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uh... i've always had a slight crush on sam brown, she looks and sounds a lot like one of my ex's.
sam brown could be my best friend, or my alter ego; she's such a likeable dork.

did anyone watch The Ex List tonight?
it was a bit more 'adult' for the viewing of frecklette than I expected, but I found it very enjoyable if not somewhat predictable in spots.
I/we (depending on what time slot it stays in) will try to stay with it as I've finally given up on my crack tv (antm, just got bored) and I need some new shows.
freckle, I did! I enjoyed it; it's fluff with some good dialogue, a bit of sass and good adult content. I don't have high hopes for its longevity though, the premise of the show itself lends itself to being wrapped up within a year...
finally got around to downloading and watching the fourth ep of true blood last night, and it was awesome as always. i've read the books, and it seems like hbo tarted the series up a bit, but it works. it's been quite a while since i read the first book, so it's kind of nice that i can watch the show and not be sitting there over analyzing everything like 'wait, that wasn't in there...', and the theme is smokin'. never thought i'd like a country artist, but stranger things have happened. biggrin.gif
Y'know, it's weird, but I actually had that Jace Everett song on my iPod pre-True Blood. One of the things I hate the most about being here is the 24/7 country music. But Jace Everett rawks in a dirty good way.
the ending of the last True Blood kinda blew my mind.
taking v is like tripping on acid. Shit looks like it's breathing when your on acid too.
have to agree love the theme song as well.
am looking into reading the books.
Crap. Stick in a fork in it, the Riches is done. It makes me sad because I really liked that show.
ap, really? damn, it was such a witty show and was left completely unresolved.

I haven't seen this week's True Blood so avoiding spoilers! missladyj, my friend bought me the first of the books but I haven't read it yet; part of me doesn't want to ruin the series for myself as another friend says they are incredibly addictive.
ap, noooooooooooooooo! this, this is why i don't get into shows before they're five seasons +.
why, why do they wait so long in between seasons??
I think the writers strike had a big hand in killing off the Riches. A lot of shows suffered when that all went down.
*off to search for a write-in campaign or petition*

i wasn't sure about true blood til this last episode. wasn't sure if i liked any of the characters. and i've never been an anna paquin fan.

but now i'm hooked.
and ditto on the theme song. but i have to close my eyes when they show that poor fox. *shudder*

completely confused about what's going on with heroes. (sorry, was that thread resurrected?) hoping it's not going to get as stoopid convoluted as lost.

lovin' every drop of dexter. hee.
I actually stopped watching Dexter based on the season premiere. I watched it with my new boy and we thought it was hooooorrrrible. So long, nothing new really happened, and all the scenes with the kids and his girlfriend were so cheesy and badly written. We both agreed season 1 was good, season 2 was so-so, but I don't even have the desire to watch it after the season 3 opener. Did anything better happen this week, mandolyn?
I agree about Dexter, Erinjane . How many more times can they use the storyline- *gasp* Dexter almost gets outed as a serial killer.....again! It's already been played out, and the suspense is gone for me. But I'll still watch it in case something good happens.

I know I am a little late on this, but what did you all think of the Weeds finale and season 4 as a whole? Did anyone else see what was coming from a million miles away? I thought there were many hints about the ending so I didn't feel shocked. I hope the next two seasons are really creative and suspenseful (it's been renewed). I think 6 seasons is a bit excessive though.

I thought The Riches was a really brillant show, and Eddie Izzard/Minnie Driver are both incredibly hot and incredible actors. I was so excited when they added Jared Harris to the show, so I was doubly disappointed when it got the boot. I loooooved Dahlia, she was so charming and charismatic! I am also holding a grudge against HBO for cancelling Carnivale - that wasn't right. Right now I am really ready for Big Love season 3 - hurry up already!
I agree on being disappointed with Dexter this season so far. Jimmy Smits' character and his brother are really annoying, and the scenes with the kids and Rita are blah. I'm really liking the scenes with Deb though.

I love True Blood. The only character that I find extremenly annoying is Sookie's friend. I can't remember her name. I have a theory about Sookie's boss, but I'm not sure. I want to look for spoilers, but I am being good.

I was so disappointed with the U.S. version of Kath and Kim, hopefully it gets better.

