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comedy central i can see because of their movie choices, but AS? i'm with you aural. it always seemed to appeal to both sexes far as i knew. but maybe i know the wrong girls....:/ besides a lot of their non-original programing is anime.

i dunno, i don't like most of their new shows much. i can't watch xavier (i too am freaked out by the knees), i mostly wait for venture bros, moral oral, occasionally aqua teens or metalocolypse. but the rest.... meh.

and i wouldn't necessarily blame comedy central for the onslaught of GGW; they simply buy the time that is slotted for infomercials, they might just be cheaper than mtv, amc, e!, sci-fi or the other channels who sell time, time which might even be sold not by their choice, but by your local cable company, who can preempt channels to broadcast infomercials.
O sweet Jebus, I thought it was just me! The knees are SO WRONG!

I do think it's CC that's showing all the GGW on their own, it seems pretty pervasive in almost every market I've ever been in.
oh no, it's not just you. it reminds me of watching some wrestling match where someone's joint gets bent the wrong way. i get all queasy. but that whole show just rubs me wrong.

as for CC, yeah, you could be right.

um.... so glad breaking bad is back on. such a good show.

oh, and new season of rescue me starts this week.

yay for rotating seasons! i don't know who the exec was who thought of that, but, he gets a million dollar aig bonus from me!
Oh, WORD! It's AWESOME! I love the way that rotating seasons means I don't have to quit watching television until the fall again or whatever.

I've so been looking forward to Rescue Me & not just because I want to do dirtydirty things to Sunjata! I get so mad at FX sometimes for dropping the ball on things (The Riches, the pile of suck that N/T became, etc. I'm just waiting for them to fuck up Damages somehow!), but I think Leary & company will keep that from happening to RM.
a post so nice, i posted it twice!
yeah. i know what you mean. for a while they could do no wrong, then it all went south. you watch damages? did you like the finale?

sujata? who is that? no i think leary and co. have that one taken care of. it's down to a formula. he's been doing that sort of dramedy since the job, and now that he's got an audience, i don't think he'll kill the golden goose.

but yeah... n/t is just silly right now. their season finale was so "soap opera writing manual page 1" it made me mad. they might as well have given him amnesia too. hmph.

this should probably go in the confessions or sports thread, but, i am terribly addicted to ultimate fighter and ufc matches. i think it's replaced my love of boxing because i can see it weekly..... i blame kitty. because i really need to blame someone, and she insisted on watching it, the strumpet!
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Apr 6 2009, 01:10 AM) *
it reminds me of watching some wrestling match where someone's joint gets bent the wrong way.

Girltrouble--I was trying to figure out how you could tell in a wrestling costume if someone's penis got bent the wrong way, and then it dawned on me that's not what you meant. smile.gif

So are Breaking Bad and Rescue Me the kind of shows I can start watching now without knowing all the history?
Can someone who is more savvy than I am find the Mad Men thread and bump it back up? I've tried a search and don't seem to be doing it right. Thanks.
snow white
QUOTE(eyelet @ Apr 6 2009, 11:22 AM) *
Girltrouble--I was trying to figure out how you could tell in a wrestling costume if someone's penis got bent the wrong way, and then it dawned on me that's not what you meant. smile.gif

So are Breaking Bad and Rescue Me the kind of shows I can start watching now without knowing all the history?

LOL, thats awesome

i have such a crush on the dad from malcom in the middle but i have yet to see 'breaking bad'. i think i'll jump on the bandwagon and watch. i'm starting to get tired of the constant stream of bravo's sillyness i've been obbsessed with lately. it's like crack.
rescue me is a loopy adult soap opera with hilarious dialog. it's a dramedy. the premise is that tommy gavin is an alcholic nyc fireman who is trying to put his life together after his brother gets killed on 9/11. i could tell you more, but you'll figure the rest out, and the dialog will keep you watching. my advise is to get the first few seasons from netflix, it's worth the time investment-- rescue me is one of the smartest, funniest, truest shows in the last decade. if you like ari (jeremy pivin) from entourage then you'll love it. every year i get jealous of someone who hasn't watched rescue me because they have 4+ seasons to catch up on. you get to see how good the show really is. the storylines with the chief dealing with his son are some of the best tv ever written.

