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i watched 30 rock last night, just for alec baldwin (not a tina fey fan, don't shoot me!). i was waiting for a really good line.

goldcase. heh.

anyone watch huff? i am halfway thru season one, and completely enthralled. i didn't think it was possible for me to crush on oliver platt any harder. i was wrong.

i don't get showtime, is it still running? will there be a season 3?
Mando, I liked Huff initially, but I've gone off it big time I'm afraid, despite the presence of Blythe Danner who I normally like (much more than her whey-faced daughter). I can see what you see in it though.

The second series is running here now and it seems a bit changed in tone from the first. That's what put me off anyway. I can tell you the actors stay the same!
Dear FX Network,

Stop teasing me with the Izzard promos. Really. I know you like to hype shit for months, but quit with the thirty second torque already!

Did anyone catch 30 Rock last night? Paul Reubens was really great.
I usually don't watch it, prefering studio 60, but all the goings on there (ugh), and last nights episode of 30, have changed all that. especially since the theme was "cinderella" the pretty woman scene was brillant-- i laughed so hard i almost peed. and i will watch anything with peewee in it. he's awesome.
Anyone still watvhing Lost? I thought the latest episode was pretty fun.
I swore I was through with Lost, because I was hating it at the beginning of this season. However, this week sucked me back in. I loved it. Especially because the other show I watch religiously is "The Office" and that has been pretty sad and angsty lately. (Especially for a sitcom.)
Lost! I am starting to enjoy Juliet.

yeah, damn the lost people for making it interesting again. i watched 2 episodes of season two and swore off. but they got me again. i think all the talk about them making stuff up made them straighten up (thank god), i heart medium, so i was flipping back and forth the entire hour...

now i'm trying to decide if i still like studio 60. seems like they are making some changes and focusing less on matt p, and his love interest, which is good. the whole christian vs athiest thing got stale on week 2.
Yeah, Lost is BACK- back and good, that is.

Both episodes since they came back from hiatus have been wicked. I like both Juliet and Desmond more, great complex characters, good flashbacks, total creepiness. I can't even really figure out what was going on in Desmond's head.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is getting canned in about two weeks. I swear there will be books written about how a show that should have been so successful failed so spectacularly.
it's kind of the story with adam sorrkin. sports night was great, and got cancelled. i was always amazed that westwing did as well as it did. it always seemed to verbose and urbane for american tastes. but then, i think the same thing about the gilmore girls...

speaking of getting canned... i had the misfortune of watching dirt the other night and they had a preview of the riches the eddie izzard/minnie driver series, and i love the premise-- it's a crazy premise-- a poor family discovers there is a wealthy family that look exactly like them, so the poors replace the riches. still, it does look like it could be good.

the proof is in the pudding i suppose, since lately they've been producing duds. since fx tends to be the most creative of basic cable channels, i'd hate to see that change. while i love the socially relevant experements of 30days and black/white, it's their dramedys that are the strongest narcotic.
See, I don't think that Studio 60 was really all that good. The acting was always strong and that is what kept me turning in, but everything else about it irritated me.
I used to love Sports Night.
don't get me wrong, i agree, it really isn't that good. the one story line i find very, very compelling is the dl hugley one. i love almost all of the actors, but it just isn't a sports night or a west wing.
I really like Studio 60 but then I'd like anything that remotely captured some of The West Wing's wit.
The Travel Channel has been running a "No Reservations" marathon all day today. 10 straight hours of Anthony Bourdain? Yes please!!! wub.gif
i started off really excited about it, too bunny, but each week they would go into the matthew p love story xtian/anti xtian thing... seems like now they are retooling and i am hoping they can do it in time. there is always one show i like that gets cancelled. doesn't look like jerico, but i haven't started watching that again....
ok a small bit of crow eating. i am liking tonights episode (studio 60). so much better. but less harriet, please.
Regarding last night's episode of Lost, Bai Ling,, never likes to wear a lot of clothes, does she?
battlestar taking on class issues... god, i love this show.

sniff *wipes a tear from her eye* s' like a sci-fi norma rae. does my lil lefty heart good. smile.gif

fuckers made me cry.
Yeah, I just hope it doesn't become another one-off issue, tho', like "Oh, thanks for bringing that to our attention, Chief, we'll devote all our energies to making this an egalitarian society" and then it's never mentioned again. I thought the resolution was a bit too easy. Hope I'm wrong. (And where was Tom Whatsit? - this seemed like a perfect opportunity for him to jump on the bandwagon of Baltar's sudden reincarnation as a man of the people.)
yeah, i know what you mean. the best episodes are the ones that are resolved 3-4 episodes later. the one-offs get on my nerves, for the most part, but they get points for being so socially relevant. but they annoy because so many of them have great potentual. like the aids/virus ep. why on earth is that not still resolving itself? i know they want to take things in a different direction, but then why not just scrap the script?
i refuse to watch tonite's premier of the black donnellys because i was just starting to like studio 60. nyah.

