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girltrouble that's why i haven't got cable either... right now i have 13 films checked out from the library (seattle libraries order every new release so if it appears in the theatre, you can check it out for free.)

and i'm sorry i am a bit hairtrigger with my defense of the bube tube, i have a friend who always has something to say about watching tv, dispite the fact he watches plenty himself, and my last workplace had a millitant anti-tv vegan who didn't believe we were at war with iraq. it just really drives me batshit... but you know i love you, you red haired goddess...hehe

lilly and cat lady, did you see that wifeswap with the crazy xtian lady who tore up the check cos it was 'of the devil?' hilarious! america never looked so crazy.....
vesica, in the interview Dennis Leary said that his cousin had died. And he said something along the lines of "they knew every time they went to work that they might not come back and they loved their wives and children but they did it anyway".

I'm only on the third episode, gt, but I already love it! Except for the fact that one of my friends is lecturing me about watching "illegal content" on my computer. Pffft, whatever.
girltrouble, I remember that insane wifeswap lady!! smile.gif I'm ashamed to admit it though. It's fucking insane. And now I'm just addicted to Top Chef.

I have satelite, but I just cancelled HBO.

And right now watching Freaks and Geeks and realizing how fucking funny real and great it was. Shame it got cancelled. I think it really made high school how it was. At least for me.

Going to Netflix Rescue Me as well.
sassy I love Top Chef! I already have my favorites picked out. I was rooting for Ilan and Sam last season.
OMG [pun intended] that episode of Wife Swap was the one that got me really hooked... I actually grew up in a situation like that, I've seen those kinds of freakish tantrums, and it's that kind of extremist behavior that makes me the atheist that I am today. I was tickled pink to witness Wife Swap's level of honesty in editing, and impressed by ABC for letting it stand during this atmosphere of ultra-righty conservatism.

BTW, I have no qualms with spirituality... I have very dear friends that are bacs [born-again-christians]... but they don't get all freaky-deaky on me or on anyone else, because they know it's a personal journey. They respect my beliefs as I respect theirs.

Anywho, I say cheers to Wife Swap, for revealing the very ugly underbelly of bac extremism.
... and I love, love, love Hell's Kitchen. Was glad to see that wussie crybaby go. Champion of underdogs, I'm rooting for the short-order cook.
so has anyone been watching flight of the concords?
Does anyone know when Hell's Kitchen will be over? I missed this whole season because I haven't had cable for three months, but I am getting it set up again on July 4th. I hope it won't be over by then because I love that show and even if I can catch the last episodes I'll be happy!
I think they have like 7 people left... so it will be a while...
i thought that was what was going to happen, still, tonite's rescue
I fell asleep in the in the middle of the opening theme song of rescue me last night. How was it?
Ack, I can't come in here anymore cause I'm only halfway through Season 1 of Rescue Me. I was watching it stream on the web but now the links are down and I can't find it available to rent anywhere! I'm going nuts, I just wanted to watch my show!
okay, two things:

1 - is men in trees off the air? they're playing old eps now, which is cool b/c i wanted to get into it, but i haven't heard much about it beyond reruns.
2 - my netflix subscription allows for 14 hours of movies/and tv shows streaming. yay! what's a new must see show i should get into?
well, have you checked out the rescue me? i like entourage too, i've heard dexter is good, and if you are looking for movie recommendations, i'm sure you know about reel life, the movie thread, lots of recommendations there too, or you can rattle off some things you like and i'm sure plenty of recommends will
Rescue Me and Entourage aren't available for instant viewing on Netflix yet. I don't have a television, so ALL my TV viewing is through the internet, and believe me I use every minute Netflix gives for teh instant watching! They've got tons of old Dr. Who eps loaded, if you like Tom Baker(s). Also def. check out Coupling, they've got all the seasons on there. It's one of my favorites! I was never into Friends beyond the first season, but Coupling (the show they based Friends on) had me laughing most every episode.