the premise for breaking bad is that the main character is a laid off highschool science teacher who discovers he's got cancer. he bumps into one of his old students who deals meth. to pay for his cancer treatments, he starts a partnership with the student to cook up meth, and sell it to drug lords. it goes down hill from there. it's a black comedy, but it's situations are hilarious.

and eyelet? you are a dirty, dirty, dirty girl. shame on you....*snickers* laugh.gif
Eyelet, I bumped up the Mad Men thread for you.
*sigh* slightly off topic, but i have the biggest crush on callie thorne + gina gershon, and i am so happy right now.
um.... holy shit. i'm so excited i might just pee myself. AMC is doing a mini-series remake of the 1960's classic tv series, the prisoner. which in my book is one of the best shows ever made.
i don't get the casting of jimmy "jesus" cavezel in patrick mcgoohan's role, but i love ian mckellen, and amc has done a fantastic job with madmen and breaking bad, soooo... wait and see, but it's exciting...
did anyone else watch tonight's breaking bad?
GT, I've got all of this season's Breaking Bad episodes lined up on my DVR. Haven't watched any yet though. Is this season pretty good?
all of them? the new season just started....i think they are only 3 eps in.

i think you might have last season's eps... but last night's ep was really good. a bit sad, funny, weird. i'm always kind of amazed by that show, it's so strangely low key. but i don't think i've seen a filler episode of that show yet. every ep is pretty good that i've seen.
I keep meaning to watch that show, but I forget. AMC isn't one of the channels we usually scroll past, so it gets forgotten about 99% of the time. My brother (who was a meth addict) said it's good, and if he says it, I believe him.

GT, you can actually program a DVR to record every new episode of a show forever and ever, it doesn't matter if they're only scheduled a couple weeks out.
lol... ok. good to know, d.

it's worth going out of your way, diva, if you like your comedies complex, laugh trackless, in that dramedy range. the amazing thing about BB is that it tries to stay very close to how things could/would happen. the situations are ones that you could imagine happening to your family, or someone you might know. it's situational comedy, not sitcom comedy, the humor comes from the situations they find themselves in, and it rarely feels contrived. so glad there are more shows like this out there.
I love my DVR. All the shows I didn't watch on vacation were waiting for me when I got home. I don't have to even think about missing anything anymore.

Which leads me to . . . is anybody watching "I Can't Believe I'm Still Single"? Eric Schaeffer is a total douche & the show just points it out in such a perfect way. This is the second season & he's got a "wingman", that quite frankly is more of a hindrance than a help. EG: ES is on a "date" with a woman that told him in her first email that she had a boyfriend. "Wingman" asks her if she can deep troat his water bottle. CLASSY. Anyway, they are at the door of the diner where they are supposed to eat & suddenly he remembers that he hadn't set his DVR to record "Survivor". So he takes her back to his place (What man pushing fifty still has fucking Christmas light strung up in his apt?!) so he can DVR his show. He makes them a salad, he over shares (As he is wont to do.), he stresses about his hair/weight, she gives him a cootie stuffed toy, she tells him she has a man & didn't know that this was a date, he gets all drama, he offers her a friendship Drake Cake. The end of the ep is him pretending to forcibly fuck her gift in anger.

I didn't think I would like BB at first; all the press I'd read was mostly about the newcomer kid with CP. But I watched anyways & got hooked. It's a GREAT show. I HIGHLY advise you seek it out because it's good stuff. And after the replays, they've been showing the past season of Mad Men which is pretty awesome.

The Damages finale created just as many new questions as it answered others. I really like the non-linear story structure, I find myself having to watch a few times to make sure I got it all.
I turned my folks onto DVR'ing their shows. I feel in love with it when I was living on my own.