i am once more addicted to the soprano's, even tho i'm pissy at how they've dangled the last two seasons over three fucking years. i am now watching reruns on HBO and bravo. i shall probably have a mini-breakdown when it's over for good, like i did when buffy ended.

yes. i have no life. thank you, thank you very much.
i refuse to watch it cos it seems like more hype. plus i wanted to see studio 60.

I watched it, and it was good, but I can't quite imagine where they will take it and how. I almost wish that we could adopt the sort of series treatment that they do in the UK - self-contained arcs of 3-7 episodes that tell a story and don't necessarily have to be continued over years. I could see a short-term series like that being a very effective treatment of a lot of material. Like LOST, for instance! How much better would that show have been if they didn't have to drag out the story over several/many years!
So Studio 60 is cancelled now? Noooooooo!!! I want more Amanda Peet and whoever that love interest guy is! Yeah, there has been way too much Harriet, but that's a small crime in the grand scheme of an otherwise really decent show. Damn.

Maybe I'll tune into The Riches. I've never seen Eddie Izzard act.
is it official? :/ i thought that was just kitten's has been 2 weeks....

As of February 17, 2007, Studio 60 had been pulled from NBC's lineup to be replaced with The Black Donnellys starting February 26. No date has been set for its return.

damn. kitten is good!

an' divala i agree. i love that dude from the west wing, and i love the new blonde love interest for mathew perry they had on the last ep. i was all excited about that. sad.gif

the wiki did say they bought 22 eps, so they will pro'lly come out on dvd eventually. guess that's sumpm.
It sucks sad.gif.
I had heard the announcement about the Studio 60 cancellation the day I posted that first comment. I really don't feel that bad about it. I know that there is more love here for it than I have, but I was so often annoyed by it's tendancy to condescend to anyone who didn't agree with "the message." And then the whole story with Danny stalking, pardon me, "romancing" Amanda Peet was just the last straw.
I loved Studio 60 but I had heard months ago that the show probably wouldn't last through the first season.

I find that just about every year, the one show that I really enjoy gets cancelled.
Did anyone catch 30 Rock last night? Good episode, I lauged out loud several times.
kari, i forgot it was on and caught the ending which was great...

"wait till i tell tupac..."

candy, meeeee too. the thing is it's usually this odd little gem (like wonderfalls, years ago), and then it gets the ax.

i had a feeling about studio 60. it never got good ratings. sniff.
i thought for sure jericho (don't know anyone who watches it but me) would get the ax,it's not and i'm losing interest.

what was your last year's cancellation?
I can never venture into threads about the US shows I watch, because I am way too likely to trip over spoilers. But! My darling mister has cottoned on to the whole DL phenomenon and we have surfed through series 1 and 2 of Battlestar over the last month and I've gotten hooked on Heroes. If I catch up I may be able to discuss the finer points of recent episodes with you people...

Btw, has anyone heard of something called The Dresden Files?

girltrouble, I can't really remember any shows from last year that got cancelled but in the past there's been Popular (lasted 2 seasons), Undeclared, Life As We Know It and Grounded for Life was cancelled on Fox then resurrected on the WB only to get cancelled again.
oh god, i loved popular... it was so smart with this pop veneer. so when i heard he was doing a series for fx i went nuts (i love fx for the sheild and rescue me). i loved nip/tuck for the first season and 1/2, but i am growing a bit...disinterested in it lately. still haven't seen running with scissors...hmmmmm.

my show last year was 'threshold'. i watched all the monster/virus serial shows before i settled on that one as the best. i was mad when it got cancelled mid season, but well, none of the serials got picked up for a second season. so i guess it didn't matter which i picked.
I loved Popular. It was a little smarter than it initially appeared but still had lots of high school bitchery which was fun.

I quite like Jericho; good and diverse cast and nice premise. I like Lennie James particularly; he's a UK actor who seems to have successfully jumped the pond.
I am new to Jericho but I wish I had started watching it sooner. I like how we are watching the end of the world as we know it, told by a very small town.
I'm still into Nip/Tuck. Season 3 was really out there but Ryan Murphy said that this season would be lighter in tone. I haven't seen Running With Scissors yet, but I want to cause I loved the book.

