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i didn't think it was hilarious.. and now it's time to write an absurd rant about a television show.
top chef is supposed to be about the food and who is the best chef, not about adolescent drama. the last thing Carla's definition should be about is how white her hair looks. Emeril doesn't resemble Sean Connery in the least. Jeff is the cerebral chef who thinks which explains why the person who wrote this article cannot remember who he is. it's obvious that this blogger doesn't know the difference between creole from a stoned two in the morning trip to taco bell. can this person who wrote this even cook? and by cook i mean make something from SCRATCH not pull something from the freezer and pop it into the microwave / oven rack on a cookie sheet. why he is focused on how much weight Stefan has gained in his mind? a chef is defined by how thin they are? i think not. this pitiful fixation on how attractive the chefs are finally brings me to Fabio's hair - a mohawk is defined by cut and not style so Fabio had a mohawk and not a faux hawk. a faux hawk is defined by style and not cut.
Can this person who wrote below even understand tongue-in-cheek? and by tongue-in-cheek I mean that the blog is not supposed to be taken seriously and that's what makes it humorous?

star, thanks, it made me giggle.

Oh and for the record: Fabio interpreted creole food and put his own spin on it, creating good dishes, whereas Stefan's attitude -and by default, his work effort and professionalism- was shitty and his food was not up to his usually high standard.

I really want Carla to win. Even though Stefan is probably technically the best chef, Carla has that extra *something* (it must be the love!) that just brings her cooking to another level.

Even though Hosea is the weakest chef on there, I have a soft spot for him, because the restaurant he's the chef for is in Boulder, where I went to college - one of my friends was the sous chef at the same restaurant. Jax (Hosea's restaurant) is a really high end seafood restaurant, and the food is consistently spot on and innovative. The fact that Hosea has no formal training and is the chef there is a big accomplishment in and of itself. He clearly is adept at learning and using technique but he just doesn't have that level of it that Carla and Stefan have. I'd be surprised if he won (and I'd rather see Carla win) but since they judge on that particular challenge only, you never know if he could pull one out of the bag.

I really wanna see Stefan go down. I just think if he was a great chef, he would spend more time in the kitchen, and not take so many shortcuts with his food - even though the end product is good.

oh, had to mention something on that blog - I thought it was hilarious that the writer calls Jeff "Dildo Jeff." All season when they would put the name of Jeff's restaurant under his name, I would read it as "Dildo beach club" I'm so glad I'm not the only one! ha!

I frequent the Denver Jax when I need to get my Malpeque on. They gots them some damned good seafood.
hiddenpoet, the article is a humor piece. but, maybe you missed it. or, you are not familiar with gawker. or, like you said, just didn't find it funny.

everthing the author posted, i was wondering my damn self. laugh.gif stefan did put on some weight! i thought it was just me. he still looks good to me though. hosea...i've been underwhelmed by him in the last episodes. i can see the sentimental reasons for wanting him to win zoya.

snow white
anybody watch the oscars? jeezus, what a fuckfest. and i love how they all turn a blind eye to Grand Tarino...

edit: oopes, srry girls. this belongs in the film thread.
Top Chef....

I think Stefan's performance has really declined over the last episodes. Initially I thought he was a shoe in for the win, but now I'm not sure. I feel like he isn't even excited about cooking. He has no passion. I wanted him to go home last week, but knew that wouldn't happen. Carla is consistently underestimated by the other chefs. I hope she kicks ass in the finale! To me Hosea is ok. I wouldn't be upset if he won, but I won't really be rooting for him either.

In other, but related news, did I see Tom Colicclio (sp?) in a Dominos commercial last night? WTF.
Kari, I saw Tom in a Diet Coke ad last night during the Oscars.

I'm really looking forward to this week's finale. Carla is really entertaining, and she also seems very sweet & genuine & encouraging. Plus I have a soft spot for anyone who makes good desserts. Somebody should giver her her own show!
lola rojo
What the shit is Tom Collicchio doing shilling for Diet Coke and lousy pizza?

I am totally pulling for Carla and if Stefan's performance from the past few weeks is any indication, I think she may clean his clock.
Jeff going home was total horseshit, especially since they said his food was better than Stefan's, who displayed some major league bullshit-i-tude, i.e., cigarette breaks, dickish explanation at judge's table.

Nobody's seen East Bound and Down yet?
Rose, maybe it was a Diet Coke commercial. I saw it very quickly. That's better than Dominos.

Lola, I hope you are right about Carla!!

