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has anyone watched "the war at home"? i have accidentally ended up watching this show twice now and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST i have no idea how it even got on the airways. this is the most offensive, misogynist, homophobic disgusting show i have ever, ever seen. it's like one more thing after another. i already disliked michael rappaport, but now i cannot stand him. UGH. come on people, commiserate with me on this.
The War at Home is a piece of shit. I caught it one day while waiting to watch Family Guy. Ugh.
Yeah, I too hate the War at Home. It's like a parade of stereotypes all strung together:

the bitchy but stupid teen daughter, mother using sex to punish or reward her husband, nerds are ugly, if you're not into sports you must be gay... on and on. Obviously the father character is the worst and I haven't even gotten into anything on him.
I actually like Lucky Louie.

Some episodes are definitely better than others, though. Just like all the rest of the shows out there, but I do have a couple favorites, so far.

I really laughed at the one where Louie found out the neighbor lady was using a vibrator instead of having an affair. And, not for laugh quality--but for some real-touch, the one where the teenager girl was a real bitch to her mother was good.

Just my two cents.

the first episode i saw, the parents were freaking out that a) their son was gay and cool.gif their daughter was dating a black guy. i am not kidding. they freaked out that their daughter was dating a black guy. what the fuck is this, 1953?????? and then the one i caught yesterday, the daughter let it slip that she made out with a girl and it was played for laughs and titillation. the father expressed sexual interest in a 13 year old girl, then went on a tirade about his daughter's anorexic friend. and the kids are so rude to the parents. i can't imagine a family with so much hate. jesus.
The new series of Prison Break starts Monday! So excited!

The only problem with Weeds is that it's too short - I want more!

lot49, what did you end up watching with the boy on your roadtrip?
Netflixed the first season of Weeds! smile.gif So want Showtime now, and especially now that Michael C Hall's new show is going to be on it. Ugh, to have basic cable sucks... sad.gif
I need to rent/buy Veronica Mars! My friend lord_farquhar text me today to say "Please tell me you watch VM, it's so you! Bit Buffy, bit the OC, bit Nancy Drew, bit Desperate Housefraus. No real male hotties in it but good central mystery." Sounds like a good recommendation to me!
I am totally digging The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman. Anything that keeps Laura Kightlinger working and in the public eye is a good thing, in my opinion.

What channel is it on?

So loving Carnivale now that I bought both seasons. Damn HBO. I so want to marry Nick Stahl. smile.gif
QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Aug 23 2006, 07:27 PM) *

What channel is it on?

It's on IFC, new episodes every Friday, but I just saw on that it's only an 8 episode show for now. They have reruns here and there throughout the week.
Cool thanks! So need better cable. sad.gif
I don't know that anyone else here watches it, but I just have to post how sad I am that Stargate SG1 will not be renewed for another season. It has never been the best sci-fi show, but it's close and it has been my favorite for a few years now. Sometimes I want simple shows where good normally wins and the guys are hot.
I am very sad about this.
bunnyb, veronica mars is one of the awesomest shows i've seen in years. seriously.

i know it's just another forensics mystery show, but i have to say i really like Bones. i think it has more to do with the actors' chemistry (it doesn't hurt, either, that David Boreanaz goes pretty easy on the eyes) than with the mysteries themselves--although i like the science stuff, too.
Oooh, Veronica Mars! Yay! I've been having fun watching the reruns this summer - such a good show! I've even been getting my parents into it - and they don't seem to like any show with a fan base younger than 40. It's that good.

I think I'll start a VM thread when the new season starts, since so many busties love it.
VM rocks!

Just chiming in to say Entorage is a really good show. I just started watching it via Netflix. So walking around saying: Let's Hug It Out Bitch! and people giving me glaring looks.
Did anyone see the pilot for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?
does anyone have any thoughts about "ugly betty"?
When is Ugly Betty on? I've been so out of the loop lately. Was Studio 60 any good?
Don't know - was hoping someone would be able to tell me (*cough* the boy is probably going to download it) if it's good. I have high hopes as from the creators of The West Wing.
Right. Need to find my copy of Entertainment Weekly. It has the whole new fall schedule.

i think it starts sept 28. i have to say, i think she looks a lot like most people i know, minus the braces.
I was just reading Entertainment Weekly, and found out that James Cromwell and Eddie Izzard are going to be joining the cast of 24 in January!!!

did anyone watch "class" on monday night??? i caught it by accident and got sucked in... the only character i liked was the one who tried to be like meg tilly. and yeah, i did like her "jaunty" hat. biggrin.gif
Anybody watch Criminal Minds?