Does anyone watch Tough Love on VH1? I'm hoping GT does knowing her love of VH1. I'm really hooked on this show. Sheesh, since I've been out of work, I've been consumed with trashy shows. *le sigh*

Denis Leary is so fucking hot that I watched Rescue Me yesterday. It is a good show.

I will be sad with this edition of the Real Housewives of NYC ends. This season has been really good. How could Jill not know Ramona was pissed about Simon being her tennis partner by the repetitive eye blinking??
yes, star... i watch tough love, and it's less trashy (with a few exceptions) than i expected. the matchmaking guy seems sweet and not the dick they had for the pickup artist (ugh). i think i like it better than any of their other shows, and i am not looking forward to daisy of love. wasn't she the one who stuck something in her vajayjay in rock of love bus? if that's what you have to do to get a series on vh1, i don't even want to know what flava flav did.

i've been telling everyone rescue me is fantastic, for years, star. why do they not listen? *sob* but start on the first season. i still think the first 2, 2.5 seasons are the best.

and OMG, yes, damages' finale.... so good. i love the flash forward/back structure, because it builds that tension. story and editing wise it's easily the most complex show on right now. i love how no one comes out unscathed. the most fucked up evil characters end up doing good things, and the people you sympathize with do some baaaaaaaad, bad things.

i wanna hear everyone's best/worst and guilty pleasures list:

best shows on tv (according to me):rescue me, madmen, 30 rock, locked up abroad, breaking bad, damages, medium... (don't have hbo or showtime, otherwise flight of the conchords, entourage, califorication would be on here... )nope, don't like dexter or the office either. tongue.gif))

guilty pleasures:tough love, chuck, and rock of love, i hate for the love of rayj, but damned if i don't watch it, damn my eyes.)
How much, ahem, *shit* do you think the gal that crapped herself on Flavor of Love still gets? That bitch had dedication, she should have her own show.

Why come none of the Bret Michaels' hos ain't done whipped that bandana/hair combo off his skull in a drunken fury? I'd snatch him bald before I laid on a speed bump crying or made out with a roadie.

Sujata, Sunjata, Sunjata / You should be my babies' daddy / Sunjata, Sunjata y'know I gotta / Have you be my babies' daddy!

I watched the Hills tonight. I actually *felt* a little piece of my soul die about halfway through. You'd think Heidi could afford a better weave.

I also watched the preview for the RHoNJ. It's gonna be a whole hour of women that sound like RHoNY's Jill with big hair, fake tans, & silicone boobies. I think it's gonna be right up there with Atlanta as a ghastly mistake.
ummm aural? with every post like that, i love you just a little bit more. *sniff*

stop and think about what you said in that first line. what would they call it? love dump? sh*t of love?

and none of them pulled off his weave/extensions, although one girl was talking shit about it. BM (i love that his initials are BM, btw), seemed to have a good sense of humor about it saying he had payed good money for it. speaking of good money, i'd have paid good money to see you do the wig snatching. that beats out anything this season. bm says it's his last, that's probably where the desperation for another ______of love show comes from.

for serious, there is gonna be a RHo jersey? *snickers* now that's what i'm talking about. that's so trashy, VH1'd be proud! all those things, fake tans, boobs, hair...big tans, boobs, hair.... that sounds like the height of hilarity! i may start watching bravo again after all!

ETA:sunjata is everywhere. i just turned on L&O on TNT, who is on but your paramour and andrea roth from rescue me...

also ETA: argh! why did you remind me of Eric Schaeffer? that little prick came up to seattle for Seattle film festival years ago for his supremely CRAPPY first film, "my life is in turnaround" and was an utter jackass. you have just re-ignited my blood hatred for this little weasel. gah! i HATE HIM.
Gt, we've got similar taste in shows! Though I do like Dexter. I also enjoy the Tudors & True Blood.

Has there only been 3 Breaking Bad episodes? Cool. I recently set my DVR default to tape 1st runs & repeats b/c I was missing some shows that were re-airing. DVR is listing about 5 Breaking Bads, but I bet some are duplicates. In any case, I can't wait to watch 'em!

