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Yep, that was the season finale.

I've only watched the last 4 or or episodes of Breaking Bad, but I love it, too! It kind of reminds me of The Riches in the way that you sympathize with the bad guy and almost literally want them to get away with murder, and also in the way that the plot gets really, really tangled up in itself and it becomes a train wreck. I'm also liking how Jesse's girlfriend and her dad got into the mess, too, especially her dad, without (I assume) even knowing it.

I had dreams about plane crashes last night, too. In my dream, everything was on small scale, so I could wipe away the ocean from the plane (there was an ocean in my dream, apparently) a la Moses and pluck the people out. That show really sticks with me.

Next time I have a couple days off, I'm going to rent the first season.
It kind of reminds me of The Riches in the way that you sympathize with the bad guy and almost literally want them to get away with murder, and also in the way that the plot gets really, really tangled up in itself and it becomes a train wreck

huh, that's a logical conclusion. i loved the riches; now i understand why i love breaking bad.

I felt all anxious after and had to go do something else before I went to bed.

the episode where walt had to get the meth to the big distributor but couldn't get a hold of his heroin-doped partner had my heart racing. from a tv show. either i need a life (plausible), or the show is THAT GOOD (also plausible).

as far as jane's dad... he's great, but all i kept thinking was, "hey, that's Q from TNG!"

and brian cranston, you have effectively erased all vestiges of Malcolm in the Middle's Hal from my RAM. thank you.

i need to go back to the first season in the off season to get my fix. i know you can find them online on some shady sites... dammit, hulu!
QUOTE(ketto @ Jun 1 2009, 12:46 PM) *
The season finale was insane. I felt all anxious after and had to go do something else before I went to bed. Excited to see Mad Men is returning in August though.

I love Mad Men, and as a recent grad with an Ad Degree, sometimes I wish I was like them in certain ways. But I don't think they would want me as the "token vagina" in their group lol
Catlady, it's even streaming:

GT, I would be surprised if [/color]walt's family was on one of the planes. To me it looked like they were both heading towards the airport, not away, and the family has no reason to be on the plane. I also think that would be driving the coincidences home just a little too hard. [color="#000000"]Very curious to see what the next season will hold. Lots of cliffhangers.
Did anyone watch Obsessed last night? That part where the therapist allowed her client to hold a knife to her, yeah, a touch of crazy.

GT, are you watching the new season of Charm School? Ashley has the weirdest shaped head. I don't know if it is her hair or her ego, but, it is rather bulb-ish. blink.gif And what is up with that chick with the baby voice who insisted on the kids swimming in the air as a form of exercise? *sigh* That show is addicting.
Jane's dad reminds me way too much of Bill Engvall, from the blue collar comedy tour. Fortunately, he's the only one of the group I could tolerate. Am I horrible to say that Jane got what she had coming? I couldn't feel the least bit of sympathy for that character. Maybe if she weren't a junkie, I could, but that isn't the case.

I'm with Ketto on the spoiler. It'd screw the next season up in a really not-good way, so I don't know why they'd write it like that. They'd lose a huge avenue for drama, and probably a lot of viewership.
Catlady, it's even streaming:

re: the definition at the top of that website's page
i wondered why they called it "breaking bad"... i's slow!

I dunno if anybody is interested, but right now iTunes is offering up the first ep of the new Edie Falco show Nurse Jackie for free.
what is up with the nurse shows? jada pinkett even has one.

yeah, well y'all are probably right, i was watching the body bag thing more closely at the start of the season but since i missed the two previous eps, i'm totally out of the loop. i doubt it would lose viewership tho. after all the premise is things progressively getting worse. or maybe that's just me. i wouldn't bat an eye if the wife and son died. i'd think it sad, but i love dark storylines. that's why i love the show. i'm a black comedy sorta gal. wink.gif

but i love random death in storylines. the hurt locker (the katherine bigelow movie) was good about that. that film felt like anyone could and would die at any time for any reason.

i watched obsessed. i'll be honest, i would have let her hold the knife to my throat. she couldn't hurt a fly. that was obvious. it was kinda nutty tho.

i never seem to catch a full ep of charmschool, but i am kinda watching. what happened with farrah? i swear, i start out kinda liking ricky lake every project she is on, but by 1/4th of the way in i am like ARGH! STFU!!!! she just seems so pious. so goody goody. ugh. funny thing is each time i'm like, oh, it's ricki lake. ok....GRRRRR!
QUOTE(ketto @ May 27 2009, 12:18 PM) *
. . . I used to love SVU but it's such a piece of shit now. It's some of the worst writing on TV. I just had to vent...I saw the last few episodes and they had me laughing at loud at the pure cheese.