I love Dr. Reid. smile.gif
He's adorkable.
did anyone try brothers and sisters?
pure awfulness. poor rachel griffiths. and sally field. and tom skerritt.
i kept switching over to butch cassidy and the sundance kid.

looking forward to ugly betty (Thursday, Sept 28 @ 8/7c).
Not liking Studio 60 Sunset Strip. Second episode worse than the first. It's got to be even MORE sexist, you see. Now Amanda Peet has to wear her hair down and make self-deprecating humor. Now every guy should be a total prick. Now the woman who had the nerve to sleep with the guy should just shut up. Now everyone should wear suits because the stupid prick is having a stupid prick "moody" day. What, is he PMS- ing?

How far from the *real* Saturday Night Live IS that? Especially lately, with so many cool women and Tina Fey as head writer?

SNL better not go back to dumb smirky jock National Lampoon crap with her doing 30 Rock.

and even if by some stretch in space-time reality 30 Rock stinks, I'm still going to tune in just to spite Studio 60.

Maybe it has its uses. Maybe we could have a Monday night drinking game wherein we must take a drink every time a character uses the word "balls."
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Sep 26 2006, 07:08 AM) *
did anyone try brothers and sisters?
pure awfulness. poor rachel griffiths. and sally field. and tom skerritt. kept switching over to butch cassidy and the sundance kid.
I didn't see it, but my sis said it was painfully bad. And that's coming from the girl who watched 7th Heaven until the very end and whined about some terrible show called Summerland not coming back. huh.gif So yeah, it must be pretty damned awful.
Did the new season of Brothers and Sisters start? I really liked it last year and was really looking forward to it. Now it sucks?
Did anyone watch Heroes last night? I think they're repeating it tonight. It wasn't bad, and that's coming from someone who's usually dragged kicking and screaming into anything sci-fi-ish. It's not really sci-fi-ish, though...sort of conspiratorial/superheroes.
Brothers and Sisters is new this year, so you wouldn't have seen it last year. Is Sons and Daughters what you were thinking of?

Studio 60 I like, but I have a few minor complaints about, but they're minor, and I'm happy to watch fun scenes w/ witty dialogue, so I love it and am pretty happy to overlook the minor flaws.

Ugly Betty is cute and I really liked the pilot; I wish it looked like they'd spent more money on it, but recently I've heard a lot of buzz about it, so I think they might start giving it more money if it does decently in the ratings. My other favorite was Fri Night Lights (beautifully shot).

Smith (great cast), The Nine, and Heroes were also really enjoyable and very solid.

I watched about 20 minutes of Brothers and Sisters, and had to turn it off. It was the conservative character Calista played that I didn't like.

I watched The Class, but I see it getting cancelled anyday now.

I can't wait for Veronica Mars.

Mr. DM is watching Heroes.
I second the excitement for Veronica Mars!

Did anyone watch Six Degrees? It was on after Grey's Anatomy, and looked interesting. (and had Hope Davis, who rocks.) But, sadly, I fell asleep after ten minutes.
I haven't read through this thread, but did any of you watch Nip/Tuck tonight? That show is insane. It's almost getting so unbelievable that I'm starting to lose interest.
i'm a nip/tuck addict, thru and thru. and whereas i enjoyed the first two seasons more, i'm now very intrigued that julia seems headed for an affair with a tres sexy little person and her baby has a genetic defect and christian might be gay. no matter how stupid the storylines appear, i always find something thought-provoking to grab on to. i'm also amazed at the celebs they're getting for guest appearances, and the bizarre and completely out-of-character scenarios they put them into. melissa gilbert into beastiality? priceless!

i also admire their taking on christian science (altho so far, in a favorable light).

next week: topless rosie. who hoo! *sarcasm*

alas, no one here seems interested enough for a thread. *heavy sigh*
Thank you, RitaHayworth, it was Sons and Daughters I was thinking of. Now I feel so much less confused.
I watched Six Degrees, but wasn't impressed. I'm going to watch it because I hope it gets better.

Oh I wish Sons and Daughters would be back, but unfortunately it was cancelled. It was the smart funny that people can't grasp.
So, did anyone else watch The Nine tonight? I thought it was phenomenal.
i thought it was pretty good, too, lunasol. i hope episode 2 has the same level of intensity. it's a neat twist to know how it began and how it ended.

i also really like lizzie & kathryn. actually, the entire cast is quite appealing.

it's sort of weird watching the party of five bros back-to-back, tho. hee.
LOVED "The Nine." So much potential for juicy revelations throughout the season...

