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Full Version: I eat weird things/I do weird stuff.
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*bump* for mouse
where was it?? why couldn't i find it???
@mouse: if you take a look at the ab-fad homepage which lists all the thread, scroll to the bottom where you will see several drop down menues on the right. one lets you choose the time frame for this section of the board. i think it's set to "from: 30 days". if you change it to "all", you will be able to see all the old threads. (sometimes they will be listed on more than one page... something in the leopard stuff at the top of the screen will let you choose a page.)
oooooh..... blink.gif
i eat plain yogurt on anything youd typically eat sour cream on. i use it in everything! its like the magical multipurpose food! people get grossed out for some reason until ive slipped it into some meal ive made and they dont even notice! muahhhahahah!

also...mustard in tunafish instead of mayo...mmmm

Toastybean, yes! It is so a legit sour cream substitute! I've even had arguments with friends about this. One friend claims he like sour cream but hates plain yogourt. He won't even eat plain yogourt with honey (like I do every morning), but I know if there were honey flavoured yogourt on the market he would buy it, even though plain yogourt with pure honey is surely tastier and healthier!

And I like mustard and mayo on tuna (or almost any sandwich for that matter).

Gross food I tried last night: some kind of lacto-fermented black radish, from a hippie girl's bag. No go.
eaten not 2 minutes ago...

French toast (wholemeal bread), made with egg and hot english mustard beaten into the egg, cooked, then spread some soft feta cheese on top, and lightly covered that in syrup...

verdict: not too bad, but probably wont be rushing to do it again.

WRT to the yogurt thing, I used to find mayonnaise out of the jar a little to I used to mix it up with a bit of yogurt, it makes it a little 'lighter' so to speak....useful.
i did this on friday and am looking forward to doing so today--weirdo me, but hey. that's what this thread is for.

i have noticed that i (like many other americans) am way too in the habit of snarfing down food as fast as possible and not really paying attention, especially with things like unhealthy snack food. i don't want to give up unhealthy snack food altogether--i am a big believer in all things in moderation--so i have invented a sort of game which i'm now quite fixated on. i bought a small bag of chips on my way home from work on friday and made sure i only ate one at a time, and each one had to be fully chewed swallowed and finished by the time i reached for another, and if i noticed myself getting "used to" the chip flavor or wanting to grab more than one chip at a time, i made up little rules for myself like "you can't eat another chip until five white cars have passed you". it occupied my brain (since my car stereo was recently stolen) and made the chips taste a-MAAAA-zing. highly reccomended for neurotic snack-appreciating types.
Re. french toast: I was amazed when I saw people in the UK eating french toast and porridge with savoury condiments instead of sweet. E.g.: french toast with ketchup, porridge with salt and pepper. Now I only eat porridge with salt. Mmm.

'Course, I could mix it all up with sweet and savoury combined, like some people... smile.gif
Can't do it, won't do it. I like my prorridge and french toast with sugar than you very much. The boy likes his french toast with ketchup (ewwww) although he does eat it with bacon and maple syrup so he's not all weird.
okay, so who of you weirdos would actually eat any of these? i wouldn't mind a few, really....the chicken pot pie with ice cream doesn't sound too bad!
although i feel like the sausage split might not actually be bad (considering sausage is good with other sweets like syrup and applesauce) it looks absolutely horrible...kinda wanna puke in my mouth a little bit smile.gif
Um, the ham n' yam pie doesn't look too bad, but then, as established, I'm a weirdo. smile.gif The savoury food with ice cream on top is messed up though.
Yah - I eat some weird gear (and I agree about the ham 'n' yam) but that page actually made me feel quite ill. What a find, toasty!
I have a food obsession that isn't that weird... CEREAL. I can't go a day without it. The weird part is, I LOVE the whole wheat and plain unsugared stuff just as much as the candy like ones. My husband asked me once if I'd stop eating cereal if it would guarantee I'd be my perfect weight or if I was allergic. The answer is NO! I'll never give up.

Also, when I eat a twix, I first take the caramel off with my teeth and eat the cookie part last.
i love this thread, i am reviving it again. i have invented a sinful new dish. it is kind of a breakfast burrito i guess. it is a tortilla, browned crispy, and folded over scrambled eggs, cheese, tapatio and maple syrup.

also i have discovered a near obsession with cilantro. funny, because so many people violently abhor it, including an uncle of mine. he can't even be in the same room with someone eating cilantro. but i feel entirely the opposite. i search it out in salsa. i buy giant bunches of it at my local bodega. YUM.
oh I LOVE cilantro!! It's the best in soup!
mmmm....cilantro. I use it all the time.
This is the greatest thread ever!

Cheez-Its and vanilla frosting ^^ It's AMAZING.
Mashed potato with Heinz salad cream mixed through is my comfort food.

