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Anyone else watch The Riches last night? I second sixelacat the show is quite good, the characters are interesting and seem complex so far. The premise is interesting as well. Plus got a flash of bare Izzard bum- whoo-hoo!!! laugh.gif
Yes, in love with Eddie even more than before... Now, I have a new show to watch on Mondays! smile.gif

it was fun. can't wait for the next episode....
Anyone watching I Love New York?

Because...I'm totally not! Unless you guys are. In which case, I totally am. And enjoying it way more than Flavor of Love, even. I guess I like watching men compete for a woman rather than the other way around.

Not that I'm watching it, or anything.
Yeah, I'm not watching "I Love New York" either. No way am I walking with my co-worker at lunch everyday discussing each week's episode, nor saying "unprofessional" in response to general wacky disappointments (the printer jammed, someone cut me off, I got dumped...)

And I don't know who's more entertaining...New York, or New York's mom. Both seem to have attended the Tyra Banks School of Crazy.

good ep. of jericho. and what a good fight too. lurved it!!!!

um... polly... your avitar is both horrifying and hypnotic....
I honestly thought New York's mom was a bad BAD drag queen.

sassy, i've met a lot of drag queens, and none of them are THAT SCARY.

sooooo excited!!!! new andy richter series is tonite!!! s' gonna be so good.
Re: New York - is that really her name? Or is it a nickname they gave her on "Flavor of Love" that has carried over to the new show?
~chagrined that I even know this~

her real name is tiffany. new york ws just her flav-name, but it makes for a great catchy title for her show, so...oh I'm embarrassed.

by the way, who's still in the running? and if it's chance, good god. they deserve each other.
Used to be that Monday nights were bad for tv (i.e. not much on) but now there are killin' me! At 10 pm tonight there are 3 shows I want to watch: No Reservations, The Riches and the John Waters show on Court TV!!!

Come on I have to CHOSE between Bourdain and Izzard?? blink.gif
i haven't had cable for quite some time now, so does the discovery channel still have "going tribal"? i was ridiculously fascinated by all the stuff the host did to "fit in".
The riches was awesome tonight. I had no idea that's I like that show that much.

I am somewhat disgusted that I actually watch "I Love New York". Whats even more sad is that I flipped to it, and my husband said "Oh, is that a new episode? we should watch it."

I love him dearly. Thats all I will say on that one.

has anyone else been enjoying the andy richter's andy barker, p.i.? i am really falling in love with how it takes private detective tropes (car chases, femme fatales, etc) and reduces them to loopy versions (yeah, i've seen golfcart chase scenes before, but last nights was still loads of fun!).

i am liking raines with jeff goldblum, but the second episodes need to constantly remind us the people are imaginary is annoying. but i do love me some madeline stowe. yum! she was awesome!
Is anyone else watching Jericho? Goodness! I am loving me some Jake.
yeah. that show has gotten better and better with each episode. and i have a super crush on...mimi? the woman who is supposed to be from the irs. and yes jake too! mmmmmmm!
Gilmore Girls gets the boot
snaf, i told my boyfriend about that today and he and his roomates looked SO sad. they're utterly addicted, buy the dvds, and watch it together. it's cute in a girly girly way

I'd be more disappointed if it hadn't dropped off so badly in the past couple of years (even before the Sherman-Palladinos left the show). Maybe now I can start watching Heroes or something. wink.gif
does anyone else watch the unit?
i watch it off and on, but i've always admired it. for a military tv series, it's view of military life is pretty ugly. a season finale where the army goes after the unit, and the unit implodes...and jonas goes awol... and one of the unit is blackmailed by the cia to find him. wtf?! this series is f'in amazing...
Just watched The Sarah Silverman Program last weekend, fucking hilarious!

Made me rent her DVD Sarah Silverman - Jesus is Magic, but it wasn't as funny as her show.

I'm now looking (more) forward to Wednesday nights on Comedy Central!
I just watched the first season of Weeds on DVD (now that I've dropped down to basic cable to save money...sigh) and loved it. I'm waiting for the arrival of Season 2 on Netflix! Anyone else a fan?
Well, this just sucks!

CBS ends `Jericho' in new schedule

CBS canceled the nuclear apocalypse drama, "Jericho," on Wednesday, another sign that television networks are shying away from serial dramas after overloading on them last season.

The network unveiled a fall schedule with five new shows, three of them dramas.

