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No ore werd than I am. Which, you know, whatever that says. I used to have such a crush on "Ryan," the more bookish dark-haired guy from the early seasons. I was really annoyed when he was replaced w/ a more traditionally handsome guy. Can't even remember his name. And I just wanted to be Micky with her dark red hair and her sexy voice!
I finally watched Pushing Daisies, and I really liked it. It is very Amelie and Wonderfalls. I see it getting cancelled soon though, we'll see.
All digits cross that Pushing Daisies isn't cancelled. I haven't watched Amelie yet, even though the dvd is sitting on my bedside table ready to do so.

Am I the only person who watches Prison Break? I want to discuss the head in the box! It was ripped off from Seven and wasn't as shocking as the other deaths on the show have been (well Abruzzi's, definitely). I thought it was cold and clinical but that's probably due to her having had no scenes since last season (maternity leave). I always like the fact that the writers aren't sentimental on this show - it adds excitement and unpredictability.

Moved to a more appropriate thread.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Oct 8 2007, 12:23 PM) *
No ore werd than I am. Which, you know, whatever that says. I used to have such a crush on "Ryan," the more bookish dark-haired guy from the early seasons. I was really annoyed when he was replaced w/ a more traditionally handsome guy. Can't even remember his name. And I just wanted to be Micky with her dark red hair and her sexy voice!

Haha. Yeah. I can’t believe you liked Ryan too!? I thought he was so cool, with those sad under eye bags, down to earth and an excellent compliment to Mickey. I liked Mickey too. She had that flat, champagne, Canadian voice, because she came from money. Then Ryan got changed back to a kid in that one episode so he can re-live his childhood with his estranged mother and put that fake Italian guy on there instead, which was like watching a pompadour plastered on wallpaper.
I just wanted to be Micky with her dark red hair and her sexy voice!
thank god. mee too!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Oct 6 2007, 03:18 PM) *
And while I like Jason Dorhing and I am happy that he is working, his character is like Logan the Vampire. Every second I expected him to start twirling his hands and mooning over some blonde girl.

kitten, you say that like it's a bad thing tongue.gif.
dm, I haven't watched Pushing Daisies yet but I wouldn't worry about it getting canceled. It's one of ABC's strongest new shows and has been doing really well with the ratings.
Finally caught Pushing Daisies last week, and loved it. Definately has that Tim Burtonish vibe to it (It reminds me a lot of Big Fish). Doesn't Christopher Lee do the narration? I love the colors and the stories. It's one of my favorite shows now.

Chuck and Reaper are still really good. I'm waiting for The Riches to come back.... smile.gif
According to IMDB, the narrator is a guy named Jim Dale.
According to the biography section, he is the voice of all of the Harry Potter audio books in the US. I've never heard those before, but I know I've heard his voice. I bet he does a lot of commercials.
I tired watching "Pushing Daisies" but i found it too cutsie. I recently became very enamored of "Rescue me" .How I love Netflix.
sassy, do you know when The Riches is coming back? I'm on episode 9 (the one with the hilarious dinner party) and it is my new addiction. Now I see what all the Eddie Izzard fuss is about! phwoar.
Does anyone watch the Canadian tv show Robson Arms? I saw the first season on dvd, and the second season comes out in November. Just wondering if it's still on, and if it is what season is airing now? I tried to search the CTV website, but it has episode summaries on the first page, and I don't want any spoilers.
Bunny, The Riches comes back in March. For some reason, I thought it was returning in Jan or Feb. However, they're coming out with the DVD in Jan.

Pushing Daisies was picked up for a full series! (according to E!)

Roll on March, sassy; I finished watching the first season yesterday. Sniff.
still watching 'heroes', wanting more action going. really liking 'Journeyman'. anybody else? lovin 'House'. and for some reason, son and I have been glued to reruns of 'Mythbusters' fun! I tried the 'Pushing Daisies'. couldn't finnish one show.
Does anyone here watch The Office? It is pretty much the only show that I *must* watch each week.
I love The Office - it's not one of my must sees every week, but I do TiVo it and watch often (I TiVo a lot of shows that I don't always watch). I am happy that it's back to 30 minutes though, an hour was too long for that show, IMO.

I also like Pushing Daisies. It is just a little too precious and was a bit much at first, but it's starting to grow on me. Amelie is definitely one of my all-time fav movies and it's no coincidence that PD has a similar look - they both use the same super-saturated color processing of the film. Oh and I loved Wonderfalls, too!

Reaper is really good, too. I just hope that start to make it a little more interesting; seems to be the same episode over and over (a good episode, though smile.gif).

Moonlight is pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as I expected (my expectations were really low). The acting is decent, the plots are predicable, and it's mildly entertaining. Mostly, it's just very shallow - there's nothing compelling about the characters, no larger themes to grapple with - nothing like Angel.

