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Im embarassed to say Im addicted to TMZ
Hey, has anyone watched 30 Rock? Tina Fey's new comedy?'s a tie between 30 Rock and The Office for best show currently on TV in my opinion...and it's totally a feminist comedy! Unbelieveable. I have taped all of the episodes since I've been watching because it's kind of like The Simpsons ~ jokes fly by instantly calling for a re-watch! Seriously though, I'm super picky about comedy, not much really makes me laugh, but that show is freeking riotous. Tina jokes constantly about women in the TV industry and that is literally what the show's about. Alec Baldwin is hilarious with his deadpan style of comedy and plays her boss. Tracy Morgan has the most hilarious story lines, with serious issues underlying. Several other hilarious characters & story lines as well. It's jokes but about serious issues, again ~ like The Simpsons? Watch it prepared to lose your shite.
snow white
i love 30 rock
Snow White: Did you see the one where Carrie Fisher guest stars? I gotta love the 'wisdom' Liz Lemon's boss (Alec Baldwin) is always dropping on her... ('never follow a hippie to a second location') ~ HA cool.gif
snow white
no, but god-damn it i wish i did. i love carrie fisher's books and i bet she was great on the show. ever since i've gotten cable i haven't been watching my old rabbit-ears stand-by, nbc.

tina fey's character's name is "Liz Lemon"? i always thought they were calling her "Miz Lemon".
snow white: well you better start watching it again cuz you're missing it ; 0 hey, I've never read any of Carrie Fisher's books, you've got me curious! You'll def. be glad to catch that epi of 30 Rock on rerun though, it's one of the best ~

I was soooo glad I watched last night, it was incredible...lately I've been having tons of younger boys want to hang out with me, like 18 & 19 year old boys, right? and I actually have been excited about it but still afraid because I'm past 30. so I've just been blowing off the (HOT HOT HOT HOT) younger guys while simultaneously fantasizing about going out with 2 of them right? Well last night on the show, Liz Lemon has THE HOTTEST 20 year old boy whose totally into her and she thinks about it, doesn't know what to do for same reasons as me & Jack gives her advice too and it turns out the thing to do is go out with the younger dudes! * and so I've been inspired,* I'm calling one of them next week I swear.

Is anyone here a fan of Father Ted? I know the show ended ages ago but I've become addicted to watching the old episodes on the internet. They're hilarious!
i have fallen in love with ramsey's kitchen nightmares on bbc america. i avoided hells kitchen cos gordon ramsey was just a prick, who seemed to love nothing more than making people cry, but on kitchen nightmares, he curses like a sailor, but he's a sweetheart. i think the gameshow format doesn't work for him. instea, it's kind of like a "what not to wear" but for resurauteurs. every week he visits a different failing resuraunt every week and tries to turn things around. and the campaign for real gravy episode was really adorable.
Candycane-I love Father Ted too! It always makes me laugh, though in general british tv does that for me. Has anyone seen this old british Tv show called Dark Places? It's really funny.
I've never seen Dark Places. But I love Are You Being Served, The Office, Coupling and this other show that I can't remember the name of. It's a comedy about a man who's a dentist and his family.

Did anyone else give in to the temptation to watch the Spice Girls perform at the Victoria's Secret fashion show tonight? They sang Stop and it made me feel like I was 13 again!
The show on BBC America that I watch the most lately is Top Gear. Yes, it is a car show and I honestly don't know shit about cars, but I laugh out loud every time I watch this program. The episode in which they built amphibious vehicles out of old cars is definitely my favorite so far. I want a Damper Van, dammit! biggrin.gif
Hee, being from the UK I'm loving that you all like current and retro TV shows from here.

Candycane, the show about the dentist and his family is My Family and it's very funny; the older son cracks me up any time I watch it.

My favourite old British show is House of Eliott, which I'm re-watching on dvd. It's about a London fashion house in the 1930s run by two sisters and one of the sisters now plays Sophia in CSI (with an American accent).
Bunny-i love house of elliot. i've been watching the last season all this week.

I also watched the entire victoria's secret fashion show waiting to see the spice girls. They were obviously lip-synching but I loved their costumes. They definitely kicked ass! I had never even watched the VS fashion show before-so many of the models getups were so un-aesthetically pleasing.
snow white
jan~ check out "the best awful" , i love that one

bunnyb~ i love the british (and original?) version of the office, also abfab and wallace and gromet. u brits have some good tv wink.gif
snow white
lately i've been all about stupid-funny cartoons; simpsons, south park, family guy, spongebob. it's like this random craving that just snuck up on me.

and has anyone else noticed how much adult swim sucks lately. i like robot chicken and futurama is ok but where's the shows like home movies and mission hill? hell, i'll even take the oblongs. all this weird xanado the angel, death metal rawk god and anime shit has got to go! i don't even get anime (except for "spirited away" smile.gif )! where is sealab2020? the boondocks are pretty good but i usually lose interest. doesn't it seem like all they're putting on is dumb-ass college boy shit? now i'm pissed! lol
Metalocalypse is one of my top 5 favorite shows on right now. Brendan Small is amazing, doing pretty much all the music and half the voices.

