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It's over for real this time!!
i guess dexter is slated for airing on cbs cos of the writer's strike. jerico is also set to return too. i'm probably the only one who is watching gone country, i can't help it, i've always loved old country, and i can always find a couple of new country artists i like. gone country is like the surreal life crossed with.... god i don't know what.... the white rapper show? basically they have a bunch of past music stars and put them thru some experiences with the opportunity to be country stars...
How psyched am I that Dexter will be on tv in a week? If it's anywhere near as good as the recaps on Television Without Pity have lead me to believe, I think I might have found my new favourite show.
I love Dexter! I started watching season one on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm hooked. It's brilliant!
Dexter is le merde.

I wish FX would stop teasing me with Eddie promos for the Riches.
bunny, I heard the same thing for sure about Pushing Daisies, but at least it will be coming back!

Also, Ugly Betty will be back on the air in a little while!
I just watched all of season 1 of Dexter in about a week. I am officially obsessed. I just have this morbid fascination with it. So creepy yet so entertaining.
I have never watched Dexter, but really want to check it out. Hear all good things about it.

Is anyone watching the new AMC series Breaking Bad? It's good so far, though depressing. I love Bryan Cranston.
Yes, I actually just caught up on "Breaking Bad" last night when AMC aired all of the episodes. It sure *is* depressing, but Bryan Cranston is so awesome.

I'm hoping that I remember to watch Dexter on Sundays, too.

I just read that The Office will be back on April 10 (I think). Which is still two months away....sad.gif
Can't wait for Ugly Betty to come back, candycanegirl! I heart that show.

The new season of The Riches premieres March 18th! woo-hoo!

I miss Dexter and Californication. Sniff.
completely addicted to hbo's in treatment.
i want gabriel byrne to be my shrink. *homer drool*

nip/tuck officially sucks.
snow white
anyone here watch "The Tudors"? i've rented the first season and so far i find it pretty luke warm... i thought it would be better sad.gif
Did anyone watch SNL last night with Tina Fey hosting? It was really funny, probably the best SNL I've seen in ages. The commercial parody for birth control pills that allow one period a year was hilarious!!! Too true and too funny!
I loved SNL last night. The spoof of Rock of Love was great, too. I loved seeing Tina on Weekend Update - "Bitch is the new black!" laugh.gif
holy fuck i just saw the tina fey weekend update.... that woman is a genius. what's bigger than a genius?

tina fey is a super mega deluxe GENIUS with biggie fries and a drink
Does anyone have that video? I totally forgot it was on.... fuck!

I saw bits and pieces of SNL and thought it was great. I'm so glad it's back. Oh, and Ellen Page is hosting this week.

I watched one episode of The Tudors and was pretty bored. Of course I have a hard time with historical dramas sometimes.
Anbody else still watching Jericho? Last night's WOW! biggrin.gif
Anybody watch tonight's What Not to Wear with Katherine from Minnesota? She had an issue of Bust propped up on her closet shelf.
I find that I enjoy The Tudors a lot more now that I've dropped all hope of historical accuracy and started thinking of it more as a semi-historical comedy.
All the shows are coming back! Very exciting. I've been watching a lot of March Madness lately so I've seen a lot of ads for CSI Miami etc. I don't even like CSI Miami that much but the commercial makes me want to watch it. Too bad I have so much work to do!
xposted in film thread

sad, one of my favorite channels, AZN, is going kaput on the 9th.

i loved it, they showed super obscure asian films, super popular asian films, great bollywood films and videos, j-pop, k-pop videos, korean soap operas, and one of my favorite film shows: cinema azn, which was phenominal. they had great detailed interviews with asian directors (the theme of buddhism in the films of kim ki-duk?!?, interviews with cinematographer oh, fucking my!), a profile of (my secret crushes), bae doo-na and maggie cheung!?! sign me up...