People think I am odd for eating porridge (oatmeal) and french toast with sugar sprinkled on top.
See, maybe it's cultural. Sweet porridge/oatmeal in the US is common. Is savory porridge (butter & salt, say?) more common in the UK?
I think so, raisin. Much more common for salt to be used here but I have a sweet tooth, it must be said.

My weirdest habit is with cheese and tomato sandwiches: they have to be on white bread (I much prefer brown but have to eat these on white), sprinkled with salt and cut into four squares. This is a throwback to my childhood and I can't eat them without having taste de ja vu and remembering the Back to the Future films (I watched them constantly for a period and ate cheese and tomato sandwiches and not much else; it was a phase. I also had a similar phase with Chicken flavoured Super Noodles).
Interestingly, the dislike of cilantro may be genetic:

I can't stand cilantro. To me it really does have a strong soapy taste, which is unfortunate, as it's in practically every cuisine I like: Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese.
Wow, hercules. It's soapy to me, too. Citrusy I could like, if it tasted like that to me.

But, I've grown to appreciate (very) sparing amounts in salsas and guacamoles. Buttt...I can't stand how it smells when I'm chopping it or the smell it leaves on my hands. Like cheapo soap. I used to work in a southwestern deli and we'd get some customers that'd always order "extra cilantro" and I just couldn't understand how they could stand it.

Luckily enough, Bear also dislikes it, for the most part.
yeah, it's supposedly a genetic thing. many people are allergic to it, and if you're severely allergic, it can be serious. basically, if you don't like cilantro, stay the fuck away from it, because you're probably allergic. distaste is your body telling you things. even handling it can cause symptoms.

i, on the other hand, am one of those people who will order extra tongue.gif
Wow. Never knew that about cilantro. I feel bad for those of you who taste it as soapy; it is delicious to me.

The smell of red lentils (like red lentil soup) makes me nauseous. I can't be in my parents' kitchen if they are heating up a pot of red lentil soup because it will make me feel all oogy.
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Sep 4 2007, 03:21 PM) *
See, maybe it's cultural. Sweet porridge/oatmeal in the US is common. Is savory porridge (butter & salt, say?) more common in the UK?

Savoury porridge is a Scottish thing. My boyfriend, a Scot, eats it with salt in it and sometimes with bacon on the top (ick!), and is horrified by me eating it with sweet things (jam, honey, bananas, currants etc - the bananas especially made him look a bit ill). So yeah, it's cultural. If you like sweet porridge, do you eat semolina? That stuff is awesome on a cold morning.

I cannot do without Taramasalata - the greek dip. It's my craving food, much more so than chocolate ever could be. I can eat a whole tub by myself if I'm feeling a bit down or worn out.
Bunny, tomato and cheese sandwiches were commonplace in my house as well. Definitely on white bread! I haven't had one in years but now I may have to have one sooner rather than later. Yum!

Also commonplace in my house growing up: fried bologna sandwiches. Anyone else familiar with these? A piece of bologna thrown in a frying pan until it is a little cripsy/brown. Served on white bread. That's it. Pretty good considering what it is!
I picked up salting my porridge when I lived in Scotland and put butter in it too. Sometimes it's the only thing than gets me out of bed on a January morning. Bacon on top may be a bridge too far though...

Bunnyb, I still turn to 'chicken' SuperNoodles for comfort food on occasion. Um, with parmesan cheese on top.

Garlic, I'll polish off a tub of hummus if I can get away with it.
i grew up eating what we called fruit toast. it is toast with peanut butter and warm fruit puree (apple, peach, apricot). i still love it and eat it about twice a month. shinyboy loves it too. total comfort food. i also do the tomato sandwiches but i like them on sourdough and sometimes with cheese on top and broiled. yummy!
Very interesting about the cilantro aversion thing. Personally, I love cilantro and will order extra whenever I can...oooo, extra cilantro and onions on tacos. Or in guacamole. Or Tom Kha soup. Or on the Japanese Pan Noodles at Noodles & Co. I do understand tasting a soapy taste, but it's just not soapy enough for me to not like it.
Sometimes if we've cooked rice for dinner (especially brown rice), I can't sleep that night. It's something to do with the smell. I love EATING rice, but the damp musty smell of it that hangs around the house afterwards brings on a case of insomnia that I just can't explain. Weird.
Yaaay! This thread still exists! That's an awesome bit of knowledge about the genetic disposition toward Cilantro. So it LITERALLY smells and tastes like soap to those people... Bummer! Goaty and I love the stuff, and I tend to make guac with equal volumes avacado, salsa, and cilantro (plus a generous squeeze of lime and some salt).

Funny that waffles are savoury in England and sweet in the U.S. whereas the Brits will shake sugar onto their popcorn instead of salt. (I think... or is that my German friends?)