Wow. What a steaming fucking pile! I just watched my first SVU in a good long while & I remember why I quit watching in the first place. It just got hokier & hokier & as soon as the one guy mentioned that Stabler & O'Halloran went for sushi? Yeah, I knew what the parting line was gonna be.

Y'know, there haven't been a whole lotta straight up nurse shows. Off the top of my tiny brain, I can only remember the original E/R, which oddly enough also starred George Clooney.
no, this up coming season there are a couple of nurse shows....

so what was the closing line?
The way I see it, is the whole reason Walt is doing the drug thing is for his family, to either afford to make himself better, or to leave them something when he's gone. If the family's really out of the picture, I don't see much point in the show to keep going. From what I've seen, it doesn't appear to me that Walt would care enough to keep going, either with his life or the meth, if he were really alone. The only person he has to do right by is Jesse, and still, that's a shaky relationship.
oh i agree about walt's motives, but the thrust of the show is that it's a black comedy, which is all about going from bad to worse. walt might not have much to live for, if his wife and child are gone, but she was pushing for atleast separation at the end of the episode. so he might lose them anyways. if there is one thing walt is it's guilty. look at the way he was reacting to the drug money funneled into his son's website. if something happened to them, he would suffer some serious survivor's guilt. after all, it was his lies that got them killed. but there would be plenty of territory to mine. there is still the whole matter of the brother in law who, it's obvious will eventually come after him.

but like i said, it could just be symbolism, bodies showing up on his lawn, hens coming home to roost. i missed a couple of eps, so there is, i'm sure lots that i'm missing.


rescue me was killing me last night. the 7 minutes of pleasure/pain and sheila's "oasis" (i've got the biggest crush on that actress). oh and tommy's daughter and her boyfriend. so funny.

but what did y'all think of probie growing a brass pair? i didn't care for him telling tommy off. it seemed out of character. esp. after tommy saved his ass.
I read a recap of the season finale (I do that even when I actually watch it, not sure why), and it said they were going to visit Hank and Marie, which means they wouldn't have even gotten on a plane. But you're right about the separation. Either way, they're not going to be a happy home next season. I've got to wonder what kind of an idiot this Hank is. It should seem pretty obvious that maybe Walt has something to do with this drug ring, even if he doesn't want to believe it.
if there is one thing walt is it's guilty. look at the way he was reacting to the drug money funneled into his son's website.

see, i didn't take that as guilt at all. i thought he was sort of seething, like he was pissed he wasn't getting credit for his hard work. the only person he could show off to was his infant daughter in the laundry room with the cash behind the insulation. i love that he has these moments of sinister, where the mild mannered chem teacher becomes powerful drug lord (see: asking Jesse to "take care" of the junkies that robbed his dealer). the oscillation is fascinating.

i'm curious to see how the Pollo guy and Hank play out. I have a feeling the Pollo guy is going to either blackmail Hank (but they already did that with Jane), or that he's gonna get spooked and back out.

i also wonder what Walt's motivation for continuing the operation if his family leaves. I think it's going to be his ego.
I agree, catlady. He was talking to Saul a few episodes back about how he earned this money and he didn't want his family to think it was coming from donations. I think Pollo guy is probably gonna be pretty scary next season...I doubt he'll just walk away and disappear.
lol.... see what happens when i miss a few eps. i haven't a clue. lol.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 2 2009, 05:25 PM) *
i watched obsessed. i'll be honest, i would have let her hold the knife to my throat.

Said the bustie into knife play... wink.gif
star, you are terrible. wub.gif

ETA:*sigh* i love burn notice. it's too f'ing funny.
Gotta second the Burn Notice love. I totally want to be Fiona when I grow up.
lol. seriously. she is so freaking badass. but i love the little lectures in between the action. "unlike every movie you've seen, gas tanks don't blow up when you shoot them, you need to have..." i just love the debunking that is constantly done. i love bruce cambell, sharon gless and jeff donovan absolutely slays me--- particularlly when he does his wimp act. i just can't get enough. smart show.

new season started tonight! yay!!!
Oh, I love Michael's 'tutorials.' I always wonder how accurate they are, but that one last night about the hotel phone systems is totally true (I used to work at a hotel and would get bored at night and play with stuff). Now that I know that, I'm afraid I'm gonna get bored one day and decide to see if I really can make my car bullet resistant with phone books. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