"Jericho" started out strong last fall for CBS. However, like "Lost" on ABC and "Heroes" on NBC, many viewers abandoned the show after it went on a long midseason hiatus.

"We lost a lot of steam," said Kelly Kahl, CBS' chief scheduling executive. "I know we had loyal viewers ... but the show sort of lost its engine and wasn't performing."

CBS' only new show that is heavily serialized, "Swingtown," will start in midseason and run uninterrupted until the end of the season. The series is set in the shag-carpeted 1970s, with Chicago-area couples navigating the sexual freedom of the era.

To counter its stodgy image, CBS has scheduled a handful of edgy new shows for the fall: a drama about a vampire, a musical and a drama about a Cuban-American family running a sugar business in Florida.

"For those of you who accuse CBS of being too conservative, you will feel differently when you see the shows we have lined up," said Leslie Moonves, chairman of CBS Corp.

I really love Jericho, dammit!
me too kitten.

the problem with serials is that some of the 'filler episodes'. battlestar had a few of these, as did heroes, and most of the other serials. then there's i 'LOST SYNDROME'-- the feeling that the writer's don't know what is going on anymore than you do, but they keep adding improbable things to keep you guessing. and when a show has done either of these two things and goes on hiatus.........

who can blame the audience for not wanting to stick around. i stopped watching jericho for a few episodes, but then towards the end it started picking up steam again, the eps after the hiatus were really good. no bullshit, no filler.... the mistake was casting that bald guy who was the ringleader. i love him, but every series he's in gets cancelled.

and damn if my prediction wasn't true: every year there is one show i love that gets cancelled. seems it's always on cbs. they are trying so hard NOT to be 'stoggy' and 'conservative' that they get rid of their really interesting, innovative (for cbs), shows.

and what the fuck is not conservative about cubans running a huge business? sounds like dallas redux. that's an easy sell in florida. ugh.

i'm with you, kitten, jericho was great...
Amber, I love Weeds but so far I've only made it to Season 2 episode 5 because I watch it online and it's not consistently available.

In regards to Jericho, I didn't watch it but the way that it was described could be applied to almost any of the shows this year. They start off great, get a huge number of fans and then go on a hiatus for no damn reason! I have no clue what the hell the tv execs are thinking but they should smarten up if they want to keep their viewers. I remember in the first season of The O.C. that probably one of its draws was the fact that it never went on hiatus for more than two or three weeks. That first season went on for quite a while, like 22 episodes or so. Sometimes I really wonder what has happened to television. They get these great shows, reel in the viewers, put the shows on hiatus then keep most of the crappy ones while cancelling the good ones. And I am so sick of reality. I watch ANTM and Gene Simmons' Family Jewels but other than that I really don't watch much reality tv and yet every time I turn around there's a new one starting. I just saw an ad last night for some show called Pirate Master or something.
I don't mind the Geiko Cavemen ads. They make me laugh. But I am soooooo irritated that they are getting a TV show of their own! What is up with that?
Was anyone else ridicuously excited about the HEX marathon on BBC America on Saturday? I really can't believe they decided to end the show after two seasons.....
wha-wha-what? oh god, octo, i just found that show on bbc america on demand and can't resist it... we didn't get the marathon, but i just got caught up to the last episode of the first season... i'm all committed n shit! damn! oh well. at least i've still got rescue me...
Yeah I have Time Warner Cable and the BBC America had the Hex marathon all day Saturday. Apparently you can buy the DVD's, but I'm sure something like Netflicks would have the set to rent. I keep missing the the first 2 episodes.

Sky cancelled the series after the second season so I heard the ending was a little strange. I was reading online and there was a petition to renew the series, I'm hoping that because they are running the series in other countries that it will get a stronger following and they may at least make a few epis to properly wrap it up.

