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Knorl, girl, start watching & you will be hooked. HOOKED! Tv usually pisses me off as it is dumb, but Dexter is genius. If I knew how to download from my DVR, I'd mail them to you post-haste.

Glad to give you something, Bustygirl. It's worked for me so far!
Sound Of Vision
Damn, we still didn't get Dexter here...I'll try to find a friend with flat rate to download it for me tongue.gif
I've heard so many good reviews about it.
did anyone see the winner of top chef?? i did and i'm happy with the winner.
I'm glad with the winner....I want to talk about in length, but have forgotten how to do spoiler bars... ergh.

How will I spend my Weds night now?? dry.gif
I agree with the winner of Top Chef. Very happy with the outcome.
I concur. As I said in my previous post, I wanted that contestant to win.

Started to watch season 1 of Brothers and Sisters and love it. Looking forward to the return of Weeds.
i was thinking lisa was going to win almost. phew! thank goodness for stephanie! and a chicagoan too.

omg. the best thing about kathy's griffin's show is when her assistants created a drinking game out of her co-hosting duties with anderson "andy" cooper.

i wanna play too!
Top Chef reunion show? Why even bother.....what a snoozefest.
i'm so late to the game on this, but a few weekends back i had a The Riches Season 1 marathon. i'm obsessed. they have all of season 1 at (along with other tasty shows). is 2nd season out on dvd yet?
Anyone watch Swingtown? I love Molly Parker, and definately want most of the wardrobe.
i am really liking swingtown, and i adore molly parker. when she was on 6ft under, i called her 'rabbi hotness.' and she's been fantastic in everything i've seen her in....
I am actually surprised at how good Swingtown is. I know it was pitched to like HBO or Showtime or whatever & I thought, "My grandparents watch CBS. How are they going to have a show about swingers & be true to it?" Somehow, they've pulled it off. And Molly Parker fucking rocks.

I still can't quite get over Jack Davenport being a yank, though. It just seems . . . weird. He's so quintessentially . . . English. He's like Hugh Grant without the bumbling douche-yness.
yeah. the thing that makes a show good for me is that it deal with complex issues in a complex way, and from different angles.

as interesting as the swinging couples relationships are, the girl's speech about her mom, and how she wants to be nothing like her, really worked, inspite of it's moral tone.
swingtown sounds interesting. when is it on?

i must needs find something to fill my riches/rescue me/tudors void.

not liking the new season of weeds. nancy's more annoying than ever (and this from a huge mary louise parker fan) and i can't deal with the absence of conrad and heylia. guillermo does tickle me, tho.
you do know that fx is showing a gaggle of 10 minute rescue me 'webisodes' tuesdays @10pm. i think you can find more info at fx's website. i've only caught one, and it was as good as the show.

swingtown is thursdays at 10pacific on (really? that's a suprise) cbs.... yes, cbs...

mr.t is bored with it, but it's my new soap opera....the last episode was the 'deep throat issue... but instead of being creeped out by it, they made it about free speech and feminism. (of course they played helen ready's i am woman. i am surprised at how much i remember about that song.

the soundtrack is 70's heavy using actual music, liz phair is one of the music producers, and it's good, but it never really gets into some of the music that was in the background more obscure stuff, or really talks about music, and the 70's, for me atleast was 80% music... but then, i was a kid, so go figure. the show is just the hits....

It is a CBS audience, GT, that's likely why the soundtrack is so mainstream. Most viewers probably need familiar music to put them in the right frame of mind. That's all the music is really for on this show, to set the mentality. It's like Cold Case that way. Your average boomer probably remembers where they were when they first heard the Steve Miller Band. I doubt Tommy Bolan or the Nerves or Pere Ubu or anything like that is going to spark any memories for most.

The new season of No Reservations starts tonight! They've been showing reruns all day & all I want to eat is shumai.
I dunno, I thought Swingtown was a little corny. Although, I've never really been into the 1-hour fictional drama shows.

Anybody seen My Boys? I think that show is kinda cute.
oh, i know it's mainstream. i make the same complaint about every retro thing that comes out. i'm a sucker for obscure anything.

and poodle, yeah, swingtown is a bit corny... but i like that. that's why i called it a soap opera.
So, I couldn't help myself....Showtime started airing Season 2 of Dexter on I ordered the channel. And boy am I glad I did. Has anyone watched Season 2? I've only seen the first episode, but holy shit!