I'm also watching Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe, The Mentalist (it's okay), Little Britain USA, Project Runway, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, Sordid Lives, The Office and Gavin and Stacey.

I stopped watching Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies this season. DSM was annoying me, and I decided PD was too cutesy for me.

I'm really bummed about the Riches(c'mon just when it was getting good!) , and still pissed about HBO and Carnivale. Bastards.

True Blood is good in a guilty pleasure way. The books were fun and sexy.

I'm still watching Pushing Daisies, The Office, Smallville and GA. I'm going to try to watch The Ex List. I'm looking forward to the new season of Top Chef.

I didn't get around to watching season 4 of Weeds, but am catching it on demand. I love that Albert Brooks is in it.

sassy, I feel the same way about TB. On Sunday I was watching it and both my parents came in during the last 5 minutes and I was just had to think to myself, "alright, I can't watch this with other folks in the room and not laugh my head off at it". But it's still got me hoooked.
I'm immersing myself in my True Blood guilty pleasure addiction by reading the first book (I attempted resistance but failed; besides, I came across spoilers before the series even started).

dm, in the first pilot Tara was played by a different actress and she was even bitchier; Tara and LaFayette are my favourite characters so far.
I saw on the imdb boards that a different actress played Tara and everyone was saying the original one was better. But my brother saw the first pilot with the old Tara (I saw the one that aired on HBO with the current Tara) and said the new one was a million times better. I like her character personally, I find her funny and interesting.
I liked the first Tara better to begin with but I really like the second one now; I find her incredibly funny, sympathetic and her backstory/drama interests me too. I've been told that she doesn't feature in the first book (or not until later on) and that her story and several of the other sub-plots (such as Jason and the V-Juice) don't either. I think (from the third that I've read so far) that the books have been really fleshed out and have been made sexier and funnier.

Is it wrong that when drinking a glass of cranberry juice this morning I immediately thought of true blood (the titular drink from the series)? laugh.gif.
Try watching TB with your mom. Heh. I try to act cool when the raunchy sex scenes come on. But,'s weird...

oh DM, my mom and I have suspicions about Sookie's boss. We think he might be a werewolf cause of the barking in that one scene. Plus, is that dog that keeps appearing him? There is also a picture of a dog and sookie in his office. Hhhmm.

Rats. I need to spend this weekend catching up on Little Britain USA. I'm glad I talked my folks into getting DVR. You can watch HBO programs on there. I think I will make that my plan.
star: I thought Sam and the dog were one in the same too but then either the episode before last or the one before that showed Sam with the dog so that theory's out, I think.
Bunny, i was thinking the same thing. I don't know what's up with the dog either but I'm curious.

Star, I have digital cable and PVR. It's the bees knees. I love just being able to tape my favourite shows and then I usually have one night a week to veg out and watch them all in a row. tongue.gif
erinjane, did you see the same scene? I was sure I did but now I'm not so sure.

I finished the first book and, although fun, I think the series has definitely improved on them. (spoilerish, although haven't revealed anything) I could also see the identity of the killer coming, although not in the series.
Tara didn't appear and LaFayette's role was minimal (the v funny subplot of Jason and V Juice doesn't feature either).

I'm interested in Eric being developed as a recurring character.

So, is it too soon to start a True Blood thread?

sassy, I'm looking forward to Top Chef too; I read that it airs Nov 12th!
Yeah, I did see that scene. Sam, her boss, was sitting on the front steps of his trailer and the dog ran up and sat beside him, then he petted it and said something to the dog but I can't remember what the context was.

I'd post in a true blood thread, bunny.
For True Blood, I don't remember a scene with Sookie's boss and the dog, I must have missed that. Star, I was thinking just what you and your mom thought about the boss being a werewolf.

After this week's episode I am starting to like Tara.

Bunnyb, I am really curious about who the killer is in the book. I'm not sure if I have guessed it or not in the series.

I think we definately need a True Blood thread.
snow white
is there anywhere i can watch this season of Dexter on the internets???
I'm hoping this is the right thread to post this. First, a disclaimer: I am not a regular Dr. 90210 watcher. Periodically, when I can't find anything else on tv and I'm up for watching something that makes me feel personally outraged, I'll tune in... as I'm doing now.

