum grew worried & took her to the doctor. Turned out her unborn twin was in her womb.
uh, aural...?
you have a veeeeeeeeeery strange idea of cool.
something about the word "parasitic" automatically freaks me out, add the word twin...?
*passes out*

*comes to then runs to the bathroom*
ick ick ick ick ick ickick ick ick ick ick ickick ick ickick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick ick



what's more:





Hey, what can I say? I'm interested & fascinated in my lady parts in a weird way.

There are all kinds of strange womb phenomena outside of fetus en fetu: Lithopedion's aren't usually discovered until the woman goes in for something unrelated, she gets an xray, & BAM! You've found yourself a stone fetus! Or a vanishing twin that basically gets compressed into a mummy-looking squished fetus after it's death by the weight of the other wombmate.

And I'm not just interested in human lady parts but *animal* lady parts. Did you know that the female spotted hyena has the craziest urogenital system? The females have an extremely pronounced clitoris that is basically a fully functioning pseudo-penis. You can only tell the females from the males by the shape of the glans. The female urinates, has sex, & gives birth through her *clitoris*. Because of this, as you can well imagine, mating isn't easy. The ladies do have their pick of the mates because a female cannot be mounted without her cooperation. Also, the males are missing the bone in their penis that most mammals have. HAHA! Anyway, to have sex the clitoris is ruptured & then it's reruptured four months later when they give birth to cubs, usually one or two with teeth/their eyes open. And the crazy thing? They are one of the few species of mammals to regularly engage in neo-natal siblicide.

ETA; Between this, my recent confession, & Zack16 I will be utterly horrified if I dream all night about springing a peen.
i did actually know that about hyenas. they are quite interesting, and in some parts of Ethiopia it is tradition to feed them.

the funny thing is i know some of my tastes are pretty disturbing, but that...that's like a sledgehammer to the brainsis. i couldn't even finish the 2nd para of that link. just eeeeeewwww.

androgyny doesn't bug me at all, (obviously), and i find intersex bodies, in all their variations to be fascinating. particularlly ones with pseudo genitals. what leaves me seriously squicked is having an entire (or almost a whole) human being inside my body, be it alive, dead, or undead, or even unalive. *shudders*
thanks for the support guys. i was afraid to come back to the site, because i though you all would think i was some sort of MONSTER!! i haven't completely stopped biting, but i'm getting better. putting a bandaid over it helps so i don't see it/pick at it.

also, not it doesn't hurt. i've bitten it down for so long it was gradual, though it does LOOK painful.
orangecat, I'm pretty sure there's not a whole lot of grossness that would surprise us....ok, maybe some, but not a lot! wink.gif

I've had this pea-sized cyst/clogged pore thing on my ear lobe for a few days that no amount of squeezing is popping. I get them them every once in awhile and they're usually very satisfying, but this one is resistant, even after poking it with a pin. Dammit. I'm going to have to move on to warm compresses to see if that helps.
two days ago i was volunteering at the box office for the seattle film festival, after the shift i went to the bathroom, only to discover, that my new, still healing fresh dimple piercings had pussed up so much that there were these two puss/amberish looking balls. i was so revolted, i almost screamed, "that's disgusting!" *sigh* i feel so sorry for anyone who i might have helped. i was pretty gross. i always forget the cleaning business when i think about piercings. boooo!
My bathroom sink was clogged, to the point where the water had completely stopped going back down. I was totally broke until payday last week, with a clogged sink, so I decided to try using the plunger. THIS WAS A BAD IDEA. I never realized that little hole at the top of the sink to prevent overflow could also spout things back out. Things like black, rancid, hair-filled stagnant drain water that had been sitting in my clogged pipes for god knows how long. I have never smelled anything so awful...the water did go down though, and left an awful film of drain goo and hair. I didn't use the sink for the rest of the week, and as soon as I got paid, I ran out and bought a bottle of Draino.

You need one of these! All the satisfaction of pulling the nastiness out of the drain, none of the nasty chemicals.

When I did it, it was the only time I've done something so gross, I literally felt sick.
Silverfish on my goddamn BED just now.

I was willing to tolerate having silverfish in the bathroom. They've apparently decided to colonize. I am so glad I'm moving out of this apartment in a month.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Apr 28 2009, 08:16 AM) *
So, this is a story of a man who had a tapeworm.

I assure you this is not for the faint of heart or stomach. It was rather gross.

Oh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww!!! Not only did I read htis story, but 8 pages of everyone else's stories. Just reading that is making my ass feel tickly. Oh god.

AP, those stories about parasitic twins and fossilized fetuses and such are so very cool. Please post more if you see them. There was a show about it on the discovery channel but I ended up missing most of it.

All the talk about puss on the parasite website reminded me of my own gross, but non-parasite related story. I was 16, and had just had my wisdom teeth out (all 4 at once). So as if puking up blood that I had swallowed, and having purple cheeks for weeks, and pulling stitches out of my gums wasn't enough...

About a month after everything healed up, my boyfriend at the time noticed that I had bad breath for a week straight. Not your normal coffee breath, but nasty, haven't brushed my teeth for a month kind of smell, only no amount of mouthwash would cure it. Then my gums started to swell a bit on one side, at the back behind the teeth. I had a follow up appointment coming soon anyways, so just waited it out, but the swelling got pretty bad, until one day while walking through the bus station with all of my friends, I bit down on a skittle a little too hard and *poof* the thing at the back of my gums exploded a disgusting amount of pus into my mouth. Here's the gross part - I was 16, and too embarassed to spit out whatever that nastiness was indoors, in front of my friends, and there were no bathrooms in sight so I swallowed it and kept walking. And waited for the bus. And got home, and went straight to the bathroom. and poked at my gums and watched more pus spurt out. It was like a giant, tooth sized zit in my mouth had popped. I alternated poking and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide for at least 15 minutes before it all got rinsed out.

