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I tried watching Friday Night Lights. Sorry, but I just couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Reminded me of the negative aspects of attending a school that is obsessed with the football program. Bleh.

I am really afraid that Heroes is going to turn out just like Lost. It's so successful that they'll be forced by the network to drag the story out for aaaaaaages until it just isn't fun anymore. Granted, I've never watched a single episode of Lost, but I've heard plenty of people complain about it lately. The audience is starting to feel jerked around & is getting bitter. I don't want that to happen to Heroes!

Amusingly, we've kinda started a no-phone-call rule in the house during Heroes. Even if somebody calls during the commercial break, I am not picking it up! I found out that some of my friends have started this rule, too. One of my guy pals was watching the latest episode with a bunch of his buddies when his phone rang & the guys just glared at him! How dare he leave his ringer on during Heroes!!! laugh.gif
I decided not to wait. The Heros appreciation association can be found here!
Did anyone watch The Lost Room on the SciFi Channel last night? So weird and good. I would SO jump Peter Krause's bones. Repeatedly. tongue.gif
i have sooooo been diggin' on lost room. i know it's just a mini series, but i hope it goes the way of battlestar galactica and ends up a series. attack of the show said "it's like heroes but with objects, and just as good. we love it!!!"

i love that margret chow shows up, oh! and the guy who played "spud" from trainspotting... lost room is one of the most creative, suprizing, cliff-hangerin' show on tv... i am seriously addicted. tonite is the finale, i cant wait!

so what people's best shows of 2006?
here are mine
    rescue me
    lost room (it really is that good)
    battlestar galactica (the only show dealing with iraq)
    the wire
    daily show
    doctor who
    project runway
    the shield
    venture bros.
    moral oral
    paranoia agent
    aqua teen hunger force
    robot chicken
    studio 60,
    flava of love (super guilty pleasure)
    miami ink
    surreal life
    man vs. wild
    azn cinema (best way to find good asian films/directors/actors on tv)
honorable mention:
countdown w/keith oberman, overhaulin',the unit (great, not always pro military/republican politics),24, ninja warrior, threshold, aots (guilty pleasure)
still kinda good, but kinda bored with them all the same :
nip/tuck, lost
Girltrouble (great handle, BTW!), I think I really need to go back and watch the past seasons of The Wire on DVD - don't have HBO and people I trust tell me how excellent the show is. So that's on the list for right after I get thru all the Six Feet Under shows. *sigh* So many good programs, so little time.
the wire takes a while to get the hang of... most of the time i feel like i missed something because it moves so fast, but still there is such a payoff by the end of most episodes, but it's super dense...

as for 6fu, soooo good! i envy you. especially the last episode. wow.
OK, The Lost Room definitely left it wide open for a series. But what would they do with it? Joe travels around saving people from their obsession with The Objects? Joe and Jennifer and Anna run from The Order (and/or The Legion)? Every week Joe has to find a new Object to fend off some new threat?
i think they would if there was enough people who wanted it. that's how battlestar became a series, it started as a miniseries. it's kind of funny, if you go to the scifi website, they are kind of hinting that's what they want. they ask marg. cho if she would be back for a possible series, or another mini (she said yes).
<spoiler alert... text is in white. to read it, put your cursor over below>

personally i love how they left it open with a new prophet for the order, the legion pretty much decimated, joe as the living object...

</ end spoiler alert...>
the series could be about that, dealing with the combination of objects as well, the order vs.the legion. or even the lady detective vs. the prophet. there are so many things they could do, they don't need joe or jennifer to really come back for the series, maybe joe as a guest star now and again... maybe it's just me, but i think there is a lot to work from. i loved all the twist and turns, and the kind of running gag, "the objects don't work in the room." very, very smart story. i think i might watch the marathon sunday too...sooo good!
I just started watching the Six Feet Under reruns on Bravo, and it is such an amzingly good show!
Here are my best of 2006:
The Office
Grey's Anatomy
Robot Chicken (love, love, love)
Six Feet Under reruns (does that count?)
Lost (sometimes)
Veronica Mars

i just started watching lost on dvd. i'm really not sure if i like it that much, maybe there's been too much hype about it. but it is entertaining once i get past the cheesyness and dramatic music.

also just happened to see the saturday night live with mathew fox and tenacious D. Amy Poeler's beaver flashing monologue was so wicked!! i've been so impressed with that show these days! especially because of the awesome ladies that are on it. i actually laughed, alot!
Has anyone else caught The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen?