And Mouse, I totally hear you on the powdered creamer! I normally like half&half, but if its gotta be instant coffee or otherwise crappy coffe, then I shovel in the powdered creamer and enjoy the chemical fakeness of it all. It IS tasty.

Edna Krabappel: Oh, Superindendent Chalmers! Can I offer you a cup of coffee-flavored Beverine?
Superintendent Chalmers: Yes, I take it grey, with Creamium.
I love cilantro, I find it tastes... cool, somehow. Pretty much any fresh herb is okay with me. Dill I could take or leave though. But I love dill pickles. Has anyone else noticed that (like a man, I guess), a good pickle is hard to find? I'm constantly searching for the optimal balance of crunch, salt, vinegar, sweetness, and dill.

I usually start the day with toast with cheese and jam. Some people think it's a bit odd. I think: DELICIOUS. I butter the toast and then put thin slices of any mild-ish cheese, then pile jam on top. I am also kind of obsessed with cheese croissants, but I am in Scandinavia and haven't been able to find them here.

This oatmeal discussion reminds me of grits... I'm from Canada, so I don't know much about grits, but when I was in Florida I had them at Waffle House and someone recommended that I eat them with butter and jelly. Which was yummers. But then back home, years later, I met a tourist from the south and he scoffed, saying you need to salt them (he also gave me thorough instructions on how to make perfect grits, even after I'd told him that you can't find then in Canadian supermarkets, I just let him keep talking because he had a great accent and I loved the fact that a guy from Georgia was teeling me his grits secret).

I don't know why I'm so chatty tonight. I must be lonely...
lately i have been having these terrible fantasies of attempting to make rice krispie treats, but replacing the rice krispies with crushed potato chips.

i am a horrible, horrible person.
mouse that reminds me . . . french fries dipped in a chocolate wendy's frosty. haven't indulged in years but they are yummmy!
These aren't that weird, but I get "looks" when I eat them:

--oatmeal + apples + a big ol' pile of vanilla yogurt with loads of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice...I think the yogurt breaks some texture rules for people

--tortilla chips/fritos/crackers in applesauce

--worcestershire sauce and water chestnuts in tuna

--I also put yogurt and applesauce on pancakes or waffles

oohh i love apple sauce on pancakes! with lots of cinnamon

i also like apple sauce and milk on cheerios
QUOTE(MaybeSparrow @ Oct 19 2007, 03:53 PM) *
--worcestershire sauce and water chestnuts in tuna

i do this too!!! best tuna salad recipe: tuna, mayo, relish, celery, water chestnuts, good big splash of worcestershire!
I love peanut butter on my burgers. In fact, I just had one for dinner and it was quite yummy.
i enjoy straight worshteshire(spelling?idk) and i also like salt and vinegar chips dipped in mustard! i loooooove mustard! i wouldnt eat anything without mustard when i was younger!!! =D
I have dermatillomania. It sucks, but it's the only AGGRESSIVE form of OCD I can't stop. A healthcare professional, my mom, my friend have all admonished me to stop. Like it's that easy. Like I can just stop. I can't help it. Today my mom again noticed the sores & tried to equate it with cutting like she saw on Oprah. Not the same thing. For cutters, as I undertsand, it's a means of control. My DTM stems from the fact that I can't stand to not have smooth, perfect skin. I just can't stand to touch myself & feel weird scarred skin, but my picking exascerbates the problem. It's not about control, it's about texture. I have a lot of textural issues.
It's probably unhealthy, but I enjoy snacking on frozen pre-cooked food like shrimp poppers, pizza-bites, and egg rolls. I don't do it all of the time, just when the body craves something cold, perhaps to bring down my temperature or something.

I also have to "crack" every joint in my body or else I feel uncomfortable and my joints lock up. I've been doing it since I was 4 or so.
I had some generic leftover tortilla bread and so I rediscovered an old favourite- p.b. and cream cheese on tortilla, made into a tight little roll. Mmm, sugar, salt, white flour, and fat. It's kind of ghetto. The kind of thing I eat alone at night standing by the kitchen counter.
I enjoy crutons with salad dressing.
Croutons mixed into sour cream = heaven.
princess evangeline
voodoo princess< i love love love pan crisped bamboo caterpillars with a touch of salt..... so good!
I love to eat frozen corn niblets.
plus the word niblet is so cool and sexy
come here my little corn niblet.
are there any mustard loving ladies here? for me i love it. anyone here like a mustard such as Grey Poupon Mustard smile.gif
Wow, lots of funny combinations. I like Doritos (any flavor) with mustard...Mmm biggrin.gif I cant say I've tried worcestershire, would most people say they prefer it over mustard...or does it have a similar taste to Grey poupon?
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