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Full Version: The Grody Gross-Out Sink Clogged with Phlegm and Toothpaste and Hair and Thread thread
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Wow. Apparently it's not too uncommon. It piqued my curiosity & sure as shit there are several documented cases of dead folks stuffed in beds. Apparently the urban legend parts are that it almost always has Vegas as a locale & features a dead hooker. It seems that in reality it's mostly criminal types snuffing each other. Veddy inta-resting.
WHAT??? Yeeeee, are you telling me that other people have been "oh so lovingly" stuffed in there?? Well, this happened in Baltimore City, at the Comfort Inn in Mt.Vernon to be exact. Now, I must google my own trauma and find out if it is on the web. We always had various incidents, as we had a local club that used us for all their bands. I always loved getting in there in the morning, stepping over underpants, condoms, crack vials, in the corridors. DELICIOUS!
People always liked to shove shit, like food or anything stinky behind the pictures on the walls. I suppose since they couldn't get them off, best thing to do, is hope for the next sucker to have to smell the stank you left behind.
Hit, girlfriend. Documented.

I check this website from time to time. It's pretty effing gross. Who has ever heard of Yaws? That's frelling scary. And you absolutely must check out the hemmoroids.
I like going to it's related site, Morbid Fact Du Jour, but it's often not updated every day.
I had, in fact, heard of yaws before - because in true lifelong Grossie fashion, I started looking up photos of skin disorders in my mother's books (she once studied for nursing and always has references) when I was in high school. Yaws was a cross-reference from an ulcerated abscess entry. (Though I had never seen the face disfigurement before. How awful.)

I came in here because I didn't know where else to put this - it's sort of a mild alert in the interest of Chick Camaraderie, but I didn't want to skeeve a general audience. I've had a gross head cold for a few days. GameBoy had one last week and tried out Mucinex to see if it would help break up the gunk in his chest...with considerable success. So I decided to try it on mine.

Well, the good news is, it's rendered me far more able to breathe and sleep for the last couple of days. The bad news?

It's making my cooch smell funny.

Like, open the bottle of med and sniff it - that's the fragrance that's coming out of my bits with normal discharge. It's not overwhelming - I can only smell it when I'm in the bathroom - but it's definitely unnerving. (And yes, I'm clean.)

So. Not that I feel like getting any action right now anyway, but I really thought I should share this info for the good of the BUSTie public, lest someone have a horrifying experience when a paramour goes downtown for a visit after 24 hours' worth of Mucinex.

*skulks out*
What does Mucinex smell like? Is it gross? I've noticed that after I eat curry, my vag smells like it, and I sweat curry from my armpits, instead of BO.
After working all day in the bread bakery, I would sit down to go to the bathroom and my vag would smell like bread dough or beer.
It's not horrific, but it's distinctly... well... medicine-y. No better way to describe it, really... it still seems inadequate.

I don't think I'd be so weirded out if I had ever noticed any difference in my smell that wasn't hormonal. None of my partners (an admittedly paltry number) has ever mentioned anything that might have come from food or meds, either. In this case, I haven't been up for action, and GameBoy says he hasn't noticed it otherwise, so I guess I'm safe for the general public (if not my general pubic).

It's been 24 hours since I last took it, however, and the effect is drastically reduced. Bearing that in mind - i.e., looks like it would be gone about 36 hours out - I have decided to keep the extremely-clean but still-weird-smelling cooch until the thick, nasty green and yellow shit in my sinuses goes away.

I wish I had a good zit story to tell. I could really use one.

Nothing like popping a high-pressure pus filled zit to brighten up one's day, huh, plummy?

I wish someone would get something lanced. Anyone? I'm dying for some pus shooters.

The other day, my friend - who is a former bartender - and I were talking about drinks. She asked, "Have you ever had a Red-Headed Slut? Or an Irish Car Bomb?" I asked her, "Have you ever had a Yeast Infection? It's Vodka, Bailey's, milk, and oj." She was like, "No - I've never heard of that one."

I just thought, you know, that the dairy would curdle and...ewww. But she didn't get it. Somebody laugh at my joke!!!

