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Do any of you watch Top Chef? I've really been getting into it lately, but is anyone slightly taken aback by how mean it is? The judges are cruel (you don't make the winners send in the losers and as a segueway have the winner say "oh yeah, I guess I won. Sorry 'bout that," you get off your keisters and get the bottom chefs yourself." And I don't know what the hell the female host's deal is, what her qualifications are. It seems like she's just there to look pretty and mutter a few words. Anyway, for as cutthroat as it really is, I kind of wish they weren't working with giant knives. Anyone else have an opinion on the show?

I also watch "Sons and Daughters." It's been my replacement for "Arrested Development." It's good, but not AD good.

Congrats, Brklynhermit! Don't be embarassed, be PROUD! I don't think a single one of us who's ever watched Jeopardy has ever not thought about being a contestant but didn't think they have what it takes. Good on you!
oh Veronica Mars was good this week -- I think I've almost got the bus crash figured out, but not quite....theories?

(and oh, how I want those crazy kids to work it out -- helps that I love love love the song I Hear the Bells to begin with)
"The Todd's confused."

Just my weekly "I love SCRUBS!" comment.
I love Scrubs, too!

I have also just recently become completely engrossed with the Shield. I see Michael Chiklis and can't get over that was the Commish? I love Vic so much more. He is delightfully evil, yet sometimes so decent. hmmmmm......Okay I'll quit lusting after him now.

Congrats on jepordy brklynhermit!!! Definately don't be embarrassed. I have come to totally embrass my nerdiness over the years.
I love family guy sooooooo much."Fatty's in a little jam, dead girl, dead girl..."
rita, Veronica Mars has been very good. Even though Logan is slimy on the outside I can't help but want him and Veronica to be together. I can't even begin to guess who is behind the bus crash, it could be about 10 different people.

I also feel bad for Wallace, now that his girl is gone.
Speaking of VM...anybody see it tonight? I just wrote a fellow BUSTie and VM fanatic to pose this question:

"Am I the only one that broke the 'whoa / holy SHIT! / oh my GOD!!! / awww. / GASP! / ohnopleasenonono / WOOHOO! / *sob* / SQUEEEEEEE / what the fuck?' meter watching Veronica Mars tonight?"

Season finale = kick. ass.
lol, I don't watch VM, but I could hear my roommate going through all those phrases in the other room!
Did anyone watch "The Office" season finale? So sweet. I LOVE John Krascinski!
I did, mirabella. He is such a cutie. I am so happy he took the plunge!
Yes! I *heart* John Krasinski too! That was such a good ending. Now I have to wait for fall...grrrr.
I was freaking out last night about THE OFFICE finale! I honestly screamed. I love him so much.
I don't appreciate you girls macking on MY man, John! Hands off!
It wasn't as good as the resolution of sexual tension on the British "Office" (OMG! I was crying for like 15 minutes with that one). Or as good as Logan and Veronica on "Veronica Mars" (I was screaming and slamming the coffee table like a preacher).

Oh, how TV has spoiled me! But yes, the John and Pam thing on "The Office" was very cool. Finally! Ainnit?
Okay, the British one was better, but it was longer in coming. No way are they going to really get together and be happy.
I was freaking out about both The Office and VM finales. VM: Oh man. I thought it might be who it was, and decided it wasn't, thinking "Oh, the clues are too obvious, and they wouldn't do that to this character!" And I was wrong. But I loved the episode! I think you could subtitle it "Not Pictured: Logan Becomes a Man." That's what I was struck most by, that he did what needed to be done in the way it was. I love the scene where her dad comes in and he just walks out. It was so perfect. If it doesn't get picked up by the CW, I don't know what I'll do.

As far as the office ... oh, boy, was that good. I nearly cried during the final scene.
omg, John Krasinski just got another million stalkers with that finale. I love him so. Seriously, he's gonna need security all the time.

I like VM and really want it to get picked up, but I hated the finale. I hated the way they piled on all the evil onto Beaver until it became ridiculous. blech. But I did like the L/V stuff because I am a total sap.