East Bound and Down - a friend of mine told me about this show this weekend. I set the DVR to tape it. Have you watched it?
I'm rooting for Carla, too. Her food looks good, and, well, she's not Stefan or Hosea. Stefan is too cocky, and Hosea needs to get out of his own head. For him, this is all about beating Stefan, when it should just be about creating great dishes, free of internal plotting. I find Hosea to be pretty sad. But Carla seems like a very nice human being, and her food is free of ego, plus she can make dessert. Stefan's done that, too, which is cool, but I still like Carla better. I'd thought that she was a pretty long shot up until a few weeks ago.

The Diet Coke commercial wasn't so awful, but I can't imagine how bad the Domino's one must be. I hope he got paid a lot for that one, what with selling his culinary soul and everything.
Kari, here's a link to the Diet Coke commercial.
Is this what you saw?
I watched East Bound and Down, just the first episode so far. I love it, and was laughing my ass off. I love anything Danny McBride does though.
Rose, yes, that's it! Sorry for the confusion. I guess he's looking to make some extra jingle.

designermedusa, I can't wait to watch the show.

Diva, that's why Hosea gets on my nerves. He just wants to beat Stefan, he acts like Carla doesn't exist.
...I think Carla should win just because she's the first Top Chef contestant to consistently make good desserts. hell, to make ANY desserts! wink.gif
I think Hosea has a mancrush on Stefan.

For some reason I do not like Carla. I DO think she should win, but she gets on my nerves. I think it's her voice.

Eastbound & Down rules. Kenny reminds me of guys that I run into here that were le merde chaude in high school & still think they rule even though they are/were total douchenozzles. Except I find myself laughing with Kenny as much as I laugh at him.

I also have mad love for Danny McBride simply because he got finally enough credits to take his name back. Apparently he shares his name with "Bowser" of ShaNaNa & there was a sort of "this town isn't big enough for the both of us" attitude on his end. Yea! for Danny on beating out ShaNaNa!
thoughts or reactions to the winner of top chef? blink.gif
Top Chef: Disappointed. Feel sorry for Carla for blowing it; wish she'd stayed true to herself and her food and won. Relieved Stefan didn't win. Thought Hosea was consistent throughout and prepared the best meal but it was a lacklustre finale; the entire season lacked any innovation or excitement. Meh.
Oh jeez. I don't know why I watch Millionaire Matchmaker, but sometimes it cracks me up in a sick way.

So Patti (the MM) was having one of her matchmaker parties with many girls and two millionaire guys. After meeting all the girls, the guys picked 2 different girls to go on a 'mini-date' with while at the matchmaker party. As it happened, both guys picked the same girl: a very slender, brunette classy girl-next-door type...of course in a very tiny dress.

While on her mini-date with the taller, more standard good looking guy with almost Paul Newman-ish blue eyes, the girl-next-door complimented him on his eyes. Said the girl, "You have very pretty eyes. Are they real?" (I'm assuming she meant "are you wearing colored contacts?", but this was just the beginning of her well-intentioned vapidness.) Said the guy, with an attempt at humor, "No, one of them is glass." Responded the girl, without a shred of irony, "Really?? Are you serious??" I laughed so hard, I nearly fell off the couch. And of course she pronounced it "Rilly??"

But it gets better. After the guys went on mini-dates with 2 girls, both guys decided they wanted a separate date with the girl-next-door type. So Patti made the announcement to the girls, and then told girl-next-door that, since both guys picked her, *she* could pick the one she wanted to date. Of course she picked the tall guy with the pretty, "real" eyes, which naturally made the other millionaire guy feel a little hurt. He was less of a standard good looking guy, but tried to make up for it with a very extroverted (and shallow) personality.

So Patti told the other extroverted millionaire guy to name his second pick. He picked a very petite, curvy girl in a *very* tiny red dress, cut to accent her breasts and ass. During the mingling portion of the matchmaker party, the extroverted guy had openly commented on the girl's body and had her do a turn in the dress, so he could admire her ass. But now that she was 'second best,' she didn't want to go out with him, and told him so. Patti would have to find a different girl for him to date.

Cut to the extroverted millionaire dude in the hallway, speaking to the 'confession cam,' making a comment about curvy red dress girl's face, which I thought was cute, with round blue eyes, small chin, and a square-ish jawline. Says extroverted guy, "I'm glad she didn't want to date me. All I can think about when I see her face is Elijah Wood, and that's just not something I want to see when I'm in bed with a girl." ...Whew. Guess she dodged that bullet.