"yeast infection" hee hee.... curdled milk chunks with a touch of orange juice color tinge and the smell!!!!!!! eeeewwww, i can just imagine!!!! and for some reason, imagining it made me smile and giggle..... eeeeewwwww
(gone again)
Actually, way back, probably twenty years ago already, I made something akin to your "yeast infection", puppy. Totally unintentional. Bailey's and acidy things don't get along. Eeeeewww...
hahaha...that reminds me of an article i read...'drinks to give to your enemies'...they had similar ones in there like the 'yeast infection' was called the cement mixer...cuz apparently it turned to thick lumpy blobs in your mouth...taaaa-sty. bleh.
oh i took some photos of's latest injuries from paint balling...i plan on doing a day by day update. the bruises should be nasty. i hope to get them posted by friday....when they turn purple-green.
can I delurk?... I've been squirming while reading this thread for ages... and now I think I have something to post (a-woo-hoo)

ok... dissection... this involves cutting up dead animals... and today we go a fresh specimen. We got... the heart, lungs, trachea and, get this, tongue of a horse. The heart was as big as a soccer ball, and the tongue was huge. Oh, and it was slightly frozen - all the remaining blood was a mix of blood cells & ice, and it was black. Fantastic... we were cutting into the lungs to look at the structure, and the best bit... the little bronchioles that still have cartilage rings... little slimy bumpy bits that aren't quite bone, or flesh, and yet I couldn't stop playing with them because of the texture and you can feel the slimy mucosa even through latex gloves and... ewww.

I love dissection... and I had to tell someone about it. I'll get back to lurking
Oh, that's disgusting. AWESOME!
Indeed. That is the grossest thing I've read in awhile! And I totally understand playing with the pieces because of the whole texture thing, too. *nods*
i have a zit on the inside arch of my foot. OW. the best explanation i can come up with is that the foot cream i've been using is too rich. but it's a nasty bugger!

oh, and while at work, i discovered what an unripe passion fruit looks like inside. this pic is of a ripe one, but the unripe ones have little tentacle-like formations on the inside. neat and icky! nfruit.jpg&imgrefurl= ml&h=225&w=250&sz=12&tbnid=vJzv3W3tVyxqgM:&tbnh=95&tbnw=106&hl=en&start=48&prev= /images?q=passion+fruit&start=40&svnum=10&hl=en&lr=lang_en &safe=off&sa=N
gah. should have used tinyurl.

sorry, folks!
Hopefully I will have some pictures posted later of some post-sinus surgery mucus, as long as my friend doesn't mind me posting them here. I've looked at them and they're so oogy!

I have recentley aquired from my avon lady a tool specifically for popping zits and dislodging black heads. I have to say that I have been in heaven. It looks rather harmless but when I use it to pop zits it causes splatter 99.9% of the time. When I use it to dislodge black heads my pores yield fruit of increadable lengths. What I like about it most is now I can tamper with my skin in those hard to reach areas.
deschat - oooohhhh.... what's this thing called? I have an AVON lady too and I want to see if she can get me one....
Ok, he's letting me post them.

The first one is from right after the surgery, when he's still got the surgical sponges in his nose. Not really that gross, but kinda cool:

He said they made a POP! when they pulled them out!

And here's a more recent nose goblin- this is about 8 weeks after the surgery! He said for the first few weeks they were even bigger than this and bloodier. He put the house key next it to give an idea of how big it is!

Nose Goblin!!
polly - I retched a little bit when I saw that nose goblin. That's really effing gross. But I would love to get one of those outta my nose, man!

I also have an Avon lady and want a blackhead remover. I have a whole blackhead farm, and it's harvest time. Yayayayay!

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh my god that is disgusting. jesus.

i missed this thread!!!!!!! i don't have anything all that gross to report--oh wait, yes i do. the other day i woke up to a dislodged tonsil stone. it was kind of small but i haven't had any in a while and i wanted to check it out, so i put it on a tissue on my nightstand but ended up falling back asleep. when i woke up an hour or so later, the pale yellow, slightly slimy/soft tonsil stone as i knew it was its place was this dark brown, slightly transparent, flexible yet hard (plasticky?)...uh....SOMETHING, that was about half the size that it had been. MY TONSIL STONE SHRANK. GROSSSSSS!!!

deschatsrouge--i want one'a those! occasionally i'll end up scratching back by the side of my face and find a little bump and come back with something that looks like what comes out of old, dried up blackheads. i wish i had a tool that would let me get to those buggers before they get to that point!
EEEEEEWWWWW polly...... soooooo gross!!!!!! that was GREAT!!!!!