That is nowhere near as disgusting as a tapeworm, but it was pretty bad.
Ew. Actually I find your story pretty darned awesomely disgusting. Well done!
I nearly pooped on my obstetrician during labour...luckily a midwife was prepared.
This was almost too gross for me to watch.
Oooh I saw that the other day on neatorama!!!! it was pretty gross.
My coworker recently had surgery to remove a huge ovarian cyst. Well the Dr was supposed to remove through her belly button, but it was so big he had to end up making an incision. She was none the wiser and proceeded to come to work. She bled through the dressing and felt something running down her thigh. She went to the bathroom to check it out and as she was cleaning herself up, her finger slipped and WENT INTO the damn incision.

She's telling me this and i'm dry heaving all over the place. I'm still retching when I think of it. Geez. TMI!!

Thought I'd share with you all. Thanks.
My boyfriend is sitting shirtless on our dark-colored couch and I just saw that he's shed a TON of dead skin all over it (he got a sunburn last week).

If it was a nice sheet of skin I would be delighted to peel it off him, but sadly the pieces are all very tiny.
Well fuck me sideways. That is fucking foul. Seriously. I'll eat some nasty cheese, but that crosses even my fromage line.
boy, my "mouse" finger is twitching to click on that link, but I have to go to bed and I am afraid of nightmares.....
The pic? Isn't scary. It's the description that will fuck you up, Tree. IT IS SOOOOO WRONG. Um, some things shouldn't be able to *launch* themselves at you.
Okay, I HAD to click on it. Gross. Reminds me of when that dairy plant refrigeration system went down...eew.
I can deal with most anything but maggots. Even tiny maggots give me the wiggins. And the description of them launching themselves into the sealed bag & then when you don't hear the tiny "pops" anymore? NEVER EATING RICE CRISPIES AGAIN.
here's a youtube video on said cheese. I personally found the worlds largest zit far more disgusting. I gagged at that video, this one is meh.
Oh my, that's just wrong! You should NOT have to worry about your food attacking your eyes while you're eating it.

Rather less extreme, but still a little gross; I had a polyp removed from uterus yesterday. When I spoke to the surgeon before the operation I asked how they would get it out, and she answered "we just grab it and twist it until the stalk snaps, just like picking an apple". Sooo glad I was under general anaesthetic.
My toilet started running slowly. Tried to snake the drain, to no avail. I pulled the toilet up from the floor, tipped it forward and pulled twelve used tampons out of the bottom of the trap. blink.gif
OMG tree, that is disgusting! I mean, I know they're only tampons but how did that even happen?

I gotta say, this is the thread that brought me to Bust two and a half years ago. I was searching the 'net to find out what the hell the chunks that used to come out of my tonsils were and I was brought here and learned that it's a pretty common occurrence. This is hands down one of my favourite threads in the Lounge - some of the stories are pretty insanely funny as well as gross.
I'm thinking my ultra low-flow toilets just don't have enough oomph to shove those suckers through the trap. One might have gotten hung up months ago...bit by bit they accumulated until yesterday was the straw that broke the...uh, drain. Flushable, my ass.
yay, i love this thread; i was just thinking about bumping it! tree, holy crap. those low-flow toilets are just bad news all around....

i've started using a neti pot in the past few months, just once a week or so, so i guess i haven't quite become proficient at it. i usually find myself having to blow my nose for a little while after using it, but one morning, i flushed things out, blew my nose for a while, everything seemed usual. until i was combing my wet hair, and flipped my head over to tousle it--a couple tablespoons-worth of salt water poured out of my nose onto the floor! in comparison to some of the stuff on here, i know it's not really that gross, but yikes! it made me wonder if i need to worry about water sitting in my sinus and getting ....funky?

and rogue, this is probably the thread that kept me coming back here in the beginning of my lurking; it's so absorbing biggrin.gif
Woohoo! A gross-out story worth bumping up this thread for!

It would have been better if there were pus or at least some crustiness.
Go Oprah and Dr. Oz!
Oo, Top 10 Gross Stories from Jezebel. Yum!

I started reading them, but the pictures are too gross to be looked at at work, so I'll have to wait until I get home.
Bonus! Nine More Totally Gross Stories From Jezebel!
Love this Ask Metafilter answer about getting at a spouse's blackheads
I'm a BAD person. I am.

I know this makes me shallow, but I could NOT be with a guy that had the kind of blackheads that look like freckles. I just . . . I couldn't. Because they are so OBVIOUSLY NOT FRECKLES. And they give me the fucking WIGGINS. I AM AWFUL. But . . . UGH. I do not want to squeeze them or get Biore strips, I want to run.

I had a buddy & his gf had them. She was the blackhead Pippi Longstockings. I had to focus on the middle of her forehead just to talk to her because I was so grossed out. They were HUGE. Like she had a nose/cheeks peppered with poppy/black sesame seeds. The rest of her skin was weirdly shiny, but the blackheads just absorbed all light so they were flat & dull. blink.gif

Excuse me. I have to go shower now. Both because I am grossed out & because I am ashamed of myself.
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