I've also been taping the new In Treatments, but haven't started watching those yet either.

You know what a guilty pleasure show is for me? Brothers & Sisters. I must admit I enjoy it. Except for Calista Flockhart, who gets on my nerves.
snow white
"in the traffic trenches"
(going into real housewife territory)

kelly is my new favorite housewife. she is such a moron, and delightful to watch!

and i love how these women are surrounded by "yes men". no one says no or "get a clue" to these ppl! it's amazing.

bethany and her "tell it like it is" attitude is getting to me. i KNOW she's outspoken but jesus...can it. sometimes silence says so much more.

QUOTE(girltrouble @ Apr 13 2009, 09:54 PM) *
i wanna hear everyone's best/worst and guilty pleasures list:

Damn, GT. Why you gotta be all bossy?? wink.gif

The shows I'm watching religiously right now.
1. Dollhouse
2. Saving Grace
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. In Treatment
5. Ugly Betty

My guilty pleasures:
1. Real Housewives of NYC
2. Tough Love
3. Intervention
4. Supernatural
5. Reapers

I agree with the earlier discussion of rolling seasons. I love that TNT is doing that with Saving Grace and Closer.

snow white, you really like Kelly? I prefer Bethany. I think she showed solid character by not reacting to Kelly's immaturity. I've actually been annoyed with the Countess this season. I don't think I'll turn into the New Jersey version. I think this series has their best cast withe NYC crew.

GT, I agree with your assessment of the Tough Love show. Taylor's voice is very aggravating and her expressions are hilarious. Somehow, she has grown on me. While Arian is pretty, dude, she needs to tone it down ALOT. Abiola is my favorite. I like her dimples. I'm a sucka for dimples. I do like that this show uses real women with real dating issues. It is not just silicone women with dating issues. I read the cast bios on VH1's website which told some interesting stories about the ladies. Such as, Jody was told she was unmatchable on eHarmony!
We got cable today. It has been years since I had it. Frankly, I wanted the DVR and on-screen guide more than I care about cable. So far I have caught bits from 8 Minutes with Luke Perry, Gili w/J. Lo, and I am not watching Unsolved Mysteries. Where is my Star Trek in syndication?!
I don't know what I'd do without our DVR, or how I lived without one until the giant talked me into it.

The shows I'm proud to say I watch:
1) Ugly Betty
2) Project Runway (due back this summer on Lifetime, for anyone who hasn't heard yet)
3) Daily Show
4) Lost (boyfriend got me into it last season, now I'm obsessed like he is)
5) The Office
6) Parks and Recreation (the first episode, anyway)
7) CSI (but only Vegas)
8) 30 Rock (got into it again after not being very interested after the first few episodes of the first season)

Guilty Pleasures
1) WWE Raw
2) WWE Smackdown
3) Man vs Food
4) Hell's Kitchen
5) My Name is Earl
6) Desperate Housewives reruns
7) Kath & Kim
8) How Clean is Your House? (pretty much any show about cleaning really cluttered and/or dirty houses)
9) Metalocalypse
10) What Not To Wear
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Apr 13 2009, 10:54 PM) *
i wanna hear everyone's best/worst and guilty pleasures list:

You probably meant current shows but most of my tv watching is on dvds and the only current shows I watch religiously are Dollhouse and The Office, so here's my list of favorites in general:

1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Veronica Mars
4. My so-called Life
5. Arrested Development

As for current guilty pleasures, from most cringe-inducing to least embarrassing:

1. Rock of Love Bus *hangs head in shame*. But the first season was actually really funny, especially with the TWOP recaps! And the second season was a bit less funny, a bit more train-wrecky....but this current season is so bad it pains me to even admit I still watch it.
2. The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I used to watch these forever ago when I actually recognized some of the cast, but haven't seen in ages...until last week when I caught the first episode of the new season. It's so bad and the people are so obnoxious! And yet...
3. The Hills. So yeah, my guilty pleasures are basically just the mtv/vh1 reality crap fests.
4. Prison Break! My ex loved this show and for 4 years I snarked on it mercilessly and barely paid attention when I would watch it with him. Then I gave him the S1 dvds for xmas this year and watched them all w/ him from the start. And zomg I was hooked. This show is like crack!! And Wentworth Miller is really good eye candy. So excited the new episodes are starting up this week.
5. What Not to Wear...although I don't really feel too guilty about this one. I love Stacy and Clinton and they do make people look amazing, even if they put everyone in a slight variation of basically the same 3 outfits.
Current shows that I love:
In Treatment
Medium (love it!)
The Biggest Loser (although I fast forward it, and really only watch like five minutes, I'm rooting for Tara)
Fringe (love it!)
The Unusuals (Only saw the first episode so far, but I'm liking it)

Gulity pleasures:
The City (the season is over, I really think I only like it because it's set in NYC)
Real Housewives of NYC (definitely my favorite), I watched like 3-4 episodes of the Atlanta one the other day, they are completely rude to each other. I'm going to watch the NJ one, but I can already tell some of the women are going to be really annoying. I have seen some episodes of the OC one, but it is just too much for me to watch regularly.

hee hee! i love reading y'alls lists!

in treatment would be on my list if i had hbo, kari. that is a good show, great writing.

sorry about that star, i should have said please. tongue.gif what you said-- i think that's why i love tough love. i was expecting a bunch of taylors, but it actually has different kinds of women, and that's why it's so interesting.

i want to like the shows on tnt, but they just don't take. i lean towards usa, with burn notice, which should have been on my list. that show kills me. smart n funny. that's what i like. i like dollhouse, but i don't quiet love it. something is missing. :/

i watch the daily show, too diva, but usually just the pre-interview part. i love P:R but am bummed that it moved from bravo, since i'll probably miss it on lifetime. oh! and i like my name is earl too, and i miss the WWE sometimes. i used to watch that all the time. 619!!!

i like dollhouse, but i don't quiet love it. something is missing.

i think that "something" is a strong lead. far more talented actors on that show are outshining dushku, the "star". (off topic: apparently, the reason whedon went with fox for a show was becuase *dushku* had the deal with fox, and asked whedon to develop her show. whedon is far better served when he has the freedom to do what he wants, i.e. on a different network... or the web....)

regular shows:
dollhouse (that's it!)

catching up on old shit online;
got addicted to the riches a while back (RIP)
just started buffy (totally a n00b)
just started into breaking bad (catch a few newer ones on tv when i'm not an old lady on sunday nights. which is often.)

(kari- brothers and sisters used to be a regular, but i feel like it's gone down the crapper since the first season. everyone is getting very shrill and less endearing, and the plot's being reduced down to trying to up the ante and give big shockers every week.)

guilty pleasures:
bizarre foods!
re-runs in syndication watched piecemeal; gilmore girls, monday night star trek tng marathons on "syfy", boston legal
I just read this today in ref to RHoNY: Kelly Killoren Beensomeone. LOL!

On Dollhouse, apparently Dushku & Whedon sat down for lunch & basically came up with the whole Dollhouse thing in like, three hours because she had the deal. Um, not the makings of a hit tv show, pre-existing Whedon Cult or not.

And both Buffy & Angel may have been shown on the WB, but they were Fox Television produced programs (When Warner Bros didn't want to pay Fox TV more money for Buffy, they switched to UPN.) helmed by Whedon, so I don't think it's the network holding him back at all. I think you're right on though with Dushku, she just doesn't have the stuff to be a lead. She was great as Faith, but she just can't carry a show by herself.
AP-this link isn't working for me. Can you re-post?

