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I am absolutely, crazily, madly addicted to Glee. I just started watching it and I think it's a really good show. I've already downloaded all the songs, too.... rolleyes.gif

Also, reading this thread just made me feel like a complete idiot. I watched the premiere of Flash Forward thinking, "Wow, that guy really looks a lot like Ralph Fiennes". Uhm, DUH.
Does anyone watch Law and Order: SVU? It has been really good this season. Not sure if they got different writers, but, the stories do not drag like they used to. Also, Medium has been really good with how Allison's medium powers are becoming sharper and interfering with her everyday life.

I planned on getting into Glee. I do love my musicals. But, for some reason, I've not had time to dedicate to getting into this show.
SVU has been markedly better than last season, but I still miss O'Halloran. I knew as soon as they introduced Stuckey last year that he'd be an asshole.

I tried really hard to like Glee. The first couple episodes were pretty great. But that lead guy. That lead guy works my nerves from the top of his wet-look hair to his dancing feet. I can usually offer some love for the people on my grandmama's stories, but I cannae give him a pass.
I tend to watch all the incarnations of Law & Order no matter how good or bad they are. I was kind of annoyed by drunky lawyer but of course, her character was supposed to be annoying. I did find it strange though that they recycled that, since they did the same thing with Stuckey last year. It's like any time they introduce an unlikeable character you know it's just a matter of time before the character is revealed to be a killer. Or a drunk.
Rogue, I love Glee too. That show just makes me smile. I like the main guy a lot, but I can see how he would be a love 'em or hate 'em character.

Has anyone seen that show Modern Family? I think it's pretty good, in terms of sitcoms.
Has anyone been keeping up w/ Top Chef? I have. It's the best season yet, IMO. Can't wait for the finale!
Also is anyone else watching Being Erica? I'm watching it online and am addicted.
I watch Being Erica and I love it! I also love the fact that the CBC has finally wisened up to the fact that a lot of people watch tv on the internet because they can't always catch their favourite show. I'm glad to finally see a good quality show on CBC that keeps me engaged and interested in what will happen.
The music for tomorrow night's Glee:

"True Colors"
acoustic "Papa Don't Preach"
me too for Being erica! It's such a fun show, and I love that it's girlie without being vapid. I didn't know I could catch it online, I've only seen maybe half of it so I will check that out.
snow white
i'm watching the natalie portman episode of top chef today, and i so feel for jennifer! i have the same kind of freak outs when there's too much stress. jennifer and kevin are my faves by far. robin has been beyond annoying, she explained in this ep that she grew up on organic food and had no tv, all of a sudden it makes sense as to why she's so over the top "crunchy granola". but toward the end of the ep she had alittle no-nonsense attitude going on that i really liked, she should give into her inner beeyotch more. mike has been a dick the whole season and i'm glad he's off. is there a top chef thread here? maby there sure be a bravo thread.
snowwhite, Ugh, I know - I was so over Robin. She is so very annoying.

And Mike. He didn't get on my nerves quite so much, but his over inflated ego was starting to wear thin.
Angie, if you need the link for the online viewing let me know.
QUOTE(snow white @ Dec 2 2009, 06:47 PM) *
is there a top chef thread here? maby there sure be a bravo thread.

I don't think either a Top Chef thread or a Bravo thread is needed. I mean, Top Chef is almost over, so there wouldn't be much discussion until the next one comes around & it doesn't seem that popular when you go back through the threads. And 90% of the shows on Bravo are just guilty pleasures which there is already a thread for. Annoying house flip guy, realtors & their hair, bitchy blond lady & hair, & now their revamp of clothing designers show. Real Housewives of Wherever seems to get the most play of any Bravo show.
Jackass IPS Error.
anna k
Lately I've been getting into sci-fi TV shows. Even if I don't closely follow the show, I really like the underrated actors and writing, and how intelligent and interesting they can be. I've been watching Dollhouse and Stargate Universe (despite that it's a little slow), and also like Battlestar Galactica, even though I haven't watched it in a while. I got Torchwood through Netflix, and a friend recommended Farscape to me.

It feels like I wanted to watch these shows lately because I don't watch TV much, and prefer watching intelligent dramas, to get involved in a show. Lately, I've liked Parks and Recreation, good stuff on PBS, So You Think You Can Dance, and little else. I work a lot during the day, and end up at night either watching a movie, reading blogs, going out, or listening to music. I got rid of cable, and have been out of the loop of a lot of shows.
Dude, SGU is just one little piece of the whole Stargate franchise. You've got SG-1, SGI, SGA, & SGU. I was a BIG SGA fan, I still want to have the bitchy, hypochondriac genuis Rodney McKay's babies.
anna - I've been wanting to start watching Dollhouse for a while now, but I heard that it got cancelled. Is it worth picking up?

