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omg, I just watched the second season finale of The Tudors. The last two minutes made me feel like I was going to throw up!
I. Heart. 30 Rock. Omigod, I didn't actually start watching it until about a month ago, but it's just so damned funny. Don't make fun of me, but I like watching How I Met Your Mother also. It has filled my Friends void a little.
TV frankly sucks nowadays. Not that it was ever that great, but now it's pathetic. Pretty much thursday is when I watch, for three shows that are actually funny; Kath and Kim, followed by The Office, and then 30 Rock.
I'm also making my way through DVD seasons of Three's Company...
Running out of good shows to watch on DVD! I wish I got HBO..I miss Curb Your Enthusiasm. That is a great show.
So.....who's watching Rock of Love 3? I saw the first episode last night. All I can say is WOW. There are some scary chicks on there this season.
I just recently started watching Mad Men season 1 on dvd from NetFlix, and I can't believe I haven't watched this before. Developed characters and stories, and the fashion is amazing.
does anyone else watch/love damages on fox? soooooo freaking good!

and yeah kari, super scary. the dj lady tribe girl (the one who was the freaking hot mess, you know the one). O.o....

that girl needs help.
GT, I loved the first season of Damages but haven't watched the premiere of the new season yet. It's one of those shows that I prefer to build up a few unseen episodes and watch them all at once, due to the suspense factor.

dm, I need to start watching Madmen; I imagine that, like you, I will really enjoy it.
Ok, did Kate Winslet's Golden Globe acceptance speech sound totally fake or what? And congrats to Mad Men for winning the Globe for best tv drama. Elizabeth Moss (Peggy) looked so hott in her '50s inspired dress.
Thirtiesgirl....yeah, I love Kate W., but she coulda spared us the drama on the acceptance speech. Geez oh pete.

I was happy with most of the winners. Very happy Mad Men won. I really wanted Jon Hamm to win best actor. Or Michael C. Hall. Or Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Though I do like Gabriel B. too.

lola rojo
QUOTE(kari @ Jan 8 2009, 10:16 AM) *
So.....who's watching Rock of Love 3? I saw the first episode last night. All I can say is WOW. There are some scary chicks on there this season.

didn't one of them insert a shooter full of hooch all up in her lady business.....then drank it with other contestants?
yes!, my dear, rojo, yes! dj lady tribe, who was a hot mess, was the one who did the hooch/cooch drinking. and then there was the girl who put the hooch in her cooch, both of whom got sent home the first elimination. but yeah, there are some scaaaaaary womens on that show... but i kinda have a weird rockgirl crush on the brunette with the pierced cheeks... i just have a weakness for that. *hangs her head in shame*

and yeah bunny, i know what you mean, damages is pretty dense, and it's kinda hard to follow, what with the flash forwards and back. but the first ep was good. lots of suprizes, and i love that bill hurt and marcia gay harden are joining the cast (i love her)... and the season, from the preview, looked awesome.

i also watched nip/tuck... god what happened to that show... talk about a trainwreck...
I have to speak up for Kate Winslet, whom I adore. I thought her reaction at the Golden Globes was totally sincere and lovely.
I probably shouldn't admit this in public, but not only do I watch Rock of Love, my friend is going to be (spoiler!) one of the wildcards they bring in in a few weeks. You have no idea how excited I am about this, and as far as I know, she was not involved in any hooch/cooch (girltrouble, this made me snort) incidents.
omg... now i'm really excited, llamas, 2% of course is about that news (you have to tell us who she is), the other 98% is because you are back and (i hope) going to be posting here more often!
*throws confetti and does back flips for llamas*

actually ROL is a guilty pleasure, i blame one of my exes. who actually met someone from the 1st ROL, and gave me a full report... i hate to admit it, but i love it!

can i say, i was amazed that he eliminated the hoochy-coochy girls the first week. i would have thought with his taste they would have had more of life....
QUOTE(kittenb @ Jan 13 2009, 11:32 PM) *
I have to speak up for Kate Winslet, whom I adore. I thought her reaction at the Golden Globes was totally sincere and lovely.

