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I AM REVIVING THIS THREAD! because i lurve it. also because recently i've been really into eating toast with onion dip.
I love this thread too, so here is my contribution:

I make up little songs all the time. I only sing them to my dogs or around my hubby for fear others might think I am crazy.
When I'm too impatient or in too much of a rush to wait for the water to boil I have toast with pasta sauce instead of pasta.

When I eat coloured candies (like Smarties or M&Ms or Reese's Pieces) I make patterns on my hand with the colours before I eat them.
I can't eat things like M&Ms or Skittles without arranging them by colour/number. Once I do that I eat them by number in even groups, discarding/feeding the dog the extras. Yay for OCD!
Heehee..this is a fun thread. I have a specific ritual for eating pickle spears. First I suck out all the seeds and loose "fleshy" part. Then I nibble the rest so that it forms a check pattern and chew those little bits off and then finally eat the skin. I don't know why I ever started doing it, but I have done it since I was a kid.
Oooh, I like pasta sauce on toast, too. Sometimes I grate a little parmesean on top. That's tasty!
poor man's pizza=toast+pasta sauce+cheese on top
stick in the broiler or toaster over for a few minues....delish
I am actually a bit embarrased to say I've roasted marshmallows on a candle in my kitchen. It works pretty well.
that's kind of adorable, citrussssssss
don't be embarassed I have made smore's with the flame from the stove.

If I eat swiss rolls or hoho's I peel off the chocolate outside, then unroll them and eat the rest. It feels wierd if I just munch one down with out that order.
I eat swiss rolls the same way.
my boy recently toasted marshmallows in his bedroom with a mini blowtorch (from a creme brulee set)!
mmmm, now im completely craving stove-top smores. Too bad mine's electric. Speaking of swiss rolls thats how I eat Crunchies, Crispy Crunch and Oh Henry. Outside in. Munching away just ruins it for me.
M&M's make me deliriously happy, I think because my nephew calls them "Emmalems".

I've been known to eat tortilla chips with ranch dressing. Same thing with french fries. Eff ketchup!
I eat fries JUST so I can eat ketchup!
I really ,really like the Weight Watchers Ravioli Florentine frozen dinner. Like, a lot a lot. Like more than a friend.
I expertly take apart Kit Kat bars and eat the layer by layer. 4 layer in a bar.
I disect nutty bars like that and eat them one layer at a time.
jem, you're funny :-)

mustard with your pizza, anyone? Or maybe sweetened condensed milk straight off a spoon?
I like grits, a LOT. i eat them for breakfast every day.
Ooooh, grits are SO GOOD. But everyone looks at me like I've lost my mind because I put sugar on them instead of salt and pepper.

Also, a word about the Hilton Hotel chain's breakfast buffet: two biscuits, halved and buttered, with a scoop of hashbrowns on top of each biscuit half, and a scoop of gravy on top of the hashbrowns. So many kinds of awesome!!!
My boyfriend thinks all of the Jewish food I eat is weird. My dad's side is Jewish, so I grew up eating gefilte fish and pickled herring and cold beet borscht. He just about gagged today when I stopped at the store on the way home to get a jar of beet borscht, brought it home, chopped up some pickles (pre-pickled pickles, like small cucumbers) put it in there with a dollop of sour cream....oh, there's nothing like it in the summer, so cold and yummy. So good! I have gotten him into matzo ball soup- who doesn't like that stuff?!?!

I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast this morning- yum!
I freakin' LOVE sugar on my grits!!
I'm a fan of cream of wheat myself. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts, because I'm so picky, yet that is my favorite breakfast... mmmmm I wish I had some now!
An ex-girlfriend (MaryAnn the LibrariAnn :-)) turned me on to extra-weak orange juice. I mean, like if you added 2 parts water to one part freshly-squeezed, and gulp it down like a sports drink. It's better than slightly-weak OJ, and a lot quicker to gulp than regular OJ. It's more like a variant on water with lemon in it, only especially good after exercise.

Oh, and I used to eat grits with Kraft grated parmesean and Tobasco.
I cannot handle hering, I grew up in a Swedish Household and that was a staple, but I can get down with some beet borscht and pickles, girl! I had beet tar tar in France last year!!!!!!!!!YUM YUM!!!
polly mentioned biscuts and gravy... i used to like 'em, not love them but like them until i ordered it at the local diner. blech. hockey pucks and wallpaper paste. i have not even been able to look at a plateful of biscuts and gravy since then.

for a snack last night i had garlic dill pickle spears and some extra sharp chedder cheese.

and i put cheezwiz on those frozen nutri-grain waffles. grosses my husband out so bad! but i've got the older kids liking it now too! ha!
Eww, that's gross. I found a fail-proof recipe- I'll PM you....