the coolest thing was that AZN was pan asian, taiwan to china to india, they had something for everybody-- even us non-asians. i will miss it terribly.
did anyone watch 30 rock or The Office this week? I almost died during the MILF Island bit on 30 rock.
I was blown away by The Office. It was like watching Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe starring Michael and Jan.
I saw both. MILF Island was hilarious! The Office was so funny but so uncomfortable. I love Angela - "The thought of popping one of your beets in my mouth makes we want to vomit." laugh.gif She's so mean. I had Hunter's song stuck in my head the whole night. Did you see Scrubs? I loved the Space Invaders thing at the beginning.
oh yeah, milf island was a riot. i loved how alec baldwin kept talking about that one woman, and that 'voting out scene.'
This seemed like the right thread to share this in. If there is anyone else who is using that stupid cupon to buy a digital converter please note that they expire 90 days after being issued. I got mine in the mail and stuck it in a safe place to use closer to the deadline. I am very glad that a friend mentioned the expiration date. So I am buying mine today.
Stupid government.

Side note to Girltrouble - Nice new avatar! Never has the kiss of death looked so damn sexy. wink.gif
uh... i know i'm a dork, but nat'l geo is doing a thing on sumo wrastlin' right now. i LURVE sumo! my week is offically made!

hee hee, thanks kitty b!

i have gotten really sucked into bravo programming. terrible. top chef chicago, real housewives of new york, and work out. and for the love of maude, can someone explain to me why elizabeth berkley is hosting bravo's new dance competition show. just cos she danced in showgirls does not make one a dancer.

oh, and in some random news, i saw a commercial for a new movie with patrick demsey and and KADEM HARDISON. yes, dwayne wayne will be in a movie. but, without the flip glasses. crazy. where has that kid been?
This is weird. Just two days ago I saw an old episode of the Cosby Show from the days when Denise was in college & I wondered, "Whatever happened to Dwayne Wayne?"

Lately the only can't miss shows in our household are all British imports: Top Gear, Doctor Who, and That Mitchell & Webb Look (which is hysterically funny).

Speaking of British imports, BBC America is airing a marathon of Eddie Izzard standup shows today! Here's the schedule (all times Eastern).
4pm Unrepeatable
5pm Definite Article
6pm Glorious
7pm Dressed to Kill
star, I like The Real Housewives of New York City and Workout. Jackie is a bitch to her employees and treats girlfriends badly, but I like the drama. I do respect for Jackie for being a good business person, and the show motivates me to work out.

I have been diasppointed with 30 Rock since it's been back on, but have liked The Office.
Has anyone watched the new Hollywood season of The Real World at all? Lilith and I caught an episode and wow, what a trainwreck. Sexism, racism, hypocrisy, crazy stereotypes about sex workers, check check check, and all in one episode. We could not stop watching and we couldn't stop saying 'I can't believe he/she actually just said that!' And here I thought I'd have nothing trashy and offensive to watch now that Rock of Love is over.
oh, i watch it jez, it's always a trainwreck... that's kinda why i like it...

speaking of drama... has anyone else been watching the natgeo series about people who are stupid enough to try to be mules and smuggle drugs? i think it's called "locked up abroad" it's always so super fucked up, and its true stories + reinactements. i am so addicted!
oh, i watch it jez, it's always a trainwreck... that's kinda why i like it...

speaking of drama... has anyone else been watching the natgeo series about people who are stupid enough to try to be mules and smuggle drugs? i think it's called "locked up abroad" it's always so super fucked up, and its true stories + reinactements. i am so addicted!
A traiwreck, yes. A sticky, gooey, delicious trainwreck. When the one chick actually said "the blackest of blackville" greyhound shot out my nose. And I really don't think racism is funny, but on the Real world, it frequently is. Remember the girl in Denver that kept calliing everywhere she went "ghetto"? Enough so that the street pee-er commented on it & she went ballistic.

I am so tired of the sterotypical loud black woman schtick on tv. The media potrays us as such, so that's what ignorant people think we are.

This is an odd question, but it's been bugging me. Around here they are going batshit about the digital tv turnover that takes place NEXT February. Frequent commercials & often times a banner at the bottom of the screen. Is this happening everywhere or is this just because a lot of Kansans are stupid? Are elderly people freaking out or something? I know technology often terrifies & confuses them so much sometimes that they just let stuff alone.
no, ap... it's not just kansas. they're doing the same thing here in northeast fl, but it IS otherwise known as the armpit of georgia, so... take that for what it is. but still, the marquee banner things across the bottom of the screen seven times a day?? is it really necessary??
And let me say that the tech for the digital converter is not ready yet. I got my coupon and bought the box. Installing it was simple enough although it was complicated trying to figure out how to get my VCR involved (I have no cable, no DVR, and an old TV) but I got it all together w/some help.