Oh, and they also have the complete collection of Yes, Prime Minister. And Seasons 1 and 2 of The Office (American version). And Red Dwarf...which is kind of 80's dorky, but entertaining because I remember watching it back then, too.
I just have to say that I am still loving Rescue Me! I just finished episode 6 of the first season and I am going to watch at least one or two more tonight. Does anyone else find themselves having fireman fantasies after watching the show? I don't find Denis Leary very physically attractive but I just love his character. Does that even make any sense?
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Jun 28 2007, 10:46 PM) *
okay, two things:

1 - is men in trees off the air? they're playing old eps now, which is cool b/c i wanted to get into it, but i haven't heard much about it beyond reruns.
2 - my netflix subscription allows for 14 hours of movies/and tv shows streaming. yay! what's a new must see show i should get into?

I know its been out for a while, but if you haven't checked out 6 Feet Under, definitely get into that. Lots of seasons to watch, very addictive. Also Carnivale-- but it's pretty dark and sinister at times.
gt/lily, i'm a straight movie/netflix fiend, but not so much with serial shows. i always wanted to get into like a good hbo show. i dug six feet under (which, as a side note, i think i saw rachel griffiths in maine this past weekend), but i didn't like the first few eps of entourage (surprising, b/c i love hollywood/celebesque type things). never saw the sopranos, which i think is a slight blasphemy. and i know how it ended sad.gif

and candy/six, i've heard amazing things about rescue me, but haven't checked it out yet. looks like that gets move to the top of the list.
I have never been able to get into Entourage. But then again, I usually dislike any show or movie that is supposed to be like, a look at Hollywood. Why would anyone want to watch a show about show business?

As for The Sopranos, crazyoldcatlady, it's sooooo good, I can't even describe how much I love that show. One of my friends keeps saying that he's going to start watching it and I'm amazed he's been able to avoid knowing what the ending is, considering it was all over the news and such.
i usually hate hollywood stories, i loathed the player, but entourage is fun, i think it's more about the boys...and ari, who has some of the best lines...
!!!Important News!!!!!!Important News!!!!!!Important News!!!!!!Important News!!!

CBS will start reairing Jericho Friday, July 6th. Just so you all know. Come discover the joy that is Jake.
Hmmm, maybe I'll try and hunt down some Jericho on the internet....

I've only seen a couple episodes of the Sopranos, and have no idea how it ended. I think I'll wait until they're ALL on DVD and do a marathon.

I did finally watch all of the Riches, and now I can't wait for the new season!!! How creepy are Psycho and the One-Armed Bandit living next door?!

Oooh, I should go put all the Six Feet Under seasons in my queue! I'd almost forgotten about that show, I watched most of the first season and then went cable-less....

*runs off to extend the world's longest queue*
for anyone else watching Army Wives on Lifetime (which I recognize might only well be me):
for the record, I'd like to state that much, some, a Lot on there is factually & otherwise inaccurate.

I knew there'd be some liberities for the sake of tv, but never once in all 15 years of the mr's active duty time, have I ever A) gone to a sr sr ranking wive's home to drink wine and take turns naming one another woohoo's, (which suggests that next we'd be jumping around in our babydoll pj's having a pillow fight, uhh NO.) or B ) recieved news that my husband is not in actualy DEAD from an official looking government car containing my best friend And Then her high ranking husband.
it just does NOT Work That Way.
the absurdidty of it boggles my mind.

they took the grave scenario of being notified of an actual Fatality and made it something "pretty"
when in reality, yes, a car pulls up and the Casualty Notification Team (likely no one you know, or soldiers you don't know more than superfically at best) in Class A's (uniform), comes to your door, otherwise you get a Phone Call.
Always. even when the soldier is seriously wounded, it's still Just a Phone Call initially.
no exceptions! otherwise you'd die of stroke every time you saw an unfamiliar car drive down your road when your soldier was deployed.

also, there is a definite lack of realistic racial diversity on the show as well.
not only are the african american's religated to 2 sole characters, where are the koreans? the puerto rican's, the large population we have from latin and central america's?
that's one aspect of military life I've always really appreciated in terms of having my frecklette- the color-blind ethnic diversity she has been raised in, and the rich exposure it affords her.
get it right! it's a no-brainer!

and one more thing, never ever have I heard any bar off post referred to as 'Hump.'
that's just crude and vulgar.
the term Jody yah, "Jody gonna get your girl while you're away" etc etc , but Hump Bar?
are they Serious??

apparently and unfortunately,
they are.