cheezwhiz on waffles ((shudder))
ok who here loves marmite/vegemite as much as me?
hate for marmite, extra love for vegemite
crackers or crisps topped with whipped cream cheese and kippers...... oh YUM!

squid salad (cold salad from deli section, oriental equiv. to american cole-slaw (best way I can describe) but with slices of squid mixed in) YUM YUM!

peanut butter and choco syrup sandwiches on white bread SUPER YUM!
wow, periander, i never knew anyone to be divided about the two! i kind of think of them as one and the same. also bovril, which i don't think exists anymore.

god, i grew up on marmite. and it's so effing expensive in the states. my canadian relatives send it to me, bless their hearts. one time in college it wasn't packed right and when i opened the mail it was in shards....i cried for days.

marmite & butter on toast, marmite & peanut butter sammiches, mmmmmm.
I'm from the south and I don't really like grits. Cheese grits, maybe.
Ahhhh Mouse this is because your not Australian. Very few Aussies venture down the Marmite path. The few I know who have tend to either be originally from England or have English parents. I find Marmite to be to sweet. I love the salty goodness that is Vegemite on toast with butter. Not to much Vegemite either, has to be just the right amount. Also good is grilled cheese and Vegemite or, and this is strange even for here apparently, Cheese Vegemite and lettuce sandwiches.
I have distinct and separate "voices" that I use to help my pets express their sentiments. My cats each have a voice--one like Marge Simpson, one like a little French prissy doll. My little boy chihuahua has a voice, very much like a raspy old man.

I love biscuits and bacon gravy! Loads of bacon in the gravy--slightly chewy. Or toast with gravy.
My dog sounds like Napoleon Dynamite in my head- God!
My dog has a whiney, Jerry Lewis-esque voice: "Hey laaaaaaydeeeeee, please to be taking me to the outside places now, I have to make pottttttteeeeee!!!"
I still HAVE to shoot yellow traffic lights (with my finger) before they turn red when I'm driving. It started out when I used to have a toy electronic Storm Trooper balster in my car, and I'd shoot stuff and people with it as I drove. Basically, though, I have to shoot each yellow light before they turn red or else they will have shot me (and I'll have to pretend to have been shot).

I also sing along with the car radio a lot, only I try to harmonize with it and syncopate rather than imitate the singer.
just discovered this one: white cheddar cheez-its & creamy chocolate (cadbury or symphony style)
Here's one:

Tortilla with melted cheddar cheese, banana slices, cashew butter, and raspberry jam!

It wasn't my idea, but it was really funny to eat it. Not that bad, either. I feel like eating weird stuff more now
wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

.........cotton candy. the pink kind.
Can you believe, quietmadness, that I just found out my boyfriend has never had cotton candy ever, in his 29 years? He has SUCH a sweet tooth, but never had it. Now I'm determined to find some good, freshly-made cotton candy for him.
When I met my hubby he had never tried a lot foods including cotton candy and deviled eggs. Now he loves both. I was in shock, I've been inroducing him to stuff ever since.
laugh.gif laugh.gif

Polly & Ginger: Take those boys to the carnival, dude!

I don't see how most guys I know have made it through this old world alive without a great Bustie by their side... rolleyes.gif
i am resurrecting this thread! because preferences.

if i'm drinking brewed coffee, i like it strong and black. no cream, no sugar. espresso is great. every once in a while a latte with soymilk (i'm not veg, i just like soy better than milk when it comes to combining it with coffee).

if i have to drink instant coffee (which is all we have at work) i will PILE on the fake creamer. i LOVE that shit. i put so much in that it gets kinda thick......MAN. good stuff.
I'm not sure if this may have already been approached in this thread, but every time my boyfriend is having hot dogs (which is fairly regularly) I open the refrigerator, and take a LONG look at the hershey's chocolate syrup, and I have a very intense debate in my head whether or not I should take a hot dog and cover it in the syrup. Anyone have any testimonials for yay or nay? I'll probably just take the plunge before long anyway.... the temptation....
do ittttt!
and let us know. you may be on to something.
I hope you use the liquid kind, because the powdered kind is highly flammable. A friend of mine considers torching powdered creamer a party trick.
really?? flammable? oh man. ap you are a minefield of useful information! now i have another party trick to add to sticking a quarter in my dimple.

FACE DIMPLES. get your minds out of the gutter, people, jeeeeeze.
hey AP making my coffee at work this morning i happened to check the label of the creamer and sure as shit it says "like all powdered products, this product should be used and stored away from open flame or high source of heat"

ALL POWDERED PRODUCTS? oh my god, what else can i set on fire? talcum powder? kool aid? cornstarch?

(speaking of cornstarch, mix it with a tiny bit of water and you will amaze yourself)
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