I agree; I thought her response was genuine and heartfelt. We Brits like to be emotional and I'm sure she'll do the same at the Oscars. I loved her gushing praise of Leo and the fact that it was a very pro-woman speech; she thanked the late Richard Yates for creating such a fabulous female character and the female producers, especially, for cherishing the material.
Aw, gt, thanks for noticing and for the confetti and backflips! My internets presence in general was minimal there for a bit, but I'm all kinds of back now. smile.gif
And regarding the hooch/cooch girls, you know it's bad when you're too wild for Bret Michaels. Actually, I assume the producers probably didn't want to have to censor 3/4ths of the footage of every episode and made him get rid of them. Gotta have wholesome skankaliciousness, people! laugh.gif

I'll post which one said friend is right before she comes on, so y'all don't have to go wading back through the thread to find it again!

after several days of illness-induced television marathoning, i've decided i hate--WITH ALL MY BEING--the following shows:
1. King of Queens
2. One and a Half Men
3. Everybody Loves Raymond

I'm sure there are many, MANY more, but these are the top three. I felt the need to spread my disgust.
I'm pretty sure you did it by accident but I love that you called it One and a Half Men. It's like you emasculated it somehow. tongue.gif

Feel better!
Awww, I like King of Queens. That Kevin Somethingsomething dude has good comedic timing.

However, I agree that everyone hates Raymond. I wish his wife would just stick her thumbs in his eyes, already. There's not even a dream sequence of her doing it. *sigh*.

The hard part is to flip AWAY from the CW without bumping into a Judge Judy clone. Their commercials think you have the herpes.
Does anyone watch Chelsea Lately? That bitch is funny!! I am a huge fan. I may go out and buy her book too.
I'm pretty sure you did it by accident but I love that you called it One and a Half Men. It's like you emasculated it somehow.

LOL. even better!
Right now I'm watching Bromance... what a sad excuse for a show... I feel dirty... I think I'm gonna go take a shower and go to the library...
I've sold my soul to Bravo. I watched every single damn reality show they create on that damn channel. i love them all from the millionaire matchmaker to the real wives series. it is my crack.

i've realized i'm not the fan of the family based shows (for example, everybody loves raymond, kings of queens), but i appreciated the sarcastic, cynical, self centeredness shows (for example, seinfeld and friends). oh, a big thing i was surprised was that an interpol song was playing at the end of a friends episode. blink.gif

and is anyone else into the drama of the sober house? gosh. i'm sad. mellow.gif
what is up with all the breast cancer story lines? nip/tuck. big love. for fuck's sake already.
perhaps i'm just being a biased brat. tv-vegging is my escape, dammit.

but i guess it's all good, awareness-wise. especially with christian troy, the womanizing he-man. the irony is perhaps too thick, no?
hi mandy! xoxoxo!

yeah i think they were going for irony, but that show has a perennial breast-centric storyline. they're obsessed. i can't tell you how happy i am that they've left transexuals alone for an second... sheesh.

lola rojo
QUOTE(stargazer @ Jan 17 2009, 03:59 PM) *
I've sold my soul to Bravo. I watched every single damn reality show they create on that damn channel.

and is anyone else into the drama of the sober house? gosh. i'm sad. mellow.gif

Hi Stargazer,

Can we talk about Top Chef then please? This is THE MOST BORING cast in the history of Top Chef. Even their food is boring. If I see one more scallop from Jamie I may vomit.

Totally into the Sober House. Am I a complete moron to think for one minute that this isn't totally scripted by VHI?
My top chef fav this season is Carla, she is so nutty. Whottie Who!! but they are not talented chefs,

Our friend won last season. Hubby used to work with Stephanie at Spring, then deejayed her Christmas party at her resturant Scylla. We ate there all the time. Her food is amazing!! She should be opening a place in Chicago soon. She is a total sweetheart.
is Carla the one with the buggy eyes? her expressions are priceless. if it weren't for fabio and stefan, the cast would be an extra zzzzzzzz fest for me. i totally love stefan for his cockiness.

sober house...steven adler. what a shame, dude. he is SO jacked up. i can't wait to see that actor tiny get into it with the house manager. that dude is big! out of the cast, i feel really bad for the model amber. she is so beautiful. i didn't know how bad she got into herion that she was a high end call girl. sad.gif i'm really hoping she can stay sober.
lola rojo
I am loving kooky Carla as well. I love when she gets all hippy dippy and says, "this is such negative energy, I can't create in this energy."
She seems destined to fail though because of her frequent spells of low self confidence and all around mousiness.

Has anyone caught "Confessions of a Teen Idol". Adrian Zmed, Christopher Atkins, two pretty dudes from Baywatch, Billy Hufsey from Fame, and Eric Nies from the first Real World. It's sad too, they're trying to get back into the business, and get ripped to shreds by casting agents and focus groups. Maybe because I'm turning 40 this year has something to do with it, but in my opinion, they all look fucking great, Eric Nies's body is still amazing.
lola, i've only caught glimpses of that show. i was annoyed that their "group therapist" was making the one child star...damn, i forgot his name...anywho, she was making him feel bad for not wanting to get back into the business. the dude kept saying how he was ok with his life away from the spotlight. she got all harsh about him being content. other than that, the show hasn't held my attention.
sober house, teen idol, rock of love bus.... i feel about vh1 the way you do about bravo, star. their shows are such trainwrecks... i can't look away... but i can't watch those flavor of love spinoffs... real chance at love? really? are you for serious?

and i can't help watching the realworld this season. it's the tranny thing, but real world almost always sucks me in....
MissladyJ - I think Chelsea Handler is really funny too. She cracks me up.