Another show we started watching on DVD is Californication. Anyone watch it? I like it a lot, the writing is very witty and quick. And David Duchovny is a fox.
I heard a rumor that the people who made Arrested Development might be doing a movie. I think most of the cast has signed on for it. It isn't a new season, but I'll take what I can get.
I think the movie is gonna happen, Divala.

Kari, they showed season two of Dexter on CBS this past year. Until the beginning of the summer I hadn't even seen season one, but they showed both seasons & now I'm all caught up. I'll still be watching them again, though.

Anybody hear much about True Blood? It's a new vampire show to be airing on HBO courtesy Alan Ball & the Six Feet Under crew. So far the promotions are just as cute & clever as those for SFU. I kinda think vamps are tired (My friend keeps shoving 'Twilight' at me.), but I trust Alan Ball implicitly. The gist of it is that vamps have been above ground for a few years & one strolls into a psychic barmaid's life. It stars Anna Paquin, whom I love. Hopefully it won't, ahem, suck.
ooooooh yeah, i'm excited about that, aural. i too heart the alan ball. it's the only real reason to have hbo, athough they do have some good minor shows, but i've grown bored with entourage... weeds, et al look really good.

does anyone watch madmen? a friend turned me on to it, and i think i kinda like it.

...hell, it's gotta be better than 'america's got talent at the celebrity circus wife swap to catch a predator with the baby borrowers' right?
I would love an AD movie. YES!

GT, I watch Madmen, I really like it. I just got the first season on Netflix, b/c I want to rewatch before Season 2 starts.

Aural, Dexter rules.
GT, Mad Men just started airing a few weeks ago in Canada. I love it so far, especially since I've got a diploma in advertising. It's interesting to see the kinds of strategies that they were able to use back then.
snow white
dexter is kickass, i'm waiting for the second season to come out on dvd b/c i don't want to have to buy the channel (do they play their episodes on-line?)
I am hooked on Mad Men. I found out that my cable provider had the whole first season available for free on one of the on-demand channels, so I watched them all in the past week. Most of the characters are terrible people, but I can't help but get sucked in. I appreciate the subtle details of the show. It doesn't bash you over the head with info. It lets you pick up on the individual little quirks of each character. And Don Draper! Wow. That character gets more & more interesting with every episode. Sometimes I can't stand him, but other times I sympathize.

I have 1 warning about Mad Men: if you're trying to quit smoking, avoid this program. It takes place in 1960 and the people smoke CONSTANTLY.
whoah, this thread is neglected. sad.gif

I am starting to watch D. Lynch (and Mark Frost)'s TV series, "Twin Peaks" online. What the...I know, I know. This entire bit is premised on the death of a young white woman in small-town, Washington (state). I love the green and orange opening credits, and how all the characters have small quirks that make them far left of "normal". I also see twinges of D. Lynch's (misogynist? or at least fear-of-women or marriage) Eraserhead moments (Ed with Nadine).

The writing and editing, the way it's shot, all superb.

I wish "The Wire" were online, or "Freaks and Geeks". Sigh...
did anyone else watch the damages marathon this weekend?

i saw the first episode when it aired but missed the others.... WOW. what a great show, you never know who is working for who, or why. lots of misdirection, but all beautifully resolved, unlike someshows (lost, heroes), it's like an spy movie, or a mystery, but with lawyers.

i loved that it took a whole season to resolve things. it kind of reminded me of murder one, which i really loved when i finally watched it on reruns....

oh, and the soundtrack-- particularly anything they used pre 1980. fantastic cast, with one of my crushes, Peter Facinelli, oh pretty pretty boy...

persimmon, you can get both of those shows from netflix....
QUOTE(persimmon_grrrl @ Aug 10 2008, 05:22 PM) *
I am starting to watch D. Lynch (and Mark Frost)'s TV series, "Twin Peaks" online. ... /// I also see twinges of D. Lynch's (misogynist? or at least fear-of-women or marriage) Eraserhead moments (Ed with Nadine).