On another subject--is anyone here a regular BBC America watcher? I love Gavin and Stacy and can't wait for the next season of that. My Brit friends tell me that it's concluded over there (since they don't run shows endlessly).

eyelet, I love BBC America. I enjoyed Gavin and Stacey, and look forward to the second season. I work at home, so during the day I sometimes watch You Are What You Eat (I think that's the name), Cash in the Attic and Kitchen Nightmares. They also have some good docs, called BBC Reveals, but I haven't seen any new ones lately. I tried to watch Mistresses, but gave up after one episode.
GT, yeah, the pre-interview part is usually the best part of the show. The weird thing is I actually enjoy the interviews most when it's some right-wingnut and they can have a good discussion/argument. He had some sports guy on earlier this week who was boring as hell. WWE's been good lately, but Smackdown has become more of their "A" show, since most of the big names have gone over there, but I guess there was a draft this week, so it probably switched up again. Rey Mysterio is pretty awesome, but my heart will always belong to Undertaker.

I'm curious to see what Bravo's new version of PR, Fashion Show, is going to be like. I love that they got Fern Mallis for it. She's very no-bullshit, and I love that she's not some skinny twit who goes "ooh, that looks expensive" like Heidi Klum. I think it starts sometime next month.

I love Arrested Development, too. Anyone heard about when the movie is coming out?
QUOTE(eyelet @ Apr 16 2009, 01:16 PM) *
AP-this link isn't working for me. Can you re-post?

It wasn't a link, mah dear, it was mocking Kelly Bensimon. As in she'd like to think she's Kelly Beensomeone other than the smug, arrogant, twink-slapping, superficial cunt that she is.

They took our BBC America away. I think some bible thumper must've caught an eppie of Skins or something & had a heart attack.

ETA: I just watched the Millionaire Matchmaker & it was funny as all get out. The one guy with the Moe Howard haircut, dressed & bedecked just like my hs best friend's teenage Queenryche loving-boyfriend. In 2009. And the other guy? My cod, NOBODy is perfect, man! There's a quote . . . fuck it, I'm high.
Anyone else planning on watching Life After People on the History Channel next week?
AP-I wasn't at my sharpest yesterday and missed the subtlety of the name-spelling.

This article of hers cracks me up because it proves she needs no help from Bravo editing to make herself look ridiculous.

She wants to go to Africa because it's trendy, but she's so late she misses her plane!

I watched that Millionaire Matchmaker last night. I was wondering when the topic of the matchmaker's own marital status would finally be addressed. She handled it alright.

The Moe Howard was repulsive. I don't care about the peeing outside thing, but his love of junk food turned my stomach. Just think how awful a guy would have to be to still be single with all that money.
eyelet, that article is so funny. I can't understand how these people (mainly Kelly, but also the others to a lesser degree) are so obsessed with themselves. They have to name drop to feel good about themselves, that could never be me even if I was rich. Being fake is not a skill that I would want.
Happens to the best of us, Eyelet.

Everything about the Moe Howard was repulsive! He dressed like a douche with all the studs & glitter, he *peed* in front of her because he was too lazy to go back to the house, the cookies & milk/candy, splashing her with the waverunner & thinking it was really funny, etc. I can't believe he actually called her after a date like that!

That being said, I don't mind when Patty makes, nay, demands style changes within reason. Do your roots, don't dress like an AC hooker, etc, (Her straight hair thing weirds me, though.) but talking to Moe Howard about a chin implant was beyond the pale. I can't recall if she's advised breast augmentation or anything, but that'd be shite, too.
Yeah, I think Patti's style advice for men is more reasonable than that she gives women a lot of the time. I know a lot of men who love curly hair and short hair and small breasts and all the other looks in the world. But maybe not in LA...

I think her thing about straight hair is her own baggage. I suspect she has naturally curly hair that is unruly and that straightening it got her positive attention at some critical point in her development.

So I'm betting that Kelly Bensimon doesn't return for another season of RHofNY. I don't think she can take the heat.

I never understood Patti's thing that men don't like curly hair thing. I've missed a couple of shows. I need to catch up. I guess it is just good to see her being really tough on the guys which usually women are getting dissed on reality shows. I will say that the cougar on the show was SO fake. I don't know if she had botox, but, I know she was void of any personality and expression. She just wanted a young pretty boy to stare at.