Well, now when I watch TV I have to deal w/random blackouts of some channels that just cannot be recieved, freezing screens from reception problems and the fact that the weather no influences my reception. The weather? What year is this?

Oh and then I found out that they will be producing an upgraded converter this fall and that is the one that should be bought. Wat the fuck?!
AP, we have the ads & the banners here in NC, too.

I find myself watching PBS more and more lately. The Jane Austen series pulled me in. Now I'm watching the "Cranford" series that started last Sunday. Does this make me painfully lame?
no, rose v, it doesn't make you lame, but politically, it does mean you are an elitist.

actually i used to love masterpiece theatre. i suck for not watching it in forever.
GT, you mean elitist like Barack Obama? That would kick ass! biggrin.gif

I never watched Masterpiece Theatre until this year & now I'm wondering if it's always been this good and I've been missing out. Judi Dench is in Cranford which was the main draw for me because I love her, but I've really enjoyed the stories so far. In the first episode they showed a cow in grey, flannel pajamas. Who wouldn't love that, huh? The episode is available to watch on PBS's website, but I don't know for how long.

It's okay. I balance out all of that high brow PBS stuff with healthy doses of America's Next Top Model. So I'm not too much of an elitist. wink.gif
I saw a bumpersticker from a comic once that said something like, "You call it elitist, I call it not being the dumbest motherfucker in the room." I've always liked it.

My fave snobby thing from PBS is "I, Claudius". The only reason I have a VCR is because I have them on tape.
sorry to interrupt...

but just had to share the sad news. 'girlfriends' is off the air.

um aural.... i'm soooo coming over to your house for a weekend of i claudius. i LURVE that series. have your read the book it was based on? it's a riot. it's pure narration, it's like reading "the begats" in the bible....
so. has the topic of dexter been brought up here yet? i've yet to watch it, but my friends are all about it.
It's brilliant, Knorl. Top-notch entertainment. Even the opening credits are good tv. And Michael C. Hall . . . sigh. He can go from looking innocuos to demonic in a heartbeat. Showtime is going to be playing the shit out of it all summer long as build up to season three, so you should be able to catch it. I've been saving them on my DVR & plan on having an all-out Dexter-fest some weekend.

Thanks, GT, another book to add to my ever growing list.
Popping in to say....Dexter is fucking awesome! Mr K and I started watching the first season about a month ago on DVD. Ended up going through all the episodes really quickly. Anxiously awaiting Season 2 DVDs to come out.

Agree with you Aural about Michael C Hall....he is really amazing.

knorl, Dexter is amazing!

Anybody want to predict who will win Top Chef (my guilty pleasure)? I am hoping forStephanie. I think she will win as she has been the most consistent throughout and makes some great food. They are all good chefs but Stephanie and Richard are of a higher calibre. Blaize is too arrogant and off-kilter for me though whereas I think Stephanie is a genuinely nice person; I've really warmed to her. I thought Lisa was nicer in Puerto Rico until the end when she reminded me she was obnoxious. I really want her to come third.
Sound Of Vision
I can't wait for next season of Heroes and House!!!

I'm sorry that QaF was stopped, but I guess it had lots of episodes...

My fave shows are/were: 6 feet under, black adder, only fools and horses, futurama, simpsons, scrubs, abfab, extras, my family, oz, house md, lost, sex and the city, will & grace, malcolm in the middle, rescue me, prison break, my family, the new statesmen, heroes, queer as folk, csi,

I'm not sure, but are they still making AbFab and 6 feet under?
"You call it elitist, I call it not being the dumbest motherfucker in the room."

Priceless. I've been looking for a way to express my annoyance with America's Cult of the Idiot Everyman for eight years now. smile.gif
ap: that's what i hear.. most people have said that the characters are really well developed and the storyline is great. just from the few conversations i've had, the show sounds quite witty and original, which is rare for tv anymore.

kari&bunnyb: i think i'm gonna have to borrow some of my friends dvds now. i'm just worried i'll get hooked like they are!
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