I love The Wire and Dexter. I shall miss them until the next seasons. I'm really looking forward to The Tudors, because I have an obsession with that scandalous family. Looking forward to The L-word, although it's going to be different without adorable Dana.

I was really into the first season of Sleeper Cell but this season is going to fast for me. Slow down guys!

I deeply regret not jumping aboard the Battlestar Gallactica ship sooner because it's prima. Lots of dvds to catch up on.

What is this Robot Chicken thing all about? I never heard of it.
I watched some of The Bad Girls Club.

My top shows for 2006.

The L Word
Veronica Mars
The Office
Project Runway
The Class
Kath and Kim
robot chicken is a kind of claymation show in the "adult swim" time slot on the cartoon network. it's a bunch of over the top little skits with guest stars playing themselves voice wise. it's super funny.

i have been dying to see dexter(and weeds) but i don't know anyone with cinemax...sad.gif

i was curious aobut the bad girls club, but i forgot what time it's on...
I dig the Adult Swim myself, although I often find RC to often be hit or miss. One of my fave all time sketched of theirs was the "You Got Served" dance off. That Seth Green is one busy little monkey.

Looking forward to the new season of the Extras. Love that Ricky Gervais.
my random two cents on robot chicken.

best clip was the archie/veronica/etc clip. i watched on youtube a while back and laughed my ass off. i'm too lazy to go hunting for the clip myself, so ya'll are gonna have to go google it yourself wink.gif
I am dying to see Extras, but don't get HBO (is that what it's on?). Ricky Gervais was on Conan the other night and the clip they showed was David Bowie singing "pathetic little loser...". Dear god, it was hilarious!

I totally forgot "Project Runway". I definitely got into that show this year.
OMG. Bad Girls Club. I haven't laughed so hard in I don't know how long.

Ripsi's parents made a grave error in naming her because now she *has* to be a raging alcoholic. I understand the whole "hair of the dog that bit you" thing, but one little girl shouldn't have three shots of Patron for breakfast.

People I already hate: Jodie & Kari. Jodie because she's so plastic I bet the words "Made in Korea" are stamped on her ass. Plus, her hideous affected collagen pout with the frosted lipstick. Kari because she's so judgemental & melodramatic.

It was bad judgement on Ripsi's part to attack Kari, but I understand why. She'd been needling her all morning about being drunk, which in turn made Ripsi act stupid & get drunk for reals just to spite her. I doubt she anticipated how out of control she'd get. But it was awesome to watch. She picked the two biggest bitches in the house & just went insane.
when is that on?
10 pm Tuesdays on Oh! They play repeats throughout the week.

Yeah, it sucked she did that, but you could tell she was black out drunk. Someone needed to hold her down, and just POUR water on her face. I think they should have let her stay, but not let her drink anymore.

Yeah, the Petron thing was making me wanna vomit! It doesn't SOBER you up, it makes you feel better, because you are drunk again!

Silly, silly, girl.

Yeah, I am not a Jodie or Kari fan. Jodie, becuase she acts so "above" everything. Um, hello, you applied to be on a show called the "BAD GIRLS" club, and your dream is to take naked pictures of yourself for money.
CLASSY rolleyes.gif

Kari, because she totally over played "victim" in that whole situation. Telling her boyfriend nobody helped her out, come on! It is not their fault they could not control a girl with a liter of Mexican JET FUEL going through her body.