You know, with Kelly Beensomeone, I could totally see her coming back to the show. The Countess as well. These women will need to keep themselves in the spotlight now and the show serves this purpose for them.

Kitten, I just saw the commerical for that show last night. Not sure if I will watch it.
I watched an episode where she said that men don't like women with curly hair because they can't run their hands through the curls. I think it's bullshit (I mean, hello, what about all the other bullshit stereotypes about us, like we're wild and unhinged and free spirits and peppy, etc), but then again I'm curly and single, so what do I know? tongue.gif
snow white
that matchmaker chick is obviously nuts, like in the opening of her show she says how she has a "99% success rate". um...ok.

i've been watching my boyfriend's "rescue me" dvds, he has seasons 1-3. god these ppl are messed up. and denis leary reminds me of this crotchity chain smoker asshole in the nursing home i work at. i like the show though, it's alot better than most of the crap i watch on tv. i'm halfway through the third season now.
snow white
anyone watch housewives of nyc last night? ya, i was going to do the dishes then i remembered it was housewives night! the show was really lame tho. hardly enough vapid kelly, more skreeching bethany (which i really like the logo alex made for her, i like it alot better than the one on her B's website now). i don't even remember the episode. just that a radio station for the BBC interveiwed jill, it was a funny juxtapostion between reality show fantasy and the glaring true reality of the intent of the radio show. these were serious journalists asking serious questions about the economy and such. so i looked up the site for more info and i found this really interesting "dissection" of the *real* america as seen threw the eyes of bunch if brit journalists. check it out
i've been watching my boyfriend's "rescue me" dvds, he has seasons 1-3. god these ppl are messed up.
that's what i love about it. i prefer my movies/tv full of fucked up people. they just seem more real. i don't care for plastic people in huge lofts that they have no visible means of affording. i like them with real flaws. and the whole story line with the chief and his son made me cry. but that's me. i don't know if you saw it, but last night's episode was a riot.
I watched Real Housewives this week, but it was kind of boring. How shitty was Kelly's party, not just that she was late, it just looked really cheap. She must have got paid to put her name on it, she must not be so righteous if she is getting paid.

Jill's interview with the BBC, did she not get that they thought her lifestyle was extremely elaborate? Also has her apartment been discussed on this thread, I like parts of it, but it is so much decoration. I loved her Halloween costume though, and Bethanny as roller girl was great.

My sister said she heard that Bethanny doesn't use Alex's logo design, not sure why though. I thought it was cute.

The Countess was extra snobby this week. She takes her daughter shopping, and then proceeds to try on outfit after outfit. I wonder if she will change after she gets divorced. Her daughter's reaction to Goodwill was not surprising, but I'm glad she had bought some items.

I think Bethanny needs to get over Kelly, and stop bringing her up.
QUOTE(designermedusa @ Apr 23 2009, 10:36 AM) *
My sister said she heard that Bethanny doesn't use Alex's logo design, not sure why though. I thought it was cute.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bethanny asked Alex to design her logo to get camera time or the producers put her up to it. Bethanny has her own way of getting camera time I've realized. She is really no better than Kelly.

The Countess..omg..she has to dominate every situation she is in. Remember when Kelly and her were trying on clothes and she did a similar routine of trying outfit after outfit on, fishing for compliments.

Damn. I love these self centered ladies! I'll be sad when the season ends.
snow white
the bbc interveiw mentions bethany and claimed she describes herself as "carrie bradshaw in the flesh" amoung other things, while the episode didn't show her at all during the interveiw. on the bbc website they politely sub-text that these women are clueless and totally out of touch in their gilded appartments.

and bethanny flat out says that she asked alex for her help to give her more camera time as the other cast members usually exclude her. how genorous of bethanny! eh, i'm kinda tired of this show and these women, now i only want to see them crash and burn. i think i'm burned out on the housewife franchise.

and for "rescue me", whew, i think i need that in smaller doses! i've seriously been on a RM binge!
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