Whoo, yeah. I only had one chance to watch that series, from a bad library video tape. From what I could see though, I was put off by all of the aforementioned player hating. Teenage whores being axed by wealthy town businessman on prom night? I couldn't get on! So I never watched beyond maybe the fourth episode of the first season? Maybe someone could tell me what everyone loves about this series? I remember noticing that every chick on the show was either a teenager, dead, a bitch wife, a daughter, or a virgin. ? I was very curious about the show however and I still am, I guess I must just not get it. It's crazy that folks still talk about the show, it must have had something good about it if you could get through it?

Anywho, I wanted to say I'm bummed they cancelled "Samantha Who?", Christina Applegate's recent sitcom which really made me laugh. It was actually more smart than most sitcoms, one of the episodes took place in an art gallery and showed performance art which was interesting ~ yet funny as well and I thought it was cool they worked it into the storyline. Samantha is a single career gal with several cute boys chasing her, she's very clever office gal. (I grow so tired of the typical office idiot friends/reality/family set-up.) It was fun to see Christina play Samantha, who develops amnesia and has to go through life having lost her long term memory. Silly right? right, actually pretty fun though. I think Christina Applegate is very funny, she should do standup! Then I saw her on Conan O'Brien the other night and he flashed a magazine with her photo on the cover and she starts busting out the truth about how they airbrushed/photo-chopped every part of her body, face, skin, EYE COLOR, and how they do it to every actress ... keeping it real. Of course, most of us know about some of that stuff already, but anyway, she seems like a gal's gal to me
*BTW: Love reading the comments on this thread although I don't know many of the shows, I'm too poor to buy cable. I am DYING to watch Mad Men.
Eh, it's David Lynch, we all know he has issues. The man ate lunch every day for seven years at Bob's Big Boy fer chrissakes. With his work it's often black or white: You either get it or you don't.
I loved Twin Peaks. One thing I always liked about the show is that the women characters were interesting, and that the show revolved totally around them. The male characters fade into the background by comparison (discounting the always delightful Ray Wise, of course). It's noir, it's not a sitcom. The characters aren't writ to be untouched or untouchable; in noir something shady is always going to go down. I don't see it as misogynist at all, I see it as a highly stylized version of people interacting in desperate, diabolical ways in the wake of a town-shattering murder.

I love David Lynch. I love that he doesn't make himself fit into the Hollywood machine, but survives as an artist on his own terms. In this Jerry Bruckheimer world, I can get behind that.

I want to see Mad Men to see Christina Hendricks. I've had a mad crush on her since seeing her in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" on Firefly.

Alas, we don't have cable, nor do we have plans to ever get it. I'll just have to wait for it to come out on DVD.
Mad Men is available on DVD. I just started watching it last night.
Oh, goodie! Does Hollywood Video carry it yet? Anyone know? That's how I saw the Sopranoes, Weeds, Six Feet Under, and everything else I refuse to pay Charter for. smile.gif
Funny you should ask. Hollywood Video is exactly where I picked it up from. smile.gif
bustygirl: Thanks for that rundown on Twin Peaks qualities I might have missed...I've been wanting to give this series another look after hearing so many raves...if the female characters turn out to be interesting and more than one-dimensional, that sounds promising to me. I'm very curious and I do like noir...

oh dear, let me tell you all who's funny...Sheryl Underwood. hoo, boy...I was in tears! Was fortunate enough to catch a couple hours' worth of her stand-up on some comedy special this weekend. She talks sex, politics, religion, relationships, some great, FRESH jokes in all said areas. I used to watch this show on BET in late 90's called "Oh Drama!" with Kym Whitley and Vanessa Bell Calloway, and sometimes Sheryl would be a guest host as well. I found her hilarious on there, so it was a treat to stumble upon her stand-up. She's rather obscure. But you may be able to find some of her stuff online. The thing that makes me laugh most about her is that she always carries around this purse ("pocketbook", if you will). It's like part of her "schtick"? Makes me laugh so hard. She never lets go of that pocketbook even when she's goofing at the mic !
do any of the uk busties know what happened to the bbc series jekyll? i loved the first season, but did it get cancelled? is there going to be a season two? i thought it was one of the smartest series in a long time, but i can't find anything more about it.... if it was just a miniseries why call the dvd jekyll:season one? grrrr!
Queen Bull
SO: i <3 ace of cakes. makes me want to forgo all other venues and become a cake chef.

and has anyone watched the cho show on vh1?
I don't think it was intended to go for more than a single season, GT. There were what? Six total episodes?
QUOTE(Queen Bull @ Aug 19 2008, 11:17 PM) *
SO: i <3 ace of cakes. makes me want to forgo all other venues and become a cake chef.

and has anyone watched the cho show on vh1?