= end rant w/ apologies=
i know not from army wives, freckle. but kudos to you for pointing out the icky unrealisms.

i adore the riches. but i'm wondering where it's headed.

so can't wait for weeds season two to come out on dvd (july 24!), since ours is not a showtime house.

and last week's rescue me: WTF???!!!! say it ain't so, chief! *sob*
my mother has gotten me into SO many TV shows. and i'm trying to ignore the boob tube. but, i can't. i'm now into "The Closer." And I'm intrigued by the previews for "Saving Grace."
I only posted what I did bc a friend pointed out that anyone not affiliated w/ the military would probably think that the show was an Accurate portrayal of the lives of Army Wives, which as it was initally based on some articles (written about the deaths of some wives here) and then on a book based on those articles, you'd be led to think so.
but no.
no no no.

I wish they'd put up a disclaimer that states" : any similarities between characters in the show and those in real life is purely cooincidental." bc that's about as "realistic" as it gets.

Lifetime is touting it as it's "most successful show to date" and that's bc me and the 200+ thousand other spouses are watching it to see what else they screw up on. it's a novelty that will wane soon enough.

I'm sorry everyone for my most out of order and obnoxious interruptive rant here.

Is by chance Riches on re-runs at any time yet?
it looked so good (luv minnie driver) but have only been able to catch a few odd moments here and there and not enough to make it all fit yet. is it worth the effort to do so?

Rescue Me too is a fantastic show, but I find it a little too emotional to watch for the most part .
Dennis what's his name -- most fitting he should play a fireman. rolleyes.gif

stargazer: ditto on Saving Grace - love the name and I hope it's as good as the teaser's for it promise.
I'm still on season one of Rescue Me and I just finished the episode where they have a contest to see who has the biggest penis based on length and girth! LOL, it was just too funny. Well, that part of it, anyway. I am so in love with this show!
rescue me: you'll laugh. and oh yes, you'll cry. it's also not the most PC-friendly show on tv. *major sarcasm*

the riches is definitely the quirkiest show i've ever gotten involved with. but if you are drawn to good writing/acting, it's worth it. interesting combination of tension, drama, laughs & pathos.
I just finished the first season of Rescue Me and all I can say is wow. That last montage is just so powerful and emotional. I can't believe how good this show is.
sorry, but i must interrupt this convo to say...henry rollins is such a tool! i just sat through his show because of the serj tankian/tom morelo interview. they had great, intelligent things to offer, but henry...just shut up!

i just got through season one of weeds this week and i like it. the way they choose to "handle" socioeconomics and race is uh...interesting (and most of the time not in a good way), but i couldn't help but get sucked in.
candycane girl, I have never seen Rescue Me, but I really want to. I hear only good things about it. Ditto on Weeds.

Ok...can someone tell me how in the hell Two and a Half Men keeps getting nominated for Emmys??
I am so annoyed right now because I have only made it up to the 4th episode of season 2 of Rescue Me. I went to the video store a few days ago and even though the website said they had it to rent, they didn't!

I've never seen the Henry Rollins show, but whenever I heard him on the radio he always sounded really funny.