I know I watch way too much tv (especially USA network - love Psych too!), but at least watching BN encourages me to work out and include more yogurt in my diet.
you're killing me.

you might want to check out hulu. they have some hilarious little vignettes in that michael voice over.

i'm starting to like royal pains inspite of myself. i hate anything that takes place in the hamptons on GP, and loathe wealth porn. seriously, a show about healthcare for the rich who don't need it. it's predictable. why am i watching this?!?
I watched Royal Pains because a girl I went to hs with is one of the writers. I can't say I was terribly impressed by it, but I like most of those USA shows & will probably watch again.

It's funny, I was reading the other day that of all of the channels under the NBC umbrella USA makes them the most money. And it's mostly reruns, wrestling, the odd movies & a few original shows. Oh & dog shows, tennis, & golf.

I find it really amusing the amount of yogurt Michael consumes.
i like usa, but i get a little irritated at some of their show formulas. i liked monk, but cannot watch psych. perhaps it's me, but can't you see the pitch for royal pains? it's like a medical burn notice!!!

the knock off shows ruin the original shows for me.

it makes sense that usa makes the most money. it can show the usa shows ad infinitum, which after the initial cost is like free programing, and once they get past 100 eps, they can put them into syndication, which make them money makers instead of losses. the movie rights are probably bought collectively by nbc, and they show them all weekend.

now if sci-fi would do the same thing and stop broadcasting their uber crappy movies i would be happy.
I started watching Obsessed, recorded two shows this weekend (I might be caught up). At first it is hard to watch, but I find it very interesting. I've had some mild OCD since my teenage years, but nothing as severe as the people on the show. The girl that had obsessions with the K sound (as she put it) and her mother and brother's hands, her family looks really familiar, but I don't know from where.

I am watching the craziness of Real Housewives of NJ, it's is bad, but I still watch it.

I think the only other thing I'm watching now is The Little Couple on TLC.

Oh, and I have two more episodes of In Treatment to watch on demand. I can't decide if I liked the first or second season better.
Okay. This last Obsessed? Really disturbed me. Nidia was out of control, I'm so glad she got some help.
AP, was Nidia the woman with the fear of contamination?

Is anyone plan on watching Top Chef Masters on Bravo?

I think I might watch She's Got the Look 'cause it looks like there will be some crazies on there. And you some how I love me some crazy. wink.gif
If by "contamination" you mean "bowel movements", then yes. To actually eliminate fruit & veg from your diet because they encourage elimination? Is insane. I was constipated once. ONCE. It was so horrible of an experience that I've never let it happen again. It's no wonder she has . . . implements.
Coprophobia! I missed the beginning of the show. I can tolerate watching Obsessed now (no, I do not take a klonopin beforehand either tongue.gif ). I was wondering what the therapist was going to do to help her work through that. Watching that show makes me realize that I do not want to specialize in exposure therapy.
nidia was heartbreaking. i was like, how does a shower=hospital? i nearly passed out when she busted out the tooth brush. it was bad before, but that freaked me the fuck out.

the dude was killing me too. that's a case of 'too smart for your own good.' he was rationalizing himself right back into crazy.
I can barely type the word toothbrush right now after seeing that. I have been giving my Sonic the stink eye ever since I saw poor Nidia.

And that guy was mad neurotic, clinging to his bizarre achievement of working out fifty times a week to stave off death.
New True Blood this weekend biggrin.gif
And that guy was mad neurotic, clinging to his bizarre achievement of working out fifty times a week to stave off death.
sad thing was, he will probably lose his wife because of his ocd. he just refuses to see anything wrong with it.

hi lunia! glad to see you around...missed you chickie!
i don't have the HBO, so i'll have to figure out some way to get my ex to invite me
Nidia's story on Obsessed is definitely the most extreme, and hard to watch. When she explained the tooth brush I just felt so bad for her. I'm glad that she seemed to work through her issues. The therapist that she had is my favorite.

The guy that hadn't missed a workout since 1991. He just didn't want any help, and OMG about the number of vitamins and supplements he takes daily. Up until his story it seemed like everyone wanted help and were successful.

