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It's a feature film. It's called Dreamland.
i just posted in the community thread asking if anyone had objections to a Veronica Mars thread.

Is there enough interest for one? And what should it be called? I was thinking "We Used To Be Friends: Veronica Mars" or maybe something along the lines of "Mars Investigations."
i have to delurk in here to say that when i was reading last week about how you were all so turned on to VM, i was completely getting it confused with that new lame show with rebecca romaine /i{pepper dennis} and thought you'd all flipped your lids.

i was so glad when i realized my mistake.

that is all.

Lunasol, where did you download Season Two of VM? And what type of computer do you have? My old computer was pretty shitty, but my new one might actually be able to handle a regular download without crashing.
falljackets, that makes me laugh soooo hard. no, different show.

the Timothy McVeigh thing should be interested - they were workshopping it at Sundance Labs last year (w/ Dohring in the role)

and I'm all for a "Mars Investigations" thread.
snaf: i downloaded it through BitTorrent - i've finally just figured out how to use it. woo!

BitTorrent used to make my cheapo Dell cry, but seems to work pretty well on my Mac. then I downloaded a program called VLC to watch the eps.

they still took a few days to download, though. and i only got the first half of the season, which i tore through, so now i'm trying to get the rest.

if you want torrent help, send me an email or post something on lj.
Ha! Yes, it's all about the "Pepper Dennis"! It's bizarro world BUST!

wouldn't that be hilarious.

anyhoo, i decided to hold off on starting a VM thread until i've seen the rest of the second season. i know that sounds selfish, but i realized that if i started the thread, then i'd be obligated to post there regularly, and then i might get spoiled. althought thanks to TWOP - grumble, grumble - i already know that beaver is responsible for the bus crash and aaron was acquitted of attempting to murder veronica. Damn TWOP!! ::shakes fist::

however, if anyone else wants to start the thread, go right ahead and i'll pop in once i'm done with the season.
I'm so embarassed. I've been watching this show on Lifetime. I've been WATCHING LIFETIME. But....the show is so good. Strong Medicine. It was created by Whoopi Goldberg and it's about a hospital for low-income women. It's mostly staffed by women, which is pretty cool and the older episodes have Patrica Richardson on them and I love her.

i feel like such a sucker. But seriously, I'm having a birthday party on Friday and I'm planning on taping the episode because it's going to be on during my party.

I think I can give myself some credit for not watching the movies ever though. Thank god.
I want to start watching Lifetime, actually, mostly because my roommate, a writer, is working on a new TV show that comes out on this channel in July called Angela's Eyes. She said they are trying to change their image and appeal to both sexes and to do more TV shows than just melodramatic movies. I've never watched Strong Medicine, but I'll have to check it out.
Really? I am so looking forward to Angela's Eyes! (I am dorkily excited about spy shows.) I'll look out for your roommate's name.
I'm glad to hear that. We only get a few cable channels, (our cable and Lifetime is one that comes in clearly.
"Pee-wee" set to play with Adult Swim

it truly IS a dream come true! i used to wake up early on saturdays and yes, i was 26, but so what? to watch pee wee. and chairy. and miss yvonne and her luscious bazooms. and cowboy curtis. and captain carl. *sniff* and jambi. "mecca-lecca-high-lecca-heiny-ho!"
Mandolyn, you just brought back umpteen memories with that post! Jambi was that...head thing, right? (I swear, all I remember is a head!)
Yay! I'm excited that summer now means new episodes of my favorites... like The Closer and The 4400... which means now I get nothing accomplished in the summer just like the rest of the year. :-(
Oooo, I was hoping that someone else was watching The 4400.
Spoiler alert:

I so will not miss the character of Lily. If someone had to die, I am glad it was her.
My other observations are that Sean, the kid in charge of the 4400 Center did a really great job in the season opener. And the guy who is not a 4400 but is helping Sean, well, he needs to get stomped on soon. I could not believe the way he was treating Isabelle. After all, this is the same child who was able to almost kill people when she was still a fetus. I do not think that my first action towards her would be a physical attack.
And whoever the new hairdresser is is doing a wonderful job. The NTAC boss looked outstanding!