I also thought it was a class act that after her boyfriend, jumped on a plane from Nashville, to "comfort" her, she hit on the pool boy and got his number.

I think she deserved to get a little ass kicking.
Ok, so I've not done my tv watching this year, but I watched 30 Rock tonight & it addressed a major fear of mine: choking to death while alone. As soon as Tina Fey started choking on her Lean Cuisine I screamed, "Over the back of the chair, over the back of the chair!"

Then Alen Baldwin got all weird & Silence of the Lambs.

I will not sleep tonight.
i saw the bad girl's club, and it was a riot. what killed me was how the black girls really avoided all of the fights. ok, that and ripsi's name was ripsi, and the "you better go call jesus!" comment. but i so hate kari. what a whiner.
i so don't want to get sucked into the bad girls club, but half an episode, and i'm feeling the pull. and i loathe and despise the real world. however, the surreal life? i'm in! (with the exception of the janice/omarosa season, which sucked much ass.)

the name 'ripsi' alone is worth it. heh.

ap, your over the back of the chair, over the back of the chair made me guffaw. but i too have that fear.

i keep meaning to watch 30 rock, but i also keep forgetting when it's on.

did anyone catch dirt last night? i'm probably going to watch, but only because i'm in nip/tuck & rescue me withdrawal. *sniff*
i know... sadly, ripsi is gone...sniff.... but there is still lots o drama. i don't get oxygen so i have to go over to a friends but the episodes i've seen were crazy.

and yes, surreal life's omarosa year did suck. i watched a half episode, and could stand no more
and speaking of bad reality tv, i half payed attention to "my bare lady" on fox reality (where else would this show air?) it's the show where they take some porn starlets to england to do shakespere. hmm. i was deep into second life modding when my friend turned it on, so i wasn't really paying too much attention (sigh...i am quickly becoming a SL addict.)

yay! mandy! rescue me is so my favorite show! and i go back and forth with the nip/tuck. but i love the shield too. but fx still has a good record for me even though they go thru shows like nobodys business... what ever happened to that show about the weight support group people? over there? think that's gone, theif is gone, and really, i don't pay much attention to "it's always sunny."

but i've got dirt on tape and i'm gonna watch it right now....

i want to like 30 rock, but i end up prefering the sculptured language of sorkin's studio 60, which, with my luck will get cancelled. all of my favorite shows do.

but soon... new battlestar and heroes! yay!!!!!!!!

and am i a dork to want to watch jlo's dance life?
i love true life on mtv, but hate 24/7, two-a-days, and i want to like rob and bigg cos of a little dog named "meaty" but i cant. i get bored. sad.
Over the weekend I watched the eleven episodes so far of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It has the wit of The West Wing in its prime and also its creator, some of its cast, writers, exec producers and musical director! Definitely filling a void.
The bad girls club is HILARIOUS! I can't wait until the episode comes on where Ty fights Amiee!
I can't wait to see what trouble the new housemate creates.
Zara really was acting naiive.
If she is the youngest, did they say how old the rest were? I thought they all were around Zara's age.

Did anyone watch Dexter? The show on showtime (cable)? I heart that, I can't wait for the new season.
okay, WHYYYYY are sitcom gender roles STILL so GODDAMN POLARIZED? i'm serious! UGH
Haha! My sourgrapes have come to fruition! Megan Mulally is off the air! Unless she was Karen & with Jack, I just didn't care. Even then I didn't care too much. The OC has been cancelled as well, but it's scheduled to run out it's season.

Tonight Grissom takes a leave from CSI. I know it's mostly because he's doing theatre, but I also know Billy's contract is up this year. I don't really care about CSI since they jumped the shark, but I still loves me my Grissom. I hope they just rip off the bandaid & he never comes back.
I'm so glad Megan Mulally is off the air with that talk show. It really isn't very good and I don't like her real personality that much. I'd prefer just to remember her as Karen.