Ditto on Top Chef! It's been kinda boring this season, mainly b/c the talent level isn't as high. Nobody right now is a real standout. Some have done some good things, but then have promptly followed it with something blah or bad. Any predictions for the final 3? I am thinking definitely Stefan. Maybe the blond haired guy - Jeff?, and maybe Jamie. Who knows though. Like I said, there are no standouts.
Yeah there have been no stand-out dishes this year that have inspired me or made me drool at the screen wink.gif. I think your predictions for top three are spot on, kari! Jeff could be the dark horse contender; I like his ambition and the fact that always tries to outdo his limitations (time/produce/number of dishes), he seems to be the only one challenging himself and not just playing the game. Fabio could make it to top four.

I miss last year's excitement; I loved Stephanie and her dishes from the start.

(((mandi))) TV is escapism for me too; I love when it makes me think but I hate when it hits too close to home (fo whatever reason).
Carla does make the best faces. Stephan and Fabio are good. I was pissed that Ariane got sent home instead of Leah. This season they are so not talented that the whole Josea and Leah thing is getting alot of play. Leah sucks. my other unfavorite was the bitch with the Ostrich egg, and Bangs ( ya know the blonde chick with the bangs who's food was awful)
I'm rooting for Carla, too. Her bug eyes are funny, and she seems like a nice person. The one I really don't like is that blonde-haired guy, he bothers me in so many different ways. I want to see Stefan get kicked off and see what he does, he's so damn cocky. And I want to see Jaime make something besides a scallop - I'm sure she's got it in her somewhere. I guess my top 4 are Carla, Stefan, Josea, and Jaime. Fabio's pretty good, too, and will probably edge out Carla, but I still like her more. Team Europe really needs to get their asses handed to them.

This season is pretty boring. I really want someone to hate, like Marcel from a few seasons ago, or Tiffany from the first season.
OMG! bang girls. lol my mom and i can't stand those bangs. we just want to push them back with our hands when she is on screen. i'm thinking a guy is going to win this season. i haven't been TOO impressed with jaime. i'm thinking the final 3 will be stefan, hosea, and jeff. but, i could be wrong.
Top Chef Spoiler.....

I can't believe Leah skated by again! Ugh. Her negativity really irked me. And she's not that great of a chef. On the other hand, Radhika really did a miserable job leading the other team. If you can call it leading. I can't believe the team leader was the front of the house. How can you have any idea what's happening in the kitchen if you're stuck in the dining room? She was too passive, too nice to the other team members, she wouldn't just assign the FOH job to someone. I think she should have had Carla do it. I think Radhika's a good chef, but she just didn't have the gumption to win the competition.

Leah & Hosea make me ill. GROSS. I am betting neither had a bf/gf after the shows aired.

My prediction is that Stefan will win the competition.
Another Top Chef spoiler....

I was happy to see Radhika go. I liked her, but there was no way she was a contender to win the whole competition. Carla won't win, either, but I like her anyway and I want to see what she can really do. I was kind of hoping their team would win (and probably would have, if the desserts were better), so Leah would have a chance at getting kicked off. The whole thing with Hosea was gross! If you're both going to go on and on about having a boyfriend or girlfriend, then don't fucking get caught making out on national television! How hard is it to just NOT MAKE OUT? I hope they both get dumped on their asses. For their team, I think that Fabio saved them. Who doesn't like a charming Italian man lighting your candles and doting on you? He was perfect for that.
top chef comments...

for team sahana, i'm not sure who would've done a good job of being in front of the house. carla is personable, but she gets too easily rattled. jaime is too cold. jeff, i think he would've done well, but, i think his expertise was needed in the kitchen. their service was the poorest marks and couldn't make up for the good food. oh, and what about kooky carla's response for the desserts being bad. she was sending good energy with it. ha!

omg. fabio had me crackin' up this episode. leah just seemed to complain and mope the whole time. she definitely seemed like the weakest link for the team. her mind was on hosea and not cooking. it is her own fault. i love LOVE stefan. not many people can be cocky AND talented. he is both. out of all of the food shown, his dishes seemed the best.

i'm thinking carla or leah get booted off next episode.
snow white
anyone watch "the real housewives of OC"? the last ep i saw was the tequila shot one. i was completly grossed out by tamra's creepy son hovering over a completely cocked gretchen, ready to take advantage. jesus, what girl doesn't know that feeling? it's downright scary. and tamra just totally condones and exuses his behavior, totally sick. oh, and i learned something new, "the shocker". that guy is some kind of a future rapist. i was really disgusted (much more than normal) by that ep...
lola rojo
QUOTE(Divala @ Jan 21 2009, 05:06 PM) *
I really want someone to hate, like Marcel from a few seasons ago

NOOOOO!!!!!! I loved, loved, loved Marcel!. Yes, he made too many foams, but he had such a great laid back, attitude and his use of "hey brah" amused me endlessly.