Did anyone catch Lovespring International? It's pretty funny and I think I'll be watching it this summer. However Windfall lost me in the first five minutes thanks to the cheesy music and character cliches.
I LOVE Strong Medicine! I just discovered it on Lifetime a couple of weeks ago. (a channel I NEVER watch , I swear.) But it's on at 1 am here so I usually tape it.
I'm Also getting into Veronica Mars. I need to get the 1 st season dvds. Are they out?
yup, mirabella, the first season dvds are out, and you can download the second season from isohunt or some such place
*dude, i didn't even hit anything twice! what's up with the lounge?
i wasn't sure if i should post this in the america's next top model thread, or bring it up in here - but is anyone watching canada's next top model?

so, tonight was the third episode, i think, and i am getting quite disappointed! it's very similar to the american show, but i find this one to be waaaaaay more weight-focussed and obsessed. last show, one of the contestants was advised to shave or wax her arm hair because she had too much. she commented that she now has more hair because she's always cold (and extremely thin) the only solution is to just wax/shave off the hair? how about some discussion of her weight?
and another woman was constantly obsessing about her buttocks, which were, in my opinion, just absolutely fine!
those are just two examples.

just wondering if anyone else is watching the show and what you think!
i was finishing up a project and i had the tv on as background noise and happened to end up watching the end of geraldo at large, which i never would have watched otherwise. they had a segment about medical marijuana, and ended up showing a clip of gerardo GETTING STONED ON TV from the SEVENTIES when his show went to some research facility. and my god, he gets SO STONED and it is HI-LARIOUS and so awkward.
Just ordered VM on Netflix. Should be watching it pretty soon... Loving Netflix right now. Also, ordered DeadWood and Felicity and Dawsons Creek...
I don't really have any summer shows (I am watching "Spaced" on BBC America and that's pretty funny) but I'm rewatching the American "Office" and that show holds up well.

I want to rewatch Season 1 of VM again. Is it September yet? I really can't wait for it to start up. But I am avoiding TWOP like you can't believe because I will not be spoiled for it. No ma'am.

So...Emmy noms on Wednesday? There are rumors that Battlestar Galactica didn't get any noms, and I'm not some sci-fi geek princess (oh wait...), but that is crap.
The American Office does hold up well. It's one of the few shows I can watch the repeats and still laugh.

Is anyone else going to watch Big Brother? I told myself I wasn't, but it's already got my interest.
I heart the American Office. I hope that it stays on forevah.

The summer schedule is lame. I miss Prison Break and Lost. And 24. and Grey's Anatomy. sigh.

I want to get a show we haven't seen on DVD for our upcoming road trip...I'm thinking VM but don't know if the mr. will go for it. Maybe the first season of Arrested Development, which we missed.
I'd suggest Sex and The City, always good for a few laugh.
Arrested Development would be good. Maybe Entourage? Sex and the City is always good too... Going to Best Buy tomorrow and buy some dvds... maybe Grey's Anatomy...
Scrubs is fabulous. Very funny and entertaining. Great for a road trip.
aw, great suggestions, everyone - thanks! Unfortunately, I've seen every SATC, Entourage and Scrubs ever made. (Yikes, I must watch a lot of TV.) We were thinking about getting something more drammatic and involved, but maybe that's not the best idea since we'll be driving...maybe a Scrubs Season is in order.
lot49, what about House? The boy and I worked our way through season one and straight onto season 2, it's dramatic and involved AND v funny.
good idea, bunnyb! We were thinkng about watching House, but never did.
I can't recommend it enough! It can be quite formulaic but I love it and v sad that we're coming to the end of watching season 2 sad.gif.

Coming in to talk about two shows. Anyone watch It's always sunny in Philadelphia/ I've seen about 3 episodes and it is hilarious. Similar to Arrested Development in way of humor, but slightly more inappropriate.

And an old show that I am just now watching on DVD: [b]Freaks & Geeks[b]. Love it! It is surprising how many people are in it that are now in other things.


Coming in to talk about two shows. Anyone watch It's always sunny in Philadelphia/ I've seen about 3 episodes and it is hilarious. Similar to Arrested Development in way of humor, but slightly more inappropriate.

And an old show that I am just now watching on DVD: Freeks and geeks/ Love it! It is surprising how many people are in it that are now in other things.
Okay, I guess this belongs in here. VH1 Classic is going to run the first 24 hours of MTV! I think this is so cool I'm going to forgo my walker and jump on my motorized Rascal just so I get to the TV by Monday so I can watch it (for 10 minutes before I fall asleep because I ate a huge dinner at 5pm at Furr's Cafeteria). I may even dress up and put my teeth in!
Has anyone else been watching "Lucky Louie"? I made the mistake of watching it last night. It's basically a bunch of stand-up comics that are given lines they deliver very flatly or way too earnestly (worse than a middle school play). The writing is weak, the sets are awful, and it's really not funny at all. I think it's supposed to be funny in the way "Married... With Children" was, but it falls so far short. Am I wrong to ask for just a little bit of polish in my television entertainment? Please don't waste your time on this.
Lot, maybe try LOST? I just started watching it and while there are a lot of things that drive me nuts, it's addictive! Only one season available so far, though....