I'm looking forward to True Blood.
I'm watching that Obsessed on-line now. It is pretty hard to watch but what is sickly amusing is that A&E has big lound advertisments for AquaFresh toothpaste sponsoring the show. That's just wrong.
oh.... kitten.

tlc also has a show about obessions called truth be told. i watched a bit of it yesterday. it was an episode on hoarding. but i couldn't watch the "this season" trailer. compulsive hair pulling (which i can't handle), and some other ocd type things, surgery addiction, anorexia, and so on.
Anyone watching the new season of True Blood?
Haven't seen it yet, but intend to today or tomorrow.

I finished watching Breaking Bad, and I really need a new show to get obsessed with. Has anyone seen In Treatment? Any reviews?
somebody was talking about in treatment forever ago. i liked it. it's a smart show, which is all you can ask of a show now days. it's a bit soap opera ish, but what isn't?

but one of my all time faves if we are talking about the slightly soap operaesque, is the fantastic six feet under. if you haven't seen it, it's as good as it gets. i suggest watching episode 5 forward, then after season one, you can go back and watch the first couple of eps whenever you want.

if you haven't discovered rescue me, that's always good. it's got a similar mix of serious/funny as 6ft under, but more funny.

i like burn notice, which just started it's new season. you can see eps on hulu. they even have some shorts called "ask a spy" that are pretty funny.

if you are looking for a show that almost demands to be seen as a marathon, and you can/want to watch 3/4 episodes at a time, i'd recommend damages. which, is fantastic. what you think is going on at the start of the season is always completely wrong. it's kind of a revenge story where you never quite know who is good. motives shift and change, it's some pretty amazing writing, and season 2 is a real headfuck after the season one set up.

if you like something a bit more... strange, i adore the british miniseries, jekyll, which is a re-imagining of the jekyll and hyde story, set in modern london. whipsmart and a pitch black sense of humor, it's main flaw, to me atleast is that it was a miniseries.
foryoursplendor...I am slowly making my way through Season 2 of In Treatment. I enjoy the show, and it's a good one to get obsessed w/ b/c there are SO many episodes.

Mr K and I really want to start watching The Wire. Have you seen that one?

Dexter is a good series if you haven't watched that one yet.

And though there is only one season, have you ever watched Freaks & Geeks? I want to rewatch that one soon.

QUOTE(kari @ Jun 15 2009, 09:28 AM) *
Anyone watching the new season of True Blood?

That's what I came in here to ask. I missed the first episode and will likely miss it this week too *is sad*
I've been waiting for it eagerly though.

Freaks and Geeks was perfect. It made me kind of sad and nostalgic, just like everything about 80's always does.
True Blood is BACK!! Yeehaw!

that is all
I watched the first and second seasons on In Treatment, and I prefer the first season. I thought the format kind of got a little old in the second season, but I still liked it. I watch it on demand, so I watch 4-5 episodes in a row.

Loved the True Blood season premiere, but one thing still annoys me, and that is Sookie. Anna Paquin plays the character well, but the character is just constantly overreacting.
There's actually a True Blood thread deep in Media Whores if anyone is interested in bumping it.
Sookie was kind of getting on my nerves too in the last season but I tried to attribute it to PTSD, in my head, just so that I could forgive her character and watch in peace.
uh.... i just watched is she really going out with him? on mtv, and i love it. i love that the go thru the trouble of filming a couple only to insult them, and their circle, constantly calling the guy a hustler douche bag. i can't say as i blame them. a white guido from jersey calling his girlfriend a "ride or die chick" made me puke in my mouth, but when the faux robin leach talks about how the go clubbing "in a strip mall" and talks about how it was "an abandoned olive garden," well, i just fell in love. it's funny.
GT, I just watched a few clips of that show and it looks hilarious. I'm actually impressed that MTV has picked up on this crazy phenomenon.

Has anyone watched that new reality show Hitched or Ditched? Basically a friend or family member signs up a couple and the couple has to decide if they are going to finally get married or if they are going to break up for good. I am of course, loving the episodes where one of them gets ditched but it's pretty interesting. One week they had a couple where both of them were afraid of commitment. The girl's father left her mom before she was even born and the guy's parents had divorced after 27 years of marriage.

This week the guy ditched the girl but mostly it was because he had a crazy bitch of a mother who kept saying that she would commit herself if he got married. However, he never stood up to his mom. I really don't understand parents like that. They say that they want their kids to be happy but then do everything they can to sabotage the kid's relationships.
yeah, i kind of feel like mtv and vh1 are responsible in some part for the whole tool thing, so it's only right that they have shows like is she really, and tool academy.
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