There was something about Popular that I just loved. The show was wacky and silly but then it could still be really touching at times. My friends bought me the first season on DVD for my birthday and they've been showing it every night on the Family channel.
Sybarite, I'm watching The Dresden Files. I LURVE Paul Blackthorne, the guy who plays Harry. He's a Brit, although he seems to play Americans frequently.

I'm enjoying the show, although it's nothing too deep and earthshattering. Sometimes you just need a nice fluffy magical whodunit.
All this talk of tv makes me wish I had just a wee bit more time for tv watching. When I get home, and the tv is on, it's all news for me. How exciting. Does it count that I watch tv shows on DVD? I watch roseanne and The Simpsons on DVD.
sure it counts culture! i have a friend who does nothing but watch movies and tvshows on dvd. he can only get one channel without cable.

i like the dresden files, but i don't go out of my way to see it. scifi shows repeats a lot so i watch whatever else is on because on one of those days when nothing else is on, they'll be something good on.

i am shocked that someone else watches jericho....

i don't know what to make of that...

and i am super happy other people like popular. my friends thought i was crazy but it was a ball.

...ut! time for heroes! later peeps!
i'm watching top design-- does anybody else think that the guy with the brown buddy holly glasses is a psycho killer? he looks like as soon as you turn your back he'll stab you with a knife...:/
Cheers all for feedback on The Dresden Files. Increasingly we've been DL'd shows and it's so much nicer than watching them live with ads that I've been casting around for new ones.

I have to say, pretty boy Jake (Johnny Depp-a-like Skeet Ulrich) is not my favourite character in Jericho. Too cliched by a mile and the blonde girl from his past bored me instantly. I like the shady ex-agent Rob much better.

Sci-fi is one area the mister and I share a love for; currently we're making our way through the start of series 3 of Battlestar. Do you know how hard I work to avoid peeking into the no doubt spoiler-rich Frack Me thread??

i'm with you blanche. top whatever still isn't as good as project runway. and top design feels like too many hgtv shows (which i love, but still). and that dood's mouth and his crazy eyes...yikes!

i can't wait for workout cos jackie (is it?) and mimi. they are just such a trainwreck.

does anyone watch THE UNIT? and love saying that because of it's obviously phallic name. it's a collaberation between shawn ryan (THE SHEILD), and playwright david mamet. i'm as lefty as they come, and i think the show is very interesting. the unit and battlestar seem to be the only shows directly talking about the war, and you would expect that a show that focuses on a millitary unit and their wives to be pro military, but it's got these tiny subversive moments in each episode. usually it's the dialog-- like last night there was this scene were the wives were talking. it went like this:

first wife "but you can't send him....he's just a baby."
second wife "(pause) who do you think fights wars?"

did they just say that? O.o. last week there was an iraqi who gave this great, very eloquent speech about how americans are immoral talking about why we kill and how hypocritical we are. there was even an episode where the unit was sent to a training camp where our government tortures it's own soldiers. and that's not even the stories about the wives. very strange show.
I caught The Unit when staying with friends with cable. I was initially attracted to it not only because of its premise but because it stars Dennis Haysbert. (Yes I am that shallow.) Good to know there's something to it.
i love dennis haysbert-- he made 24 for me, so i am right there with you, syb.

OMG-- good ep of jericho. i take everything i said about losing interest. and the end.. hoooo.....!
I was really hoping to love Top Design, but I don't. Todd Oldham is too bronze and he has this weird sing-songy voice that's too polished for a normal person. It's like he speaks in commercial tone constantly. The judges always have something mean to say, and there are only a couple contestants I like. And the one this week where they redesigned the garage - ugh. That family is a bunch of freeloaders, and their middle kid bugged the shit outta me. The whole thing is frought with negativity, except Todd Oldham, who has issues of his own. But will I still watch it until the end? Yeah.
March 12th new Eddie Izzard show on FX!!! *squeal and claps hands with glee*
i was just gonna post somethng about that too, osky. just in time! after the heroes hiatus i needed something to do with my mondays....

Woooo Hoooo! I found The Riches pilot episode online on MSN videos. They'll also have the second episode on Yahoo videos after tomorrow. Great news for those who can't watch it on F/X tonight! I just watched it, and I really, really liked it. I hope it gets a full run (so many shows I like don't...Sports Night, anyone?). Just from the first episode it's definitely good drama with a lot of potential!
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