I tried to start watching some Stargate a while back, but I couldn't quite get into it... I think it's because I got used to the production quality of Battlestar Galactica... which is also the first sci-fi series I ever liked...
anna k
I just watched the first two episodes of Torchwood today, and really dug it. It's so engaging, with lively, realistic characters (realistic apart from the sci-fi angle), intelligent writing, a funny and smart lead heroine, a charming hero, and I just wanted to keep watching.

I remember seeing the Stargate movie when I was 11, but never putting together that the TV shows came from the movie, despite the same title. I can't see much connection to the movie besides the sci-fi, but I'm sure it started with the portal plot and grew from there. Stargate Universe was kind of slow and boring from the few episodes I watched, it just felt dull.

Dollhouse I like, but it can feel repetitive when watching it, it feels like the same story over and over again, with slow progression. A great save was the character Alpha, who is trying to destroy the Dollhouse, and is played by Alan Tudyk, who just blew me away with his character's 180. He is a guy who escaped from the Dollhouse, is imprinted with all of these multiple personalities that he can use at his sociopathic whim, and infiltrates the house as a nerdy architect who switches from being the geeky sidekick into a genius killer. It's an amazing transformation, and Alan Tudyk is just phenomenal as an actor. Other than that, I liked the show on the surface level, but just couldn't stay engaged to really care about it.
Oooooo Alan Tudyk! He was in Firefly, and I loved him! I'll have to watch out for him - I just started watching the first season of Dollhouse today.
I hate Stargate Universe. Sadly, The Geek likes it so we watch it. I have never rooted for so many main characters to die. I get that they are trying to avoid the campiness that Stargate SG1 could sometimes fall into, but I feel like SGU overreacted and created a show full of horrible selfish characters. Who is the hero in that show?
For the Busties who are Dexter fans, I found some news online that Michael C. Hall was treated for cancer.
We just finished watching the 3rd season of Dexter. Love love love Michael C. Hall. Hoping to God that they'll treat him successfully.

Wasn't there a Dexter thread at some point? I looked around a bit, couldn't find it.
Does anyone watch Being Erica? I also like Being Human on BBC.
I just started watching Being Erica as the last season was ending (last 3-4 episodes) but I was really enjoying it. I need to watch the rest but I'm excited for the next season.
I'm saaavouring & drawing out watching the last few episodes of season 2 - as opposed to the back-to-back marathons I usually run with shows I LOVE.

I just started watching it online a few months ago. I think it's great even though the yogurt-commercially opening theme is a bit annoying.

Let's see, it's based on my favourite fantasy/party-game, (being able to re-do the past), AND a lot of it takes place in the 80's and 90's - music, hairstyles and all - AND there's a female star I can relate to on some level AND it's in Toronto, me own home town. It's the best show.

I also started watching Degrassi Junior High re-runs online. i can't believe how well they nailed Junior High at that time.
my only problem is that Hulu has messed up the audio on them. I'm about at episode 7-8 right now.
Heh. I was thinking of doing that myself. smile.gif
sassy, i watch them here but it's only good for about an hour if you don't subscribe
i also watched some that were missing from their list here
someone told me you can watch them on cbc's site too, but i'm not sure
So who watched the Golden Globes?

Overall, I was somewhat bummed by some of the winners. And the fashion. Ick. I was happy with a few winners though....Glee!, Mad Men, Michael C Hall, Robert Downey Jr.
hello, my name is coffeebean and I am addicted to the train wreck of a show also known as The Bachelor. I don't really know why I watch because I spend half of the time ripping on it but every time Monday rolls around I know that i am going to watch. Any other busties watching?
Has anybody watched Worst Cooks In America? It's funny, but in kind of a sad way. I guess because I enjoy cooking & am good at it, I find it easy for the most part to follow the directions in a recipe. If I do it right the first time, I keep messing with it to make it my own without going too crazy. These poor WCIA people? Are fucking CLUELESS. Can't follow directions, can't multi-task, create odd flavor pairings, etc. The guy that got kicked off this week, his first dish? He did asparagus, but for some reason cut the tasty top part of the asparagus & left the wretched woody bases to be consumed. And his meat was half raw.
Just watched Dollhouse finale. Why are Whedon shows so great and moving and infuriating all at once?

(An army of online fans can answer this--it's really a rhetorical question.)

This weekend I have also watched the Dr Who finale and am about to watch last season's Lost finale. I think I have a problem. Either that or I am having an awesome weekend.
Best. Show. EVER!
A friend gave me both seasons of Carnivale to watch and I just finished the last episode *cries*. Now I wish I'd spaced it out and watched only one every week, I can't stand that it's over! And I'll never know how it ends 'cause stupid, stupid HBO cancelled it, argh!

Have you seen it? I don't watch TV at all but I gotta say, if they started making this show again I'd buy a set. Man, was it ever, ever good. I love that freaky old style carnival action, wow! The hootchie mamas are the best.
I watched it when it originally aired, pepper, and I loved it. My brother and I were obsessed and really sad to see it go. I hate when HBO shows get cancelled. The same thing happened with Deadwood.
I loved Carnivale. I was so sad that it got cancelled.
anna k
Carnivale was really good. It was so shady and dark and beautiful and sad. I didn't watch Deadwood much, but found it really mesmerizing with such great language and actors.
What happened to women on HBO? I mean, I enjoy all of the ensemble shows, but wish there was still a female centric show on. The guys still have that piece of shit Entourage & now the crappy make it in NYC show where women are basically just models, exes, or a babe to fuck with a place to crash.