And then there was Gilmore Girls with Amy Sherman-Palladino flipping us off before she left. shut up, Amy. grrr.

Doesn't matter though because The Office made up for it all! sigh.
VM better be picked up by the CW. I'll be pissed if they don't. The finale was so good, and not trying at all. I agree Logan has fianlly grown up, and I think he and Veronica make the cutest in a not annoying way couple. When Veronica had the gun on Beaver that was such good acting. I thought he was behind the bus crash, but really hadn't thought about him raping her. Beaver seemed so innocent, but if you look back it all makes sense. So Sherrif Lamb is dead right, he was on the plane? I'm sorry, but I can't stand him so I hope I understood that correctly.

The Office was so yay as well. The ending for the British office wasn't really longer in coming because it was just two 6 episode seasons, and then the Christmas finale. The American Office was a 6 episode season and then this full season. I love the British Office, but the American version is quickly becoming my favorite. Pam is just so sarcastic, where Dawn seemed very kind of pathetic. But yes I loved Jim finally telling Pam his feelings, and the kiss.
Amen to the Gilmore Girls thought, Rita. I think Amy Sherman-Palladino knew awhile back she was going to leave, so she fundamentally changed the characters (Luke the last 10 episodes? Not the Luke Danes I know.) and blew up the show on her way out. Plus, ASP totally buys into that "it's not interesting unless they break up!" problem of TV writing. Some couples (cough Mulder and Scully cough) are more interesting as a will-they/won't-they relationship, and some aren't. As in real life, when someone breaks up for the second or third time, I get a lot less invested in caring about the success of their relationship. The only parts of the Gilmore finale I liked was Rory's elevator conversation with Mitchem and the dead look on Lorelai's face that opened and closed it.

I thought the scene on the roof was genius in VM. I was surprised by the rape thing and at first I thought it was piling on, but the more I thought about it, it fit. I think he was a very disturbed and damaged kid, and the things he did fit into that pattern.

Lamb is alive -- I don't think he was in Reno. I think the idea was he would meet the plane at the airport and take the credit. I love to hate him, myself. My favorite non-main characters are Cliff the slimy lawyer and the rival PI.

Yeah, what is the latest status on whether "Veronica Mars" will be on the CW? If there's a posse to save the show, I'm in.

I thought the finale was a little disappointing compared to how amazing the finale to season 1 was. It was pretty good overall, though.
The chances are really really good that VM will be chosen to be on the CW. They don't have any other prestige shows besides Gilmore Girls; Dawn Ostroff developed it and is partial to it and Les Moonves loves it; they really want to pair it with Gilmore Girls and see how it does; Rob Thomas is tailoring it for next year so it almost feels like a reset/new pilot; and CW's pilots have really disappointed them and they're really worried that they aren't going to distinguish themselves from looking like the WB. So I would be shocked if it wasn't picked up, but it'll be announced for sure on Friday.
i love love love VM. it's not on any channels i get, so i downloaded all of them and had a weekend marathon (i actually watched the entire first season over the course of 24 hours). i have to admit, the first episode i ever saw was the one with JTT, and from that moment on decided veronica and logan should be together. i was sad it turned out to be beaver, though. i liked him (but, seriously, brothers named dick and beaver? i'd have random inner twelve year old boy moments and snigger all through the second season)

i can see the retooling of it working for next season, with highschool being over. and i'm curious about the duncan thing. i mean, i knew he'd be around because they kept him in the opening credits, but i have this feeling it's not just covering his ass because he actually killed lily. that would be far too simple for the show
Eek, Tyger - please, please, please put that stuff behind a spoiler next time! :-( I don't get it here either and have been waiting for the DVD (I'm afraid that if I download it on my comp. it will just crash). I'll still watch and enjoy anyway, but I've really been trying to avoid them.
eeeep, i'm soooooooooo sorry, snafooey! what is the etiquette on white texting stuff in this thread? i was guessing at not posting stuff until after the air date for everyone, which is why i didn't white text.
I think it was agreed a long time ago that once a show aired we no longer had to white it out as it would no longer be a spoiler. I know some have to wait for dvd, but once the show airs we should be able to talk about it without having to white it out. We'd have a big thread of white if we had to do that for every show.