Bionic Woman is probably the worst new show I've watched this year. I really wanted to like it - Katee Sackoff, the BSG connection - but it's so bad. Maybe it will get better? I don't know, I loves me some hot chicks with super powers, but the woman who plays Jamie is so awful.

My hands-down absolute favorite new show is Torchwood. I know it's actually in it's second season in the UK, but they just started airing season 1 on BBC America 6 weeks ago. It's really fantastic and probably the only show I look forward to watching every week this season (I miss you Veronica Mars!).
I just find that I don't seem to get into dramas lately - I used to loooove Buffy - it was my favourite show, I feel like I should watch Angel on DVD because I never saw any of them.

I agree that the one hour Office episodes were a bit long, but I would take one hour of so-so Office over pretty much anything else.
Moonlight is my guilty pleasure but I do think there are improvements from episode to episode. It is definitely no Angel and I find the comparisons reductive.

missjoy, you should definitely watch Angel! I'm currently re-watching the entire series and I forgot exactly how good it was; in fact, some of the later seasons I haven't seen at all.
Californication... absolutely LOVE it. could not have asked for a better ending. did not see it coming at all.
not liking 'bionic woman'. was hoping for a good one, but not.
do like 'reaper' though. fun show.
crap, is californication over? i kept pretending it was never going to favorite part was how becca would prickle if anyone patted or tousled her bangs. hope that doesn't mean weeds is over as well...

pushing daisies. oh! so cute. i love chuck's dresses. when she was all "kick, pooh, kick!" and "mind over matter makes pooh unfatter". and audrey from little shop of horrors. (does anyone obsesively have to go to imdb and x-reference the cast members of everything to nail down where they have seen them previously?)

grey's anatomy a little weak this year. heroes is almost laughable. sad that damages is over; that show was good. although, catching curb your enthusiasm too made it a little disocncerting that i was watching TWO ted danson shows.

(btw, i am not a newbie, but i have not posted in ages so hi! if you don't know me)
glowlita = gluelita now, right?

And I adore Pushing Daisies. Hee, I loved the "Kick Pooh, kick!" part too.

I haven't watched Californication yet, but I think I'm going to have to. I saw a few clips last night after Weeds.

I am currently in love with Dexter. Bill Murrays daughter Jaime is just hot. And it's kind of nice to see Dexter relating and being attracted to someone.
yes. when people stop glowing and start glueing.

oh! i forgot to say that i also get tremendous pleasure from The Big Bang Theory. cute smartie characters with whiteboards=hot. my favorite is the guy who dressed up as the doppler effect for halloween. when he made his fish nightlight. mmm. the best.
I hear ya on the imdb thing, gluelita. The first thing I do if I can't remember an actor or film/show is run to the computer and neurotically search imdb. I totally forgot that the one lady was in Little Shop of Horrors!!

Pushing Daisies was pretty fun last night. Ghost stories are my fave.

Any busties out there watch Dancing With The Stars? I'm a total addict.
gluelita - I like the Big Bang show too. I also used to like Roseanne when I was younger so I liked that they brought the girl who used to play Darlene in as the one night stand for the actor who used to play David.

And I loved the Doppler Effect costume - so funny.

Those are the only two episodes I've seen so far.
yeah she was so good. "the equations on my boards do not contain errors". heehee.
I am loving reality (she said, feeling soooo sooo ashamed). What is wrong with me? The Hills, Real World. I can't wait for Project Runway. But lately BLOGS ARE MY CRACK. This one really made me laugh with an entry, "Oh, My God! You're So Fat! Congratulations!" Hee hee.
what did we do before imdb? I check it for everything as hate the not knowing (what they were in and when).

Finished watching Damages and it was thrilling. Just remembered I have an ep of Pushing Daisies to catch up on.
Anyone else watching the Jennifer Fox documentary series called "Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman"? The 2nd episode of 6 just aired here. It's a documentation of her search for different women's opinions on love/marriage/sex/childbearing in the modern world. She travels a lot visiting friends and lovers and is searching for answers. From that description it sounds like nothing new but there's something about it I really like. She covers a lot of ground and it frank yet open, and it flows naturally. Something about it annoys me too, though, maybe just the fact that these questions can be so troubling to me, especially since I'm young so I "shouldn't" be thinking about it so much.

There's more info at
I have a guilty pleasure. Anyone watch "How do I look?" I love that show, even though they are so mean to the guests and I would not let anyone throw away my expensive things. They need to give those clothes to charity! That said, I can't get enough of the show.

And what about Ghost Hunters?
I love it TOO - but it a total "cringy" way because it anyone ever appraoched me the the mall - said I was wearing Mom jeans and then proceeded to cut them off me and ridicule my BIG COTTON COMFY UNDERWEAR - I would run screaming... probably to CINNABON but... none-the-less

I KNOW! And it makes me feel like such a heel for watching it. But it just sucks me in. It's interesting to see how different people can look just by changing their clothing and doing their hair and makeup. But I must admit, if I was on that show, I would totally get knocked down for my Earth shoes...I would SO hate them if they threw those away and replaced them with shoes that were uncomfortable. I wonder what possesses people to sign a contract to be on that show.
I am so glad that I started watching 30 Rock. It is not just a show to watch, it is a show to pay attention to.