Divala, I watched the first two episodes of Lucky Louie and was incredibly disappointed. As a stand-up comedian, he is HILARIOUS. He has an HBO stand-up special that was the best comedy routine I've seen in years. Unfortunately, many of his onstage jokes were translated into scenarios for the show, which I don't think was at all effective. It sucks, though, because he is a talented stand-up comedian.

The sets drive me nuts - it looks like a high school play, you're right.
funny, i heard an NPR interview with him about a month before the show started coming on and i thought it sounded like it could be good. but maybe that's because i'm giving him too much credit since he used to write for conan obrien and even for dave chappelle.

i'll heed the warning though and tune out!

thanks diva!
"Welcome to the end of the sitcom as you know it."

That's the tagline for Lucky Louie. It's fitting & appropriate. Life is often dirty & messy. And *funny*. LL depicts that. I can't say I absolutely love the show, but I can't write it off for it's rawness because that's the whole point. All of the actors involved have good track records as character actors & they all have excellent timing. There's a lot of improvisation & they're trying to show a darker, truer version of the average life. Does the show have it's bad points? Yeah. I could live the rest of my life without seeing loser brother Jerry's penis again & the kid makes me want to tear my hair out (Much like a lot of REAL kids I know.) I also hate the canned laughter. But does it have some good points, too? Yes. The wife is the breadwinner of the clan as a hardworking nurse & she doesn't take *any* shit from anybody. Louie works part time & raises their kid.

I don't quite think people are getting the premise of the show. The show isn't supposed to be "polished" or glossy or rarified. It's supposed to be gritty & low-brow, but in a much more *honest*, non 'yukyuk aren't we better off than those losers' way than MWC. The sets are shitty because *real* people on a fixed incomes often live in shitty places, especially in the NYC area. If you want "polish," go watch the pretty, well-manicured Desperate Housewives or the sexy doctors of Grey's Anatomy or the sleek labs of CSI: Hoboken. The couple of chuckles I get out of LL beat the staid, generic qualities of most sitcoms.
(cross-posted from Pip Pip...)

Right, ladies, I appeal to your BBC-watching prowess to provide what ye olde Internet cannot...

We had a BBC3 import air here in the States a year or two ago - Spy. It was an elimination-style competition, taking ordinary volunteers & putting them through the paces of MI5 spy training. Tartman & I were glued to the first 5 episodes, then for god knows what reason didn't watch the rest of the series.

I thought about it again today, and am damned if I can find any information on who actually won, either the episode challenges or the whole series.

Anyone able to fill me in & allow me to get back to work?
I have become addicted to watching the TLC network lately - they have some really good shows on there!
Is anybody watching their newest one - called The Messengers? I need people to discuss it with smile.gif
Tart, have you checked IMDB? Sometimes they have info on British shows.

I saw an episode of "Lucky Louie" and also absolutely hated it. The stripped down set, gritty language, etc. would all be okay and/or even interesting if the show was actually funny, and I didn't think it was. It was simply depressing and painful in the way horrible jokes are painful.
(slaps forehead) Brilliant! Marileen, you are my hero - someone kindly posted a recap of the final episode.
Has anyone been watching Weeds? I heard from a couple of people that it was good. I saw down to watch it last night and ended up watching the first 9 episodes. I really love the actress who plays the main character (the mom).
i've heard really good things about weeds also, mermaidgirl. i LOVE mary louise parker.

i'm just bummed that i don't have showtime. booooooo!
That's her name! Thank you! She's really good in it. I think the first season might be available on DVD....?

I don't have Showtime either. I watched them all at my boyfriend's parents' house over the weekend. I wish I had Showtime - Huff is a good show too.
Weeds is fantastic! I too love Mary Louise Parker. We watched the entire series in one night (there's only ten) and the new series begins next week - woot!
Oh so there are only ten episodes in the first season. I only have one left to watch then.

Do you know if the second season is going to be longer/have more episodes?
As far as I'm aware there are still only 10 episodes and I don't think they'll be longer. It's a pity as I could watch double the amount of eps and then some. Looking froward to it coming back.
Maybe this belongs in the whitey thread, but Flavor of Love is so fucking wrong, for so many reasons. And yet, fascinating. I can't decide: Am I a racist for watching Flavor of Love? Or am I a racist for worrying that it's racist?
Who cares about the race aspects, a girl CRAPPED ON THE FLOOR!

WTF?!?!?!?!?! blink.gif laugh.gif
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