If things have changed let me know.

Well, it hasn't aired yet where I am (Canada) so I don't know what the rules are as far as that goes. Last year, they played it here after the season was already finished in the States but I don't know if they're doing that again b/c the Canadian ratings weren't that great from what I understand. *shrug*

No worries, Tyger - I knew the end of Season One (because of spoilers, not b/c I guessed it) several episodes before the end and it didn't ruin it for me so I'm sure this season will be fine too. As it stands, all I know is that it has something to do with a bus crush so I have no idea so far as to how the character you referenced is connected to it yet. :-)
VM is the first show in a while that I've been rabid about. I was a bit spoiled, so I knew who the Big Bad was and why, but there were details that I had really not anticipated. [like the rape...but also, I was always on the fence about Beaver, and I didn't think - even last year - that he was sweet and unassuming.]

Also, for the second year in a row, I was screaming and cheering at the top of my lungs when [Aaron got what was coming to him (but this time, FOR REALS!) in the season finale.] GameBoy was giving me the *strangest* look again. :-)

I've decided I'm going to ask GameBoy to tie me up - no, not like that! - to keep me from reading spoilers next season. It's going to be tough but I think I would have enjoyed the whole payoff more if I hadn't been spoiled.

Speaking of which, I won't name the characters that said it, or when, but there was an in-joke that makes me feel pretty good about VM's chances for season 3:

"It's a done deal."
Did anyone watch that show tonight (monday) on TLC "Honey We're Killing the Kids"? I don't watch it myself, but I know the family that was on tonight. It was the very italian mother, and the big blondish husband with the young son and teenage-ish daughter. They were good friends of my best friend's family, until the mother abandoned her three adult sons (who obviously were not shown or mentioned on the show) and moved to Texas with her new husband and the daughter and started a new family.

That whole family is a complete train wreck, and it's crazy that they are displayed on TV as being pretty normal and happy. One of her sons actually lived with my friend's family for a long time after she abandoned him and his brothers. That is like her 3rd or 4th husband, one of the previous ones was her 2nd cousin. I spent the last 4th of July at the mother's brother's house (he's not too crazy)..

I'm sorry if this is too much information, it's just totally bizarre. I never thought I'd see someone I knew on one of those shows! So weird!
well, snaf, what did ctv expect putting it on sunday afternoons in the summer? that's when i first saw it, saw two episodes, fell in love, forgot when it was on, and then forgot about it until my brother was like 'i found this really cool show. it's called veronica mars, i have it all on my computer, i think you'll like it' and i was like 'gimmegimmegimme!'

plummie, i'm just always yelling at veronica about not being with logan. even when i watched the first season from the start, i had already seen the one where they got with the tonsil hockey, so i was sitting there going 'c'mon, veronica, look at logan! he's hunky! he's meant for you! don't let your dead best friend and the fact that he hates you get in the way!' it's a good thing nobody was with me while i was watching it.
Tyger, as I told Sidecar last night in an e-mail, I'm almost ashamed to admit that I'm a Logan/Veronica shipper. There is just mad, mad chemistry between the actors and it's very exciting to watch. My only hope is that a) they don't break them up again in some dumb-ass way and b) neither character loses their "edge" completely - Logan *or* Veronica completely without snark and mischief would be almost unwatchable.

I've also noted to Sidecar that this is a subject of which I never, never tire.
Yeah, Plummie and I are going to go start a Veronica Mars commune somewhere between Texas and Illinois. Because I NEVER, EVER tire of this subject. Snaf, I'm sorry if I contributed to the spoiling.

The last time I was into a show this much, it was The X-Files.

I was spoiled for everything last year as I watched it in reruns, and UPN showed Veronica and Logan kissing in its promos for, like, the sixth episode (or, you know, 13 episodes before they actually did). They were really dumb. This year, I was spoiled for the first episode and decided that I didn't want to know anything else. And I'm glad I didn't, but it was so hard not to look!

