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i'm excited about that new show on HBO that's about vampires. i forgot the name of it though. blink.gif
True Blood? Me too! Do you know when it starts?

ccgirl, I was excited too! GG is my new guilty pleasure.
YES!! True blood. Thanks bunnyb. It starts Sept. 7th. Alan Ball of Six Feet Under is behing the scenes of this series coming to HBO.

I'm really excited about the Fall season with the start up of my old favs.
The only shows I actively watch that are still running are The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Family Guy, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, No Reservations and, recently added, Ugly Betty (I watched all of the previous shows on Youtube this summer and now I have to wait along with everyone else for the new season to start, it sucks!)

There are shows I will watch if they're on, or would watch if I had Showtime or HBO, but hot damn (and this is nothing new) there really is just a lot of crap out there. Which is sad because, however silly or petty or whatever, I do enjoy the feeling of having a show to look forward to.
i always get on the bandwagon a bit too late: i just finished watching firefly on; it was a 2002 joss whedon series that got cancelled after 14 eps. it. was. awesome. witty, expertly paced... sigh. i vaguely remember hearing about it back then and completely writing it off, thinking that a sci-fi western was not my cup of tea. somehow, it ultimately was.

must go to the video store now to get the movie...
Queen Bull
OMG, COCLs, my friend got me hooked on Firefly. I totally also tried to write it off as a scifi western. BUT its so good. youll have to let me know how the movie is. smile.gif

ETA: Does anyone else here watch Bones? its my addiction....

I love anything whedonesque but Firefly and Serenity are wonderfully shiny.

Oooh, tonight, star! V excited.

Queenbull, I heart Bones, although haven't seen the start of the new season yet.
this week is the official new season for lots of TV shows here in the States.

as i mull this one in my head, what shows are you looking forward to this Fall, both new and old?
new shows: True Blood, Fringe and possibly The Ex-List.
old shows: Gossip Girl (already started), Brothers and Sisters, Dexter, Californication and Heroes are the main ones I'm looking forward to seeing a full season of, that I'm itching to have back, but there are many more I'll be watching.
New shows: True Blood

Old Shows: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, 30 Rock, Dexter, Law & Order (all flavors), Big Bang Theory, House ....

I probably watch way too much t.v., but I sure do love it.
queen bull- you must must MUST run out and rent Serenity now. it's the firefly movie done in 2005 after the series. i watched it thursday, and it's hott shitt. i also think that it's able to stand on its own, without having seen the episodes. that, my friends, is a rare thing.

new shows: definitely brothers and sisters; don't know when the riches is coming back, but i gotta catch up on season 2 anyway. i'll wait til the reviews come back on fringe- they sell it as an x-files type thing, so therefore i will have insanely high standards for it.

oh tv cable. how did i last so long without you?
I honestly cannot think of a single new show that I'm interested in seeing. As for returning shows though...

-Gossip Girl
-Ugly Betty
-Pushing Daisies
-any incarnation of Law & Order
-America's Next Top Model

I have no idea when Rescue Me is coming back but I want to see it!
T minus one hour & counting to the premiere of True Blood! Squee! I think I first posted about it in here back & July & I am champing at the bit! I even mixed up a little True Blood cocktail for tonight.
I watched the pilot of FRINGE that was leaked online earlier this summer. It was pretty much like a movie just to give back story and set everything up. It's definitely a JJ Abrams show (music, actors) and I do get the X-files reference, even though I was never a big fan. I'm not sure if I'll get hooked but I'll watch the second episode to find out.
Fringe looks cool because it's JJ, as well as Pacey! Who can not dig that? Although, I thought I heard something that he was supposed to guest star on Greys?

I don't have HBO. I'm probably have to Youtube or download from ITunes. I did start re-reading the books last night. Very excited. I've known about the series for a few years now, but wasn't sure if they were going to get the green light from HBO. You know how awesome Carnivale was, but it tanked due to the fact it was "too weird."

Yay fall season!!!

AP, what did you think about True Blood? I'm still not quite sure. I need to see more. I like the guy playing Bill mostly because I found his whole character sexy in a teenage fan girl type of way. I think Anna Paquin's hair is too blonde, heh, but otherwise it was pretty good. I don't see it in the same league as Six Feet Under, Deadwood, or Carnivale though.
I liked it. I'm not 100% sold on it, but I think that it's going to be good. I trust Alan Ball. Hell, I want to BE Alan Ball. I say it's promising, give it time to reach fruition.

I don't like to compare shows. I mean, Deadwood is a completely different show from what was on at the time, even on HBO, being a "western". I come from one of the most dangerous towns of the 1880's, so it resonates differently with me than SFU. SFU held a very personal place for me, it debuted on my father's birthday exactly three months after he died, so I am biased as it helped me sort out some tough feelings. Carnivale touched on the Carnie lifestyle that has resonance for me as well, since my mother's best friend from childhood was a Carnie & her daughter & I were friends & I went out with them one summer. They're all unique creatures, so I don't like to compare quality without seeing more.