Apparently Dr. Rey (the incredibly egotistical one who's always lifting weights and has a slight accent) has a shapewear line on HSN. He drags his wife and kids with him to Florida to watch him shoot on HSN, referring to it as "quality time" with the wife & kids. Yeah. Then he gets on air and says (and I'm paraphrasing here), "People ask me, 'Isn't having a shapewear line going against everything you do as a plastic surgeon?' And I tell them, no, my business is to help women build their self confidence, whether it's through plastic surgery or functional lingerie." I find it horribly interesting that his idea of 'helping women build self confidence' is by changing their natural body shape through invasive surgeries and restrictive, girdle-like underwear.
Did anyone else watch "The Rachel Zoe Project?" I am obsessed. I'm sad that there are only 5 episodes though.

I am also in love with True Blood, I just haven't had a chance to catch up recently. I work at a bookstore and people came in looking for the books yesterday, and we got talking about it, and it sounds like everyone who likes it is equally obsessed.
snow white
lananans, i luv brad from the the rachel zoe project. he seems like so much fun. taylor scares me, her bitter attitude is freakin' extreme.

thirtiesgirl, lol, i'm always slightly appalled and fasinated by Dr. Ray and his family.

i'm also obbsessed with celebrity rehab. i keep waiting for more episodes but i don't know what time it airs. so i've watched like the first two about 3 times each. i'm going to need rehab for celeb rahab.
Wasn't there supposed to be a new TB thread??

I love the books and the show.
He may be a smarmy ass, but I am grateful for Bill Maher and his show for bringing actual conversation about issues to TV.
I miss the old sitcoms that used to be on tv like Full House, Boy Meets World, I Love Lucy... I hate all these new thoughtless reality shows... anyone feel the same?
Oy. Like I need ONE MORE SHOW to be hooked on - I watched a whole episode of Sons of Anarchy last night, and... *sigh* I think I know where I'm going to be on Weds. nights at 10:00.
QUOTE(NewYorkLA @ Oct 28 2008, 03:14 PM) *
I miss the old sitcoms that used to be on tv like Full House, Boy Meets World, I Love Lucy... I hate all these new thoughtless reality shows... anyone feel the same?

I don't miss those specific shows but I do miss family sitcoms that I like where it seems that everyone likes each other. When I catch Home Improvement or Family Ties I get very excited. It is possible that I am older tha you. That might explain the different shows. laugh.gif
QUOTE(NewYorkLA @ Oct 28 2008, 02:14 PM) *
I miss the old sitcoms that used to be on tv like Full House, Boy Meets World, I Love Lucy... I hate all these new thoughtless reality shows... anyone feel the same?

I don't think I'd put those two shows on par with I Love Lucy. I can't think of anything memorable about those programs (Save Uncle Stamos' hair/the foisting of the Olsen Twins on America, BMW was sentimental, solve-it-in-a-half-an-hour drivel with our understanding parents/teachers/principal.) & in fact dislike them both a great deal. Not even close to being on the same level as Lucy shilling Vitameatavegamin or making chocolates or crashing Richard Widmark's house. Not to mention that Lucy was in her midforties when it debuted & she was in a mixed race marriage, which was fairly groundbreaking at the time. And ILL also went out at the top of it's game, I think only Seinfeld has bested that record.

Shalalala! I do still love me the odd Keaton family moment. They always had really odd guest stars like River Phoenix, Crispin Glover, Geena Davis, & Tom Hanks. And who doesn't love APK. When I was ten & MJF & I were the same height, I thought he was pretty fly in his suits & briefcase. And there's a really great ep when APK loses his shit when his friend dies or commits suicide or something.

I suppose I'll always be more of a WKRP, Barney Miller, Night Court kind of girl even though I was maybe eleven or twelve when Full House fever started. I like something smarter & less saccharine I suppose.

I'm afraid reality is here to stay, though. We keep eating it up & it's so cheap to make . . . you don't have to pay actors or writers & can get most shit for free through product placement. I read somewhere that LC makes $75,000 per episode of the Hills, where when William Petersen exits CSI, he'll lose his $600,000 per epsiode fee as an actor. Who knows how much more per ep he gets as an executive producer?

