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Re: BSG, I think it is possible to jump in now. Just watch it with a friend who watches it. That will help. And get the DVDs. You want to see the stuff that has been recapped. Of course, I came into Buffy in early season 4 and that had a ton of story line to catch up on.

I had to make the ultimate sacrifice. I cancelled my cable. Just cannot afford it anymore! ohmy.gif So now I will be watching all of my Sci-Fi Channel shows on DVDs. *sob*
not sure where to put this-but does anyone have tivo? i hate commercials and i'm just sick of them and i'd like to be able to tape lots of shows at a time so they are there for me to watch later-but i think you have to have a land lline phone? does anyone know?
maddy, do you have Time Warner available where you live? We have digital cable with dvr, internet and digital phone with Time Warner. The dvr is just like tivo I think. I love the dvr, and wouldn't want to go back to just regular cable.
QUOTE(Divala @ Oct 17 2006, 09:46 PM) *

I wanted to start watching Ugly Betty, but the time slot doesn't work since I also watch Earl, The Office, and the boy watches Survivor religiously. Maybe I'll look into watching it online.

I've been watching Studio 60, and I really like it. It's not perfect by any means, but it moves quickly, the writing is very sharp, and I like all the actors. I wish they wouldn't have promoed it as a comedy, because it really isn't, but I don't mind that at all. And I disagree with the styling of Amanda Peet's hair. There, I said it. smile.gif

Also tried watching 30 Rock and wasn't that impressed. I don't know if I'll keep up. I love Tina Fey and all, and I want to see her succeed, but this show really could be better.

One new-ish show I've gotten into lately is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It's gritty and rough around the edges, but I think generally well-acted and makes me laugh every time. And you can't go wrong with Danny DeVito.

Divala: If you go to, you can watch Ugly Betty episodes on your computer. I think you need to have Windows media or RealPlayer or some such to make it work, but as long as you've got that, it's really easy. They keep the last several episodes of most--if not all--of their shows available to watch for several weeks, I think. I often end up doing this with Desperate Housewives, because even though I watch it in its regular time slot, so much stuff happens in each episode that I want to be "caught up" and remember everyting when the newest episode airs.

I'm really thinking about getting a DVR. My cable company offers it, and I'm so sick of recording stuff on VHS; the quality just leaves so much to be desired. Do those of you who have DVR's find them to be pretty easy to use/program?

Oh, I like It's Always Sunnny in Philadelphia, too! It doesn't seem to be on often enough, though, and it doesn't get much publilcity, so I sometimes find it difficult to get a chance to watch it.
This is going to sound like some sort of spam ad, but it's not. I am just so excited to find out that one of my favorite failed TV shows is on DVD now. Has anyone else here seen Nowhere Man? It has been years since I saw it, but if it is as good as I remember, you might want to check it out. It's like X-Files w/o the aliens. It was on UPN when UPN first started, like back in 1995 or something.
Let me know if anyone likes it. I'll shut up now.
Anyone besides me watching Heroes?
Yes, HEROS is becomming a must watch for me.
I'm grateful Heroes is on more than once a week (reruns Friday on SciFi channel) 'cause either a) I miss part of the Monday episode or cool.gif I *need* to see it a second time, 'cause I'm sure there are things I'm not seeing the first time around.

I thought David (the politician - his name is David, isn't it?) flying in the desert and getting his feet burned trying to land was hilarious. I thought Cheerleader Dad/Eyeglass Guy saying "Hollow him out" was way creepy. I finally found a tiny likeable thread in Isaac (thank goodness, or else I wouldn't give a damn if Cyler cut off his head and stole his brain.)

Why would Future-Hiro not have an accent? I mean, no accent at all? Is he real?
I love Heroes! I am totally addicted to all the characters.

I also still love My name is Earl and The Office. These are the only 3 shows I don't fidget to.
Count me in as another fan of Heroes! I'm terrible about the characters' names, though. I just got off the phone with a friend & we were talking about last nght's episode & I kept refering to Junkie Guy, Politician Guy, Split-Personality Lady, etc. etc. I am totally hooked, though! I especially like Hiro. It kinda made me sad to see how different he is in the future. So serious! And was that a soul patch growing under his lip?
Nathan is the politician. So morally corupt and so freaking hot!!!