*sorry, I gotta represent for the death metal*
AbFab was definitely British TV at it's finest; I miss it, especially the Christmas episodes.

I'm currently watching Carnivale for the first time on TV and really enjoying it: it's dark and sinister, I love the setting (era and carnivale) and it has a Lost-like suspense-creating mystery.
snow white
LOST! omg, i'm going through lost withdrawls right now sad.gif
Carnivale was one of my favorite shows--- it had a David Lynch feel to it. Too bad it got cancelled. I also miss Lost. Getting into Pushing Daisies as well. I agree with snow white on adult swim sucking lately.
I hate how there's nothing good on t.v. for at least two days in a row and then suddenly all of the good shows are on in one night at the exact same time!

Case in point, tonight at 8pm:

-Pushing Daisies
-America's Next Top Model season finale
-Little Mosque on the Prairie holiday special

And why didn't CTV show Pushing Daisies yesterday like they usually do?
I love Pushing Daisies so much. I'm bummed that due to the WGA strike we won't be getting any Xmas specials this year. I have such a thing for Xmas specials - like The Office one last year. So. Great. (I want to note that I do fully support teh WGA, just being selfish.)
adnarim - I know what you mean. I support the WGA but I miss Pushing Daisies! I miss all of my shows and I am reallyb wondering when they are coming back. Stupid, greedy network executives. Bah Humbug!
I recently started walking Dexter-does anyone else like that show? Even though it's about a serial killer, it was a lot more witty and cutting then i expected.
snow white
i've been watching malcolm in the middle re-runs all day and i LOVE this show. surprisingly i've never even seen it before
snow white, I never watched Malcolm in the Middle while it was on. One day I stumbled across the reruns & found it really entertaining. The dad is hilarious. I just read that he has a new show on AMC, I'm going to have to check that out.

snow white
kari, i'll definalty have to check that out. malcolm's dad is the best.

right now i'm watching "deadliest catch", that fishing show on discovery and i really like it. some poor kid (an apprentice?) had to pull out his own abcessded tooth, it was badass and good tv.
Lilpink, Dexter is definitely great - i had low expectations as i'm not usually a 'suspense' person, but the first season kept me on edge, the second season less so, but still worth watching, imho. I'm going to read the books too. I'm thinking of renting (or downloading) Carnivale, because all my fav shows (Weeds, Big Love, Dexter) are done for the season. I really want "the riches" to come back but i support the writer's strike as well. I'm making predictions in my head in the meantime:
I wonder if anyone will find the real Riches where they were dumped in that lake? They have to be found at some point. Also i wonder if the Malloys will go on the run and take on new identities? I would like to learn more about Wayne's mom and Dahlia's family background. But it seems the 2nd season is a long way off. Sine i've had the flu for a week i've watch six feet under reruns a lot, and i still miss that show so much....i have dreams about it after i watch it. that's my all-time favorite show definitely.
The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are back on Monday!!!!!


I'm so happy!!!!
YAY!! Oh that's so awesome. How I've missed Jon Stewart (oh yeah, he's also on the Simpsons this week!)

Glad someone loved Carnivale as much as I did. When does the second season start of the Riches again? I got the Twin Peaks box set for Christmas, and so happy about that. smile.gif
what about Californiacation???? That show was absolutely great. I loved Marcy! she rocked. "yes you can. yes *I* did"

how is it we dont have a thread for LOST? am i the only busty who's become rather obsessed with these people?
So what does everyone think of Carson's new show "How to Look Good Naked"? It's on Lifetime (I know, gag.) I think on Sat. nights, at least it was on last night.
I liked it, I thought it was very positive.

ETA: I am so obsessed with Pushing Daisies, thanks to my Mom and her Tivo. I think I'm in love with Ned. And the cast of Broadway greats!!! The writing is so sharp, and the costume and set designs are simultaneously gorgeous and hilarious. It is the best show I've seen in years, or possibly ever. I need it to come back on, I'm going into withdrawal!
has anyone watched vh1's latest and greatest trainwreck, celebrity rehab?

i can't help myself. my rubberneck response takes over and i can't turn the channel. that said, i loathe dr drew. i think he's the most useless tv doctor, and yes that means i think more of dr. phil. my gf who does rehab was yelling at the tv everytime he opened his mouth, so i guess i'm not alone.
I watch the original British version of How To Look Good Naked. I really like it, it seems pretty positive.

And I'm going crazy without Pushing Daisies. Damn this writers strike!
I wasn't sure what to expect of "How to Look Good Naked" but I have to say I was pleasantly suprised. Carso Kressly cracks me up, I wanna go have drinks and shoe shop with him and Chris March from "Project Runway."

Wow, I actually feel bad watching "Celeb Rehab" but I cannot pull my eyes away. I really feel sorry for them - I know, I know they volunteered for the show, but I can't help but think that most of them couldn't afford the rehab on their own so this really is a last chance effort.