I was bummed that Carla didn't win - every time this season she has tried to over think her food, play it safe, or listened to someone else's opinion, she's fallen apart. It was only when she just started doing what she thought best and stayed true to herself that she started winning- and winning big. She totally could have taken it, had she just not listened to Casey. I think that she just plain got nervous lost confidence. Such a bummer she over thought it and let someone else call a couple of really important shots. The thing that's kinda cool is that I think that everyone there knew that Carla probably would have taken it, had she been spot on in this challenge. I think that will bode well for her.

I'm just glad Stefan didn't win. I think that at least, the judges got it right in that Stefan has great technique, but his creativity is just not there. He just kind of coasts.

Hosea definitely deserved the win on that particular challenge, going by the criteria. He did do the most consistent meal. When I said I had a soft spot for him, I certainly didn't think he'd really win... I don't know that he really has what it takes to be a "Top Chef" but in that challenge, he did, and they've always said they judge on that challenge only, not cumulatively.

I agree that the season was pretty lackluster - although I thought that Carla was the most innovative chef there, in that when she did her thing, she was REALLY good. she has a knack for taking basic stuff and just bringing it up ten notches. I'm glad she at least made it to the finale.
I agree with your thoughts on Top Chef.

I felt so bad for Carla. As soon as they came up with the souffle idea, I knew it was over. That is the kiss of death. I'm really irritated w/ Casey for suggesting it. She should have backed off. Carla should have stood her ground, of course, but Casey - you are the assistant, not the chef!! I hope she felt bad about screwing things up. Since Carla didn't win, I was just relieved that Stefan wasn't the winner. The judges hit it on the head, he just has no enthusiasm for cooking, it seems.
Top Chef: Carla should've won for her skills. You are right Zoya. Carla lost because she was cooking someone else's food. I felt so bad for her.

It felt like Hosea was just cooking to beat Stefan instead of cooking dishes which reflected him. I think both Stefan and Hosea lack the passion of cooking. I want love with my cooking! smile.gif

thirtiesgirl, yeah, i love the millionaire matchmaker. i saw the epi you are talking about. the extroverted guy was just looking for hookups. i don't find him to be unattractive, but he didn't really set himself apart as being a sincere guy.
Top Chef

Carla threw it away. I've read posts elsewhere where people have put all the blame on Casey, but I can't do it. This was Carla's competition. She was in charge. Her ass was on the line, so she should have stood up & did what needed to be done to protect it.

I'm trying to remember the name of the cooking technique Casey convinced Carla to use with the beef. If I remember correctly, it involves sealing the meat in a plastic bag, sucking all the air out, & then putting that vaccuum-sealed bag of meat in warm water for many many many hours. It's tricky for lots of reasons. For one thing, if you undercook the meat, you could run into problems with botulism. However, it's also easy to overcook the meat. It's impossible to check the meat while it cooks, so you really REALLY need to know what you're doing.

Just checked. The technique is called sous-vide.

Carla admitted that she was unfamiliar with this tricky technique YET she still chose to use it anyway. Why?! Why why why?!?

And why a cheese plate instead of a dessert? She has received so much praise for her desserts. She does them well. She had the opportunity to leave them on a real high note.

I don't really care that much for Stefan or Hosea. I do think that Stefan has a love of food (I'm impressed that he made something tastey with alligator). But ... well, I hate to say this, but their food wasn't fun. During the run of the show, Carla made some dishes that were classy but not pretentious or stuffy. You could tell she has a sense of humor. I really liked that about her.

I'm pissed that Carla didn't win, too, but RV's right, she's the one who was in charge of her menu, not Casey. I wish Carla had more confidence and didn't always second-guess herself. It's like she has a difficult time believing she's really worthy.

I'm pissed about Hosea's win. He really, really got on my nerves, and now he probably feels all vindicated about all his comments about beating Stefan. I don't think Stefan deserved the win, but I would have liked to see him rub Hosea's face in it if he had won. Whatever. OTOH, since Hosea was the only one in the finale who didn't already own a restaurant, it was cool to see him win what could be seed money for his own place.

This season was pretty boring. Even bringing Marcel back for the finale didn't add much drama, which was sad. I love to hate him. This year's contestants, on the whole, weren't as fun as other seasons. The only standouts were Fabio, Stefan, and Carla, and none of them were objectionable, they just seem like nice people.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Feb 27 2009, 09:49 AM) *
thirtiesgirl, yeah, i love the millionaire matchmaker. i saw the epi you are talking about. the extroverted guy was just looking for hookups. i don't find him to be unattractive, but he didn't really set himself apart as being a sincere guy.

I didn't find him physically unattractive either. But by popular media standards, he's considered an 'average Joe.' I find it ridiculous, personally, but unfortunately, that's the way the machine works. And yes, when it comes to personality, he was a horse's ass. I'm fine with guys who have a healthy ego, but his was on steroids and there was obviously nothing else there.
lola rojo
I just heard an interview with a radio host who claims that Brett Michaels admitted he has the herp (both the mouth kind and the peener kind) on the host's show.