BTW everyone - i asked my AVON lady about the blackhead remover thingy and she said it came out a few campaigns ago but she's gonna find out if it's still in stock.....
I have a blackhead remover and I just picked it up at the local drugstore. They're usually by the nail care tools.
Smell your blackhead remover after you've used it. It smells like the world's nastiest cheese. Or maybe a really good Roquefort...
I think the black head remover/zit popper was called a "skin care specialist" in the Avon catalog. I have never smelled mine but I think next time I will.
Yesterday I spent half the day sitting in a GP's surgery for my course. I was hoping for much pussy gooeyness, but alas, no.
However, right when we were meant to be leaving, a lady came in. She had lifted her car (!) and her hand had got stuck. Her pinky was half off and there was quite a lot of blood. What got to me though, was the way the top of the pinky looked: all blueish and NOT GOOD.

Now, I'm usually really good with blood. Hell, when I was 11 the top of my finger was ice-skated off and I didn't even cry (can we spell S-H-O-C-K?). However, when I was called upon to help with the suturing I passed out. Literally. Falling down, bumping my head. Yes, I felt *quite* embarrased after that.

Guess I'm not going to a a surgeon, eh?
Hey hey.... my AVON lady emailed me about the blackhead remover thingy and says she thinks she's located it for me and they are on sale for...... $1.99!!!!! I told her to order me 5 of them if they're that cheap.... I hope this is the same thing we've been talking about here.....
AIYEEE that giant nose thing aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! omgomg
I also like to do a bunch of pores at once. The little hole on the other side of the blackhead remover starts growing a tale of cheesy gunk and it gets longer and longer, the more pores you do. It totally reeks of bleu cheese and it is truly appalling.

(Aural, where my pitchers, gurl?!?)
a friend of my bf's had a BAD wipe out on his skateboard and suffered a horrendous road rash and ripped one of his fingernails clean off. wanna see some pictures??!! (for those reading this in the future, the entry is from May 26th, 2006)

oh my god the first one with the road rash just makes me want to claw my face off. I believe that is covering a large portion of what looks like his arm. The last one of his finger hardly bothers me at all-it's the first one that I can hardly even look at...
Eep. Seems they'd just let the fingernail stay off... wouldn't it just grow back? The road rash doesn't bother me so much.

I'm more curious when people rip off a toenail. Whoa.
Re: nails growing back. I'm not sure. I had an accident years ago which involved someone iceskating the top of my finger off. There are still two bits of nail bed left, but it hasn't grown back like a nail *at all*. It's just two 'sticks' of nail, if that makes any sense. That might be because the finger is ruined, but it might also be because there is no predeveloped path for the nail to grow.

Mind you, when the accident had just happened it was the *best* for grossing people out. It looked like a mini horror-film get-up. There was just the right amount of blood and bits of tissue visible. Yum! It got particularly good when I (well, my mum) had to put this yellow salve on it which, after a day, looked so much like puss. Of course, I was meant to keep it covered, but I *loved* lifting the bandage and creeping people out.
I never knew so many people had problems with hacked-off fingers...

Of course the fun was lessened (sp?) when it was healed and people were *still* creeped out. And when they would refuse to hold hands (my sister) or something because of it.

O well. I'm pretty bummed I never took pictures though.

I didn't rip my toenail completely off but I had a futon incident which peeled it all the way back to the lighter colored "half moon" thingy. It was my big toe. I went to urgent care, OMG it hurt. They just bandaged it down and it eventually grew out and it's like a normal toenail now except that it angles up ever so slightly. I always get holes in my socks right there.
I am missing the pinkie toenail on my left foot because of a childhood incident. My pedicures always look slightly off.
In spite of how much it's making my ass try to crawl back into itself right now, here's my nail-ripping-off story:

Years ago when acrylic sculptured false nails first hit, I wore them all the time. The formula of the acrylic polymer was different in those days, and contained a chemical called MMA. Originally designed for dental fillings, the polymer was very tough and strong, too strong for nail use, really, and a lot of people sustained injuries to their nails because the acrylic wouldn't just snap off at the free edge of the nail but would often tear off the nail plate, taking all or part of the natural nail with it.