I really did not expect to like this show. I thought it would be a total Lost rip off. Maybe it is, but it is really great.

I figured that Hiro could loose his accent depending on how long he stayed in the states.

I really love the whole "Save the cheerleader, save the world" line and may have to change my blog to that title.

cranberrigirl, you and I could totally hang together for TV. I love the Thursday night comedies.
Anyone watching Dexter on Showtime? I watched 5 episodes in two days, and I'm loving that show. Michael C. Hall plays Dexter so well that you don't see David Fisher.
I think I am going to have to see DEXTER on DVD. It looks scary, but really good.
Which guy is Isaac again? My favourites are the Politician, Hiro, and the cop who can read minds. I haven't developed much of an attachment to the rest yet.

The split personality chick annoys me a little, and I keep wanting the guy who used to play Jess on GG to stop talking out of the side of his mouth. But I still think he's cute.
Issac is the smack-addict artist.

There is a really good cover story on Heros in this weeks Entertainment Weekly. Apparently, Niki's alter-ego is named Jessica, although I prefer calling her ikiN like they do on TWoP.
anna k
Sunday I was bored and watched a DVD I rented of Degrassi Junior High episodes. Good stuff, even if they always end on a cheesy moral and freeze frame. I like the continuity of the storylines and how the kids are intermingled instead of just one story at a time. For example, two kids whose story has been mentioned will be walking by discussing their issue while the other kid will have their main story going on. It just looked really real and natural, the camera panning around the kids like a real junior high (it also helped that the most of the kids were junior-high aged). The DVD had a feature called "Degrassi Talks," about Canadian teens and their real problems. The theme song was sung in an earnest pop-rock voice with these lyrics:

We've all got our problems
but can't always solve them
we need someone to listen
cause we all need some talkin'
no time to ignore
but we've got to explore
we can't have it all the way
let's do this together
I'll talk to you
and you'll talk to me
We've got to reach out to set us free
Degrassi Talks
Coast to coast we we hear real stories from real people
Degrassi Talks
Degrassi Listens
You're not alone
Let's do this together
Degrassi Talks
I can't wait to see Dexter on DVD. I don't have Showtime, but it looks terrifying. Yet, I can't not think of David Fisher. smile.gif

Ah, Degrassi Junior High. Such good memories of that show.

When is Heros on again? That cover story in EW makes me want to watch it now. Is it Monday and Fridays?
Sassy- Heroes is on Monday nights and i know you can download the episodes you've missed. Plus, they replay Heroes Friday nights on the SciFi channel if you get that. I'm totally hooked.

Also, I mentioned this in the books thread but it applies here too. I have Showtime and watch Dexter. However, I was starting to get to anxious for Sunday to come and ended up reading the two books that Dexter is based on. They are smallish books and i read both in one week. They were really good and I found that it didn't really spoil the show for me.

I am really loving The Wire this season. I feel like I can actually follow all of the storylines for once.

I am trying to stick with Lost...trying to be a gal of faith but they drag this shit on forever! It's wearing a bit thin. And when they kill one of my main squeezes it is to much to bear.
A swift, painful death to the Aerie Girls. I'm thirty-one! I identify more with Lorlei more than I do Rory & I hate having to listen to bunch of kids not old enough to buy drinks whinge on & on about love. Shove off!
I just watched the first episode of Dexter and I am not quite sure how I feel about it. I know that I will watch more, and that Michael C. Hall is fantastic, but wow. Yeah. That show is craaazy. And the voice is very David Fisher, but he is most certainly Dexter Morgan and not David Fisher in this show. And did I say how great he is in it? As conflicted as I feel, I think I might love it. But oh yeah, it's creepy.

ETA: I love it.
I am in love with The Office. I am so looking forward to a Jim/Pam/whatshername triangle. And of course lots of Jim/Dwight stuff because Jim will be Dwight's superior. Ok, I just love Jim. He makes me weak in the knees.
Me too on the Jim love, John Krasinski is SO cute. The Jim/Pam/whatserface triangle should be entertaining, but not as hilarious as Dwight & Jim. Rainn Wilson (Dwight) cracks me up! He was in an episode of Entourage as a real jerkoff journalist geek and nailed it.

Add me to the Jim love. Also, Rainn cracks me up.