Think of all those mouths (and God knows what else) he's kissed on Rock of Love.
*snickers* i just love this phrase:
he's kissed on Rock of Love.

There used to be a ANTM thread, right? Or am I the only one still watching like it is my religion?
Bumped it up for you, Hellcat: ANTM thread.
Does anybody else watch Entourage? I've marathon watched all five seasons and find it one of the funniest shows I've seen for a long time; it's a smart humour rather than some of the stupid humour on other comedy shows.
ari is hilarous too. i love that jewish holiday episode. that sh*t is funny. it can be kind of crass, but it's funny and has great music. i love entourage. esp. the first 3 seasons. now stop making me post bunny, damn it! tongue.gif
Ari is a fabulously fully constructed character; he has the best lines, which can be crass, crude and incredibly politically incorrect, but he is hysterical. The cast all have great chemistry but scenes between Ari and Lloyds are fantastic. The Yom Kippur episode was definitely a highlight, as was the episode where Turtle dressed as a bunny for a furry and the 'shrooms in the desert episode from the latest season. Great soundtrack and amazing guest appearances - I almost peed myself when Marty Scorsese appeared in the season finale (on the back of Gus Van Sant in the same ep).

Oh, and GT, I will draw you out wherever you hide tongue.gif.
yeah ari makes the show. before i saw it i thought it was gonna be about pretty boy vince, but he's the least interesting person on the show. it's kind of funny.

and curse you bunny, you are my one woman demolition squad.... hmph.
snow white
is there a real housewives thread here? maybe there should just be a bravo thread 'cuz thats all i watch, lol
snow white
housewives is on!!! anyone watching?
I watch Housewives. The NY one is tacky in a completely different way from the others. I think Jill has mellowed and become more appealing since last season and I've always liked Bethenny. Alex and Simon have some strange priorities, but are overall inoffensive . Ramona seems to have backed off whatever speedy drugs she was using last season. The countess and the model are obnoxious.
Housewives can be a good way to kill a lazy Sunday afternoon. The shows are all such different levels of tacky: The OC is obliviously bitchy, NY is funny back-biting bitchy, ATL is lame bitchy. I mean, that chain-smoking blonde with the bad weave & even worse singing voice?
just out of curiosity, did anyone watch wondershowzen? i was thinking about it today....
So on NY housewives, my current irritation/fascination is how condescending the Countess is with Bethenny about men. Not ever having had to navigate single life or support herself in her thirties in NYC, she has no room to critique. She was tolerable last season, but this season I think she's the one people are going to love to hate.

And the former model needs to go a little easier on the chemical peels and bust out the sunscreen. Her body may be great, but her face looks scary.
i love LOVE the real housewives of NYC. there is something dynasty/falcon crest about it. their subtle digs at each other. SO much better than any of the other housewive shows on bravo.

everytime i hear the countess speak, it is like nails on a chalk board because she is talking so much shit this season. the first season, she was pretty cool. Ramona was the pest the first season. All of the other women have tamed things down except for the Countess. She is so unladylike on every epi it is hilarious to know that she is writing a book on etiquette. Kellie, the former model, seems really into herself and her own fame.

QUOTE(eyelet @ Mar 27 2009, 11:18 AM) *
And the former model needs to go a little easier on the chemical peels and bust out the sunscreen. Her body may be great, but her face looks scary.

she has what khloe kardashian (yes, i watch that show) calls "buttaface" syndrome. as she told her sister kim on an epi, "You don't want them to say everything's great but-ta-face." laugh.gif Don't ask me why I find this funny.
snow white
i seriously couldn't even watch the atlanta version. it was one paycheck away from jerry springer. OC is tolerable, but i can't even tell those women apart.

but i LOVE the NYC version. i'm totally team romona, she's bat ass crazy but she knows it and works it, come on, you know she does. bethany is funny of course but she is looking alittle jelouse of vapid kelly, i mean kelly is obvioulsy a grade A idiot. i love how she said she writes "for articles". i think she joined the cast b/c she thought it would be more self promotion, not a real life soap opera she would be starring in. she seems like such a jock & out of place in high fashion. what confuses me most about her is how poorly she handles herself in social situations, for knowing so many ppl and going to so many events se really doesn't act like a polished and sophisticated new york woman, she acts like a dumb field hockey chick in highschool. i love trying to figure her out! lol, can't wait for the next epi!
About Housewives NYC, I agree about WTF with Kelly's face? I mean doesn't she understand that it looks really bad, too many chemical peels and/or sun exposure. Shouldn't she know better since she was a model. I totally agree that she is like a jock, and when she goes to events she seems really awkward. Also, she was way beyond bitchy about Jill's charity and the invitation. I had never heard of her before this show, and she is going to be rude to Bethenny in next week's episode, at least I had heard of her (Bethenny) before this show.