This is what happened to me. I caught the pinky nail of my left hand on the car door as I was shutting it, and two-thirds of my natural nail came off. It hurt like a BASTARD, bled like crazy, and took months to heal. My nail grew back completely, but other people who had similar injuries weren't so lucky. MMA was eventually taken off the market and banned for use in nail products, but a lot of discount places still use products containing MMA because it's a lot cheaper than the non-MMA stuff. =/

Eeeee, that still makes my ass crawl!
When I was a kid, my friend slammed the fridge door on my thumb (I suspect I was holding the door at the time). The top segment of my thumb (where the nail is) turned blue-black, and my thumbnail fell off. Completely. Apparently it was the swelling. The nail grew back eventually.

I had to wear a bandage around my thumb for weeks, and I can remember peeling the bandage off to pick at my nail as it was falling off - it took a couple of weeks to fall off completely. There was such a sweet-sweet feeling of relief as it lifted up, and the pressure went from the swelling/scab/yuk underneath.

herculesgirl... *shudder*
not to change the subject, but i had to share this website i found today.
brett, that is very gross, yet really informative.
My sink is STILL clogged.
Mr. Lala undid it and now we can't get it done back up and the clog was way deeper than either of us anticipated.
I think we need a plumber.
On another note, yet still bathroom related, I was getting into the tub the other night. Mr. Lala was already in there. I had my period.
Once in the tub, I realized I forgot my facial cleanser on the counter.
I got out and as I was getting back in, I noticed I'd splooshed a huge clot onto the edge of the tub. It was so big it slithered off the edge and down into the flooring.
So I wiped all that up and Mr. Lala pointed out I'd bled in the tub too.
I looked in, and there, at his feet, were three more huge clots with snakes of blood rivering up and out from them.
He said, "I don't care. It's just blood. If it really grosses you out, we can rinse off when we're done."
I love him.
I love him SO much.
So I went & got a nightcap at about twelve thirty. Closed the bar down, was home by two fifteen. Took a shower. Whilst showering I found a strange lump in my armpit. Uh-oh. I tend to get ingrown hairs there, so I don't shave, (It's odd. I'll have anywhere from one to four hairs growing out of a single follicle.) but lo & behold, there was a lump. When I got out of the shower, I sidled up to the mirror to get a look. Big, swollen area that's either capped with scab or several ingrown hairs swirled together. I probed it with tweezers to no avail. I gave it a squeeze with my fingers & there was a very *LOUD* popping sound. The 'even the cat looked up from licking his genitals' kind of loud. This ***HUGE*** maggot sized chunk of sebum squished out & it had a little scabby bit at one end. Sadly, it didn't smell like anything, but it was still mega gross. Most satisfying!
OOOOH aural, you lucky. i love bumps that actually yeild something solid. when it's just sort of a bump that hurts and maybe oozes a little but refuses to's so unsatisfying!

i realized that i forgot the tupperware container that i brought my lunch in at work. under my desk. it's going to be sitting there the whole weekend. it was just rice, but maybe something interesting will happen?
'even the cat looked up from licking his genitals' kind of loud...Bwa hahahahaha!
Inspired this evening to post sumpthin'

Tonsil stones. Like, in the midst of administering a nice oral-rogering to the boy, head of cock against my throat, pushing pushing and pop! Out slides the biggest one I have ever felt. It was like, stuck on his dick and I grabbed it and tried to flick it away all sneakily and it landed on my alarm clock.

I don't think he noticed but my fingers smelled and teh sexy feeling was just gone at that point. Ick.

AP - That is awesome. It made a noise???!!??! I am squirming but wish I could see a picture of this thing...
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man luci that's awesome. best way ever to dislodge one o' them, uh, suckers. hee.
Good God, Luci that is the most appalling this I have even read in my life. EVER! (Nice One.)
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