Still need to see Dexter. Wish I had Showtime and HBO. Maybe soon. You know Bravo is reruning SFU now. Right after, I've bought the majority of the show on DVD. Heh. smile.gif
Did anyone catch Nancy Pelosi's opening "monologue"/skit on SNL this weekend? OH! MY! GODDESS!!! laughed my head off. Cannot do it justice - I'm going to look for a transcript. laugh.gif
Yeah, I've been watching the reruns of Six Feet Underon Bravo, but I'm thinking they've cut a lot out. Of course I never saw the epsiodes on HBO, so I don't know. Incidentally, IMDB tells me that Rainn Wilson was on that show too, as the mother's boyfriend.(?)
mirabella, Rainn Wilson played an intern at the funeral home and he had a short affair with Ruth.
anybody else watch "bones"? i don't have cable so i have to get addicted to basic network shows....
Mouse, I've watched Bones several times, but it's one of those where it's too hard to keep up with the on-going background story (her parents, etc.) if you miss it.

Heroes continues to baffle. I thought last night was supposed to explain a bunch of things?!?! Instead we have more questions. Hiro went back in time to save Charlie but she's dead anyway? (3 guesses who gave her that Japanese phrase book for her birthday 6 months ago, although if that was the case wouldn't she have recognized him when he showed up at the diner?) And where is Hiro? How is Peter going to avoid getting thrown in jail for killing Bitchy Cheerleader? How did he continue to fix himself even after Claire ran away? Is Mr. Bennet a bad guy or a good guy? Why can't we have more of Matt the psychic cop and less Mohinder (he bugs me, even tho' he's very pretty to look at)?

*irritated sigh*
vesicapisces- your entry made me laugh. I stayed up with Mr. Cran to watch Heroes last night..(usually this is waaaay past my bedtime being pregnant and all.. but just like you thought.. they were either going to ALL come together or start explaining things DAMN it.)

About 24 minutes into it.. I'm like.. uh... what is happening here? Nothing is solved, no one is together... just more gosh darn questions. By quarter of, I was asleep and had to watch it over this morning. When did Peter figure out he had the buddy system magic? He just announced it to Hiros friend, like he knew all along.

I wanted Matt there too. I really like him. Is he in Texas? Mohinder drives me crazy, I just want to fast forward his part. I hope the wall walker guy doesn't bite it by gun totting, dual personality Jessica.
I don't know.. so much.
Next week they say that the stories of everyone will unfold.

we'll see...

p.s I totally want a bumpersticker that says "Save the cheerleader. Save the world." I think it's so cheesy it's funny.
QUOTE(cranberrigirl @ Nov 21 2006, 02:29 PM) *

When did Peter figure out he had the buddy system magic? He just announced it to Hiros friend, like he knew all along.

YES! That was the *other* question I had. *We* all knew what was up, but when did he cop to it?

My sister is going to be so pissed. She told me two weeks ago she was going to give the show one more week to prove itself, and then last week when they said "next week everything gets explained" she said OK, I'll give it 'til next week... come to think of it, tho', she did call me in the middle of the show (during a commercial break) to say "what? Is Peter dead? Is Hiro OK?" I think she's hooked.

<evil grin>
Yeah, where is Hiro? I missed having him in this episode and I am very curious about what he is doing.

I don't mind Mohinder so much because I think he's important to the plot. I thought his dad's password was painfully obvious, though, and was annoyed that he didn't get it on the first try. When he finally typed in his sister's name, I said, "Well, DUH!!!" rolleyes.gif

As for Peter, I imagine he figured out the true nature of his powers when he finished Isaac's painting (when the rest of us figured it out). Also, I hope Peter will get out of jail (I bet Claire's dad is very curious about him). As for him fixing himself, I was under the impression that the powers of others stay with him for a little while after people leave his presence. Claire hadn't even been gone a minute yet when he fixed his foot, so I didn't find that to be strange.

I'm curious as to what power Claire's dad has over Eden - the pixie girl who can talk people into anything. Why can't she talk him into whatever she wants? What are they up to? Are we supposed to like them or not? Are they going to manipulate Sylar and use him for their own purposes? And can memory-eraser man talk or what?

I bet the guy who can walk through walls will be okay. Maybe the bullets can pass right through him! That would be good.