Overall, I think as it develops, it's gonna be gooood. But I'm a vampire kinda bitch.
I agree, that's true that they're very different. I can't help making a little comparison though because they're all HBO and y'know, six feet under creator and all.

I completely agree with you about SFU. That show...I remember watching episodes right after my Grandma died because it was really comforting to my brother and I. It's honestly my favourite show ever. I usually go through the series at least once a year since it's ended. I proudly own them all. tongue.gif

I am excited to see next weeks though. One thing I liked is that it left me wanting to see more. Obviously they had a good hook though, with the ending.
this is the first time in 8 yrs that we have cable, a 42 inch flat screen tv and DVR. I am like a pig in shit.

Plus totally stoked about ONe Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210.

I haven't managed to watch True Blood yet but the Mr. did record it. He promised me that if he ever gets turned, he'd turn me. Only if I wanted though. Then we could annoy each other for all eternity

We will have to find time to watch it, what with it being football palooza around here. cuz now we have several ESPN channels and NFL network.
Anyone else watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now that is what I want in escapist sci-fi drama. Lots of explosions. Sad to say, though, that Shirley Manson is not good.
i loved the sense of humor in TB, which is the opposite starting point of SFU (which is one of my all time favorite series too.) which started off as all family drama and seemed to find it's sense of humor as it goes. but i hope that TB finds the depth and complexity of it's characters. i'm almost sold on it. it's got potential.

watched entourage, meh. i miss some of the old, laugh out loud episodes.

i watched breaking bad. i kinda like it, but it seems like a knock off of weeds. but it's funny.

curious about fringe, but i didn't care much for x-files. it was ok, but it seemed repetitive. fringe looks good, but i'm not a fan of jj. i liked lost, but when it started to lose all logic, and didn't explain anything.... i got irritated. i loathed the show. and when you needed a ticker to explain everything as the show ran...? wtf. i hate it. to me that says you aren't doing a good job writing the story if you have to do that. after all, the wire is one of the most complex, dense shows ever, but a ticker? really? sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

and i like terminator, if nothing else but because it's popcorn tv. no thinking, no symbolism to be had (although i love that too, madmen).

watched sons of anarchy. i like FX, but that show.... meh. one season unless they change a lot of stuff up. too bad. it's got a great cast and premise. but the story was kinda dumb.
*delurking from the land of months-long TV delays*

So jealous of anyone who has access to new fall TV. I didn't know there was a second series of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I had no idea Ms Manson would be in it!

I confess to really wanting to at least check out the 90210 pilot, although I suspect all the bland teens would annoy me (because, y'know, Kelly Taylor had so much charisma).

Have totally missed Mad Men when it aired (breifly, late-ish at night on BBC2) but have it on order for those long autumnal nights... can't wait!

And I'm still holding my breath for the second half of Season 4 of BSG.
i have true blood taped and i plan on watching it this week.

i saw the sarah conner chronicles cause my folks are sci fi geeks. it wasn't bad. shirley manson is no actress. maybe she will improve.

ok. here is my list of shows i am looking forward to this Fall:


1)Dancing with the Stars-Dude, the cast they have selected is awesome. Come on! Cloris Leachman and Lance Bass.

2)Grey's Anatomy

3) Smallville-I missed last season cause of work. dry.gif

4) Ugly Betty

5) ANTM- I missed last week's episode.

6) House for the almight Hugh Laurie!

New- True Blood; Little Britian USA; Kath & Kim-I just want to see one episode. I'm intrigued.

I have to wait until next year for the L word and Flight of the Conchords. Boo.

Did anybody watch the finale of Swingtown? I loved it; I enjoyed how the female characters all took it to the limit and were making choices for themselves. It's set in 1976 and you can easily track their sexual liberation (and experimentation) from the first episode to the last. It is a great show and I hope that it isn't cancelled, although it ended well, albeit very open and I do want to know what happens next.
So the new 90210 pretty much sucked, right? dry.gif I was very disappointed.

And I don't know in what universe they think Kelly Taylor could be a guidance counselor, lol.
Bunnyb, I was looking at, and they reviewed it and said it was the series finale. I'm going to try to watch it online, because the one episode I saw I really liked a lot.

star, I didn't even hear about Little Britain USA. I love that show. It sounds like this is pretty much just another season of it with more guest stars. Sounds good to me. biggrin.gif
aw! i missed swingtown, bunny, although i'd bet it got cancelled. you can tell that a show is going down hill on cbs when they transfer it to friday @10. that's their graveyard plot. it's too bad. i loved that the show was driven by the women. it really was about their choices more than the men's. i liked the three leads too. i had mini crushes on all of 'em. although, the molly parker one was pre existing.
Guess what everyone, if you want to watch Twin Peaks, you can watch it for free (legally) at . This is my first time watching it; unfortunately Laura Palmer's killer was already spoiled for me, but I'm really enjoying it.