I will admit that I will miss the REAL, pre-jumping the shark Project Runway & that I do have a perverse love for Rock of Love. It's hysterical to watch all these forty-something strippers & twenty year old mental midgits fighting over a decrpit old guy who's "hair" is attached to his head via bandana & who's music sucked even when it was at it's most popular.

On to other things, I am kinda waning on the True Blood. Sookie's petulant histrionics/lalalalala in love mood swings are beginning to grate on my nerves, Tara's accent REALLY, well, sucks, & Bill looks consumptive at best. Yeah, he's undead, but he needs to be brinking more True Blood so he doesn't always look like he's about to blow away in a stiff breeze. I only just realized who he was the other day & I nearly had a kittens.
I'm getting less enthused with true blood too. I feel like the story moves reaaaaaally slow. Sookie was cuter at first but now she's starting to just get annoying. I still have to watch last nights episode.
The last couple of TB episodes have been pretty lame to me. I'm sick of Sookie, and it's moving way too slow. Bill was also so hot the first two shows, and now he's just boring to me.

For somebody that can read the thoughts of others, Sookie gets blindsided A LOT. And I know that *because* she can read minds that she has led a very sheltered life, but c'mon. She's got the emotional maturity of a fifteen year old & it's getting OLD. "Why didn't you tell me you could shape-shift, Sam Merlotte!? You're a big ol' meanie & I'm gonna be snide about it for a whole episode! See me stamp my little feet?! HUH?! And then I'm gonna be mad & harp because Bill done gone & saved my life & now won't be back, so he can suck it, too!"
It took me awhile but I finally realized that Zach from Gilmore Girls is in True Blood,(he's the dude with the beard who's back from Iraq) it took me awhile to finger that out. HE's good in this role. I miss grandma, am waiting for Amy to get her ass whiped and think Renee is sexier than Bill.
Y'know, I like Terry. The war fucked him up & I really like that they've given voice to that character. That guy is doing good work.
For fans of The Office: Andy & Angela's Wedding Site
I really like Terry too; good characterisation (can't believe it's Zach! I knew I recognised him) but they're dragging out the episodes now.
so, eddie izzard is giving crazy-talk interviews about a possible "the riches" movie.

um. YAY!
I wish! But I got it straight from Todd Stashwick's mouth that it was ovah. No nothing.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 10 2008, 02:14 AM) *
Shalalala! I do still love me the odd Keaton family moment. They always had really odd guest stars like River Phoenix, Crispin Glover, Geena Davis, & Tom Hanks. And who doesn't love APK. When I was ten & MJF & I were the same height, I thought he was pretty fly in his suits & briefcase. And there's a really great ep when APK loses his shit when his friend dies or commits suicide or something.

i still remember that episode where alex got hooked on those diet pills because he was on speed. that show was ahead of its time. damn, i miss it.

as for true blood, well, i've haven't stopped loving it. bill still makes me hot. sookie is annoying me though. i will agree with that. i'm getting annoyed with her jealousy about sam.
I suppose I'll always be more of a WKRP, Barney Miller, Night Court kind of girl ...

"As god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Ahhh, I loved that show. laugh.gif
as a kid I had the hots for Barney Miller. Hal Linden is pretty dreamy.
Am not a sitcom kind of girl. The last sitcom I remember watching was Roseanne (the early years) smile.gif. This year I got hooked on the Big Bang Theory. This season seems to be all about Sheldon and Penny for some reason but he is by far the best thing about the show.

Moving on am a hugh fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books ( its light reading but I enjoy it). Am happy to report that am very happy with the show all in all. The only person that am not 100% behind in the role is the guy who plays Eric. I don't know why he's not who I pictured as Eric. Physical he looks the part am just not digging on him yet.
I'm still loving True Blood as well, two more episodes. Sookie is naive, and that gets a little annoying, but that's exactly how she is supposed to act.

The more episodes of Dexter I watch the more I like it. I thought it was going downhill, but it just took awhile to get back in the swing of things.

I'm also liking Kath and Kim (U.S. version) the more I watch it.

I'm tiring a little of Fringe, it seems to be the same kind of story every week. I'll still watch it, but it's not as amazing as I thought in the beginning.
Did anyone catch last night's 30 Rock? They actually has a Night Court reunion. Loved it!
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