Thought ep. 2 of Heroes was better than ep. 1, so I'll stick with it for now.

And Nip/Tuck - gets me every time. I think I'm with you, Mandi - I'm beginning to suspect Christian liked having a finger slipped up his bum a little more than he originally claimed (last year during the 3-some with Dr. Scary Slasher) - honestly, tho', if you look up "metrosexual" in the dictionary you'd see his pic. He's, um, flexible. And I think Julia's scenes with Peter Dinklage (the nurse) were wonderful - loved the mural he painted for baby Connor.
Does anyone besides me here watch Battlestar Galactica?

All I have to say about the season premiere on Friday is... Oh. My. God.
YES. I watch BSG! Love that show.
That said, I have not watched the season opener, yet. I'm sorry. I will let you know as soon as I watch it and we can hash over every detail.

I swear, half the reason I haven't watched it yet might be b/c I was so annoyed by the constant commercials. I hate Nickelback.

>>>>it's sort of weird watching the party of five bros back-to-back, tho. hee.

And they both grew up to be doctors.

Doctors with dark secrets.
I finally watched Battlestar Gallactica. I second your "Oh my GOD!"

Is anyone watching Studio 60? Is it possible to hate a show yet love all the actors? I am just so tired of the "I'm so liberal! I'm so liberal! I am so much smarter that the rest of the country!" And I am a liberal who thinkgs she's smarter than many other people. But I love all the actors and want them to succeed.

And I tried 30 Rock last night. I don't get it. Suppoesed to be some progressive comedy and they start with a fat joke? When was the last time there was an origional fat joke? But, again, I like the performers. What to do, what to do?
i caught Studio 60 last night, and liked it. so obviously a west wing clone. then again, i loved (& sorely miss) all but the last two seasons of the west wing, so this could be a welcome replacement.

i've had a crush on sarah paulson since held up.

nip/tuck is the suck so far this season. the kidney storyline is just as stupid as the carver storyline. still hopelessly addicted, tho.

anyone watching ugly betty? i keep forgetting about it.
I think Studio 60 is going to loose me. I'll watch it, but not religiously.
I have been watching Ugly Betty. I wish they would give it a new time slot as it is opposite The Office and My Name Is Earl, but at this point UB is winnind the slot so I don't see a change coming.
I have lots of friends who watch BSG & I'd like to check it out. Do I have to watch all of the previous episodes first? Or can I just jump in? I've also heard good things about My Name Is Earl and The Office, but I haven't seen them, either. What can I say ... I was too busy to watch TV for years! I just don't know what to watch anymore!

Some of the networks are allowing you to watch episodes of their shows on-line at their websites. For instance, I watched all of the old episodes of Ugly Betty at the ABC website. They also have Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Desperate Housewives, and some others. NBC has a similar deal, too, where I watched Heroes (I missed last week's episode & I don't have TiVo, so I really appreciated this). They also have Studio 60 & others.

If only Project Runway was available for free on the internet!
RV, unfortunately BSG isn't episodic - if you tried to jump in cold it wouldn't be too easy to get into (I think.) Besides, you'd miss all the lovely build-up, esp. the transition from last year to this (don't want to give it away, but it's BIG.) HOWEVER: if renting seasons 1 & 2 is not really practical, you're not that far out of the loop, and there's a decent recap of the key points of each season on the website (including a 44 minute video recap "The Story So Far" you can download - I assume for free?). Give that a shot. smile.gif
I wanted to start watching Ugly Betty, but the time slot doesn't work since I also watch Earl, The Office, and the boy watches Survivor religiously. Maybe I'll look into watching it online.

I've been watching Studio 60, and I really like it. It's not perfect by any means, but it moves quickly, the writing is very sharp, and I like all the actors. I wish they wouldn't have promoed it as a comedy, because it really isn't, but I don't mind that at all. And I disagree with the styling of Amanda Peet's hair. There, I said it. smile.gif

Also tried watching 30 Rock and wasn't that impressed. I don't know if I'll keep up. I love Tina Fey and all, and I want to see her succeed, but this show really could be better.

One new-ish show I've gotten into lately is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It's gritty and rough around the edges, but I think generally well-acted and makes me laugh every time. And you can't go wrong with Danny DeVito.

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