hey, just wanted to point somethingout about fuck buddies, as a gay guy its very easy to arrange fuck buddues through the web, most only last one or two sessions because you don't really click, but the problem is when you see each other more often: I've just met a guy for the third time, i'm 22 and he's 40 and we've both repeatedly said that neither of us want a relationship and have planned 2 more sessions, but now there's 2 problems, I think we both like each other a LOT and so either a relationship starts under the pretext of fuck-buddies, so really we're not fuck buddies, or we get hurt when one of us starts a relationship and it has to end. Anyway, just thought that its something you might want to consider before getting fuck-buddies. Any ideas on whether or not you're actually in a "relationship" with a regular fuck buddy?