Rachel Ray's talk show needs to go, too. I never saw it before, but now I see why so many people think she's so annoying.

Let's just get rid of 90% of the talk shows out there. Greg Berendt doesn't deserve a show.

Top Shows of 2006:

Metalocalypse (my new Favorite Cartoon of All Time)
Studio 60
Ugly Betty
My Name is Earl
Project Runway
Top Chef, since they got a new host
Arrested Development (RIP)
Commander In Chief, even though it was cheesy at times
WWE shows, as usual

I'm really not caring much for 30 Rock, and I really honestly gave it a shot. I tried to like it, but it just wasn't meant to be. I hope Tina Fey goes on to do much bigger and better things.

has anyone seen the previews for i love new york on vh1? um, new york's mom looks like a drag queen. every time i see her...i yell at the tv screen, "it's a man, baby" all austin powers-like...
i adore 30 rock! am i the only one?

fave television shows from recently-ish:
30 rock (pretty new discovery--had to go back and watch all the other eps)
anthony bourdain (yay his show is back on now)
project runway (oh i miss tim gunn--does anyone know when the next season is? will we have to wait forever?)
the daily show/colbert report (they need to come back from vacation! i take far too much pleasure in jon stewart blowing kisses to the audience!)
i LOVED arrested development, bought the box set, woohoo! i'll miss new eps.

there are plenty of others that i watch and like, but it's so great to have tv shows that i look forward to and really love. i wish there were more in that category (i watch a lot of tv).

other stuff i watch, with varying regularity and enjoyment:
ugly betty
desperate housewives
gilmore girls
prison break (though i'm caring less and less)
my name is earl (loved it last season--this season it's still good, but i'm not into it as much)
the office

i think i just ruined scrubs for myself-- i just realized that with his voice and how he looks zack what's-his-head is like ray ramono's younger brother *shivers*
omigod, another ray romano hatah! i thought i was the only one! i'm surprised they haven't played father/son or brothers in a movie yet.

i've been watching huff via netflix (don't have showtime, weep). so well done. is it still on, or has it been cancelled?

forgot to watch the rerun of dirt last night. sunday night, without fail.

cannot.wait.for.heroes! although, i'm still happy watching the reruns. which is not normal for me. all those obnoxious lost reruns last season? yeah. made me want to ram sharp objects into my eyeballs.

is desperate housewives running new shows yet? i may have to jump on that bandwagon again. our of sheer boredom.
I am dabating (in my mind at least) starting a new Lost thread and calling it "Does anyone really care about LOST anymore?" Ugly Betty and Heros have totally filled the Lost void.

Is this the last season of Scrubs? I had heard that Zach Braff was leaving and I swear that I read that the producer wanted to kill someone off.
ooooo, kill zach braff! uh, sorry.

i used to really like scrubs but now they play it so constantly that i don't know what i think of it anymore. aspects of it kind of annoy me, but i'll watch it anyway if it comes on.

omigod, another ray romano hatah! i thought i was the only one!

you most certainly are not! i never understood why that show was so popular, or on for so long. that's true for a lot of tv, though. i can be a bit of a judgemental crankybitch about such things.
The L-Word premier was good but I miss Dana. mad.gif Anyone else watch it?

but finally I know that The Tudors will begin April 1, YAY!
sorry, wasabi, me no have showtime. wah.

lol @ "judgemental crankybitch" ... me too, me too!

so, finally saw dirt.
verdict: meh. too stylistic. not sure there's anyone i can care enough about. even the mentally ill photographer, whom i imagine they're banking on for a lot of heart-bending (what he does is pure evil, but we pity/love him). plus i think this is the first time eva i've ever HATED courtney cox's hair (with the exception of the last two seasons of friends). so yeah. meh.

but i'm UBEREXCITED about this new eddie izzard show coming to FX! but i can't find anything about it on FX or eddie's site ('cept for a minor mention). i'm new to the eddie-love bandwagon.

and desperate housewives is sucking so bad. the obvious hiding of marcia's pregnancy is distracting.