Best line from last night:

They love him in every demographic: colored people, broads, fairies, commies...gosh we've got to update these forms."
Anyone ever watch MSNBC's How to catch a Predator? I like that show but it's sickening to see that theres really people like that roaming around.
I just started watching ghost hunters because my brother is practically obsessed with it and recorded the recent marathon. I think Steve, the dude with all the phobias, is kinda cute.

I finally succumbed to one of the super-sweet deals DirecTV is having in my area - it will be installed shortly after Thanksgiving (I need to bring my TV up here - it's been in my parents' garage for the past 3 years).

I've already been told that I definitely need to watch Pushing Daisies. What other gems have I been missing in my no-TV access exile? My prior fave shows were Gilmore Girls, Roseanne, Daria, and The West Wing. Not so much with the reality shows.

Bonus: Since I've been way out of the TV loop, even if the WGA strike (which I support wholeheartedly) drives us into reruns, they'll all be new to me.
lanie, I'm definitely hooked on Pushing Daisies. Actually, I think that's the only new show that I've gotten into. And of course I love Ugly Betty.
Does anyone else watch anything on METV? I just finished an episode of Facts of Life and now I am watching Silver Spoons with Ricky Schroeder. It is all so adorable! Ricky is "hacking" into some government computer network. I just love this channel on a Sunday afternoon.
i totally watched meTV when i lived in chicago. i don't know if i have it here. great channel.

and having little social life and too tired to read...i've succumbed to watching tv again. damn. so much for being a pseudo-intellectual. and i can't wait for the new year when the L word starts again.
I wanted to share this little YouTube clip concerning the Writers Guild Strike. It is actually from the morning news that I watch every day so that kind of tickles me. But it really explained to me just what is being debated here. Personally, I am with the writers and I wish that the corporations would just pay the hell up. The only good thing that will come out of a long strike will be that Jericho should come back on sooner.

Of couse, as with all things I have to see what my boyfriend Joss Whedon thinks. rolleyes.gif
Does anyone else feel like tv just helps them to unwind? Some people have a glass of wine, I turn on the boob tube.
I'm so with you on that. Although, sometimes I have a beer or two (or a couple of glasses of wine) along with it. But, it's very relaxing.

Kittenb, thanks for sharing those links. Joss Whedon... mmm. smile.gif

Gotta now find Metv.... I love all those old shows.

don't have the channel that you were talking bout kitten, but i was wanting to find out what other's favorite channels are and maybe find a new (or old) favorite show...

so what are your favorite tv channels?

Does anyone else get that Peachtree TV channel? It's weird because here it used to be TBS and then they went and changed it! And that kind of pisses me off cause that means no more reruns of Sex and the City. I don't care what anyone says, I love that show!
Nope, MeTV is a Chicago-only, independant station. For those outside of Chicago, it basically just shows re-runs of old shows going as far back as I Love Lucy (sorry, but for so many reasons, I hate that show!)

We also have this channel that appeared on our cable, called Ion. Same kinda deal, old re-runs. It's mostly crap- lots of bad 80's shows that went off the air for a good reason, but they did replay all of The Wonder Years (why, oh, why is that not out on DVD?!?!?). Downside is that they also play an obnoxious amount of infomercials. Not even cheesy, amusing Ron Popeil-type stuff, but like the super-boring investment deals. Ugh. I'm thinking of de-programming the station from our TV now that they've finished running The Wonder Years.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Nov 21 2007, 02:55 AM) *
no more reruns of Sex and the City. I don't care what anyone says, I love that show!

I fucking love SaTC. I have the complete series on dvd and continually re-watch them. Friends and I already have plans for when the movie comes out: we're going to dress up as the characters (gay boyfriend is going to be Stanford), drink lots of Cosmos then go see it. I don't think Lipstick Jungle is going to be even halfway as good but I'll watch it nevertheless.

Anyone else watching Bones? Kitten? I have a theory about the Gormogan serial killer: I think the new apprentice is Sweets.

snow white
QUOTE(MsYuefie @ Nov 16 2007, 05:33 PM) *
I just started watching ghost hunters because my brother is practically obsessed with it and recorded the recent marathon. I think Steve, the dude with all the phobias, is kinda cute.

is steve the one w/ tattoos? i'm watching that show right now and i love that guy wub.gif
bunnyb - I do watch Bones and, wow, I had not considered that. Hmmmmm....
I still watch Sex and the City, and will definately see the movie. I want to get the complete series on dvd, but am waiting for a price drop.
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