I kind of think that Bethenny is still with Jason (that's his name right, her boyfriend from last season). He was not comfortable being on camera, so I think they are portraying her as single, but maybe she is not. That date she had with the chef seemed staged.

I saw in the recent issue of EW that Ramona is 52, she is the oldest. She looks damn good for 52.

The Countess is beyond getting on my nerves this season. I think her and the Count don't have a great relationship, and she is frustrated by her position. She has to prop her self up with the Countess stuff.

As always Alex and Simon are hilarious. I laughed when as soon as they got back from vacation they looked through their invites in the mail instead of handling their house renovation problems.

Jill, I'm kind of bored with.
I think Kelly is the type that's much more comfortable around men and she probably signed up to do this show wanting to speed up her path to fame, but now realizes it means having to hang out with all these women. She too was married to a much older man and probably ended up with a nice divorce settlement, so the Countess probably looks at her with some curiosity and envy. I also think the Countess is in a less than happy relationship and is defensive because she knows she is missing out on some things. I never would have guessed Ramona was 52. How old are all the other cast members, I wonder?

I agree that Jason is still the BF but wanted out of the freak show. She's very vague about their status.

I have to hand it to Alex and Simon. Despite how geeky and kind of scary looking they both are, they both seem to feel that they are really really really good-looking and I guess there's no harm in that. I just don't want to witness too much intimacy between them. I avert my eyes when they are frolicking on the beach in "Sunt" Bart's.

I think I like NYC housewives the best because despite all the really unseemly behavior, you have the sense that most of these characters at least occasionally pick up a book. I don't know, maybe that makes it worse...
i couldn't tell you who the women are in the NYC show, i haven't been able to pay that much attention, but i know alex and simon, and yes, eyelet, i agree,
both: scary
both:think they are good looking
and i don't want to see any pda between them-- it feels forced. my gaydar went off, and usually i'm rather agnostic about people's sexuality, they call it, i don't, but that relationship, how they constantly feel the need to "show" just screams BEARD.

and eyelet, your book comment kills me.

SOOOOO looking forward to the damages season finale. that show has more twists than a cork screw.... first season patty was the villain, this year, she's actually the good one and ellen is the one who will stop at nothing.... i love it...

i didn't think i would like it, but i like tough love. damn you vh1.
Well, it seems like those rumors about the Countess may be true.
I finally watched this week's episode of NY Housewives. That Kelly is a piece of work. They should all be thrilled she's on the show because by comparison they all look better.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Mar 25 2009, 09:26 PM) *
just out of curiosity, did anyone watch wondershowzen? i was thinking about it today....

I did, I did! What is love? "Love is a neuro-chemical con job." I don't like the Xavier the Renegade Angel nearly as much, but I think that's because his backwards legs freak me out.

It sounds like Kelly's life is going down the crapper. She got arrested for assault on her twinky boyfriend, Saks dropped her as a catalog model, & she's been having financial "troubles": her hamptons "cottage" is on sale & she wants $10.9 million dollars for it.

The Countess & the count seem to have been living separate lives for a long time now. She's in NYC, he's running around Geneva with a young, beautiful, Ethiopian mistress who will likely become his FIFTH wife. It's generally statistically impossible for a LTR to work if the person has been divorced twice already, your odds drop to nil. And now that they are divorcing, her book deal may be all fucked up because she won't be a "Countess" anymore. I doubt he'll let her keep the title even in an honorary way as some people do.
snow white
i was just reading some weird dissection of commercials and tv, and they keep reffering to 'adult swim' and comedy central as tv specifically for young men, or "frat-boy humor". now, i *know* my humor may be on the same par as your average keg-standing, dave mathews band listen' campus drunk-tard, but it is slightly more sophisticated, right? right? where is the chick humor tv stations? are we limited to primarily 'the soup' and 'chelsea lately'?
Huh. I always thought AS appealed to dorks of both sexes. I've been watching since it's inception (I still miss the bumps of the old people in the pool!) & while I'm not as religious as I used to be, I do watch/DVR the shows I like.

Comedy Central, though. It has it's few good shows (Daily Show, Colbert, etc.), but the fact that after a ceratin hour it becomes nothing but Girls Gone Wild commercials does tell me something about the demographic they're aiming for.
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