Also if anyone has been watching Weeds, the first part of this season kind of sucked, but it's gotten much better. This Monday is the season finale, and there's supposed be this huge shocker/cliffhanger.

I just finished watching the first season of Carnivale, and I'm totally in love with it. I've got the second season on hold for me at the library! Anyone else a fan Carnivale or Weeds? I'm really looking forward to the return of Dexter as well!

Olivarria, I like weeds but I'm only season 3 right now. Someone was saying they felt like Breaking Bad was a rip off of weeds but I find Breaking Bad a lot more realistic. Weeds is good too though but it's more fluffy for me.

I loved Carnivale. I was so sad when it ended because it seemed like it was really going to go interesting places. sad.gif
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(Lilith @ Sep 10 2008, 10:54 AM) *
So the new 90210 pretty much sucked, right? dry.gif I was very disappointed.
And I don't know in what universe they think Kelly Taylor could be a guidance counselor, lol.

yeah i just checked it out online. i need to know...who is the stylist on this show? what were they thinking? also, we are supposed to believe that aunt becky was a fashion photographer in kansas, and had to "give that up" to work in la? i think that's what happened.
and yes, the kelly taylor thing seems like a desperate tie-in.
ErinJane, I agree about Breaking Bad. I find Walter White to be more of a sympathetic character and realistic, while I don't sympathize with Nancy Botwin very much, I just watch the show for the humor and suspense. I think Nancy is a horrible mother who puts her family in serious danger, and that she wasn't selling pot to survive, but to maintain her lavish lifestyle, because she had never had a real job in her life.'s still a great premise for a show.

And is it just me, but is Brother Justin on Carnivale totally hot? being a man of the cloth and all.....i find him very sexy.
oh, btw, fringe sucked asshole.

some parts were just... absurd. the whole "i'm a mad scientist who can help you save your Judas boyfriend if you just follow my crazy outlandish demands and also get me a cow for no goddamn reason"... no words.

josh jackson was surprisingly the best part.
so who's excited that the new season of House starts tonight?? i'm totally excited.
Me, me, me! I'm so excited! I love House!
I am. I'll be honest though, I don't really follow most of the characters story lines on house, I just like watching Hugh Laurie be witty and hilarious and solve each episodes mystery. But the season finale was pretty awesome.
I love House but I watch it with the boy so will need to wait a couple of weeks to watch it with him.

So who thinks True Blood is going to end with a sudden cliffhanger every week? That could grow really old fast. Also, does anybody know how many episodes there will be?
uh... i really love burn notice it's really funny and smart, besides, how can you not love an action show that teaches you things. goofy things.

and am a sucker for ramsey's kitchen nightmares, both the american and uk versions...although... i can't stand hell's kitchen (the top chef like show with gordon ramsey)

...oh and after only 2 eps, trueblood has already been renewed.
bunny, I was thinking the same thing at the end of last week's episode. I hope they don't try that again this week because I already thought it was old last week. Very curious to see where it goes still.
I'm really into Kitchen Nightmares, too. Half to learn what not to do when I eventually open my dessert bar, half because I just love Gordon Ramsay. He yells and swears a lot, but he's got a heart of gold.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia started their new season last night. I swear, that's got to be the funniest show on TV.
I love the UK version of Ramsey's kitchen nightmares but I can't stand the US one. I hate the stupid editing and music they always put in the US versions of those types of shows.
i'm totally sucked into true blood. no pun intended. i like the storyline between the lead characters. and let's remember that this series is by alan ball. every SFU epi started and ended dramatically.
I have to agree with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia being the funniest show on t.v. I damn near peed myself when Charlie and Dee showed up to the morgue with a six pack and a hot plate!

I once saw them filming at Logan Square. I couldn't get close enough to get a really good look, but it was still kind of cool. It looked like Dee and one of the guys were pulling change out of the fountain.
x-posted in the Midwestern Mamas Thread:

Pushing Daisies is doing a Touch of Wonder Tour. They will be in Chicago Wednesday, September 24th. Anyone free to join me?
I really love True Blood. I may even go back and HBO now.

I'm also looking forward to GA this week.

I like true blood but I sort of feel like I like it in a guilty pleasure way. Some of the stuff feels soo cheesy but it's done in a fairly funny way. I'm definitely hooked though. biggrin.gif
true blood is a turn on. and i think part of the appeal is the freaky sex in the show.

i'm so stoked for chris rock's new special this weekend. i LOVE chris rock. i would adore going out on a date with him just for the conversation.
I must say that I am thankful for the invention of the DVR as True Blood is set up against the season premiere of Dexter. Sunday bloody Sunday indeed!
hey- I cannot find the Gray's or Betty thread right now (??) but both show Return TONIGHT!!!!!
Gray's is a 2-hour special. biggrin.gif

= that is all=
jumps back out again
um yeah. so i am in lurve lurve lurve with the travel channel as of late. anthony bourdain? andrew zimmern? yeah. even samantha brown, who i wasn't so sure of, has grown on me.

i'm watching a Haunted Destinations programme right now. how cool.

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