I was never under the impression that anything was going to be solved last night. Guess I missed whatever misleading promo you must have seen!
Any thoughts on last night's episode of Heros?

Poor Hiro. That must be so hard, knowing that he personally cannot change the past.

So, does Nikki actually have a super power? Or does she just suffer from multiple personalities?

It was good to finally see Sylar. I've known for weeks who was playing him & I was excited. I wonder what exactly Sylar does to... ummm ..... take on other people's powers? Whatever he's doing! My hubby thinks that maybe he cracks open their brains, & can kinda "see" the way it works, just like the inside of a watch. And from that, he learns how to do their special powers. I say as long as he isn't eating people's brains, I'm happy.

I still want to know how Mr. Bennett is unaffected by Eden's powers!
I have only seen two random episodes of Heros and I've really enjoyed them, but it's too late for me to get on board now. I'll have to catch up by DVD.... unless they are planning to rerun episodes.

I just started watching Prison Break by DVD. I'm four episodes in. It's not going to be a show that impacts me as much as Six Feet Under, or is as exciting as Lost once was, but I'm liking it so far. They have shown two seasons on TV, right? Anyone else watched?
The SciFi Channel has been showing Heroes, too, so I wouldn't be surprised if they aired a big Heroes marathon soon.

ETA: Looks like the SciFi channel is doing a mini-marathon tonight, starting with the pilot episode!

i plan on trying to catch at least two episodes of the heroes marathon.
i've only watched 1.5 episodes, and i'm totally addicted.

also newly addicted to eureka. love the sheriff!
Add me to the addicted to Heroes club. I think I'm beginning to fall for Peter. Something about those eyebrows combined with good moral fiber gives me a tingling sensation.

Poor Hiro, I was really hoping he could save Charlie. I got my hopes up that they'd have at least one female character that wasn't your typical comic vixen. Her smarts were too powerful for her brain, so it blew up. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two and got misty-eyed when he made he paper cranes appear. It was romantic. *swoon* This is gonna toughen him up I think. He can't keep letting his "failures" get him so down. I can't wait till he becomes a ninja...YAKKA!

I am finding myself enjoying eden's character more since she went all Linda Blair on the cop. Controlling people with your voice is very cool indeed. I think Mute Haitian dood can stop brain functioning therfore Eden has no effect on Mr. Bennet in his presense. Speaking of which, I'd like to know the guys name so I don't have to call him Mute dood. I like how Mr. Bennet is collecting all the mind-power heroes.

I don't think Nicole has the super power but I do think she's mental. Who wouldn't be in her situation? She has no recollection of anythink Jessica does, she only sees the aftermath. I don't understand why she hasn't seen a shrink. That's the first thing I'd do if my reflexion in the mirror was smirking at me all the time. Alot of people don't like Niki but since she is Ali Larter and she was in Legally Blond I have little place for her in my heart. Plus her son Micah is hot, wait is that right? He's like ten years old for crine out loud! It's just that kid characters are usually such brats and he is totally with-it.

I want to like Nathan but his head is far up his ass that he makes it very hard. He's got a hot little wife though. Have Loved Rena Sofer since her soap opera days. Her eyes are like saphires and they twinkle.
Scrubs is on tonight!! After The Office. I am so excited! I really thought it was going to get cancelled, but now it is getting a really good time slot, so it has a chance after all.
I heart Peter Petrelli! Heroes rocked this week. Everything except the Niki/Jessica storyline. Eden went out like a hero.

I also heart hiro. Mister EeeSak!

I don't like that we must wait till January 22 for more. Aargh!
Wasabi, after the episode was ever, I just kept saying, "January 22nd?! January 22?!?!?!?". I cannot believe we have to wait that long for a new episode. Grr!

Much admiration for Eden. I was sorry to see her go. How sad that she had to sacrifice herself to save the others! And so admirable, too.

And poor Peter! I was wondering why he was coughing. I first noticed it when Mr. Bennett was in the room with him and Claire & wondered if maybe it was some side effect from Mr. B(?). Yeah, it's a stretch. I know. I just keep wondering what power Mr. Bennett has! He must have some sort of power, but what?