My top 3 picks are Stefan, who, while selfish and egotistical, is really quite bland to me. Plus, he looks like Donald Pleasance.

Jeff, I think will take it, simply because he seems to be flying under the radar and he does have the looks for a celebrity chef...especially now that Rocco DeSpirito has turned himself into a lady with all that cosmetic surgery.

And finally, Fabio, he's got passion and personality and style. He might even edge out surfer boy Jeff.
Regarding Housewives of the OC--this is one of my guilty pleasures and has been since it first aired.

I agree that Tamra's son is truly creepy, and even though his mother is a mess, plenty of people survive that without becoming such weasels.

The whole show keeps getting weirder and weirder as all the neuroses bubble up to the surface. Vicki needs to hear a message of unconditional love every 15 minutes and gives nothing back to anyone except for controlling, unsolicited advice. She needs years of therapy.

If I were Gretchen, I wouldn't ask the dying fiance about the insurance policy and will either. If he wants her in it, he would have had it changed by this point. She's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She knew getting into that deal that it couldn't last forever.

The new character Lynn probably won't want to do this another season. I think like the last brunette they had on--she'll be too calm and low-drama for the producers to keep around.

Yea--finally get to gossip about this ridiculous show!
Kari and Divala
Yes yes yes and yes!
What kari and divala said! Josea and Leah made me feel ill. They had every right to feel guilty and I really wish that Leah had gone home for it.
eyelet, yeah, i've gotten hooked in the real housewives series too. feel free to gossip here with me. smile.gif i think gretchen is way smarter than people give her credit. i mean, why would she take advice from 2 women (jenna and vicki) who were/are in dysfunctional relationships. tamara is just evil and to allow her son to take advantage of a friend...not cool. i am actually excited for the ny version of this show. i enjoyed it more than the oc version.

is anyone hooked on the millionaire matchmaker? i got hooked in. remember busties, bravo is my crack. wink.gif
uh... shelia E, george clinton and taylor dayne on this season of gone country? i am soooooo hooked before the first episode. and sheila e is such a sweet heart.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Jan 23 2009, 09:31 PM) *
is anyone hooked on the millionaire matchmaker? i got hooked in. remember busties, bravo is my crack. wink.gif

OMG, I love/hate this show! Is she not the most shallow B on the planet?? Last season, she told a millionaire with a perfectly good pad in Pasadena that he couldn't bring women there simply because it was in a 'scary' part of town (according to her). Please! Now, admittedly, I *did* agree with her assessment that it looked a little immature for the guy to still be living with his college roommates. He'd bought the place with his roommates in mind, so they could have a place to stay while they got their lives in order after college, which is a very nice gesture. But they were all a few years past college and it's obvious some of them were not making any strides to take a more adult role in life. Unless I'm in college myself (which I'm not; I graduated 15 years ago), I wouldn't want a guy to bring me to his house only to find his college roommates living there. ...But when it comes to looks, how a guy dresses, where he chooses to live and the car he chooses to drive, the matchmaker woman has no more depth than a wading pool. And telling the women she sets up on dates with the millionaires that they "don't look sexy" when they wear their hair up is just ridiculous. Apparently in her mind, sexy = the homogenized, airbrushed women on the cover of Cosmo and Maxim. Yeah.
dude, that guy's place was a filthy. i pay attention to those things on a date. but, that argument is probably better for another thread. i don't think she is being anymore shallow than these men using her services are. i think she calls them on their shit. i like her approach which is part of her appeal to me.
I just wanted to pop in because of something that I found quite amusing. I am watching the Duggar wedding special on TLC (they're the family with 18 kids!) and then it goes to commercial and says "Sponsored by Plan B". How fitting.
I am looking forward to the the second season of Housewives NYC, but everytime I watch the OC one it annoys me. The new housewife that competes with her children for clothes is really sad, you should not be wearing the same tight, skimpy clothes that your teenage daughters are wearing. I couldn't even watch the show where Gretchen got really drunk, I didn't want to see Tamara's son take advantage of her. Nasty. I couldn't even watch a full episode of the Housewives Atlanta, it was bad. One of the housewives spelled cat incorrectly. WTF?

I started watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl season one on demand, and then season two just started. I really find it entertaining.
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