but to end on a high note, tonite they're repeating the one episode i've missed of heroes! i knew there was a reason to get up today ... woot!
yeah, i have to agree with you about dirt. the first half hour was c-r-a-p. i HATE when any show does the fake photo freeze thing, and even worse if it's a tabloid graphic on top of that. and i might have been interested in the schitzo charecter if they had humanized him before having him go off his meds. dumby, dumby dumby. and bad dialogue. really bad. the thing that made the other fx shows so great nip/tuck, and even more so for rescue me, was that the people in it were fleshed out before they did the flights of fantasy. and the script (particularlly rescue me) was sharp as a tack. dirt is dull and all surface. i hated it. still want to give it a chance, but i have no idea why. maybe its the woman from the 4400....

just watched the white rapper show...i love persia. she is just baddass! i am crushed out her. she's the best.
Does anyone watch High Matainence (sp? how do you spell that word?)

Those people seem so crazy. I wonder if its mainly in part to the money.

The one who works for Norwood just gets the blues...I don't think I could do a job like that.
Wasiabi, I watched The L Word premiere and loved it. I think I am in the minority that I never liked Dana, so I don't miss her at all.

My favorite scenes:

Bette getting frustrated and yelling for a sippy cup for Angelica. That was typical Bette.

The "crisis pregnancy center" scene with Kit and her man. That shit was scary.

Tina getting all mad thinking Helena stepped back from her and her new man. She has issues with her self.

I'm liking Alice and Max better this year so far, and Helena too.

I was reading Entertainment Weekly this morning, and their critic opened her review of hte Dresden Files with this:

"I am a simple, geeky woman who enjoys watching sexy people in tight pants try to solve mystical riddles while being cosmo-blasted by otherworldly beings."

And that is pretty much me. I'm currently watching:
30 Rock (Alec Baldwin is so funny, imo; I'm always quoting him)
The Office
Battlestar Galactica
The OC (soon to be RIP)
Veronica Mars
Friday Night Lights
Dr. Who (on DVD; the one with Christopher Eccleston)

I mostly watch all the television on weekends, though, while I'md doing freelance work or cleaning, thanks to the power of Tivo. The only shows I watch the night they air are Veronica Mars and The Office, usually. I've quit Lost and Gilmore Girls, and I will take up The Sopranos and Rome when they're back on. I'm very curious about Dexter, but I'll probably catch up with that when it's on DVD. And Arrested Development might be my favorite show of all time.
mando, i just started watching desperate housewives this season, and i think it's pretty good. i think this is mostly because i don't have a frame of reference; everyone gushed about how good the first two seasons were, and i've yet to netflix them. so comparatively, i'm sure it isn't quite as good...
sidecar, your taste in tv sounds like mine!

"do you like phil collins?"
"i have two ears and a heart, don't i?"

i totally adore alec baldwin in 30 rock.

i got the entire series box set of arrested development on some special super discount amazon sale, and i just watch it over and over and over sometimes.
um... i just watched dancelife, and i lurve it.

finally mtv has a few new reality shows that aren't about spoiled rich brats, or people doing nothing but arguing/making out.
30 rock!

"Rural Juror"
Whenever I get a chance, and it's rare, I call someone's shoes bicurious. Or I tell people I'm expecting a call from 1983. Every line of his is gold. Ruuur Jurrr!
butting in quickly, does anyone know if Jewel's going to be a judge on American Idol all year, or just for this city? The shows not over yet, but it's not clear at all.
I am pretty sure she is the new host of the show Nashville Star. Maybe she is helping with American Idol selection for practice?
really? sad. i love nashville star, esp. the first season cos they had that great retro honky-tonk girl. since then they have all been pretty poppy. which is too bad. i love the old country sound.
30 Rock

Donagey to the page:

"I worked my way through college paddling swan boats for tourists"

"Is that some kind of euphemism for' sex worker,' sir?"

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