That said I do not feel bad for the ladies (i use that term VERY loosely) on "Rock of Love." I'm rather excited for this trainwreck. It's just absurd, over the top and wrong on so many levels but you can bet I'll be watching.

Does anyone know the ETA on the writers stike? I can only watch so much reality tv without losing IQ points. My brain's starting to get mushy. wink.gif
I heart THE COMPLETE JANE AUSTEN which started tonight on PBS with Ann Gillian as the host. Yaay! Tonight they showed PERSUASION which I had not read. Loved it, it was aired twice in a row and I watched it again a second time...couldn't resist because the first time when they were looking into each others eyes you didn't know what he was thinking ~ the second time around you *knew* what he was thinking so that was reason to rewatch ~ (to revel in it! and to cry your eyes out!) I have to remember it's on again next week!
oooh, i forgot all about the jane austen thing. (disclosure: i actually can't stand the books themselves, but i heart the adaptations). heh.

thanks for reminding me!
I enjoyed the Jane Austin movie a lot. And that Captain was fine!
Looking forward to the rest of them!

On a side mote, I was laughing w/a friend about enjoying "culture" with stars from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek and X-Files.
Ohh I loved that jane austen movie last night. While I never read the books (because I'm too busy watching tv) I love the adaptations because the guys in jane Austen adaptations always seem to be totally hot. I loves me some costume drama.
Okay, is it just me or is Celebrity Rehab a total line crosser? Recovery is hard enough, why would you want the whole world to see? It disgusts me that it's even on. I thought Intervention was bad, but sheesh.
I am loving Ugly Betty just now. I hadn't seen all of season one but bunnymama bought me the dvd boxset for Christmas so watched it all and now catching up with season 2.
Glad to see that I'm not the only one watching the Complete Jane Austen on PBS! I told Sheff that Sunday nights are now reserved for me & that he just has to deal with it. Persuasion was so good. That guy who played the Captain ... who the hell is he?! Good god, he is delicious. I'm normally not a fan of blondes, but that particular man certainly made me weak in the knees.

This Sunday they're airing Northanger Abbey. Looks pretty promising.
Celeb Rehab is like a train wreck. I feel sorry for them, but yet it's hard to look away. Poor Jeff Conway...

RV, thanks for the link!
OMG i'm watching that now online and my heart just breaks for them going through detox. I shudder to think what my dad would go through if he went to rehab. Dayum.
I am an idiot. In previous post, I referred to the host of tonight's PBS Masterpiece Theater, The Complete Jane Austen ~ as Ann Gillian. Of course, the host is Gillian Anderson, not Ann Gillian. Can't believe I said that, I'm a huge X-Files fan too. My apologies. Enjoy the show though, it's Northanger Abbey tonight. P.S. I agree wholeheartedly on the Captian in Persuasion being a fine gentleman, yes indeedy doody!!!!
snow white
aw, i miss masterpiece theater so much- i need to check that out again now since i have cable.

*reality tv round-up*
anyone see "real housewives of new york city"? omg, the one couple who named their poor kids "hans" and "frans" are to die for! i laughed so hard! but these women are otherwise pretty boring and petty. and so far i'm not at all impressed with "millionaire matchmaker". remindes me of a cattle call. "my fair brady" sucks pretty bad, audrian is a complete pig. didn't she win the first "cycle" of america's next top model? "rock of love II" is disgusting as it is addictive. so far my favorites are that beady-eyed Ambre, Frenchy of course (who will stay for ratings i'm sure), Daisy b/c she's like a preteen sk8ter boi stuck in a malibu barbie's body and of course cathrine the 45 year old. oh and i also like germ-a-pobe Kristy-Joe, i think she'll make it to the final round. i'm keeping my eye open for a new Sam, but i'm expecting to be disappointed. and "celebrity rehab" is pretty intense, i still don't yet know what to think of it. and that's i did all weekend...i suck. lol

P.S. Jan. 28th on Starz is a Nick Drake documentary and Lost starts on the 31st! yay! can't wait for my televised crack to start up again biggrin.gif
i'm actually a sucker for millionaire matchmaker. and i'm in love with "in treatment" on HBO. i caught all of the episodes today, but i could just be into this show because of the work that i do...
Hey ladies, the writers' strike is over!! They have reached a deal!

Ohhh, I can't wait for Pushing Daisies now!
candycane, I read that Pushing Daisies won't be returning until after the summer; they didn't have enough time to produce new shows and have released Anna Friel for a film sad.gif.

I wonder what this will mean for all the other shows I watch... I'm hoping there will be time for The Riches and Big Love to produce their full seasons.

As it is, I've been catching up on some shows. I watched all of season 2 of Dexter in a few days and then Californication, which was outrageously funny and now one of my new favourite shows..
I spoke too soon. It turns out that it might not actually be over. Gah, I just wish there was official word on the strike! I don't want the oscars to be canceled!
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