Strangely, Ace of Cakes makes me want to eat anything but cake. I mean, it's all really cool to look at and see how much work goes into it, but I just don't envision the cakes tasting very good. And I don't like shows that make me not want to eat cake tongue.gif

I watched The Cho Show tonight- I thought it was funnier towards the end, and the rest of the season looks really good. They need better editing, though- it's so frenetic, like the editor thinks it's not hip enough if the shot stays on one person for more than 2 seconds. Once I noticed it, I tried to think of a show that has a similar style with good editing and I thought of the Kathy Griffin show. The camera actually lingers and moves with whoever's talking rather than showing them for a split second.
Is anyone watching the second season of Dexter on Showtime right now? They're re-running it, getting ready for the new season to start.

Last night's episode was really good & next weeks looks to be full of suspense.
i just finished the second season of dexter via on demand.
whoa! that's all i'm gonna say, but ... whoa!
can't wait for the new season!!!

my latest addiction is californication. not sure who i'm crushing on more, David Duchovny or Natascha McElhone. that woman is genuinely stunning.

and rome, i can't get enough of rome! altho i missed the first 7 episodes and now want to go back and watch them in order. looks like i'm going to have to rejoin netflix. le sigh.
Mandolyn....I can't wait to see what happens on Dexter!!

I love Californication too & echo your double crushes. I think that show is so hilarious.
I don't know why, but I just watched two episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, back to back. If memory serves, I think I've only seen one episode before. It wasn't good at all, but I couldn't stop myself from watching. My only excuse is that I've had a loooong couple of days back at work and once I'd glued myself to the couch and found something vaguely amusing on tv, I couldn't get myself to move a finger if I'd had a gun pointed at my head. So there I sat...or rather, lounged, in front of the tv, watching Kardashians, unable to move. Gah! My eyes. I'll never have that hour back.
Mando! Did you see that David D just entered treatment for sex addiction? sad.gif Drat.

Thirtiesgirl.....oof. Sorry about the Kardashians! Sometimes you just need to watch some trash though.
kari, yes .... i ... erm ... don't know what to make of it. not to sound naive, but won't it be dificult for him to portray a sex addict from now on? perhaps hank will have to settle down or something. eeep.

thirtiesgirl, i got hooked on tori & dean this summer. and i sort of .... actually ... miss them now that the season's over.

i am not proud. *hanging head in shame*

i bit the bullet and rejoined netflix and plan in immersing myself in rome and the wire. which will hopefully get me thru this piss-poor fall season.
have no shame, mandy. my bff got me hooked on the vh1 show tori had with the guy who plays skylar on heroes...

and i LOVED IT.

and the wire is sooooo good. it's so dense tho. or rich. it's such a great top to bottom look at an american city.
I also watch "The Wire"... I've only finished the first two seasons but I am so addicted. I can't help but be in love with McNulty.. even though he's a douche.
I, too, have seen an ep or two of Tori & Dean, and was actually moved to tears. It was the one where they went on the road trip to visit her uncle and when they came back, she was reminiscing about her uber-screwed up family and how it's going to affect the new baby, and she started to cry. That just did me in. I can really identify with Tori's family issues, particularly with her mother. Not that my mother ever bilked me out of millions, but like Tori's mom, mine can be a damn impossible woman to love and has done some mean things to me in the past. I was surprised to find myself empathizing with her. ...And I kinda like her new hairdo, too. She looks better with a bob.
Is it lame that I'm really excited for the season premiere of Gossip Girl tomorrow night? It just seems like the perfect show to watch right as a new semester begins.
just watched part of the black list on hbo-- it's really great. just black folk talking about what they do, and their ideas about blackness in america. and the people in it-- artists, intellectuals, politicos... very interesting
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