I was never a huge Sex & the City fan. I love shoes & boys as much as the next gal, but it was tiresome to me that those women were pretty much all about guys/relationships all the time. And I know we had a very fiery conversation around these parts about the hoary old tropes of conventional media being trotted out yet again, EG: the promiscuous one finds love, but gets "punished" with cancer, etc.

"The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" was colorful & interesting, but pretty lightweight. It doesn't look like HBO has ordered a second season & I've heard Jill Scott is slated to be on L&O: SVU, & is doing a sequel to a Tyler Perry thing & another wonderful/beautiful thing that is being "directed" by Perry as well that he will likely fuck up beyond belief.

So. Where my ladies at?
I have been watching the Being Erica on the Hulu. I like it. BUT. It makes my OCD heart go crazy because I am having trouble with some of the timelines. Like, she's supposed to be thirty-two, but it seems like she'd actually be thirty-five or six instead.

And that theme song makes me want to retch.
snow white
auralpoison, i used to love sex and the city, but i watched it for the first time in about a year a few days ago and i was like "now what was it i liked about this show?". carrie is so emotionally needy it just makes me frustrated.

i've seen one "being erica" episode and i luved it, and then hated it. mostly i ended up feeling sorry for her kids.

i just watched "couger town" and it was hi-larious! i don't know what network airs it or even what time bc i found it by accident.

other than that tv kinda sucks. i used to watch Bravo alll the time and i can't watch anything on there anymore.
I don't think we're talking the same show, Snow White. Erica doesn't have any children. The whole point of the show is that she's a thirty-something single woman that's reached a point of stagnation in her life. She's given the chance to go back & perhaps correct some of her perceived mistakes. I wasn't crazy about it at first, but have watched the entire first season & liked it. Of course, I am about to hang ten on the crimson wave, so whatever.

I lasted about two minutes of Cougar Town. I found it as unfunny as Two & A Half Men.
snow white
ya i think i was thinking of united states of tara. or something.

Breaking Bad re-starts on Sunday. I think I'm gonna do a little watching over the weekend to catch myself back up.
That was a bit of an odd episode, wasn't it? The creepy shrine, the admission to the wife... I just hope this is setting up for something really good. The pace of it through last season was really good, packed with plot and action. I hope this episode is just to set things up for it to get moving again. I think they spent a bit too much time cleaning up the loose ends from last season.
I really liked Breaking Bad this week. I like it when I don't know exactly what's going on, I hate it when TV shows spell out the entire plot for me and then bang me over the head with it the whole season. Once again, I cannot believe how great Bryan Cranston is. Malcolm in the Middle was on last night and it's hard to believe it's the same person playing Walt and Hal.
LOVE Breaking Bad...ketto, I have thought the exact same thing about Bryan Cranston. I hope to see his acting career really take off now. Actors truly amaze and humble me; I am in awe of the gift that they have to convincingly become other people.

Anybody following Dexter? BB and Dexter are my only TV shows these days. And since we don't have cable, we have to wait for seeders (though not usually a problem, these days).
Has anyone checked out HBO's Treme yet? I likes it.
I did LadyJ and was impressed... which is no mean feat as I loved The Wire. Treme has many of the same things though: interesting characters, talented cast and an amazing feel for the location, which you'd need in a series about NOLA.

I am very curious to see what direction it goes, given that it's a drama rather than a detective show (although The Wire was so much more than that). I plan to stay tuned...
I'm watching it, too. It's been a good start, mostly good people. I just wish it didn't have Steve Zahn. I have an irrational dislike of Steve Zahn.
Okay, Glee. I've just seen the Madonna episode and LOVED all the costumes in the background during Finn and Rachel's duet. And Vogue, obviously.

But I couldn't sleep last night (seriously) because I was stuck thinking about three things:

1) Where the hell is Quinn living now?

2) How can Kurt be a Cheerio and a footballer? If he's not a footballer, why didn't he re-join the team when the rest of the guys did?

3) Did they really have to go with the icky virginity storyline? Of COURSE Finn went through with it and Rachel didn't, because we all know that sex is all emotional for girls whereas boys have no feelings. And thank god she didn't, because any girl who loses her virginity to a boy who is not THE ONE will be regret it as a life-changing mistake (Quinn) or be a slut and relegated to secondary character status (Santana and Brittany).

Makes me appreciate Buffy all the more, like when Willow propositioned Oz but he said that he wasn't ready yet because (a) boys have feelings too, and (cool.gif losing your virginity doesn't make sex any less meaningful.

There, I feel better now.
Glee? Is so not funky it was actually physically painful. I know it's supposed to be campy & such, but . . . ouch.
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