Speaking of which: HOLY SHIT SEASON 3! The countdown has begun in Casa de Sidecar.

Um, maybe we should give ourselves a thread when the fall comes.
we really should give ourselves a thread. i'll have to bit torrent it obsessively, because i have this feeling i won't be getting it here.
so, are we gonna call the logan/veronica love 'LoRonica' or 'VerGan'? 'cause they're both dumb. i guess nothing will ever have the same ring as 'spuffy' did :P
just LoVe, baby, LoVe.
I'm hoping that having the Arrested Development kids on next season brings in some AD fans -- I think a lot of them would like VM. It's a 22 ep order that's been advised that that could be shortened (or cancelled) depending on ratings, so it's super important to get more people watching out of the gate.

And I can talk about this show ad nauseum.
They're having the AD kids on next year? I so need to get into this show! When it is on? Where have I been?
They're having the AD kids on next year? I so need to get into this show! When it is on? Where have I been?
damn double posts
Well, they were in an ep this *that's* the new mystery. Hmmm.

Yeah, I'm pretty jazzed about the renewal, to say the least. Somebody tried a thread at one point, but it died too quickly...though it was mostly VERY new peeps (no offense, mind you!) that I think just didn't stick around the boards. Judging from all this, I think that we could keep one going this time.

Hell, I think Sidecar and I *alone* could keep it going...much less with the rest of you fine folks around!

Has anybody looked up the t-shirts (and there are TONS of them) on Cafe Press? Kick. Ass.
I just realized: The 4400 is coming back next month! That show got really good last season.
I think you all already know "Veronica Mars" was renewed, but just in case, an official article:

I've also become a addict this weekend, being sick and bored and stuck in the house. Lots of people made video montages of Logan and Veronica kissing and inserted cheesy pop music and titles. I was like "wow, someone is more cheesy than me, even!" ;o)

>i was sitting there going 'c'mon, veronica, look at logan! he's hunky! he's meant for you! don't let your dead best friend and the fact that he hates you get in the way!'<

Ha! Awesome. I was saying the same thing, more or less.

Dudes, I'm all over that shit if you start a "Veronica Mars" thread.
I'm so glad VM got picked up, and it's paired with Gilmore Girls which should maybe improve the ratings. I occassionally watch Gilmore Girls, but I'm not a fan really.

I saw the trailer for a horror film Kristin Bell is going to be in, and all I could think it that's VM. It's hard to see Bell as another character because she plays VM so well.

I checked out the VM t-shirts on Cafe Press, some of them are pretty funny.
Here come the summer it just me, or is anyone else excited about season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance?
I secretly loved so you think you can dance..such a fun summer guilty pleasure
vm is paired with gilmore girls? oh no! gilmore girls is so godawful now i can't see that helping VM very much. and i say that as someone who has watched and loved gilmore girls right from the start
ooh, VM thread! shiny!

i would totally post there. just finishing the first season on DVD (two more episodes - eek!) and i've downloaded most of the second season - plan to watch it on my computer/in reruns this summer. i loooove it - can't believe it took me so long to start watching!
Veronica Mars rules
is anyone else watching house right now?
all i can say is oh my god. and why? why would you do that?
...and there was the big ewwww.
(this is me being cryptic because i can't remember how to post in white, and i have limited commercial time to post)
for the VM fans...just read that Jason Dhoring (logan) is making a movie where he plays Timothy McVeigh. Normally I would think any movie on that topic would have to be cheesy, but if there's any young actor who could make it work, it's Dhoring. He's really amazing at being creepy and a little scary but also sympathetic at the same time.
Hey - hasn't anybustie been watching 24?????
>He's really amazing at being creepy and a little scary but also sympathetic at the same time.<

Yes, totally! He defines that.

Is this Timothy McVeigh thing a movie-movie or a TV movie? I'm with you: I wouldn't really care but for the fact that he's in it.
MissT, i'm not sure if it's TV or theater - i looked it up on IMDB and didn't find much.
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