I keep wondering about Hiro's friend (what's his name?) and wondering what is role is in all of this. He's one of the few major characters with now powers.
When Heros comes back on, can we please start a thread for it? We could call it, "I'm holding out for a Hiro!"
I really won't miss Eden although she got more interesting after she showed her powers.
As soon as Peter coughed, I knew something was up. No one ever coughs on TV unless they have consumption or lung cancer (or, apparently, apocalyptic visions of the future.)
Kitten, I would not mind a Heroes thread. We just gotta get more Busties to start watching the show to make it more interesting!

In the post-show ad, I noticed that their new hook is "Are you on the list?" I take it that this is supposed to replace the whole "Save the cheerleader" thing since, ya know, they saved her. tongue.gif
"he's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast and gotta be fresh from the fight I need a hero ..."

guess what song I now have in my head? gee thanks kittenb wink.gif.

I must see this Heroes of which you all speak so highly.
KittenB, that's a GREAT title! I third the idea of a Heroes thread.

Here's what I'm trying to figure out: Where are Matt the cop and his FBI partner from? Are they *from* Texas, or did they just COME to TX to check out the Sylar-related case? Because if they and Bennett and everyone are in TX, then the nuclear guy is there too, right? I was thinking Peter looked like he was channeling pale-and-sweaty from Nuclear Guy, and then he had the vision/dream where he blew up (in NYC? I assume) - so maybe he catches the radioactive thing the same way he catches everyone else's power.

*sigh* Don' wanna wait another 6 weeks.
I think Peter got sick from his exposure to Sylar or just being exposed to so many different people with powers (Claire, Matt, the Haitian, whatever it is Mr. Bennet can do) in so little time.

Did Eden kill Sylar, or did he just make her kill herself so he can escape?

Also: how awesome is it going to be when Claire eventually confronts her father? I was so sorry for her when she realized that her dad had her friend's and brother's minds wiped.
Sidecar, I was under the impression that Eden killed herself and that, by shooting herself in the head, Sylar would not be able to look at her brain and figure out her powers the way he had with the others.

Vesica, Wikipedia's entry for the show says that Matt is a cop in Los Angeles. So yeah, I'm guessing that they're in Texas because of Sylar.

Interesting bit of trivia: the guy who plays Nathan Petrelli (the polititian) is married to the lead singer of The Dixie Chicks. They've been married for 6 years & have 2 kids. How cool is that!
i bought this for myself, and i'm just about caught up with the episodes (via i've missed, except the whole eden storyline.

i'm completely enthralled!
fuck lost!
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Dec 7 2006, 10:49 PM) *

Sidecar, I was under the impression that Eden killed herself and that, by shooting herself in the head, Sylar would not be able to look at her brain and figure out her powers the way he had with the others.
Yeah - when she realized he was about to do screw-top brain surgery on her, she shot herself rather than let him take her power too.

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Dec 7 2006, 10:49 PM) *
Interesting bit of trivia: the guy who plays Nathan Petrelli (the polititian) is married to the lead singer of The Dixie Chicks. They've been married for 6 years & have 2 kids. How cool is that!
Another reason to adore Adrian Pasdar. Did anyone ever watch Profit? He was creepy but hot in that.

Mandi, welcome to the dark side! <insert evil chuckle> I have also abandoned Lost. Too much head-fuckery, too little payoff.
I am totally down for a Heroes thread. I could speculate for days and days. It is such a cool show. Hope they play re-runs during the hiatus for those who missed out.

"Hello! I'm Hiro Nakamura and I'm here to save your life." Such a cutie!
That makes sense about Eden. I'll miss her -- she's a good actress. She's quite good in a movie called Brick that came out earlier this year (I think it's on DVD now). And also, oh man, that would've been just awful if Sylar had stolen her powers.

I knew Adrian Pasdar was married, but not that it was Natalie Maines! That's very cool. He's a pretty compelling actor (I've never seen Profit, but I read about it and, uh, wow, that must be something to witness) so I'm glad to see him in a role as interesting as this is.

I'm done with Lost. Martini is still into it, but I feel the same way as what you said, vesica. Plus, why bother investing in characters anymore? All that time we spent learning about the tailies last year, and all of them except Bernard have been killed off for seemingly no reason.

ETA: Is anyone else watching Friday Night Lights? I think that's my other favorite new show this year. There was a great scene this week that involved a first date and a Members Only jacket.
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