Azazeal is teh hotness!!!!
Amber, I've been meaning to respond to you for ages: I LOVE Weeds and waiting in anticipation for Season 3. This summer I'm going to catch up with some TV I've missed out on that interests me ... namely Big Love and the latter two seasons of The Wire as I enjoyed the former two.
oh bunny those are some good shows... ive been dying to see weeds, but my friend who downloads all such things deleted it before we talked bout it. and the wire consistantly kicks my's one of the most dense shows...

and soon rescue me is going to start...yay! i have got to get a job so i can get the dish bullshmack hooked up...

octo i hope they make more, it's a fun show...
Did any one see the Riches finale? I've netflixed Weeds... I can not wait for Rescue me to start!!
To everyone in here who loves Jericho, I just read that CBS has decided to renew it due to popular demand!
Whoooooooo! *gives candy a huge hug and kiss, then does the 'charlie brown' dance with her out of excitement*
I wish the CW would do likewise for Veronica Mars.
YAAAHOOOO! For Jericho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Dance time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i completely forgot about Rescue me starting back up! Did anyone else watch Big Love?
it's already started, bettie....and me without my cable...sniff
thats sucks to not have cable. we went without for a while, but now that we have it back I have become obsessed with certain shows!
i'm dealing with the same shit, girltrouble. i can't believe i cut our hbo right as the new season of big love comes out. not to mention the sopranos finale.
*stupid, stupid, stupid*
it's been a year without cable (natch, 2 channels), and i don't miss it per se, but i had an urge the other day, thinking about maybe getting it. someone tell me i'm better off without it.
oh god i miss my cable. not the bill... i'm gonna try for satelite instead, since the cable company has an exclusivity agreement with my building, basically they extort us, so fuck them... i'll miss azn, that's one of my favorite channels, and cinema azn; one of my favorite shows, but maybe there will be a good japanese channel that will carry sumo wrestling bashos... that'd be heaven...
I went the first 14 years of my life without cable and then I came home from school one day and my mom was like "We have cable!" It wasn't so bad for us not having cable, we had like, 10 channels. But I'm so used to cable now and a lot of the shows that I watch are on cable and now I don't know if I could go without it.

I've just started watching Rescue Me online after hearing an interesting interview with Dennis Leary on NPR. He said that one of his cousins was a firefighter and that was part of the inspiration for his character. I'm only on the second episode but I really like it.
cocl - I cancelled my cable in October and I am glad that I did. I can't say that I watch less tv but I just made a Netflix subscription and now I watch more movies. I really needed to save the money.
i'm an unappologetic tv addict. people who spout that "kill your televison" bullshmack are only a hair's breadth from republicans in my book!

and candy cane.... you are in for such a treat. that show was one of the main reasons i had to have cable. rescue me is one of those shows, like 6 feet under where you love the charecters. just watch where they take the chief and franco. fucking fantastic! do me a favor. post little notes about the episodes you watch... i need that vicarious thrill...wink.gif goddamnit, i have to call my ex in the hopes she'll let me come over and watch the new ep! ttyl, busties!
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Jun 19 2007, 11:07 PM) *
I've just started watching Rescue Me online after hearing an interesting interview with Dennis Leary on NPR. He said that one of his cousins was a firefighter and that was part of the inspiration for his character. I'm only on the second episode but I really like it.

CandyCane, I think it was shortly after 9/11 that he came up with the idea for the show, as a way of coping with the loss of friends who were firefighters - don't know whether his cousin died too?

I've been watching since the beginning of the 2nd season - it's been a wild ride. His character is one of those guys you could just as easily love or hate. smile.gif
that's why it's such a good show. it follows the same pattern of many of the best shows lately: it's centered around flawed charecters. the sopranos, 6 feet, the sheild, nip/tuck, even battlestar galactica. having a "relateable" lovable main charecter is an american obsession, but more mature stories are told when the person they are focused around are more fully realized people.
Hey, I can't afford cable either, but I do splurge a bit on Netflix... definitely worth it, and much cheaper than cable. I get caught up on all the serials that I've missed, and rent them all in a row. It's like watching one really long movie. Right now I'm watching The L Word... first season was kind of bland, but it's picked up in the 2nd season.

Anybody out there a fan of Wife Swap? That show is insane.
i'm so in on the Netflix in lieu of cable, i'm cool with that. i would rather do blockbuster online, but there aren't any stores around here.

and lily, i fucking LOVE wifeswap. that's some crazy shit. and i had always said i'd never watch a show entitled that, but it's just so regoddamndiculous i can't stop watching it.

QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 20 2007, 02:08 PM) *
i'm an unappologetic tv addict. people who spout that "kill your televison" bullshmack are only a hair's breadth from republicans in my book!

Just so you know, I am an unapologetic TV junkie myself. I am glad that I canceled my cable b/c I needed to reprioritze my budget. My plan now is to finally get a home computer and watch some shows as downloads. But there was no judgement intended. I just didn't want crazyoldcatlady to think canceling her cable would be the end of the world.
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