I love Weeds and I can't wait for season 3. Unfortunately I don't think Showcase (the Canadian channel that shows it) is included in the cable package of the place I'm moving to.
candy, that is poop, about rescue me, but i have to ask you, have you seen jesus yet?
and i guess there is an upcoming episode with amy sidaris... yay!

and spoiler (for anyone who isn't up to date):does anyone else feel like the new season is.... lacking? i loved the franco proposal, but i can't see him marrying the girl he's dating. the story line has been about her brother more than her. cheif was one of my favorite charecters, and now he's gone, and.... so much of it just seems soap opera-ish, over the top... larenz tate's character does look promising, but i dunno, something seems off.....or is it just me?
GT, I've seen Jesus and Mary Magdalene! And Amy Sedaris? Seriously? I looooove her!
lol... i loved the sandwich scene... it was just so goofy.
Television Without Pity always rocks, but I thought this was especially funny: For the true TV geeks only. I amused myself by guessing which shows they were referring to.
not sure if this has already been discussed...didn't seen anything about it...

has anyone been watching Flight of the Concords on HBO? I watched an episode this weekend & that show is hilarious!
I tried doing a search but the search function doesn't like me... so... I'll just ask here:

Does anyone here watch (or that is, admit to watching) VH1's Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. It has become one of my guilty pleasures. As ashamed as I am to admit it.

Has anyone else seen it?

I watched it.. the first show... pretty good. Very good guilty pleasure, I must admit. Yes, I feel ashamed.
yeah, i like to watch rock of love when i'm bored and want something trashy to watch. and they have soooo many girls from chicago. it is funny.

i watched saving grace tonight. very good show. but, i like holly hunter in about anything.
oh god, karianne, i love flight of the conchords--- did you see the one where the got mugged and they did that hilarious rap--- i love that their "rap names" were rhymenocerous, and hip-hopomous or something? it was so funny, but they actually did some pretty amazing lyrics. i think my other favorite songs were the robot song, and the "you've got to be the prettiest girl in the room" songs... love the show....

and i love the rock of love, and confessions of a matchmaker, although a&e seems to be trying to kill it. and... i am so addicted to naruto, i liked hex, but the last 4 or so episodes were poop. but it's making way for torchwood, which ought to be fun. i'm off of entourage because of the ultra lame, superstupid, tmz/tranny episode, in which, to my mind the show offically jumped the shark, but it's been getting pretty boring with the medilln story line anyways.
gt, i LOVE confessions of a matchmaker. such a great show. i did see flight of the concords. it is ok. maybe i was crabby. i did laugh though.
I watched two episodes of Confessions of a Matchmaker and it had one of the most annoying girls ever! I say girl because despite being 33 this person behaved like a teenager. She was just kind of pathetic. But I found the show to be really interesting.

I have no idea what Rock of Love is about because I don't get VH1 here in Canada. But that's probably a good thing.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Jul 24 2007, 02:16 PM) *
I have no idea what Rock of Love is about because I don't get VH1 here in Canada. But that's probably a good thing.

You're lucky. This show makes me worry about the sake of humanity... but it also is totally addictive.

Hey GT! I've only seen one whole episode and pieces of others. What night does the new episode air?

Anyone know when the new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts?
flight of the c... airs on sunday nights. and the best place to get info on fx shows is to go to their website. i think its or something...
QUOTE(Lilith @ Jul 24 2007, 09:03 PM) *
You're lucky. This show makes me worry about the sake of humanity... but it also is totally addictive.

Yes and yes. Vh1 should really just change their name to Flavor of NY Rockin' Charm School Knows Best...and Scott Baio. For short they could just go with Mission: Famewhore.
lol... i just call them sleeze-H1.

... that doesnt mean i don't watch wink.gif
Wanted to pop in and ask if anyone watches So You Think You Can Dance? I loved it last season and didn't watch any of this season until last night - the girls really rock this season. Most of the guys... not so much. But there was a girl doing a Latin Style dance - I forget her name, who was just awesome!
I remember way way back when MTV and VH1 played actual music.

I was lucky enough to watch 4 episodes of Flight of the Conchords last night (my friend somehow downloaded them).

Sooooooooooo funny! My favorite part of the show probably is that the music, while HILARIOUS, actually sounds like nice/good music (if you exclude the silly lyrics). Kind of like, say... Adam Sandler. His music is funny, but it's still Adam Sandler singing, yikes. huh.gif

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But you'd probably still have to keep your normal job
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